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Senior Pet Products

Senior Pet ProductsPets age with time but their health shouldn't have to suffer. The following products are specially developed to combat the problems that senior pets face such as arthritis, liver, heart, and cognitive issues.

Senior Pet Products for Dogs

Vita-Tabs Silver (100 tabs)
Vita-Tabs Silver (100 tabs)

($11.99)  $8.99
Naturvet Senior
Naturvet Senior

HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)

($14.50)  $11.39
3 PACK  HomeoPet Leaks No More (45 mL)
3 PACK HomeoPet Leaks No More (45 mL)

($38.99)  $29.99
Arthramine Small/Medium Dog (120 Tablets)
Arthramine Small/Medium Dog (120 Tablets)

($20.99)  $11.99
Arthritis Power Packs
Arthritis Power Packs

Bottom's Up Leash
Bottom's Up Leash

Canine Plus Senior (180 Tabs)
Canine Plus Senior (180 Tabs)

($29.99)  $24.99
Canine Plus Senior (90 Tablets)
Canine Plus Senior (90 Tablets)

($30.99)  $12.99
Cholodin Canine (50 tablets) CHEWABLES
Cholodin Canine (50 tablets) CHEWABLES

($11.95)  $10.99
Cholodin Canine (500 tablets) CHEWABLES
Cholodin Canine (500 tablets) CHEWABLES

($83.99)  $78.99
Dexas Popware Plasitc Bowls
Dexas Popware Plasitc Bowls

Dingo Munchy Stixs 5" 10-PACK (3.1 oz)
Dingo Munchy Stixs 5" 10-PACK (3.1 oz)

($3.29)  $1.16
Dr. Kruger's Joint & Muscle Formula
Dr. Kruger's Joint & Muscle Formula

($31.95)  $24.99
Geri-Form (150 tablets)
Geri-Form (150 tablets)

($34.99)  $26.68
Geri-Form by Vet-A-Mix (50 tablets)
Geri-Form by Vet-A-Mix (50 tablets)

($9.95)  $9.43
GLC 1000 Powder   (12 oz)
GLC 1000 Powder (12 oz)

($59.99)  $49.99
Jointagen (90 Tablets)
Jointagen (90 Tablets)

($77.99)  $57.19
Greenies Senior
Greenies Senior

NUPRO Dog Supplements
NUPRO Dog Supplements

Pet-Tabs PLUS Daily Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for Dogs (180 Tabs)
Pet-Tabs PLUS Daily Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for Dogs (180 Tabs)

($42.99)  $30.99


2-PACK SynoviG3 GRANULES for Dogs and Cats (1920 gm) by DVM
2-PACK SynoviG3 GRANULES for Dogs and Cats (1920 gm) by DVM

($119.99)  $91.79
3 Pack Joint Treats MINIS (360 Soft Chews)
3 Pack Joint Treats MINIS (360 Soft Chews)

($50.25)  $28.99
3-PACK Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength (360 Chewable Tablets) + FREE JOINT TREATS!
3-PACK Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength (360 Chewable Tablets) + FREE JOINT TREATS!

($177.50)  $116.99
3-PACK Joint Treats (180 Soft Chews)
3-PACK Joint Treats (180 Soft Chews)

($54.25)  $27.99
4 PACK SynoviG3 Granules (3840 gm) + FREE Joint Treats
4 PACK SynoviG3 Granules (3840 gm) + FREE Joint Treats

($238.99)  $183.59
6-PACK Joint Treats (360 Soft Chews)
6-PACK Joint Treats (360 Soft Chews)

($100.50)  $54.99
Joint Treats MINIS  (120 Soft Chews)
Joint Treats MINIS (120 Soft Chews)

($16.99)  $9.99
Joint Treats (60 Soft Chews)
Joint Treats (60 Soft Chews)

($14.99)  $9.99
SynoviG3 GRANULES for dogs and cats (960 gm) by DVM
SynoviG3 GRANULES for dogs and cats (960 gm) by DVM

($62.99)  $48.29
3 PACK Glyco Flex III (360 SOFT CHEWS) FREE Joint Treats
3 PACK Glyco Flex III (360 SOFT CHEWS) FREE Joint Treats

($128.99)  $82.39
6 PACK Glyco Flex III (720 SOFT CHEWS) FREE Joint Treats
6 PACK Glyco Flex III (720 SOFT CHEWS) FREE Joint Treats

($259.99)  $164.69
Glyco Flex  III (120 Bite-Sized Chews)
Glyco Flex III (120 Bite-Sized Chews)

($45.99)  $33.99
Joint Aid 4 Dogs (2 lb)
Joint Aid 4 Dogs (2 lb)

($46.50)  $35.99
Canine PLUS Senior Soft Chews (60 BITE-SIZED CHEWS)
Canine PLUS Senior Soft Chews (60 BITE-SIZED CHEWS)

($30.99)  $18.99
Neutricks for Senior Dogs (60 Chewable Tablets)
Neutricks for Senior Dogs (60 Chewable Tablets)

($51.99)  $30.99
Canine Athlete C9 Hip/Joint (90 wafers)
Canine Athlete C9 Hip/Joint (90 wafers)

($35.99)  $21.99
PolyChews for Older Dogs (60 Soft Chews)
PolyChews for Older Dogs (60 Soft Chews)

($73.75)  $58.99
K-10+ Senior Care
K-10+ Senior Care

($32.99)  $21.24
3-Pack K-10+ Senior Care
3-Pack K-10+ Senior Care

($83.19)  $63.99
Pets Prefer Senior Formula (60 count)
Pets Prefer Senior Formula (60 count)

($16.99)  $12.99
Animals' Apawthecary Senior Blend (1 oz)
Animals' Apawthecary Senior Blend (1 oz)

($16.99)  $12.99
Animals' Apawthecary Hawthorn Plus (1 oz)
Animals' Apawthecary Hawthorn Plus (1 oz)

($15.99)  $11.99

Senior Pet Products for Cats

NaturVet Senior Vitamin Plus Glucosamine for Cats (50 soft chews)
NaturVet Senior Vitamin Plus Glucosamine for Cats (50 soft chews)

($9.99)  $7.49
HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)

($14.50)  $11.39
3 PACK  HomeoPet Leaks No More (45 mL)
3 PACK HomeoPet Leaks No More (45 mL)

($38.99)  $29.99
Arthramine Small/Medium Dog (120 Tablets)
Arthramine Small/Medium Dog (120 Tablets)

($20.99)  $11.99
Cholodin Feline (50 tablets)
Cholodin Feline (50 tablets)

($14.99)  $11.99
Dexas Popware Plasitc Bowls
Dexas Popware Plasitc Bowls

Prozyme Feline Formula (250 gm)
Prozyme Feline Formula (250 gm)

($35.99)  $26.99
DVM Feline Joint Gel  (5 oz.)
DVM Feline Joint Gel (5 oz.)

($17.99)  $13.69
Animals' Apawthecary Senior Blend (1 oz)
Animals' Apawthecary Senior Blend (1 oz)

($16.99)  $12.99
Animals' Apawthecary Hawthorn Plus (1 oz)
Animals' Apawthecary Hawthorn Plus (1 oz)

($15.99)  $11.99

We've recently reduced the sale price down an additional 25% off. Buy now and save.

Vita-Tabs Silver provides your older dog with all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients your dog needs to lead a healthy and extended life. Vita-Tabs contain 28 different vitamins and minerals, providing an excellent source of energy for your senior dog. The liver base provides a quality source of protein and flavor all dogs enjoy.

Vita-Tabs Silver is the only vitamin supplement with added Glucosamine, MSM, and Chondrotin that provides beneficial support for aging joints and cartilage.

Joint MAX is available for dogs with arthritis. Joint MAX and Vita-Tabs can be safely used together for maximum results.

Size of Dog
Up to 20 lbs.
20 lbs. and up
1/2 Tablet daily
1 tablet daily

Calcium (Tricalcium Phosphate) 20.000 mg
Potassium (Potassium Chloride) 4.000 mg
Sodium (Sodium Chloride) 10.000 mg
Magnesium (Magnesium Oxide) 2.000 mg
Iron (Ferrous Fumarate) 2.000 mg
Copper (Copper Sulfate) 2.000 mg
Manganese (Manganese Sulfate) 2.000 mg
Zinc (Zinc Oxide) 2.000 mg
Vitamin A (Acetate) 1000.000 IU
Vitamin D-3 100.000 IU
Vitamin E (di-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate) 10.000 IU
Vitamin B-1 (Thimine HCI) 1.000 mg
Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin) 1.000 mg
Ascorbic Acid 1.000 mg
Panthothernic Acid (Calcium Pantohenate) 1.000 mg
Niacinamide 2.000 mg
Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine HCI) 1.000 mg
Folic Acid 100.000 mcg
Vitamin B-12 100.000 mcg
Biotin 0.010 mg
Vitamin K 0.010 mg
Choline (Choline Bitartrate) 20.000
Fish Oil 50% Fatty Acids 50.000 mg
Glucosamine HCI 50.000 mg
Chondrotin Sulfate 25.000 mg
Grape Seed 95% OPC's 5.000 mg
Citrus Bioflavonoids 50.000
MSM 50.000 mg
Other Ingredients
Liver, Sucrose, Cellulose, Stearic Acid, Silicon Diozide, Magnesium Stearate.
4.68 rating based on 19 reviews
Featured Reviews for Vita-Tabs Silver (100 tabs)
Senior Vitamins by Belle's Mom from Dumfries, VA11/08/2011

Being almost 14 yrs. old, I want to keep Belle in good health...these vitamins seem to be doing the job.

Great for older dogs by Ed12/11/2008

My english bulldog is in his twilight years and he's always had joint issues so I thought I'd give this product a try. Boy was I suprised, english bulldogs aren't exactly the most nimble breeds but he sure has more of a bounce in his step whenever I walked him. Great product for the price!

Great purchase by GoldiBird from Carmel, In06/05/2012

Great for older dogs like mine 18 yrs. who need suppliments. Seem to work fine for he's still running around like a young dog.

Just started with product. by Bouvier Bob from Tarryall Mtns, CO12/25/2012

My 9 year old Bouvier des Flandres has been taking standard pet tabs and is now on the "Silver". The switch was no problem as he sees them both as "treats".

Vita-tabs silver by Gayle from arizona11/10/2011

My 14 year old lab has been on Vita-tabs for years and she looks and acts like a puppy except for the gray. This has been a great multi-vitamin

best price anywhere by robert05/02/2012

My dogs love them and they are doing great on them

A good buy, quality product by beaglemom from San Antonio,TX11/14/2011

I have 4 older dogs, and have given them Vita-Tabs Silver for the last 2 years. It does seem to help their joints and overall health. Plus, the price is really good from Entirely Pets, for the large bottle of 100 tablets.

Great for both my dogs by Aurona from Seattle, WA10/22/2012

I have been giving Vita-Tabs Silver to my Lab and my Springer mix, 7 and 14 years respectively, for about a year now. They like the taste, and both seem to be benefitting from it. I highly recommend it, as even my 18 month old minpin/chihuahua mix has to have one, so she gets that and some puppy supplements (I compensate for what she already takes). Great product for all the dogs.

my dog loves them by doglover01/15/2014

great product great price apparently great taste also.

Great Product/Great Price by Lyn01/24/2013

Have been using this product for quite some time now. It works great - I am very selective about the canine products I use - I highly recommend this.

good product, good price by Sydney from las vegas, NV12/01/2011

We have been using this supplement for our pets for some time. Their good health indicates a good product. The good price and rapid delivery is a plus too

My dogs know it's for them when I gets here!! by rojab from Craigmont, Idaho11/09/2010

The 2 dogs love these Vita-Tabs. They have had a different brand for years but they got excited when I got home from my P.O. Box, they could smell it. They knew it was for them & wanted more. What a treat. I hope it works as well as it smells. A Happy Couple of Experts on Treats. Thanks!! rojab

Great vitamin by jjpec870 from Staten Island, NY11/21/2011

My dogs love these vitamins. It works really great for them.

by tahoeblueangel06/20/2012

entirely pets did not put all my products in my shipments but charged me for them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this product is great BUT you can get it at a different company. One who sends you what you order and sends it without you having to call them to remind them to send your order !!!

by from 09/16/2013

? My pair of darling 10 year old Sheltie sisters truly LOVE the flavor of these daily vitamins, and their veterinarian shares my enthusiasm for the natural, entirely beneficial ingredients in these healthful vitamins that are especially for dogs in their *senior* years.

really by like from that~


Vita-Tabs by Qholic from Navarre Beach, Fl03/30/2013

We have been giving our 14 year old Weimaraner these for two years now and we feel that her energy level and general health are far better than if she was not getting these vitamins

by llm05/26/2013

I was looking for a good multivitamin or my senior dogs, but unfortunately my dogs will not take these.

senior years by Judy from Bellevue, Washington04/24/2013

Using this product with my 7yo Golden male to make sure his later years are good.

Vita-Tabs Silver (100 tabs) VET Ear Cleansing Solu by cinderella07/06/2012

This product seems to be very good for my 10 yr. old Golden Retriever..I am so very impressed with Entirely Pets they are the best..I ordered VET Solutions Ear Cleansing Solution and when i received it...it leaked and half the bottle was empty i called Entirely Pets and they sent me another one no questions asked...Thank you Entirely Pets for your fantastic Customer Service..If you don't have good customer Service you will not succeed.. Thanks again.

Featured Reviews for NaturVet VitaPet Senior with Glucosamine (365 Chewable Tablets)
Great Product by SunshineKelly from Texas City, TX10/23/2012

I have been using this on my two labs for awhile now. I knew I wanted to get a vitamin for seniors (my babies are 10 & 11), but I wanted it to have Glucosamine which I've heard good things about for their joints. So far they are doing great, and they love these pills...they now think they are "treats"!

Great stuff, low price by badbadpuddy01/27/2009

They seem to really push Joint Max here, and when I checked the price, I knew why! But this has 200 mg of glucosamine and ingredients not found in other products, like omega 6. Very satisfied with product.


Has a lot of good ingredients. No problem getting my nearly 16 years old Lab/Chow mix to eat tablets.

VitaPet Senior by Pat from New Jersey09/04/2013

My dog, a pug, is 14 1/2 years old. She will sit and cry every morning until she gets her vitamin.

Amazing! by Doberman Lover07/27/2013

We have a 8 year old doberman pinscher and the vet reccommend a daily vitamen for her, she was abused and neglected before we adopted her. She loves the vitamens, and shes doing super on them! Shes like a puppy again! The vet said these are perfect for her, everything that she needs

Dog won't take them by SO from Arkansas07/17/2013

I purchased these to supplement the diet of our 13 year old lab/retriever. She won't take them. She sniffs the tablets and then turns her head away. We also give her Cosequin DS which she takes just fine. Apparently the NaturVet VitaPet Senior Tablets are just not appealing to her. I even tried putting them inside of hot dogs and other meat, but no success getting her to take them. Now I'm stuck with a huge bottle of pills.

impressed by ibnormal03/31/2012

My dog is older and has weight and skin issues. I put him on this for general health. When I showed my vet he was impressed with the vitamin arrangement and said I should definitely continue these. This is my second buy, and I got the large size to put all my dogs(four of them) on this vitamin

by kle05/14/2014

I have two older dogs and they are a bit picky about stuff at times; but they eat these like a treat. I also give an additional tsp of Pet Essentials by Flora; great for older dogs. All in all if you look at the dosages on many of the vitamins, they seem a bit low so we give two a day.

Perk Up for Older Dogs by ellabe07/24/2012

My 4 - four legged children are all over 6 years old - the oldest being 11. I have been giving them the Natur Vet Vita Pet for about 2 weeks and see a higher energy level and playfullness with even the oldest lady. Good product, reasonably priced.

Great Purchase by Scruffy's Mom from south central Virginia04/02/2014

I have a 15 year old cairn terrier who has been taking NaturVet VitaPet Senior with Glucosamine Tablets for several years. Although he is a senior dog, he is very active and is able to keep up with other, younger dogs in our neighborhood. His vet is very pleased with his general health and feels he is doing very well for his age.

Vitamins Are Important for Seniors by Marge from Houston, TX03/15/2013

I want to be sure that my 2 labs are getting all the essential vitamins they need in their Senior years. Dosing with NaturVet VitaPet Senior with Glucosamine gives me that certainty.

by from 11/17/2012

I can't really give a detailed review yet as it's only been about a week and I haven't noticed any difference in my dog's arthritic ability. However, I have been giving to all 6 dogs and they do like them. That is saying a lot since I have tried many dog vitamins over the years and with most of them, I have to bury the pills in wet food.

buy by again from evenI


walking together with my pet by bullstep from SEoul, Korea South12/31/2012

Happy new year again! My pet is eating well everyday. whenever I have had time to spare in order to enjoy walking with my pet, I always have felt that my pet was not strong, because her legs were so feeble. after taking this goods, my pet seems to be strong before remarkably and she(my pet) is enjoying herself walking with me,too.

Some dogs like it, some don't by Tina from Silex, MO04/27/2013

I have 2 adult Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs. The female gobbles them down. The male roles it around in his mouth and then spits it out. I then tried to hide it in soft food (thinking I would slip it in while he thought he was getting a treat) and he ate around it. I purchased the large bottle which will last my female forever (with only one dog eating them) so perhaps it's best to try a smaller bottle in case you have finicky dogs!

Featured Reviews for 3 PACK HomeoPet Leaks No More (45 mL)
by lolabean03/21/2013

I decided to try the Leaks No More for my dog, as I did not want to give her prescription medication due to the side effects. The product seems to work as long as I give it to her regularl. It is also easy to administer.

Has made it possable to cut the Proin in half by Silly from Reno, Nevada04/13/2012

One of the side effects of Proin is aggression and that side effect was starting to increse in my female, I tried this product and I was able to cut the Proin in half and my female is happier and no leaks.

Stopped those Leaks by Sirius03/11/2010

My 13yr old doberman started leaking while sleeping. After giving Leaks No More for a little over a month, her leaking has almost stopped. Great product.

by Jill from Westport, Wa.05/06/2013

This is the only product I have found to work on my dogs incontinence. This is the second dog I have had with this problem. That is when we first found Leaks no more. It stops the leaking almost right away. You start with a high dose for 2 weeks then cut back to 2x a day. My dog has been on this product for two years and never has a problem. If for some reason we miss a couple of days she will leak. Our last dog with this problem after a few years was able to get off this product without any leaking.

Amazing results by Rowdy's mom01/29/2012

This product works great on my 125 lb golden shepherd. Her vet wanted to put her on permanant medications that would likely cause her to have bladder infections after a short time. I refused to cause her such pain and looked for another method of treatment. She's been on leaks no more now since October of 2010 and has no problem leaking at all. I only give her half the reccommened dose now and she is fine. When I told the vet about this wonderful find he said it was a placebo effect. Wow, I lost faith in him after that statement and now I look to homeopet products for all my pets needs. Thanks so much.

QUICK SERVICE by BOB07/31/2012


Has been helpful somewhat! by sadsheleaks02/12/2013

It took 3 wks for the product to start working for my 12 yr old Lab/shepard mix. She was leaking everytime she tried to stand up and every night her bed was soaked. This product still doesnt keep her from leaking entirely but has slowed it way down. I would recommend this product to everyone.I just wish we would have been one of the lucky ones who had this product work fully but Im happy to at least have her leaking less. I have been giving her 15 drops 3 times a day so we go through 3 bottles in a little over a month, gets expensive but so does cleaning your carpet daily and washing bedding daily, so it is worth it to try this product.

Leaks No More by Bella05/02/2012

This is the best product for incontinence in dogs, My Border Collie has had a leaky bladder since she was 5 months old , she has been on leaks no more for the last 4 years so far she has done fantastic.

Leaks No More by rilo10/23/2011

My dog is 14 years old and this has worked great for him. I don't know what I would have done without it.

great deal by njgirl from NC05/05/2014

product works great on my older female doberman, that;s been spayed. product arrives on time and wrapped in plastic I do recommend

by BOB03/29/2012


It Really Does Work! by Tracy G from NV11/27/2012

My 10 year old female German Shepherd started having "accidents". Not just a few drops here and there, but major accidents, usually while she was sleeping. I brought her to the vet, who ruled out any serious illness and told me that this was normal for dogs her age. He prescribed Proin 50 and said she would have to take this for the rest of her life. After reading all of the horror stories regarding Proin 50, I decided that I didn't want to find out if my dog might be experience adverse effects or even death from this prescription. Instead, I opted for the natural alternative. I now give her 8 ounces of plain soy milk with 12 drops of HomeoPet Leaks No More in it, twice a day (making it a total of 16 ounces of soy milk and 24 drops of Leaks No More a day) I can honestly say, that since she has been on the 12 drops twice a day dosage, she has not had any accidents. She has been on this dosage for over a month now. Prior to giving her 12 drops, I was giving her 10 drops, and she would occasionally (once every 15 days or so) have an accident of a few drops. HomeoPet Leaks No More really does work. You just have to find out (by trial and error) how many drops it takes to help your dog. As of this writing (11/27/2012), I have found EntirelyPets to have the cheapest price for the 3 pack. They ship the product out quickly and I have never had any sort of problem with this company.

LIFESAVING by panacea911 from Garland, TX01/28/2012

After trying diapers and medication from my Vet I was contemplating putting my 14 year old girl down. I wasn't getting any sleep, she was up at least every 2 hours and still peeing all over my room. She would go out every 2 hours and stay out for 15-20 minutes. After only 2 days she is a completely different dog. Only woke up once last night. LOVE THIS STUFF!

by B Stern from Berkeley, Ca10/22/2012

I've been using this product for years, and its always worked as promised.

great pricing by cat from Beaver Falls, PA02/26/2014

I had previously ordered this product from another mail/on-line company, then was checking out other sites. Great pricing here & the product works well for my dogs.

homeopet leaks no more by misty08/18/2012

This product has helped my 17 year old border collie stop peeing in the house. It has improved her quality of life and mine too. I would recommend it highly to any pet owner whose pet has incontinence issues, it really does work.

Leak no more by Sparkles10/27/2012

I used this product for quite a while with my dog and it worked really well. but for some reason she started having problems and I had to go to medication for the vet :(

Leaks No More - It Works! by Gudcat from Kentucky08/26/2013

Before ordering this product I was skeptical, but it does work. My 14 year old spayed dog had leaked for years and was on Proin, but that had stopped working. The leaking was so bad that at times there would be a steady stream of urine when she stood up. Needless to say, this was stressful for me and her. Leaks No More has made such a difference. It's hard to put into words the relief we both feel. It helped from the beginning. We didn't have immediate dry days, but it has been progressively getting better. She has been completely dry for the last 3 days, but I did see a small wet spot this morning when I got up. I can live with that and I suspect that over time she will be completely dry 24/7. This product is a life saver.

Would not be without this............... by alison04/17/2012

I have a 65 pound husky that is 11 and a 95 pound malamute that is 9 and have spay incontinence. This is given to them after their meal 10 drops for the husky and 15 drops for the malamute. No more leaks and sad faces.

no more leaks by lee9104307/05/2012

we have always been happy with your products and we will keep using them Do you have a product for a cat that licks her hair off ?

Leaks No More 3 Pack by I & Dog from St. Cloud, FL06/03/2014

I really like the fact that I can get 3 in a pack. I have 2 Large Dogs that I am using it for, so more is always better. I will be ordering again, but may need to order 2-3packs because we are on the 3rd bottle already.

Love it! by Pestwoman01/17/2014

My 5 yr old Great Dane started with incontinence and I tried several natural products. They were not successful. Then I saw Leaks no more and figured I would give it a try. It worked almost immediately! She has been on it for over a month and only had one small leak. I am very impressed thanks.

It WORKS! by Becky01/20/2013

Best product I have found to help leaking in my 2 year old female Giant Schnauzer. I put the drops on a tablespoon of cottage cheese or canned food. I want to made sure she takesthe product so I do not put it in water. This product worked almost immediately. I have tried just about everything out in the market for her problem. I am totally satisfied.

works great by suzy01/01/2012

This product works great at stopping our dog's occassional leaky bladder.

Saved me alot of money at the Vet by Julz from Ontario, Canada08/21/2012

This product saved me loads of money at the vet. It's great and works miracles. Was delivered in record time and well worth the money

Good purchase price and delivery by skullee from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada04/19/2012

I live in British Columbia, Canada and have 7 rescue pets in my care. I found 'Entirely Pets' thru an online search for 'leaksNoMore'(which I have used previously) and the price was great. Delivery was great and I've further ordered from this company, fur ball remedy in bulk. Only wish I had remembered that I need a few tubes of animal tooth paste when I made the last order. Next time for sure. Good product, good service!

It Works! by Chloe from London, KY03/05/2013

Took a couple/three weeks to find the correct dosage, and for it to take complete effect. We are a happy family once again...

Leaks No More by Chris from Ocala, FL02/24/2012

My 14 year old springer spaniel started on vet medecine, Proin. I read horror stories on the side effects of this medidicine and decided to try Leaks No More. Lowered slowly the amount of Proin to 1/2 a tablet at night. Stopped it a week ago and she is now only on 3xday 5-8 drops. I am still trying out how much to give her. No accidents over the last week. Seems to work without any side ecffects. I am happy and so is my dog! Shipped very quickly and professionally. Thanks for your service and I will be ordering more drops, if it keeps working.

Great by Dan12/15/2009

Our 2 year old Lab started "leaking" in her sleep. Started using Leaks no More. It took a couple of months for problem to totally go away. It has been over three months since she had an accident. She is about 70lbs. We give her 5 drops twice a day.

healthy choice or supplement by Anie11/23/2012

Our dear little beagle/lab has incontinence, and Proin was too strong, making her look old and deteriorating rapidly. We tried this product by itself but her condition left her leaking, we did find her health did become much improved and she needed much less proin. We use for a 40 lb dog that has extreme incontinence at age 10 years 1/2 proin in am and pm and 8-11 drops of this homeopet product. The results have been much better, she is dry, the house is dry, she is lively and even her teeth have improved. I would monitor dogs with your doctor, we had added coq-10 to protect her heart because of the proin in the long-term, not the Homeopet. We stock up and the price can not be beat. We are all much happier, hope this can help someone else. The dog is otherwise healthy and no messes that could build bacterial problems. She also eats a balanced raw food diet with some left overs, rarely eats dry meat and only Core-Wellness.

awesome by Shannie01/14/2009

This is great. Be sure to follow the directions. They are detailed and have trouble shooting options. Once you get it right it works awesome. The only time i have a problem is when my dog is having alot of anxiety. I just give it to her and it works.

Leaks No More - Great Product! by tevatoes11/04/2011

Our 15 yr old female Lab/Shepherd mix started urinating in her sleep from 'spay incontinence' 6 months ago. Before trying the prescription drug for this hormonal disorder, we researched Leaks No More from EntirelyPets.com. The product works great. Being that she is a large breed and so old, she is starting to have a few 'accidents' again. We feel this is NOT because of Leaks No More, just that she is nearing 15 1/2 and her body is just giving out : ( I would highly recommend ordering from EntirelyPets, they shipped our product fast, and we've reordered once with no problems : )

Homo Leaks No More by Karla Kennison01/26/2009

I was afraid we were going to have to put our 13 year old chow mix in diapers. A friend told me about Leaks No More. What a great product. It ended her incontenence problems. What a relief. After the first week we only needed to use it once a day. We put it in her evening meal and it works great. Thanks for a great product. It sure saved us.

Great Product, Great Company by Monica from New Jersey01/07/2014

This stuff really works and is very safe to use. I have an aging spayed Newfoundland who has a little too much weight on her. Very common to have a leaky bladder. Although when you first administer a lot of product is needed before results. Since my gal weighs 130# dosage is high for a few weeks until results are seen. After that I go to 2 times per day for a couple weeks and then once per day for a maintenance dose. No side effects, completely safe & works. With this company I can stock up, they are always offering discounts to customers and they have the best price on this that I have seen. I have been using this product before I found this company. Best company, best pricing and best product for this condition!

Miraculous :) by Milyzach from Québec,Canada12/15/2013

My 9 years old German Shorthaired Pointer is now cured of her incontinence. I use this product since August 2013 and I am 100% satisfied. Safe and easy to use.

So far this is Great! by Shannie08/28/2008

So far this gets top ratings for me. I followed the directions and it can get a little tricky. If you think it isn't working or it stopped working. Check the directions again. You my need to reduce the dose. This product is great! And no complaints from my dog.

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! by Frances in rainy old Ireland!08/29/2008

This stuff is wonderful. One of my dogs - a 14 year old Border Collie (entire) dog became incontinent at night a few months ago. My vet had no suggestions for me, so after having searched the web I decided to give "Leaks No More" a try & I cannot believe the difference it has made. We went from puddles every morning to a dry bed in a couple of weeks. I have my dog on maintenence dose now but every now & then I have to increase, I think that the problem comes back if his diet changes or he is stressed (sadly we lost his twin brother recently), but he soon back on track when the dose is increased. DO YOURSELF A HUGE FAVOUR & BUY THIS PRODUCT!!

It really, really works! by Amy05/24/2008

I've been using this for my spayed female for several years now. She began to experience incontinence right after she was spayed. We tried hormones (no effect), phenylpropanolamine (made her sick and stop eating, plus it was a pain getting the pills in her), and I was at wits end. On a lark I tried this produce. For her weight, I add 15 drops per day to one day's worth of water, and: Voila! It works! I mean, really, really works! It's cheap, it doesn't require a prescription, doesn't make her sick, and it's so easy. Amazing!

It Works! by Hiwyre01/31/2012

I have used this product on 2 dogs now. First my elderly female and now my 14 year old male, who sleeps so soundly, he was leaking in his sleep. It works wonderfully for both. No side effects either, which makes it doubly wonderful.

Works Great by Guy08/12/2008

I have been using this for years and it works great! This is my second female that needed help with urinating in her sleep, and it worked great for both, with no side effects. Do yourself and your dog a favor by trying this product.

Works great! by Max04/29/2008

This was skeptical at first (since it is homeopathic and vets recommend prescription drugs), but I found this stuff actually works. My 10 year old spayed dog started fully urinating in her sleep every night. I bought pads and liners, and replaced and started washing her bedding every night. She started to smell of urine and acted a bit depressed. Then I found Leaks No More. The pads and liners are gone. She's 12 now and she doesn't even leak or spot. She weighs 70 lbs. and I give her 10 drops every night with her dinner. Since this is a homeopathic product, I don't worry about the side-effects of the prescription medication veterinarians recommend. 4-paws up definitely. I've searched the web and Entirely Pets has the best price around.

Works well but don't expect a miracle by Mrs Fox from Hagerstown, MD12/27/2012

We used this product on our 5-yr old lab with spay incontinence, not wanting to put her on a Rx that might make her temperamental. After 3 months of use, we have seen significant improvement but she still has accidents periodically. Before using, she would heavily wet her bed a few times a week and leave a puddle and drips throughout the house on a daily basis. Now she wets the bed about once a month and we have to clean up drips just a few times a week. NOTE: although the recommended dosage for her size is for 10 drops to be administered three times a day, we work all day and so adjusted the dose to 15 drops twice a day. This may be why we haven't experienced better results. Regardless, we are happy with the product and will continue to use it.

Works wonders!!!! by 2labpups from Pennsylvania05/29/2012

We have a chocolate female lab who is just turning 2 this June(2012) She was fine until six months ago when she started leaking urine at rest only. After doing tons of research on her issue and corrective actions we were very nervous about the side effects of the popular prescription drug route. So with much trial and error of product we luckily found HomeoPet Leaks No More and gave it a try. It worked very quickly and we have had no problems for over a month straight now. This is very big after many, many nights of trying to keep her behind on a leakproof bedmat and multiple nocturnal outings to potty. Also tried the diapers and they would rip after only a few minutes of wear, not to mention expensive! Now she sleeps through the night with no problems. Some great things are the ease of use, quickly effective, and no harmful side effects for our girl!

'Leaks no More' great for older female pets by skullee from British Columbia, Canada04/02/2013

Leaks No More- I use this for Lilly, one of my 3 rescued female beagles, who came to me unable to control her bladder & area muscle functions, due to over breeding. While I don't recommend it for extreme cases, it does allow me to cut back on use of vet prescribed Propalin, used for this condition. Great product & best price I've found is here on EntirelyPets.com.

by from 11/13/2013

I have a Weimie and she started "leaking", normally while she was sleeping.

several by drops from ofWe


Still leaks by Dog lvr05/21/2012

Tried this after I read the possible side effects of the Proin, but it only seemed to reduce her leaking a little, and if you miss even one of the 3 dosings forget it! 15 drops 3x a day is a bit much to try and keep up with.

I was able to cut Spirits medication in half by Silly from Reno, Nevada12/19/2011

Spirit is on Proin and one of the side affects are related to temperment and she was being short tempered with her house mates. I started on Leaks no More and have been able to cut her Proin in half, along with a grain free diet. She is much happier and nicer.

Wouldn't Be Without It by RCW from West Melbourne, FL01/04/2012

Leaks No More has always worked for our elderly dog Cookie. She is now 19 yrs. old, and completely blind. With this product she is able to sleep through the night without any leaking. We are pleased to have discovered it, and wouldn't be without it. Thanks for your low prices. We appreciate having this product on hand for our precious loved one.

Works for Us by Hiwyre01/16/2013

I used it on my senior female (now gone) who had trouble "holding it" until she could motor to the doggy door and now on my senior male. He sleeps so soundly that he just leaks in his sleep. This product has stopped the leaking. Highly recommend.

leak no more by phatkat from California04/03/2013

This is my second order for this product. I have been very happy with leak no more for my senior dog. The service and speed of delivery has been outstanding.

Gertie leaks no more by Gertiegirl from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario,Canada01/23/2012

Our dog Gertie had a urinary leak in her sleep. Two different Vets prescribed drugs that did not work. We found 'leaks no more' on your website, ordered it, and Gertie is now 12 1/2 years old and she has had no problem in the last two years since she has been taking 'leaks not more'. We recommend it.

This Product Really Works by Nankay55744 from Grand Rapids, MN05/12/2014

My ten year old female basset hound has leakage episodes especially while napping. Leaks No More helped stop the leaks after a couple of weeks. She took it twice daily for several months then I stopped it to see how she would do. She started having accidents again so I put her back on it. I plan to continue using it. I also give her Bladder Support or Contone for additional bladder support. But I think the Leaks No More is what really made the difference. Great product, I highly recommend it.

Thank goodness! by Rocky'smom04/11/2013

Finally I have found a product that controls my boy's incontinence. I use the drops 2 x day along with Senior bladder control tablets. Using both products together have stopped his leaking completely.

very helpful by cheryl from Kansas01/18/2013

I had real problems with my female dane and a leaky bladder due to her spay. I tried several other products but none worked like Leaks No More. It isn't perfect, but it is really good, but more importantly, safe. Thanks!

by from 04/07/2013

Things were not looking good for my adorable labrador. She is 11 years old and my old drug detection dog who I kept as a pet after she retired. I have had her since she was 3 months old. Over the last four months she had begun leaking and it was getting increasingly worse. I could tell that she was not happy. I saw this product and thought I will give it a go.......WOW am I amazed and surprised. I began the 'treatment' on Saturday (today is Monday) and she has virtually stopped leaking and she has her old spark back..A great big thank you from me and more improtantly from my Lab......this product is great. People....please use it you will be astonished at what it can do.

New Zealand by from Ian"


Wonderful product by gal01/31/2013

This product works like a charm. I only have to give one dose a day to my dog. She and I are both so much happier. I had no expensive vet bills and "HomeoPet Leaks No More" is lot safer to give to my dog long term than the pills that I would get from the vet.

Awesome Product by Cheryl12/31/2012

We are controlling our 17 year old mixed breed's incontinence at night with the maximum dose of Leaks No More along with a prescription from the vet. We were able to reduce the presciption to half strength once we added the Leaks No More. Highly recommend it!

Amazing Results Instantly by Tricia03/16/2010

I was totally amazed how quickly I saw a difference in my 15 year female samoyed. She was sad and upset because she couldn't get to the door quickly enough after a nap and would leave a puddle in the house. After just one day of using HomeoPets Leaks No More she was able to wake up from a deep sleep, stretch, and still get to the door before having to piddle. No more night time leaks, no more diapers, no more accidents in the house. Thank you Homeopets for this great product.

by kiddyc05/21/2013

so far so good. I'm happy we are trying it.

Works to stop the leaking! by Dedi07/08/2014

Our female black lab needed this as she's gotten older. With 15 drops in her food 3 times a day, she's leak free.

Great product! by Bella from California11/20/2012

My dog has been inconstant since she was a puppy...This product works great to stop her leaking in her sleep. We use 11 drops twice a day in her food.

It works!! by Wren10/24/2011

Two months ago my sheltie developed leaky bladder. I started her on "Leaks No More" 5 drops a day, three times a day. She began slowly improving and now, two months later, the condition is finally completely under control. I somehow missed the advice to start out giving the remedy much more frequently, which would probably have given much quicker results. We have a large animal family and have had amazing results using Homeopet products on a variety of conditions in dogs, cats and horses.

Works well by ksfarm03/05/2013

We have been using this for a couple of months now for our 3 year old yellow lab. It seems to be helping her leaking problem. We did not want to put her on the vet prescribed drugs due to all the side effects. We tried going to once a day, but quickly had to go back to twice a day. That seems to work the best for her. We will continue to use it as long as it seems to be helping.


My 12 year old Alaskan Malamute can hardly get around anymore. Has a leakage problem. but he is holding his own with this product.

Featured Reviews for Arthramine Small/Medium Dog (120 Tablets)
Excellent by Candace02/20/2008

This is an excellent product !! It kept us from having to give our older dog pain meds for over a year, She is almost 17 yrs old and it helped her quality of life so much ,I give it to our 11 yr. old dog preventively. When we felt it was easier to give her Metacam we did ONLY for convenience sake and her age. She was NOT in pain as long as she had Arthramine daily. Wish we had discovered this sooner!!!

by from 03/13/2013

I was looking for chewable tablets for our two dogs in this type of product. Found them at Petco in St Joesph, MO on one of our shopping trips. We live some 70 miles from St Joseph and don't get there that often. We do not have pet supply stores any where near us. When it was near time to re-purchase. I went into Petco's online shopping to re-order. They do not offers this product on online. Then I found your website...:o) Very satisfied....!

Rural NE Kansas by from Judy"

Shad-do & Gabe

by Foxydoxie from Waupaca, WI02/01/2013

I have been buying Arthramine for 8 years and my doxie is now 16 years old and I think with her taking it she has had a very good life. She has had minor back problems which I think would have been worse if not for the Arthramine.

Relief in a bottle by bassetboy1mdf01/08/2014

Two of my 10 yr. old pups (litter sisters) have arthritis in their back knees. After a short time on Arthramine, they have returned to their active life style as they were when they were two yrs. old. No side effects whatsoever. You would never know they have arthritis. No more pain medications - they no longer need them. This stuff works better than the high priced supplements. Vet advised to continue what I'm doing, because they are both thriving. My girls are happy, pain free, and are mobile. Sometimes, I can't even keep up with them! Great product!

Excellent for Older Dog's Joint Pain by sugarfoot05/30/2012

I have been giving Arthramine to all my older dogs for years. It has worked great for all of them.

Great Product by Durga from Waupaca, WI01/07/2012

I have given arthramine to my mini dachshund since she was 7 years old and she is now 15. She gets around with no problems. She still has a spring to her step.

Featured Reviews for Canine Plus Senior (180 Tabs)
full of bad ingredients and not listed by zena3546 from Texas11/15/2012

I bought two bottles of this since they sounded so good...gave my dog a couple and they were ok to her. Then i looked again at the ingredients and I didnt realize all the terrible ingredients in them. so I threw both bottles in the garbage right then. I dont give my dogs any preservatives, no sugar, no salt, no corn, no soy, no wheat, no grains, no potatoes, and a few other bad ingredients. all the good ingredients is all thats listed here. the inactive ingredients are the ones you got to watch out for..which clearly are NOT posted here.

amazing results by Sam Poodles from Asheville, NC04/22/2012

I was told about this by a friend w/ a senior dog. I tried it for 3 weeks and my dog was a NEW dog. He was running for the first time in a LONG time. I have told all my friends with senior dogs and they also have noticed a difference in the energy level and activity level. This is wonderful. My oldest dog is 19.5 y.o. and RUNS in the back yard at potty call time.

Good supplement! by JLars from Deltona, FL05/29/2012

Our dog is 11 years old and takes 1 tablet in the morning and 1 in the evening. She remains puppy-like in her behavior and agility. I don't know how much the Canine Plus Senior has to do with this, but I am grateful that it is part of her routine.

Fantastic product by JJ from Victoria, Australia07/26/2012

These tablets are fantastic and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any senior dog owner. Unfortunately, if you live in Australia, you may be able to buy them, or you may not. I purchased two lots without any problems, the third lot were held by quarantine because they did not like the ingredients Brewer's Yeast and Carrot Powder. I am now considerably out of pocket, so buyer beware. Such a shame.

Good Value and Vet Recommended by Benson10/22/2012

I have been taking these Canine Plus Senior vitamins for a few weeks now. I was previously taking the regular Canine Plus vitamins that were recommended by my vet to supplement my daily meals. My parents find this nice large bottle of vitamins to be a nice value from Entirely Pets. The only thing I have noticed about this Senior formulation is that they smell kinda icky. They must have a super duper senior ingredient in them. I may go back to the regular Canine Plus formula.

Senior Vitamins by Tavy from Seattle, WA12/06/2011

I have used these vitamins for my big senior dogs for years and am pleased with the results.

Canine Plus Senior by Heather from Texas05/13/2010

My dogs won't eat these. I've tried cutting them in small pieces, mixing with beef gravy, wrapped in cheese, smashed and mixed with gravy, etc. They have a strong odor which I believe is the reason my dogs don't like them.

quality product by Lindy11/06/2012

My dog has EPI and requires vitamin supplements. These seem palatable, he never refuses them, and he has been healthy, and able to maintain a full and shiny coat. He is nine years old and has plenty of energy.

by Liz09/13/2013

Our 15 year 9 month dog has benefitted greatly from this product and cosequin ds plus msm

High quality, complete supplement for dogs by Sjue from Berkeley, CA10/09/2014

I trust Vetri-Science and that I get the best pricing at EntirelyPets. The formulation is well researched and has the extra nutrients necessary for canine health. Especially for kibble fed dogs since kibble is grossly lacking in some key nutrients necessary for liver, cardiac, and brain health.

Not seeing anything yet by AnnaB10/23/2012

My dog is almost done with his first large bottle of this. I purchased it because of the ingredients. To be honest I havent seen much in way of results, but I did purchase another bottle in case more time was needed. I figure it cannot hurt and the ingredients seem excellent. I've also heard great things about the manufacturer.

restored my 15 year old by abk from Miami, FL11/14/2012

my 15 year old terrier mix had a couple of seizures and vet had said previously her liver enzymes were weird, even considered cushings. Her eye was also getting pretty red and swollen and she was loosing sight. I switched to these and her eye has actually improved, has not had a seizure since (thank God), she's more active and she can jump again. My 13 year old Jack has also benefited tremendously. He has a very sensitive stomach and has also improved greatly. I HIGHLY recommend them! And they love "vitamin time"!!!

Excellent Product! by mimibkit06/09/2014

My dog is a 12 year old large breed who has been diabetic for about three years. Because I try to keep his blood glucose low, I feed him a combo of brown rice, some dry food and some canned food. I am always worried about his nutritional balance and wanted to find a vitamin that he would enjoy and was good for him. And, because glucosamine suppresses his appetite, that could not be one of the ingredients. This product, which I have used for years is perfect for our needs!

Vitamins by Tavy from Seattle, WA11/02/2011

Great vitamin for older dogs that they actually like..

Love these for my order dogs by fran from New Jersey02/16/2014

I will give these to my older dogs. A lot of good stuff in them!!! Can cut these in half too if needed. Been keeping my seniors on them!

Good, but Has a Strong Smell by Diggy & Iya from Union City, CA05/25/2014

I give this to my 10 year old Chi mix. He loves it, and it's for his overall health. I tried to give it to Iya, my 8 year old Chi mix. She didn't touch it. It has a really strong smoke smell - like that in smoked meats. Keep that in mind if your dog is picky.

Great for dogs with food allergies by Dog Mom07/12/2012

Another product that was hard to find for a dog with allergies as everything is Beef or Chicken flavored. This product has allot of good vitamins and other ingredients that are very benificial and no Chicken or Beef!

wont buy again by Fayeb from Colorado01/11/2014

these Canine Plus Senior tablets had a very medicinal smell to them. My dogs wouldn't eat them. Requested refund, product was tossed in the trash.

Canine Plus Senior by Bob from Savannah. GA03/15/2013

Our Cadi loves them. Reading the "contents" in the tablets fit her needs for daily requirements.

good vitamin! by KS03/12/2013

Our dog loves the taste and it's an easy way to give him a little extra vitamins as he gets older.

Effective Vitamin for Senior Beagle by Harleygirl06/02/2014

My dog has a very sensitive stomach. So, I had to be careful when giving him a vitamin. Canine Senior Plus actually has ingredients that help the dog's digestive system. It works for my dog, I would recommend it.

Awesome by CarolynJo from Maryland03/26/2014

My 90lb dog seems to be thriving and I think these vitamins have a lot to do with it. He is now going on 16 years old. This website is top-notch. THANKS!

Been using this for years by Scruff's Mom06/06/2012

I have been using this vitamin for several years for my Cairn Terrier. He is healthy and happy and enjoys taking his vitamin every morning. He is now thirteen and definitely a senior dog, but he still thinks he is a young pup. I have been very pleased with any product I have purchased through Entirely Pets and will continue to recommend your products and services to my friends with pets.

10 yr old "puppy" by Scruffy's Mom05/13/2009

I have seen improvement in Scruffy's general health and he has a very healthy appearance- good coat, sparkling eyes and more energy.

by bud10/24/2012

quick shipment, good product, dog likes these senior vitamins

11 yr. Old Springer Spaniel by Cody's Mom08/18/2010

Cody has been on the Canine Plus Senior supplement for 8 months and I have noticed a significant improvement in the condition of his coat and skin as well as his energy level. I believe it is also helping to slow down the aging process. He still has very good hearing and sight. I like the fact that this supplement is formulated for senior dogs and contains ingredients that support the immune system, heart, liver, eye and brain health.

by D RI from Foster RI08/16/2013

They're good for my senior rescues and they love the taste

Great supplement by Ileana from Valrico, FL10/23/2011

This is a pretty complete supplement for senior dogs, and very easy to give.

by Belle from Max Meadows VA10/17/2011

Purchased this for my golden who has liver disease. She eats it, when she feels like it, but at least she finds it tasty, which I was worried about! She is being very finicky about food right now.

by from 02/27/2013

My dog is closing in on 14 years' old.

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Featured Reviews for Canine Plus Senior (90 Tablets)
Switched to senior by GSD owner03/26/2012

I have been using the regular product for years and decided that the increased bone support might be helpful. Seems like the quality of the product is comparable, and my dog accepts is as before, but I think they over did it with the bacon flavoring scent. Smells just like those fake bacon bits, only much stronger. I have a very poor sense of smell and all I do is open the cabinet and the smell permeates into the room.

horrible smell by ajmom from New Mexico07/27/2013

I can't stand to even open the bottle, as these smell so horrible. And neither of my dogs will even try them--one sniff and they walk away. I tried them with 6 other dogs and NONE of them liked them! Vetri-science makes a good product and I'm sure the ingredients are good, but it's useless if your dog won't eat them (or if they smell so bad, you don't even want to open the bottle!)

They're great by Dubs fan from Chicago01/22/2014

My dogs love them They think they're getting a treat and I kow I'm helping to keep them healthy.

Great for senior dogs by Obie from Seattle09/10/2013

My dogs are 12 and 15 years old and I feel these vitamins have helped them stay healthy and will continue to use them.

Good dog vitamin by Nancy B. from Chicago, IL12/12/2011

I like the ingredients in these dog vitamins. A better suppliment than most multi-vits.

by from 06/19/2012

Originally vet recommended vitamins that are only sold thru vet clinics/offices. We found these online and ingredients are as close to the ones provided by the vet and at about half the cost.

like by the from tasteOur


an accidental treat? by toys from TM10/31/2012

None of my dogs are impressed enough with the flavor of this vitamin to take it like a treat... However, mixed in with their dog food, it disappears every time.

by rottiedad from Michigan10/26/2012

Gives my 7 year old Rottie a boost in energy and gives me the piece of mind that he's getting all of the nutrients he needs.

Dog Hates It by Carolyn from Plano05/25/2014

My senior dog is on a homemade food diet and I want to give him the vitamins/minerals it may be lacking. He won't chew it. He won't even eat his food if I crush the vitamin and mix it in. Waste of money for me.

We all need Vitamins by DogLover13 from Niceville, FL10/19/2011

Having two 'mature/senior' dogs - I wasn't sure if they were getting what they needed, even though we feed them good quality food. So, like us humans, I thought a good vitamin would do more good than harm. Both my boys love them (even though they don't smell too good). If I leave them out of their food - they come looking for me because they know they were missing something. Over all my boys are good judges of food & treats!

time to reorder by Valorsbud08/14/2013

my 14yo black lab has increased enthusiasm for life since he started chewing.

Great Vitamin for My Senior Dog! by Misslissa05/29/2014

This vitamin is great for my senior dog. Even with his very sensitive stomach, he's able to tolerate this vitamin. I love this brand and feel comfortable giving it to my dog.

daily vitamin by Woody from California04/26/2013

strong odor. my dog doesn't like the taste. wasted money.

Canine Plus Senior Vitamins by Pat Murphy10/10/2013

Have used these for a very long time. But never did get this order. Was back ordered and had to go to PetSmart to get GNC Senior Vitamins. Wasn't listed as back ordered. Got an email a few days later telling me so. Wasn't happy to say the least. Product is good.

Featured Reviews for Dingo Munchy Stixs 5" 10-PACK (3.1 oz)
good treat by CECE from Missouri09/20/2013

good treat always enjoyed by my dog and if we get doggie friends over they are liked as well so 4 stars

good treat by Jake from Crofton, MD06/12/2013

This is a very good treat. It is not rawhide, it's a little softer than that but it is crunchy enough for your pups chomping pleasure. It can be broken in half if you don't want to give your pup too many goodies and the best part is that they are inexpensive so you can stock up and not break the bank. Enjoy

Dingo munchy stixs by DoraLee from CA07/11/2012

I have 2 dogs. One wont even take it from my hand. The other is a chow hound...she takes it from my hand...then lets it lay on the floor all day. I used to love Dingo products, but they have really gone downhill lately.

Impressive... by Lily&Casper from baytown, tx04/23/2012

Very affordable, highly effective, no nonsense ingredients. My two little pups have eaten these treats since they were two months old. It's easy on their tummys and digests well, and for the very, very low price the quality is amazing. These treats are one of the main reasons my pups have no tartar build-up whatsoever and no signs of gingivitis. The ONLY problem I have is that they are Made in China which makes me cringe because I know my babies love this affordable treat but I have to consider the possibility that they may well be part of a food recall one day. I hope not though.

Love it! by millie from Tampa, FL08/14/2012

This product is so worth it...Totally keeps him happy for awhile.

Worth Buying by Mountain Man from Northern Ca. Foothills08/14/2012

Both of my dogs really seem to enjoy these. I would definately buy them again.

best ever by LB from PA11/29/2011

all the dogs love these and they are soft enougjh for the 13 year old

Like them by Hazey from Jackson, NJ08/26/2012

My dogs like them only problem they eat them too fast.

Dingo Munchy Stix by Shebalucky from Georgia02/21/2014

My doggies love the flavor of these Dingo Stix. In fact, they turn up their noses at any others. It has that crunchy texture to help clean any tarter on their teeth. So it's a win-win for me ;-)

dog treats by baby fast from Oklahoma City, OK09/25/2013

Great treats for all size dogs. price right especially since I have so many different size dogs. I definitely will purchase again.

Featured Reviews for Geri-Form (150 tablets)
Great product for aging dogs by CRH from TX07/15/2012

My 9 year old of has been taking this supplement for about a month. I have started to see slight signs of improvement in his mood, arthritis doesn't seem as painful (also give glucosamine) but this seems to enhance effect. Had noticed some vision changes in my dog before that have seemed to stabilize. Very happy with product, great value.

Members of AARF agree by Sooby7810/24/2012

I've given GeriTabs or GeriForm vitamins to my senior dogs for years. My Springer-Brittany mix and Brittany lived to age 16.5 and 16, respectively, and were happy and healthy along the way. My Springer and Springer-Border Collie mix are card-carrying seniors, each at 12 years of age, and are going strong.

It works by KJ from Wyoming10/23/2012

Our vet recommended this supplement for our eldest dog, since then we've begun giving it to all of our dogs and can see the improvement in their flexibility and movement.

Geri form by winniepup from Washington, DC02/26/2013

My 12 year old dog was diagnosed with Canine Cognitive Disfunction. This product seems to helps ease his anxiety, especially in the evenings.

by Tunastick from Washington State03/06/2013

I've used Geri-form for many years for my older dogs and they've all maintained their health and mobility well. It's a great product and very palatable.

Seemed to help an old Golden by JONBOY from Bloomington IL08/07/2013

We are very happy, fast shipping and good product at a lot cheaper price then the Vet charged us.

Trust in my vet by Blackjack from Cooperstown, NY08/11/2014

my vet suggested geri-form for my 12 year old dog and I trust him completely. they seem to give her the extra energy that she needed.

What a difference! by Susan from Maryland02/06/2012

My older dog is now acting very puppylike since starting this supplement. I'm a believer!

Geri-Form by Rusty from Oklahoma City, OK06/26/2012

My dogs just love Geri-Form. I highly recommend them.

Geri-Form by Vegas' Mom from Missouri11/15/2013

One of the very best products to help keep older dogs healthy and active. I highly recommend this product for all dogs and especially for the older Large or Giant Breed dogs.

GREAT PRODUCT!!!! by Sam12/09/2012

Bought this supplement for my 10 year old lab. We were scared she would have to be put down this winter but within 2 days of her starting the med she was showing more activity. Now 2 weeks later, even with the cold weather she is running and jumping around again. Due to her activity increasing Callie is also starting to lose some of her excess weight. Nice to see her meet us when we pull in the driveway again and to see her happy and energetic.

Geri-Form is wonderful for my elderly dogs by Rebecca from Tucson, AZ12/08/2012

Our elderly (10+ years old) Bouviers are bouncing around with more spunk than they've had for years after taking Geri-Form for a few weeks. We are very happy to see them enjoying life so much more again. They are choosy about what they eat, yet they take the Geri-Form tabs like treats, so it's very easy to give them their vitamins. I'd recommend this product to anyone for their senior large dogs.

by from 07/30/2013

This, as I understand from my vet (who recommended it to me), is not a medical product. It is basically an antioxidant, somewhat like a vitamin pill.

amazing by ability from toIt


Great price for product by dasuloom from Farminston, MI11/19/2011

Geri-Form is great for older dogs to help with their joints to keep them going and young

Excellent for older dogs by Malamute Lover06/25/2013

This product does everything it promises. It has made 11 year old Mals more alert and happy.

Geri-Form by BirdmanOKC from Oklahoma City, OK10/24/2012

These are one of the best supplements on the market. The advantage is that for small dogs you only have to give them 1/2 of a pill. I highly recommend them.

Great Product by LuAnn from Cincinnati, OH07/18/2012

I have had my older dog on these for almost a year now and they seem to help her.

Good Substitue for Derma-Form by Sandy from Ohio09/02/2013

My vet recommended Derma-Form vitamins for my older cats. He liked the high potency B vitamins in the mix. But wouldn't you know, they were taken from the market and I struggled to find something to replace it. I kept looking and found Geri-Form tablets from the same maker. They still don't quite have the same formula as the others but my senior kitty is getting along better on these than anything else I could find. I would recommend Geri-Form to anyone with an older pet.

Featured Reviews for Geri-Form by Vet-A-Mix (50 tablets)
Great price by peggy b05/22/2013

compared to buying at the doctors' office I saved quite a bit for the same product, thanks!



Featured Reviews for GLC 1000 Powder (12 oz)
GLC1000 Powder by Pam from Cody, WY07/13/2013

So much easier to use than the capsules...Entirely Pets is almost half price of what I paid at the vet office for this product!!

GLC1000 by JEG1NAMILL from Yucaipa, CA01/16/2012

Makes a 13 yr old dog feel good again. He was in a lot of pain when he would walk. When we started giving it to him you could see that he was feeling better. We now take him on 1/2 mile walks and he doesnt go as slow or even barely making it. My daughter also gives it to her dog who is an 8 yr old lab and it has made a big difference in her health to.

by sharon12/09/2011

Very good product- has helped my older dog become more mobile. Product was very well priced & arrived very quickly after order was placed,

Head for the Hills by Dave from Peoria, IL11/23/2011

My 13-year-old pug mix had nasty arthritis, and had trouble walking around the block. But after 7 months of GLC 1000 and Adequan (which my vet says work well together) he is again hiking with me up and down the hills of a local park for nearly 2 hours. He's gotten his old joy of living back!

Great deal by Lab Lover from Long Island, NY05/16/2014

My vet recommended GLC 1000 powder. I have used this product for several years for my Labradors. GLC has all the ingredients to keep their joints healthy without the high cost of many other brands.

Great Product-Great Price by Sophie's Mom from PA11/25/2011

This product is wonderful. Our vet recommended it for our A.B. who has hip dysplasia. Within two weeks she showed signs of improvement with her mobility and pain. The price is MUCH better than from the vet.

Vet perscribed! by Darlene01/23/2009

My English Bulldog had to have both his back ACL's repaired. And the specialist sent this tub of GLC1000. Stating that it would help rebuild his cartilage. And I plan on keeping him on it. To help aid in over all joint mobility. I wasn't sure he would eat it sprinkled over his food. But it must not even have a taste...for he gobbles his food without any change. Definately a great thing to pick up for your pet. To help aid in joint care. Our specialist was pleased when I asked about keeping him on it. I had no idea one could buy this online. Last tub I bought they sent to me and I mailed them back the money with the bill that came with it.

GLC1000 Best purchase ever by spencer from Tampa, Florida05/01/2012

Our lab has hip dysplasia in both of his hips. The vet said he will need surgery but try this and see how long you can hold off surgery, that was six years ago. Hopefully it will work another six years.

GLC 1000 by Snow's Family12/08/2011

This product has been a huge help to our lab. She is more mobile and full of energy again!

Excellent product by abbibear10/16/2013

At the recommendation of my dog's veterinarian, I have been using GLC 1000 for several years because of the knee joint problems in my 110 pound dog. She is now 7 years old and has had only very minor problems with her back legs. She is still able to run and jump when chasing squirrels and rabbits.

Wonderful product for the older pet. by Mo03/22/2012

Older pets are just as likely to have aches and pains as their owners. As the owner of 2 geriatric pets I asked my vet for a recommended supplement. After initially purchasing this product at my vets office and being very pleased with the results I was delighted to find it at Entirely Pets. Ordering was easy peasy and delivery was quick. I'll be back.

GLC1000 by melody from Tampa, Florida08/22/2013

Best Purchase EVER!! We discovered our Lab mix had hip dysplasia in both of his back legs when he was three years old. The vet told us to expect surgery by the time he was 5 years old. He is now eight and going strong. We haven't missed a day giving it to him in 5 years. Entirely Pets is so great. Our package got lost in the mail once and they sent us a new package overnight at their expense.

Featured Reviews for HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
Great Product by Nankay5574405/19/2013

Leaks No More has helped my ten yr old basset hound nap during the day without accidents. it seems like she just sleeps so sound while I'm away that she loses control. She was experiencing incontinence almost daily before I tried Leaks No More and some Bladder Support tablets. I give them to her in the morning and evening. The accidents have diminished to a couple times a month now. I order several bottles at a time so I don't run out now. Once you've ruled out bladder or urinary tract infections that require antibiotics, Leaks No More is a great supplement to try.

Not sure yet by DP from Phila, PA10/17/2011

Still using to see if my dogs condition improves

only remedy I found that works by happycamper04/09/2012

Our dog became incontinent about 10 months after being spayed. I spent almost 2 years trying to find a natural option to the hormones and expensive medications the vet had to offer. This is the only product I found that works after trying many many kinds.

by Maddees Mom from Upland, CA11/06/2012

Seems to work great. I also put my dog on a Bladder Control pill to help as well. Knock on wood, no problems!!!! And it must taste great b/c she has no problem taking it. I just put 5 drops on a tiny piece of cracker 3 times a day and she eats it up.

by bbrew11/15/2011

It did not work at all for us. We tried it for several months.

Dissapointed by Debi from Hemet, CA07/29/2012

I had purchased HomeoPet Leaks No More with great expectations, but, was very dissapointed with the results. Didn't seem to help my 14-year-old mixed terrior (male) at all. Also, I feel that the bottle was extremely small, but, that's just my opinion. I have read other reviews from owners who have received great results..maybe it just depends on the animal. I do want to give a 5-star rating to EntirelyPets, though...I have bought several items through them and they consistently deliver not only in a timely manner but, also, the products are packaged perfectly. On the occasion when I've had to call customer service with a question, they have always been extremely professional and helpful. I will continue to buy any product I need through them (I always check their web site first to see if they offer a product I'm in need of, which they usually do).

Awesome Product by Shane05/13/2009

I tried several other products and I even had to work with this a bit. I only have to give it one time a day and it works best with lunch. It keeps my female lab from leaking all day. If I notice she is stressed and starts again, I just add a dose and she is fine.

Still Going Strong! by Rocky'smom05/09/2013

Leaks No More, has done the trick. My boy eats it right up on his dry food.

Leaks No More by Max D.04/29/2008

I was skeptical at first since this is a homeopathic product, and vets recommend prescription drugs . This stuff works. When my spayed dog was 10, she fully urinated in her speep every night. I was replacing piddle liners and washing bedding every morning and she seemed a bit depressed (or humiliated as J. Vaslev mentions). I read up on the prescription medications and their side-effects and didn't want to go there. Then I found Leaks No More. She's now 12 and she still doesn't leak or spot. After trail and error, I found 10 drops every night with dinner works for her (70 lbs). I'm totally impressed. I've searched the net and EntirelyPets has the best price.

Leaks No More by J. Vaslev01/22/2008

I purchased this for my 13 yr old female Malamute mix who developed a problem with incontinence in the past year. It really works! We are both so happy as this was a humiliating problem for her. I started out giving it to her 3 times a day but after a few days have been able to cut down to once a day.

Works Like A Charm!! by terretska12/17/2012

It only takes three days of dosing to last for 3 months! Great product! Only wish they made something similar for humans. Natural, fast-acting, no side effects.

Works great, by Nancy from Las Vegas, NV04/08/2012

I have been using this product for my border collie. She has weak bladder. After reading the horrible side effects of the medication the vet gave I found Leaks No More as an alternative. It worked great! I have recommended to others.

didnt work for our dog by nanc from brunswick, Ohio09/20/2013

Had our dog on the treats but she didn't like them so we had to break them up in her food, they worked great. Thought we'd try this product because it was drops but that was tedious counting out all those drops(our dog is over90lbs.) Within 2 days she was leaking all over again even worse then before. We gave them about 2 wks. but we were all miserable so got the tablets again and they work like a charm.

Did not work - made the problem worse! by Ripped-Off! from Europe07/04/2012

After a week of using Leaks no More the leaking was very much worse and became a health risk. My dog leaked everywhere in large puddles rather than a dribble when she was asleep. Her rear end was sopping wet so we discontinued the product. A costly mistake as I paid extremely high postage costs on this site - 3 times as much as it cost to send the items I bought.

Doesn't work by Laurie11/06/2012

My 15 year old lab mix has started leaking and I ordered this product. Didn't work at all.

LOVE THIS STUFF! by Liz05/31/2012

My 10 year old viszla has leaked since she was spayed at 6 months. We had her on mega doses of Proin & DES in order to control it. Expensive and hard on her liver. I started her at 2 doses of 10 drops a day. Within 3 days there was a noticeable improvement. Within a week, she was dry. She is so much happier and so are we! Highly recommended.

Works great! by Carol01/31/2014

My older male (un-neutered) boxer was dribbling. He's now on a maintenance dose of 5 drops 3 times a day and I'm very pleased with the result. Works great!

Not Great had to supplement by Puppylove from Virginia07/05/2012

When my adult female sheperd became incontinent in her sleep my vet prescribed Prolin. After reading about the severe side effects I had to find another way to control it. I first tried Leaks No More drops which only made a small difference and 15 drops 3x a day was difficult and got exspensive quick. I decided to try Vetri-Science Bladder Strength For Dogs in combination with the drops and found the ideal dosage for her. She has had dry mornings for over a week now....so happy! Because she is white she was also staining her fur. I found @ 78lbs, 10 drops & a 1/2 pill twice a day seems to do the trick.

Featured Reviews for 2-PACK SynoviG3 GRANULES for Dogs and Cats (1920 gm) by DVM
SynoviG3 making old dogs new by Stockdog01/30/2012

I have sports dogs, that are now retired. My border collie was stiff upon arising in the mornings, and she would hobble around for a couple hours. After a regimen of SynoviG3 she gallops out of her bed now, and flies down the steps. She is 14, and has been on synoviG3 for 3 yrs. She can go for 5 mile walks, and still be fine in the mornings. I recommend this product all the time to my friends and coworkers with older dogs. I have seen it work near miracles for other dogs too!

great for my dogs by patrice02/18/2008

I have had my two German Shepherds on this formula for about 6 years. In addition to feeding them Innova dog food (all human grade products - meats, veggies, etc.), I give them this. They are now 10 and 12 years old, pain free, get walked every day and are going very well. I attribute their good health in part to Synovi G3.

Good product by kathy b from daytona beach fl11/10/2013

Seems to work well and the dogs like the flavor.

NOTHING works as well by Carole Foley05/11/2009

This stuff is nothing short of miraculous. The other products do NOT work as well. Our 16 year old fox terrier is crippled after 3 days without it, but moves around pain-free if we use it every day. It really does a wonderful job.

by from 07/06/2012

I have a Mastadore that at 5 months old had to have both hips rotated 30 degrees and I also have king charles cavaliar who has a few neck problems. They both take the Synovi G3. We think it helps them a lot. They take it everyday.

Pam by Roscoe, IL from Thank

Excellent product

Consistent quality by Unewit from Bakersfield, CA12/17/2011

I have used this product regularly since my dog blew out her knee & we couldn't afford the multi-thousand dollar surgery. It helps to rebuild muscle & the glucosamine helps the joint. She's a 70 lb, 11 & 1/2 year old that limps a little, but can move like a rocket when she sees a bird. I've run out before & her limp got much worse quickly. Just a scoop a day does wonders.

Featured Reviews for 3 Pack Joint Treats MINIS (360 Soft Chews)
Good product and my dogs like them by Ginny C from Long island ny11/22/2012

i believe these have helped my old dogs. they not only have glucosamine but fatty acids as well. i had so much trouble getting my one old girl to take glucosamine but this she loves.

Joint Treats MINIS by krawz from Phoenix, AZ03/05/2013

These make great healthy treats and my dogs love them. I get the Joint Max for my lab's joint problems and it has really helped him. I bought these because now I can give something to our little Papillion so she won't feel left out. Now that she's 8 yrs old, it's not a bad idea for her to get this as a prevention anyway. And she loves it.

Joint Treat Mini's by Harley from New Hampshire02/19/2014

My dogs love these joint treats. I have been giving them to my dogs for several years now and they really do help. I have two Shih Tzu's and one is 13 yrs old., but she does not show it. I believe it is due to the joint treats.

Great stuff by peggyp40805/29/2013

My dogs love these joint treats! My breeder recommended them! Great price for a great product!

by from 06/26/2012

I have been using these for nearly a year and have noticed that my dogs no longer have stiffness in the mornings, or when waking from a nap.

that by my from dogsNot


by floann@floannscottages.co10/29/2011

I am disappointed. I opened the package and found it to be 1/2 full. My dogs like the bits, great. I like the premise of treating and medicating at the same time. The packaging is totally misleading.

Joint Treats by Nickki from Virginia12/03/2011

I have been using these with my pets for several years. They think it is a treat and love them. My pets are 2-9 years old and all are very agile. They run like pups.......

Bad Batch by kninenut07/06/2012

I tried these and my dog loved them. I ordered more and they changed the flavor. My dog looked at me and spit them. Waste of $30.

by from 07/27/2014

We ordered and received a 3 pack of joint treats recently. We have used this product for several years and have been very satisfied.

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to by continue from usingWe


Hide and Seek by Stella from New York02/22/2014

I'm the luckiest golden around. These mini treats hide nicely in the deepest of snow and I always manage to find them! It beats cabin fever in what must go down as the worst of winters!

Great Joint treats by Kelly07/18/2012

I gave this a 4 star because if they were all with the new formula my beagle can't resist the flavor. I got 1 old formula and 2 new ones. The old flavor I have to coax Anna beagle to take it.

Keepin em strong and mobile! by Stormy from Ann Arbor, MI03/21/2013

This product was recommended to us by our Dog Whisperer ~ our little Daschund just loves them~

My pet loves it ^^ by nanni01/08/2013

My four Pomeranian are getting older and are having joint problems. I started giving them a joint treat in the evening and noticed that they were on their best behavior knowing what they were about to get. They seem to love the taste and at the same time it's helping my dogs with their joints.

Great purchase by Glenna from Freeport, Fl11/28/2012

My dog is able to run now - at one time he was lame. Its great to see him run again like a puppy!!!

Terrific Treat! Two Thumbs Up!!! by Queenofa11/10/2011

We received a sample of these treats with a shampoo order we had placed with Entirely Pets, so we ordered some. Our 12 yr old Cockapoo, "Mister", absolutely LOVES them. He acts like a puppy again. He is back to... jumping up on the bed (yeah...we're those kind of people, he sleeps with us) jumping up on the kitchen stool (to watch me fix meals so he can see if I happen to drop something... so he can scarf it up in a flash)...and jumping for joy when the kids come to visit. He knows where the Treats are kept and if he doesn't get "2" he'll sit and stare, and start to whine incessantly until he gets them (who said dogs can't count?). I would give these Treats two thumbs up! So would "Mister" if he had thumbs...

My dogs love them. by Shannon05/29/2012

My dogs love these, and there does seem to be less creaking and cracking of their joints when they take them. They do seem to be a little more energetic as well.

Great treat even for my young dogs by Lync from Phoenix, AZ11/09/2012

I give these to two out of my three dogs. They are young but very active. My other dog gets the full size version of these so I get these mini ones for the other two. They are so cheap why not?

Dog loves it by Sunshine from Massachusetts07/22/2013

My dogs are doing great and no problem jumping around alot.There in good shape and happy all the time.

great by Pat from Denver, Co12/08/2011

I bought these for my Corgi Eric who had very bad hips and lost control of his legs eventually. My CHUG (Chihuahua/Pug) got them just to keep him from meddling in Erics affairs and now demands them every morning even tho he's only 3. They worked great for my Corgi (seemed to give him more spunk) until he just couldn't hold himself up anymore. Now my CHUG gets them just because.

Great Treat! by Paula10/21/2010

These are the best treats ever. They are soft enough to be easily pressed into the ends of a bone so it takes time for the dog to lick them out. Great for the problem dog who doesn't like taking pills...just press the pill into the treat and the dog gobbles it up. A treat that is low cal and actually healthy for your dog. Who could ask for more?

My two guys love these treats by Philly Hirl10/29/2012

I give my dogs two of these treats every night and they love them.

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength (360 Chewable Tablets) + FREE JOINT TREATS!
Great for dogs young and old by CKS from California01/05/2014

This helped my older dogs tremendously. They had increased range of movement and pain and stiffness in joints seems to be gone.

The Best Supplement by Christine from San Gabriel, CA10/23/2012

Joint Max is the "only" Joint supplement that I fed to my dogs for several years. It works very well on them and the price is reasonable

by from 06/25/2012

I've used this product for several years now. I have a Rottweiler and a Lab. Since they've been taking Joint Max, their mobility has greatly improved!

product by to from anyoneI


good for older dogs by AB from San Pedro, CA11/25/2012

My eleven year old pug is a little slow and lazy but runs around the house quite well. I've been using joint supplements for several years now.

by babs05/30/2012

The dogs love it, and it satisfies their desire for a bed-time treat.

Visible improvement! by Irene from Florida01/18/2012

There was a visible improvement in the movement after resting for my big dog after feeding the chewable tablets. Huge difference! He is not really hot for their taste, he eats them with a treat together, but not hot to trot on it. The Joint Treats though, the dogs LOVE their taste, sadly they only have a part of the ingredients of the triple strength Joint Max chewable tablets. Hope the joint treats will be available in full strength, comparabe to the chewable tablets soon! Great product though, just reordered!!!

It really does work! by katmat1234 from Sacramento, CA12/10/2013

I have an older lab/sheppard mix who is really showing the signs of age (arthiritis, difficulty getting up, etc.). I had him on Cosequin DS from Costco for several years, but couldn't find it the last time I was at Costco. So, I decided to order and switch him to Joint Max. Wow! What a noticeable difference! I NEVER see him limp now, and he gets up with NO difficulty. Cosequin DS was good, but Joint Max smokes on the Cosequen DS. I'm so happy for my old man!

Really works. by dog owner from North Woods, Maine10/05/2013

My 92 lb Lab has been taking these tabs for three years. It worked well. Then, early this summer I noticed the directions said to crumble the tabs in the food. I had not been doing that. The dog is now bouncier and more frisky than before. She obviously feels better, more secure, and stronger. I will continue to give her the triple strength Joint Max.

Yummy!! by Buddy and Abbey10/14/2011

We are two black labs and we love our Joint Max Triple tablets and treats. :)

Bring back the old smell and texture! by Weesie from Memphis07/22/2012

They may be the same ingredients but they totally dropped the ball on smell, texture and over-all appeal to both my dogs! They were great to make a gravy but now they barely dissolve. Both dogs turn their noses up at them now. However, I cannot complain about the health benefits.

Senior in the house by hostalover from Twin Lake, MI10/11/2013

Our 12 year old Lab is so much more comfortable and happy when she has her Joint Max. Without it she is stiff and hobbles. It truly makes a difference in her quality of life.

Joint Supplement by basset mom from N. Las Vegas, NV02/27/2013

We have 2 older Basset Hounds and several weeks ago started them both on Joint Max Triple Strength - they are more comfortable getting up in the morning and going for the walks. I would recommend this projuct if you have an arthritic or older dog.

Great Product by Hunter from Plattsburgh, NY01/03/2014

At end of October I noticed that my boy was having difficulty with his back right elbow. After thoroughly searching the web for a product with maximum benefits I bought Joint MAX. What a difference! It is presently -7, yes minus 7, and he wants to go outside and run around. No favoring that leg and he has full range of motion. Also, Mr. Sometimes fussy loves of the taste of Joint Max. Seriously, it does work exceedingly well; don't hesitate to get it for your baby.

glyco-flex III works much better by lisa from windner, pa02/23/2010

not happy at all. glyco flex III gave me 100% results. joint max triple strength is not helping at all. give 2.5 pills of jm as compared yto 1 glyco-flex III. i tried this because it had more extras in it. am going back to glyco flex III immediately.

finally something that works by Aidee Geraci10/21/2008

I've tried different products and I finally found something that works. My dog loves the taste of the tablets and within a month I noticed that he wasn't sore or crying out anymore, he was jumping around like a puppy, thanks for making my dog happy again.

Lab with ACL Surgery by Lee10/11/2008

We have a 4 year old yellow lab that is 122 pounds on a large frame. After a torn ACL in his rear left leg, we decided to control his weight with a great diet and supplement it with Joint Max to avoid any issues associated with these conditions. There is a noticeable difference with him on 3 tablets per day and no limping!!

It Works by Jeannie05/09/2009

I have 2 old english sheepdogs, ages 10 and 11. I have tried many different types of joint products with little success. Joint Max TS is the best, it keeps my dogs active and my older one no longer limps when walking. Also, they both love the taste and are happy to come and take their "vitamins"!

best by Greyts and more from Anchorage, AK12/07/2012

This is the best product for my dogs out of all the products I have tried.

Joint MAX Triple Strength Chewable Tablets & Treat by Debbie from West Bend, WI04/09/2013

I have 2 large dogs that are picky with eating tablets. I give it to them with their dog food & the treat. My dogs eat them & have become more active over time using the tablets. Both of my dogs had 2 torn ACL's each along with having arthritis.

by dogguide10/09/2011

A good source of joint meds at a really good price.

life is better by MIMI from Maryland03/27/2014

Katie is a 10 yr. old Lab she had an injury when she was one yr. old. Her leg stiffens up when its cold & damp and when she runs is very active. We maintain her on 2 chewable tablets a day. Once I tried to see if she was ok without them and quickly learned they are a must for her. I won't try that again. Without fail Katie gets them every morning.

Great Product! by Mary Ann03/04/2008

I have 2 goldens ages 11 and 12 and you would never know it! Been using TS Joint Max for years now and neither dog has any hip or joint problems. I strongly believe it is due to the Joint Max. They can run like the wind chasing after balls. If anyone is not sure about this product, read the testimonials! 5 stars across the board!

It Changed Our Lives by Jennifer01/24/2008

Syd, 14.5 year-old and 53 lbs, an OCD fetcher with an ACL repair on both knees was nearly cripple. I went to the vet and paid for her "funeral" convinced she was on her last leg...after two weeks of treatment she can run and fetch again. She's a bit gimpy but enjoys our walks in the woods and has a significantly improved quality of life. I am amazed and thrilled.

a life saver by Petunia from Dayton, Texas05/31/2011

our large dog that is 8 years old has had surgery on his back leg and the other leg is worse and the doctor told us not to do the surgery and to decide what to do since he was in so much pain. we had almost decided to put him down and i read reviews on the product. so we ordered it and tried it and you would not believe how much this stuff helps him. he is barking again and chasing our other dogs. anyone hesitating on this medication, please dont. just order it and you will be happy. i have 3 other dogs that have arthritis and limps and i started them on it also and they are doing wonderul. thanks to all the people who leave reviews....

Solid Product by Mooford01/23/2013

Joint MAX seems to provide more relief for the ailing joints of my dogs. I have a 100lb Lab who has severe arthritis in all joints and has 2 elbow surgeries and a 100lb Bernese with hip dysplesia. While the product certainly hasn't "cured" their ailments, I have noticed less limping/discomfort after walks/hikes. Additionally, they seems to have a little more "jump" in their step. The joint treats were an added bonus.

Joint Max Triple Strength is a God-send!! by Michelle G. from Friendship, NY06/30/2014

We have an 11 year old Golden Retriever/Black Lab mix who has hip and back/shoulder issues. If it weren't for his daily dose of Joint Max, I truly believe we would have had to put him down a few years ago!! We still have to supplement with Aspirin when he gets over-ambitious and thinks he can "keep up" and follow my husband and sons around the yard while they do yardwork, etc. as that really makes him lame. One of the Entirely Pets telephone operators highly recommended Joint Max Triple to me a few years ago when Rowdy first showing signs of mobility issues and I am eternally grateful to her - she has helped us keep our fur baby comfortable a lot longer than I would have dreamed!!

Will continue to order by Mary08/07/2012

This is the second order I have placed of Joint Max Triple Strength. I have an 11 year old Old English Sheepdog. She was starting to limp after playing and long walks. This product seems to help her. She hasn't limped in a long time and still enjoys playing like a puppy.

by Betsy06/10/2013

Great product. My dog tore her cruciate ligament in her knee. Since her surgery she has been taking Joint Max Triple Strength and has free movement of all joints.

Amazing results! by dy06/14/2012

My dog Ruby had three surgeries for a torn ACL and luxating patella on her right rear leg. She also has luxating patella in her left leg and hip dysplasia in both hips. Her vet said not to expect her to be able to do much other than walk enough to get around. An 80lb hound she's a big girl and I would have to help her get up and even hold her up to go to the bathroom. After just a few weeks on the Joint Max I could tell a big difference. She's been on it ever since and now she's running around like the puppy she never had a chance to be!

Excellent, effective joint supplement by Kim H. from North Bend, WA10/23/2012

This is the most effective joint supplement we have ever given our dogs. We've tried several others and keep coming back to this one. Like any other type of supplement, what worked for my dogs may not be as effective for your dog as each dog is an individual case. However this has worked well for all our dogs and we've been using it for years. The trick to making it as effective as possible is to start using it before joint issues become a problem for your dog. We have started our dogs on this as young as three years old and the last two we lost lived to the ripe old doggy-ages of 13 and 16 with very few joint issues. The oldest of our current pack is 12.5 and, while she suffers from arthritis in her knees and hips, according to the vet that she is able to walk at all is due to the early and consistent use of joint supplements. This is the joint supplement that we use. Highly Recommended.

Seems to benefit by Kitty03/30/2012

Switched to Joint Max Triple strength after several years of double strength. I think it has helped my arthritic mixed breed 70 lb dog to keep going and at 14 some days he is even peppy. I would be afraid to stop so just bought a three pack supply. I have always mixed them in his food morning and evening. Yum, yum!

by button04/24/2012

Very great product ;it really helped my Shepard and they love the taste too!

Outstanding Ingredients at the Best Price! by TS from Denver, CO09/27/2013

We've had our two Goldens on Joint Max since they were young. As a puppy, one of our Goldens had to have both front elbows rebuilt so our vet recommended another joint product. After doing some online research, I came upon Joint Max. Comparing the ingredients, Joint Max offers more of the ingredients we were looking for and in higher concentrations than other products we looked at. Plus Joint Max costs much less! Our puppy is now 8 and our other Golden is 11. You would never know our Golden had both elbows rebuilt as she runs like a puppy! We love this product and will continue to use it as long as we have 'our girls'! Thanks Joint Max!

Joint Max by Domo from Palm Bay, Fl03/31/2014

Great product, I have had my labs on JM since they where puppies, Cash is 10 and he runs and plays like a puppy still.

by Barb from Allentown, Pa.11/06/2012

Your timing for shipping is improvingtoo

TripleStrength JointMax by woodswolf1 from Indiana10/23/2012

My Malamute has been on this for several years now. I can tell a difference when we run out. She is much more stiff in her hips without it. I"ve tried others, but this one works consistently, constantly. Lil'Bit is 10 1/2 and still loves to run in the woods full tilt.

it works by it works great from royse city, tx01/03/2013

keeps our 5 10yr plus dogs moving, wish they made it for humans

Great Product for my two dogs by Duke from Hong Kong03/18/2014

My dogs has been using this product for years. Despite of their hip's problem, they are still ok.

Must taste bad by JD from Atlanta, GA09/17/2013

My dogs don't like the taste of these. I sneak them into their diet.

Excellent Product! by Joyce from Chapin, South Carolina12/12/2012

I have 2 dogs on Joint Max Triple Strength: a 12 year old Sheltie and an 11 year old yellow Lab. Both have been taking Joint Max for several years. The Lab had major surgery for a torn knee ligament about a year ago. We think Joint Max really helped her recovery. She runs around like a puppy! The Sheltie still enjoys running around and gets up steps with no problem. We believe in this product!

Very disappointed by gmcreynolds from Porterville, CA12/16/2012

I waited two weeks for delivery. Checked on tracking and they claimed it was left at front door. It took two more days for them to find it and deliver it. Once received I found they had substituted the chews for the tablets as specified in the order. If this is how you are going to do business I will take mine elsewhere.

dependable great results by lynna11/06/2012

My 6 year old Boxer rescue has had hip dysplasia since a puppy and keeping her on these lets her run and play with moderation. She is solid muscle but without these she wouldn't be able to live comfortably. I rarely need to use any vet RX's to help her. My other 9 year old has arthritis in her knee from a cruciate ligament tear and this keeps her going too.

Great price Free Shipping by Rita from Kingman, AZ02/15/2012

I bought 3 of these & got the free treats. I just wrap one in a piece of cheese & my dog eats them. I paid $25 for 40 count bottle at the local big box pet store. So this is a great deal!

joint max by patty04/24/2013

I have been giving this product to my dogs for years, I'm sure it has helped them live longer and feel better

Joint Max Triple Strength good product by lynn from michigan04/29/2013

my rescued Boxer has severe hip dysplasia, these pills have kept her moving for more than 6 years now, my 9 year Boxer mix is taking them too now for her arthritic knees, without this supplement they wouldn't be able to be happy girls.

by Al07/01/2012

Within two weeks this helped beyond belief. We have a 7 yr old golden retriever, has hip problems, limping, not wanting to go up stairs or get in and out of the car. Since starting joint max 3, this product has stopped the limping. She can get up the stairs more easily and has improved her being able to get in and out of the car. We have purchased this for her , now going into our second year and I would never want her to be without it.

prices not right by Hoppes707/21/2014

why can you buy three regular 3x joint max(36.99 x3=110.97) cheaper than their special of the same quantity for $116.99?????

Great Stuff by Scuba Goddess09/03/2013

We've been using Joint Max for 5 years for our golden retriever, who has some congenital arthritis in his front legs. He's 6 years old now and still as frisky as a puppy.

Good product but.. by Vinezero01/17/2013

It seems to be a good product but a lot of the tables are broken. The bottom of the bottle are full of crumble tables and dust. All 3 bottle are the same. Not a very good value if you lose 1/4 of the tablets.

Excellent product by klavdi03/11/2012

My 7 years old dog has osteoarthritis and we have tried couple of products to her her with the pain. I must say this joint max triple strength is helping the most so far. I recommend you to try, but you have to wit cca. 6 weeks to see the results.

Best Joint Care by lcathey from Michigan04/04/2012

I use this for two of my dogs, a 5 year old with hip dysplasia and an 8 year old with arthritis in her stifle. This keeps them both moving and mostly pain free. I am very happy with this product and it makes me happy to see them both playing together in the yard like they did when they were younger.

joint max triple strength by jupiter06/19/2011

I have always used this product and entirely pets is the greatest price.

Return to Youth by Cisco01/18/2012

I've used Joint Max Triple Strength for several years on my dogs who showed signs of stiff joints. On younger dogs slowing down before their time, it has restored their vigor and apparently stopped the pain of stiff joints. Great product at a good price.

Works Great by Nick03/02/2012

I've been buying a different brand from Entirely Pets and when I added that one to the shopping cart EP recommended another item, this one. It was an excellent recommendation! The 14 year old is bouncing around like a little pup :)

Long Time Favorite-Good Product by Seth from Yuma, AZ07/21/2013

I have used Joint Max Triple for years. It meets the requirements suggested by my vet and the price is right. I give them to my dogs as treats.

Great Product by War Dog Mom11/10/2012

I purchased this for my GSD with genetic hip dysphasia and my retired war dog with arthritis. My GSD had hit a plateau with the glucosamine product I had used before. Since starting her on the Joint Max Triple strength, she has improved and is running and jumping on the bed smoothly once again. I built her muscles and tendons up with hydrotherapy and with the Joint Max, she is now doing great. My retired war dog has severe arthritis and would have a hard time laying down smoothly and sitting. He has improved significantly on the Joint Max. I highly recommend this!

Joint MAX triple by Larry from Knoxville, TN12/15/2012

Excellent product, after 2 weeks a very noticeable difference in our dog

Great joint product! by Jaxson's Mom from Spring, Texas07/23/2013

I have been giving all of my dogs this palatable joint supplement for many years. My senior dogs move about very well and I strongly believe Joint Max is the reason.

Joint MAX is better than Cosequin and costs less! by Moe & Curly from West Garden Grove, CA01/16/2013

We used Cosequin for years, but changed to Joint MAX about 2 years ago because it has higher milligrams of the key ingredients, more vitamins and costs less. We get the chewables and eat them like treats. This is a great daily supplement at a great value.

Miracle Purchase by Diane from Tampa, Florida01/27/2012

This is the second batch of Joint Max that I have purchased for my lab and shepherd. My lab was only a year old when he was diagnosed with extreme hip problems and my shepherd was wobbly in her back end. This product has made such a difference in both dogs. I began giving them two tablets daily and after about 12 weeks, cut down to one. Now they are both playful and full of energy. Thank you for a great solution to my dogs distress!

My dog is happy by tigerbarb from Allentown, Pa.01/08/2013

This product is wonderful.Great product.

Turned an aging dog into a puppy by Cee from Memphis, TN10/23/2012

My dogs have hip problems, and these glucosamine tablets are very effective at easing discomfort. They're running around like puppies! The 3 pack with free treats is also a good bargain versus purchasing them individually.

works great by jeffrey04/17/2012

works great sums it up. keeps our old dogs moving, now if i could find something to keep this old dawg movin.

Really Makes A Difference by JaxsonsMom from Spring, Texas06/14/2012

I have been ordering this product for at least 6-7 years. It has really made a difference in my aging pets lives. When any of my 5 dogs reach the age of 4 or 5, I start them on this joint supplement. My 17 yr old dog, Samantha, acts like she is only 8 yrs old. She has so much pep in her step.I convinced my family to use this for their pets also. My only wish is that ths product go on sale more often.

by Bryan10/09/2013

I have been using this product for years now and love it. I feel it has really helped my older lab.

Excellent Product by tigerbarb from Allentown, Pa.05/29/2012

My dog has lyme disease and she is a german shepherd. These tablets seem to be helping her, her back legs are starting to give her trouble. She is almost 11 years old, and since she has been taking these tablets I see a difference. She is still a little slow getting up but not as bad as before.

Great Product by K-9 Mom from Texas04/02/2013

I've been using this on my dogs for several years. When I first started using it on my boxer mix, she could barely get up and wasn't meeting us as the door anymore. After a week or so on the JM she was back to her old self. My other lab mix is almost 15 years old, he has sever arthritis and the vet does not know how he still gets around. I think the JM has helped him stay mobile. We give him 1 triple strength tab twice a day. I don't think he would be the same without it.

by from 12/05/2011

I have a 9-yo Saint Bernard and I noticed on a walk we took this past summer that she wasn't moving as well as she used to, so when my friend gave me these chewable tablets, I started using them.

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Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength - Love it! by Annandale Bernese from Missouri USA02/07/2012

This product was recommended to me by a friend and they just love it. The dogs eat it like a treat and none gets wasted. She uses it for her elderly GSD and I use it for my Bernese Mnt Dogs. Both big and need a good joint supplement.

Love this site by Lisa from White Mountains, Arizona10/22/2012

This joint supplement was recommended by my vet. orders always arrive quickly. Love this site!

Works! by Laurie from Florida06/26/2013

I can see an improvement in how my dog feels since starting this product. She is once again playful with her sister.

Best Arthritis Supplements so far. by Rhonda04/24/2012

This is the best arthritis supplements I have used for my aging Labrador Retriever by far. Thank you.

Joint Max Triple Strength by Nciraldo from Ohio01/31/2014

I have been using this product for years with many different large breed dogs. Our shepherd mix who had mild hip dysplasia at 6 months and partial tears in both knees not surgically repaired benefited greatly over the course of her lifetime living a long healthy life to 15yrs. I am currently using this on both of my Newfoundlands and look forward to many healthy years with them.

Helps arthritic pets by Cee from Memphis, TN06/05/2012

Has helped my aging dog with hip dysplasia get around much better.

3-pack joint max triple strength- free joint treat by Subin05/08/2013

The tablets crushed and placed in the food works for us. The fur kids are not too pleased with the chewy treats. The chewy ones really depends on the dog and what they like.

Joint Max by Shanick67 from San Francisco07/28/2013

I always buy the triple strength Joint Max from Entirely Pets. It is the best price, you get free treats with it and free shipping. I love the product and know it helps to keep my 10 & 13 yr old dalmatians young!!

Joint max by smoker08/20/2013

These joint max triple strenght pills have my old german shepard still walking fine. Before I bought these her legs were stiff as boards. I tried other brands with no results - Joint Max is definitely the BEST!!!!!!!!

by Lisa12/02/2011

Love the products. Top quality. My only concern is with the post office shipping. It took 12 days to go from CA to AZ. Because it was shipped from CA to NV to CO to Phx AZ then up to Lakeside. But I eventually got it.

Excellent for the aging dog. by Rhonda from Newfoundland, Canada10/22/2012

This product has given my 11 year old Labrador retriever better quality of life. I really believe without this, we wouldn't be blessed to still have him in our life. Thanks so much.

Joint meds seem to work, but so hard to be sure by ReadyEddy from Southeastern Connecticut03/12/2013

Like the joint meds I and my wife take, it's so hard to know if they're working or not. I'm afraid to stop just to find out, but the dog's almost 12, is half shepherd, and still gets around quite well, seems pain free. We'll keep giving them.

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Joint Treats (180 Soft Chews)
Great Item by Cathi from South Montrose, PA01/25/2011

I use along with Missing Link Plus food supplement and besides the animals love them, when you stop using this product you notice a difference in their range of motion. Highly recommended for all dogs. I will never stop using.

Great! by ro_runner12/01/2011

My dog loves these treats & they really seem to help her hips. I give her one after every walk (1-2/day).

Both dogs love these by CH06/01/2012

Lucy (Pointer) and Scruffy (Jacairn Terrier) love these joint treats. Only Scruffy pictured. Lucy hates the camera. Lucy is called Beauty and Scruff is nicknamed, Beasty Boy.

Joint Treats by Tn Ducki from Tennessee05/17/2013

These are a great way to give our aging Lab the joint medicine he needs. He's getting older and like most of us, is experiencing some pain that goes along with aging. These seem to help him get around a little easier. He takes one of these along with a joint supplement tablet every day. It's made a difference in his quality of life.

Great product!!! by HannaT from Columbus, OH11/27/2011

I am very happy with the Joint Treats and my Golden Retriever Sierra loves them as well! The new bacon flavor of the treat makes for a great addition to her morning feed. We feed 2 Joint Treats a day to keep Sierra's joints healthy. I would recommend this product for any dog both active or older. Thanks for making a great product my dog loves!

Chops-lickin' good! by Itzomi from San Francisco, CA08/30/2011

My 125-lb. German Shepherd just LOVES these!! He has no clue they're good for him and I'm not going to tell him, either.

Oh no! We ran out of joint treats.... by Charlotte12/30/2009

Our 13 year old standard poodle has been taking joint treats for 3 years. Unfortunately, we ran out of them the day before Christmas. 4 days later, the difference in his movement is noticeable. These REALLY HELP! Our dog loves how they taste, too!

snack good by ddd from Amboy Wa04/11/2014

dog likes the flavor yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Soft treat joint supplement by Ridgeter from Bay Area09/09/2013

These are handy to have as an alternative to the supplement. Sometimes my dog prefer the softer texture of this supplement. These came with my Joint Max order and were a good value. They remind me of liver treats.

healthy treat by Liz from cool, ca06/18/2013

dogs seem to love these treats. never once have they been rejected.

Will have to see by Beverly10/17/2011

Not sure if this product is working only because it is recommended to be given to your pet a minimum of 30 days to get into their system I will have to evaluate then. What I can say is that my dog "Jack" eats them without hesitation, so that is a definite plus, so they must pretty tasty to the doggies taste buds!!

Great product by Beckysue from Queens, NY10/02/2013

My 14 year old black lab mix had stiffness and weakness in her hind quarters, but gradually she got better mobility because of the joint treats along with the glycoflex iii. Without them, she wouldn't be able to walk much at all. Now she's walking around more, slowly because of her age, but not because of mobility issues. Great product, great price, great service.

Great for Older Dogs by Spokanewa10/05/2011

Our dogs love these chews! They are older and need the supplement to help keep them active and pain free.

Entirely Pets - Excellent service by Lucy's mom10/25/2011

Smooth & easy transaction. Dependable and honest seller.

Great treats!! by Dog lover11/13/2013

My 11 year old has never had joint issues, she still runs like she is a puppy but I started feeding these to her as a preventative measure. The best part is they are soft enough to slip her cranberry extract pill into them daily, similar to how I would use the greenies pockets. And while they are crumblier than the pockets, they still does the trick.

My little old guy loves these! by Stormy from Ann Arbor, MI04/05/2013

He is a very picky eater and he just loves these treats~

great product by gman from ashby mass01/26/2012

i wil always buy this product they really help my older golden

Joint Treats by Sue01/20/2008

My Golden Retrievers LOVE these treats. And the treats seem to help the one with arthritis, because I haven't had to give her any Rimadyl so far this winter, even on the coldest days.

3-Pack Joint Treats (180 Soft Chews) by Dusty02/15/2013

Love the 3 pack size. My older dogs love these treats much too much...they go fast.

Helpful product by Goldee from Portland, OR02/26/2013

My dog takes a thyroid pill twice a day and I used to have a problem getting her to take it, but with these I cut them in half and put the pill in it and she loves them! Plus they are good for her. She is a 14 yr old poodle and has no signs of stiffness or arthritis.

Helps my Poodle by Marcus West10/17/2008

My 40-lb. poodle, Albert, came from a kennel that is a puppy mill, tho I didn't know this when I bought him. He is a beautiful dog with an excellent disposition, but he has all kinds of health problems from inbreeding. At age 2, a spinal X-ray showed the beginning of arthritis! I was skeptical about this product, but it does seem to help with joint stiffness. In addition, it is a lo-cal treat, which becomes important as a pet ages and tends to put on weight easily.

by from 11/07/2012

My 13 yo Lab has a torn ACL in his left leg that has or had severely comprised his ability to get about. That wasn't acceptable as we both love to hike in the morning.

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Great for our dogs by Andy from Centreville, Va10/22/2012

Our dogs have really picked up their activity level after being on the treats for a few weeks. Great product, I will continue to use it for all three of our dogs!,

Joint chews by sandy from Ocean Park, Washington10/23/2012

I asked my vet regarding the use of these for my Pug, Tyson, she said yes give it a try seemed like the ingredients were healthy enough. We noticed a significant change as wasn't limping as much when he would get off the couch. Now after about 3 months he is walking without the usual limp when he first gets up. I am thankful for the product, as with the other products we have been using for a long time.

joint treats by dave sr03/27/2013

We have been using joint treats for several years now. Our dog "Maggie" is approaching 12 years old and still has the need to tear around the yard or at the beach much like a pup. We believe that the chews allow her play without any joint pain!

Awesome Chewable Product by Cassidy4640 from Atlanta, GA06/28/2012

I have 2 senior labs. I give them both 3 a day each for their arthritis and I saw this product working within 2 weeks. I have this product on reorder. My labs love the flavor and that they are easy to chew. I would highly recommend this product if you have any senior dogs that have the onset of arthritis. They love them and they will sit in the kitchen each morning waiting for me to give them their joint treats. I would highly recommend this product - save $$ and order the 3 pack.

Always reliable by Mother4withPaws from The Colony, Texas03/21/2013

Triple max is always a realiable glucosamine supplement whether in treat form or in pill form for my dogs.

My dog will actually eat this. by Angie12/09/2011

I've lways had trouble getting my German Shep to take his joint supplements even in treat form until I found this product. He gobbles this down with just as much gusto as if I were feeding him a piece of bacon! I can see a difference it makes in his mobility & comfort too!

Review by Barbara Houseton06/26/2014

I did not receive what I ordered, but the chew was needed the day of delivery, so I kept the order. I received Mini's, instead of Soft Chews.

New Recipe by Peggy10/18/2011

The manufacturer changed the recipe. My dog is not impressed.

Best Product I've Found by FSUMom from Port St. Joe, FL01/31/2014

Joint Treats were being given to my 12 year old Golden Retriever by the Humane Society when I got him 6 months ago, and I continued him on them because I was told he had bad hips. Six months later and he's running circles around my 9 yr old Golden Retriever. He loves the taste, it's definitely a treat for him. Buying in bulk saves me money and I've even shared some with my neighbor whose dog has hip problems.

Works great with liquid joint max by Lucky Dog from Albuquerque, New Mexico12/10/2013

The chewable joint treats work great when used with the liquid joint max.

Super to give pills by Melanie09/01/2010

These are just wonderful when giving small pills to your pet because you can push the pills into the treat & then form the treat "around" the pill/s so the dog isn't even aware it's there. My dog will eat cheese or peanut butter & spit out a pill, but not with these. I love them. I just bury them in her food & she chows them down!

Best Joint Treats by Debbie from Brea, Ca09/05/2013

These are the best joint treats, we have been giving them to our dogs for years and really seem to help out there hip pain.

Picky Dogie Gobbles them up by Kelly07/18/2012

The new flavor is awesome. If you get the old flavor doggie has to be coaxed to take it.

Joint Treats by krawz from Phoenix, AZ05/09/2013

These make great healthy treats and my dogs love them. I get the Joint Max for my lab's joint problems and it has really helped him. I bought these because now I can give something to our little Papillion so she won't feel left out. And now that she's 8 yrs old, it's not a bad idea for her to get this for her joint health anyway. I like to give her the Joint Treat Minis just because she's only 10 lbs..

by Susan08/14/2012

The dog found these to be quite tasty. Didn't give us too much trouble eating them. We are able to cut them up and hide them in his dinner or give them to him directly.

Tasty treats that help joints too by RosemaryM02/01/2013

I have been giving these treats to my 15 year old dog who has arthritic hips and she loves them. I had her on a different brand which worked well but she really wasn't keen on the taste of them. She eats these joint treats without hesitation and they seem to be working well for her hips and joints too.

Joint treats by Christy from Maryland11/13/2011

This product is wonderful and we have used it since we rescued our dog. However, this shipment has not been received. It was shipped over 2 weeks ago and our dog is definitely stuffing from the lack of joint treats in her diet.

Not the Same by k9nut07/10/2012

I bought these several times but the last time the formula changed. I noticed right away the smell wasn't the same. My dog spit them out while before he loved them.

Featured Reviews for 4 PACK SynoviG3 Granules (3840 gm) + FREE Joint Treats
SynoviG3 Granules by chris from Eagle River, AK10/24/2011

Great product. I've never had a problem getting my dogs to eat it, they love the flavor. I have an 11yo German Shepherd that still goes on 3 hour hikes.

Synovi G3 Granules by clubNedUSA from Strafford, NH10/17/2011

My vet prescribed this dietary supplement for arthritis pain.. seems to work well

A+++ by Mandalyn07/15/2009

The granuals have really helped my 7 year old black lab who has hip problems. When he was off the SynoviG3 I saw a big difference in his activity level. He is much happier and more comfortable when taking the supplements, which is the most important part to me:)

by from 02/07/2012

I have been ordering Synovi from Entirely Pets for a while. I always am satisfied with the order, however this last shipment took several weeks to arrive. Historically that hasn't been an issue - but for some reason last time deliverly was slow. Overall I am happy with my experience with Entirely Pets - my order is always correct and usually arives timely.

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Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Joint Treats (360 Soft Chews)
by nari07/03/2013

My dog LOVEs it and his limping went away.

very good by tori05/02/2012

suprised,it has worked out after 2 weeks...extremly happy

Like a treat by JessicaB06/09/2012

dogs don't spot it out. one refuses the tablet kind.

Very Effective by dsmmort from Boulder, CO12/06/2012

The joint treats are a very effective part of releiving knee pain & stiffness for our 6 year old Boxer. He had torn both CCLs and had two TPLO sugeries plus a meniscus repair in one. He now moves pain free with a regular regimen of exercise and joint treats as part of his dietary supplements for joint health. Great product!

Only product dog will eat by Val from Montana05/11/2013

I have been using these chews for years and my 13 year old Great Pyrenees is doing well on them. She refused to eat other arthritis chews or flavored supplements and I wanted something she would readily eat on her own without forcing them on her. Sure makes it a lot easier on me and she is still able to climb stairs although a lot slower than in the past.

Loves them by Cathi from South Montrose, PA06/26/2014

Vet recommended to use two dogs ago (one died at 17 the other at 13). I've used them for at least the past five years and give one a day from the time they are over 6 months old until the day they die. My older two started them later in life and when I would skip a few days you could see the lameness return. Animals love them and they definitely work.

Not happy with Joint Treats by Taser05/08/2014

I have given Joint Treats to my dog for 2 years and all seems well. But, when I received my last shipment, the product had a noticeably strong smell to them and they were very hard, not chewy as in the past. I returned them and got another shipment and they too were exactly the same. I have no idea what's going on with this product. I tried calling the manufacturer, no one there to answer the phone, I left a message and no one even bothered to returned my call. So, I'm looking for a suitable product to replace Joint Treats.

They love them and they work. by Kate07/12/2011

All three of my small dogs love these and I think they work well. I have one dog that has had double ACL surgery when he was young, and now that he is older, is still doing well and takes these daily.

dog's best treat by Ron10/23/2011

Our dog loves these treats. She goes to her kennel crate at bedtime and waits for her soft chew.

Joint Treats by elee23 from Western NY03/26/2012

I purchased these joint treat for my 6 yr old German Shepherd. She has problems with both her stifles and back issues. She seems to be getting a lot of relief since she has been given these. I am so glad I found them. Good price, good service.

by MEME10/30/2011

My pets just love these Joint Care Treats. I would recommend them to all.

Sweet Rosie O'Gravy by Carole A.02/22/2009

Rosie is an 8 yr old Collie, and wants to keep up with her younger Collie "sisters" ages 6 and 4. The joint treats have helped her arthritis and she is racing around with the other two at the dog park. Great to see her happy.

Spry(er) old dog by Dick T.03/30/2008

Received container of joint treats with my last order and found that our old Golden (13) with arthritic condition is navigating much better with joint treats. He has been on Zubrin for several years but showed a marked improvement in mobility with the treats.

Yummy Treats!! by junkyarddog from Colorado mtns01/21/2012

I was run over in the junkyard and have a crippled shoulder, and my bones ache now that I'm old. My mom buys these treats so I won't hurt so much. She says they're good for me, but I think they're just yummy treats. I'm one lucky rescued junkyard dog!

dog joint treats by franfire from Cartersville Georgia12/02/2013

I really like these treats for my dog. She likes them! She is very fussy and suspicious of anything that is given to her and she takes these no problem at all. They seem to help her hip joint, she tends to get stiff and sorts of limps, but not while she's taking them.

Featured Reviews for Joint Treats MINIS (120 Soft Chews)
Dogs Love by Alabamagrey03/18/2014

My dogs look forward to these treats evey night. Their joint flexibility and energy level increase has been noticeable since they have been on the treats.

a perfectly tastey way to keep dogs joints healthy by soso10/30/2011

After having a wonderful 17+ yr old dog who suffered from joint pain for the last few years of her life (pain greatly reduced by both glucosamine/chondroitin over the counter people-intended supplements as well as vet prescribed animal-intended anti-inflammatory medication that unfortunately added up to approx. $50 per month), we have now adopted a 3 year old pup who will be given these fabulous supplements to avoid future degeneration and suffering. The big bonus is, he LOVES them and they are - compared to over the counter supplements and dog safe anti-inflammatory med's - dirt cheap!!!! I'm shocked that the previous reviewer had 6 out of 6 dogs disliking this product...

mini treats - tasty! by sandiii from San Diego CA12/30/2013

Everyone loves the taste of these supplements and gobbles them right down.

yuk by nikkimama from Norther NJ10/25/2011

my three dogs, who would eat just about anything, would not continue to eat them after the first time! YUK! Passed them on to my DIL, who has five dogs, and they would not even try them! NOT A FAN! Sorry!

Joint Treats MINIS keep my dog stable! by Martha from Minneapolis, MN12/27/2013

My dog suffered a leg injury back in June 2013. I had the Joint Treats from Entirely Pets recommended to me by a couple of different pet owners. Her leg is healed now and I am giving her 2 Joint Treat MINIS to keep things healthy and stable. I credit her return to health to the Joint Treats from Entirely Pets!! Thanks so much!

Review by Chappy from Ayustin, Tx01/02/2013

The joint treats help keep my older dog moving about with less problems.

Just great!!! by beversann from Phoenix, AZ11/17/2011

The wonderful ingredients speak for themselves plus you provide such timely service and the price point you offer is good. Best of all, our doggies DO take as treats. So often the word "treat" is often misused and pets won't take .. not so with your Joint Treats.. Thanks.. you have a new customer now.

by jbella04 from murphy, nc10/10/2011

We have used this product for several years & "Kati" likes it. Have never had any problem getting her to take it.

by wallyd from Kimberly Wisconsin04/29/2013

Our 11yr old Lab loves these and doesn't realize I hide an aspirin in them. Maybe she does but is happy to get a treat. Would definitely buy these again

Joint Treats MINIS by zeke from Southeast Missouri09/15/2013

Our little dog Abby was limping on hind legs, seem to have pain in handling her. We heard about the joint treats and bought them. After a few days Abby was walking better, then in a short while she was running and romping. Our Abby is past her 8th year now and going strong. I would recommend these treat to anyone who had the same problems with their pet.

Really Helped My Dog by Denise02/05/2012

When my puppy started limping and I found out he had patella luxation I took him to the vet and they recommended surgery to correct the problem. I was hesitant and I tried this product. I give it to him every day. He does not limp when he runs now. I can't say this was a cure, but it certainly helped him. He does not need surgery and I got a new vet too. His stomach is sensitive to many types of things, but this was OK. No adverse reactions when he took this. I will continue to use this.

My boy loves them by kaytee18 from Nashville,TN12/05/2013

My boy loves these and they seem to help too. wonderful product

Joint Treat Minis Prevent Back Issues on Dachsies by Badgerdog from Eau Claire, WI11/03/2013

About 6 years ago, our Dachshund, Sadie, had an injury to her back near the tail, a common affliction in Dachshunds. We had to take her to the Vet and start her on steroids, complete rest, cut her food intake and start Chiropractic treatments. Once we got her stable we started her on Joint Treat Minis, one treat twice per day. Since then, she has really improved with her flexibility, fetches with gusto and at 11 yrs old you would think she is 5. I think the Joint Treat Minis have kept her healthy. Highly recommend them to keep your dog limber and healthy.

Super tasty treats by Jennifer08/29/2011

My dogs LOVE these joint treats. They were already on a joint supplement, so I've seen no major differences, except that I'm no longer giving medicine, I'm feeding a treat. Much easier to give. Thanks!

by from 05/24/2013

I am fostering a beagle mix for our local humane society and he is about 4 years old and came to me with an injured hind leg. We thought he had a torn ACL, thankfully he did not.

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My Pampered Pet wouldn't eat them by Tinytoes from Ingleside, TX12/27/2013

My dog refused to eat them. She is a little spoiled, so it might be her and not the product at all.

joint treats by pam from montana03/28/2012

Our little Chihuahua had a shoulder joint problem a while back and has been taking these for over 1 yr and doesn't have problems any more. She likes the flavor too.

Excellent Product by Milly Pulkownik04/22/2008

My West Highland Terrier is 6 yrs. old and she developed arthritis in her hind leg. These treats worked wonders on her and she is doing much better since I started her on them.

Who Wants Candy!? by KB & Maggie from Tucson, Arizona04/09/2013

Our little girl just loves her "candy" treat! We have really noticed a difference in her mobility since we started using these joint minis. Easy to administer, these little nuggets fit into her chew toys and provide several minutes of a thinking activity ... fun for the whole family. Thanks for a great product.

My 2 terriers love these! by Taysmimi from Orange County, CA11/06/2012

I use these mini treats to hide pills for my two older Cairn Terriers. They allow you to mold a pill into them and the dogs never miss their meds.

Double duty by spider1010/24/2012

I use these treats to put my small dogs pills in.He loves them and they are healthy.He is 9 yrs old.LOTS cheaper than pill pockets!!!

Big Benefit in a Mini Treat by deltad04/09/2013

I decided to give these treats five stars! My baby injured her leg and was limping along. Following two weeks of taking these once a day, she has improved greatly! I love them and will continue to purchase.

Seems to help by ShirleyMaeH from Palm Coast, Fl11/16/2011

This product seems to help my dachshund with his stiffness problem. I am going to use it until it's gone to see if there is a better improvement.

dog loves it by mina from upstate ny08/07/2014

i have a 8 yrs old silky who jumps all over for her treat. now i need to get the large ones for the rotti.

Great treats by We love our pets from Wyoming12/13/2011

We purchased this for our little dog since it was on a really good sale during Black Friday. She does not suffer from any joint issues but we liked how it was a preventive treat. She was a little hesitant at first because it does stink really bad, but now she willingly takes it. She is our active one and we want her to stay that way for a long while.

Great for Dogs With Back Issues by rocknroll_junky06/03/2013

I have a Dachshund that injured her back in 2009. We had to give her anti-inflamitories at first and water bath and Chiropractic massage to get her on the right path. I give her 2 joint treat minis every day and she is doing great. Got her weight down by controlling the calories and excercise every day. For 10 years old she looks and acts like 5.

Good product by Val from Montana01/28/2014

My dog liked these chews when she would not touch any of the joint supplement tablets.

Works for us by suereno1 from massachusetts03/04/2012

Our dog is 15 and already on joint meds, but this little treat just adds to his comfort and mobility and he loves the taste. great for a picky boy who does not eat every treat you give him.

Stop my bones from aching by Cool Man from Live Oak, FL05/19/2013

This has been a big help for my dog, since she was unable to jump up on or down from the coach. She's back to her old self again and ready to play or just rest in my lap.

You Changed It by Sadie from Eau Claire, WI08/08/2012

My dog used to love these healthy treats. You changed the recipe and I can tell because it smells different. My dog sticks her nose up at them now. I won't be buying anymore. Why did you change it?

by from 01/01/2014

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Jt Treat Minis Keep my Dog Happy & Healthy by sheltielover from Upstate, New York03/13/2013

I give these to my Sheltie for preventive maintenance as Shelties can suffer from joint problems. She loves them. I can use them as a healthy treat. And so far no signs of joint problems - she is able to jump over tree trunks, climb mountains, & jump onto my very high bed with ease.

Effective by Anita H from Ohio12/29/2012

These glucosamine treats work much better than the ones I had been buying. I only have to give one, so, they seem to be cost-effective, also.

Very good but not the best by Mutt and Jeff from Louisa, VA10/26/2011

We have been trying different joint and hip treats for dogs for years. We pefer Zen Puppy but they are only available at certain times of the year. This has helped with the problems with a bulging disk almost as good as Zen. The closest we have found to date,

by 2goldens12/29/2012

Bought these for a friend's 2 little dogs. Hope they will help their joints as much as Triple Max helps my big guy.

by from 08/08/2012

I have two dogs, one sheltie and one mixed breed, both dogs love the joint treats and look forward to them every night....

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Featured Reviews for Joint Treats (60 Soft Chews)
Gypsy loves them! by Poogasus from Westminster, MD05/28/2013

Nice to be able to give a treat that has benefits. Gypsy loves them and they smell much better than other joint supplements I have given her.

Tippy loves her Joint Treats by nanadonna from Sacramento, CA03/16/2010

My Border Collie loves her Joint Treats and I'm convinced they help keep her joints moving. She will be 10 in July and doesn't want to slow down.

Joint Treats (60 Soft Chews) by Maggie05/10/2013

I bought these for my two senior Chihuahuas and unfortunately neither one of them will eat these. I'm not sure it has anything to do with the product or the fact that my "girls" are becoming picky eaters in their old age. Therefore, it is kind of hard to rate.

Joint Treats & More by llinmarin from Santa Venetia, CA12/11/2013

We've had our dog on Joint Treats and other chewables (started with Synovi MSM) since he was young. We had lots of issues with our last Shepherd so were well aware of the various natural joint medications. He's just turned 11 and although he's not a puppy any longer, he's doing okay. Do these work? Who know, but better to be safe than sorry.

Great flavor by Ranger from Texas10/23/2012

I use this product as a treat and as a preventive in dogs that are not showing arthritic problems. The dogs love them...they stand in line for their "treat" every night. Hopefully, they will also help to minimize the onset of arthritic problems.

Very good product by sunnycat from Greensboro,NC10/22/2012

My dog really likes the joint treats. They seems to be helping her joint pain.

Joint Treats by Neiko from rochester,ny11/23/2012

Even though my dog is only 9 months old i use this because he plays very hard and loves to constantly run and jump and full speed.

Healthy and Active by Dogs Best Friend01/25/2011

I have been using this product for 3 years now. I have my order on auto-ship for convenience and a discount. I asked my vet if this product was safe to use since the food my dog eats has a portion of the Glucosamine in it. My vet assured me that this product, Joint Treats, is totally safe and I can continue to give to my dog. I am totally happy with this item and will continue to give to my dog always. I highly recommend.

Excellent Product by Charlie from Sedalia, Co06/17/2014

We own an Irish Water Spaniel who used to love swimming at a young age, but as he got older (12 years now) he showed signs of arthritis & joint problems. We started him on "Joint Treats" four years ago. He loves them, has no allergic reactions, moves very well and we are extremely satisfied with the product.

Good for her by sunnyejk from Charlotte, NC05/02/2014

My dog is older and some overweight so I know these are helping her mobility. They keep her joints from hurting, they have msm, creatine, antioxidants along with glucosamine. Her vet recommended msm especially. I give her 2 a day.

by Have NOT yet received.07/07/2013

I have NOT yet received this product. I wish someone from your company would call and let me know what is going on...my order is no less than 3 weeks overdue.

Great treat by Mary from Arizona02/12/2012

My dogs love this treat. Easy for them to chew and real tastey

Best Product for Pets with Mobility issues by CareBear11/08/2012

This product is great! I have been using it for 4 years on my cocker spaniel - she is 14 now. She had a torn cruciate and I decided not to have surgery. For 8 weeks I carried her everywhere - not allowing her to jump or go up/down stairs. I also started using the joint treats. Today, she jumps, runs, does stairs and you wouldn't even know she has joint issues! I have recommended it to several others who are just as pleased as I am. Great product!!

chewable joints treats by franfire from Cartersville Georgia03/19/2013

It seems to be helping our medium size dog. She likes them. Our pekinese hates them!

works great but... by 4dogowner from Austin, TX05/07/2013

These have helped tremendously with one of my dogs who has hip dysplacia and another one of my dogs with a torn ACL. BUT no two orders are ever the same. The texture is different, the smell is different and obviously thet taste is different. Sometimes my dogs love them and other times I have to put peanut butter on them in order for my dogs to eat them. Whats up with this? Why is there no consistancy from order to order?

I can't be sure. by Earl10/31/2009

I was excited to give my dog these treats based on other reviews. However, I don't know if it helped him or not. He liked eating them and they didn't hurt him but I can't be sure. If anything changes in the future I will add another review.

They work so well! by Sherrie03/12/2009

My 11 year old husky mix had weakness and trembling in his hips and he has been eating Joint Treats for a little more than a week and I already see great improvement. Plus, he LOVES them. Highly recommended!

Good product Great service by Wally from Oregon11/06/2012

This was recommended by my VET for older dogs and is wokling as advertised

Joint Treats Minis by Grumpy from Fla01/17/2012

My Shih Tzu likes her treat just before bedtime, but I have an issue with them because they dry out before we use up the 60 treats. They are not too palatable when they dry out and she sometimes has trouble swallowing them............

Delightful treats by J, bouchard10/28/2008

Well my little dog just loves these treats. We call it fudge, cause they are sort of soft like fudge and she like them like candy. I will be putting in another order.

Excellent treat by Canadian Corgi from Rothesay NB Canada02/27/2014

My dog loves the treat and it helps with his joint healing

Acting like a puppy! by Cheryl10/23/2008

Cassey my 10 year old jack russell mix is back to being a puppy since being on Joint treats for one month. He no long hasitates to jump up in the bed or on the sofa. He is doing so much better that he now runs all over the yard again instead of just lying on the pouch in the sun. I think this is a great product and I am continuing him on it! Thank you for making this product!

A great and healthy alternative by Tammy09/17/2008

I use Joint Treats on my JRT on a daily basis. Not only does it have glucosamine and MSM to help with his arthritis, its only 10 calories! It is by far the best product i've used on my dog that actually delivers results. Joint Treats are the best!

joint max treats by Bernie Kain04/30/2008

Joint max treats are wonderful esp. since they are good for my little girl pepper. I did not tell her how good they are for her. I could not resist this good sale, and to go along with the joint max triple strength for her joints. She is only 3 years old but this seems to really help her. Thanks Bernie

Really help! by ro_runner01/25/2012

I give my 11yo Rottweiler mix one of these after every walk & whenever her hips seem stiff. They really help make her more comfortable, & she likes them. I've recommended them to other folks with older dogs.

Awesome by MILLIE from Marietta,Oh06/13/2012

my 11 year old dog Loves these.she's getting around so much better..AWESOME treats

by happy04/15/2012

this product seems to be helping my dogs with thier joint problems.

THE BEST Chewy TREAT by Harrison's Person09/22/2013

My neighbor turned me on to Joint Treat Soft Chews. They are chock full of good healthy stuff that help my two older big dogs keep moving well, and they love them, and they are easy to chew. In the long run, less expensive than any biscuit product.

Best purchase ever by LindaD11/18/2013

They really help our 2 dogs with their arthritis!!

Excellent Value by Jim Rome from Ithaca, NY07/26/2013

Got this item during a free promo and my dog loved it. I don't know if it helped with his arthritis but he definitely loved it as a treat. Highly recommended!

joint treats by wiseman from Texas02/18/2010

My German Sheppard who will eat sticks, bugs, etc, does not like Joint Treats. Won't eat them. He does however readily eat Glycoflex chews, and they work great!

My dog loves them by cc12/07/2011

I can only go by the levels of glucosamine & MSM & creatine listed on the label......I only know my dog loves them, the price is fantastic, & she doesn't show any joint problems at 13years old. We've only been using this brand for a few months, but will continue using them.

by Deb03/03/2013

My dog was moving better within 2 days. She began acting like a playful puppy all over again and she's 13 years old. Before 'Joint Treats' she would lay under the car all day not go for a walk, not play with the other pups it was amazing what this product has done for her.

It seems to be working by TomC03/10/2014

We've been giving our dog these treats for 5 weeks now and it seems to be working.

Joint Treats by arj041399 from Coatesville, PA11/26/2011

I have a 10 year old Rottweiler and she was limping on a daily basis. I have been giving her the joint treats every day and have noticed a big difference, as she does not limp as frequently, especially after laying for long periods of time or after being outside in the cold. I would highly recommend these treats to anyone concerned about arthritis and their dog!

Featured Reviews for SynoviG3 GRANULES for dogs and cats (960 gm) by DVM
Best stuff!! by 4leggedfriend from Portland, OR01/14/2014

This product was suggested by my vet a few years ago for my dog's arthritis. It appears to work really well and doesn't include wheat for allergy sensitive dogs. For a couple years when the brand wasn't making this product, I had to try others but this definitely works the best of those I've tried (staying away from any wheat product). I'm very happy to be able to purchase it once again!

by Robin12/07/2011

I bought this because my mini schnauzer is almost 12 years old, and she still loves to hike the red mountains of Sedona. She was showing signs of aching and slowing down. A friend recommended SynoviG3 and she is as perky as a puppy these days. It only took a week to see results. Thanks for a great product

Easy to administer by choochie from Boston MA10/19/2011

I have a fussy Shepherd who doesn't want to eat the chews but has not problem with this in her food. It dissolves with water in her dry food and then I add the wet food. Works great! She has been on these kind of supplements for years due to her bad hips and I really like this product also because it is cheaper than the chews.

Healthy and dogs love the taste by kathy b03/21/2013

Both of my dogs have benefited from the SynoviG3 granules. They both have beautiful silky coats since starting this product. My itchy-skin aussie dog seems to have gained some relief from it too. Easy to use with just a sprinkle on top of dry food. Both dogs love the flavor, including my fussy chow.

best ever by stardomspringers from Arvin Ca.11/06/2012

I've been giving it to my English Springer Spaniels for about 7 years. Had one get a reaction to a rabies shots in his rear leg muscal and could not walk on his leg.The Vet started him on it and he has been running ever scine, that was 7 years ago he is now 12 and his mother had an injury to her rear leg legamint the vet wanted to do surger but I started her on it she had'ent been able to put weight on her leg for 3 years until I started her on it it took about a month and she was running on it and hasnt limped on it since she is now 141/2years old. Her other daughter is 10 and is still very actvie in the show ring.

Dogs love it ! by Mariah from Wisconsin05/26/2014

I tried joint maxx and the dogs would eat around it. With SynoviG3 they lick this stuff off there food. It's a little pricey but worth !

The Very Best by Carole09/24/2009

I have tried other products, even with the same active ingredients. There is something special about this product. It is the Very Best!

SynoviG3 by luvmypups from NC05/29/2012

SynoviG3 was recommended by our vet...our sheltie collie, Rawley, has hip pain & not a lot of flexiblity. Have used the SynoviG3 in the past, stopped to try a similar product. Rawley has a significant improvement in flexiblity & seems to be in less pain since we've gone back to the SynoviG3. We won't make the mistake of changing again, he shows marked improvement with the SynoviG3.

G3 works great by Andrea04/30/2009

Our dog came to us with a crushed hock, and not a lot of hope for a comfortable life. But Synovi G3 changed all of that-- within two weeks of starting the supplement, she ran more and limped less. That was 7 years ago... still on the product, and she is better than the vet, or we ever expected!

Excellent product by Patrice02/18/2008

I have two German Shepherds, ages 10 and 12. I have had them on this supplement for about 7 years, continuously. I absolutely swear by it. Both dogs are in excellent health, are pain free, get walked daily, are fed twice a day - one scoop of supplement at each feeding - and I also feed them Innova Senior dry food (all human grade products and NO wheat and corn fillers!). I am a believer in this product and will continue to feed it. Understand that no product alone works miracles - they work in combination with feeding high quality food, exercise, etc. Highly recommend.

Outstanding item by Cynthia horne01/25/2008

Outstanding product, for my border collie suffering from arthiritis and early signs of hip dysplasia it has made all the difference.He's bouncing around like a puppy!

by Anna Marie from White, GA08/20/2012

Excellent product and the service and delivery was outstanding

the best by Ron05/01/2010

My 12 yr old Mastiff does much better on Synovi than Joint Max. I hope they start making it again soon.



Amazing stuff by Marisa from Orange County, California06/13/2011

I have used this product for my senior Maltese and there simply is nothing like it! I was devastated when it was taken off the market, and called the company many times and they assured me it would be back on the market.....they stayed true to their word and my pup has never had any signs of pain since I started faithfully giving this to her. I have used the chews, granules and the tablets - they are all simply wonderful!!! :)

Featured Reviews for 3 PACK Glyco Flex III (360 SOFT CHEWS) FREE Joint Treats
Great product by Liz from Englewood Fl05/01/2013

I have two pets with joint problems and after several month on Glyco-Flex I can see them doing much better. I tell all of my friends about it.

Dogs love them! by Jan from Pennsylvania02/10/2012

I have 2 Boxers and the 1 is 9 and having a hard time getting around. I just started her on the Glyco Flex III Soft chews. She LOVES THEM!

Love this product by Glyco Flex from Buffalo, NY06/11/2012

We give Glyco Flex 2x a day to each of our 4 companions. Great stuff :)

Huge hit by Staredit from Carmel, IN04/01/2014

I'd been giving my dogs (Sheba, 13; and Dutch, 18) the regular pills, but I switched to the soft chews when I switched from Glyco Flex I to GF III. The chews were an instant hit, even with Sheba, who is not the most enthusiastic eater. I crumble them up in food to encourage her to eat. Since I got them, I had to have Dutch put down. I'm glad that he enjoyed them for his last month or so.

Love GlycoFlex III by corgimom01/05/2012

I have been using this product for about 2 years. Initially bought it to help our older dog with his arthritis but also used it as preventative for our two young Corgi's. The dogs love it and so do my spouse and I.

by coco's mom from New jersey11/09/2011

My Coco has had joint issues-she limped almost all of the time on her back right leg, the vet took x-rays and saw nothing. She suggested these and they really help! We have been using them for almost 2 months now and she rarely limps anymore (only when she really plays and runs around-she limps a little, but nothing like she used to). Most days she doesn't limp at all! We have only used this for a short time and it has worked so well, I am so pleased with the results! Excellent product and Coco loves the taste!

Bassets for Glyco by releasethe(basset)hounds01/12/2013

I have been giving my hounds Glyco Felx for years. The oldest, Moops, (15 yrs 2 mos) has arthritis in her front left paw. I started giving it to her about 3-4 years ago and she's running and jumping around like a teenager. Sparky (7.5 yrs) has arthritis along his spine. I adopted him 2.5 years ago and started him on it immediately.

really works by baxendale11/30/2012

My dog had knee surgery several years ago...winters are tough on her, but these treats help her run again.

dukeeedog by dan miller from streamwood il06/12/2013

our dog dukee was one year old when we adopted him from a shelter knowing he needed surgery on both hips he had bad displasia we have been giving him the glyco flex lll after his first and second surgery it helped him threw his recovery and now i will continue with the glyco flex lll he is running and playing and is now a happy dog both dukeeedog and i thank you for this product and entirely pets for bringing it to us thanks and have a grrrrreat day

This stuff works by LHAMID from Roseville, CA12/09/2012

My 12 1/2 year old Lab has arthritis in her rear knees (she had cruciate surgery a few years ago) and Glyco Flex III Helps keep her mobile and comfortable. She loves the soft chews. She gets 3 every day.

GlycoFlex is a great product by bsquare from Pennsylvania10/23/2012

We have 3 bullmastiffs and ever since we started to give them the GlycoFlex, they are like puppies again. This is a wonderful product and the price is the best from Entirely Pets.

Great buy by Rottwiler lover from Michigan10/21/2013

My guys love these because they taste like treats. I put them in their food.

great item by angelbear05/30/2012

this is a very good item for your money and my dog loves them, she dosn't know she is eating something good for her.

A great supplement for your arthritic Lab by busymomIN08/09/2012

I have been using these soft chews for about four years and am very impressed with them. They bring a great deal of relief to my 12 year old Chocolate Lab. She has had arthritis and tendon pain since she was very young (5 or 6) and when I started her on these it gave her a much freer gate and a better attitude. She loves the taste (too much as she will steal the bag if it is within reach) so they are easily administered. My 80 lb lab gets two chews a day. I have occasionally tried other supplements for a few weeks, but she gets achy and stiff without these chews. IMHO: These, along with occasional acupuncture and home massage have not just substantially improved the quality of her life, they have actually prolonged it.

Good Product by Mary from Michigan01/04/2012

Vet recommended this product for my dog's arthritis. She's 11 years old and still can get in a good run and walk. She doesn't appear to struggle when getting up like she used to.

Joint Treats by Shalimarmermaid from Minnesota01/02/2014

This product didn't give the results I was hoping for. My dog has been on these daily for 2 months and I haven't seen any real improvement. Maybe it's too cold here to make a difference.

Great product by Jk from TX06/26/2014

My German Shepherd would limp whenever she got up after resting. After completing one 90 tab bottle, she is not limping at all! I just ordered more, and could not be happier with this product!

Great Product by jrvaclavik10/23/2012

Highly recommended to me and I would recommend to others as well...3 Springers that jump a mile high from excitement when I go to the treat bag!

Highly recommended by LV from Michigan, Water, Winter Wonderland!12/11/2011

Glyco Flex III was recommended for our dog, Maggie, by her vet. She has badly deteriorating hip joints and we want to do the best for her we can afford. Glyco Flex III improves her quality of life by keeping her mobile with less pain. We have had the same veterinarian for her entire life, and trust his decisions on medications, food, and supplements. Glyco Flex III is also agreeable with Maggie's sensitive digestive system, which makes it an all around winner.

Wonderful product, wonderful price by Tina from St. Louis Missouri01/08/2013

This is a wonderful product for joints and my dog loves them like treats. Best price I have found.

Glyco supplements by Lynn03/17/2013

This has made a huge difference for my dogs! It is amazing in the difference for my older dog and he has a much better coat and knees are not stiff anymore. I highly recommend it!

My Lab loves them! by Dog Lover12/03/2012

It's been difficult giving my elderly lab all the medication he needs,. These soft chews are a reward in his eyes. It's a win for both of us.

Glyco-Flex by Duffyreview from Plymouth Meeting, PA08/06/2012

Good deal on 3-pack of Glyco-Flex! Dog really liked the treats included with the order. Order shipped and received quickly.

My dog eats it by JD03/27/2014

I have tried all of the glucosamine products and this is the only one my dog will eat as a stand-alone treat. As for performance, well, my dog barks a little but otherwise doesn't say much. Seems to work as well as any of the others (my dog has some pretty bad wheels). So, bottom line, this is the only glucosamine product I will buy from now on. I bought the 3-pack and it came with a bunch of free stuff, so I would definitely recommend EntirelyPets.

Good deal by Cheryl from Brighton, MI02/02/2013

This product recommended by our vet for our old, arthritic dog. For only $11 more than our vet charged, we got two more bags of Glyco Flex III plus bonus vitamins and treats. Will reorder from you when he needs more.

by from 01/23/2013

My English sheperd Isa gets one of these per day......as does my sister's Bassador (part lab part bassett!!) - Joey.

joint by issues...Joey from becauseThey


by Terri02/12/2014

My dog LOVES these! I'm not totally sure if they help with his arthritis or not, but he goes nuts over them. The price here is way less than we were paying at Costco. Love the free shipping too!

Best Value by Tiarra from Rhode Island04/17/2012

I have been purchasing Glyco-Flex III from you for many years. Not only do you have the lowest price I could find for this product but I love the FREE shipping!!!

by Linda from ILLINOIS08/18/2012


Great product by ChloeK02/13/2014

This really helps my golden retriever's joints and she think they are a sweet treat.

Glyco Flex lll and treats by Bigred from KANSAS05/06/2012

This is a wonderful product that I originally purchased from my Vet but very expensive. I have two toy poodles and one loves the regular product and the other like the treates. There legs have improved 100% since using product. I went on line and found your company and very happy with product and service Thank you again

Glycofelx III Best Prices I've found by Lolly from Lafayette La.02/18/2013

Great prices....bought three bags to make sure i always have on hand. Will be ordering again. special glycofex treats included in order.

Joint Maintenance by dee burk from Salem, AR01/15/2014

Our vet put out lab on Glycoflex III after having a TTA on his knee. I have shopped around on prices for the past 2 years and EntirelyPets is the best price all around. I definitely recommend this site for purchasing this product

by Julie07/11/2012

My three dogs love the Glyco Flex III Chews. The chews have helped keep their joints sound.

Works Well by Becky from Tallahassee, FL01/19/2014

The soft chews seem to work well for the dogs that will eat them. The reason for four stars as opposed to five is that not all of the dogs that need them will eat them. Buying three packages at a time saves substantial money.

Great deal on a great product by Mic Monty from Auburn, NY10/26/2011

This is the best price I have found or this product. Oscar has responded very well to it since I started treating him for his hip displasia about a year ago. I will be buying it here from now on.

discription incomplete by hookery boo08/22/2012

Does not state anywhere that these are ALL bitesize.....They do not sell ANY reg size softchews per their customer svc rep....was rude and told me I was lying...read the discription for yourselves and decide.

Very happy with my purchase! by Carol from Massachusetts01/09/2012

Our dog goes crazy for the Glycoflex 3 chews. Also she likes the Joint Treats too, and appears to be going up and down stairs easier now after having started the treats about 2 weeks ago. We really appreciate that the Joint Treats were free - thank you!

by pocketcollie from Arlington, WA04/24/2012

these were recommended by a friend with geriatric pooches. seem to be doing the trick and dogs eat them up. delivered promptly

GREAT PRODUCT by linda from newnan,ga03/03/2014

I have two big dogs,both will dance for the treat.we have seen great results with them in moving and playing and not just laying around.

Helped My Great Dane Immensely by Balto from Baltimore, MD03/08/2010

One of our Great Danes started showing signs of hind end weakness at a young age; he tested negative for Wobbler"s (thank goodness), but we put him on Glycoflex in addition to strength and coordination exercises. He has improved exponentially, and it's great to see him be able to run and play like the happy 3-year-old he is.

Great product by chuckb from Madison, WI05/29/2012

I have a 12 year old chocolate lab and the Glyco works great. Within a couple of days I saw her getting around better.

Great Price, Great Product by MisterD from New Jersey10/27/2011

I have a 5 year old 115lb female German Shepherd with Hip dysplasia. Since the Vet started her on this product, I have seen a marked improvement in her activity. It's well worth the investment!

Good product, great service by Lucky Dog08/16/2013

These were recommended by our vet after knee surgery. Our dog loves them, and Entirely Pets has great prices, fast delivery, and always throws in a bonus bucket of another brand. Very happy customer.

Older needs by Sammie2 from Chicago, Il.11/07/2012

My guys 7and 9 get them every morning and love them.

Great Deal! by MisterD from New Jersey04/18/2013

My Vet recommended Glyco Flex III a few years ago for my 115lb female German Shepherd with hip problems. It seems to work to alleviate her discomfort and make her more active. Combined with a new holistic dog food we just started her on, her activity has improved significantly! My only issue is the packaging of both the Glyco Flex and the Joint treats, it does not keep the product fresh and we have to move it to an airtight container!

Great service and prices by Maya from Charlotte, NC04/01/2012

Best price in town - quick ship ! Great product.

Great price! by charlie08/13/2013

This works really well for my dog's arthritis. He does not limp as bad. The price is a lot better than buying it at the vets.

Best Value by Pjpegher from Pgh,Pa.11/25/2013

I searched several sites for the best value and entirelypets.com beat them all! Glycoflex 111 and rest has helped keep my Lab from needing surgery for her torn acl.

Glyco Flex III by eratomj from Chalmette, La.11/13/2013

Glyco Flex III does help my older dogs with their arthritis. It has glucosamine in it which is the same as I take for my arthritis.

Great product! by kepi from Grand Rapids, MI10/23/2012

If your dog has joint problems, this is the solution for you. I can't believe what a difference in my dog when she is taking the joint chews. She can get up and down so much easier. The free treats are a good option, but my dog won't touch them. For a dog that will eat anything, it is certainly a suprise!

by from 08/28/2013

We began using this for our Labrador at age 1.5 years because she had a knee replacement. Our homeopathic Vet recommended this product, so we have now been on it for 4 years plus with NO side effects. Our labrador "Kona" ended up with another knee replacement 1 year later, and we believe this product has helped rebuild any tissue, joint and capsule damage from the injuries and surgery. She can run like the wind, but I try to limit her because I am afraid of reinjuring the knee's. She takes one with her food morning and night. Sometimes we crumble it into her bowl and other times we drop it on the floor and she gladly eats it with pleasure.

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by from 12/24/2012

First, our dog Cookie, a 13 year old lean 115lb Rottweiler/German Shepard mix eagerly eats the Glyco Flex III Soft Chews. She's finicky so it is important that whatever supplement we give she readily eats. Second, and most important within a week the improvement in her intense limping was noticeable. Along with the Glyco Flex EntirelyPets included a carton of FREE Joint Treats and we have crumbled those up into her dog food as well so this review actually reflects changes in Cookie after administering BOTH these supplements simultaneously. We continue to purchase and feed her both supplements since whatever is in them WORKS! After nearly 4 weeks Cookie will occasionally even prance about in play mode and she now rarely moans randomly through the day and sleeps through the night peacefully for the first time in months.

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Glyco flexIII by Cat from Los Angeles12/28/2011

Excellent product. I received my order quickly and I recommend Entirely Pets.

Joint Supplement for Senior Golden Reteiver by Phil1336 from Key West, FL03/27/2013

Like I previously Posted, we have been giving our Senior Golden Retrievers these (chews) and/or the Dasuquin with MSM Chews (Large Breed) for years. Can`t attest to how effective either have been but if nothing else, the Dogs seem to enjoy a rather expensive tasty treat.

Most affordable by GrammaB from Washington state04/17/2013

These are what the vet recommended for my aged pug. This is the most affordable I have found. Fast shipping too.

Best price for a great product by Dogmom from Denver02/03/2012

Our vet introduced us to Glyco Flex III and the 30 day supply was nearly $1 a dose. When I found out I could by it without a prescription, I started searching. EntirelyPets offered the best price and I was able to buy nearly a year's supply. The order was processed within a few hours and when it arrived it was well packed. The purchase included several samples of other related products to try. I wish I had heard of EntirelyPets when we had three elderly dogs living with us at the time. We're down to one senior but with the help of Glyco Flex III she is doing great and moving like a youngster. A great product at a great price!

great supplement for an older cat by Kate from Arlington, Virginia01/21/2013

My 10 year old cat stopped jumping and moving freely- once she started this supplement it is like she is a kitten again! Very very effective at relieving joint pain. I get the dog ones and just give her half a bone twice a day.

Good product by Scott01/24/2013

Lexie (9 yrs old) has arthritis in her lower back. Glyco Flex III has her acting like a puppy again.

Highly recommended by Rivendelian12/27/2012

My dog's veterinarian recommended this product as a supplement in treating her arthritis symptoms. The dog thinks it's the best treat ever and reminds me when it is time for her joint treat. The foil pouch keeps the product fresh as long as the treats last.

by Maggie01/09/2012

Maggie is almost 12 years old and her limping is much less noticeable.

Works like a charm! by Tricia08/17/2012

Love the product. Love the price. Love the service!

Good Product by LL12/17/2012

The Glyco Flex works great for our Newfoundlands... All 4 are on !

Glyco Flex III by SD from Illinois07/23/2012

Dog likes them a lot! I hoping to see even more improvement soon (only been 3 weeks) , but overall my elderly dog is doing better. The "treats" in the ziplock style bag are drying out though. Perhaps better to have in plastic jar with screw on lid.

Great Product by Jan from Darlington, Pa05/30/2012

Really Helps my 10 year old box. Great improvement with him getting up and down and walking around.

by from 04/28/2010

My old man rescue Beagle was an abandoned hunting dog. Both knees and hips were complete messes. At vet recommendation we stepped him up to Stage 3 before his cruciate ligament surgery on the worst knee, and it definitely improved his recovery time. In addition, his hips started showing improvement. The creaking, popping and stiffness just started going away.

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love this by stephbny1 from tyler, tx02/07/2014

my chocolate lab has had to take this for 7 years due to double knee surgery. i have a tough time affording this as i have several rescue animals, but it's a MUST have for her and since all of my other dogs are large breed, i buy this bulk pack and give to them as well. thank you for this amazing deal:)

product works by fred05/31/2012

seems to help bad hips . She gets stiff after playing with the other boxer .

Keeps the old dogs going! by lavachickie from Salem, OR03/20/2013

We gives these treats to our two oldest dogs as directed (the young whipper snapper gets one as a treat now and then). The levels of goodness in them are as high or higher than some of the solutions my vet sells, at a better price and the dogs love them. A great product as far as I'm concerned.

Amazing Product at a Fantastic Price by cyclechick from Sacramento, CA05/03/2012

My dogs have taken this supplement for a couple years and love it, it's more like a treat. I ran out of the chews for a couple weeks, and my arthritic dog was struggling to get out of bed and was limping badly. After a couple days back on Glyco Flex III, he was much better. The price at Entirely Pets is extremely competitive, and the shipment arrived when promised.

As Good As It Gets by Jack's Friend from Oregon11/01/2012

Anyone with a breed that has arthritis or hip/ankle issues in their future knows they owe it to their four-legged friend to do something to stem the tide. While the scientific effectiveness of glucosamine is debated, those of us who have watched the transformation in our pets believe in it. Whether you believe or not, you owe it to your pet to do something. Glucosamine is the best bet - so the only question is how you give it to your pet. Glyco Flex III is something our dog loves and looks forward to every day, twice a day - and EntirelyPets has the right package for the right price. Look no further.

Glyco Flex III by Marie from Oslo,Norway07/05/2012

So far my GSD, Fred, is on his 4th week, fingers crossed, looking for a positive response.

Great Product by orion1038001/04/2012

Great product. Dogs love them. Great deal. Have been using for several years now on all 4 dogs.

Love this product! by Cin12/19/2012

Our Golden Retriever is almost 13 yrs. old & has severe arthritis in his hips & hind legs. Glyco Flex has allowed him to stay mobile and he loves the taste! It has helped him immensely! Highly recommend this product!

Maximus by Maximus from Elizabeth, Colorado01/27/2013

Our veterinarian recommended Glycoflex for both our senior male German Shepherd due to arthrits and our female German Shepherd due to mild hip dysplasia. This product works great, and both of our dogs think it's a treat. They just gobble it and get so excited about getting their dose everyday. Initially, we purchased the product from our veterinarian, but it was so expensive. So, I started looking online for alternatives. Entirely Pets had the best prices anywhere. Now, the product is so much more affordable.

it won't disappoint by logan's dad from new london,ct.12/22/2013

My german shepard was born with leg issue's and i needed to find something to help him. He's a wonderful boy, a real joy to be around. Glyco-flex 111 has made his life so much more enjoyable. So glad i found this product,

by from 10/30/2012

When God sent me my dog, Angel, I was taken by surprise. I had her Vet checked and got a clean bill of health. Vet guessed her to be about 9 months old and probably Border Collie (body build and markings) with some Labrador (big feet) thrown in. I thought we were all set.

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Better Than Cosequin by Linda03/15/2012

My black lab, Sara, has had knee surgery on both back legs and was having a little trouble getting up and limping after walks or running. The Glyco Felx III works great and she is no longer limping and has no touble rising quickly. I tried Cosequin for awhile but I did not notice any improvement while using it so I switched back to Glyco Flex III. I have to say that of the 4 different flavors you have sent, Sara likes the current smoked flavor best. She didn't like the liver flavor at all and it was a challenge to hide them in her regular food. Please don't send liver ever again. Thanks

Vital Supplement Hidden As Delicious Snack by Missy from Lafayette In06/05/2013

I have been using this product for 4 years. It was recommended by my vet. 4 years ago my vet told me that my w 4 year old wolf/german shepherd, Maxx, had THE worst hips she had ever seen. We have done everything short of hip replacement for him. Welactin oil on his food everyday and glycoflex chews are a BIG part of why he is still around today!!

My boxer loves these by AGS from Los Angeles, CA11/12/2012

have given my 10 year old a new lease on life. he has more energy than ever before. his limp (from an accident at an early age) has dissipated. this is a great product.

they work by chippiem from Ivoryton, CT08/09/2013

I started two of our girls on these, and within a couple of weeks I could tell that they were getting around better. Both have not-so-great hips, but the MSM and glucosamine seem to be working for them.

Product works Great! by Bmorris248 from Hagerstown, MD08/17/2013

My vet recommended this product about 8 yrs ago when my dog Max had TPLO surgery. It has greatly helped Max with his mobility. I have 3 of my dogs on it.

by from 10/23/2012

Helped my pet walk without pain

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Best Glucosamine Treat by toys from TN01/07/2014

My older dogs need Glucosamine daily, but don't always like taking supplements. However, these are perfect, the best treat we have found. All of my animals love it, and all of those I have recommended it to as well.

Superior Service by tri-pod02/23/2012

Purchase made and delivered to my door, with no shipping cost, in two days!

Great Product by hyatt304 from Mount Holly, NC11/15/2011

My dog has knee problems and I have tried everything. This product has given her great results and I will continue to use.

Yum! by Ang50 from Wa10/25/2012

Our dog loves these and they are helping with her mobility.

Glyco Flex III by cjw5805/29/2013

Great product that I use for all 4 of my dogs. I see a big difference if I don't give it. They love getting this treat too!

Glyco Flex Chews by cj from Illinois01/25/2012

This product is great for older pets or pets that have had any joint surgeries. My vet recommended it for my yellow lab and I noticed a difference right away. Now I have all 3 of my older dogs on it! AND Entirely Pets sells it for almost half the price as my vet.

Great Price and Service by GLJ12/11/2011

Thanks for your great price and quick delivery of the Glyco Flex III Soft Chews...and extra treats! My large 12 year old dog likes these treats and I think they help keep her mobile.

Great Product- Highly recommended! by Tracey02/22/2011

I had a lab mix who at age 3 blew a knee just to injure the other knee shortly after. The doctor prescribed medication which required continuous blood work to watch possible liver/kidney damage. Another holistic vet recommended GlycoFlex 3...WOW what a difference in his knees & hips! No more clicking sounds and his activity level increased. Better yet, no more trips for blood work and no more worry about long term side effects! I have recommended this product to several pet parents who have also seen positive results.

14 year old really spry! by KS in AZ from Tucson, AZ10/27/2012

My 14 year old beagle runs around like a pup. I can't help thinking that the Glyco Flex III chews he has been getting for the last several years have helped with that!

Excellent product, price and service!!! by Cali Girl from George West, Texas11/07/2011

I have an animal rescue and currently have 43 dogs of which 6 are on Glyco Flex III. This product was prescribed by my vet for my arthritic dogs and I have seen great results!! The only problem was, it was costing me $51 for a 120 count bag at my vet. I found the same product at your company and was able to purchase 3 bags for only $87.99 which is a huge savings for me. Even the shipping was fast and free. I highly recommed this product

This is a lifesaver! by DivaDi from Central Utah02/07/2013

I've been giving this 2x daily to my akita since she began having problems with her knee about 5 years ago. After having surgery on one knee the vet said she would likely need surgery on the other knee within 6 months. He recommended some joint medication, and we found the Glyco Flex III chews are the best option. They're easy to dispense, and she loves them. She thinks they're a 'special' treat and its the first thing she eats from her breakfast & dinner bowl. AND, most importantly, she is very active and has never had any more problems with either knee. Entirely Pets also has the best price and quick shipping. I highly recommend this product and Entirely Pets!

Amazing product! by Big Terriers from Bend, Oregon11/08/2012

We have been using this supplement for apx.7 years. My dog is in amazing health and still going strong at 9. I truly believe he would not be without this wonderful product! Highly recommended for all big bone dogs and working dogs.

Recommended by my vet by Golden Friend02/19/2013

My two older Goldens have taken these for a few years and they love them! They are the only ones my vet recommends and she is a certified hip and joint specialist.

Great Product by Doska from Lothian, MD07/18/2013

My German Shepherd was diagnosed with arthritis in the hip. The vet recommended Glyco Flex III. She has been on it about 8 months and I running and jumping like she did as a young dog.

works great fo my older dog by ted from mckinney tx02/03/2013

would reccommend it to anyone who has a dog with joint pain or hard to get up and around



Very Quick Processing by Vic04/05/2014

We were restocking this item & have previously purchased it. The product always arrives very quickly! Will be purchasing it again, thank you so much for the prompt service!

glycoflex III by stephbny1@aol.com from tyler, tx01/22/2014

great service, fast delivery, best prices around. thank you for everything!! my dog has had double knee surgery and has to have this for the rest of her life. i am on a tight budget with 10 animals and its really hard for me to afford to keep her on this regimen. without you guys, i wouldnt be able to afford to keep giving her this!! keep up the wonderful service you provide to pet owners!! love you guys!!!

Dogs Love it by awolphyone from Streamwood, IL03/28/2014

Dogs love the taste and I can see a difference in their stiffness/soreness.

good supplement by kiran from antioch, tn10/28/2011

dogs enjoy it and good for their joints.

Great Product by Baxley from Powell, Ohio02/23/2011

I have a 7 year old mutt that had knee surgery 2 years ago (Ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament). During the winter months she because stiff and lethargic. After giving her these "treats" at the recommended dosage, she is back to her old self - running, jumping, and generally happier. I highly recommend this product for any owner that has has a dog that has joint issues.

Product Worth 101% by Veera & Shaggy from Singapore05/18/2014

Few months ago, my Maltese pet dog Shaggy, was diagnosed with arthritis and he could hardly utilize both his rear legs whereby walking a few steps was very painful and to see him in that state, it was very devastating until I checked out this product and in no time, he's finally walking, running and jumping but not as good as before his diagnosis but this product sure did helped, helps him a lot. A very Happy Customer I AM and of course, my Shaggy, indeed! oh yes, he loves it as much as his treats...Cheers

Best recommendation by Marie from Oslo,Norway12/12/2012

Works well with my GSD who has hips dysplasia. He is doing great and no longer limps.

MSM a must by Va08/18/2014

My dogs have been taking these for several years for back/hips. The MSM makes a huge difference over other products.

Can't hurt..... by Brandi's mom from Plattsburg, Mo.01/15/2014

My son introduced me to Glyco-Flex III, he's been giving it to his elderly boxer, Dempsey who has a bad hip, for a number of years in hopes of preventing further hip deterioration, so far it's worked well for him, he's 10 and is still very active. I adopted a "rescue" German Shepherd two years ago who was 4 and by x-Ray already had early hip dysplasia. I started her on Glyco-Flex III immediately, she's now 6 and so far has no signs of disability. Here's hoping that the Glyco-Flex works as well for her as it has for my grand-dog, Demps. Both dogs consider their Glyco-Flex a treat, love the flavor. It may not cure them but it sure can't hurt!

Great deal and great product!!! by angierosete from kansas city, mo07/19/2012

My pit bull has hip dysplasia and he can't go without these, it really helps!

a big help to my dogs by moopark from Detroit, MI02/06/2012

Ever since my dogs have been on the Glyco Flex III, their lives have definitely improved. Decreased joint pain = increased activity.

Great Product by Tiamaria from Kelowna, BC, Canada02/07/2013

Our 4 yr old retreiver had surgery last year for a torn acl. The vet recommended the glycoflex as an ongoing supplement to her diet. It has made all the difference in her flexibility and with the great prices at Entirely Pets an affordable one.

Glyco-Flex III Soft-Chews by mwarford06/01/2012

The Glyco-Flex III Soft Chews have revitalized my German Shepherd! I adopted her in 2007 and the vet believed her to be anywhere from 1 1/2 - 2 years of age at that time. She has arthritis setting in due to her age as well as cancer. (Had a growth removed almost 2 years ago, but it has since regrown in a different location). Glyco-Flex III Soft Chews has made my German Shepherd more agile, flexible, and 'frisky'. She still has her bad days, when it is humid/rainy, but nothing compared to the everyday pain she was dealing with. Also, I could not beat the price! Initially, I purchased one bag of Glyco-Flex II (120 count) from my vet for almost as much as I paid for the three bags of Glyco-Flex III with free soft chews!!! Now I obtain a prescription from my vet's office and send it in to Entirely Pets for a huge savings! I would definitely recommend this product as it is the cheapest anywhere on the 'net and it does wonders for a senior large-breed dog! Thank you so much, Entirely Pets.

Essential for our dog by Allie's Mom03/08/2012

Our Yellow Lab has a bad knee which will eventually require surgery. We've been using this product for 9 months and it makes all the difference in the world. I was out of town for a week and my husband forgot to give it to her -- by the time I got home, I thought we'd have to have surgery within the month, but started giving her the normal dose regularly and within 2 weeks she was almost limp free again.

Glyco Flex III (360 soft chews) joint treats by LC from Monroe,, WA06/18/2012

Our poor dog had started limping, being listless during the day, not wanting to play, or go for walks. This was not the dog we have grown to love. We took him in to our vet and found out that he, like many of his breed was suffering from hip dysplasia, and some arthritis. He is only 6 years old, and has always been very active. We got him started on a bunch of joint supplements, and he is back to his old self. He will be a little sore if he over does it, but by the next day, he is ready to go again.

Amazing product by Beckysue10/23/2012

I have a 12 year old black lab mix with progressive arthritis. She would limp while walking around the house, and had tremendous difficulty walking up and down three flights of stairs. She would literally grunt at each step. After a few weeks of taking the glyco flex III, she stopped limping and is able to manage walking up and down the stairs without pain. The joint treats is an added benefit. Helped my baby get back on her feet again. Will continue to keep her on it forever.

Great buy! by sta91 from South Portland, Maine09/14/2013

This product is helpful for my old dog's joints, he loves the taste, and it was a great savings over getting at the vet's office...and I got a great joint treat free!...that my dogs also love :)

Glycoflex III by Ulla Pietarinen from Swedwn Ludvika08/31/2014

My young dog & old dog are both jumping around after they both started out with Glycoflex III. The price is great compared with the price in Sweden. :)

Best Purchase Ever by Dee11/26/2011

Bailey is a 9 year old Lab/Retriever mix who has arthritis. GlycoflexIII has made his mobility much better! Shortly after giving this "treat" to him he is up and running and playing again!

Awesome product by ChristineCP from Pittsburgh, PA10/23/2013

I have used Glycoflex for many years and with several dogs. I can honestly say that I saw HUGE improvements in their movement and overall comfort. I have recommended this product to a few of my friends already. It really does work!

Glyco flex by RSPARRO from SC12/30/2013

My dogs love the taste...I have a 13 y.o. dog whose rear legs are a bit wobbly...I hope to forestall what may come.



Love it! by aussies dogs from Milton, FL08/30/2014

Best thing I have ever done for my dogs!

3 Pack Glyco Flex III (360 Soft Chews) by Cindi06/13/2014

Representatives are knowledgeable and very courteous. We have used the Glyco Flex III product for many years. Entirely Pets pricing, discounts & shipping have remained competitive and reliable. Fast shipping.

It Truly Works! by Dozer from Livonia, MI12/07/2013

We have been giving Glyco Flex III to our dogs for years. We have Rottweilers. Thor joined our family at 8 weeks old and he has grown by leaps and bounds. We should have called him "Clifford" the big black dog. He developed "growing pains" he was growing so fast. Glyco Flex III to the rescue! Thor is 10 months old (Dec 2013), and he is very active to say the least. Gylco Flex III has helped him so much. We walk him everyday, and he plays hard. Thor is Happy and No more discomfort.

Great product! by Jen from Atlanta, GA04/29/2013

My dog loves these, he thinks that he is getting a treat! After two weeks or so of giving these to him, I noticed that he seemed to be more active and comfortable. He has been diagnosed with arthritis in his hips and hind legs, so he has good days and bad - but these seem to really make a difference for him!

Impressed with Entirely Pets by Bee from San Jose, CA05/15/2014

Fast service, great price, highly recommend this company and Glyco Flex product.

Glyco-Flex by Kathy from Dearborn Heights, MI04/11/2014

Our vet recommended this product for our Golden Retriever. She has had hip-dysplasia since she was a pup and this product has helped her to maintain her joint flexibility for several years. Purchasing this product from the vet proved to be very expensive but finding it available from Entirely Pets make it much more affordable, especially now that we are retired on a fixed income.

Makes two Great Danes act like puppies by Jeremy from Jacksonville, NC01/24/2013

I'll be brief. We were suggested this product three years ago by our vet because of Danes susceptibility to joint problems. We give each three a day and their energy and vitality shows. A must for any dog that has or may develop joint issues.

One of the Greatest Products on the Market by pet mommy from Monroe, UT05/04/2010

Have had my 7-year old Akita on this since her TPLO surgery to repair a deteriorating ACL. The vet warned that that her other leg would probably require the same surgery within 6 months. It's now been about 3 years since the surgery, and she shows no sign of ever having had the surgery or any other problems with her knees or hips. She runs and plays just like a puppy! This product is one of the best products on the market as you see the amazing results. Well worth it for my furry family. EntirelyPets.com also has the best price around.

The Freshest Purchase Ever by Kp10/25/2012

This was a very fresh batch this time. I've been ordering for 4 years and the 1st bag opened, so far, was super fresh. They often appear to look a little dry. I prefer them to always be this fresh! Thanks!

Glyco Flex eases movement by tulbox02/22/2013

Good product. Our Husky uses it and he moves so much better. Can navigate stairs and chases our other dogs around the yard. He used to have trouble getting up off the floor, now is quick and not hesitant to take on the staircase.

Been using these about 3 weeks by Zena3546 from Burleson, tx06/29/2012

So far so good. my dog likes the taste of them..and shes picky

by from 05/29/2013

Great Price! by Gordy8005/05/2012

Great price for a great product - fan of this product for years!

Great Product! by Airedale6 from Canada03/27/2012

We have used Glyco-FlexIII for years with our senior dogs to help relieve the ravages of arthritis. We decided to put the current older girl on the treats as an alternative to the pill form of this product. She loves the treats! No problem adding these to her meal or feeding them separately. The treats contain the same ingredients as the pill form of this product. After only a couple of weeks of enjoying this supplement, my 11 year old girl is dancing around like a pup! We are very happy with the product and, clearly, so is our elderly Airedale!

Great Product Great Service Great Prices! by odj102511/20/2012

The title speaks for its self. I searched several other sites and the prices were unbeatable. i tried them out and purchased some items and have kept on ordering from them. Great Job!

Dogs love glyco flex by fastrunner5712/12/2011

Good price, good service and the labs love glyco flex.

by from 03/03/2012

Started giving our Westie these chews on the advice of our vet. The dog absolutely loves the flavor, and it seems to be helping with his hip displasia.

SUCH by a from goodThe


This really works!! by duke06/26/2012

I have had my 13yr old Lab on this for 3 years. My Lab is a BALL dog. When he was younger he would throw the ball down the stairs for himself if we refused to play with him or were not home. I always thought that all the swimming he did would help reduce arthritis as we live on the water. But the stairs really did a number on his joints. He got so arthritic he was even having accidents while lying down in the house sometimes because he couldn't get up in time to go potty outside. I am Happy to say that we saw results in the first 3wks of giving him GlycoFlexIII you have to do as the pkg says and for the first 4-6wks give a higher dose then the maintenance. I have run out of it before and really noticed I know order at least a 3mnth supply. I have also referred this to 3 friends and they have seen the same results. I also have a 3 yr old Lab that I have started on the stage 1 even though he seems to be in perfect health. I believe this will help to prevent arthritis. Please do this for your pet!! :)

Best product and service by eva from Madras Oregon12/13/2011

The product we ordered was just what we wanted and delivered in a quick amount of time.

Wonderful product by Maggie11/20/2011

This product was recommended by a veterinarian in Vermont while we were on a family vacation, which included our dog, Baylee. While strolling along the lakefront where there were a lot of rocks, she sustained a knee injury. A local vet treated her and she recommended this product to maintain a healthy lubrication for her joints. We have been giving this product to Baylee for the past three years and now that she's 10 years old, she still runs and jumps, displaying no problems with her joints. I highly recommend this product to maintain the proper lubrication for your dog's joints.

Great! by Lori03/30/2012

Great chews that work for my Rotti and Boxer combined with great customer service and fast S&H from Entirely Pets! A+++

joint help by sue from port charlotte , florida04/25/2013

i was so happy to find this product at your site , we bought our first bag from our vet , and it is very expensive there , we have 4 dogs and your same identical product was about $20 per bag cheaper than at the vet office , we are very happy , thank you !! the dogs love it too : )

by Jake from Pulaski, Va.03/31/2013

This product has really helped my older dog that has arthiritis. He gets around a lot better.

BEST for Dogs with Hip and Joint Problems by AW06/05/2013

Glycoflex III has supported my dog's joints in spite of her severe hip dysplasia. She is unable to take NASAIDS because of her liver and GlycoFlex III has helped her mobility tremendously!

worth every penny by Dane Mom from Nevada08/14/2012

My Great Dane has severe knee joint issues which can cause enough pain and weakness to completely disable him. Since putting him on Glyco Flex III a year ago, all of his symptoms have become complely manageable, and the change was almost immediate. Within two weeks he was again able to move without pain, sit, lay down, and even play with the other animals. This product has given my boy a new lease on life, and I highly reccommend it!

seems to work by kit1308 from tucson, az03/17/2012

These keep our elderly beagle pretty mobile and apparently pain free.

Tastes good by Reblarry from weston, fl01/09/2013

Its seems to help the joints in older dogs. Its their morning treat

Vet recomended by Pennyd03/15/2013

Recomended by Vet to give dogs a joint med that had Cosamin in it did not give me a brand name I picked this brand

Glyco Flex III by MicMonty from Auburn New York01/15/2013

Great value for this amazing product. Oscar is back to is old playful self now that he is on this product. His hip dysplasia doesn't seem to bother him anymore.

Great Product by Jason03/28/2013

We have a 7 year old chocolate lab who is having the hip problems. She can't run much or get too active without some noticeable pain and discomfort. We give her two of these per day, one early in the day and one later. She loves them, and we can tell that she feels better and it helps the pain. We try and make sure that she does not over due it when she is on them because they make her feel better but then she can potentially pay for it later. We just have to be careful because she feels good, almost too good.

Great product by Bailey01/08/2013

I have been ordering Glyco Flex III for my 3 senior dogs, all over 13 years old. This product was recommended for our active dogs by our Veterinarian, because they all have arthritis and ACL surgeries. Entirely pets sells the product for much cheaper than the Veterinary or local pet stores.

Great Product by MDG6103/19/2014

We have used these for years. The dogs love them and they seem to work very well.

by EER03/05/2012

I highly receommend Glyco Flex and my dogs love it too!

A Good Choice by Dog Mom11/12/2012

My 11 1/2 yr. old Lab, a picky pill-taker, eats these with no problem. I have noticed some improvment in her gait, and she seems to be more comfortable. My 16 yr. old beagle also takes these to help maintain his vigor.

Lazarus!! by Judyt from Georgetown, Texas04/29/2014

My rottie was almost completely lame in his hindquarters and our local vet suggested a Glyco supplement. I saw the ad for Glyco Flex III and started giving it to him 4-5 months ago. I selected this product for the ease in which he takes it and the reviews I saw for it. He is bouncing around like a puppy again!! Thanks Glyco Flex III !!!

very good product by cc from murfreesboro, tennessee06/25/2013

my older lab/shepherd mix has problems with hips and joints, esp. when it rains or is cold. I have been giving her 3 of these AM and PM and she seems to have better mobility and is perkier. I am hoping this will continue as I cut down her dose (as suggested by the directions on the packet). If not, I'll go back up to 6 a day total.

by picabonewf06/06/2013

Love these :) Good price and so easy to give

Dogs love 'em by pj from Baltimore03/18/2014

I can't say for sure that they're helping, but my vet seems to think they're good for the dogs. And my dogs seem happy to be eating them.

glyco flex works by Peony12/28/2012

Our dog was to the vets multiple times and was given prescriptions. That was temporary relief. We tried Glyco Flex and he started to show improvement after 2 weeks. After using Glyco Flex for 3 months, he is running and jumping like a pup. Thanks!

Save Big by David P from Tarrytown,NY02/24/2012

Paid $60 to the vet for 1 bag of Glyco Flex III. Got three bags and a bonus for $87 here! Graet deal!!

Glyco Flex for all ages by Snow Dog06/28/2013

Even my fussiest dog will readily eat these tasty "bonettes". Given as instructed you will see an improvement in your dog's joints. Good for aging pets, those who have present or previous joint injuries resulting in arthritis.

Best Price by Tony from El Cerrito, California01/25/2013

My 11 year old male dog named Deuce has stopped shaking in his back legs. When the vet sold me the product he charged $45 for one bag. I knew I couldn't buy more after the $2000 I spent to see what was wrong with my buddy. When I found that I could get a 3 pack for less than the price of 2 packs from the vet it was so great.

Only the Best for the Best by Cody Man06/06/2012

These supplements are wonderful. My vet. tech. sister had me start my little man on them because he has poor conformation in his hind legs, so these will help to prevent future joint problems. He is extremely picky & doesn't like most treats out there, but gobbles these right up. EntirelyPets has the best prices out there too.

Excellent product by Debbie10/23/2012

Really works. I've tried other products, but this is the best.

Glyco Flex III for Dogs by cjlotsofdogs from Illinois and Wisconsin07/25/2012

Good product for aging dogs or dogs that have had surgeries.

Invaluable for Joint Care by boomer from Napanee, Ontario, Canada09/25/2013

This is my third repeat of this product. I have a 8 year old Border Collie, who has undergone Knee surgery and this product has helped to bring his mobility and agility. As with all Glucosamine products, it does take time to see the effects, but certainly worth the wait. Great Product at a Great Price. Thank You Entirely Pets!

Doggy arthritis by Nanook of the South11/17/2012

My vet put my chocolate lab on this form of glucosamine after her knee surgeries and said she should take for the rest of her life (she was only two). Now, she can't wait for her chewable "pill" every morning!

Great item by zena3546 from texas07/13/2012

I bought these because they came recommended and had a high amount of ingredients i was looking for. I have a pit bull diagnosed with spondylosis and she has to have something to help her. she loves these and she jumps around like a puppy..and she aint no puppy. LOL shes 6 yrs old and is doing very well. Very pleased with this product. been using it now for about a month to two months.

Best buy by april from langley04/23/2014

my dog was showing some discomfort when we were going out for walks, after I put her on glyco flex III. She started to run around like a puppy again and can keep up with the cattledog puppy.

Great Price! by Bubba from Hicksville, TN04/02/2012

I get THREE packs for only slightly more than our vet charges for one pack.

Can't beat the price! by Marcy from Kalamazoo, MI10/30/2012

We originally got this product from our Vet and it was triple the cost compared to getting it from EntirelyPets. What a deal!

Glycoflex III by Friend O'mine from Kentucky02/18/2014

I have given these to my 9 yr old golden since he had surgery on both hind legs. The Glycoflex III was specifically recommended by his surgeon and certified rehab vet because of the hyaluronic acid that it contains. They referenced research that has proven this specific ingredient to be beneficial. I am sorry I cannot remember the sources of referenced research. It has been 3 years since my dog's surgeries, and he is doing well. Apparently these are to his taste liking because he acts like they are treats. He has been known to spit out other supplements if given the option. We are a fan of Glycoflex III.

Excellent Product by Sharon from Lothian, MD07/05/2013

My dog has arthritis in her hip. My veterinarian suggested that we give her Glycol Flex III everyday. I have been doing that and she is running around like she is a young pup. The whole purchase experience was great. Product was delivered on schedule and the website was easy to navigate.

Best product and price by ND from SC11/25/2012

This is the best price I've found, anywhere. Fast shipping, too. Very satisfied. Product works great for my three leg lab and my 11 year old, too. Highly recommend. I've tried others. This is the best.

Up and walking again!!! by Cat from Hollywood Park, TX04/29/2013

My Big Bear just stopped walking one day, he was in so much pain. I took him to see Dr. Wooley at Family Pet Hospital and in addition to his laser therapy and pain medication he started him on Glyco Flex III. Big Bear takes it everyday now and after 3 months he's still gimps a little but he is up and walking on his own power! Thank you so much Dr. Wooley & Glyco Flex!!!

a joint supplement that works by Snooz03/12/2013

My collie has been on Glyco-Flex for 3 years now. If she misses a week she gets gimpy and struggles to get up. I was a vet tech when Glyco-Flex first came onto the market, ahead of the pack. I still think it it the best joint supplement for the money and recommend it highly. Now if I could just get Entirely Pets to ship things a little faster I'd be a happy camper.

Glyco Flex III by Goldog from East Hampton Ct.03/18/2013

Same product I was getting from my vet. at a lot less money.


good product that my dogs think is a treat. Serves two purposes with one chewey.

Great Product. Excellent Customer Service by Liz from Atlanta, GA03/16/2014

We've been using this product for years and this is the best price I have ever seen for it. Thanks for the great customer service. We will definitely be back to shop here.

This really works! by Roscoe's Mom05/24/2012

I love this product... I purchased it about a month ago, and have been supplementing my 127lb yellow lab with it. Over the past 2-3 years, his joints have been weakening. He has always been a very calm lab, but all he does lately is sleep. Getting up was a chore.. I felt HORRIBLE for him. But, once we began treating him with Glyco Flex III soft chews, he is standing up quickly, running around outside without tiring after 2 min, and his legs no longer shake when standing. I am amazed! I tried some tablets last year, and he would literally spit them out... even when I would hide them in his food! But the soft chews are better than a treat to him! He is obsessed! Thank you so much for this product. It has changed my sweet pup's life! :)

Great product by Treehugger from Bend , Oregon05/20/2013

We have used your company for most all of our bull terriers special needs. Couldn't be happier with great customer service and speedy delivery. We have been customers for 9 years and love all your informative product knowledge and easy to find coupons and special deals . Thanks you.

by Holly from Marina del Rey, CA10/30/2013

Both my dogs love these althoughI got for the older dog who had been taking the tablets, now giving to both dogs almost ike a treat

Glyco Flex III by BoxerMa02/20/2013

I have had my 6-7 yr old boxer (we rescued her, don't know exact age) female on Glyco Flex III for about 2 years. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and was in need of knee surgery for a partial torn ACL. Doc said try Glyco Flex III and recheck after 6 mo. She ended up not needing the surgery (kept her off stairs and restricted jumping) and she now jumps and plays like any other boxer. No more pain or wincing. We often joke and tell her to settle down "remember you have bad hips and a bum knee", she seems to have forgotten about it all thanks to Glyco Flex III. We will continue for the rest of her life to keep her comfortable and healthy.

by from 12/21/2012

Our Buddy Boy (13 yrs. young) began experiencing some joint pain and arthritic symptoms about one year ago.

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Highly Recommended by Dalebe from Calgary, AB, Canada10/24/2013

I have 2 chocolate labs, 9 years and 10 years old, both dogs have had both ACL's done at a younger age. They have arthritis now but the glycol flex III seems to alleviate some of the soreness. On long walks, they still like to "play ball" and act like puppies. I attribute this to their daily dose of chews which I believe is a great product for them.

Glyco Flex lll by Jo-Jo from Fort Worth, Tx06/06/2013

We have a boxer with hip & leg issues, Glyco Flex lll, really helps her be more mobile. Before, her back legs would make rubbing noises in her joints, now she is getting around a lot better.

It actually works by chicken lady from Roseville, CA12/13/2011

I have tried other joint supplements for my 12 year old Lab mix. She has Rx for Metacam (pain med) for arthritis. Glyco Flex III is the first supplement that actually seems to work. I give her 3 a day and she has a spring in her step and rarely needs the Metacam which is good because it can be hard on her stomach and kidneys. Glad I found the Glyco III

Best Arthritis Supplement by Rottiegirl from San Antonio, TX01/16/2014

I've try several supplements to help my aging dogs (both small and large breeds) with their arthritis. I've found Glyco Flex III to work the best; even better than some prescription meds. Plus the soft chew is easy for them to eat. I would highly recommend this product.

LoveThis Product by Missy11/19/2011

I love these glyco flex chews. My wolf/germ shep was diagnosed 2 yrs ago this month with the worst hips our vet had ever seen. Using these chews, which he loves and feels hes getting a treat instead of medicine, with the Wellactin oil I put on his food has given him quality of life we didn't think was possible. Thank you!!

Easy Purchase by jp9011 from Milford DE03/12/2012

Very happy with the price and service we get from Entirely Pets. Easy ordering and order arrives quickly. The product we purchase helps our pet very much.

Life-saving by Smiley04/26/2013

We have a 12yo Engish Mastiff (yeah I know very unusual) and the only health issue she has hip dysplasia. As a part of her regime, we give her both the GlycoFlex III and Joint treats. We notice a significant benefit when she takes the treats as opposed to not. We highly recommend!

wonderful product and best price by MollyG from Myrtle Beach, SC04/23/2013

My dog loves Glyco Flex lll soft chews. They have made her a new dog. No more signs of sore joints or slow movements. She is her frisky self again. Entirely Pets absolutely has the best price.

will keep buying by Papa from central Fla05/18/2014

I have used this product on my 112 lbs mix breed , he first showed an issue when he was just over a year....I started him on this , and he is now going on an active 8 years old , still runs the property with the grand kids and their 4 wheelers...

Gylco Flex III soft chewables by Fishmann from Marquette,MI02/09/2013

My golden has minor hip problems and this product definitely helped him. Two in the morning and he is good to go. Entirely Pets has great service and pricing. Highly recommend them

3 PACK Glyco Flex III (360 SOFT CHEWS) FREE Joint by jb from MD10/06/2011

This product seems to have made a big difference for our aging 11-year-old sheepdog. Good price for the 3 bags.

Amazing product by bully from Bend,Oregon05/29/2012

Our dog has been on this for 5 years.With careful exercise and diet at 81/2 years,he is still in great condition and has more energy than ever. Thank -you and I recommend this to everyone I meet.

These are a hit by pgould6609/22/2013

Previously I used the Glycoflex III tablets but due to their base from mussels, they were not always appreciated by some of my dogs. These soft chews are chicken flavored and seem to be highly appreciated by not only my dogs but even my cat which chewed holes in the bag trying to get a sample. Now every morning prior to breakfast the dogs look forward to their "snack" and the cat waits for her little piece of chicken. . My pets are all happy and appear to ne free of any joint pain, so I have to assume these glycoflex chews are doing them good and therefore well worth the cost. German Shepards are well known for their hip and joint issues, but these combined with a good diet and an active lifestyle keep my dogs healthy and happy.

Dogs love them.... by Melequi from Ipswich, MA11/15/2012

I purchased 3 bags of the Glyco Flex 111. Both of my dogs think they are a great treat, and little do they know, it is great for the hips! Product works very well!

GlycoFlex III by Patti11/05/2012

Very good product - has helped our Lab with a lameness in his right foreleg from an old injury. And he loves the chewables.

Great for my Dog's Joints by Classic from Sherwood, AR02/08/2013

Couldn't ask for a better product! My dog thinks they are treats and loves them. She is like a new dog, full of life.

Best Deal by Michelle from NC04/13/2012

My dogs have been on Glyco flex for some time. Recently, I switched to Glyco flex III. It has worked great for my 2 dogs-one is a medium sized dog and is 13 years old, the other is a 9 year old pit with very bad joints (she has had quite a few surgeries on her legs already). I have been very happy with this product and entirelypets seems to have the best deal on it.

by from 03/03/2012

Best purchase ever by JO-JO03/07/2012

We have a 7 year old boxer. She began having trouble with her rear end. Getting up slowly, stiff legs, and weak rear end. We have had her on Glyco Flex for 2 years and she is doing so much better. She runs and jumps and acts lilke she is a pup again. Would recommend this product for any older dogs with joint problems.

Joint Treats by Dog's best friend from Pennsylvania10/12/2013

Best Joint Treats for your pets Have been using the same product for the past 6 years

Extremely helpful by Carol05/30/2008

I began using Glyco Flex III for my Aussie at the recommendation of his board-certified orthopedic surgeon after knee surgery. A year later, I put my other Aussie on it, too. There's no doubt this is helpful in maintaining healthy joints in my dogs. And EntirelyPets.com is a great place to buy from!

Glyco Flex lll by Debbie Parker09/18/2008

This product really works great! I have a 7 yr old lab with severe hip displacia. She always watched the other dogs run and then joined in when they got close but only for a short jaunt. We started giving her 2 of the Glyco Flex lll every day and now watching her run and play, you wouldn't even know anything was wrong with her. It allows her to be pain free and really have no symptoms of her disease. It is the BEST!

Featured Reviews for 6 PACK Glyco Flex III (720 SOFT CHEWS) FREE Joint Treats
by from 07/24/2012

I started giving Glyco Flex III to my Shiba Inu. She was unable to jump up on the sofa or into the car. About 2 weeks into the introduction period I was delighted to find her sleeping soundly in the middle of my bed. She got up all by herself. She is doing so much better and she loves the soft chews,

Kathy by from Great

Love this product!

Horrible Packaging by Mother of five from Cordova, TN07/24/2014

First let me say, that we LOVE ordering from Entirely Pets and have always been pleased in the past. However, the 6 PACK Glyco Flex III (720 soft chews) were a big disappointment. Our dogs like them --BUT-- the packaging is horrible. There are so many broken pieces in the ziplock type bag that we have ended up trying to approximate amounts and putting the pieces in with their food. In the future, we will be ordering Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews which we also ordered. They are well packaged, do not break apart and our five dogs like them as well.

Emmie likes them by Emmie from Peoria, IL05/15/2014

Have used GycoFlex111 tablets for some time ... Found these. They are much easier to administer ... And Emmie lies them.

Great Deal by Pens Fan03/06/2013

Great product for my German Shepherd. He gets better mobility since he takes Glyco-Flex III. He loves getting his "treat" Very pleased with"Entirely Pets" Great prices, great service!

Glyco Flex 3 Works by Cindy from Highland, MI03/24/2012

After using Glyco Flex 3 for a week, I noticed a significant improvement in my 10 year old dog's mobility. We have continued to use it, now for a least a year.

Fantastic Price! by vitamins yum from Haughton, Louisiana10/23/2012

The Glyco Flex III are strongly recommened by my vet for my older dogs for their joints. Entirely Pets price was around $33.00 per bag. In addition, I was sent a 15% off email with free shipping. My vet normally charges $60.00 per bag. As long as I continue to get that good of a savings, I'll continue to purchase vitamins from Entirely Pets!

My boys' favorite! by LoveAllPuppies from Rocky Mtns.10/27/2012

My dogs love these so much that my big boy will go into his kennel as soon as we open the cupboard where we keep these.

A must buy for "Giants" by Big Dogs Rock!03/01/2011

We rescued a Great Dane that had obvious physical ailments from the neglect of his previous "owners." He did better with just getting fed regularly and exercised, but when we added this to his diet he made noticable improvements. He's 4 years old, weighs 190lbs and has the agility of a puppy. And entirelypets.com offers the best deal especially when promotions are running. Thanks!

very dependable by lucky11/01/2011

have purchased from Entirely Pets for a couple of years and have never been disappointed. Great service. Highly recommended.

Great product by KimH04/22/2012

I love how the regular glycoflex III works for my dog's hip displasia. These soft chews were cheaper but the same quality product and easier to feed.

Glyco Flex 111 by baybeacon from Michigan09/16/2014

First off, EntirelyPets is awesome, and a pleasure to do business with. As far as the Glyco Flex 111, I believe it has helped my 12 yr. old Lab move around better. So, with that said, this has been the best purchase ever in helping my Lab with his joint problems, and yes with highest recommendation I would tell a friend about this product. Thanks

Excellent product by Rosy from Tryon NC03/08/2013

Originally introduced by my vet now part of my daily feeding regime especially for the middle aged to older dogs. Kept dogs with displaicia(sp?) comfortable and active into ripe old age. Was able to avoid drugs almost until last year or such. Start giving it to young dogs if vet finds joint problems etc. Truly awsome

by Kabuki from Madrid, Spain07/16/2012

Great product, great price, good delivery. Will buy again, for sure!

Amazing Product by Leonard RD from West Palm Beach, FL09/05/2013

We buy 6 packs of Glycoflex III and split them between two "dog" families because the price is more economical...one of our dogs had a fairly severe limp when he was adopted by us--he now takes one chew daily, and there is no sign of a limp or any discomfort! Our other two dogs are entering their senior years, love the chews and are active as puppies...I think all dogs should be on this product to keep their bodies pain free, and their joints young!!!

Great Product by MissMerry01/26/2012

Glyco Flex 3 is a wonderful product. I however did not like the service that EntirelyPets.com provided. Customer service is rude and I will NOT be purchasing again from this company.

Excellent!! by Pond04/23/2014

My Keeshond just loves them and already seeing a difference in him.

6 Pack Glyco Flex III by iamsinned from CT04/30/2013

Even though the price went up on these here, it is still a hard to beat deal. Just as long as you have a discount code. As for the Glyco Flex III, I have a 115 pound Mastiff/Pitt mix with 2 ACL repairs. He gets around much better when he takes them. There has been times when we ran out and he did not have them for a few days and he would be stiffer and could tell he was in some discomfort. Neither of our dogs care for the free joint treats though.

A wonderful product! by diane at dogtrain from Wilmington NC05/14/2012

I use these for my own dogs and recommend them to my clients. On the rare occasions I run out, I can really tell a difference in my 15 yr old Jack Russell when I get her back on them again..

Glyco flex III soft chews by Kathy C from NH11/20/2012

I have one dog that will not always eat the pills no matter what i do. He loves the soft chews and no problem with him eating them any more.

Great product! by dmf070399 from Lincoln, Ne.02/26/2014

I have been giving my two Basset Hounds one per day for 5 years. My youngest hound's front legs bones didn't develop at the same time, hence her front legs really turn back and to the side. I give this product as per recommendation from my vet, I think it helps with her movement and hopefully keeps her moving as she gets older, she is almost 7. I highly recommend this joint product!

Everybody Loves Them by FLAGirl04/29/2012

I have five dogs ranging in size from a 7 lb Yorkie to a 70 lb Lab mix and all were advised by my vet to start taking a joint supplement. Glyco Flex soft chews are the best. One full chew is perfect for the big dogs and can easily be divided (without crumbling) for the little ones. Big bonus - they all take their chews twice a day without a fuss - I love that!

Featured Reviews for Glyco Flex III (120 Bite-Sized Chews)
Best Price on Internet by PREFERDOGS from long island, ny09/29/2013

Product is prescribed for a dog with arthritic back legs. Seems to work well as dog now has "spring" in his steps. He waits by his bowl every morning for his "treat". We even give it to our other dog who has no issues. Vet said it wouldn't hurt her to use it preventively.

Glyco Flex III by Laurablanca from Bound Brook, NJ10/20/2011

I have an 18 old dog who had a torn knee tendon and severe arthritis. I have tried everything in the market and nothing worked. I found this product and I bought it because everything I have tried from Vetri Science is good. This product is not exception. He has been taking it for 20 days and he is definitely better. I would recomend this product to anyone.

Makes a significant difference by Grace1Dog from Colorado02/09/2014

All three of our dogs started taking Glycoflex III several months ago after years on another joint support supplement. Glycoflex III has been especially beneficial for our 12 year old who is arthritic after two torn ACLs. Plus even the picky eater in the family readily consumes her chew! Thanks.

by Kmadams from Fort myers florida03/19/2013

This product has saved us! Our lapom has knee problems at only 8 months old and this has helped before surgery and after. He needs the other knee done but this has prolong it from having it done now .

Flex III Helped an old dog by Boomers Daddy from Omaha, NE07/24/2013

Before our vet recommended Flex III our 13 year old male border collie could not go up our stairs in the house our get into our suv. About a month after we started Boomer on his daily Glycol Flex chew we noticed an amazing increase of agility. One year later he is bouncing into our suv and acts like a dog half his age. We are very happy for him and thank full for Glycol Flex III.

This stuff saved my dog from surgery! by kcamaro from san diego, Ca.09/09/2013

My female Pit Bull was hobbling so badly, sometimes not even using one of her back legs. She used to be a super athlete, but after about age 7 things began to change. We were looking at ACL surgery on both legs but I wanted to try this product first. After about 2 months she showed great improvement, and she's been on this stuff ever since.........and will be for the rest of her life! She never limps anymore at all!!!

Good for big older dogs by Flossie from Acworth, GA07/31/2014

Jak is a 9 year old Golden and his rear leg joints are giving him some grief. Glyco-Flex was suggested by my vet. My sister uses it also and her Golden is 11years old. I would surely encourage people with older dogs to use it.

Great Price by Pzam from New York10/22/2011

Saved me $20 bucks from buying at my vets office

Surgeon recommended by Mickey from Chicago, IL08/14/2012

After my Chow had a CCL operation, the surgeon recommended keeping him on Glyco Flex. He's been on it for several years now and keeps moving well despite that surgery and luxating patella surgery.

Great choice to keep pets running by Nori from Parma, Ohio10/22/2013

Our 7yr old Lab Ronin loves taking the chewable GlycoflexIII , he thinks it is a treat. Ronin is a ball maniac and the GlycoflexIII helps him to keep running almost non-stop for the ball. He is seven years old but acts like he is 4 yrs old and can keep up with our 2yr old Lab Keeley. When Keeley is close to Ronin's age she will be started on the GlycoflexIII too, it's awesome stuff!

Can't do without it by ForMyDogs from Ohio03/23/2014

I adopt older dogs and this is a must. It is the first defense against arthritis. It can keep them off medication for a few years then help with lower doses later on. I would recommend this to anyone who asks.

Always reliable by Grt2fly from Charlotte NC11/01/2012

Great product at a great price and always prompt reliable service.

A great nutritional product by Pooch10/28/2011

I was giving our dog another brand that she didn't like chewing. Not only does Glyco Flex III have more supplement than the other brand, my dog loves eating them! She's 13 yr.old, so it matters!

by Madeleine01/13/2012

I am a 15 year old Westie and my vet has had me on this for over 2 years as the legs are getting a little stiff. It has kept me relatively active and not so wobbly after my long naps. It is a little smelly but is good along with dinner. I won't turn it down.

My dogs love this! by goldenlady from Mission Viejo, CA12/26/2012

My 3 goldens love these chews as they smell very much like shellfish. They are more expensive than the cosequin DS but I use these as an special treat to rev them up before a competition. They are so excited to get these and I feel like they're getting something healthy.

Highly recommend for dachshunds with IVDD by Cathy from Indianapolis, IN02/05/2014

Our dachshund was diagnosed with IVDD when he "went full down" at just 5 years old. Shortly after the first "down" incident, GlycoFlex was recommended to us by another doxie parent to help keep joints lubricated and increase mobility. I'm pleased to say it works much better than we could have ever anticipated. He's now going on 16 yrs old and has taken GlycoFlex for nearly 10 years. Roughly a year ago, we accidentally ran out. After just a week, he was struggling to walk. I paid rush shipping and he was back to his normal within a few days after going back on GlycoFlex. I can't recommend this product highly enough. It has contributed more to his quality of life than all of the vet care and other treatments we've also used. My sincere thanks to VetriScience for GlycoFlex. It's literally been a lifesaver!!!

Glyco Flex III (120 Bite-Sized Chews) by Jan from Sharon, PA01/12/2012

Since they weren't for me I can't comment on the taste but Bella loves them and I was surprised when the order came so quickly. I'm very happy with the service from Entirely Pets.

Best product I've found!!! by Becca from Kansas City area07/14/2013

My old dog, Buddy, is rather particular with his supplements. After they quit making the one he really liked (a level-3 like a beef gravy), I was hopping around from product to product. He doesn't like most chewables (they tasted bad to him, and dry/crumbly) but these are like treats! He loves the chicken flavor, and actually looks forward to them! I can tell since he started taking these on a regular basis that his movement has improved, which isn't bad for a 14 yr old! Thank you!!! Please DONT STOP MAKING THESE!!! Or change them!!!

Good stuff that GlycoflexIII by Brandi's mom from Plattsburg, Mo.01/29/2014

My German Shepherd, Brandi, is six and has early hip dysplasia confirmed by X-ray. She was four when we rescued and adopted her. In addition to having dry eye syndrome, she was heart worm positive, not spayed or microchipped and had had no vaccinations. Prior to treating her for the Heartworm infestation my vet x-rayed her as part of his exam, that's when we discovered the potential hip problem. I started her on GlycoflexIII immediately and so far she has shown no sign of dysplasia. The GlycoflexIII may not totally prevent her hips from going bad but I have confidence that it will delay the onset and make her life more comfortable meanwhile.

Bad bag by Rileydad03/03/2013

I got the glycoflex in the mail. The bag unfortunately had a hole in it, so the product already lost much needed moisture and now is hard. 3 months of chews too!

What A Difference In My Older Dog! by Eileen1954 from Williamstown, NJ07/19/2013

My Lhasa Apso is going on 13, and she's beginning to have issues with her back and hips. Put her on a tiled floor, and she "skates" her way down into a sitting position. I've been using these chews for about a month, and she's improved in leaps and bounds - quite literally! Before the chews, the only time she'd run is when it's was time for a treat; now she runs along in the back yard, ears a flappin'! WARNING - you will find your previously sedentary dog gets in your way alot more.

Good Value & Fast Shipping by Tim from Deer Park WA08/03/2014

Our dog likes them & never refuses them. Arrived on time & was exactly as ordered. Also, they seem to work :-)!

Keeps her young by livnsherm from Spokane, WA09/06/2013

Our 9 year old corgi was born with lots of hip and leg issues. She has been taking Glyco Flex III for several years now. We were happy to get them from Costco @$49 a bag but they stopped carrying them and I found them on Entirely Pets for $29 a bag. . .same item. She loves them and so do we.

by Kristy10/06/2011

It had been very beneficial our older dog and we have seen great improvement in our younger dog with hip problems.

by Lexie#108/05/2014

Great Product! Great Price! Shipping a little slow to Canada though - took over a week

by Lacey08/03/2014

These chewies are delicious and Mom says you guys have the best prices anywhere! And I always get a kiss when I get one!

Glyco Flex III by Doxie Denise from Seattle, WA11/06/2011

My holistic vet suggested I move up from Glyco Flex I to III since one of our doxie rescues Frieda was having many back/neck incidents. She felt we needed more... Very happy so far!!!

Glyco-flex to the rescue! by zenadog from Kent, WA09/12/2013

I have a 16 yr. old shepherd/golden mix. She has very weak legs & difficulty moving about. She has taken Glyco-flex III for a few years now & is doing great for an old gal. She loves the taste of the little bites & "asks" for them every night as part of her routine. It's a great product that our vet suggested when she was having moving issues a few years ago. We wouldn't go without it---and Zena reminds us how much she loves the product.

by from 10/05/2011

I purchased Glycoflex III for my dog, Digger. He has hip dysplasia and other issues with all four legs. I really thought he would soon be unable to walk.

Digger by (now from 10Two


Works Great and Great Value by Maximus from Elizabeth, Colorado01/27/2013

Our veterinarian recommended this product for both our senior male German Shepherd because of his arthritis and our female German Shepherd because of her mild hip dysplasia. This product works great, and our dogs love the taste. They think they are treats. At first, I purchased the Glycoflex from our veterinarian, but it was so expensive. Entirely Pets has the best price on this product making it much more affordable.

by Dr A06/06/2012

Our dog won't eat these either! They are a good size, and even when broken down into smaller bites, he still won't touch them.

best purchase ever by kif from landrum,s.c.04/27/2012

great experience! already had a friend purchase the same product from you guys. very pleased and will be a repeat customer

Sampson loves them!! by lcason from Southlake, TX10/22/2013

These were recommended by my Vet, and Sampson loves them!!! And, I really believe they have helped him. However, my Vet was charging me $115.00 for the exact same thing, and same quantity. I only get theme here now!!

Can't Get Any Better Than This !! by LucyBee210 from Brooksville, FL05/03/2012

Every time I order the Gloyco Flex III bite size chews I am amazed at the service I receive. Not only does my dog love them but they arrive almost immediately. You can't ask for better service.

Easy way to provide Joint Protection by Sarge from Buffalo New York01/31/2014

We have used Glyco Flex III for years for our dogs, and when I saw the Bite Sized Chews, decided to try them. Our dog loves them and I know that he is getting Glyco Flex III in a handy way. It is a wonderful product, thanks Entirely Pets!

Works great by Dog lover from Michigan04/18/2013

My 5 year old dog developed signs of arthritis in his left leg. The vet recommended this product and supplied to me with a substiantial mark up. When the first bag was gone I went on the internet and came across "Entirely Pets" bought it at a better price. This is one medicine I do not have to disguise to get him to take it-I crumble it up in his food and come back and it is all gone.

Fabulous Results by Nancy from Dunnellon, Florida12/12/2011

I would recommend this product to any person with dog 8 years old or older - the results were astounding.

Excellent purchase. by dog lover from Allentown, PA12/17/2011

This product certainly helps, we have a dog who injured her ACL in August 2011, she has been on this regiment since then. So far she is showing inprovement we are hoping to avoid surgery for her. Good product, does what it claims to do.

Glyco Flex III by Mitzi from Charlotte, NC09/03/2013

My veterinarian first recommended these to me - and I have used them for a number of years with excellent results. I have had 4 dogs in the age bracket that needed supplemental joint care -- they love these and I have never had the need for prescription meds.

Works Great by terrystock999 from Toledo, OH04/19/2014

My female Siberian Husky has taken this product now for over 6 months and it seems to really help her. I hand her the two pieces and she takes both, then sits one down and eats them seperately. To her they taste like a treat, and I have never had any trouble getting her to eat them.

Good for sore joint pain by Barb10/22/2012

I think these work. They can't hurt as far as I'm concerned. It would be like us taking vitamin supplements. Mind over matter. Anything I think I'm doing for her that could be helping makes me feel good. Therefore, they work!

Great price by Rose from MN05/30/2012

My Vet said my 14 yr old Rott/Pit mix needed this product. I am very happy with the product and it is half the price on this site than what my Vet sells it for. Shipping is very fast.

Helps active dogs with joint issues by Juanita from San Diego, CA10/11/2013

Our 3 active dogs get miles of off-leash walking every day. They chase deer, rabbits, squirrels, cats... anything that moves. Oftentimes they have joint issues as a result. We started using the Glyco Flex III supplements after a torn ACL, instead of having surgery. The ACL is healing nicely. 2 of the 3 dogs love the taste and think of the supplements as a treat. One of them is picky and needs to have it shoved down his throat.

Great for older dogs with bad hips by Larry and Ingrid from Weston, FL08/20/2013

We have been using this product for the past 2 years with 2 of our dogs following a recommendation from our vet. It seems to help. The dogs think its a treat and expect it every morning.

Best Purchase by jo jul from israel haifa05/04/2014

Excellent product for my dog (11 years old ) help him to walk and behave normal since he start to take it It is better for him than the regular bites

Glyco Flex III by Gary10/22/2011

I had my 10 y.o. mixed breed on this for 4 months. I ran out and thought it wouldn't make any difference. Within 2 days of not taking it, she began having problems getting up and was in obvious distress. I reordered for a great price and after 1 week back on the treatment she is herself again. Great product, highly recommended for older dogs with arthritis.

Highly recommend by roxy from Grand Rapids, MI10/10/2013

These were recommended by a sport med vet for my active dogs who participate in K9 sports.Dogs are currently 5 and 4, and have been on these for 2 months now. Their motion seems a bit more at ease. From what I've read, these are the best supplements to get. So far, I agree!

Great product by KK707/28/2014

My golden retriever loves these chews and it really helps her joints.

Glyco Flex III works by Dog Lover from Florida03/27/2014

I have a 10 year old English Mastiff and this product is great. It prevented us from having to put him down. He has gone from no mobility to completely independent

by Tracy from Colorado Springs, CO.02/07/2012

I have been giving Glyco-Flex III to my basset hound for many years. These soft chews have been the best thing for her. Basset hounds tend to get joint problems and she was having quite a bit of trouble a long time ago and since I started her on these, she has been great ever since. She is 11 years old and still going strong. I highly recommend these to anyone with a four legged friend with joint problems. They were talking surgery at one point, and of course I did not want to put her through that, so that is when I started these. Needless to say, my furry friend has never had to have surgery. I am a firm believer in Glyco-Flex. Try this before you go to the other extreme :) It is truly, great joint medication.

Complete supplement by Pupper from Indianapolis09/30/2013

Our dog loves the taste of these and I love the balanced ingredients. Works well!

by Rudybow from South Carolina03/10/2014

Got here quick, and it keeps my old dog perky and spry.

Helps my senior dogs by Myzoo from Wisconsin03/20/2013

Makes a noticeable improvement in the joint stiffness in my older dogs.

Great purchase! by Happy!03/02/2013

We were very pleased with this order. These treats were recommended by our vet and we love how quickly they were shipped to our house!

Great Product by Kody's Mom from Florida07/09/2013

My dog has to have the Glyco Flex because of his bad hips. And, he apparently likes the taste. So its a win-win situation as I don't have to force to take it.

Best Product Ever by MSDIGGER from Ballston Spa, NY01/18/2012

Our pet would not eat the regular GlycoFlex III tablets but loves the soft chews which he needs to take after leg surgery for the second time.

Glyco-Flex III by Gerry from Georgia12/04/2012

My JRT needs this to help her w/ back pain. I used to get it from the Vet's office, but I can get it cheaper from Entirely Pets. I love the product and love Entirely Pets!

Miracle Product in our household! by ab04/09/2013

This product has been awesome for one of our family pets! He has a chronic knee problem that only a very expensive surgery will completely correct. Glycoflex is part of the pre & post surgical regimen. Only after approximately 30 days of usage, our pet had tremendous pain relief & increased mobility/functionality. It truly is a miracle for him! And most obviously by his extreme interest in the noise of the bag opening, it must be DELICIOUS as he always waits for more! We could NOT be more pleased and we are so thankful for Entirely Pets - the product has always been in date, arrives timely in a tamper-proof state and the price is extremely affordable vs. purchasing at vet office & other vendors. Great product from a great vendor. Thank you!

Excellent Product by BamJam from louisiana05/17/2010

Our Cocker Spaniel, now 8 years old has been on glycoflex for nearly 5 years. She has difficulty with narrow hips and had to take a course of rimadyl for severe hip pain--added glycoflex III and never had to take the rimadyl again. Showed the product to our vet, he was very impressed with the product and its results for our dog. An excellent "American Made" product!.

limp saver by bob from grand rapids,mi10/30/2012

My lab had elbow surgery when she was 1, the vet recommended glyco flex 3. The chewz appear to minimize limping in a very active pup.

glco flex III by ramona from miami,fl12/18/2012

My dog could not move,I heard about this product and it is heaven sent...all his pain was gone in a few days and no more prescription drugs..wow...it is that good!!!!!!

Good price! by Elaine07/24/2012

Price was quite good, easy to put with meals, good product

by tracie10/25/2012

My pup loves them. I've put them in a sealable container, but not sure that keeps them soft.

Dog loves them by baileysmom from Florida08/07/2013

I've used these for years with several of my dogs and feel they make a significant difference in the support of arthritis and other muscular problems. The dogs eat them like a treat....

Keeping my old man going by Pam from North Lakewood, WA10/11/2013

We started on II then moved on to III when Mister aged to 11.5. He is bright and interested in his environment and recently picked a five year old Ridgie girl to live with - can't be all bad !

by from 10/28/2011

Glyco Flex recommended by vetrenarian. Seems to help with arthrtitic problem. My soft coated wheaten terrier loves them. Much less expensive through EntirelyPets and the delivery is unbelievably fast.

suzyq by Orange County CA from Thank

Great Purchase by Dog Lover06/15/2012

Product came quickly. Our Vet recommended this Glucosamine product for our dog’s joints. She spits out pills, but this product is the easiest solution without compromising on efficiency. Our dog loves the taste, so she gets the dosage she needs without any of the hassle. She thinks they are treats!

joint medicine by none of your business from Florida06/01/2012

My N.C. vet recommended this product for my older 60 pound girl. It's amazing...she can walk and run like a puppy. It's very easy to give in the treat form...the flavor seems to be one she likes. Great stuff.

Great Value by Robert01/19/2014

Considerably cheaper that I can purchase this product at any Vets office and exact same product.

Great Product by SueB from Florida10/23/2012

The Glyco-Flex for dogs is a WONDERFUL product. My vet recommended it years ago for my Claire who had issues with her hips. She loves the taste of the chews and it allows her to walk and run without pain. At 13 she still acts like a young pup at times. Thank you G-F for this life changing product.

Good Stuff by vitusdude11/13/2011

Has brought new life to my pit bull mix. Highly recommend.

by from 03/19/2012

This product is magic.

with by hip from dysplasiaOur


Soft, Chewy and Tasty Supplement by JimNYC from New York, NY08/03/2012

My dog just gobbles these up. We have tried a number of other brands and types, but these are the only ones my chihuahua will eat. They are the perfect supplement if your dog is experiencing any joint problems. Within 3 weeks my 6 year old dog went from sulking and limping to playing and running. These coupled with heat laser treatments have given him a second puppy life.These are the best.

Really see the difference! by PBuchanan from Medina, OH11/12/2013

We bought this product for our 2 foster basset hounds - Bo and Belle. Belle has spinal arthritis with some of the vertebrae fused and Bo has an old injury to his back leg and has buckshot in him. A friend had given us 1/2 a bag that her dogs didn't like and we definitely can see a difference. I bought from this website because the price was GREAT because we are paying for this ourselves and not the Rescue group.

Good product by Tami05/07/2013

A vet had introduced me to these originally, but I have continued to supplement my doberman with these chews. She seems much more limber & less stiff.

by Jakie11/13/2013

Jakie likes the smell and flavor so much he tries to open his container himself. He thinks it's the best treat ever.

One of my best purchases by Kathy C from NH08/21/2014

Love this product. Not just good for joints but for fertility in the boys.

great stuff by hacajejo11/07/2012

Great!!! Worked as advertised. My dog began getting around better after a couple weeks

Running by Reid2me from Greenville, N.C.06/28/2014

These are the best chews ever. My dog, Bud, could hardly walk far without stopping multiple times. He has back problems, but with these chews he's like a brand new dog. He gets up quickly, runs now and we take longer walks. I will never ever let him stop taking these. Great product!!!

My dog loves this product!!! by Quinn from Temple, GA02/14/2011

I have an 8 year old boxer with severe hip dysplasia and the vet recommended Glyco-Flex III chews along with her inflammatory medication. Between the medicine and these chews, my old girl has become a new dog. We have seen a huge improvement and she now is more playful and happy. She also tends to be rather picky when it comes to treats but she absolutely loves her Glyco-Flex III chews.

good product and savings by Kiran06/04/2013

Bought this product from our Vet to help with our dogs hip problems. Entirely pets saved about 75% from Vet. Dogs love them. Eat them like candy and is good for them!!

by golden girl04/21/2012

I purchased glyco flex III from my vet originally as she likes all her senior golden retrievers on this supplement. I checked on entirely pets and they had it for less. So I have been buying it here ever since. It's a great product. My dog loves it. She knows when it's time to get it and waits as I open the package and drools on the floor. She gets around a little better also. This is much better than the other "treats".

effective product by Kris from Iowa11/07/2012

Glycoflex III glucosamine chews have really improved life for my older dog. We started noticing changes in my dogs personality a few years ago and my vet confirmed that he likely was experiencing joint pain. We tried a few samples of joint products but this one has been the most successful at keeping him comfortable. His lively and playful personality has returned and that is all I need to gladly endorse this product!

great product by ricki from Quakertown,Pa08/12/2012

My girlfriend told me about this product when my Lab hurt her leg, it worked really good and she is running around like her old ( 8 ) self again. I still give her one a day to maintain her health.

glyco flex III by jeannie b.12/19/2012

These were recommened to me for my cocker spaniel, who had suffered a joint rupture and subsequent operation to repair. They have made a signifigant difference in her mobility and joint pain. She is over 11, and very lively. I have been extremely satisifed with this product, and so has Jolie!

Best Joint Product for our Dog by 1Dog Lover06/10/2012

This is the best joint supplement we have purchased for our Chow mix. He has endured a hip surgery and elbow surgery and still is excited for his two walks every day. He moves more easily and does not seem to be in as much pain. This is the fourth different supplement we have tried and this one has worked the best.

Great Product by Believersue from San Antonio, TX01/31/2013

My dog is still young, but already shows signs of hip problems. This product is highly recommended by my vet and the only one he suggested we use. She doesn't seem to have as much pain and limping as she did before!

I love this product by Jake from Pulaski, Va.07/12/2013

If it wasn't for this product I don't think my Jake would be here today. It is what keeps him going. He has arthritis really bad and the doctor told us he would probably live 6 months maybe 2 yrs. That was over a year ago. The vet put him on the pill tyep Glyco Flex and he did not want to take those, so I got on the internet and found the chewables and Jake loves them. He looks forward to them every morning and every evening. Thanks guys for helping me keep Jake around a little longer. He is my buddy and I love him. He was a stray that came to our house when he was just a puppy and that was about 12 years ago. Teresa Harden

Satisfied customer by sugar from Florida03/05/2014

I have a dog whose legs seem smaller than what I feel he needs to carry his body weight. He had episodes when he limped for no apparent reason. His Doctor recommended Glyco Flex. He has been taking it for nearly 1 year with no further issues with limping. He also appears to have more energy during exercise.

Glyco Flex III by JNad from Vermont12/23/2012

My dog loves this product, and unlike the tablets, eagerly waits for his daily dose. It's made him spry and pain free for 3 years, and he's now a happy 11-year old, healthy Golden.

by from 11/19/2013

These chews are affordable and really effective for my elderly dog of 17 years. He couldn't lift his leg on our outings and now he can.

Oakland, CA by from Pam"

Pam N

Really does help mobility issues by Beth from Texas03/24/2014

The chews help quite a bit with my 10 year old husky's mobility. She had begun to slow down and didn't want to jump much or play until we started her on these. She doesn't love them, but she tolerates it when we put it in her wet food. I do have to break it into smaller pieces because she has mouth issues and generally only does well with soft chews, which these are not.

Great Purchase by Mac from Illinois06/23/2013

I recommend this product... I think it helps to give my dog comfort with her arthritis.

by Kathy10/23/2012

My dogs love them. Am going to definitely buy again.

Yelow Lab by Nina from Minneapolis,Mn09/11/2013

My Yellow lab was having a difficult time getting up from a lying down position. I started him on Glyco Flex 111 about 4 months ago, and he is doing just great now. He will be 13 years on Oct 1..and I will continue to keep my beautiful "Beau", on this product for good.

best price online by robin04/13/2012

not too sure if the glycoflex is working yet but it was recommended at the vet office and after much research entirely pets has the best price and service! my dog loves the taste too.

great product by Cinda03/07/2013

My little chug loves these and they arrived so quickly.

by from 07/17/2013

helps arthritic joints by Dana from Ohio01/25/2013

these really seem to help my senior dog with joint pain -thank you!

Less expensive than vet by JC311/15/2012

I have been getting this product from the vet for several years. It is much less expensive thru entirely pets. Her limp has stopped.. She takes it without a fight. I don't have to trick her or force her to take it.

Tripod tested by Janet from Sautee Nacoochee, GA02/28/2012

Our vet recommended this product because we have a 3-legged dog who has arthritis and hip displasia. Due to her amputation (traumatic) she will never be a candidate for hip surgery. Therefore, we need all the palliative help we can get and this product is a great help.

GlycoFlex III is a wonderful product. by Joy from Florida02/19/2014

Bought it for my 15 year old golden, he seems much more active since taking the med.

Really works by cw04/05/2012

my old English Pointer 16 years has been taking this for a year. He still jogs with me but not as far as he did as a young pup

Awesome Product! by Lovemyshiba from Bluffton, SC12/27/2011

It was suggested to me that I give my dogs some sort of joint treatment. I have tried many products from powders sprinkled on their food to pills, but when I came across Glyco Flex III it won my dogs over, they think they are getting a special treat! My Shiba Inu's love the delicious chicken-flavored, soft chews, and it provides maximum support for joint function so that they can live a full and happy joint pain free life!

by Monique Lalande LMA10 from Québec, Canada10/12/2013

Produit excellent et très abordable et facile à mâcher

by Samuel11/16/2012

Usually the product is a little moist. But this time it was dried out.

Great Stuff!!!! by Otis's Mom from Central KY08/25/2013

I bought this in combination with Dasuquin. The two products alleviated the mild and yet persistent arthritis symptoms my 8 year old Chessie was experiencing. SInce the supply of Adeuan ran out I needed an alternative that did not require a prescription. My Vet was too slow in responding to request for an alternative. I found these two products with reviews on this site and they work wonderfully. He is back to his normally dorky playful self and I couldn't be more grateful. He looks forward to his daily "treat". Definitely worth every penny. I have tried other products that claim to the same thing but this is the only one I have found that actually works. Thank you for making a great product!!

Made a great difference in my two dogs in less tha by wevenden01/21/2012

I have two boxers that weigh about 75 lbs each, they are almost seven years old and their hips are starting to show age. As soon as I put them on Glyco Flex lll I could see a difference in their activity level. I plan on keeping them on Glyco Flex from now on.

by jmh07/30/2012

Very reasonable price compared to other sites. Looking forward to the future results for my pets.

by sparky01/18/2012

We have a 10 year old boxer with alot of hip pain. A vet tech recommened this product. It has helped him tremendously, he is now able to go for walks again

Vet recommended by PJ from Fulshear, TX06/19/2012

I was taking my 4 year old dog to acupuncturist for a joint issue. She recommended these chews and sold them in her office. They were more expensive at her office, so I was very pleased to see them offered at Entirely Pets! The chews seem to help her knee and she loves them!

these really work by marnjw12/16/2013

These have made a huge difference in my German Shepherd's ability to walk and play.

Best Product for Dogs with knee problems by Cindy from Reno, NV05/09/2013

I purchased Glyco Flex lll when my Great Pyrenees blew out his knee and we opted not to do the dangerous surgery on a giant breed dog. The cons to do this surgery had me searching for other alternatives and a product to help him. My vet suggested a glucosamine/chondroitin type supplement. So I started giving him this product and within weeks there was improvement and withing a few months he was not even limping. I was amazed and so happy we didn't opt for the surgery. I recommend this product highly. Cindy

Glyco flex III by doxiedenise from Seattle, WA03/21/2014

great product recommended to me by my Holistic Vet as a preventative for my doxies. they have no joint issues yet ( we are dealing with the typical doxie back/neck stuff) so are hoping arthritis will never be an issue! My doxies LOVE these, they consider them treat!!

Glyco Flex III-Amazing results by KLM from Charleston, SC12/06/2011

We adopted a retired 9 years old female German Sheperd who was very active in Schluzhund. She was on a arthritis medication, but just not working for her. I researched and discoved Glyco Flex III. She has been on it for almost a year and we can really see a difference in her front legs. She runs daily with our three year old male sheperd and has no problems keeping up. Very happy and so is she!

prompt service by dee from naples, fl11/08/2011

The price was a good value and the product arrived sooner then I expected. Great service great product! Thank you

Great product by Bren10/06/2011

This really does help my aging, arthritic dog. It is not a miracle--but it does make a difference and there are no side effects that I am aware of.

by from 10/16/2013

When Beau, my black lab, turned 5 my vet recommended putting him on a joint supplement. She was quite directed in her recommendation that I use Glyco Flex III.

my by handsome from guy!Just


Best investment for my Bassets! by My doggie's momma from Seattle, WA11/09/2011

We have two aging Bassets who have been on glycoflex for 4 years, so before they became senior. We swear by this product that was introduced to us by the veterinarian with whom I worked. Our 11 year old is our "ever ready" doggie as he can walk and play and turn on a dime, anytime of day. Our 8 year old had back SX 2 years ago and is feeling strong and flexible again. We will keep them on this super product for the rest of their lives and start early with our next addition to our family.

Big improvement by Erin H from Illinois01/05/2012

I started my 8 year old lab on Glyco Flex II two years ago and saw a huge improvement in her mobility, since she has arthritis. She started to need a little more pep in her step the past year so I bumped her up to Glyco Flex III and she has way more energy. This product is great!

best arthritis support supplement by satisfied dog mommy from Churchville, PA05/30/2012

I have been using this on all my dogs for years. They love the taste and only see it as a treat from Mommy. I know I'm giving them the best joint supplement to go along with their regular pain medicine. I have a 14 yr. old Springer Spaniel & a 7 yr. old Golden Retreiver. I've also given it to my Black Lab.

by from 10/28/2011

We can see the difference in our dogs if we should run out of Glyco Flex III before the replacement order arrives.

Winter Haven, FL by from JFS"


I highly recomend this product. by Myrna Luna04/28/2008

I have 4 dogs--a l5 yr. old, a14 yr. old, a10 yr. old & a 9 1/2 yr, old. All have been diagnosed with arthritis. Since switching to this product, I have noticed a distinct improvement. The oldest two can now rise from a sitting or a lying position without struggling. The oldest had stopped going out into the backyard except to potty. He now goes out, walks & sniiffs every thing in sight. I can rough house with my 10 yr.old once again without causing her pain in her arthritic shoulder. The 9 1/2 yr. old, I have on Glyco Flex hoping to prevent further damage to his freshly diagnosed arthritic joints.

Glyco Flex 3 by rocket12/10/2011

Excellent product, excellent price, fast shipping

everything was broke by ella from Detroit, MI07/19/2014

Glyco Flex 111 this is the third order of the product that I have received that was all in pieces. almost every piece in the bag was broke into two or three pieces. My dog has been taking the product for years and she is doing real good, so I'll continue to order.

Recommended by our veterinarian by Chipperoo from NC02/28/2014

We fell in love with our American Eskimo (mix) when we first saw her at the local animal shelter. After settling in at home, we noticed she was having a little trouble getting around. Our vet recommended better diet control to lower her weight, and Glyco Flex to assist with joint lubrication. After a few weeks, she became much more agile and now enjoys running and jumping.

Grteat product by swflorida gal09/11/2014

My 15 year old Yorkie tore his hind knee 4 years ago. We opted not to have it surgically corrected as it was experimental surgery at that time and would have limited his activity for almost a year and cost several thousand dollars. He had pain for a couple days which responded to pain medication and now he takes a daily glycol flex. When he doesn't take it I can tell he is uncomfortable, when he does take it he runs and plays with his sister. Enough said.

My dog loves them. by Dawn from Texas11/04/2013

My dog has been using the treats for 3 weeks now and his mobility is greatly improved. Before he was limping around first thing in the morning and especial at night. Now there are no signs of any pain. We recommend this product to anyone that has a pet that may benefit.

RECOMMENDED by JC03/06/2013


Great for older dogs by Collie Mom05/07/2014

If we run out of Glyco Flex before I order more, I can really tell a difference in my 12 year old dog's ability to move. Each day I give her 2 with her evening meal. She seems to love the taste. Hope this helps.

Glyco Flex III by Boxer Granny/GS Mom from Plattsburg, Missouri11/27/2011

My boxer grand-dog, Dempsey, has had hip stiffness and minor dysfunction for several years, ever since he was run over by one of my mini donkeys who don't appreciate dogs in their pasture. My son started him on Glyco Flex III about two years ago and has seen remarkable improvement. Dempsey is eight yrs. old and he runs and jumps like a pup, just amazing. So when my German Shepherd, Brandi, the rescued dog with every problem known to man, who is only four, was proven by x-ray to have early hip dysplasia I immediately ordered some Glyco Flex III for her and started her on it. Since she is not having any obvious dysfunction or disability yet I'm hoping to give her an advantage by starting her before rather than after she starts having problems. I'm hopeful that this will work as well for her as it has for my good grand-dog, Dempsey.

Glyco Fles III by Shar11/13/2012

These chews make a very marked difference in our 18 year old dog's activities. Great product

Great Product by SylviaK from Ladysmith, BC06/01/2014

This helps with my two senior dogs joints. One dog has had surgery so helps with arthritis that has set in. Entirely pets makes purchases very easy and items are delivered in a speedy fashion.

glyco flex III by sally stein04/09/2009

My Springer Spaniel is 14 years old. He started taking Glyco Flex III about a year ago because he was having trouble getting up and down and was extreamly stiff all over. He was also quite lathargic and had lost the gleem in his eyes. After about a month of taking Glyco Flex III, I could see a difference in his mobility and now, after a year on this suppliment, he is like a new dog! Not only can he even climb stairs, but he has tons more energy and the brightness in his eyes is back! It's awesome! He's happy again! I highly recommend this product for dogs like mine who are (were) old, rickety, and seem sad all the time. Yes, he is still old, but his quality of life has improved 100%.

Saved my bulldog from surgery by Mary02/07/2012

I've used this product for years now..have tried other joint supplements but Glyco flex has worked the best for my Bulldog

Excellent! by Judy02/18/2009

I have a 14 year old Rottweiler who is able to move pain free because of this product. He's not the speediest boy on 4 feet, but he's not having any symptoms of joint discomfort. He will be on Glycoflex III for the rest of his life.

by from 09/30/2009

I initially started using this product when I got a 2-year old German Shepherd last year. She had a bit of trouble walking & definite problems jumping. After some tests, the veterinarian determined she had hip dysplasia. The doctor highly recommended this product. After I started her on the inital dosage, I saw a big improvement. By the time she was finished with the initial full dosage (before the maintenance dosage), she was at full mobility & energy! She literally outruns her brothers & sisters, and definitely has no problems jumping now! :-)

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Crumbs by Joe12/15/2012

Most of the bag was crumbs. The bag should of been full of bite size pieces with granted a few pieces that crumbled.

Helping to Heal by robindowerhs@yahoo.com from Shenandoah, Pa.12/04/2011

Not sure that it's helping, just bought it, so I will let you know in the future.

Greatest joint Supplement! by Happy Shiba's from Bluffton, SC01/17/2012

I had tried many different brands, spent a lot of money on Joint Supplements just for my dogs not to eat them! Then Glyco Flex III was recommended to me and the dogs just love them! I will recommend this product to everyone, it is the best! The dogs think they are getting a treat...and they dont even know its good for them!

Exactly the Same that the vet sold! by Zoey from Georgiat07/12/2012

But almost half the price. Thank you for offering us an affordable alternative. Our dog loves those things and they do actually help her with her luxating patella's.

Glyco Flex III by Hunters Mom from New England01/06/2014

These are wonderful and my dog hunter just loves them. He doesn't know that it's to help him with his arthritis, all he knows is it's another treat that he gets and that they taste yummy! He was on the hard pill type one's and I decided to go to these because we have to give him just 1/2 so these are so much easier to break in 1/2. These work wonderfully, hunter used to limp alot before taking these and now he does not limp at all. If your dog suffers from arthritis, give them these and they will be feeling better in no time.

by mylissyk10/31/2012

My dog had quit eating the tablet form of Glycoflex, she likes these and eats them like treats.

Great product by bkliche from Colorado Springs, CO10/23/2012

Recommended by our vet, this product obviously helps our 7 year old dog. Several of her joints obviously hurt, but when she takes these chews (one with her morning meal and one with her dinner) she has less pain and is more active.

My guys love em by Chin mom10/15/2013

This product has increased my dogs(4) mobility a great deal and they love them, act like they are the best treat they've ever had

by berta from Illinois03/06/2014

I have been using Glyco Flex for over a year for my 25lb. Sheltie's arthritis. I believe it has helped give her a little more mobility.

Great product for older dogs! by ValerieR02/08/2012

I heard a vet recommend these on National Public Radio a year or so ago. They have been extremely good in increasing the mobility of our 14 1/2 yr. old Polish Lowland Sheepdog! highly recommend them!

Pup Again! by Curly02/11/2012

Our second bag with our nine yr. old Golden and she's like a puppy all over again. From 2 months ago where she couldn't jump up and walked slow to where now she's back to a kid again, running with the younger dog, daily wrestling events between the two and a happy smile. Thanks!

Pretty good supplement by Spooma from FL09/07/2014

Have tried several glucosamine concoctions, but this one came highly recommended by a champion poodle breeder. She gives to all her dogs from age 6 or 7 preventively. Started late on my 11 year old poodle girl, but have seen some improvement in mobility. Hard to say whether she would have been much worse without, but I feel it is helping preserve mobility at this point. Have also put my two 8 yr. olds on this supplement. All enjoy them as a "treat" so easy to give.

Glyco Flex III by none01/02/2012

I know that this is a very good product as I have used it before. But I don't remember the "bites" getting rock hard so fast. I need to crumble it up for a dog who does not like it and it is a small problem. Is there something I can do to keep the "bites" moist?

Great product by Jackie from Oregon02/18/2013

My vet recommended Glyco Flex lll for my 7 year old Bichon. My dog has arthritis pretty bad. Both front and hind legs are affected. Since I've been giving him the Glyco Flex lll for approximately a month now, I have really noticed a difference. Once in a while he limps but most of the time he is walking normal.

Doggie Candy! by Rich from Myrtle Beach, SC05/23/2014

My dog, Splashes, is a 13 year-old I picked up at our Humane Society when she was just over six weeks old. Part Black Lab, part Aussie Shephard and maybe something else, she is a wonder, well behaved pet. She is family! She lines un at the kitchen counter when she hears me open the glass container where we keep her Clyco Flex. I tell her she need not get in line; no one else is coming. She loves it like it was doggie candy.

Awesome chews! by Lab lover from Mooresville, NC12/06/2011

We have 4 Labs, one recently diagnosed with arthritis in her hip. My vet gave me a sample bag and after 2 weeks, we've seen a marked improvement in her mobility. Plus, they LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! The drool puddles start as soon as I open the bag!!

Glyco Flex III by Deb Sue02/12/2013

Great product! As many people know, bulldogs are not always the healthiest breed so you need to do your research if you own one and be proactive to keep them healthy. My bulldog has a loose knee and was showing signs of pain at a very young age. I put him on this product as well as a Vitamin C tablet (using the pill pockets) and within a few months he was much better and is standing solid on both legs! It works!

Excellent product by annilu from Colorado07/20/2013

I have a 12 and a half and a 13 and a half on glycoflex. Both are doing well.

Vet Recommended by DeeB from Ozarks09/02/2014

My Vet surgeon recommends glyco-flex for his patients. Now that our dog, Dude, had his knee replaced we keep him on Glyco-flex III. Entirely Pets has the best price i can find for this product and order only from them.

glyco flex III by sausage03/14/2014

good quality product and dogs love it. Only problem is I cannot find the product expiry date on the packing

Glyco Flex soft chews by barneyboy from Fairport, NY08/11/2013

My three Goldens have been on Glyco Flex since they were a year old. They are now 8, 9 and 10 and doing beautifully with no signs of any joint disease. I'm sure that Glyco Flex has been helpful in keeping them happy and pain free.

They eat it! by Sandy from New York01/25/2014

The dogs (2) I am giving the Glyco Flex III to both enjoy it. I like products like this where I don't have to hide it to get them to eat it. Both are 10 years old and one has had arthritis for years, but you would not know it most times.

by from 08/26/2014

Our toy poodle, for some reason, jumped out of the window of our moving car and broke the left rear femur. This required external cast, pins... all kinds of stuff to stabilize the leg... for about four months. During this time we used a different Glyco Flex III formula, but switched to the bite-sized chews when that formula ran out.

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Great Product by El from Chattaroy, WA04/21/2013

Our furry boys, Otis, 10 and Amos, 8 have been on these for years- they get one with breakfast and one with dinner and absolutely love them. Otis has had a partial tear of the ligament by his knee for at least 7 yrs. and we feel this product has done wonders for him. No limping or obvious impairment. Both are large, about 90 lbs. and very furry and beautiful.

OH MY GOSH by naomee from New York03/12/2014

We just couldn't believe it... The doc was ready to operate on Pooka's knee joint... We hesitated and decided to contact a wonderful vet in st. Petersburg, Fl. that did surgery for us a few years back... There was no question.. He immediately recommened Glyco Flex III.... By the time we were ready to place a reorder (a couple of months).. Pooka was like a puppy again... She is a mini labradoodle at 35 pounds and 11 years old..... How can we thank you except to spread the word...............

Great purchase and great service by Marge from Palmer, AK08/14/2012

I was very pleased with the service on my last order. In fact, I am re-ordering today!

Vet approved, and it works. by Ms. Kitty from Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas03/06/2013

Have an active Jack Russell who had hip surgery when she was 1 yr. old. Now at 9 yr. old she has developed arthritis, just like most people do at a comparable age. Vet put her on this and it gives her the quality of life she deserves.

Glycoflex III softchews by mmsniglet10/23/2012

I have been using this product since my 4 year old English Shepherd I rescued displayed symptoms of a rear knee cap "popping" out of joint and possible hip issues as a puppy. I purchase it online as it is much less expensive than in the Vet's office. I would recommend it to anyone. We also started giving it to my sister's Bassador (Bassett/Lab mix)....with great results. Both dogs rarely display any obvious joint issues....unless they have been playing exceptionally hard in the back yard or chase and race through the house!!

There's a pep in their step... Again! by Sheriboo from Spring Hill, Florida05/24/2012

My 9 year old female Rhodesian Ridgeback had been crying every time she laid down or got up. I also noticed that she could no longer jump on my bed. After some x-rays and a vet visit it's been determined that she has arthritis and minor displaysia. The vet suggested that I start giving her and my 9 year old male Ridgeback Glyco-Flex III soft chew tabs and amazingly enough, they work! I've already noticed that she is back to her old self, so much so that I ordered some for my cats too! Awesome product.

by Muddyjeep4x4 from Shillington, Pennsylvania07/04/2012

Sydney just loves these chews. Its a treat and its good for him.

Great for my large boy by Snowflake from Ringwood ,N.J.11/27/2012

He loves them .. Gets 2 every day 1 in am and1 in the evening.. ,,

great product by 12345 from new york, ny06/03/2013

my dog is 14 and had bad joint problems that started a couple years ago. I've been using this product for about 8 months now and she has not had any issues since. I would definitely recommend the product and would recommend buying it from this website. It was a good price and came super quickly.

Glycoflex by dancer07/03/2013

My Sammie just turned 105 & she has been on these for about 3 yrs. I have noticed a difference in her agility. She is still an old girl but she is still enjoying a good doggy life with your product

by lsc07/10/2013

love this product, starting using the 1st stage when the vet noticed alittle arthritis at 6years of age..he is 12years and doing great...

Not good by max's mom04/30/2013

I bought this after my yorkies knee surgery hopeing it would help his knee joint. I followed all instructions but he threw it up almost immediately. Waited a month and tried again with the same results. I called Entirely pets and was told only unopened products could be returned. How do I know if it works unless I use it? Won't order from here again. Don't stand by their products.

Glyco Flex III the best! by Sadie from Rochester, IL08/18/2014

Glyco Flex III has helped our 12-year dog to be more agile. She can even keep up with our younger dog! Great product!

by lucy from long island, ny10/25/2011

much loved by my dog! still very active for a 9 year old.

Glyco Flex III by MichelleLeonard from Bolingbrook, IL01/18/2012

A friend referred us to this product after one of our min pins was having joint problems. Once we started using this product, we saw results and have 3 of our dogs on it now. This has really helped out our dogs; just seeing them be able to stand without their legs give out is AMAZING! I would highly recommend this product and have to others that have the same problems with their pets. Thank you for making a wonderful product that exceeded our expectations!

Glyco Flex III Bites work great by Totally Flashy from Snohomish, WA10/23/2012

Have given them to two of my older dogs that have arthritis issues. They work well and the dogs enjoy them as a nice treat too. Definitely recommend. Products always come promptly and well packaged.

Excellent service by Don from Maine11/03/2011

We have been getting GlycoFlex III Chewables for a number of years from Entirely Pets. Price is excellent and always arrives on or before promised date.

Great Product by crazymom01 from Virginia02/06/2013

My dog is 6 years old is already starting to have joint problems. My vet suggested this medication. He is not limping like he used to and seems to have eased his discomfort. I would recommend this product.

It really helps! by Ginger's Mom from Pueblo, CO12/30/2013

Ginger, my large mixed breed dog has arthritis in her front legs (elbows). She has been on other glucosamine and Rimadyl products but they were not helping as much as I had hoped they would. She's only 11 years old and is in good health otherwise. I hate seeing her in pain and unable to enjoy our walks, hikes and trips to the dog park. I started Glycoflex 3 almost a month ago at the recommendation of a friend at the dog park. Within approximately 2 weeks, I could see a marked improvement in the way she was walking. She even runs after the ball now and seems to be feeling a lot better. I admit that I was skeptical, but I honestly think this product has helped her and I will continue it for as long as she is with me, which hopefully will be many many more years.

Great Value by petrescuerz07/29/2014

My vet recommended these for my 6 year old border collie who suffers with arthritis. The savings I enjoyed by ordering online from Entirely Pets was great.

by llm05/26/2013

These chews have made such a difference for my senior dogs mobility. Happy Dogs!!

works great by casper from ardmore, ok07/17/2013

started my bassett hound on this about 2 years ago. she no longer limps or has problems climbing stairs.

Great product by Kim02/26/2014

My dog takes these chews twice a day since she had knee surgery at 2 years of age. She will be 5 in April and is doing great! We used to purchase the Glyco FlexIII from our vet, but found them at Entirely Pets for half the price!

Best Product/Best Price by Barb09/18/2013

My vet gave me samples of Glyco Flex III for my 8 year old beagle-she had been having serious joint issues for about a year. My beagle liked them and I wanted to continue the therapy. I could not afford to buy this product from the vet so I checked your site and found the exact product for less than half the price. Thank you for making this product affordable! I will pass your website info onto my friends.

My Friend Jake by Jake from Pulaski, Va.07/26/2013

My oldest dog Jake has arthritis, and the vet put him on a hard but chewable pill for hip joints and pain. He did not like the pills and would not take them even though they were chewable. I got on the internet and found Glyco Flex chewables and Jake loves them. I honestly believe if it wasn't for these chews we would have lost him. But thanks to the chews he can get around better and seems happier. Thanks!

fantastic deal by ken from nashville,tn.02/02/2013

this product was 50% cheapere than my vet ..ty

Joint Supplement by chasewoman03/28/2014

Really like this product and my dog loves it!! Good price if you subscribe.

Like A Miracle by broken boxer from Long Island, NY10/27/2011

My 9 year old Boxer named Buster was walking with a limp. I was told about this product, and within three days he was walking better, and starting to run and jump again. If your dog is getting older, and you are noticing some Arthritus setting in, this is the product for you. It is a miracle chew that Buster loves to eat.

Easy and Fast! by Mary from Stephens City, VA11/07/2011

An excellent product and a very easy way to purchase. There were no problems with the ordering process, the paying process or the shipping process. I received this product fast...which meant that my pet received it fast so it could start working. I will definitely consider this company for all my pet's needs!

Seems to be working by Pam02/20/2013

My black lab does seem to be moving alot better since being on this product.

Same product - at a fraction of the price by Happy Customer from Long Island NY11/30/2011

It was the same product the Vetnarian was providing us, but at a fraction of the price. it was delived to our door step, no hassel. I will definatly be using them for my futire needs.

Great Product by Kris from Indianola, Iowa04/24/2012

I have a large 8 1/2 year old black lab. A few years ago, he stopped meeting us at the door when we arrived home and he stopped getting up on the couch or bed - not necessarily a bad thing but it was out of character. I called the vet and she suggested arthritis was causing this change of character given his age, size, and breed. I started giving him glucosamine supplements as recommended per his weight. Within a few weeks, I noticed a great improvement. I am happy to say, he's now back to his lovable younger self!! I love that he seems to feel well again. We even play frisbee! I attribute this change to this product and am thankful my vet recommended it!

Love this product! by Shibamom from Hilton Head, SC10/08/2013

I have been using Glyco Flex for a while now (years) and it is the best product. My Shiba Inu's love them, they thinks its a treat, and its good for them! LOVE glyco flex III!!!!!

by Toddy08/14/2012

The "chews" seemed dry and hard, as if the package had been on the shelf for some time. I could not find a "use by" date. I think I'll try a different brand in the future.

Perfect results after 3 weeks by Daniela&Maxx from West Lebanon, NH02/23/2012

My Dachshund Maxx has joint problems and since I feed him 1 Glyco flex III chew every day he feels great and started to play again like a little puppy! I am so happy that it worked! Thank you Vetri Science!

by maverick06/17/2014

My dog would occasionally start limping for no apparent reason. Vet recommended Glycoflex III. He hasn't come up lame for the last 6 months.

Wonderful Product! by Zenobia from Detroit, MI09/16/2013

My Vet recommended this product for my 8 year old German Shepherd due to hip problems. She loves the flavor and it doesn't upset her sensitive stomach (like several other products I used previously). However, I was disappointed when my last order arrived hard and fused together. When I complained to Customer Service, I was issued a fresh bag; free or charge. Great product! Great Customer Service!

Works, Works, Works by happy dog owner from Oklahoma City, OK08/17/2012

When my 13 year old cocked started having trouble walking up the steps my vet put her on these treats/medication. She's a picky eater so getting her to even try them took days and many tricks but as soon as she started eating them it was love. Now she Runs up the step every morning and stops at the counter where she knows her treats(ha) are kept. Pets Entirely sells (these at about half the price...

by Bea01/09/2013

Following surgery 18months ago I was advised by my Vet to use this product which I am totally convinced has helped my dogs progress and well being.

by I don't have a nickname from Surprise, AZ.09/09/2014

Too soon to write a review. I haven't started giving her these chews on a daily schedule yet. I will as soon as she runs out of her prescription medication for her joint pain.

Awesome product by ChristineCP from Pittsburgh, PA10/23/2013

Does everything it claims. Makes your dog feel so much better. I have used Glycoflex on 3 dogs already and have significant improvements in ALL of them! Highly recommended!

Great Product by Loretta from Southern New Jersey11/06/2012

Started using these a couple of years ago - they help our 14-year-old dog with arthritis - he looks forward to this "treat" every evening. Recommended by our Vet.

Great Product by spaniel from Wisconsin09/18/2013

Works well and my dogs love the chews better than the tablets.

Good stuff by PatF04/07/2014

My dog loves them. They contain the nutrients he needs. We're both happy.

Easy and effective by Kerry10/10/2011

My dog is about to reach her 10th birthday. Our vet recommended a glucosamine dosage to help with her joints. Sadly, our dog wanted nothing to do with the pills. She spit them out regardless of what I tried to hide them in. This product is the easiest solution without compromising on efficacy. Our dog loves the taste, so she gets the dosage she needs without any of the hassle.

Not what was ordered by Sosa09/10/2014

Ordered the Glyco Flex III chews, but received the Glyco tablets! Kept tablets but our dog prefers the chews. Wished we had received what was ordered!!

Hip and Joint Product by hyatt from Mount Holly, NC12/13/2012

I would recommend this product to anyone who has a pet with hip or joint problems. It has made a big difference in both of my dogs. One is a pit bull with hip and knee problems and one is a very small rescue dog (old) with joint problems. It is a very good product.

by from 02/13/2012

When i read ingredients and i do, the last things i want to see are what is in this product.

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Increased quality of life for the Corgis by Leialoha from Memphis Tn06/10/2013

We have three Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Our eldest, at five, had to have spinal surgery because of a burst disc. The others are starting to slow down. This product has, more than any product I have ever used, has returned the mobility to all three. It is truly amazing.

by from 10/25/2012

I recevied the item very quickly It was exactly what I ordered.

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Good results by Molly's mama from Colorado12/29/2012

Glyco-Flex has made a difference in the ability of Molly to run and walk on a daily basis. She is 12 years old and completely mobile. She loves the chews and looks forward to her daily treats!

Helpful by petm0m from Westerville, OH01/14/2014

I give these to both of my pups for joint relief. They both love the taste and they seem to help the 14 year-old. My vet recommended starting early with the 4 year-old.

Excellent Product! by Debi from Grand Rapids, Ohio02/11/2013

I ordered the Glyco Flex III for our 10 year old lab. She loves the treats, and they are really helping her mobility. The service I received was Excellent and the price was RIGHT! Thank you, Entirely Pets!

Disappointed by Florida Native from Florida09/04/2014

Unfortunately I was not real happy with my purchase. When the Glyco Flex III arrived, I was surprised to find most of the chewy tablets were broken, and in pieces, also they seemed dry, making a correct dosage for my small dog somewhat difficult. I was pleased with the price, but now I'm not sure the reduction was worthwhile compared to purchasing the same product at my vets office where I paid more, but did not have these problems.

by NIkki from Fort Collins, CO12/16/2013

The product is great. Our lab loves them.

good supplement for joints by cl11/26/2012

they seem to make a difference in how my dogs feel and they even like to eat them.

Seems great by Pax'sMom07/17/2013

We've been using these instead of the tablets and Paxton enjoys them a lot more. His mobility has improved over the past month.

glyco flex by ral2991 from northwest Indiana04/13/2014

Great/ helps our dogs get around without the pain of arthritis....

GINGER says "Thanks." by Rich from Southern Colorado01/11/2014

I have used Glyco Flex for many years. I have had retired racers (Greyhounds) for 30+ years with great success. I bought the Glyco Flex III for a friend's dog (Ginger) when I saw that she was hobbling noticeably. Ginger is an old dog and she was grinding to a halt. It's been three weeks and I was amazed to see Ginger up and playing with other dogs at the dog park. All credit to Glyco Flex III.

Featured Reviews for GLYCO-FLEX II EQ 210 Servings (9.72 lbs)
Glyco Flex EQ, Not EQ II, is better by kandy king from Flagler County, FL11/07/2012

Glycoflex EQ, Not EQ II ,works best BUT you have to give enough of it to be effective -- more than the maintenance dose. I give twice the maintenance dose and supplement with Nupro MultiFlex which includes Perna Mussel as well as all of the other regular flex products. This is the best mix I have found after 13 years of dealing with physitis-related arthritis in my QH.

Back on the Trail by kandyking from Central Florida08/01/2012

I just added the Glyco-Flex EQ II to my horse's supplements as an experiment. He is a 15 year-old QH with long-term physitis-related issues. I believe the Glyco-Flex, combined with liquid HA, is the best mix for him. The HA alone was not enough; but he is now back on the trail and happy.

Featured Reviews for Joint Aid 4 Dogs (2 lb)
LOVE this product by Lisa from Commack, NY04/13/2010

My dog has hip and joint problems, and this product seems to help. Lucy refuses to eat most supplements but enjoys the Oatinol on her food. Oatinol seems to alleviate some of the pain and is great for preventative maintenance. My only complaint is that it's not easy to find in local pet stores and, when I do find it, the price is almost double what it is online.

Great for athritic dogs!! by Osa from Arizona05/07/2012

I have two geriatric dogs and one with a very sensitive stomach. Both really like the Joint Oats, unlike other products that have been hard on their systems and they have refused to eat. I also notice an improvement in their mobility.

Great Product by Love Cattle Dogs12/20/2012

Great product for dogs who have arthritis and sensitive digestive tracts. I feed Joint Oats to my fifteen year old Blue Heeler and he loves it!

Great stuff by niece40 from Missouri12/16/2011

This has been a life saver for my dog. He could barely lift his head and was in so much pain. Since taking this he is back to climbing the fence again.

Great Product to Keep Dogs Healthy by Debbie from Vancouver, WA08/27/2013

I have a Boerboel, which is a South African Mastiff and I started giving Odi Joint Oats as a precaution due to his size when he was two years old. He is now 5 and has no signs of joint problems.

Featured Reviews for DVM Feline Joint Gel (5 oz.)
dvm feline cat joint gel by gauu from wallkill ny12/17/2011

ever since our 14 yr old cat took this gel she has been very playful again. she used to do nothing but sleep on the bed all day cause of the pains of walking. now its like shes been reborn and refreshed. shes playing cat and mouse with us again and running around etc..id highly recommend this product to anyway with an older pet.

GREAT product! by Shado2 from Chicago03/11/2012

My 18 yo cat has arthritis; vet recommended this product. She seems to be a bit more spry and doesn't cry when walking any more!

Miraculous (if your cat will eat it) by Peanut from New England12/12/2011

My elderly cat became a bit tender in the hind end and started having difficulty jumping up just to a chair seat. First I tried the stuff in capsules and refused to eat her food with it sprinkled on (most cats like this - she's fussy). But she does love hairball remedy stuff in tubes so this was a big hit. Several months later there's a huge improvement in motion, and she's only getting it two or three times a week now. As long as your cat will eat it, it works! If only they had something that worked as well for people...

Great Product by Alexandra from Port Washington, NY03/13/2012

I know this product is great for arthritic cats; but my cat has a tough time eating it.... so I recommend putting it on your finger and then putting cat treats in it!! This way my cat eats it and she is getting what she needs to be playful again!! Thanks "Entirely Pets"!!

Seems to work by salandry07/03/2009

My Vet recommended this for my 17 year old cat, especially since trying to give him the capsules was too difficult and he was not getting enough when sprinkled on his food. He LOVES the taste -- just licks it off my finger. Due to the ease of use and the reasonable cost, I plan to continue using it.

Feline joint gel makes him good as new! by Cindy from Virginia05/20/2013

Many years ago when he was young, Big Boy broke a hip joint doing who-knows-what. Now that he is older, he has very bad arthritis in his surgery site. Feline joint gel makes all the difference! He can do everything as before! And, he LOVES the stuff! Every morning, he waits quietly for me to give him the medication and licks every speck off my finger. We are all very, very thankful for this product.

Working well for Simon by Charity Haworth07/13/2009

I have an older cat named Simon who appears to be getting around much easier since we've been giving him DVM Feline Joint Gel. He's not quite so grumpy plus he loves the flavor! When he sees me pull out the tube, he's right there for his daily dose!

Major Con by Unhappy12/31/2012

Ordered item weeks ago. It still hasn't arrived. Not just poor service. How about no service at all.

WOW! WOW! WOW! by Angela from Piedmont, SC03/11/2011

I just found out this has been discontinued, and I am sooooo sad. It has made a world of difference for "Big Moody," our 13 year old cat. He has severe debilitating arthritis, and trouble eating. One vet suggested we consider putting him to sleep, but another told us to try this product in a jar of chicken baby food. He was able to keep the baby food down, and after about three weeks, Big Moody was acting like a kitten agin. He is tearing through the house, and he even killed a bird! He has not done that in about 5 years! I took him back to the first vet to show him the difference, and he was amazed. He said he would stock his shelves with this product, and push it. It saved my kitty!

It works but has issues by VickiD. from Spokane WA09/11/2014

I bought 2 tubes for my 20 year old male cat. The first tube he ate off of my finger enthusiastically and it seemed to help him as he started jumping onto furniture has had avoided for some time. The second tube he won't eat the same way and the consistency is somewhat more runny than the first. I'm somewhat hesitant to get more because I don't want to throw money away if I run into this same issue.

Featured Reviews for Canine PLUS Senior Soft Chews (60 BITE-SIZED CHEWS)
by from 08/22/2014

This is great especially for those who have kept their companion on the same brand of food their entire lives and would have excesses and deficiencies in nutrients from doing so. It's a way to offer a boost of everything a senior might need.

with by roughly from twentyI've


My dog won't eat it by cockapoo07/23/2014

my vet recommended this product for my 14 year old cockapoo. I was very excited to try it. Unfortunately, he won't eat it. I Have tried wrapping it in cheese, peanut butter, cutting into smaller pieces etc. He just won't take it. Very disappointing.

best purchase ever by shirley from CAPE CANAVERAL, FLA11/09/2011

My 13 year old little girl was on the verge of having to be put to sleep - lost her wants of eating, dianosed with heart and kidney failure, no energy no nothing - I started Tia on the canine plus senior soft chew once a day (because she is only 5 lbs) I cut them into halves and gave them to her - not only did she love them, but all of a sudden her young self became alive - she now has been on them for about 4 months, her last doctors visit was over the top and I feel I found the fountain of youth for my little 4 legged girl - yes I recommend this product highly

by from 01/01/2013

All of my dogs consider this a treat. It makes it so much easier to given them the supplements they need when it tastes so good that they are willing to beg for it.

with by this from itemMy


Dog Loves These by sandy03/18/2012

My dog loves these so it is easy to give him his vitamins.

by from 11/03/2012

wow this product is amazing, my dog is a senior and he just could not chew the hard multi- vitamins anymore, my sister recommended these and he has been eating them as if he were getting a treat, I have now peace of mind that he is getting his daily vitamins!

product by LB" from The Best Product for my aging dogthankyou


Best Purchase Ever by Lydia from Singapore10/22/2011

I was won over by all the vitamins, minerals, and good stuff in the Canine Plus Senior, but my doggie would not eat the Canine Plus Senior that came in chewable tablets. There was no way she could be persuaded to have that. So I was overjoyed when I saw that Canine Plus Senior came in a soft chews version and also that it was in the chicken liver flavor I knew she already loved since she looks forward to her Vetri-Science Probiotic chews every day and those come in the same flavor. I went ahead to order a year's supply and voila! I have no problems getting Coco to take her vitamins. I am convinced too this is an excellent geriatric nutritional supplement for my 12-year-old girl. This will be another must-have product I will always order from Entirely Pets!! Thank you!!

Best Purchase ever!!!! by Shirl09/18/2011

Over the many years, I have tried to find a vitamin that my little one could take without any problems - One day I happened upon the canine plus for senior dogs, ordered it and have found it amazing in the change of my little dog who has been fighting heart and kidney failure - its like she is a puppy again - her spirit, her overall health has transformed before my eyes - I recommend it highly but check with your vet first -

Dogs love the flavor by purplemoe71610/05/2011

Our dogs look forward to taking them.. They have only taken them a couple of months so I haven't noticed any health effects, but they are tasty to the babies..

Featured Reviews for Neutricks for Senior Dogs (60 Chewable Tablets)
Noticeable change in my 16.8 year old Lucy by windsheen from Minneapolis, MN08/19/2013

We have gone through about half the bottle and Lucy is doing so much better. She even barked the other day and she has not done that for over a year. Lucy runs in the yard when I get home and is looking at me again. She still paces at night but not as much as before. I do mix them in her food otherwise she most likely would not eat it. Neautricks has made a world of difference!

Worked for our 14 year old Aussie! by tulllys3 from North Carolina03/23/2013

I've seen reports from people that indicate the Neutricks didn't help their dog but it made a big difference with our dog. He was almost back to his normal self after about 3 dosages. Your website sells the Neutricks for about 50% of the cost our vet sells it for. Thank you!

Neutricks - good product by Connie from SD05/05/2012

Our beagle loves the taste of neutricks and we feel has made him more youthful.

my dog refuses these by doggymom07/14/2012

A lot of money for a product my dog completely rejects.

More than hoped for with Neutricks by Lab Lover from Grosse Pointe, Michigan06/16/2012

Our Vet., Dr. Brooks, gave us hope of restoring our thirteen year old Labs vitality and mental alertness with your product "Neutricks". After taking Neutricks for only three weeks both dogs were more alert, active, and the sparkle returned to their eyes. After more than a year on Neutricks there is no doubt of the joyful restoration these dogs have experienced, and we certainly revel in their joy. Thank you So much for making our dogs old years golden. Neutricks is the real deal!

Wonderful supplement by Cate02/27/2013

A wonderful natural product that help my senior dog immensely. After two doses he started sleeping through the night with out barking and wandering, which he had not done in over five months.

it really helps by clear from Monroe Ohio01/27/2012

Used this on my 9.5 yr old aussie/husky who had Canine Cognitive Disorder basically doggie dimentia she would pace, act "lost" or confused in our house become frightened be a simple sneeze frightened wnough to hide behind the couch knockiing over tables. This product stopped all of this behavior within 3 weeks by following the directions. We have had no furniture knocked over at all so by 6 weeks vet reccommended we try to cut back on the dosage within 2 weeks some symptoms started coming back so follow the dosage directions. After 16 weeks we are still good. Some random "lost" looks but that is it! Definately would reccomend for their health and happiness and your peace of mind. I did not realize how much the CCD bothered me until she was not exhibiting the odd behavior.

Worked just fine for my 17 y.o. by Airsailor from Bucjarest, Romania01/16/2014

I cannot praise the product, but for my 17 y.o.caniche/cocker mix worked just fine. I had a gap of 5-6 days due to delayed delivery when she was out of them and the symptoms came back rushing (spinning, day/night switch). As soon I got her back on the stuff, it went back to significantly diminished symptoms. Definitely did not work 100% to bring her back to her old self, but t least i get the feeling she's more calm with it. I am trying now to mix the Neurotricks treatement with 1/day Senilife. Keep my fingers crossed and hopes up.

by Dr A06/08/2012

Our dog doesn't care for the taste of this, so we crush a tab and mix it in his food and he will eat it that way. He is 16 yrs old and it has helped him quite a bit with his cognitive function. He seems more alert and doesn't sleep so soundly all day.

Neutrick works by clear from Monroe, Ohio11/04/2011

We got Neutricks for our dog with Canine cognitive disorder (dimentia type) she is nine years old and her behavior was drastically changing. She was snubbing my husband and turning her head to ignore him, hide from him and clinging to me. She even knocked over furniture to get to a hiding spot. Generally she was walking in & out of rooms confused & not remembering why she was there (get water) or just looking perplexed. Now she is not as confused or as often perplexed (decrease 50%). Plus we have not had one piece of furniture knocked over & the incidents are decrease to ocassionally not weekly. It is a little pricey but the vet had us go with a full dose then decrease a little after showing signs of improvement (2 pills to 1 1/2 pills daily). I do feel this has offered her a better quality of life and has decreased my worry for her also.

Neutricks by Jasper03/19/2012

We have a very elderly dog (over 16 yrs) with dementia issues. A friend heard about "Neutricks" on NPR, so we thought we would give it a try. We really think it has made a difference in slowing the progression of our dog's mental decline....only wish we had known about it sooner and started it at the first signs. I refer to "Neutricks" as the "Aricept" for dogs!

Seems to Help by Misty from Houston, TX08/29/2014

Second purchase of this product - this time for almost half of what I paid in a retail health store. My dog is 16, has dementia and assorted other issues, but still eats well and wants our company. The Neutricks seems to help her focus a little more and increase her awareness of her surroundings, at least part of the time. I use only half of the recommended weight dosage as she weighs only 10 pounds.

Great Product by me from Columbus, Ohio02/21/2014

Keeps my doggies fit and they really do nt have any trouble taking it.

Neutricks by Fancy Pants01/04/2014

Our vet recommended Neutricks July 8, 2013, when we discovered our 15-year-old canine friend had an inoperable and non-treatable tumor. Along with some other medicine and diet changes, I am more than pleased to report he is still with us, and just returned from a 10-day Florida vacation. His level of alertness is astounding.

Good product by lindalee11/09/2011

I have a very old dog and these pills really brought him back to reality. He is doing very well on these pills.

Great product. by BirdDog from Madison, WI10/31/2011

We got our dog into a trial for Neutricks (13 year old at the time). After the first month, we did not see much improvement in her, but we certainly did during the second month of treatment. She has been on Neutricks since.

Neutricks by Jodyp05/30/2012

Have been using it for a while now and have not noticed any difference in Holly. I tried it on the advice of my vet to hopefully, help her cognition, memory... So far, nothing has changed.

Didn't work well for us by Apollo from Pacific Northwest01/29/2014

This may help some dogs, but it didn't help us. I tried it with my 12 year old dog for about 2 1/2 months. After about 2 months he seemed to have gotten worse in his cognitive functions. So I stopped giving it to him and we're switching to a different supplement. I think this is worth a try if your pet has cognitive issues. It won't hurt. For us, it didn't help.

by kermit01/29/2013

Have a 12 year old mix with notable staring off into space and listening skill decrease. Since Neutrick's her staring off into space has greatly decreased and she listens when we call her.

I was sceptical, but this has been great! by Chow Mom from Berkshires MA04/25/2012

I have an 11 year old chow who recently has been getting disoriented - sometimes he seems to forget where he is and he was waking up in a panting panic throughout the night. I had tried Anipryl with a former dog and it worked well but when I went to my vet she told me to try this - in just a few days I saw a huge difference and it has now been a month and he is doing great - sleeping through the night (with the help of nightlights) and not being so panicked during the day. Also - paid $61 from my vet for this so EP is a bargain (as always) I really was not expecting this to work but would absolutely recommend it!

Neutricks by Deidre from Lake Ronkonkoma05/26/2013

I believe this product is helping my dogs cognition. I definitely saw an improvement in her once she was on it just a couple of weeks.

neutricks seems to work by collie lover from Madison WI01/08/2011

We had our 13 yr old collie participate in the trials for Neutricks. After two months, she was noticeably more active. Our family noticed the change too. My grandmother thinks she should be taking these pills.

Featured Reviews for PolyChews for Older Dogs (60 Soft Chews)
Great for hips and joints by Kobi from Hawaii10/12/2011

My little senior takes this everyday. The chew is nice and soft so it is very easy to hide medicine in it. She takes her meds and supplement with no problems!!! This is great for dogs who have joint and hip issues.

not for my dog by Debbie from SF Bay Area11/19/2012

This product upset my dog's stomach and I had to discontinue use after two or three days, so I can't say if it really does what is promised.

BIG Difference by Rikki's mom from Lexington, KY05/18/2010

I received a month's supply sample of Polychews at the company's info booth at the Rolex 3-Day Event in Lexington, KY in April. I have seen a real improvement in my 11-year-cocker's energy level, agility, and attitude since putting her on this supplement. Others who see her regularly have commented that she's really "spry" lately, so I know it's not my imagination. She used to kind of mope around, looking like she just felt bad, but now she's more enthusiastic & active. GREAT product!

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