• Douxo Seborrhea Micro-emulsion Spray - FOR DOGS & CATS (6.8 fl oz)

    Douxo Seborrhea Micro-emulsion Spray - FOR DOGS & CATS (6.8 fl oz)

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    Douxo Seborrhea Micro-emulsion Spray contains phytosphingosine 0.2%, moisturizing and film-forming agents and green tea fragrance.

    Properties Phytosphingosine is a natural component of the epidermis. It plays a key role in the building and maintenance of the skin defense barrier. Local administration helps restructure the stratum corneum, regulating the seborrhea. The other micro-emulsion components are soothing, help improve skin moisture and provide coat protection.

    Uses: Topical treatment of seborrhea

    Directions: Brush the pet's hair against the natural fur line, then spray the product by holding the pump approx. 12 inches from the pet's body, thus dispensing the emulsion over the targeted area. The product will disperse naturally over the skin; do not over apply.
    Cat & Small Dog less than 22 lbs: 3 full sprays (back/right/left sides)
    Medium Dog 22-54 lbs: 5 full sprays (shoulder/right shoulder/lumbar area/left/right sides)
    Large Dogs 54 lbs: 1 full spray per 7-11 lbs.

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    Nice Spray by Foster Mom from San Diego, CA07/30/2012

    I am fostering a Lhasa Apso who came in extremely neglected. She has a smell that doesn't seem to improve except for right after her bath. She sheds small black dandruff-like flakes when I bathe her. I have used Douxo Seborrhea Micro-Emulsion Spray for between baths (using Douxo Seborrhea Shampoo) and she seems to be improving greatly.

    Excellent Coat Spray by Fearless11/11/2012

    Excellent spray for dogs with sebaceous edonitis. Softens coat and helps eliminate scaling.

    Satisfied by wendy01/04/2013

    I only had been able to use this for a little over a week and it was working as it said it would, however my dog died and wasnt able to see full results. ( died of unrelated issue)

    by koddy03/21/2012

    I have yet to receive this product that I oredered over a month ago.

    Why is this product unavailable? by Leslie04/21/2012

    I DEPEND on this product and it has been on backorder since January. The page says "to call for availability" but when I do the customer service person just says they have "no idea" when they will have it. Very upsetting as no one seems to have a response on what is going on with this in-demand product.

    old product by bwyn10/20/2011

    I ordered this product in Oct. 2011 and it had an expiration date of Nov. 2011. I'm using it but am not confident that it has full potency.

    Doesn't work by Natalie10/28/2011

    This product has done nothing to help my dog's seborrhea. It smells good, but is otherwise useless. Also, about 1/4 of the bottle was in the packaging instead of in the bottle when I received it (there was only a little under 5 oz available). The scaly scabs on his back and legs have not been reduced at all with the use of this spray alone. It certainly hasn't decreased his scratching. Pyoben works the best in combo with antihistamines and allergy shots. I was hoping to add this product in between baths (using Pyoben shampoo) to help reduce his itching and possibly reduce the amount of antihistamine he gets. Useless! This product, however, is a waste of money!

    Instructions by ceci from California08/18/2012

    The product is great, it really helps control seborrhea on my Westies. But the instructions! It takes a magnifying glass to be able to read them! As it is sold now, it is difficult to read the guidelines of this product. Couldn't the manufacturer increase the size of the lettering or have the instructions printed on a pamphlet attached to the bottle? All and all, good product, very poor packaging.

    easy to use by Joan from Sy Thomas VI11/08/2012

    The dogs licked it off as soon as they could get at it. It was a good spray bottle which is always a relief. Product seemed to work ok

    by Audrey from Québec, Canada07/29/2013

    I lové this product! Finally my dog has a better fourr and odor!

    Great Spray by Finneus' Mom02/13/2012

    My review regarding this product has more to do with customer service and product expiration date rather than the product itself. My first shipment of this produce was expired. When I called to notify EntirelyPets of this issue, I was informed a new bottle would be shipped right out. Two weeks later I still did not have a replacement bottle. I called again and the agent informed me that there was nothing documented in their system indicating that I had ever called. Again I was told a new bottle would be sent to me. However, when I expressed my frustration over the entire oversight on their end and that my puppy would be now be without this spray for 3-4 weeks, the agent could have cared less. He did not offer me a future discount and did not agree to send my next order with free shipping. In fact, I had just placed another order for a different product and when I asked him if he could add my new order on to the order of the spray to replace my expired one, he said "no you will have to pay the shipping". I am not impressed with the customer service up to this point. So PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE EXPIRATION DATES BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT BEFORE THEY SHIP THE PRODUCT TO YOU!

    Best Skin Care Product I've Found by Rosie11/14/2013

    My Vet highly recommended the Douxo Sebrorhea Micro-emulsion Spray as an effective treatment for my Cocker Spaniel's dry and irritated skin. She was right !! Within a few daily treatments my pet's skin looked so much better -- and he feels so much better. Thank you !!

    Excellent Spray by Swinging Oldie from Silver Spring, MD08/28/2014

    Read about this in a news article and write in from other dog owners. Excellent suggestion. Thanks.

    Douxo products by Big Puff06/09/2014

    Douxo products are excellent. Our dog participated in a derms lab and the Douxo products were recommended and have worked great. Highly recommend.

    Great for between baths by Kim11/10/2011

    I use this spray for between baths. My dog has horrible skin and is constantly itchy and chewing. This controls the itch, chewing the smell. I highly recommend this product for use along with the shampoo!!

    Great product by jules from Oregon10/02/2014

    Even though our poor poodle still itches after about five days, he's doing way better. I used to have to give him a bath at least every other day and even after the bath, he smelled awful.

    Excellent by Trish01/22/2012

    This product has dramatically reduced my Cairn Terrier's skin flaking and itching. I would recommend it to any pet owner whose dog is having similar symptoms.


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