• Senilife Nutritional Supplement for Elderly Dogs (30 Caps)

    Senilife Nutritional Supplement for Elderly Dogs (30 Caps)

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    Senilife is a dietary supplement that helps maintain normal brain function in elderly pets. Its blend of natural ingredients has been tested to show clinical signs of improvement after 7 days of treatment. 50% of pets are less lethargic, have more interest in playing, follow commands more readily, and 70% show improvement in night time moaning. Senilife is safe for use throughout a dog or cat's entire lifetime and may be most effective if given from an early age.

  • Naturally occurring membrane phospholipid.
  • Provides neuronal protection
  • Maintains neuron function in the aging brain
  • Ginkgo Biloba:
  • Antioxidant activity
  • Improved cerebral blood circulation

  • Directions for Use: To be given orally once daily for 1-2 months (Consult your veterinarian for continued administration after this time)

    Less than 30lbs. - 1 capsule
    30lbs. - 50lbs. - 2 capsules
    51lbs. and greater - 3 capsules

    Cats: 1 capsule

    by Ceva Animal Health, Inc.

    Usage Information

    Method(s) of Administration:
    1) Place entire capsule directly into animal's mouth, or
    2) Place capsule contents onto animal's food or directly into animal's mouth by cutting the upper portion of the capsule with scissors and squeezing capsule contents.


    Composition: Each capsule contains
  • Phosphatidylserine..........25mg
  • Ginkgo Biloba extract.......10mg
  • Vitamin B6................25.5mg
  • Vitamin E.................33.5mg
  • Other ingredients: Grape extract (resveratrol), cod liver oil, seed oil products, and byproducts, gelatin, glycerin, glyceryl, monostearate, titanium dioxide, FD&C Red 40.

    Guaranteed Analysis: Proteins 22.5%, oils and fats 46%, cellulose <1%, moisture 6%, ash 6%, Vitamin E (33.5mg), Vitamin B6 (20.5 mg)
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    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    Fountain of Youth! by 3birdy01/05/2010

    My 11 year old miniature schnauzer has been on Senilife for a month now. It's like the clock has turned back a few years! She initiates play for the first time in years, doesn't moan at night, shows great interest in food. Her life seems more enjoyable, which is what I wanted from this product.

    Helps with doggie dementia by ROBIN from Ohio01/16/2012

    My dachshund Zorro,15 yrs old has been suffering from the beginning of dementia for 1 yr. When the sun goes down he starts whining and pacing. Some days he does it all day never resting except at night. He does pretty well at night.I have been giving him Senilife for 3wks now and he is a new dog. I give it to him in the morning cutting the capsule open so it is absorbed faster. I spread it on a no salt cracker. He doesn't whine all day and will lay down to sleep during the day. Sleeps all night. I will say a doggie shirt or a thundershirt will quiet him too if he gets restless. Another shipment is on the way. I am so relieved for him. I love Senilfe so far. No side effects. Give it a try. Robin

    Aging by Sadie from Az09/15/2014

    Seems to help with her mental processing. Compared with another product this one superior..

    Excellent for older dogs by Dog lover from Oklahoma04/16/2013

    Our terrier has been on Senilife for 2 yrs. It was the best choice for her. She is 16 1/2 yrs old and showing signs of aging-anxiety and confusion. . We had to try another product for a short time and it did not work. She never appears drugged and the anxiety is much, much less.

    Wonderful by superula03/10/2012

    My 16 year old Peke was getting lost in our bedroom, forgetting where he was, etc. He would wake us up whining and grimacing. He is so healthy in every other aspect of his being that his senility was just so heartbreaking. My vet has us try Senilife and within a week the change was apparent and huge. My Peke is happy, healthy, alert and in control again. We are so happy. Now it is on backorder everywhere- we've been without it for two weeks and I notice he is slipping back again. PLEASE HURRY AND GET THIS BACK TO US!

    Best Purchase Ever by momladybear from Montgomery, Texas11/09/2011

    It is so sad when our pets get older and sometimes become senile, confused, distraught and more. My little Lhasa was getting lost in her front yard. We used this product and saw a difference in 2-3 days - she has now been taking it for 4 months - and I do believe it is improving her quality of life enough to make a big difference. She is 11 years old.

    Stops nightly panting and pacing by Ann Marie from Norwood, MA01/30/2012

    My 15 year old Beagle would wake up middle of the night startled and pacing, pant, and nothing would console her. After hiding this in her food, 2x a day she slept through the night and my happy old dog is back. It works.

    Best Supplement Ever Found by Cody's Mom01/30/2013

    My 13 yr. 7 mo. old Springer Spaniel Cody has been on this product for over 3 yrs. I saw an improvement almost right away when I started him on Senilife. His energy level improved dramatically. He is still so full of life and does not seem as old as he is. He still walks briskly ahead of me on our routine walks. I highly recommend this product. It has truly extended a very good quality of life for Cody into his senior years.

    Senilife by 6dogs08/21/2013

    Tried for 1 month and stopped. After 2 weeks ordered more what a difference in his behavior.

    Happy to find this Product by SylviaK from Ladysmith, BC02/05/2013

    This product was recommended by an acquaintance so upon further research I decided to try this for our 12 year old dog. Although she did not show great cognitive decline there were small hints that showed that perhaps she would benefit from this product. Again happy to find this product here. She has been taking this supplement which has been easy to give to her on her food. We are in our fourth week. We did start seeing improvements in her mood after approximately 7 days. She is definately more active. She was becoming distant and she is now coming for her special moments on your lap again. Even though she loves her walks and was quite active we do see a bit more of a bounce to her step when we are out. We will be continueing with this product so I am happy that I did purchase two bottles at the onset. Again very happy to have been able to purchse this through entirely pets.

    Great Product that works for my senior by sylviak08/22/2013

    We have seen a great improvement with our 12 1/2 year old cairn terrier. We were noticing some minor signs of cognitive decline so after hearing about this product through a friend we decided to try it for two months. We definately saw an improvement after a week so we continued. I was late ordering a new supply after giving this product several months and we noticed a big difference in our dog after she was off of it for several weeks. Thankfully after screwing up my shipping address Entirely Pets was great and resent my item out without an extra shipping charge....A big Thank you. Now our girl is feeling spunky again.

    Great Product by Mitch from Washington State05/24/2014

    I want to keep my pet cognisant as long as possible. This seems to do the trick!

    Awaiting for next order by Pia03/18/2012

    I enjoyed very much this product. Unfortunately, I ordered another batch of 2 boxes on February 26th and it is still written as "backordered". I am running out of the product and am very disappointed since I don't see it arriving in Israel in the coming days

    Amazing product by Pebble from Longmont, CO03/26/2012

    Our dog is 18 years old with dementia and Senilife has truly been helpful. Our only dillema is we have been unable to obtain it as the product is on backorder.

    You MUST try this. by Total Pet Parent10/23/2012

    If your pooch has been suffering from mental age decline, Try This! I thought my dog was just going crazy when she started having severe panic attacks for no reason. She also could not seem to stop herself from walking, almost 24/7. She was losing weight from all the walking and I was losing sleep. The panic attacks got worse, lasting longer and more often. After the vet explained it was age related dementia, I was so sad for her. After 3-4 days on this, there was a 95% improvement. She is on her 3rd bottle. I just started her on Science Diet b/d to help as I am concerned about it being progressive. So don't give up on your pet. Try this. The capsule is odd shaped, it is easier to cut the tip and pour the liquid contents over a favorite food--you know, a little can food. I get the regular size and make about 5-6 servings. They just need enough to convince them to take the medicine.

    Great stuff! by judywatts55 from Laguna Hills,CA09/22/2013

    My Beagle, at 13-1/2 years old, began showing signs of cognitive dysfunction. I started using Senilife and, while I still know he's an oldster, it has made a huge difference in his (and my) quality of life!

    senilife by sam02/07/2014

    I saw an immediate difference in my 13 year old dog after my vet prescribed this product. She is more alert and seems to feel better in general. Taken in conjuction with ocu-life and tri-cox chews for her eyesight and arthritis she acts much younger than her age now.

    by Joan06/11/2013

    The product was most helpful to Katie for over five years, I'm saddened to say that she died last week after 17 years of great love and friendship

    Great for senior dogs by Debie07/26/2014

    Darcy was starting to take "Space Walks"..you know walking .. stopping...staring off into space. The Senilife has greatly reduced these senior moments.

    Optimistic! by CrystalVision from San Jose, CA10/17/2013

    Our 17 year old kitty began exhibiting signs of dementia - staring into space, needing reminding to come in out of the cold and eat. I figured trying this couldn't hurt. I've been giving her the contents of one capsule/day for 4 weeks now and I feel there's been improvement. She now comes in of her own accord and eats at mealtimes. She seems more aware, so I am reordering.


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