• SENTRY Calming Collar for Cats (3 pack)

    SENTRY Calming Collar for Cats (3 pack)

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    The SENTRY Calming Collar for Cats helps soothe your cat - and stop unwanted stress-driven behaviors - in a natural and safe way.

    The 3 pack is perfect is you have more than one cat, or if you want to save money and stock up a three month supply for your only cat.

    Help your cat be ready for any situation.

    The SENTRY Calming Collar can help your cat stay calm for frightening occasions like riding in the car, visiting the vet, and staying in an unfamiliar setting. When cats are stressed, they exhibit behaviors like scratching, excessive meowing, and marking their territory. SENTRY's Calming Collar stops these behaviors by using a pheromone that mimics the pheromone that mother cats produce to calm their kittens. The SENTRY Calming Collar is completely safe, effective, and easy to use.

  • Collar can be adjusted just like a regular collar
  • Breakaway collar won't put your cat in danger
  • Collar doesn't make a mess or cause any harmful effects
  • Each collar lasts for 30 days
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    great by sunny from iowa08/05/2014

    for my feline with attitude adjustment issues when the routine is disrupted, these collars have been wonderful. There is a dramatic difference in attitude and hence, behavior issues. the price is also very economical in comparison to buying at a local retail store. she does not wear the collar constantly, just as needed.

    Works by Older cat02/17/2014

    Seems to help with my cats anxiety. She is 16, and I think she gets confused about things which causes her to be anxious. She seems less so with this collar.

    best purchase for a pet ever by mel from clifton forge, va01/24/2015

    My cat would urinate on furniture, hide when it thundered, and when my daughter would bring her cat here, he would almost become physically ill. Got these collars and it is like having a new cat. He goes in the box, sits at the screen door during a thunder storm and now plays when my daughter's cat visits. Don't know how they work, but they do.

    Fair to midlin by Sheila from West Virginia10/17/2013

    Product only works for about 2 weeks. Product is too expensive for the time it "works."

    Great for integrating cats! by Soshallgal from Cape Coral, FL08/12/2014

    I have recently had to take in my son's two cats and integrate them with my two cats. He has a male cat who on prior stays in my home had to be kept segregated, as he yowled and growled non-stop from scenting, or even getting a glimpse of, my cats. That made my cats defensive. He was wild with anxiety. Knowing I was getting his cats on a permanent basis, I bought these collars (the 3 pack is such a deal). To prepare for integration I put the collars on all four cats a week ahead of time, and kept them segregated so the collars would hopefully start their magic. Within an hour of putting it on the constantly growling male, he was in a much calmer state. Amazing! Come integration day, not one single fight or scrap among the four cats. They're still wary of one another after three days, but each day becomes calmer between the four of them. The whole integration procedure has gone smoother than I ever could have hoped, and I attribute this success to the Sentry Calming Collars.

    Does help! by fflrp from Idaho12/13/2013

    I have several cats, one of whom is kind of a bully. In addition to using Feliway, he always wears this collar with a bell. There is definitely a difference in his behavior wearing this collar. The smell is somewhat strong at first (not bad, just very lavendar-y), but gets better quickly. I put a new one on about every 2 months.

    It works! by Wendy J. from Chicago10/09/2013

    I have 3 cats who are all girls and sometimes they get"stupid". I have the collars on all three of them and things are a lot less crazy now!

    by from 09/23/2013

    The Sentry collars seem to work the best for Charle Brown. The other brand did not work and yet it had more of the calming ingredients in it! He has slowed way down chasing our kitty Natasha compared to when he wore the other collar.

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    Calming products by Kim from Winnipeg, MB10/08/2013

    We have used both the calming collars and diffuser in our house full of cats and it definitely helps calm the two cats that are not fond of each other.

    Kinda Works, Kinda Doesn't by Ccat from Minneapolis09/24/2013

    Bought this collar for our aggressive to other cats, cat. The number of attacks has decreased a small amount, which is all I can ask for. Not a significant difference. It smells extremely strong-

    by from 11/01/2013

    This is a great product--it lasts for up to a month. The 3 pack is a good buy.

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    smells nice by aliecat70 from ATLANTA02/03/2014

    it has not stopped the inappropriate urination. I have had my pet vetted so I know it is behavioral. the product smells wonderful so will continue to use in the hope it is making my cat relax. it really does smell great!

    A helpful product.... by bunny2 from Henrio, VA09/04/2013

    My neighbor suggested these for my 8 year old wonderfully laid back, medium haired orange and white tabby after he went through the loss of his long time buddy, our 10 year old lab mix. He mourned Mickey and began marking. She suggested I try these collars along with the plug in diffusers. They definitely helped him adjust to the loss, and also to bringing home a new puppy several months later.


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