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SENTRY Calming Collar for Dogs (3 pack)

Item Number: 02918
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The SENTRY Calming Collar for Cats helps soothe your cat - and stop unwanted stress-driven behaviors - in a natural and safe way.

The 3 pack is perfect is you have more than one cat, or if you want to save money and stock up a three month supply for your only cat.

Help your cat be ready for any situation.

The SENTRY Calming Collar can help your cat stay calm for frightening occasions like riding in the car, visiting the vet, and staying in an unfamiliar setting. When cats are stressed, they exhibit behaviors like scratching, excessive meowing, and marking their territory. SENTRY's Calming Collar stops these behaviors by using a pheromone that mimics the pheromone that mother cats produce to calm their kittens. The SENTRY Calming Collar is completely safe, effective, and easy to use.

  • Collar can be adjusted just like a regular collar
  • Breakaway collar won't put your cat in danger
  • Collar doesn't make a mess or cause any harmful effects
  • Each collar lasts for 30 days
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    Customer Reviews

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    4.33 rating based on 3 reviews
    Fresh scent by Eve from Portland, OR02/07/2014

    The SENTRY calming collar does seem to have some calming effect on my hyperactive dog. The collars are coated in a white powder that is a bit messy when the collar is first applied. These collars have a fresh scent and are significantly less expensive than competitors, especially when purchased in the 3 pack.

    Has transformed my dog within hours by ZENDINA from Sacramento, CA05/17/2014

    My dog had become extremely nervous after moving. He has started biting and even bit me hard, breaking the skin. I was thinking about dog anxiety pills or prozac but thought to try this first. It was no longer safe to even have visitors at the house, it was that bad. Within a few hours of putting the collar on, my hyperviligilant, fearful dog became calm and very loving. He would now rather cuddle with me and be sweet than agressively bark out the window. His mood is totally different and everyone around has commented about how happy he is now. I would not have believed the complete transformation if I had not seen it myself. To test the collar, I took it off for a few hours and my dog started acting like his former agressive self. So, I placed the collar back on him and he become the new sweet dog again.

    Anxious Geriatric by nilaco from New Mexico01/13/2015

    My dog is very old and has lost his hearing and most of his sight. Otherwise, he is still very active and happy as long as I am not out of his scent range. If he can't find me he gets very anxious and has a panic attack, especially at night. His bed is right next to mine but he would wake up and have an attack. With this collar he sleeps through the night and although still anxious when I am not in his immediate vicinity, he copes much better. The collar also makes him smell good and at his age bathing is no longer easy so that benefit alone is worth it.


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