Sentry Hairball Remedies

Sentry Hairball RemediesPetromalt Hairball is an intestinal lubricant with an irresistible malt or chicken flavor. Aids in the elimination of swallowed hair and the prevention of hairballs. Petromalt Hairball Remedy helps relieve constipation, dry cough and occasional vomiting associated with certain gastrointestinal blockages.

Sentry HC Petromalt Hairball Relief (3 oz)
Sentry HC Petromalt Hairball Relief (3 oz)

($10.99)  $7.99
Sentry HC Petromalt Hairball Relief Malt Flavor (4.4 oz)
Sentry HC Petromalt Hairball Relief Malt Flavor (4.4 oz)

($7.99)  $5.99
Sentry HC Petromalt Hairball Remedy Chewable Treats (2.5 oz)
Sentry HC Petromalt Hairball Remedy Chewable Treats (2.5 oz)

($4.99)  $3.79
Sentry HC Petromalt Hairball Relief - Fish Flavor (2 oz)
Sentry HC Petromalt Hairball Relief - Fish Flavor (2 oz)

($5.99)  $3.99
Sentry HC Petromalt Hairball Relief - Fish Flavor (4.4 oz)
Sentry HC Petromalt Hairball Relief - Fish Flavor (4.4 oz)

($7.99)  $5.99
Sentry HC Petromalt Hairball Relief contains a unique blend of ingredients, including lecithin and beeswax to emulsify and lubricate hairballs and aid in their passage without the use of petroleum. Your cat will love the highly palatable chicken taste! Symptoms of hairballs include constripation, straining during bowel movement, dry cough and vomiting after meals. If symptoms persist, consult a veterinarian.

  • Contains a unique blend of ingredients, including lecithin and beeswax to emulsify and lubricate hairballs and aid in their passage
  • Formulated with natural ingredients
  • Petroleum free
  • Tasty, chicken flavor your cat will love
  • Directions:
    To eliminate hairballs, feed a one-inch ribbon of Sentry HC Petromalt daily until symptoms disappear. Give either from your finger or by placing on top of cat's front paw where it can be licked off.

    To prevent hairballs feed a one-inch ribbon once or twice a week and brush your cat's coat frequently.
    Soybean oil, hydrogenised vegetable oil, cod liver oil, flaxseed oil, vitamin E, sorbitol, soy protein, poultry flavor, lecithin, tuna flavor, beeswax, maple flavor, methylcellulose, chamomile.
    2.67 rating based on 6 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Sentry HC Petromalt Hairball Relief (3 oz)
    Not What I Expected by Hellonwheels from Costa Mesa, CA11/12/2012

    This product is quite runny, and smells horrible. The only way we can get our long-haired cat to consume any of this is to rub it on his paw. If he wasn't such a "clean freak," I doubt he would lick it off. I definitely won't be ordering this again.

    must taste good by cindi04/30/2013

    My cat does not object to my putting it in her food.

    by Bob07/22/2013

    It claims to be tuna flavored, but it's not. It tastes like molasses, just like all the other useless remedies.

    by from 09/16/2011

    I have been using Petromalt on my multi-cat household since 1989. For a few weeks, I have not been able to find it anywhere...either in stores or online. FINALLY! I found it. The contained looked identical and I ordered 6 bottles. They came today and I immediately opened one bottle and tried to feed it to my cat Minnow, who if given the chance, would nurse on the bottle until it was all gone. They are each allowed a strip at a treat after I trim their nails. Minnow sniffed it and walked away. WHAT?

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    Major Con by Unhappy12/31/2012

    Ordered item weeks ago. It still hasn't arrived. Not just poor service. How about no service at all.

    too sloppy by she from France06/01/2013

    I found this product rather thin and sloppy, difficult to put on your finger and insert into the cat's mouth. Other products I have used are much more firm in texture.

    Looks like the above reviewer made an error by Nunzio06/08/2012

    as no corn syrup shows up in the ingredient list. She probably meant to leave it on the MALT-FLAVORED Sentry HC Petromalt, which does have corn syrup.

    by riverkern06/26/2012


    Featured Reviews for Sentry HC Petromalt Hairball Relief Malt Flavor (4.4 oz)
    changed the formula - Dang! by MMM12/07/2011

    I have used Petromalt forever, it seems. Now they have changed the formula and not for the better! The old Petromalt had mineral oil (44%) as the first ingredient. Now the first ingredient is corn syrup. Not only is corn syrup wrecking our foods, now the animal products, too. The new one is runny, hard to use and the cats don't like it. Bring back the old formula.

    New Formula - NOT HAPPY! by Renee01/19/2012

    Why was the formula changed? My cats used to love licking this product right from the tube, now I have to force them to take it! It is so runny and they don't like the plastic tub. They no longer run to me when I show them the tub!! How sad :( Please bring back the old formula and packaging!

    Helps with hairballs by Sis's Mom from Cary NC01/17/2012

    My kitties loved this so much they thought of it as a treat. I have noticed that the newer, plastic tubes contain a product that is less sticky and more runny which doesn't work as well for my kitties as they prefer to lick it off my finger. It does help with hairballs, my black and white kitty had cottony hair and he washed a lot so this was helpful in reducing hairballs.

    by from 06/08/2012

    This used to be a great product. It was the only hairball remedy that didn't have a lot of junk in it. Now they've changed it, corn syrup which was not in it before, is now the first ingredient.

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    avoid petroleum by Micki from Lake Tahoe09/11/2013

    Although my cat is eating this product, I do not think it is good for her. If I had found the petroleum free product on this web site, I would have ordered that instead. Would you eat petroleum?

    seems to work by charger from St Louis, Mo03/06/2014

    My cat likes this product and it seems to relieve or prevent hairballs. I just put some on my finger and she licks it off. I use it 2 - 3 times a week. She is long-haired so it is very helpful.

    by from 03/20/2012

    Be aware this formula has changed and now has corn syrup as the first ingredient (It's a cheap filler). A lot of cats are allergic to corn.

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    Works well by KittiesMom from Chico, CA10/29/2012

    The main reason I buy this brand is that it doesn't contain Sodium Benzoate. I like to stay aware from that preservative. I have a special-needs kitty that has problems with constipation and using Petromalt occasionally helps somewhat with that condition. It also is good for fur during the shedding season for my other cat.

    they love it by Dee4 from CT07/18/2012

    My cats both love the malt flavor and it works. Enough said!

    Petromalt the absolute best by Sandy12/11/2012

    All my cats will eat this product. No reluctance at all. I was completely amazed. Of course, this product works wonderfully.

    Not a bad purchase by John01/12/2012

    My cat likes the Petromalt better than other brands I have tried. She willingly licks it off my finger but it has not stopped her throwing up. There are no large hairballs in the vomitus. I am still searching for a cure for this annoying condition.

    Changed formula by sslick5 from Los Angeles, CA07/11/2012

    This stuff works great, but they changed their formula so it melts much quicker and is gooey which my cats don't like so rather than them licking it off my finger I now have to spread it on their tongues. Works but the old formula is preferred by both owner and cats.

    Great product by Nancy12/09/2012

    My cat will not eat any other brand of hair ball preventive. I tried! She balked! The only problem with this is she would love to eat the whole tube!

    Hairballs? by Ranger01/26/2012

    This product is a life saver for my long haired cat. He eagerly waits on Mon and Thu for his "treat" of the malt flavor paste. Since I began using it, there have been no more occurances of throwing up those dreaded hairballs.

    Sentry-Hairball Relief by Janet from Phila., PA07/23/2014

    Great product. My cats love the taste. Larger tube is economical to buy.

    Featured Reviews for Sentry HC Petromalt Hairball Remedy Chewable Treats (2.5 oz)
    by from 03/04/2012

    My cat loves these and can't wait until I open the bag....he comes running! Easeir than the gel and convenient.

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    No Go by aubergine06/05/2014

    Was hoping to try a change in hairball treats but 3 noses turned them down. I'm now sneaking them in small pieces into wet food.

    Great product! by JX_GRL10/05/2013

    Hairballs are a constant battle but with these treats I've seen alot fewer incidents. The cats like the taste, consider it a "special treat" and it's much less messy than a paste product.

    by gardners03/03/2014

    Our cat loves this!!! All we have to do is ask him if he wants a "chewy" and he starts meowing.

    Another Flop by Hellonwheels from Costa Mesa, CA11/12/2012

    Both of our cats love treats, but neither would even taste these. They have the consistency (and appearance) of pencil erasers. I had high hopes for these, but I guess it's back to the hairball control treat I've been using the last couple of years. I had hoped to get away from giving them so many treats, but at least they love the other brand.

    by from 03/03/2012

    I have tried other fiber products for my aging cats, a few have arthritis in the hind end, which was causing a visit to the vet to get a procedure (enema) to clear the bowel blockage.

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    Easier than gel! by cat woman from Northglenn, Co06/19/2012

    This is my second purchase and my cats love them! The gels are messy and cumbersome to use, this is a wonderful option. Totally worth giving a try, especially with long hair cats!

    great chewable remedy by madz from Danvers, MA10/27/2013

    my cats like this product, I hope there is a bigger pack on this product.

    Great for Hairballs by MO from CA06/26/2013

    My vet recommended the chewable treats for kitty because she did not like the tube Petromalt. I give them every day and she seems to be doing well. I went to another brand once a day and with in a few days she had hairballs.

    It works and he likes it by Joeshoe2013 from Abq NM01/15/2013

    I tried this product in hopes it would help his indoor cat hairball issues. I was extremely pleased that my cat not only likes the flavor but it does work on his hairball issues. This order was to stock up. Try it your cat like mine might just love it.

    great product by asasmom10/28/2012

    The only hairball meds my cat will accept! She's old and fussy but she loves these!

    Sentry HC Petromalt Hairball Chewable by REArt from San Diego Ca06/25/2011

    My very finicky boy cat Knodl loves these hairball treats he gobbled up 4 of them. My little girl Kiva (Bengal) just thought they were a toy.

    I love my treats by Winston04/03/2013

    My mommy sees to it I get my 2 treat s every day and they help a lot to keep me from getting sick from hairballs

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