Shed Pro

Shed Pro

Shed-Pro for Dogs (32 fl oz)
Shed-Pro for Dogs (32 fl oz)

($24.5)  $16.99
3-PACK Shed-Pro for Dogs (96 fl oz)
3-PACK Shed-Pro for Dogs (96 fl oz)

($59.99)  $45.99

($15.33 Each)

Shed-Pro for Cats (32 fl oz)
Shed-Pro for Cats (32 fl oz)

($24.5)  $16.99
3-PACK Shed-Pro for Cats (96 fl oz)
3-PACK Shed-Pro for Cats (96 fl oz)

($59.99)  $45.99

($15.33 Each)

Shed-Pro Granules for Dogs (40 Servings)
Shed-Pro Granules for Dogs (40 Servings)

($11.99)  $8.99
3-PACK Shed-Pro Granules for Dogs (120 Servings)
3-PACK Shed-Pro Granules for Dogs (120 Servings)

($53.99)  $24.99

($8.33 Each)

2-PACK Shed-Pro (64 fl oz) with Derm-Tabs ES (60 Tablets)
2-PACK Shed-Pro (64 fl oz) with Derm-Tabs ES (60 Tablets)

($54.89)  $39.99

($20.00 Each)

Having pet hair around the house is a normal part of owning a dog. Pet owners understand that like humans, dogs shed hair. We deal with it with an assortment of lint brushes, sticky rollers and an occasionally a clogged vacuum cleaner. When shedding becomes excessive or a problem outside of shedding season, you have a problem that should be addressed. Shed Pro for Dogs may be your solution. Shed Pro for Dogs helps reduce unwanted shedding found on the furniture in your home, as well as on your clothing. More importantly, Shed Pro helps to improve your dog's coat. Shed Pro's all natural ingredients will improve your dog's skin without harming his natural seasonal shedding schedule. Imagine a product that helps give your dog a healthier skin and coat, reduces the amount of shedding and the cleanup it causes, AND does all this in a natural way. What could make this even better? How about Shed Pro for Dogs 100% product guarantee. That means you can return Shed-Pro for Dogs for a full refund if you are not satisfied for any reason...for ANY reason! Pay attention to your dog’s shedding. If it seems excessive, right now is the time to try Shed Pro for Dogs. Shed Pro for Dogs can save you time and improve your pet’s quality of life, all with the 100% Shed-Pro for Dogs guarantee.
Instructions: Shake well before using. Mix the following amount in your dog's meal, daily
  • Up to 25 lbs. 1 Tablespoon
  • 25 to 60 lbs. 2 Tablespoons
  • Over 60 lbs. 3 Tablespoons

    For extreme cases, double the dose for the first two weeks, then revert to regular dosing. Initial results should be seen in 4 to 6 weeks.

    Lecithin, Soybean, Safflower, Sunflower, Olive, Cod Liver Oils (source of Vitamins A, B Complex, E, Linolenic and Linoleic Acids), Natural Flavors, Garlic and Zinc. No water added.

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    crude protein 3% minimum
    crude fat 86% minimum
    crude fiber 1% maximum
    moisture 1% maximum

    Compare to Mrs. Allen's Shed-stop formula

    Reviewers Ratings ::
    Shed Pro REALLY works. This stuff is awesome, I got a pomeranian and his coat looks better and alot fuller. And the best thing is he's not shedding like he use to.
    Thanks, Dylan, CA.
  • 4.35 rating based on 17 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Shed-Pro for Dogs (32 fl oz)
    by banna02/13/2013

    i can tell it help's out a lot with my dog when he is shedding bad.

    Shed Pro by adragonam from Rochester,NY11/06/2012

    Dogs love it, seems like a great product

    by vsmp01/31/2012

    I have a cocker mix and she sheds everywhere. Tried her on shed pro and it really helps. Works well when she eats everyday, but sometimes she will not eat.

    by from 02/16/2014

    My Smooth Collie girl had a dry coat and flaky skin although she was fed premium fish oil, premium kibble, etc. Other Collies did not have this problem.

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    product by is from aI


    by Cathy12/08/2011

    My dog loves this in his food and it seems to keep his coat nice and shiny. That being said he still sheds quite a bit during the changing of seasons. He is a short haired dachshund so you wouldn't expect him to shed too much but when giving him a bath during those changing months Im surprised he still has hair left to shampoo.

    can't believe it really works! by Sarah05/20/2008

    i was totally skeptical, but really works, even during shedding seasons... i have two dogs and two cats... and the dogs will eat in their food w. no probs... greatly reduced the amnt. of hair all over the hardwood flrs. :)

    Good Product by sheiabee03/27/2012

    I loved this product until I ran out. I have 5 dogs, 2 German Shperds, Bull Dog, Rottie and Catahula. They all shed especially the GS's and I was running the sweeper several times a day and each time it was like the floors had never been done. Not only do the dogs love this on their food but it drastically helped the shedding except like I said when I ran out!

    by Ma04/02/2013

    Really helps to keep our puggle's coat shiny and decreases shedding

    Works Great! by Tom02/08/2009

    This product really works great!!! It is rather messy in the dog's bowl, and I don't think my dog really liked the flavor. He will usually eat anything but I had to pour this over a peice of bread.

    Shed Pro for Dogs by Marcia Krupp01/18/2008

    My 8-year-old female shepherd's coat looked like a lamb. Really strange looking and you could pull clumps of fur out. After about 3 weeks, there has been a great improvement in her coat. There is less fur to pull out and the coat is soft once again and not coarse and dry like it was. So far it has worked quite well for her.

    I love this product! by Pam from Everett, Washington03/05/2013

    I bought this supplement for my Japanese Chin because I had been fighting her shedding for almost 9 years. My new vet recommended it. She said it was the only product she found that worked. Even though I had tried everything else that I could find, I decided to try one more thing. Boy, am I glad I tried it! It is wonderful! Her shedding has almost stopped! And she always had a hairless belly and now it's full of hair that stays on her. I work in a pet store and recommend it to anyone who has the same problem!

    Good value & it works... by Jay from Dayton , OH.01/17/2015

    Have been using Shed-Pro for the last 3 wks and have noticed a big change in my labradoo's coat! Put it in her dry food and she even licks the extra off the spoon before eating her food. Her coat has waxed thicker and softer. Is certainly not as dry as before and the big benefit is that she has stopped scratching herself from dry skin( we are in the middle of a typical dry mid-West winter here in OH.). Good stuff and will buy more later.

    Really works by Lync from Phoenix, AZ01/16/2015

    My older dog sheds A LOT…………..ALL THE TIME!! On top of that he wasn’t feeling well for a while and his coat started shedding even worse, which honestly I didn’t think was possible. (All my dogs are fed the highest quality food). I tried the Shed-Pro and it has really helped. All three of my dogs are shedding less and their coats look more lustrous and shiny. I definitely recommend this product if your dog is a nonstop shedder.

    Very pleased by Deb from Lexington,KY06/29/2014

    I have tried many things to help with the shedding problem. This, along with regular brushing has seemed to work very well. My dog enjoys the taste too! I plan on continuing to use this product!

    really works! by susie from Sugar Land, TX07/06/2011

    One of my Yorkie was shedding really bad, until I found out about this product, now she sleep with us ! And I give it to all my other two dogs, and they love it too! GOOD STUFF !

    by from 03/01/2013

    by DogmomFlies08/07/2012

    Helps with shedding for some of my dogs but not all but oils are good for heart too so still use it. Is pretty pricey. Tried cat version for our cats but made one vomit every time so had to discontinue.

    Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Shed-Pro for Dogs (96 fl oz)
    Love this product!! by bmbmb from Washington, DC01/30/2013

    Both of our dogs hair everywhere! This product does seem to reduce the amount of hair/fur I clean up daily. Just as important, their coats are much improved now, beautifully shiny and soft. It's a great nutritional supplement. I recommend Shed Pro for all dogs!

    Shed Pro by Joan01/18/2013

    I love it. I reorder every time I run out. I have 8 dogs. Have to have it.

    Shed Pro is Awesome by KRausa12/16/2012

    I have been using Shed Pro for several years, it is a great product and I can imagine there is a pet out there that doesn't like it on their food. It really does work.

    SHED PRO HELPS TO KEEP SHEDDING DOWN by Aneta from Loomis, California02/10/2013

    'THIS IS a GREAT PRODUCT. It helps to keep the shedding down to a minimum and you most notice its value when you run out. The dogs don't seem to mind it being mixed in with their food. This product also adds to a glossy coat on your dog.

    Mixed feelings by Dogom12/30/2012

    This seems to help our Australian Shepherd & Bernese Mountain Dog quite a bit & our Border Collie & Pomeranian some but does not seem to do much at all for our Anatolian Shepherd. Has good ingredients that are good for skin, coat & heart but is pricey.

    Great Product by Carol from Orange, CA01/25/2012

    Shed pro is great to eliminate dandruff.

    3-Pack Shed Pro for Dogs by Aneta09/28/2012

    I love this product and give it to my long-haired German Shepherds on a daily basis. While the product does not keep my dogs from shedding, said product decreases the shedding quite a bit. I still brush my dogs daily, and thanks to the Shed Pro, the shedding is minimal. I add the Shed Pro to my dog's food and mix it in. I am very happy with this product and always order the 3-Pack.

    Back-ordered for 6 weeks by Chris in Cary06/27/2013

    I have no way to review this product, because it has been back-ordered for 6 weeks, with no indication when it might be available.

    Not sure yet by Fawnskin Deb from Fawnskin, CA01/08/2012

    I have been using this product for about a month now. I have a golden retreiver and another big mixed breed dog (short hair). Both dogs are still shedding alot, but I live on a mountain where it was very cold and then warmed up. So I don't know if anything will help with their shedding. I will write another review in a couple of months.

    by jeanette12/30/2011

    works great and my dog loves it on her food, it really helps with shedding and itching too.

    3 Pack Shed Pro for Dogs by Aneta10/07/2011

    I like the value I receive when I order the 3 pack Shed Pro for my two German Shepherd Dogs. I give each dog 3 Tablespoons of this Shed Pro per cay and it helps keep their coats nice and shiny and decreases the shedding. I have been using this product for about 3 years now.

    Did not receive this product by Carlos from Colorado05/28/2013

    I love this product as I have used it in the past but I never received it from Essential Pets.

    by from 01/14/2011

    I am a true skeptic, but after using this for 6 weeks, our lab mix is nearly shed-free. Nearly miraculous, considering he shed huge amounts before using Shed Pro. I will be ordering the tabs also for our GSP who has chronic skin issues and hot spots.

    the by customer from serviceOne


    Great Supplement by Maggie from Boston, MA10/22/2012

    My Daddy got this for me. I am shedding less and I love the taste as well!!! Good move from my Daddy... :)

    by vsmp from Lancaster SC04/01/2012

    This product helped me so much. I have a cocker mix that shed like crazy, you would think she was going bald the way she shed. After using this I could not believe the difference.

    Really Works! by Schlem33 from Nashville, TN10/22/2012

    I was skeptical at first but I've really noticed a big difference in shedding since using this product for my dog, a Golden Retriever/Lab Mix. When I use to pet him, I'd have a glob of his hair in my hand but that is no more. Sure he still sheds some but that's expected. Added bonus is that my dog loves the taste, sometimes he doesn't want to eat but when I put some of this in his food, he'll change his mind immediately.

    Shed-Pro by nicker02/08/2014

    I'm on my second bottle now. The shedding is still happening,maybe slightly less. The dogs love the taste. We live in Florida,so the dogs shed all year.

    So So by None11/03/2011

    This product does not work as advertised, the dog still sheds and you still have to vacuum the furniture and carpet and the car.

    shed pro by bits from florida11/15/2011

    My greyhound loves the taste and it has helped with his shedding. I also use it along with Derma Tabs ES. The combination seems to work very well. I've recommended both products to several people now and they have ordered the products!. My daughter-in -law said her dog would never eat her food, now since she has started using Shed-Pro, she licks her bowl clean.

    Not the best results by Antler Dog from Perryville, Mo01/21/2015

    I have been using the product for 2 weeks now & have yet to see any posative results. The dog loved the first serving but after that she doesn't like it at all but she takes it. The hair issue remains the same.

    Featured Reviews for Shed-Pro for Cats (32 fl oz)
    Shed-Pro by Bandit12/11/2011

    Fish oil product that is very "fishy", cat did not like it and won't eat food with the Shed Pro added to it.

    not all that great by cat lover07/09/2010

    This liquid has a very fishy smell. My 3 cats do not like the taste of it at all. I don't really know if it works or not because I can't give it to my cats every day (they avoid their wet food when I put it in, and hardly eat.) I'm lucky to get it in them twice a week and I haven't noticed a difference in the shedding.

    They won't eat! by PammyG from North Carolina Coast01/11/2013

    My cats (3) will not eat the small amount of wet food they are given if there is even 2 drops of this product in it. They normally can't wait for their nightly "wet" treat. I'm very disappointed as one of them is LONG haired and I was counting on this to help with the shedding hair everywhere problem........

    Good product, worth trying! by Izzy's Mom from Maryland06/25/2011

    My cat, Izzy, usually won't eat his food if I mix any type of medicine into it, but he actually seems to like his wet food better with the Shed Pro. I can't use the full dose recommended on the label because he doesn't like his food to be too oily and the higher dose upset his stomach. Izzy still sheds, but it doesn't seem to be quite so much and his coat seems more silky. He hasn't been throwing up as much, and remarkably the symptoms he experiences having feline herpes have lessened since using the Shed Pro. Shed Pro is somewhat messy since it is a combination of oils, but I will definitely continue using it and am glad that I tried it!

    LOVE SHED PRO by Shelly01/03/2011

    I swear by this product.It works wonders for my cats. This is such a great tool in helping control my cats shedding. I recommend it to all of my friends that have cats! they love the taste and I love the fact that I am not constantly vacuuming my sofas anymore.

    by from 03/27/2008

    I have 2 cats and lived in a 2 bedroom apartment with my husband. We had many issues with how much they shed! When we moved we only took one of my cats to help cut back on the hair we had to deal with (my mom took the other). I found a powder that was suppose to work, however my cat HATED the smell and wouldn't go near his food. I did some more searching and came across Shed Pro and bought it. It has NO smell and apparently doesn't taste any different because my picky cat eats his food like normal. We noticed results in the first 2 weeks!! AND the shedding has lessened SO drastically that my husband let me bring my other kitty home!!

    and by will from continueLOVE


    LOVE this product! by Pat from Florissant, MO03/26/2012

    LOVE my big hairy white cat Frankie, but hated wearing him all over my socks and the rest of my clothes! Just after a few days of Shed-Pro, I could visibly see the difference in the shedding. And after a few weeks his cost is as sleek as silk. I tried a different product from the pet store when I ran out, but he refused to eat the food it was mixed with ... so I'm back to Shed-Pro forever!

    "Patience!) by Lucy from Chicago07/02/2013

    I ordered this over a month ago........called last week.........and am STILL WAITING for it. Everytime I re-order, it seems to be on backorder!

    save ur money by marah from Manitowoc, WI05/11/2010

    I have 5 cats and live in an apartment and the shedding & hair is unbearable @ times, even when grooming on a regular schedule(especially w/ 3 long hair cats). I was so thrilled when I found this product, & to have the money back guarantee and the good review, was a plus. Well, none of my cats would touch their food with this in it--it is an oily, orange liquid, with a funny taste(fishy?). With it being so oily it is hard to mix in. My cats ate a little at first, but by about the 3rd day had caught on to it, and just sniffed their dish & walked away. And this wasn't just 1 or 2 of them, but all 5. But I kept trying to gradually get them used to it, mixing it in only 1 meal a day instead of 2, but they still wouldn't eat the 1 that had it in. Ended up always throwing away 5 dishes of food--which I really can't afford. So I am really disappointed, and they get you with the guarrantee, I got and additional 15% off & if I have to pay shipping to send it back,it hardly pays. Might pass it on to someone else, & hope they have better luck w/it.

    It is a natural Miracle Drug! by Lucy from Chicago, Illinois03/16/2014

    I have 2 larger cats, and with my busy schedule, I have to admit they are not brushed often. I have to say that giving this product with each meal twice a day has saved me. They both hardly ever throw up Hair balls. And they are both over 14 lbs. and both have medium length coats. Their coats are shiny and healthy, and they are both just over 10 years old. I am a believer!

    Must taste/smell bad for cat by janet from Texas08/27/2013

    My cat would not come near her bowl after smelling the product I put on her food as directed. She did not eat for 3 days, and that was when I emptied her dish and put a clean dish down without the product.

    Frustrated by PLBoel06/08/2013

    I use this product on a regular basis however this order is on backorder and will be until the end of the month which does not make me very happy so as far as the product goes it is great as for the manufacturer keeping it in stock not so good

    Featured Reviews for Shed-Pro Granules for Dogs (40 Servings)
    Really Works by Tom02/08/2009

    I have tried this product and the liquid (see review there). They both are amazing controlling shedding. I found the liquid easier to deal with but it is very messy. My dog usually eats anything and everything, but this product was hard to get my dog to eat. I usally had to add a little something like bread or egg to his meal to get him to eat this. Wish it came in tablet form.

    great product by Judy11/18/2008

    I was about to go crazy with all the pet hair that was on my clothes,floor and sofa. I bought this product just to see what would happen. In less than 1 week the shedding was gone. I could not believe it. My clothes only have 2 or 3 hairs on them. My vac shows that thier is hardly any hair in it. I just love this stuff. I will keep gettin it as long as I have these dogs. It is the best stuff around.

    Awesome Product!!!!!! by StylingKim from WATERFORD,CT04/08/2010


    Shed Pro by Ronny04/01/2008

    This stuff really works. It is amazing.

    love it! by animaleden11/17/2010

    My dog sheds more than the 3 cats that I had at one time combined. At least until I gave her this. I didn't have any problem getting her to eat it when I mixed it in with her dinner. Great product. Her coat is so soft and silky now. Before it was very dry and coarse.

    by from 02/22/2011

    I have a shepherd/chow mix with the accompanying shedding of handsful of hair just about every day of the year!

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    it's by all from natural!Best


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    Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Shed-Pro Granules for Dogs (120 Servings)
    Satisfied with product by Kathy from Lake Sam Rayburn, Texas02/16/2013

    Our red-nosed pitt was shedding really bad, but after we ordered Shed Pro, Redd isn't shedding as much. Hopefully, it'll get even better, the longer he's taking the Shed Pro.

    I love Shed Pro by J Weis06/05/2009

    This stuff really works. Our Aussie shed like crazy until starting him on Shed Pro. Now the shedding is really under control. It's nice not to have hair all over everywhere. I recommend to anyone who really wants to enjoy their pet.

    Shed Pro by Dog Mom03/11/2012

    Just recently began using Shed Pro but have seen great results. Just hope it continues to work. Began with oil but since it is messy switched to granules. Out of 5 dogs only one is not crazy about taste of either one but doesn't dislike enough to not eat.

    Decreases shedding some by Dog Mom from Utah08/02/2014

    We have 3 large dogs who all shed, so we've tried many products. This is the one that seems to help the most, and they eat it sprinkled on their kibble without complaint. I wasn't sure it was helping, so we stopped using for a while. I could definitely tell that it had decreased their shedding once we stopped, so now we use it faithfully. It won't stop all shedding, but it helps. I wish it came in a larger size, because we use a canister every week.

    Amazing Results by Lucy's Nanny from FL03/18/2012

    We have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & after 2 weeks of feeding Shed-Pro, there was a significant decrease in shedding & a luster to the coat. Will continue to feed but since it is mixed with food, may try the liquid. Absolutely recommend.

    Great Product by Tucker's Mom07/31/2014

    Shed Pro was recommended to me by a friend and I was skeptical until I saw the results with my own eyes. We have dark laminate floors and Tucker is a fawn 60lb. shepherd mix. He was constantly shedding - HORRIBLY - until we started using Shed Pro. And the best thing is Mr. Picky LUVS it! Thanks!

    3-Pack Shed Pro Granules for Dogs by Nancy from Charleston, WV06/23/2013

    My black lab is 2 years old and the shedding problem was awful. I began using Shed Pro about one month ago and have just completed using the first pack. I have given her a couple of baths in between to assist with the shedding issue. This last bath, which was one week ago, along with the Shed Pro product, has eliminated most of the shedding problem. We just returned from visiting family in another state and she has a Husky and her shedding was very noticeable in the house. I showed her the product (as I took it with me to use) and she immediate ordered it for herself. She should receive it within the next few days. She even remarked that she could not see any loose fur on my black lab so this really must be working! I am extremely happy with this product and will continue to use and recommend it to family and friends.

    Not as good as it used to be. by Mike from Washington, DC07/29/2013

    Prior formulations worked a lot better than the newest formula. Considering eliminating it from my two dogs diet. The only reason I continue to give it to my girls is because it has a lot of good things in it on a nutritional level.

    3-PACK Shed Pro Granules for DOGS by greeneyes03/01/2012

    I have enjoyed using the Shed Pro Granules for my poodle & she loves it in her food mixture. I also like the easy way it has to measure it with the scoop. I prefer the granules as to the liquid oil, not as messy to use.

    Good Stuff by Dog Mom from Va Bch04/12/2012

    Was very skeptical about Shed Pro but since I have begun using it have noticed a difference in the feel of our dog's coats & the amount of shedding has been reduced. One of the five does not like the granules but has no problem with the oil (liquid). Also tried the cat version for our cats & it worked wonderful but one of them began vomiting daily & as soon as I stopped giving it the vomiting stopped. Assume he just had an allergic reaction as the other cat was fine.

    Featured Reviews for 2-PACK Shed-Pro (64 fl oz) with Derm-Tabs ES (60 Tablets)
    This product has worked wonders by Go Wyo from kemmerer, wy01/16/2015

    I was thinking that is wasn't working so I stopped giving it to her when I had used it all. Boy was I wrong!!!! The hair started piling up and I had more to clean up. I restarted giving it to her and am pleased with the outcome.

    Great product by Karen R from Needville, TX12/02/2013

    I've noticed a great decrease in shedding from my dogs and their coats look really nice.

    Shed Pro liquid by Mrs. "B" from Lewiston, ME01/25/2010

    We have a golden retriever and shedding is a problem; however, after giving her the Shed Pro on her food twice a day...the shedding was greatly reduced...I could not believe it as I am a real skeptic about products for my pets. I am ordering more and this time trying the derm tabs too as Lady is prone to HOT SPOTS..can't wait to see if this works too!!! :-) The SHED Pro has my seal of approval as well as the COSEQUIN DS as she blew out her ACL's in both back legs..what a difference this made. Will also try Shed Pro for our cat..will let you know if successful.

    by Have NOT yet received.07/07/2013

    I have NOT yet received this product. I wish someone from your company would call and let me know what is going order is no less than 3 weeks overdue.

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