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Shed Solution

Shed Solution

Shed Solution for Dogs (24 oz)
Shed Solution for Dogs (24 oz)

($20.75)  $15.99
3 PACK Shed Solution for Dogs (72 oz)
3 PACK Shed Solution for Dogs (72 oz)

($58.75)  $43.99

($14.66 Each)

Shed Solution Skin & Coat Supplement (1 Gal.)
Shed Solution Skin & Coat Supplement (1 Gal.)

($76.99)  $58.99
Shed Solution for Dogs (24 oz) (Formerly SHED-STOP) is an oral supplement that controls non-seasonal shedding. Promotes healthy skin and a glossy coat. Reduces or eliminates hairballs in dogs. Doesn't interfere with normal shedding cycles. Reduce year-round shedding in as little as four weeks without interfering with your pet's normal shedding cycles. Effective oral blend of natural vitamins, minerals, oils, and herbs supplies life-extending nutrients to hair follicles to condense shedding into a controlled seasonal burst instead of a prolonged process. Shed-Stop also promotes healthy skin and a glossy coat. Reduces or eliminates hairballs in dogs. Comes in formulas for Dogs and Cats. 24 ounce bottle.

Daily dosage: Dogs and puppies: 1 Tbsp. up to 25 lbs., 2 Tbsp. for 25-60 lbs., 3 Tbsp. for over 60 lbs.

Advice: For more savings and convenience, buy the one gallon Economy Size Shed-Stop for dogs instead.
Linolenic Acid (Omega 6) 2685 mg
Alpha-linolenic Acid (Omega 3) 253 mg
Eicosapentaenoic Acid (Omega 3) 56 mg
Copper 50mg
Docohexaenoic Acid (Omega 3) 37 mg
Taurine 15 mg
Zinc 1.50 mg
Biotin 18 mcg
Vitamin A 300 IU
Vitamin B 12.50 IU
Vitamin 8 IU
Inactive Ingredients: Corn Starch, Glucose, Glycerin, Guargum, Maltodextrans, non-fat Dry Milk solids, Poulty by-product, Sorbic Acid (preservative), Sucrose, Silicon Dioxide, Sodium, Water, Xanthan Gum.
4.29 rating based on 7 reviews
Featured Reviews for Shed Solution for Dogs (24 oz)
Love it!!! by Patti from Michigan from Michigan07/28/2012

I was using this product and it became unavailable in my area...used another product but didn't see results I do with this one, plus my dog loves it. He still sheds but a lot less!!

Great product !! by Linda12/01/2012

The Shed Solution for Dogs is a great product !! My dogs coat and skin are much shinier and a lot less itching from dry skin since I have given her this product. I was glad to find it at Entirely Pets as I trust this company !!

Excellent results by Cremita from Puerto Rico10/21/2013

I tried only one bottle and the results are incredible.

does stop shedding by huntndox from Fort Collins, CO02/07/2012

I have used this product before, when it was called Shed Stop. I have longhair dachshunds. One of them has a very fine, thick undercoat. This undercoat is constantly shedding. Fine like Cat's hair. This product really stops the hair all of the place!

works great by Mcdreamy03/12/2008

Only reason I picked this product instead of everthing else was that there was a Corgi on it. I have a Corgi and she shed 24/7. After 2 weeks of shed stop the shedding has noticeably decreased. Recommended

Great Solution! by HS from Phoenix, AZ01/15/2014

Great solution for the shed happy pups, and mine LOVES it on her food!! :)

Cannot stand the smell by Mutt Mom from Missouri06/10/2014

I dreaded adding this to my dogs' meals because the fishy smell was unpleasant (to me, not my dogs). I was never sure if I was giving enough because a liquid is difficult to estimate the dosage. Maybe the reason it made no difference in shedding is that I didn't feed enough, but I saw no difference whatsoever.

Featured Reviews for 3 PACK Shed Solution for Dogs (72 oz)
Really Works! by Terry Sadowski04/01/2009

I was skeptical but this product really works. My dog used to shed to the point that when you pet him, you would get a hand full of hair. Even after bathing and brushing him. After a little more than a week, I would approximate he stopped shedding about 75-80% less. I'm very happy. I'm vacuuming a lot less!!!

Great product by cchorse02/05/2013

I stopped using this product for a little while and my dogs hair stopped looking shiney and healthy. Once I started up again his coat lays flatter and nicer.

Works Great by c.j. from Ohio08/19/2012

I have used this for almost 8 years and it keeps my dogs coat so shiney! Love it!!

by from 04/13/2014

My Vet suggested shed solution for dogs for my Labra-doodle which by the way isn't suppose to shed at all. Mine HAD a big shedding problem. After using this product daily for four weeks. Shedding is practically non-existent. I was skeptical, had previously tried shampoos with no results. This product is amazing. My dog loves the taste of the gravy mixed in with his dry dog food.

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This suppliment has helpped a bunch. by Go Wyo10/03/2013

I really like this product. The only draw back that I can find is that it only comes in a liquid form. We travel a lot and it is hard to bring with to give the dog.

by from 08/21/2013

WORST PRODUCT EVER!!! I ordered shed stop to reduce shedding. Received the wrong product(shed pro), but tried it anyway ... Benefit of the doubt? No benefit what-so-ever, this product did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!

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great for shedding by Carolyn from Virginia03/16/2014

helps the dry skin in the winter, and a shiny coat all year.

Featured Reviews for Shed Solution Skin & Coat Supplement (1 Gal.)
Works really well by Dogom from Virginia Beach, VA04/30/2014

Started one of our dogs on this & it has made a BIG difference in how much he sheds & his coat is so soft now. Have started giving to other dogs also.

Best Product Ever by Cindy from Vancouver, WA01/17/2012

I started using this over a year ago and I was sold on this product soon after using it on my dog, Rascal. I used to comb out handfuls of hair, but once I added Shed Stop to his food, he now sheds just a light amount of hair. Wow, what a difference. I just purchased my 3rd gallon because it really works. If your dog sheds all year long, this product is for you. You won't be disappointed. It's so easy to use, just add one pump to their food once a day.

My dog didn't like it by frustrated mom from Naples, FL04/03/2014

I'm sure this product works well for others, but I have a picky eater and he wouldn't eat this. I have to add extra stuff to his food along with this to get him to eat. I think if it had a stronger chicken flavor or maybe bacon flavored, it would be better. I bought the gallon because my dog needs 1/2 cup/day according to his weight. Instead of returning, I decided to suffer through it. Looking for something in a pill form next.

Have been using for years & will continue to! by JouJou from Allen, TX05/29/2012

This is the 2nd Pomeranian that I have used this product on. I get compliments all the time on the coat.

by from 03/16/2013

Our Golden Retrievers just love this solution on their food. After 2 weeks I notice a decrease in the sheded hair and these boys have plenty of it. I think they think their food is tastier too.

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Great Product by Mary1803/10/2013

Both my golden retriever and cavilier king charles dogs have been using this product since they were puppies and not only do they shed very little, but their coats are full. When I ran out the little dog had problems with his coat which were significantly helped when he went back on the shed solution. Good product.

Shed Solutions helps by K9Mom from Virginia Beach, VA08/01/2014

My dogs LOVE the taste. It made a huge difference in the shedding of our Anatolian Shepherd until he blew his coat but nothing works then. He is still shedding a bit with the hotter weather but we have been busy & he hasn't gotten a good brushing either. Besides helping with the shedding it has made his coat a lot softer.

by from 06/10/2013

I have been buying this brand for years. When I first bought it, the produce was thick and mixed easily.

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by Jeffrey from Aurora, Colorado02/28/2013

Along with twice weekly combing, this product is effective in controlling our Welsh Corgi's shedding. We are very pleased with our orders from Entirely Pets.

Works awesome if you stay consistent! by sardog from Keller, TX09/03/2010

I'm in Search & Rescue and I have a beautiful German Shepherd that sheds like mad year around. A groomer a while back told me about this product and now she suggest it to all her clients. What she told me is that you have to put the correct amount in the dogs/cat food every day. If you miss a day your pretty much have to almost start over, because they need to build up to in their system. That is not really true but its a good rule to go by. It takes 30 days to start seeing results that are incredible. But pretty much you'll see some results in a couple of weeks. The coat is a amazing now, very smooth, healthy thick and soft to the touch. Normally his hair is like petting a shark. I did some research and found the original name was Shed Stop. I contacted the people that actually make the product. Turns out dogs and cats are living longer lives due to this product, it actually provides an amazing amount of oil and water to all the organs... This gallon size also comes with a squirter... I add a little bit of water to his dry food and give him 2 squirts (even though he should get about 1.5 squirts) he loves it and eats all his food in one setting... For dog food I used Kirklands Chicken and Vegetable from Costco/Sams, cheap and its awesome. If you check the ingredients its one of the only big dog bags anymore that are good for Shepherds to eat. But my dog is very healthy, he's more alert and happy and I'm really serious... This product should be mandatory for all cats and dogs. BTW, the manufacture told me you could get the dog formula for cats, there is very little difference between the two.

Money well spent ! by Mary Jane from Sterling Heights, Michigan02/04/2013

I have recommended this product to my friends. Will buy this again when the gallon is empty.

shed solution by boss from Elk Grove Village,IL02/23/2013

I have been using this product on both my Huskey's for a long ime whwn it was call Mrs. Browns shed stop and the shedding has been cut in half.

shed stop by lisa rodriguez06/21/2008

This stuff is wonderful. I have a large dog who shed virtually all year round. I would just rub my hand down his back and come up with a handful of hair. I have used this product for about a week, and now I can run my hand down his back and pick up no hair. It's amazing. Also I like this product because it's available in the 1-gallon size. At three tablespoons a day the smaller sizes of similar products would not be cost-effective if you own a larger dog.

I've used it for years by JB10/16/2011

This product really works to reduce shedding. I've used it on two dogs for years. Not only are their coats healthy and shiny but it significantly reduces year round shedding.

Shed solutions by Kat11/23/2012

Have been using this product on my boxer for about two months and have seen great improvement in his shedding .

Shed stop by liniowa from Iowa City, IA03/04/2013

My husband swears that shed stop helps reduce dog hair in our home. This company is great. One of the bottles was damaged in transit. EntirelyPets immediately sent out a replacement.

shed stop by Mary Petree01/24/2008

I am a widow with to dogs who shed and years ago when my husband was a live we used Mrs Allen's stop shed and were very impressed with it. But I can not afford it at this time so I will have to buy the cheap stuff at wal-mart & hope it works.

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