Simply Wild Biscuit Treats

Simply Wild Biscuit Treats

Simply Wild Grilled Bison Dog Treats (1.1 lb)
Simply Wild Grilled Bison Dog Treats (1.1 lb)

($13.5)  $8.99
3-PACK Simply Wild Grilled Bison Dog Treats (3.3 lbs)
3-PACK Simply Wild Grilled Bison Dog Treats (3.3 lbs)

($29.97)  $23.99
Simply Wild Peanut Butter Dog Treats (1.1 lb)
Simply Wild Peanut Butter Dog Treats (1.1 lb)

($13.5)  $8.99
3-PACK Simply Wild Peanut Butter Dog Treats (3.3 lbs)
3-PACK Simply Wild Peanut Butter Dog Treats (3.3 lbs)

($29.97)  $23.99
Simply Wild Venison & Apple Dog Treats (1.1 lb)
Simply Wild Venison & Apple Dog Treats (1.1 lb)

($13.5)  $8.99
3-PACK Simply Wild Venison & Apple Dog Treats (3.3 lbs)
3-PACK Simply Wild Venison & Apple Dog Treats (3.3 lbs)

($29.97)  $23.99
Simply Wild Dog Treats by Green Pet Organics, is a new 100% natural line of treats for dogs inspired by the pure snow peaks of the Rockies, the lush greenery of the Great Smoky Mountains and the poetic beauty of the Grand Canyon. Simply Wild is a line of all-natural holistic dog biscuits that mother nature would be proud of. Using real whole foods like farm fresh vegetables, nutrient-rich fruits, human grade meats, wild game and omega-rich wild trout, Simply Wild maintains a strict philosophy that less is more, simple is better. No wheat, no corn, no soy and never anything artificial.

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Barley Flour, Natural Crunchy Peanut butter, Rolled Oats, Tapioca Flour, Water, Blackstrap Molasses, Brewer's Yeast, Garlic

Crude Protein (% min) Crude Fat 11%
Crude Fiber (% max) Moisture 2%

* Wheat Free
4.58 rating based on 12 reviews
Featured Reviews for Simply Wild Grilled Bison Dog Treats (1.1 lb)
Great Treats by Sandi from Stuttgart Germany12/28/2010

My puppies love these cookies! I have a doberman that has food allergies and its tough to find treats that are tasty and that are also safe for him to eat. They seem like a great quality snack !

the dogs love these by Horsey lady from Upstate ny01/24/2014

the treats seem exciting to the corgis - their eyes get huge when they get them, indication of they like them alot! economical =- they do crumble so would not be great as a training treat but otherwise are ok

Dogs like them by Luvmytwodogs from Missouri11/10/2012

I ordered these treats because one of my dogs cannot eat wheat. The dogs love them, but in the shipping process most of the treats were broken/crushed. I ended up sprinkling many of the crumbs on the dogs' food. They seemed to gobble them up!

Awesome Treats! by Jill S from Anthem, AZ01/23/2010

I received the Grilled Bison treats for my dogs. While they look like hard biscuits, they are actually much more moist, which was a nice surprise. My dogs absolutely LOVED them!

Thumbs down by CO_Sheryl03/25/2014

The product was backordered, which I could live with. When I finally received it a couple of months later, there was not one whole biscuit in the entire pack! Most pieces were less than 1 to 2 cm, with many more that were just small crumbs. I didn't personally tastes them, but my dogs don't seem to be overly enthusiastic about the crumbs - they seem kind of dry and tasteless. I certainly won't waste the money on them again.

changed product by CJ09/26/2014

I bought a bunch of these bags of treats and my dogs loved them. The recent batch seems differently made and a bit more full of "filler" rather than what seemed to be dehydrated or baked meat. My dogs are allergic to many things, and they scratch a lot more with the the new product. They still love eating them, but I don't know if I'll buy them again. Alas. I thought I had a product that would work for us, and then it got changed. I wouldn't recommend it in its current type, but I did recommend these biscuits formerly.

Tasty by Sadie from Az09/01/2014

Dogs love the ingredients...always ready for a treat that's good for them.

Good treats by Gitanjali from India04/01/2012

Last time when I ordered these, the packet had burst open when it reached me. I'm glad to see it was intact this time.

Crumbs by Vermont Yankee from Weathersfield, VT08/28/2010

That is what I received in the paper like bag. Dogs love them but it is tough to give to large dogs when they are delivered like someone had taken the bag and squashed the devil out of it.

Surprisingly tasty by Kulagal from Hawaii10/31/2011

My dog does not normally like "biscuit-like" treats, prefers "meaty" or jerky like stuff, but she likes these biscuits, and the stay crisp even after opened. You can break them into pieces to make them last on a walk.

Tasty Treats by Terriermom from Austin,Texas03/26/2010

My Cairn liked these right away, just like the Venison. One is soft, one hard. I put them in a container and mix them, so I can give her a different treat each time. She does not like all treats, but she loves these. Glad I made this choice. She is still a puppy, so we will shop here for a long time,thanks for the great service.

Simply wild over treats! by PWDmom from Oshkosh, WI08/11/2014

My dogs love the entire line of Simply Wild treats. I think their favorite is the grilled bison. My only problem with them is their size. They are @ 1" x 1.5" and they break easily so we have tons of broken pieces in the bottom of the bag. So many of the treats are broken that I feel like we've wasted a lot of good munchies. The dogs tend to inhale the small bits rather than chew. I wish they'd change their shape to one that wouldn't break so easily. Maybe 1' x 1"?

good stuff by cakelady1 from Holiday,FL04/24/2012

really good, natural treats,my dog loves it.

Really Healthy Value! by Barbara from Camarillo, California10/29/2011

The Simply Wild line of dog treats has very healthy, grain-free snacks that are reasonably priced, especially the "3-packs." Few ingredients, all natural, and very crunchy, so that even the 1x1.5" cracker provides sufficient chew time for my large dogs. I've tried the grilled bison and will get the venison & apple next time for variety. Note to Entirely Pets: it would be nice to get the 3-pack in variety form, or even the 1.1 lb bags with a mixture of crackers!

The valuable snack for your pets by Christine from San Gabriel, CA10/23/2012

"Organic" + " Wheat Free" & "Grain Free" are their selling points, and that is the important reason why you have to buy that for you pets, because you want them to be more healthy, thats all

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Simply Wild Grilled Bison Dog Treats (3.3 lbs)
Cookies came crushed by Coco58 from Toledo, OH01/14/2014

I received 3 bags of crushed cookies. I emailed within 15 minutes of receiving them and haven't heard anything back but an acknowledgement saying that I would hear back from them within 24 hours that was over a month ago.

Bad! by Karen from USA11/18/2013

Biscuits came all crumbled up. Even the replacements were crumbled!!! I would just add them to my dogs food but he's not that crazy about them.

by from 01/23/2013

by from 03/10/2014

Order these treats and thought they would be great. Treat is OK but the 3 packets arrived as crumbs. Called back and told them I wanted a refund but they sent 3 more packs of crumbs.

packaging by needs from aWhoever


Not sure how to rate these by puppygs from Gainesville, GA11/19/2013

So I gave these treats 3 stars only because I'm not sure if I'll buy them again. I love that they have very few ingredients and my dogs loved them!! But, they are the crumbliest treats ever. When I got them they were mostly crumbs and were hard to feed as treats. When I got towards the bottom of the bag I ended up just dumping the crumbs on their food.

Simply Wild Grilled Bison Dog Treats by nannacathyab from Baxley, GA12/14/2011

I just received my first order of Simply Wild Grilled Bison Dog Treats and my girls are already in love with them. They receive "cookies" as rewards for good behavior; and I'm seeing lots of good behavior since I've started offering them Simply Wild Grilled Bison Dog Treats!

Very happy with these treats by Doggrl from Wisconsin08/20/2013

We found out after 10 years of chronic stomach aches, that our dog is allergic to fish, chicken and grains. Over this last 18 months, we have worked hard to find treats that don't have these ingredients AND are low in fat. Not easy - but finding these (along with the Natural Balance LIT line) - has been wonderful. Our pup absolutely loves them (and so does her brother!)

Love these treats by bear09/10/2012

My Mom got these for me because I am on a restricted diet and she can't find many treats that meet her criteria. She hit the jackpot with the bison crackers! They're super yummy -- the only thing is that they leave crumbs on the floor when i crunch them so she makes me eat them when we're outside (except when I'm being a really good boy -- then she gives me some anyway).

don't order unless you don't mind broken pieces by vi10/14/2013

these are wonderful treats and my dog loves them but unless they can figure a way to ship them better I don't think I will order them again. the first 3 bags arrived with maybe one whole one in each bag the rest were broken in small pieces. they replaced them 4 me which was nice but they still arrived in not as bad a shape as the first ones did but still many broken.

tasty treats by dog mom from Dunedin, FL12/28/2012

Two of my dogs really like this, but my girl is picky about everything!

The best treat by Granpa from Denver Co.02/28/2014

I have a miniature pincher, ten years old but when it is treat time she jumps like a kid! She really loves them. By the way I haven't received my last order yet

Featured Reviews for Simply Wild Peanut Butter Dog Treats (1.1 lb)
Picky Dogs by Showmemo from Holden MO07/09/2013

I thought these would be a good treat for my 2 Westies but apparently I was outvoted. I gave each dog one of these and hey looked at each other and then walked off leaving the treats on the floor. Usually they at least walk off with something they not thrilled about but this time they said No Way on these.

by from 02/02/2010

My labs seemed to really like these treats, although honestly they aren't terribly picky! The size isn't too big and can be used whole, but I also found they could easily be broken up to use as smaller rewards.

dogs by has from aOne


Loved 'em! by Diamondbrite from Tampa Bay Florida01/29/2010

My 2 Min Pins and a Maltese could smell them as soon as I opened the bag. They are a great size for small dogs and seems to be well tolerated by them. Sometimes treats can be too rich for small dogs.

Dog Treats by Bella from Lakeside, California01/28/2010

My Bella Loved Just LOVED these treats they are the Best ever

by None11/08/2012

This was a new purchase for me, but knowing how much she likes peanut butter I knew it could not fail, and I was right.

Total rejection by GingerF from Portland Oregon01/16/2014

We are an almond butter family so the peanut butter was not appealing and the size was too big for my 6 pound dog to chew or grasp. So we gave it to another. Not his cup of tea.

Thought they'd be better by janetsue01/31/2013

A little disappointed in these. Nothing special for the price. My English Springer loves peanut butter, but in smelling these biscuits myself, they don't scream "peanut butter" as I expected they would...but I guess I'm not the one eating them!

Excellent treat! by Maggie from Deerfield Beach, FL01/25/2010

My Yorkie/Silky LOVED Simply Wild treats!

Great Treats! by J.R.01/28/2010

Our dog loved them. He isn't picky though. Nice size treats.

by Katie12/07/2012

Good nutritional value, but not my dog's favorite.

by from 04/29/2013

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Simply Wild Peanut Butter Dog Treats (3.3 lbs)
My dogs didn't like by Weezeh from Oregon11/25/2013

Other dogs may love these treats, but my dogs didn't. :( Sorry.

Dogs love them by Sadie from Az09/01/2014

Love them..dogs can't get enough..not just your old plain biscuit ..

Featured Reviews for Simply Wild Venison & Apple Dog Treats (1.1 lb)
Yummy,says my Cairn by Terriermom from Austin,Texas03/26/2010

My Cairn is picky and she loves these treats. She liked the Bison ones also. Entirely Pets is the best.

Dogs go wild by Horsey lady from Upstate ny07/02/2013

All 3 love this- eyes get big- easy to feed and break into smaller pieces

Simply Wild Venison and Apple - Good quality treat by lovecamping from Rustburg, Va.01/26/2010

I have 2 - 8 year old dogs who are very picky eaters and very protective of their treats. One dog is a Shih Tzu and the other is a Tibetan Spaniel. Both sniffed the package and could hardly wait for me to get it open. They both quickly took their treat and went to hide them from the other. I have not seen them eat the treats yet, but hiding them is a good sign that they will like them. They are both trained as self-feeders and frequently "save" their favorite treats by hiding them. The treats smell good and seem to be of high quality.

Not so much by Maya from Denver, CO04/04/2014

Dog did not like at all. He has eaten a couple, but most times just leaves them on the ground. They are quite "cardboard" like---wonder if they don't really have any appealing flavor. WOuld not order again.

Simply Great Treat by shadow's human02/18/2014

Received promptly. Perfect condition (not all broken up). Perfect size for a little healthy treat. Must be yummy because Shadow is looking for more.

My dog loved them! by Mare from Ohio01/21/2010

My dog went nuts before I ever got the package open, and then once I did, he gobbled it right up.

2 out of 3.... thumbs up! by sallyzhome from Greenville, SC01/25/2010

I take in strays & work with them until I can place them with a new home. Currently, I have a pit mix, Eli. He actually was not a stray> just a bit problematic for his owner =( & Eli LOVED these treats! Minnie is my golden mix & she LOVED these treats. However, Buddy, my shih-tsu mix, was not crazy about them. /he carried it off but allowed the others to come get his treat. Buddy is my VERY picky eater (there's ALWAYS one in the group, lol)! Maybe the venison was too much for him? idk but the others say YES =)

This treats were welcomed home... by Amanda from West Virginia01/23/2010

I actually have two dogs who are completely different from each other. I have a 4 month male Beagle Mix named Riley and then a 9 year old female Husky named Sky. They are like day and night but both seemed to enjoy these treats so these Simply Wild treats were welcomed home with open arms.

by Mag12/10/2013

Very good product. Dog enjoyed them. Would of been nice to. See made in the USA on the package. Had to do some re search to be sure they were.

Drove my dogs "simply wild" by Deb from Plano, TX01/27/2010

All three of my Italian Greyhounds loved these treats. One counter-surfed and got a few extra. I like the ingredients - very healthy. Abbey, Nick and Harlow said to send them more!!! Thanks!

All crumbs - worst purchase ever by Peter from Philadelphia, PA12/25/2011

The product looked good, but when it arrived 2/3 of it were crumbs. Called the customer service number and they sent out a replacement. The replacement was also 2/3 crumbs. There was no manufacturer contact information on the package. Odd that the manufacturer will try to stay anonymous. I will never buy this products again. Sticking to my natures variety dog treats

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Simply Wild Venison & Apple Dog Treats (3.3 lbs)
Great product! by Green from Chester01/25/2010

Excellent product. My dog LOVED them and it feels good to be giving her a treat that is healthy for her. Definitely would purchase again and again

poor by slygone from florida01/23/2013

my dogs will not eat I will never buy this again!!!!!

Great treats! by JW from Pennsylvania01/03/2014

My dogs love Simply Wild Venison & Apple Dog Treats! Need I say more!



Tasty by Sadie from Az07/08/2014

They appear bland looking but must taste really good,as my dogs love them..I like their good nutritional ingredients..

Great Treat!! by Debby from Maryland03/06/2012

I give these to my 2 dogs as a special treat at lunchtime. I am confident they are getting a healthy snack and they definitely love them!!

Packaging needs work by treatsrgreat from shelleysays.com11/13/2013

Treats are fine. My dogs love them. The packaging is not good. The clear front rips away from paper bag and the treats are broken more often than not.

No product to review by treatsrgreat from pound ridge, ny02/05/2014

Apparently this is back ordered and no one knows when it will arrive. Can't review something if not available. You should not offer products that are not available indefinitely.

by Granpa from Denver Co.01/20/2013

I was glad to see not so many broken ones this time. My dog Zoe really loves them broken or not! The packing list included dog treats but there weren't any. But ,yes I will order again.

by from 04/02/2014

These are rectangular crunchy treats and I suppose the venison kinda suppresses the smell of the apples because they don't have a powerful aroma to my nose, but my dog thinks differently -- she scents the air when I open the container and comes running.

not by too from thickThe


3 by pack from andI


Doggie Cookies for Allergic Dogs by M.A. from Pompano Beach, FL09/10/2013

My dog, Maverick, is allergic to beef and chicken, white potatoes and white rice. Even one little piece will cause him to have diareaha and throw up for days. These cookies do none of that and he loves the taste. I highly commend these cookies for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

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