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Small Dog Toys

Toys for Small Dogs
Small dogs need special toys that are specifically designed for them. These products are sure to maximize the fun for your tiny canine pal.

CLASSIC KONG - SMALL (2.5oz/70g)
CLASSIC KONG - SMALL (2.5oz/70g)

($9.99)  $7.19
CLASSIC KONG - Extra Small for Small Dogs & Cats
CLASSIC KONG - Extra Small for Small Dogs & Cats

($8.99)  $6.74
Air KONG Squeaker Football - SMALL
Air KONG Squeaker Football - SMALL

($5.99)  $3.89
Air KONG Squeaker Dumbbell - SMALL
Air KONG Squeaker Dumbbell - SMALL

($4.99)  $3.79
Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls (3-Pack) - SMALL
Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls (3-Pack) - SMALL

($3.99)  $2.59
KONG Tugga Wubba Dog Toy - Small (Assorted)
KONG Tugga Wubba Dog Toy - Small (Assorted)

($4.99)  $3.29
Wubba Dog Toy - Small
Wubba Dog Toy - Small

($6.99)  $4.69
Kong Wubba Friend for Dogs Small (Assorted)
Kong Wubba Friend for Dogs Small (Assorted)

($5.99)  $4.29
Kong Snugga Wubba - Small (Assorted)
Kong Snugga Wubba - Small (Assorted)

($5.99)  $4.29
KONG Dr. Noy's Plush Beaver - SMALL
KONG Dr. Noy's Plush Beaver - SMALL

($3.99)  $2.69
Kong Material Dog Platy Duck - Small
Kong Material Dog Platy Duck - Small

($3.99)  $2.69
Kong Material Sitting Frog Toy - Small
Kong Material Sitting Frog Toy - Small

($3.99)  $2.69
Kong Squiggles Dog Toy - Small
Kong Squiggles Dog Toy - Small

($4.99)  $3.49
KONG Wobbler - Small
KONG Wobbler - Small

($17.99)  $13.49
KONG Sports Balls - Small 3-Pack (Assorted)
KONG Sports Balls - Small 3-Pack (Assorted)

($3.99)  $2.89
Kong Flyer - Small
Kong Flyer - Small

($9.99)  $6.99

($6.99)  $4.79
KONG Senior - SMALL (1-20 lbs)
KONG Senior - SMALL (1-20 lbs)

($4.90)  $3.69
JW Pet Bad Cuz Dog Toy - Small
JW Pet Bad Cuz Dog Toy - Small

($4.50)  $2.99
JW Pet Good Cuz Dog Toy - Small
JW Pet Good Cuz Dog Toy - Small

($4.50)  $2.99
JW Pet Hol-ee Roller - Size 5
JW Pet Hol-ee Roller - Size 5

($12.50)  $8.99
Nylabone Durable Bacon Flavor  Bone – PETITE  (3.75")
Nylabone Durable Bacon Flavor Bone – PETITE (3.75")

($1.99)  $1.69
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor - PETITE  (3.75")
Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor - PETITE (3.75")

($2.99)  $1.99
Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Flavor (Petite)
Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Flavor (Petite)

($2.50)  $1.99
Nylabone Flexible Dental Chew - PETITE (3.75")
Nylabone Flexible Dental Chew - PETITE (3.75")

($2.99)  $2.49
Nylabone Pro Action Dental Dog Chew - Small
Nylabone Pro Action Dental Dog Chew - Small

($5.50)  $3.99
Nylabone Small Dog Value Pack (3 count)
Nylabone Small Dog Value Pack (3 count)

($6.99)  $4.99
Fresh N Floss Knot Bone - Small
Fresh N Floss Knot Bone - Small

($9.50)  $6.99
Dogit Design Mini Gumi Dental Toy - Chew & Clean
Dogit Design Mini Gumi Dental Toy - Chew & Clean

($7.99)  $5.99
Dogit Design Mini Gumi Dental Toy - Floss & Clean
Dogit Design Mini Gumi Dental Toy - Floss & Clean

($7.99)  $5.99
Dogit Design Mini Gumi Dental Toy - Spin & Clean
Dogit Design Mini Gumi Dental Toy - Spin & Clean

($7.99)  $5.99
Chuckit! - Pocket / Petite Format (12 inches)
Chuckit! - Pocket / Petite Format (12 inches)

($9.99)  $7.99
Chuckit! Tennis Balls - Small/Petite (2 Pack)
Chuckit! Tennis Balls - Small/Petite (2 Pack)

($2.99)  $2.49
Chuckit! Max Glow Ball - Small
Chuckit! Max Glow Ball - Small

($4.89)  $3.89
Chuckit! Erratic Ball - Small (2 PACK)
Chuckit! Erratic Ball - Small (2 PACK)

($8.36)  $5.99
Chuckit! Whistler Ball Small (2 Pack)
Chuckit! Whistler Ball Small (2 Pack)

($8.36)  $5.99
Flying Squirrel - Small/Petite
Flying Squirrel - Small/Petite

($11.99)  $8.99
JUNIOR Squeaking Hedgehog (Brown)
JUNIOR Squeaking Hedgehog (Brown)

($5.99)  $2.99
JUNIOR Squeaking Hedgehog (Gray)
JUNIOR Squeaking Hedgehog (Gray)

($3.89)  $2.99
Kyjen Holly the Hedgehog Jr
Kyjen Holly the Hedgehog Jr

($5.99)  $3.99
Humunga Tongue Mini for XSMALL/SMALL DOGS (5-20 lbs.)
Humunga Tongue Mini for XSMALL/SMALL DOGS (5-20 lbs.)

($9.99)  $5.19
Humunga Tongue Junior for SMALLER DOGS (20-40 lbs.)
Humunga Tongue Junior for SMALLER DOGS (20-40 lbs.)

($9.20)  $6.99
Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Dog
Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Dog

($4.99)  $3.29
Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Duck
Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Duck

($4.99)  $3.29
Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Hedgehog
Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Hedgehog

($4.99)  $3.29
Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Pig
Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Pig

($4.99)  $3.29
Kyjen Plush Puppies Invincibles Flappy Friends Squeak Toy - Dog
Kyjen Plush Puppies Invincibles Flappy Friends Squeak Toy - Dog

($11.99)  $8.99
Kyjen Hard Core Fire Hose Squeak 'n Fetch - Small
Kyjen Hard Core Fire Hose Squeak 'n Fetch - Small

($6.99)  $3.99
Kyjen Plush Puppies Alligator Squeaker Dog Toy (16 Squeakers)
Kyjen Plush Puppies Alligator Squeaker Dog Toy (16 Squeakers)

($17.99)  $10.99
Kyjen Plush Puppies Ginormous Squeaker Mat Gator
Kyjen Plush Puppies Ginormous Squeaker Mat Gator

($27.99)  $12.99
Kyjen Squeaker Mat - Small Squirrel
Kyjen Squeaker Mat - Small Squirrel

($9.99)  $5.99
Kyjen Plush Puppies Lil' Rippers - Warthog Plush
Kyjen Plush Puppies Lil' Rippers - Warthog Plush

($16.99)  $11.99
Kyjen Plush Puppies Lil' Rippers - Turtle
Kyjen Plush Puppies Lil' Rippers - Turtle

($16.99)  $11.99
Kyjen Plush Puppies Lil' Rippers - Rhino
Kyjen Plush Puppies Lil' Rippers - Rhino

($16.99)  $11.99
Kyjen Mini Hard Boiled Softies - Bee
Kyjen Mini Hard Boiled Softies - Bee

($6.99)  $3.99
Petstages Orka Bone
Petstages Orka Bone

($9.99)  $7.99
Petstages Mini Barbell Chew
Petstages Mini Barbell Chew

($5.99)  $4.99
Orbee Tuff Ball Blue/Green - SMALL
Orbee Tuff Ball Blue/Green - SMALL

($8.99)  $6.95
Orbee Tuff Ball Orange - SMALL
Orbee Tuff Ball Orange - SMALL

($8.99)  $6.95
Premier Busy Buddy Rubber Football - Extreme Black
Premier Busy Buddy Rubber Football - Extreme Black

($7.99)  $4.99
Premier Busy Buddy Rubber Football - Purple
Premier Busy Buddy Rubber Football - Purple

($7.99)  $4.99
Premier Busy Buddy - The Waggle
Premier Busy Buddy - The Waggle

($7.99)  $5.19
Premier Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (SMALL)
Premier Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (SMALL)

($11.99)  $8.99
Premier Busy Buddy Twist N' Treat
Premier Busy Buddy Twist N' Treat

($7.99)  $6.29
Squirrel Dude
Squirrel Dude

($11.95)  $5.99
Tennis Tails
Tennis Tails

($9.99)  $5.99
Go-Frrr Ball - Small 2 1/8
Go-Frrr Ball - Small 2 1/8

($7.95)  $4.99
RuffDawg - The Bone for Smaller Dogs (Assorted Colors)
RuffDawg - The Bone for Smaller Dogs (Assorted Colors)

($9.99)  $5.99
Tuffy's Jr Ring Blue Camo Dog Toy
Tuffy's Jr Ring Blue Camo Dog Toy

($9.50)  $6.99
Talking Babble Ball - SMALL 2 1/8"
Talking Babble Ball - SMALL 2 1/8"

($8.99)  $7.99
Animal Sounds Babble Ball - SMALL 2 1/8"
Animal Sounds Babble Ball - SMALL 2 1/8"

($8.99)  $7.99
Booda Small Dog & Puppy Terry Elephant/Chipmunk - Assorted
Booda Small Dog & Puppy Terry Elephant/Chipmunk - Assorted

($5.99)  $4.39
Ty Bow Wow Beanies Nuts the Squirrel Baby
Ty Bow Wow Beanies Nuts the Squirrel Baby

($7.99)  $5.99
Multipet Loofa Caterpillar Dog Toy (Assorted Colors)
Multipet Loofa Caterpillar Dog Toy (Assorted Colors)

($7.99)  $3.99
KONG Quest Star Pods - Small (Assorted)
KONG Quest Star Pods - Small (Assorted)

($6.99)  $4.99
Bionic Ball - Small
Bionic Ball - Small

($7.99)  $5.99
Bionic Bone - Small
Bionic Bone - Small

($8.99)  $5.99
Bionic Urban Stick - Small
Bionic Urban Stick - Small

($12.99)  $8.99
KONG Quest Star Pods - Small (Assorted)
KONG Quest Star Pods - Small (Assorted)

($6.99)  $4.99
KONG Quest Wishbone - Small (Assorted)
KONG Quest Wishbone - Small (Assorted)

($6.99)  $4.99
KONG Quest Bone - Small (Assorted)
KONG Quest Bone - Small (Assorted)

($6.99)  $4.99
KONG Safestix Small - Assorted
KONG Safestix Small - Assorted

($6.99)  $4.99
KONG Extreme - SMALL
KONG Extreme - SMALL

($7.99)  $7.64
Boinks Springy Tubes
Boinks Springy Tubes

($67.99)  $51.79
Super Boinks - 7 inch (Assorted)
Super Boinks - 7 inch (Assorted)

($1.49)  $0.99
Kong's exclusive, nontoxic red natural rubber is puncture resistant, super bouncy and chewer friendly. It is unmatched for legendary strength, resilience, durability and bounce. Kong toys are enthusiastically used and recommended by veterinarians, trainers, dog professionals and satisfied customers world wide.

Small KONGs are for Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Yorkies and Similar sized Mixed Breeds

3.67 rating based on 3 reviews
Featured Reviews for CLASSIC KONG - SMALL (2.5oz/70g)
by kong toy12/25/2012

It is for his snack time and he loves the peanut butter I put in it.

Too small for my 14 lb. terrier mix by Eddie's mom from Newton, MA08/25/2013

The larger end opening is a little too small for the mouth of my 14 pound terrier mix. He can get his tongue in there, but doesn't seem to be able to suck on it the way he does the next larger size. I think this small size is made more for dogs under 10 pounds with more delicate jaws (e.g., Yorkies, Malteses, Chihuahuas). I bought the small though because I couldn't find a replacement medium size at my local pet stores. I decided eventually to go online and search for the medium size--and found it on Entirely Pets! So I recommend the next size up if your dog is a "tweener" like mine--always in between "small" and "medium" with respect to almost all products. In any case, if you put peanut butter in it, always use unsalted/no sugar smooth ("Teddie's" brand is good), and not too much, just smear it on the inside and into the small hole. Always provide fresh water too.

Great Toy by CKSD11/07/2012

This is a great toy, my dog absolutely loved it! I thought this would be a good size for him since he is small (a yorkie poodle mix), but I guess it wasn't. After a few weeks he succeeded in chewing the top part of it off. I will definitely be buying the next size up though, it keeps him entertained!

Featured Reviews for CLASSIC KONG - Extra Small for Small Dogs & Cats
Cutest Kong! by scoop from PA01/15/2014

I just donated these teeny tiny Kongs to the Humane League of Lancaster, knowing that they get puppies and small breeds that might benefit by reducing their kennel stress. The staff LOVED them!

Perfect for a chihuahua by GrammyX3+5doggs from Royersford, PA11/18/2012

I ordered this for the smallest of the small ones. I have three chihuahuas, a JRT and a JRT Chi mix. It's perfect for her teeny tiny mouth.

Featured Reviews for Air KONG Squeaker Football - SMALL
Keeps my guy happy by Philly Girl10/29/2012

We playwith this for hours; he loves it. The nice thing is how this toy bounces.

My dogs favorite toy by Erin02/04/2008

My cattledog/chihuahua killed the squeaker in the barbell toy but this one is going strong after a week. It's her favorite fetch toy.

disappointing purchase by pat10/23/2012

We have two retrievers that play fetch with these balls every day. I have found that the yellow covering on the balls just don't hold up. Usually within 10 days the covering begins to loosen and peal off the ball. Also, I have made several orders and invariably some balls arrive without sqeakers. Unfortunately, one of the dogs will not retrieve any other ball; he likes the football shape. The other dog likes to squeak.

Featured Reviews for Air KONG Squeaker Dumbbell - SMALL
Too small for the price by Tessa03/14/2012

It was small for the price and not durable. Was destroyed in a matter of a 1/2 hour.

Favorite Toy by StarIrinaSakura from Modesto, CA08/01/2013

My dog loves this toy. I purchased this dumbbell thinking that it was a cute shape and my chihuhua/shih tzu was small so the size was great! I had a groupon so I decided why not. Little that I know that my dog would choose this as his favorite. It fits perfectly in his mouth with both ends sticking out of the sides of his mouth. It has a great bounce when thrown. It fits well in my hands, too. I have to put it away some days because he wants to play with it all the time. He loves it so much I bought a second one recently so that he'll have another when it's time to throw out his first one. It's highly recommended!

Featured Reviews for Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Balls (3-Pack) - SMALL
Perfect for small dogs by Rini from Los Angeles, CA03/14/2014

Small enough my papillon can fetch and carry. My dogs love them.

Small size by Mickie from Atlanta, Georgia12/17/2012

Small dogs love the smaller size that fits their mouths and squeaks,too! Kong balls hold up for while for us.

by abby11/17/2013

Sorry, my Yorkie tried to play with one of them, but they were not soft enough for her. Gave them away to friends.

quickly destroyed by a 6 lb. chi by ikey from IL09/26/2014

Little ikey (6 lb. chi) gets his ball every day when I get home from work for his half hour play time before dinner. He loves these balls but goes through one a week. He destroys the balls way too fast I wish they lasted longer.

My Dog Enjoys Smaller Tennis Balls by Sam09/15/2013

I have always had the regular sized tennis balls but saw these when I was placing an order for another product and thought I would give them a try. My dog enjoys the smaller tennis balls. So we are both happy.

Perfect Size by Texas Peg from San Antonio, TX01/14/2014

These balls are the perfect size for our 2 shih-tzus. They love to chew on them and make them squeak.

Just small enough for little dogs by GJVC from Northern Ca07/03/2013

All of my Chihuahuas fetch balls! Just the right size for them. The squeaker goes over the top!

Just right by Carol2 from Paradise, CA09/28/2012

My Sheltie loves to play ball. However conventional size balls were wearing down her teeth. In fact, she quit playing. These small sizes are just right and she is back to her old self. These are her favorites.

Great price and dogs love them by Cavalier Lady07/30/2012

My dogs love these balls seem to always need more. Will buy again.

by from 02/04/2014

I didn't received them in my order - they sent out another one, and it got lost in the mail. So I am filing a claim with the Post Office.

your by order from whenI


Cute lil ball by Mluvnlife from Des Moines, Iowa02/05/2014

Perfect for small mouthed dogs....my chihuahua loves these as he wants to play ball like the big dogs but the regular size tennis balls are just too big for his mouth...plus they squeak...that is an added plus for fun play!

Featured Reviews for KONG Tugga Wubba Dog Toy - Small (Assorted)
Durable toy by Connie12/30/2013

This toy seems durable. I'm always looking for toys that my little dog won't destroy.

Featured Reviews for Wubba Dog Toy - Small
Luvva the Wubba by Jeannine11/20/2008

Just bought the Wubba for my toy poodle. She loves it.!!.. I just wish the fabric was indestrucible....but she eventually chewed most of the fabric away...within 4 days !!!!

Great for smaller dogs! by jenmcclendon from Tulsa, OK12/18/2012

Our border collie/lab mix has several of these in the larger versions but we thought this would be good for my mother-in-laws smaller dog. So far, it's a hit!

Featured Reviews for Kong Wubba Friend for Dogs Small (Assorted)
dogs love it by junior from honolulu09/22/2014

three of our dogs love it but the usually break it the day I give it to them. but then again that's what they do to most toys anyway

Shakables by Sun Lion06/28/2013

I was trying to duplicate a similar toy that was a little larger. These are small, easy to shake toys. The squeeker is a little bit harder to use than our pups current toy. Over all, I think this is a great toy for the small breeds.

great item by rescue org from Wausau, WI12/23/2012

We have a 9 month old puppy in rescue right now that takes his Wubba everywhere with him, if you have a small dog this is a great choice.

Featured Reviews for Kong Snugga Wubba - Small (Assorted)
Dog loved, not too durable though by Krans from Indianapolis12/04/2012

My dog loved this, and took great pleasure in immediately ripping it apart. There didn't look to be any choking hazard parts, so long as you purchase the right size Wubba for your dog. To be fair to the product, no matter how "tough" a stuffed toy claims to be, she has no problem destroying it :)

Very Nice Toy for a Cairn Terrier by Celticgael from Ohio09/09/2013

I purchased the Kong Snugga Wubba-Small toy for my Cairn Terrier. It is a wonderful toy that a Cairn Terrier can shake, tug and flop around with. It is very well made and I would recommend this product.

dogs love it by junior from honolulu09/22/2014

dogs love it but break it on the day it's given to them

Kong Snugga Wubba by Melody02/18/2014

I bought one for the 4 week old Poodles and all the dogs loved it. I kept having to take it out of my 13 yr old poodles chair. (The recliner) I wish I had bought 6 of them...

Kong snugga wubba by mastiff mama from Loomis, CA09/19/2013

My BC tried to steal one from another dog, so I bought her one... she loves it to pieces!

Featured Reviews for KONG Dr. Noy's Plush Beaver - SMALL
Hard to find usually by kaytee18 from Nashville,TN12/05/2013

My boy loves the Kong small toys and this one is hard to find. It is one of his favorites. I think the tail is the trick

Good purchase by Caryl from LaVerne, California10/29/2013

I find it difficult to find small "squeeky" toys for my Yorkie and Maltese as well as for my granddog, Prince Harry. These were purchased for Christmas stocking gifts.

Immediate Hit by dogs412/04/2012

I purchased this and a small duck by the same maker for my brother's Norfolk and Norwich terriers. They were total hits and I got a picture later in the week of the female carrying the squirrel with the tail hanging out of her mouth. The size was perfect and the little bit of stuffing is nice. The extra squeaker is a bonus.

Good toy by Shadow from Miami, FL02/19/2013

I brought my dog a couple toys from Kong and he loves all of them. However, this one he especially loves. He won't leave it alone until he gets the squeaker to stop squeaking! The toy does come with a replacement squeaker which is good. I highly recommend it and it is the perfect size for my dogs little mouth.

Too Small by doxielover12/16/2012

This toy was much smaller than I anticipated. I was disappointed.

Great toy by Mayne from Maine03/03/2014

My little small breed terrier mix loves this toy. Of all the toys I bought for her, she singled this one out as her favorite.

Featured Reviews for Kong Material Dog Platy Duck - Small
Not what I expected by doxielover12/16/2012

This toy is so small, it is not even useable for my dogs. I surely didn't think that a small toy would be too small for them.

Not for tough chewers by jto10906/19/2012

My puppy chewed off poor platy duck's arm in about 30 seconds and almost swallowed it. Not safe for chewing puppies!

very tiny by Dozer from Livonia, MI12/31/2013

This is a cute toy. It is made for the tiny breeds. It is about 2 inches tall. Did I mention it's tiny. Now here's the funny part......our two Rottweilers love it. It is still intact after 3 weeks. I am not sure I would recommend this to other large breed dog owners as they may have a different outcome than us.

Favorite Toy by Arkie from Conway, AR02/13/2013

When we first got our puppy Izzy, we bought her a small Kong ducky. This has been her favorite toy. She holds it in her mouth and squeaks it. She will then throw it up and chase it. She plays all kind of games with herself with the duck. I have bought several extras because she has taken the duck outside and it got rained on and ended up rotting. Any of the small Kong toys are great .. we have the bear, beaver and frog. She loves them all.

Love the little duck! by BargainLady12/30/2012

Cute little duck! Cats and dog all like these alike... I would recommend these for small dogs!

Kong dog duck by kiki from West Palm Beach07/11/2013

My dog ripped this toy up will not buy again

Duck of a different color by Lenny from Bakersfield, CA06/28/2013

Ordered six of what is supposed to be the Kong Platy Duck shown in the picture (still). "Ducky" is our dog's favorite toy and she gradually chews them up. The package arrived with only three Platy Ducks that have transformed into nothing like the original. We contacted the company to explain we only got three and it wasn't what we ordered. We received a new shipment of six of the new version. Still not what we were looking for or thought we were ordering.

by Suzanne08/15/2012


My puppy... by jto10911/06/2012

chewed off the poor duck's hand in a matter of minutes. Then she proceeded to swallow it.

Dog won't let it go... by Nanspud from Illinois08/21/2012

This little squeaker toy has now become my Cairn Terrier's favorite. He plays with it every day and keeps it close to him so he doesn't lose it. It is just the right size for him and he is never too far from his ducky. :-)

My boy's fav by kaytee18 from Nashville,TN11/02/2013

Rufus loves these small and xsmall Kong toys. He has tons of each of the designs and can pick out the exact one he wants.

Featured Reviews for Kong Material Sitting Frog Toy - Small
My dog loves this by Judy05/29/2014

My dog loves this toy. Having 2 squeakers gives it extra life. I'm only giving it 4 stars because my dog tears them apart pretty quickly.

Cute little froggy! by Bri12/19/2012

This squeek toy is a perfect size for my little yorkie! It is very small but so is my dog!! It's great that it comes with an extra squeeker and a velcro opening to switch it out, because my dog ruins squeekers quite often!

Great Toy by Ninette10/08/2011

Dogs (4) loved this plus removable squeaker is a great idea!

One of their Favorites by Carol from Marietta, GA05/20/2014

My Shih Tzus love these little toys. Just the right size for their tiny mouths, I've only replaced one squeaker. My one shih tzu has a love/hate relationship with squeakers. He loves them when he squeaks them but hates it when his brother squeaks it and works on removing the squeaker.

Still here after a month by elsieD from Charlotte, NC08/09/2010

My dog loves stuffed squeaky toys, and the really good ones last 2-3 days with her before there's no stuffing and the squeaky is gone. However, this Kong frog is still intact after a month, and the dog loves it more than any other toy. I'm now going to buy one of each to keep her entertained. Marvelous price for something that lasts and lasts.

Love at first bite by Yorkie Dad from Eunice, LA07/11/2014

Purchased this for my two youngest yorkies. They fell in love with it instantly and battled for the frog. Replaceable squeaker is perfect since this toy gets hours of play each day. The material is strong and has held up to 5 weeks of daily play. Washable, durable, and the perfect size for a small or medium sized dog.

Featured Reviews for Kong Squiggles Dog Toy - Small
Tough Toy! by Kay12/19/2011

My Rat Terrier loves to play tug and these Squiggles last a very long time and he doesn't get bored.

LOVE THIS TOY by CUBBY01/14/2013


add to wish list by rescue org from Wausau, WI12/23/2012

I wish I had bought more, we have 10 dogs in rescue and I only bought two, they all love them. I have dogs 9months to 10years playing with this toy!

Good Value by doxielover12/16/2012

This toy was a good value, and was as described.

Featured Reviews for KONG Wobbler - Small
dogs don;t play with it by Michelle Isles04/21/2012

I'm sorry, my dogs do not play with this toy so I will need to return them.

fun! by shep from Upstate, NY04/15/2013

The corgis have a lot of fun with this. My smooth collie was able to unscrew it, do it is not in the extreme category of toys. My five month old puppy loves her wobbler!

Best toy ever to keep a hyper pet busy by didsx3 from saint louis, mo03/05/2014

My dog loves this. I tore up a couple beggin' strips and it will keep her distracted for about an hour or so every day. It is strong and easy to use. My dog chases it whining as if she is saying "come on, give me my treat." Its adorable and so useful. I love kong brand so far. My puppy is a little obnoxious with energy at times and this distracts her so well!

Jack loves it (until it is empty) by Chlte from NC12/13/2011

It only took one day for Jack to figure out how to knock the thing around to get the kibble and treats out. So he does get some extra exercise standing around and knocking, pushing and then running around to see what fell out. I actually thought I was getting the Kong that I could put the paste and peanut butter in. Just so you know, this one you put kibble, dog food, and smaller treats in. It has a weighted base. warning - if you put the food in with some treats, your dog probably will knock out all the food and leave it on the floor - only eating the treats.

Perfect for keeping dog from gulping food by jto10911/06/2012

This toy keeps my dog occupied for awhile and makes dinnertime last twice as long. Also, keeps my dog from inhaling the food with light speed.

Food toy by Nancylynn from Houston, tx03/22/2014

Good for slowing eating time down. Made of a plastic that is not like a regular kong. Dog had tried to chew this item. I think dog enjoys playing with it. But has chewed much of it.

Kept corgi entertained for hours! by Lpjoni12/13/2012

Great product! It kept my corgi out of mischief for hours!

another great product by dog mom12/06/2011

Good entertainment for a busy high energy dog. Stimulates the mind of high energy smart dogs. This type of feeding toy was recommended to me by my vet's office. My dog is a high energy working breed and always needs something to do. Even my little old 16 year old dog loves it!

Great! by ScoobyNZ from Auckland, New Zealand01/22/2013

My jack russell loves her Kong wobbler. She likes it so much that she is clearly disappointed if she is given biscuits in a dish instead. For those dogs who 'seem to swallow an entire dish of food in one go, the Kong Wobbler is highly recommended.

Featured Reviews for KONG Sports Balls - Small 3-Pack (Assorted)
Not so much by BethAnn from Long Isand, NY08/20/2013

They had an off smell to them, once the dogs ripped them, they really put off an odor. I won't be buying them again.

Featured Reviews for Kong Flyer - Small
Not a flyer by Hutch from NC11/06/2012

This is very durable but will not glide like a frisbee. Not what I wanted at all.

Love this by Mako from SW Colorado06/08/2012

Mako is a little dog with lots of spunk and jump. This is just the right size for her.

Featured Reviews for KONG Ball - SMALL
Dachshund Ball by ksaw44 from Seattle, WA04/30/2013

This is my dogs favorite ball. He is able to chew it up a little so we have to replace it maybe three times a year. The Black Kong Ball is to heavy for him.

by KA12/31/2012

These Kong balls are almost indestructible.

The Best!! by missing my big mooster04/27/2013

Legal crack for dogs. They get peanut butter and tuna at times but even without anything in the hole they want to play with them 24/7. Tennis balls last 20 minutes (durability) but Kongs keep going and going and going. The command "Go get your ball" when rarely needed means hours of fun. EP pricing is the tops!! 1/2 off local retailers.

indestructo ball by broken01/29/2012

We bet on the time it takes for dogs to destroy a toy. Usually 1-10 minutes. This ball is still in one piece.

Featured Reviews for KONG Senior - SMALL (1-20 lbs)
smaller than I expected by pumbaacat from mesa az12/14/2012

But it didn't matter. My senior dog that I bought it for likes it and so does the younger, bigger dog.

by from 02/20/2014

I have a 47# Lab puppy who doesn't like to chew her Kong toys so I can use all the varieties.

with by a from mixtureI


Kongs by in from variousI


Amazing price by Kate from Grand County, CO03/23/2013

I have ordered from Entirely Pets several times and have never been disappointed. Their shipments have always arrived ahead of schedule. The price of the Senior Kong was so amazing I bought 4. Give these people your business. It is obvious they get what customer service is.

great toy by DeltaBluezTess from Carnation, WA01/01/2013

well built and sturdy! dogs love this easy and fun toy. Doesn't break and provides hours of enjoyment...good for the senior dog

Featured Reviews for JW Pet Bad Cuz Dog Toy - Small
Best balls ever by Babyspooky from Shirley03/14/2013

All my dogs can't get enough of them! I buy them all the time

2 hours by Gaia's Mom from Baltimore, MD07/14/2013

. . . that's how long it took my pit to destroy Bad Cuz.

Featured Reviews for JW Pet Good Cuz Dog Toy - Small
Another great puchase by dd from ecuador11/20/2013

Both of our dogs have there own and play with them daily. These were favorites in the states and now that we are in Ecuador for a few years we had to have them again. Have lasted for a couple of years

Goldie has trained me to play fetch with her ball. by Don Sr. from Cape Coral FL.05/13/2013

She starts early in the morning by barking and drops the ball into the pool. After breakfast it's a walk in the garden with the ball as a reason for me to toss it. She returns it to me for a repeat of pitch and fetch.

A great fetch toy by janhm from Columbus, OH01/15/2013

Our Pom Chi is a chewer! Most of the JW toys are rubber, not latex, & survive her teeth. This toy is a great size for a small dog to fetch. It also has a squeaker - which has survived, as well.

Addictive by Hershey'sMon from Annapolis, MD11/22/2011

Both of my dogs love the good cuz ball and have for years! I have to have a lot on hand because Hershey hides them all over the house. He shows this toy to everyone who visits. If your dog likes squeaky toys you can't go wrong with this one. For fetching, it is fun because it bounces in different directions by how it's feet hit the ground!

by from 05/18/2013

We have two doxies and these small Cuz balls are their favorite toys. Beware though, you will get plenty of exercise yourself Cuz you have to throw them.

Maricopa, AZ by from Jim"


Great for tough chewers by Penny from Northwest Arkansas12/12/2011

My 2 dogs love squeaky toys and these Cuz Dog Toys last longer than other squeaky toys.

Featured Reviews for JW Pet Hol-ee Roller - Size 5
Great Ball by pitmom from Richmond, VA01/01/2013

My 2 Pit Bull mixes love these balls. This is our second one---nothing happened to the first except that I left it outside so much that it got really dirty so we needed a new one! Not a good option though if you have a chewer. We only play fetch outside with this rather than leaving them with it to chew.

Love these toys by meddy from South Lyon, MI11/11/2013

My dogs have been raised on holee rollers with balls stuffed inside. They love them.

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Durable Bacon Flavor Bone – PETITE (3.75")
petite bacon nylabone by Dory from dahlonega ga06/02/2013

Perfect for small dogs. Great for hours if chewing

Dogs ignored this by sdsundog from Greenville, SC01/14/2014

I was hoping my new dog would like to chew on this, but she didn't have any interest in it. I gave it to my other two dogs to try and they were not interested either. Gave them to the dog shelter.

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Durable Chew Original Flavor - PETITE (3.75")
Happy Happy baby dogs by Farm Chick from Texas11/08/2011

I have Nylabones that are 14 years old! The most durable bone on the market. All of our babies have loved them. Only order new ones to give them new toys, old ones are still chewed on! Great product!

good product! by HADOHEE from Korea07/23/2014

my doggy loves dura chew original more than bacon and chicken. I could not feel the flavor. but my doggy choose a original when gave three things(original, bacon, chicken). I am satisfied with this product. I bought about 60 amount. my doggy is chewing relieves stress.

Durable by milkweed from NY Gunks01/12/2012

Bought these for the small shelter dogs.

Petite Nylabone by Dal Mom from Edgewater, MD12/06/2011

My Mini Schnauzer, Cavalier and Dalmatian all love these. I have to have multiples in the house. No matter what the size they all take turns stealing from the others. A must have at my house

Great for 'Serious' Chewers! by DoggyMom from Mesquite, NV11/18/2012

I got this for my Miniature Australian Shepherd who weighs 18 pounds and she has already eaten the end off and started working on the other end! She really likes to chew and this has definitely kept her busy! I'll be ordering the next larger size soon!

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Dura Chew Chicken Flavor (Petite)
Chicken flavor nylabone by DDR from Swan point, MD05/18/2014

My dog loves it! Would definitely order more nylabonesvfor her!

in Korea, the famous nilrabon dyurachyu by ggamiNmaru from korea07/19/2012

In Korea, the famous nilrabon dyurachyu Our children are worth the wait too long liked In Korea, the price was too expensive to buy direct And I want to buy Please add some more flavor I can not tell you what is chicken bacon

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Flexible Dental Chew - PETITE (3.75")
by Malt mom from Los Angeles03/06/2013

I have a 5 lb Maltese. She loves to chew and this is her favorite toy ever, by far. Only problem is I have to watch her. She does chew off those tiny nubs and once she does that I throw the "bone" away otherwise she would eat the whole thing. I only give her one a week. I do wish Nylabone could construct one of these that dogs could not chew off any pieces. Nonetheless she entertains herself for hours chewing. Just don't leave your dog alone with this product --watch for pieces coming off.

My Doxie Loves These by HawaiiMeg from Honolulu, HI02/23/2012

My Miniature Doxie loves these. She loves tearing apart things--like stuffed toy, etc. But anything like hard bones she doesn't work on, but prefers to hide them. So we found these and she can get her teeth into them and pull them apart. Love what it does to keep her teeth clean. These work for us and can find them here at a good price.

Only chew my dog likes by MeginHonolulu from Honolulu, Hawaii10/27/2012

Every other hard chew toy my dog just hides and never chews. Guess each dog is different. She loves pulling off all the bumpy things and never ever considers eating them. Keeps her busy for quite a while and she will go back to it over and over again until it is pretty much smooth. Figure it is good for her teeth/gums, but my favorite is that it keeps her occupied for a while. Tried all the other Nylabone products, but this is the only one she actually chews on. Biggest issue is stepping on it by mistake--yikes!!

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Pro Action Dental Dog Chew - Small
by from 12/28/2012

Nylabone Pro Action Dental Dog Chew - Small by Robin from Philadelphia, PA04/23/2014

My dogs enjoyed chewing on this bone. Good size for samll to medium dogs.

Featured Reviews for Nylabone Small Dog Value Pack (3 count)
Great product by Auntie Ramona from Ohio02/05/2013

I purchased these chew bones for a dog rescue/sanctuary in Tennessee! The smaller dogs love to chew too and they absolutely loved them! Great price!

Great value! by cher from Brighton, CO08/01/2014

My 10 week old American Hairless Terrier says Thank You these are the perfect size for me!!

Featured Reviews for Fresh N Floss Knot Bone - Small
love it by Jinger from san jose ca02/10/2010

JInger loves it as she doesn't use it much but when she does she goes to town. Great product .

FLOSS ROPE by SandyAnn1 from Florida01/08/2013

We thought it looked like fun with a purpose. Problem is that our dog didn't like it. She grabbed it once and that was it. We have repeatedly tried to encourage her but she just isn't interested.

Dog enjoys it by ekcpeterson from Atlanta, GA10/22/2012

My miniature pinscher seems to enjoy it very much. Not too sure how much the "flossing" part works, but my dog does use it and it works well as a tug-o-war toy, too. Very durable.

Featured Reviews for Dogit Design Mini Gumi Dental Toy - Chew & Clean
Sturdy Toy! by LJ from High Point, NC05/15/2014

My two destructive dogs generally tear through toys quickly, but this chew toy has lasted a long time, and has become one of their favorites!

by Mag08/21/2013

Not as represented....ice would melt and run out. No way to keep it in or treats in other end. Not worth the money or hassle.



Featured Reviews for Dogit Design Mini Gumi Dental Toy - Floss & Clean
Great for my little girl by dpoudrier from Austin, TX08/23/2013

Size was good for my Peke. Vet said no hard chew toys so the rubber is softer, but still durable. She loves it!

Featured Reviews for Chuckit! - Pocket / Petite Format (12 inches)
Great version of the larger one! by lucaussie from Houston,TX07/26/2013

While a bit weak at the curve, this product is a good travel item for those who adore Chuck-It time as do my pups!

by Gav01/25/2012

have the jr. chuck-it, wanted this one for traveling. like the size, works fine for being compact. wish it came with ultra ball, rather than tennis ball, but can get those ala-carte.

Great tool for fetch by Lucy05/30/2012

The balls get slobbery and you don't have to touch them. Also launches the ball further than I can throw. This one is shorter and fits in my messenger bag when we go for walks.

Featured Reviews for Chuckit! Tennis Balls - Small/Petite (2 Pack)
It's strong by It's me12/17/2012

My dog is hard on balls. She will destroy a cheep ball in 2 hours. She has been playing with the "chuck it ball" for 3 weeks and the fur is not ripped apart yet. It's a strong ball and made well.

My doggies love these! by keljo from AZ10/22/2012

I have two shelties. One is just under 20 pounds and he has a very difficult time getting a regular sized tennis ball in his mouth, his mom has a plate and 15 screws in her arm and has a hard time throwing. These solve the problem for both of us. I have the chuck it throwing tool as well.

Featured Reviews for Chuckit! Max Glow Ball - Small
INDESTRUCTIBLE! by Rose12/14/2012

It's the only fetch toy our Staffie can't destroy! And our Pug loves the little size. Great for evening play time - and when play time is over us humans can find the ball in the dark!

by Pap Mom04/15/2012

My papillon loves to play catch. The glow balls are great and they can find them in the dark without a problem. The glow lasts a good 25 min.

Smaller breeds and indoor activity only by Joker's friend from Russia11/26/2012

Too small for a JRT puppy I have. No, he is yet unable to swallow this but balls of the same size he used to play with were his toys several months ago. Better for newborns or smaller breeds. Playing outside is impossible, if you hope to see a glowing ball, because it won't work - it's unlikely dark enough ever to make the ball a bright toy. But good for searching inside, when the lights are off.

Featured Reviews for Chuckit! Erratic Ball - Small (2 PACK)
Where is it going by Leo's Mom from Victor, NY12/15/2012

The erratic wobble of these balls keep the daycare dogs on their toes.

great product by dachsnterriers02/07/2013

My dogs love these & they are virtually indestructible. They are tossed indoors & out, retrieved, & chewed on by heavy chewers capable of destroying most toys. The erratic bounce keeps them on their toes. Ordered these as back-up because occasionally one gets "lost".

Chuckit Small Erratic Ball by dacriss from Portland, Or.12/10/2012

Sister-in-law purchased this for the wife’s poodle. Poodle loves it and was very sad when it went down the heater vent. Depending on how you throw it you can get different results. This is much better than a regular ball. Try back spinning and side spinning the ball. Low speed throws work best. Keeps the dog guessing where the ball is going to go. Would definitely recommend to others.

dogs love it by fhapgood12/31/2012

I don't know if this would work as well for every breed but Border Terriers are very focused creatures, always looking for a purpose in life, and these balls provide that. Stick a bit of peanut butter in one end and they will work on it for hours. Literally hours.

Not that different than any other ball by bubblemama07/09/2012

Don't expect any crazy antics with this ball. It bounces pretty much like regular ones.

great ball by lr02/21/2013

My puppy really likes playing with this ball. It is high quality rubber without that offensive odor that some rubber toys have. He really loves to chase it and it is the perfect size for his mouth.

Featured Reviews for Chuckit! Whistler Ball Small (2 Pack)
Doubles as a chew toy. by Jo01/26/2013

My mini-poodle is a ball fanatic, and when not fetching these tough, whistling, balls she is chewing them. They never fall apart and survive both sun and ice. I don't know what we'd do without them!

Whistle is barely detectible by bubblemama07/09/2012

I was expecting a much louder sound from this ball. Even when in a very quiet backyard, the whistle is hard to hear.

Long lasting by Leo's Mom from Victor, NY12/15/2012

Leo's shares these with his daycare friends and they last and last. The sound they make have the dogs tuning there heads in wonder.

Featured Reviews for Flying Squirrel - Small/Petite
Super flyer by Dee06/12/2013

My lab mix LOVES this flying squirrel. She will chase it forever and ever.

Featured Reviews for JUNIOR Squeaking Hedgehog (Brown)
dogs love them, great price by Lisa from Allentown, PA12/06/2011

Hedgehog is one of a few toys that our dogs do not destroy in one day. They are durable.

hedgehog by Vicki from Glendale Az10/17/2013

my dog Grumpy loves his hedgehog's he now has 6 sometimes he lines them up in a circle like he is senting some message but they are his favorite toys

Cute by DaisyGirl from Georgia02/22/2013

Huckleberry loves it! Bought one for my best friend's dog too!

love Squeaking Hedgehog by keeswoman02/12/2012

Adorable Hedgehog. I bought this one to replace the poor frazzled one my last dog loved for over 11 years. Figured my new dog deserved one of her own. Well made.

Junior Hedgehog by kiki from West Palm Beach03/03/2013

My pet loves this toy and plays with it every day

great toy by lelly from boynton beach,fl.07/26/2012

my puppy loves this. none of the big pet supply stores have it anymore. please keep it in stock so i can reorder when i need to.

Totally Awesome Hedgehog! by Gus03/24/2008

As a dog, I'd like to say this is the BEST toy ever! I love to run around the yard with my hedgehog in my mouth, squeaking it all the way. Sometimes I love them so much I chew little holes in them but they're pretty tough and I really have to put my mind to it to do this. I highly recommend hedgehogs to all you dogs out there!

Perfect size by smoothrider from Pittsburgh08/06/2013

My Boston Terrier loves this toy. I don't know what it is about it. It's his favorite toy.

Fun toy! by Indy63 from Minnesota01/01/2013

Bought this for my 3 year old Springer and he loves it!

GREAT TOY by REE from Waldwick, NJ01/05/2013

Too large for large cat, Was unable to manipulate. Too heavy

The whole family of squeaking hedgehogs by Stacy01/03/2013

We have purchased both the junior and large hedgehog as our sheltie just loves them! The junior is best for her mouth size but the large one has two squeakers (one squeak and one grunt). She runs away when it grunts so it makes for more fun for us. This is not a toy for a chewer unless you supervise closely.

dogs love it by Blaze from Lock Haven PA01/27/2013

My 3 dogs just love this toy,have the best time with it.I should have bought 2 more!

by from 12/08/2011

A favorite toy by Sammy's mom from Kingsburg, CA02/27/2013

This is one Sammy's favorite toys. He plays with it all day long and whenever he goes outside or even to bed at night he takes this little guy with him.

Another Favorite! by The Clan from Delmar, NY01/07/2014

I don't know what it is about the Hedgehog toy, but wow! my dogs all love them. Tell them to get the hedgie and someone comes running with the toy ready to play.

Everybody loves Junior by Molly's Mom from Orange County,Ca03/11/2014

Bought all my neighbor friends a Junior and although some have been dissected of the squeaker, they have become the favorite toy.

Fun hedgehog by Wendy from Sydney12/17/2012

They all love the hedgehog! He's their favorite at the moment. I had to remove him from over zealous chewing and tearing a couple of times.

Truly a bargain by cam from Magnolia, Texas01/23/2014

This has been one of the sturdiest toys I've ever bought. It's been through 1 adult Chihuahua, 1 Chihuahua puppy with very sharp teeth and a Dachshund puppy. The 2 puppies love to play tug-of-war with it and it has no rips nor punctures. It's a bit worn from all it's been through but still in good shape. It's practically indestructible!

Marvelous toy by Mluvnlife from Des Moines, Iowa02/05/2014

I've ordered 6 of these over the past couple years for my dog and for gifts. This is my dogs favorite toy...he bites it, kisses it, sleeps with it, carries it around, runs with it in his mouth, squeaks it, plays tug-o-war with it....etc! I keep one hidden/one hand for him in case we wear out the squeaker...but he loves them even after he has taken the stuffing out! Lol

My dog loves this toy by Archie's Mom from Enoch, UT06/12/2014

My dog can "kill" the squeeker in this toy but it is a well made toy and I just cut it open, replace the squeeker and stitch it up. If the manufacturer could wrap the squeeker in kevlar or something it would last longer warranting the higher quality of the body of this toy. I have tried to buy tougher squeekers but they don't seem to exist.

Nice Product by Jen from Ohio01/05/2013

My dog loves this hedgehog. It squeaks so that makes it even more special to her. She likes you to throw it and she retrieves it. She also will lay down with it and chew on it just to listen to it squeak.

quality purchase by tobyro from Chattanooga TN12/31/2012

was a little bigger than i thought but the little dog likes it though it is hard for him to squeak it

Cute!! by Denise from Randleman, NC12/16/2011

I don't know how long these will last - but my dogs are really enjoying them! Cutest little critters I have seen.

Horrible - Don't Buy by TD from NH12/17/2012

My puppy is 5 months old and not really a heavy chewer, but in 30 seconds literally had skinned the hedgehog. We have another hedgehog that he has had for 3 months that is a much better product.

Just what I was looking for. by Sally12/23/2013

Several years ago I gave one of these toys to my daughter's Saluki, Delilah . . . she loved it. I was so happy to find this Hedgehog for that sweet pup.

Puppy Loves this Toy by Arkie from Conway, AR02/13/2013

I had gotten my puppy Izzy a larger hedgehog with a Santa hat for Christmas. She loved it but this one is more her size. She loves to squeak it. She will toss it up in the air and chase it.

Love Homer the Hedgehog by Chelseagirl from Chelsea, AL07/24/2012

So seriously I am on Hedgehog #95 or so. My English Bully loves these so I always buy a bunch at a time. My two pittie mixes love them too but they tend to rip out the stuffing way to fast sometimes. These toys are great but are not chew toys.

not as good as larger one by Stef12/29/2012

Pretty good product, but my dog prefers the grunting hedgehogs.

My dogs love Homer the Hedgehog! by chelseagirl from Chelsea, AL01/27/2012

Both of our dogs love Homer the Hedgehog. I buy these toys in bulk. You will not find a better price anywhere else either.

Featured Reviews for JUNIOR Squeaking Hedgehog (Gray)
Love the Hedgehogs! by Sue10/30/2012

When my small dogs are feeling feisty and want to play, it's the hedgehog they go for. It's the bomb! Wish it came in even smaller sizes.

Love Hedgehogs by Scooters Mom from Phoenix, AZ03/05/2013

My dog loves hedgehogs of any kind! We have to have back-ups so that he is never without. This one is just the right size for him. They usually last a couple of months.

Tough toy by Archie's Mom from Enoch, UT09/10/2013

These are very high quality dog toys. My little dog thinks it is his job to "kill" squeakers and other toys last about 5 minutes. These are longer lasting and of good enough quality that I cut them open and replace the squeakers. Most of the toys in Archie's toy box are brown and gray hedgehogs and he loves them. So do I.

AWESOME toy by Stacy05/31/2013

Best toys you can buy. Our sheltie loves the hedgehogs and she has them all over the house. She runs and grabs them before her walks or whenever she is so excited she can't contain herself. She has learned to squeak them on command or when she wants you to play.

More Hedgehogs! by Jagcapt from Westlake Village, CA12/17/2012

My golden retriever loves 'em all: Jumbo Gruntings, Juniors, Browns & Grays. He literally counts them and puts them in a special spot every night. Great toy at a great price.

Small Hedgehog by Killer Chi03/20/2013

This is a great product no matter the size.

by from 03/02/2013

Purchased Hedgehogs for our 3 dogs (black lab, hound mix and pointer mix. They were thrilled with their new toys! 2 have been chewed to shreds after a while - one is still surviving....lol Will be ordering more shortly.....

quickly by and from inNote:


Puppy loves this by TXGrandma from Dallas09/14/2014

Really cute--when first bought puppy was 3 months old and she lay her head on it. Now at 5-1/2 months she carries it around everywhere.

Fantastic Toy! by Tiffany11/23/2009

Great toy! I was impressed with the size and how much my dog loves this thing! He loves to 'hunt' for it, lay his head on it, chew it and more. Love this hedgehog!!!

JUNIOR Squeaking Hedgehog (Gray) by Phil vv from Columbus, Ohio01/22/2014

Very cute plush toy that my Dachshund destroyed in 5 mins. Definitely not for the dog that chews. Maybe your cat will like it.

Soooo Cute! by Monitor03 from Middleburg,fl.11/14/2012

Very well made dog toy.My German Shepard loves carrying he" baby "around all day.

Featured Reviews for Kyjen Holly the Hedgehog Jr
New Feminine Hedgehog by jagcapt from Westlake Village, CA10/17/2013

My golden retriever L-O-V-E-S hedgehogs. He uses them as pillows, companions and leaves a trail of them from favorite spot to favorite spot. Kyjen Holly is a delightful humorous "female" addition to the toy box herd of all sizes, brown & grey. In every assemblage of the hedgehogs great & small, the little girl hedgehog gets a place of honor.

Featured Reviews for Humunga Tongue Mini for XSMALL/SMALL DOGS (5-20 lbs.)
Dog Ball with Tongue by Humunga by Anjelica12/04/2012

My family and I had so much fun with this toy. We have a French bull dog and every time he picked this ball up we couldn't stop laughing. We spend hours playing and taking pictures with this toy we actually tired out the dog first (normally its the other way around). Great product and tons of fun for everyone.

humunga tounge by rick from san antonio11/07/2011

dog loves it but can't leave dog alone to chew because agressiv chewers will distroy it in no time

Featured Reviews for Humunga Tongue Junior for SMALLER DOGS (20-40 lbs.)
The world's funniest dog toy! by Andrea Wikso12/23/2008

This is one of the best toys my dog has. It's strong and durable, and great for tug o' war. It also make for some great pictures. One end has a ball for the dog to grasp and the rest hangs out like an oversized tongue. If you grab that end, the tug o' war is on. I highly recommend it!

Makes us laugh! by Doodles01/19/2012

Tough, well made and when dogs play with it, it makes us laugh.

Featured Reviews for Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Dog
Kyjen Mini Invincibles by boss terrier from Daly City, CA12/03/2013

My dog tore through this in less than an hour. The only good thing is I didn't have to clean up a lot of stuffing. If your dog doesn't tear through stuffed animals, then this is for you. Otherwise, don't waste your money.

mini invincibles by adcatcherinwa from Spokane WA10/05/2013

My dog loved it so much it was chewed in a matter of hours. I would recommend their hard boiled softies if your dog is a strong chewer. My 11 pound terrier mix had this to shreds and the squeaker killed in about two hours. He really did love the toy though.

Easily destroyedables by Wishbone Farm Schnauzers from Monroe, NC03/24/2014

This toy looks like its 6 years old instead of a couple of weeks old. One of my younger girls got ahold of it and shredded it.

Featured Reviews for Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Duck
Invincible? Hardly... by Matilda's Dad from Grand Rapids, MI08/14/2013

This toy was cute and even said it keeps squeaking after being punctured. I gave it to my 12 lb chihuahua border terrier mix and she ripped the whole thing apart in about an hour. It stopped squeaking after the first 30 minutes. The carnage was almost too gruesome to watch. I truly felt bad for the little duck which is now in the trash. On the bright side my dog did seem to have a GREAT time ripping the toy apart! With "invincible" in the name I would have expected more.

Featured Reviews for Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Hedgehog
no so invincible by M Lambert from Berlin, VT06/16/2014

Lasted maybe 3 days playing fetch with it with our chocolate lab.

Featured Reviews for Kyjen Mini Invincibles - Pig
by from 03/01/2014

Adorable and Tough by Cleopatra08/16/2014

I have 3 Shih-Tzu girls and this toy has been with us for over 2 years now. It is a favorite of my littlest girl, Luna, who is 7.5 pounds. The pig is actually bigger than her whole face but she loves it and (very importantly) it has held up to play from her and her sisters for a sustained amount of time and is in pristine condition. This is a tough little toy and I highly recommend it.

great squeaker for a small dog by wahmei from Las Vegas, NV06/16/2014

This toy truly is almost indestructible! My small dog is not a chewer, so this will last him forever.

Featured Reviews for Kyjen Hard Core Fire Hose Squeak 'n Fetch - Small
Great Toy by Debbie from East Coast, USA05/16/2014

This is the small version of a larger one we have. Even visiting dogs go for this toy first! It is the best of both worlds with combo soft and chewable/fetch-able. The toy will last a very long time, unless you have a determined chewer come to visit :) Anything that holds up to a GSD puppy is great in my book!

really holds up by Geo09/30/2014

This is the best squeak chew toy ever. My dachund has been playing and chewing on it for 3 months now, and it is not damaged at all. He loves it.I think they are so good that I got several for friends. Quite a find!

Durable by SirThaddeusFeathernickle09/04/2013

The squeakies died the first day. He will use the toy every so often now. Still looks like the picture so it is durable.

Featured Reviews for Kyjen Plush Puppies Alligator Squeaker Dog Toy (16 Squeakers)
by from 11/24/2012

Best Dog Toy by Pam07/17/2013

I have a Yorkie that is around 9 lbs. and he just loves this toy. He is on his second one. The first one's head finally came off after about a year so I had to get another one. He still loves the old one too and will not part with it.

Gator by whitesalmonbulldog12/29/2012

My dog Pipen's favorite toy! She plays with her gator for hours at a time!

Best Purchase Ever by Kendal from Tasmania, Australia12/28/2011

I'm really happy with this purchase. My dogs love this toy, and it has different sounding squeakers as well.

Alligator Squeeky Toy by patti baker from Skandia Michigan05/05/2013

I purchased an alligator with 16 squeakers in it. my dog had six of the squeakers chewed out of it within a period of six hours. She has a puppy toy similar to the alligator and has had it for at least three years and it's still whole. and in good condition.

Lots of fun! by Chai from Phoenix, AZ12/26/2012

Our dog loved this toy! It didn't last as long as we wanted, but she had fun with it during it's short life. It has a lot of squeekers, but she managed to "de-squeek" each one pretty quickly. Was fun, only wish it would have lasted longer (she is a very agressive chewer though).

dog's fav toy by doobie12/10/2012

my dog loves this toy! He takes it everywhere including in his food bowl when he's eating.

Kyjen Plush Puppies Alligator 16 Squeaker Dog Toy by Victoria06/25/2014

Bought this as a gift for a friend's Boxer and it's his favorite toy! Very durable and very engaging! If your dog like squeeky toys, buy one, you won't be disappointed!

Alligator Squeaker Toy by Tango baby from Sarasota, FL06/23/2014

My dog's favorite indoor toy. I have to replace it every 6 months or so, because he loves to play with it and pick it apart.

Excellent Toy! by Judiblue03/01/2011

How can you possibly go wrong...14 squeakers & a rattle! I am ordering a second one, my dogs fight over the first one. With all the abuse, only one squeaker is dead...tough toy! I have 2 BIG dogs & a lg breed pup.

Featured Reviews for Kyjen Plush Puppies Ginormous Squeaker Mat Gator
Great purchase by Tara from Durham, NC05/12/2014

My dog seems to love it. He's had it for a few weeks now and has only managed to rip out a piece of it's eye and one squeaker, which is very impressive seeing as how Jake has completely destroyed toys in the 5 min. span it takes us to get home from the pet store.

Its a toy, pillow and pure enjoyment by Tom12/31/2013

Surely the choice toy for any Alaskan malamute owner!

by from 01/14/2014

Featured Reviews for Kyjen Squeaker Mat - Small Squirrel
by Babs210309/05/2014

I have 3 dogs that love to tear through their toys. I find squeakers on the floor everywhere. With the Kyjen Squeaker Mat, it doesn't matter if they get one of the squeakers because there are 15 more to go. They love this toy. They have not torn it up at all and they carry it around with them everywhere.

Featured Reviews for Kyjen Plush Puppies Lil' Rippers - Warthog Plush
Fun toys for dogs by Fredmeister from Santa Fe, NM11/22/2013

Our dogs thoroughly enjoyed playing with these toys. The disc attached to the top is an added plus.

Cool 2-in-one toy by Corgidad from Cincinnati, OH02/17/2014

This is a tough toy that stands up to dogs who love to tear up stuffed toys. They also loved that the back detaches as a squeaker-filled flying disk.

Didn't last long for my dog by Duke from Hong Kong03/18/2014

It only took my Chow Chow approximately five minutes to break it open. My husband have to sew it back for him.

Featured Reviews for Kyjen Plush Puppies Lil' Rippers - Turtle
Fun dog toys by Fredmeister from Santa Fe, NM11/22/2013

Our dogs really enjoyed these toys. They enjoyed the disc that came attached to the toy

Featured Reviews for Kyjen Mini Hard Boiled Softies - Bee
POOR BEE! by JERSEY01/27/2014

It's a great toy! This poor bee is taking a beating from one of our dogs and it's still flying around!! It lost both of it's white "wings", and half of it face, but it's very durable and the dogs love it!

Featured Reviews for Petstages Mini Barbell Chew
by Iceinfantry12/24/2012

Durable toy and has lasted for a while. My big dogs have chewed the cloth off, but the plastic part holds up very well.

BEST Toys for Puppies! by Kaylo from Fox Island, WA.11/18/2012

ALL of the Petstages Toys are the best things around for puppies. I have gotten them for all of my new pups and they are always a 'favorite'. They are impossible to 'destroy'!! I don't understand why they are not carried in any of the Pet stores. I had to go online to find them this time. I have told many friends that get a new puppy ....... get them PETSTAGE toys!!

My Morkie loves it! by MeMa from Waxhaw,NC12/13/2013

My Morkie has had one since she a pup and loves it! Every year we replace it with a new one this site is the only place I can find it, so I bought 4!

Great Chew Toy by Lillygirl from Muncy, PA09/02/2010

This has really been a good purchase. Our dog loves to chew on both the strings as well as the barbell part of it. Only downside is that she is great at untying knots. But I just retie them and give it back to her. She loves it and it really holds up well for small dogs. Our dog first had this when she was a young puppy and going through the teething stage. She's 8 months old now and still loves to lay on her back and hold it in her paws to chew on it. She looks so cute when she's chewing it!

by 6dogs11/06/2011

My dogs love this toy. I love it because it is durable.

NOT SO GOOD by JERSEY01/27/2014

This toy was not so good. One of our dogs got all the strings and ropes out of it right away and starting chewing on the blue ends. It came apart very easily and they could have choked on the pieces. Wouldn't recommend this toy.

really great toy by tootsie07/23/2012

I purchased this toy once before. My scottie loves this toy. It gives him hours of chewing fun.

Featured Reviews for Orbee Tuff Ball Blue/Green - SMALL
So Fun by gracelu04/22/2011

So funny, my dog loves the ball so much! The ball very flexible, but also irregular bounce, so my dog is very excited!

Great durable non-toxic dog toy by Green Doggie from Los Angeles, CA12/02/2012

I have a collection of Orbee Tuff dog toys and the ball is a favorite around here. I run a dog boarding home and this ball has withstood close to 2 years of doggie guests chewing on it day after day. The green continents are just now starting to come loose around the edges. We have a husky who is dead set on peeling the continents off of the globe. The dogs like that it bounces in all different directions and it floats. Yay!

TUFF by jack from Maryland08/09/2012

Is indeed a tuff ball.Only one I've found that can stand up to our terriers teeth.

by Maria12/18/2012

Great little ball with good bounce. Has an opening to put small size treats inside the ball for your dog to get some challenge and mental stimulation.

durable favorite! by Barbara02/04/2009

My dogs love this ball. They are power chewers, and have been working on this ball for years, yet it shows almost no signs of wear. It has outlasted countless rubber balls, and remains bouncy, elastic, and intact. I think this is a great toy, and so do my dogs.

Good and Bad by Dawn Todero05/16/2009

My boston terrier loves this ball, but she had all the country decals ripped off within an hour of getting it. She still likes it although its just a blue ball now. I don't think it should get 5 out of 5 chompers if my 20 pound dog can rip all the decals off in an hour.

by from 10/11/2013

My wife brought one of these home from Chuck and Dons for our 75 pound Golden Doodle and he loved it.

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Their Favorite Ball by KGB from Altadena CA12/17/2013

I have two dogs that love this ball. I had to buy one for each of them. If the big dog had it in its mouth, the little dog would bark until I took it from the other dog to give to him. Hence, I have to have several on hand.

Featured Reviews for Orbee Tuff Ball Orange - SMALL
Orbee Tuff Balls ROCK by JRTsDoItAll01/09/2012

Two of my three dogs ADORE these balls! Great size for small/medium sized dog mouths, squishy and the "continents" on the globe give you some grip!

What a ball! by KGB from Altadena CA12/17/2013

Two of my dogs are addicted to this ball. One of them takes it everywhere he goes. He has to have it or he won't eat his meals. He takes it to bed with him. Bought several of these so he doesn't go nuts when he loses one.

Featured Reviews for Premier Busy Buddy Rubber Football - Extreme Black
Very hard plastic, not much room to stuff by Dayk9s11/16/2011

I wish they made the squirrel dude with this durable rubber. Although the football doesn't have a lot of room for stuffing, the plastic is hard and this did entertain my dog and work his jaw. This is a nice toy because if you did not plan ahead and freeze goodies inside the football, then you can simply stuff them in right before giving it to your dog and the football is still challenging!

Heavy and durable by Pepsi from CO01/13/2014

The Premiere Busy Buddy line has given us new hope in dog toys. Our lab destroys most toys in minutes, but I took a risk and ordered several PBB toys based on glowing reviews of durability and we have not been disappointed!! The Extreme Black Football is quite heavy and the size fits a large dog's mouth well. It allows for various shapes and sizes of treats or bones to be inserted into or through the holes…. or of course peanut butter can be rubbed on the inside. She loves it!

I've not found anything else like it! by 2Dogs3Cats from St. Louis, MO08/21/2012

PERFECT! I have a 110lb dog who is a med-high chewer. I needed something to occupy him while we're gone during the day...something that he couldn't destroy! The busy buddy football is so fantastic, any toy with an appendage or leg-like structure gets chewed off of all his other toys. He does better with round toys so he can't just sit and knaw the ends off and this football shape is GREAT for him. It also does VERY well with holding the treats (milk bones work best) in place. He has put some teeth marks in it already (we have the black one) but even still it works great. We've tried the KONG brand toys and while they're also great, nothing holds the treats in place like these toys do so - - they're definitely my favorite and his too! Couldn't love it more!

Great for Powerful Chewers - Busy Dogs!!! by Auntie Ramona from Ohio02/05/2013

Come on over tough chewers! These are the toy for you! Definitely keeps the dogs' mouths busy -- keepin' them away from the furniture!

Too heavy by Claudia10/18/2013

I bought this toy for my dogs who chew just about every toy up. It is very sturdy, however, it is extremely heavy. I purchased the large size based on the weight recommendation but now I think I should have purchased the smaller one. They played with it for less than 1 minute and have never touched it again.

Awesome football! by Gilocada from Burlington, ON Canada06/22/2014

Toby, my year old Yorkie loves the challenge of "destroying" new chew toys...this one however has been very resilient. He couldn't wait to get it unwrapped and begin the chewing games. It has been two weeks, and so far there is not even a chip out of it.....(not for Toby's lack of trying).

Rottie Loves this Toy! by Rottie Lover12/30/2008

My Rottie loves this toy, easily his favorite. Fill it up with all sorts of small treats for hours of entertainment.

Featured Reviews for Premier Busy Buddy Rubber Football - Purple
My dogs love this. by Trish from South Carolina11/12/2013

This is one of the best toys I've bought. My dogs love it, but can't destroy it. Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

by Puppyluv11/05/2012

My tuff chewers have yet to destroy! Highly recommended!

Great football! by Gilocada from Burlington, ON Canada06/22/2014

I bought this one for Tyson, my year old Yorkie. He isn't as aggressive in destroying his chew toys as his brother, Toby, but he does enjoy having a small one in his mouth so he can tease his brother, and people with it and get them to chase him. I originally purchased them to replace their treat balls, which are a little big for them. These little footballs have been a big hit with my boys.

Busy Buddy Football (treatball) by CC01/28/2012

Katie can't have chew toys and this is a great substitute. load it with hypo-allergenic treats

Great Toy by Rottie Lover12/30/2008

My rottie loves this toy. Filled with all sorts of treats keeps him entertained for a long time. This one is constructed of a softer material than the black one. Can make putting the treats in easier.

Tried, tested and loved. by Owned by Dixie from New York, NY03/13/2013

I've bought several of these for Dixie, my hard chewing labradoodle over the years. I shove a long biscuit in it every time I leave the house and she is perfectly happy to play with it. I don't have to worry about any bits coming off, as other than a few teeth marks, these purple busy buddy toys hold up!

Great product by Chewie from ct06/25/2013

I really liked this product. I highly recommend it

Check before buying by Didi from Fernandina Beach FL07/27/2014

The large is for a very small dog. I thought I was ordering something for my 80 lb retriever. BIG mistake!

Keeps my buddy busy!! by lucymom11/04/2013

I have purchased at least 4 of these busy buddy footballs for my pug. I put very low calorie treats in it and she loves to get them out. She then plays with the football. It is a good toy as well as a good way to have her enjoy treats for which she works a bit.

Featured Reviews for Premier Busy Buddy - The Waggle
Not for strong chewers by Jo- Ski11/10/2010

Within a week, a 6 month old lab pup cracked and pulled a piece of the rubber off. It could have been a choke hazard. Will ask the store to return it. It was great fun and design, but material needs improvement.

love this toy! by Quan06/02/2010

This is one of the few toys that my shepherd/boxer mix dog has not destroyed yet. He loves it and will play with the toy until all the treats come out.

excelent by roy joans07/31/2008

i think this toy has held up great. my dog dosent want to put it down. putting treats in it gives him a little bit of a challenge. awesome job at making this toy premier.

very good by corey evans07/31/2008

i think that this toy is very goood. it dosent rip or break like other toys i have gotten. good job premier

self entertainment by Dee05/20/2013

Great toy for my westie. She loves to play with this and retrieve it. she will also entertain herself with it. great outdoor toy.

by from 06/29/2014

I bought this toy for my Yorkie over a year ago and it is still one of his favorite toys. I will put some treats or some of his kibble in each side and he will play with it until every last one one is gone.

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Really works! by Bon06/18/2013

We have a high energy dog and she needs to be busy all the time. A few pieces of kibble and she is entertained for quite a while. It was intertesting to see her figure out how to get the kibble out. Who said dogs can't reason!!!!!

fast service by cs.myers03/02/2010

The order was processed and shipped fast, unfortunately the medium/large waggle only held up for 15 minutes with my 9 month old Labrador.

Good Quality Toy by it's.a.southern.thing from Virginia04/22/2012

I have a 10 month old weimaraner who recently entered her destructive phase and so far, this toy has held up great. She has no interest in trying to get treats out of it, so we just use it as a fun toy to fetch or carry around the house. She loves to grab the middle of it and toss her head around. Premier does a great job with toys!

Playtime by spedteacher from No Kingstown RI01/03/2014

My 14mo old golden loved his as a puppy but eventually made a hole in it....so we replaced it. Plays by himself w/ it or brings it over for a toss or tug....loves it

came apart by ljb from Concord NC01/31/2014

I got this for my rat terrier who loves to chew. He chewed through the middle section in about 5 minutes! So I was left with 2 separate balls. In which the flanges that were supposed to help hold in the kibble/treats would not come out - they are tucked inside the balls. Thus the kibble/treats fall out quite rapidly. This product is basically a failure in my book. Certainly does not live up to its' claims. However, my terrier does like playing with the balls for short times & his chewing has not worn that part of the product down very much.

Great way to feed breakfast! by Tigger & Bodie from California12/29/2012

My dogs love the Premier Buddy Toys. One dog prefers the Chuckle and the other adores the Waggle. He loves that the Waggle is flexible in the middle so he can shake it back and forth. He loves the squishy feeling when he bites the food reservoirs on both ends. He loves the sounds it makes when he drops it. Of course, he also loves his kibble falling out of it. In short, he loves getting his daily breakfast in the Chuckle. Great food toy!

rubber has a toxic smell and taste by chi-gal11/06/2012

I purchased this to keep my over hyper beagle busy, it's currently useless. I stuffed it with treats and he can smell the treats at the opening, but once he starts mouthing or licking the toy he immediately loses interests. Well after stuffing treats in this rubber toy, I did wash my hands after, I grabbed my cup of water and when I went to take a drink, I noticed the rim of my cup had an awful taste and burned my lips. I had no idea what it was, until this happened about 3 times within a few days. Turns out it was the rubber from this toy. each time that happened I had just fussed with this thing trying to get my pooch to play with it. I smelled the toy and it had a toxic rubber smell. Even though I had washed my hands repeatedly each time I fussed with this toy, it would take about a 5 minute soapy watery soak to get the rubber smell and I guess residue off my hands, otherwise anything i touched like my glass of water would have that taste. after I realized that, I began grabbing the toy with a towel so that my hand would not come in contact with it. I tried washing the toy and soaking it overnight with soap... nothing. still has that smell and I'm thinking it's why my puppy is not wanting to play with this.

The best toy i've found by Chelli11/07/2012

this is the best!!! he hasn't destroyed it and he loves the treats u can get to put inside it. best toy i've bought. he loves it.

Indestructible by Kylaco from Delaware09/14/2012

My sweet dog destroys every toy I get him. I ordered this off Groupon coupon. Entirelypets have a great variety of toys. I have got to say after 3 weeks this toy is still in like new condition. Maska (my sweet dog) loves the treats that come out of it. He plays for hours and hours. Great product!!

Featured Reviews for Premier Busy Buddy Bristle Bone (SMALL)
Excellent Purchase! by Niki01/05/2013

My dogs love their Bristle Bone chew toys. I put rings of Natural Balance Roll in between, instead of rawhide and freeze overnight. Much safer and lasts longer.

Fantastic! by Mo from Oregon08/16/2011

We got this brush bone for our 5 month old pup and she absolutely loves it! This is the first thing she has been truly interested in. She gets totally involved chewing and you can tell she is in HEAVEN! Very durable. Be sure to buy extra gnawhide rings. Highly recommended.

small it wasn't by north river04/23/2013

this "small" bone was not a small in my eye and you dont have ex small but you have small refills which is to my way of thinking flase advertising i ordered small bone and 2 pks of small refills and they didn't match and when i called al i got was sorry pay to return and i said i would throw it out first . don't look for my business dr. smith/foster has all sizes and refills match and are just as inexpensive.

Featured Reviews for Premier Busy Buddy Twist N' Treat
Nice idea, but not tough enough by Tigger & Bodie01/26/2012

The Twist N Treat is a nice idea, but it's not tough enough for my dogs. I put food inside and gave one to each dog. The dogs chewed up the toys into pieces. I think this could be a good toy, though, for dogs with gentle chewing habits.

Worthwhile purchase by Irish from Spokane Valley, WA01/29/2012

My dogs love it filled with peanut butter

Great product by dsm from San Marcos, TX10/09/2011

I bought two of these for my puppies and they are wonderful. The puppies love them and it's the only way they get their food. It makes mealtime interesting and keeps them eating slowly. I highly recommend.

Great buy by dogman from finger lakes new york08/21/2012

Great product and cheaper online than it was in the stores, even with shipping. Highly recommend Entirely Pets. Fast shipping.

A great puzzle toy by RedsMom from Denver, CO10/06/2014

My dog loves puzzle toys and this is one of the best ones she has. It's not too easy, so it takes her awhile to get all the treats out and provides a long period of entertainment for her. It's also adjustable, so if I give her larger treats I can make the opening bigger. It's weighted, so she had to figure out how to make it turn over with her nose. A very good intellectual puzzle for her.

ok by JulieZ from WNY01/07/2012

I thought these would be easy to fill with my dogs' kibble,but they are not. They barely hold a cup so do not fit my place for using enrichment feeding devices. The discs have to be closed all the way to dispense the kibble 1 or 2 at a time, and it is a pain to keep the rest of the kibble in while doing so. I suppose this would be ok for treat feeding, but I don't leave them out for my dogs to chew in my absence. They are the easiest kibble-dispensing toys to clean thus far in my search.

Too soft by Pepper from Ojai, CA07/04/2013

I would not recommend this toy. My 7 month old puppy chewed it up in less than five minutes. It was a waste if money!

keeps them busy by kmjc01/31/2013

The Twist N' Treat has worked oot to be a super way to keep my dogs busy on a long boring snowy day. They love to play with them to get the treats out and I even put their every day dog food in them!

easy to clean by petlover02/08/2013

My dogs love it. Can fill with a variety of goodies, even peanut butter! Very easy to clean. Advise using a small bottle brush to clean out the holes if cleaning by hand. I have not tried cleaning in a dishwasher.

My dogs love these! by cindy03/02/2010

My dogs love these! Keeps them busy for a long time. I have one for each of them to prevent them from fighting over it. I put a little bit of peanut butter (or some Kong filler spread) in them along with kibble and they stay busy for hours! They will lick to get to the PB and will pick up/drop it to get the kibble out!

for non aggressive chewers by Lisa03/29/2009

My Cane Corso loved this. I would fill it with treats one time and then peanut butter the next. She is a very aggressive chewer though so the second day we had it the toy was destroyed. I wish they made this out of super strong material.

fun by julie01/13/2009

my dog loves this and she hasn't torn it up despite her being able to chew through any toys.

Not for Strong Chewers by Rottie Lover12/30/2008

Good concept, but not for a chewer with any strength. The sides can distort with simple chewing.

Featured Reviews for Squirrel Dude
Dixie's favourite toy! by Owned by Dixie from New York, NY03/13/2013

We all love these squirrels! When Dixie needs some extra playtime, I stick some treats in squirrel and she will literally bounce it around the house for about an hour!! If you put soft treats in, they come out but don't make crumbs all over your floors like biscuit treats can. She's a hard chewer but hasn't got into one of these yet, she prefers to just bounce them. I did get her a small one once and she did bite the head, so get the right size for your doggie.

by Watson's mom12/08/2012

Similar to a Kong. Cuter. We always end up with stuff stuck in these types of things. Good for chewing.

by from 05/29/2012

We feed our dog twice a day with a Squirrel Dude so she has access to it for about 20 minutes a day and it lasts about two months before the poor Dude loses his head. That may not sound like much but it is about four times longer than the Kong Wobbler lasted and the Dude costs less.

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Not so good by Dale Hollow Dave from Dale Hollow Lake TN01/16/2013

I wish they would tell you the product is made in China in the description. My girl would rather play with her kong. This product has a strong rubber smell that still hasen't gone away after a month.

My dogs favorite toy! by Aries from Massachusetts10/10/2011

My black lab loves this toy! It's tough enough to handle his chewing.

Squirrel Dude is a huge hit by scout729 from Los Alamos, NM01/21/2010

Squirrel Dude is a huge hit - with my cat! It didn't take him long to figure out how it works and it gives him hours of entertainment.

by from 02/03/2012

The Squirl Dude chew toy is the only toy of the type that will last more than a week or two. The "Gorrila Kong" chew toy is the short lived toy I am talking about. The big black toy gets the top round bitten off in about 4 days.

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thank you for a great toy! by shep from Upstate, NY04/15/2013

I have eight dogs and now have a squirrel dude for each one for their vests when i go to work. My dogs are extent chewers and these hold up! The dogs are very happy with them!

squirrel dude by MIsnowflake05/18/2010

This is a G-R-E-A-T toy!! The prongs on the bottom opening keep the little treats from falling out. Keeps my pet busy trying to get treats out!! Other brands have huge openings on bottom (and no prongs) and treats easily fall out! Pet doesnt have to 'work' to get anything out of other brands!! Just tip them over and treats spill out. Only bad thing about Squirrel Dude is I can't find it in stores!!

finally by mamanay from Dallas, Texas05/08/2013

Best buy of the bunch. Tough and the girls love them.

GREAT PRODUCT by srh909502/18/2011

my dog loves this i would recommend it to anybody who has a dog that chews things up!

Great purchase by Dog owner from Michigan04/29/2014

I bought two of these for our standard Aussie puppy and our mini Aussie. I have tried various treats in them, but I'm still trying to figure out what works best. I fill the hole with peanut butter and freeze them, and they're good for peace and quiet on an early weekend morning. They don't usually get what's inside out. I've only been able to get it out by bouncing them on the floor or soaking them. I have cut the pieces that hold the treats in a little, but it hasn't made a difference. I don't leave these out. After they've worked on them for a while, I put them up for another day. I think I may order a small for the mini to see if he has better luck getting treats out of it. Either way, it occupies them for a while.

by Lori01/02/2012

My dogs really like the "squirrel dude"....I put cat food in it for them and it takes them awhile to get it out!

Very Fun!!! by Cheryl02/14/2008

It just arrived and already I know I have to order another! This is so much better than Kongs, which I loved when they were babies. They just mostly lay down and lick treats out. This one is so much harder to get the treats out that it is more entertaining, for me even. (Also, I can't get the broken cookie parts out of it either!) They work and work at it, then try to ignore it, then bark at it and toss it. It is hilarious, especially, as one of my dogs does not like to play and usually lacks persistence. It's been three hours now and he's back at it, growling at it, even. Now, I need a bigger one for the large dog and wish it were time for gifts, as I'm ready to buy everyone I know one!!!

Tough by Eek from MN09/23/2013

Just as tough as the Kong toys...got it for variety as my labs get one stuffed with frozen peanut butter every day while they are crated.....in front of their 52 inch TV :)

It LASTS! :^) by Squirrellymom01/15/2008

We try so many doggie toys at our house - most of them lose big time. We have managed to keep the kong toys (black or red ones) but I use the kongs every day for treats & they get tiresome, also I have to really pack the kong and put nut butters or freeze them to make the fun last - Squirrel Dude holds our p. newman treats, bits of kibble & other goodies and it is difficult to get them out so they last a long time. My dogs (2) toss them about and mess with them for hours trying to get the last of the goodies to fall out. We have 75 lb Goldendoodles who are master chewers. Squirrel Dude gets an A+ at our house.

Awesome Toy by Greg W.07/17/2009

Bought this at Pabby's Pet Pantry a few months back...it has been awesome! We have a Golden Retriever and he loves to chew, chew, chew. We give this to him after placing a few smaller treats in the inside...he rolls on his side and back holding the toy to get treats out of it. He will pick it up and bring it to us. It's very simliar to a "Kong" toy, but the big (or should I say little) difference is that at the bottom of the toy, there are a few "teeth" that hold the treats inside the toy. The treats won't just drop out of the bottom...the dog has to earn it. I'm thrilled with this toy and it has endured the scrutiny of my Golden. Excellent product, I would buy it again.

Excellent Product by Eduardo Navarro11/02/2008

I bought 2 squirrel dude, one for my mallinois who is a strong bitter, and it worked excellent better than a kong.

Squirrel Dude by natalie112 from Blaine, MN02/28/2012

Super cute and fun to play with. This is a perfect food/treat dispenser for the dog who gobbles up his food. Great for even strong chewers.

Luv squirrel dudes! by Sheltiessavage02/03/2012

These make Excellent food dishes for dogs! We recommend them to all of our clients :)

Squirrel dude broke first use by Dayk9s from Raleigh NC11/16/2011

My dog usually uses the black kongs. However, the squirrel dude was recommended to me as one of the top four rubber chew toys for dogs (along with the regular kong). My dog was able to tear it (break the rubber near the larger hole) the first time he used it. This toy is not very durable.

Great for puppies! by Lorlyn from East Haddam, CT04/30/2012

This is a great product for my puppies. They can not rip it apart, it is a very solid rubber toy. I would definitely buy this again.

Puppy Loves by Salvo's Mother from Virginia06/11/2013

My lab puppy of 10 weeks loves this toy. When you lightly toss the Squirrel Dude it bounces every which way just like a puppy does. He gets really excited when I use it at play time.

keeps her busy.. by sammy10/21/2013

my dog loves this...put treats in side and it is soft enough to give a bit so she continues to try to chew but at the same time tough enough it does not fall apart.... still going strong...

Very durable by Ruppr from Rockford, IL04/26/2013

I have a German Shorthaired Pointer pup. She tore the top off a large Kong toy. She has yet to destroy this one. Keeps her busy trying to get the treats. Great for large breeds.

Puppy LOVED This by dpoudrier from Austin, TX04/05/2013

This was a great little toy to put food in for a rescue pup I had for a week. I work during the day and wanted to give the pup some extra food, but couldn't. Right before I left the house, I could put some food in this and keep the pupper busy for a little while.

Love this! by Teachingmom01/14/2013

This is a great toy. My 85 pound chocolate lab absolutuly loves it and cannot destroy it. :)

The Best by RaeDawg from Oaktown, CA07/17/2014

Our GSD who is a big chewer goes through one of these every two or three months, but that is much longer than any of the alternatives. For a big chewer we have not found anything better.

Great Treat Ball by orion1038001/04/2012

Have used a lot of different treat balls and this by far is the best. I like the 4 prongs which make it more difficult but can cut if you need to make it easier. My dogs were able to chew up other treat balls very easily but have never chewed these up. I do have to replace them every 3-6 months though because the prongs do eventually fall out. My dogs usually use them twice a day so I figured replacing them every so often is not that bad. We have used them for several years now and will continue to use them.

Featured Reviews for Tennis Tails
Easily Destroyed by Allie's Mom03/08/2012

Unfortunately, this tennis ball based toy was distroyed within one night -- and not with very heavy use. Bummer!

not for bigger dogs by smilnacres from wisc02/02/2012

this is small and not for bigger dogs who are chewers. Our boxer finished this off in less than 10 minutes

Well loved toy by Scout04/04/2009

Scout loves this toy. He is a wire fox terrier and loves to fetch and chew. He is very rough on his toys and they usually don't last very long. He has had this toy for 6 weeks and the squeaker still sqeaks and he can't chew up the ball like a regular tennis ball. We will definately order more!

GOOD TOY by Marissa11/10/2008

MY dog love tennis balls and she really loves this too. It doesn't break or come apart. She carries it everywhere with her and thinks it is a real animal tail. If your dog likes to chase animals and tennis balls get this!

Way more fun than a tennis ball by debfordpom from Santa Monica11/20/2012

Puppies adore chasing this ball around. And the added fun of a squeeker makes it even more appealing.

Dogs Love It by heyina05/21/2008

I have several of these in various sizes and my dogs run to get these when they come in from outside, They love to tug, fetch and squeak these tails.

by from 11/28/2012

The ball was demolished within seconds but our dog loves the tail so much he runs around with it and squeaks it like mad.

selling by just from theI


Great idea but not very durable by Naomi10/23/2012

My dog really liked this toy and it's a great idea but the ball was not very durable. It only lasted two playing sessions before he split it and chewed it apart. He still plays with the remaining tail but it's kind of pointless without the ball attached.

tennis ball meets stuffie by FLVetTech from Florida10/22/2012

my dogs love to chase it like a regular tennis ball and when they get tired they chew on the fury tail

Featured Reviews for Go-Frrr Ball - Small 2 1/8
Great price and delivery by Lee01/29/2012

my dogs are addicted to these balls I always have some in my training bag and take them on walks. They are easy to fire with no shoulder soreness for me and great excersize for the dogs. Will order again. When I opened the box of balls they were in heaven. I have three miniature poodles so the small works great.

Featured Reviews for RuffDawg - The Bone for Smaller Dogs (Assorted Colors)
Made in China! yuck!!! by American lady01/22/2013

returning becuase it is made in China--we don't want anything made in China for our fur baby

Because a brand name had it with Small size, I tho by Pasha07/17/2014

Because a brand name had it with Small size, I thought that the smallest orange reached it. However, yellow middle size arrived. I am very disappointed with my and my dog.

Featured Reviews for Tuffy's Jr Ring Blue Camo Dog Toy
best purchase ever by montysmom from California06/23/2012

only pet toy with a squeaky that lasts, all others fail regardless of price tag.

by from 03/26/2013

This is my dog's favorite toy. She chases it when thrown, plays tug of war with it, chews on it when she feels like it, and carries it around when that suits her. She steals the bigger one from the dogs next door when she can, but her jr size is perfect for a 17 lb schnauzer.

fine by too, from sinceIt


Lasted about 10 minutes before the first rip by muzzle3211/05/2012

We have a very, shall we say, persistent little dachsund. Her #1 favorite activity in all the world is DESTROYING all squeaky plush toys. She will spend hours doing it, if the toy lasts that long. I thought this Tuffy's toy would last her a little while, since it's billed as incredibly tough (and is nearly half her size), but she had it ripped and well on its way to shredded within 10 minutes. It might work for less persitent dogs, but not for our little doxie.

Featured Reviews for Talking Babble Ball - SMALL 2 1/8"
The Puppy Loves it by Jake from LA Ca01/23/2014

The Babble Ball is a must for all dogs…I was priced right and arrived fast… Always a pleasure to buy from Entirely Pets

Can't Rate It!! by Karen01/03/2013

On backorder, still! Paid for and still no items. Go figure! Very dissappointed puppies and Mom on Christmas morning!!!

crazy fun toy! by nachos from Scottsdale AZ05/10/2014

got this toy from a trainer referral for the Shih Tzu puppy. He didn't know what was going on at first and "barked" at it at the beginning( he doesn't bark usually) and backed away as if a stranger... I love the motion feature as it doesn't babble when not in motion! It has now become a favorite toy! Love it!

YittyYak by LoBaby from Huntsville Alabama12/23/2013

Lo my schoodle loves this ball!!! Will play with it till she drops. She hides it under her pillow and plays games. Wants you to roll it and she rolls. This is the best ever toy. However, my mini schnauzer who is older never took to it. He likes his racket ball ball. LoBaby is wild about this "YittyYak"! She has the animal sound one.

Hours of fun by Jonathan Discount02/04/2008

My dog loves Babble Balls! We are on our 4th Babble Ball (not because they break, but because they keep on getting lost!). Anyway, the sounds it makes are very cute and it is my dog's favorite toy. We bought the small one for a big dog (because it was the only size in stock) and it's taken some chew abuse. So we re-ordered the large one -- I recommend getting the appropriate size for your dog.

Pet Qwerks Babble Ball - Small by Aussie Mom from Takoma Park MD02/12/2012

Excellent entertainment for inquisitive puppies. Phrases and voices are entertaining for people, too. Smaller size and rough texture are easier for large breed puppies to destroy. Recommend for smaller breed dogs only.

ball by ken01/31/2009

It gets kind of annoying

ball by ken01/31/2009

it gets kind of annoying cause the love the sound ...A LOT

Babble Ball by Michelle02/16/2009

Oh My God, my 8 month old Shih Tzu cannot be with out this ball. It is a riot! It is like her best friend. She recently was spayed and she would go nuts if our other shih tzu went near the ball! It is really a unique toy. It is funny to hear it talking al day!!

hysterical fun by Debbie08/18/2009

I bought a few of these at Christmas last year and my Silky takes it to bed with him. Everytime he moves it or for that matter we bump it we all start laughing. The dogs turn their heads and look at it and was their tails it is hysterical to watch them. We took it to the luxury doggy kennel and everyone there wanted one. Up until now I didn't know a website. We had gotten ours at bed bath and beyond at Christmas last year. You just simple have to get a few.

Love It!! by Mary Jo08/13/2009

Our dog absolutely loves this toy! The voice is cute, and tends towards easy listening. I find most sqeakers in dog toys annoying, but have no problem with this sound. Our first ball lasted around 9 months, which is impressive for the amount of abuse and use it has on it. Our dog has grown from puppy to full size at 50 lbs. with this toy; she bats, throws and chews on it, unlike any other ball we have tried with her.

babble ball by shannon11/05/2009

My little daschund has 2 of these balls. When I pulled it up on the comp. to play for some friends my little daschund went absolutely crazy trying to get her babble ball out of the comp. (my laptop) We haven't laughed that hard for a long time. This ball is absolutely hillarious and I would highly recommend it for hours of entertainment. (entertaining for people and dogs)

Best Entertainment by Neise04/03/2012

This has become Emma's favorite toy. The other animals in the household love watching her play with this play.

My Dog Loves this by nomad1ne06/03/2013

My dog loves to play with this toy, she loves the interactions and keeps her occupied when bored...recommend this toy highly.

My dog's favorite toy by troygirl1 from Burbank, CA09/06/2014

My mini Schnauzer loves babble balls. He plays with them constantly even when the batteries run out & there are no more sound effects. I wish the balls came with additional batteries because that would be very convenient & save me from having to buy extra ones myself. The batteries last quite a while but my dog plays with the balls multiple times daily so they usually last only a few months.

Great toy by HB from New Hampshire08/05/2013

My dog has so much fun with the Babble ball, She plays with it all the time. I had to put it in a sock because she started to chew on it. Now she pulls it around the house & it keeps talking to her. Your pet will love it.

Great Toy by Tigress1188503/31/2010

I have a small Boston Terrier and she loves this ball. She has the babble ball and the animal sounds ball. She will play for hours with the ball and she loves the sound. She has been through a couple of these as the batteries have died as she will play with them nonstop. I have stocked up on these. This is a great toy and provides for hours of entertainment.

Fun ball by Wendy from Sydney12/17/2012

The hard plastic babble ball is a little smaller than I had expected (didn't read the description) but the (toy) dogs have lots of fun with it after initially freaking out because it talked to them.

Terrific Toy by SunLover from Los Angeles, CA04/07/2012

The Babble Ball is one of my Yorkie's favorite toys. Not only is it a favorite of his but a favorite of many of his "friends". It's very durable & keeps him entertained when he's home alone - something that will talk to him.

Talking Babble Ball by Mame05/31/2012

Sorry, wish my pet would have been wild over it but he was not. Pretty much ignores it. I think it is one of those things they like or don't, he didn't.

wonerful ball by lillygirl from Muncy, PA09/02/2010

I have a Daschund/Basset Hound Puppy. She just loves this toy! She will push it around on the floor with her nose and loves the fact that it keeps talking to her. I haven't found many toys that will entertain her when we are busy doing something, but this is definitely one of them! You gotta try it! Warning: we took this toy along with us when we took our puppy to relatives houses. In the car, you have to hold onto the ball or put it in the cup holder, otherwise you will want to throw it out the window after a few short minutes as the vibration in the car, bumps, etc. make it talk and talk and talk... This is one of the best purchases I have made for our dog.

Babble Ball by Cee05/29/2012

FANTASTIC toy! Izzy loves it and we play all the time with it. However, I find the screws a little difficult to get out, and the ball once just stopped working. I knew the batteries weren't yet dead, so opened the ball, cleaned off the batteries and it worked again. Good thing, because Izzy was having a crisis without his favorite toy!

Featured Reviews for Animal Sounds Babble Ball - SMALL 2 1/8"
animal ball with sounds by mag01/12/2013

Neither of my dogs took a interest to this ball.. But that is not to say other dogs wouldn't . It certainly does what it delivers and was very reasonably priced.

Animal Sounds Babble Ball by Shiloh from Canby, Oregon01/06/2012

We rescued a miniature schnauzer in October. He's a wonderful, sweet dog but we found that he didn't know how to play. If we tried to play with him he'd run off with his tail between his legs acting rather frightened. This little ball did the trick. He was so curious about the sounds. At first he'd just stare at it and tilt his head, then he'd walk by it and as it would "babble" out animal sounds he'd start to wag his tail. He finally picked it up and started throwing it around. It seemed he wanted to hear more sounds. That was the beginning of getting him to come out of his shell with us. Now he's starting to interact with us more playfully, too. I need to order the other talking ball. Just fun to watch his reactions to a talking ball! So happy to see him play like the 2 year old that he is!

Not happy with Entirely Pets by amber from Reno, Nevada03/23/2012

I received my order and it was not what I ordered. I ordered the animal sound babble ball and received the regular sound babble ball. I was informed after I received my order that the animal sound ball was on back order so they just sent me the regular one without giving me an option. HORRIBLE company that I will not use again.

Our dogs favorite toy by JoyL from Portland, OR02/25/2011

Our dog was a bit afraid of this when it first arrived. It is now her absolute favorite toy. Biggest problem is her losing it under couch and wanting us to drop whatever we're doing to get it for her.

It will drive you crazy - in a good way by Hugenaturelover from Alaska09/20/2013

My two dogs went nuts over this thing and as such it's all I hear from the moment I put it on the floor until I take it back again. The sounds are good enough to keep my one dog (who is difficult to keep entertained with toys) interested!

Good purchase by Victoria from Houston, TX08/21/2014

My miniature dachshund loves it! And small it´s the right size for her.

Constant chuckle by GingerF from Portland Oregon01/16/2014

Every time we walk by the toy it lets out an animal sound that gives us a giggle and distracts attention from another focus. My dogs sister found it lots of fun form about 15 minutes and then we put it up for a while.

fun by Cocker-Friend from MD12/26/2012

many different animal sounds. I have another w/people sounds. The dog plays for 10-15 minutes nightly w/it.

wonderful fun! by slinky12/03/2010

I bought this for my sheltie, who also had the regular babble ball & loves it. This one he REALLY loved. Unfortunately, it gave out way too soon so I'll buy a spare this time. I'm aware that the batteries can be replaced but that didn't seem to be the problem, just a lemon. But the toy is so great & strong enough to be picked up by the dog & thrown to run after makes is worth replacing as necessary!

Animal sounds & talking babble balls by kathysgarden2 from East Greenwich,RI12/24/2010

Great! Dogs have alot of fun.Ive bought both,nice and sturdy-had them for a year and only had to replace batteries inside 1X.each.Good interactive toy!!

Animal Sounds Babble Ball by SusieQ from North Canton, OH04/27/2013

My dog Buster recently went blind and one of the hardest things to watch was the fact that he could no longer chase after balls. That was his number one love of life. Then I found the Animal Sounds Babble Ball. I chose the one with the animal sounds. It is amazing to watch this blind dog be able to track and find this ball due to the animal noices he hears. What a great invention. It has given my Buster great joy to be abl to again find and chase his ball due to being able to track it from the sounds coming from it.

Small Size - Big Noise by Laura from Georgia06/19/2014

Prepare for a loud pet toy! It makes animal sounds continuously as your pet plays with it. My chihuahua cries and growls with it. My cats chase it.

Featured Reviews for Booda Small Dog & Puppy Terry Elephant/Chipmunk - Assorted
ANOTHER GIFT FROM SANTA CLAUS by DEBBIE from Residential home10/03/2013

These were back-ordered so I am glad that I ordered them plenty early. Yes, Entirely Pets DID email me that they would be in shortly and yes, I did receive them. There are peoples' dogs and cats that I buy plenty of goodies for (from Santa of course) and I am sure the two little Silky Terriers that live next to me will love these (among their many other holiday toys). These appear to be well made and I know they will be very much appreciated.

Booda by LilwithCats from Eugene, Oregon02/16/2014

My dog hasn't been interested in playing with this toy!

Great deal by kaytee18 from Nashville,TN12/05/2013

wonderful deal and great toys. Rufus enjoyed them.

So Cute! by Daphne72 from Ft. Lauderdale05/16/2013

My new puppy loves these 'tiny' toys! They are a perfect fit for her.

Backordered by 2DoxieMommy05/07/2013

This item was on backorder and was holding up all my other items so I cancelled it. Therefore I can't rate it adequately.

Featured Reviews for Ty Bow Wow Beanies Nuts the Squirrel Baby
would this be back? by Candice from Singapore10/18/2013

I have been searching for this. Would this be in stock again?

Much loved toy by RedsMom from Denver, CO10/06/2014

This is one of my dog's favorite toys, along with the Ty Bow Wow Beanies lizard. My dog can spend hours chewing on these toys and entertaining herself. If I put them at the bottom of her toy box, she pulls out every toy in it to get to these two. Definitely a much loved toy.

Featured Reviews for KONG Quest Star Pods - Small (Assorted)
Happy dogs/happy mom by Deanna from Hamilton, Canada12/07/2013

Excellent product, easy for the dog to hold while working out the treats, lots of little treat pockets that give the dog the illusion that he has hit the mother load!

Featured Reviews for Bionic Ball - Small
Great for Manic Chewer by LG from Clearwater, FL12/09/2013

I've looked for 6 months for a toy that my dog could not destroy in a matter of moments. THIS IS IT!!!!! He loves it, it's lasted a whole month and no signs of it being destroyed and believe me, he tries. Thank you!!!

Featured Reviews for KONG Quest Star Pods - Small (Assorted)
Happy dogs/happy mom by Deanna from Hamilton, Canada12/07/2013

Excellent product, easy for the dog to hold while working out the treats, lots of little treat pockets that give the dog the illusion that he has hit the mother load!

Featured Reviews for KONG Quest Wishbone - Small (Assorted)
Very durable by Deanna from Hamilton, Canada12/07/2013

A great shape, fun for tossing about, holds the treats well, my boy is quite the chewer and I was concerned wether it would stand up to his abuse, not a mark on it after 4 weeks of serious chewing

Featured Reviews for KONG Quest Bone - Small (Assorted)
The perfect bone by Deanna from Hamilton, Canada12/07/2013

My little lady loves this bone shaped Kong,mi fill it with kibble and plug it with cheese, she carries it around long after she's finished and I'm ok with that cause it's a tough toy, still looks like new, she drops it on my lap when she wants it filled again lol

Featured Reviews for KONG Safestix Small - Assorted
Kong Stix by emma from Ohio05/02/2014

Had a Kong Stix but my son's Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog chewed the end off without breaking a sweat! MY doggie is smaller and does not work at wrecking stuff. She likes to play tug-of-war with it and fetch. So I put the stix up when he visits and get them back down when he goes home. Great dog toys! I recommend them heartily!

loved it by stan from Maryland05/26/2014

he enjoyed playing with this a lot . first toy he didn't destroy in 5 minutes. great for throwing.

Great fetch and tug toy! by Tinker from Washington04/03/2014

My Aussie loves to fetch this and then play some tug. It is easy to throw, and seems impervious to her teeth. The ball at each end makes it easy for both of us to hang on to.

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