OurPets Treat Balls & Food Cubes

OurPets Treat Balls & Food CubesIn nature, dogs have to forage for their food. Smarter Toys allow dogs to work for their food and, in the process, gain healthy mental and physical stimulation. Essentially, the toys allow dogs to be dogs, feeding their instincts.

Ourpet Atomic Treat Ball - 3"
Ourpet Atomic Treat Ball - 3"

($7.99)  $5.99
Ourpet Buster Food Cube (Assorted) - 3"
Ourpet Buster Food Cube (Assorted) - 3"

($14.99)  $10.99
Ourpet IQ Treat Ball (Assorted) - 3"
Ourpet IQ Treat Ball (Assorted) - 3"

($7.99)  $5.59
Ourpet Atomic Treat Ball - 5"
Ourpet Atomic Treat Ball - 5"

($13.99)  $6.59
Ourpet Buster Food Cube (Assorted) - 5"
Ourpet Buster Food Cube (Assorted) - 5"

($15.99)  $12.09
Ourpet IQ Treat Ball (Assorted) - 5"
Ourpet IQ Treat Ball (Assorted) - 5"

($15.07)  $9.99
Works Great With BoniesPart toy, part treat dispenser, the Atomic Treat Ball is a barker favorite. The OurPet's Atomic Treat Ball dog toy uses your dog's favorite food or treat to keep him mentally stimulated, physically active, happy and healthy!The ''Molecule'' shaped toy is made from durable, non-toxic thermoplastic that holds up to the toughest dogs. Portion controlled meals or treats can be loaded into the opening. The Atomic Treat Ball is easy to clean and refill.
4.50 rating based on 2 reviews
Featured Reviews for Ourpet Atomic Treat Ball - 3"
by from 12/26/2012

the plastic is thinner than it used to be so it does not stand up to chewing as well anymore. It is still a good food dispensing device but will no last as long.

CLCoppola by from Too

Good for dogs but...

by Cruisema from NY12/05/2012

I have one for my yorkie and he loves it. Have been looking for one for so long for my sons dog. I Was so happy to find it. It keeps my dog so busy. My grandchildren love to watch him play with it.

Featured Reviews for Ourpet Buster Food Cube (Assorted) - 3"
Great for dogs with lots of energy! by Tiffany from Jacksonville, FL06/11/2013

I have a border collie mix and this is her second toy! She loves it! I use it to feed her twice a day because she has so much energy and she is a working dog. It helps to give her a job and to burn off some energy while she's running around the house chasing the ball and food!

Seemed like a good idea by Irish01/29/2012

very hard to get food in and even on the widest setting, was difficult for my dogs to get anything out of it. kibble needs to be very small for it to work.

Great Entertainment by Derby's Mom from West Texas11/27/2012

My two youngest goldens entertain themselves for hours with this interactive toy. If your dog is food-driven, simply load a portion of their meal into this cube and turn it over to your pet and watch the fun.

Favorite Treat Cube by Miss Molly's Mom from Minnesota03/19/2013

Miss Molly loved her blue cube...so much that I am purchasing a new one because we seem to have misplaced ours...truthfully, I think Molly has it stashed somewhere. She especially likes the sweet potato flavored stars I put in her cube.

by Bruce02/02/2013

Our dogs have always had Buster Food Cubes. They are rugged, and give them hours of enjoyment.

Featured Reviews for Ourpet IQ Treat Ball (Assorted) - 3"
Love it! by Shih Tzu Love from Whittier, NC06/20/2010

This was the first treat ball I have given my Shih Tzu's...when I first gave it to them they had no idea what to do with it. It has been about 3 or 4 days since then & they are rolling it all over the house, they spend hours with it =) I am so glad that I decided to buy this. As for durability, it is standing up well & my dogs are hard chewers. It cleans very easily. I would recommend this for anyone looking to give their dog mental stimulation & hours of fun.

by Mimi02/10/2013

Maybe my dog's brain is smaller than most. But, she had a heck of a time getting the treats out of this ball - especially with the white barrier inserted. We just gave up and will stick to her orange Tricky Treat Ball.

Great product by Irish from Spokane Valley, WA01/29/2012

easier for my dogs to get their kibble out of...but you still need to buy small kibble for it to be effective

Ourpet IQ Treat Ball by JC01/16/2015

Great toy for puppies! Sometines I use it for breakfast feedings. She knows when it is empty.

Ourpet's 3" Treat Ball by ohholly03/06/2014

This is a TERRIBLE product! It's bottom heavy and neither of my dogs could roll it!! I contacted customer service on this and was informed that they do NOT accept returns so I guess I'll throw it in the trash!! Terrible product and Terrible customer service. Very disappointed!!

Great for Ferrets Too by Pickledferret from West Texas02/02/2012

You should include in the description that this Treat Ball also makes a great interactive treat dispenser for FERRETS, many treats sold specifically for ferrets fit nicely in it and it makes them exercise and learn to roll the ball to get treats out. Thanks!

OK by SirThaddeusFeathernickle09/04/2013

My 16 pound Australian Terrier has taken this apart 3 of 4 times I have given it to him. I'm glad I was in the same room when he did this. I have a pretty good grip. He has a better mouth. He enjoys rolling it around to eat his food which was left abandoned in his bowl.

Featured Reviews for Ourpet Atomic Treat Ball - 5"
by from 02/05/2013

I have two Siberian Huskies. One is a six month old female, eats like a regular dog - fairly quickly. My older boy could care less about food. We've sampled the spectrum of different foods with very little success. I originally bought this for our puppy, to help her slow down a bit and work a little bit for her food, but to my surprise, my picky adult dog thinks this toy is the best thing - EVER. I loaded it up with about a cup of his plain kibble and put a few treats in, rolled it across the floor and he took it from there. This dog NEVER eats plain kibble. I've repeated this several times, just to make sure it wasn't a fluke... he'll play with it until the last few kibbles, then come drop it in my lap so I can get those pesky last couple out for him. Now, we feed him about half of his daily food from the Atomic Treat Ball - he loves it!

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DOG LOVED IT by ALLIE from MI11/07/2012


fun for a few minutes by Jenn H. from Archer,FL12/24/2012

I have two 70lb puppies and while these don't last long because they chew them to pieces pretty fast, they absolutely love them. It makes them work a little bit for treats.

lasting purchase by bubba01/11/2012

was very pleased with this product and will purchase again from this company..turn around time excellant

dogs love it by Weezer04/29/2013

Both dogs love this - Rotty continues to play with it when it's empty. Food dispenses easily - larger kibble stays in a bit longer as hole at top is not adjustable.

Lasted 2 minutes by Berner guy from MI03/12/2013

Gave this to our golden and he had peices off in lesss that 2 minutes and had to throw it away. Complete waste of Money

great for bigger dogs.... by sammy10/21/2013

I work with a non kill shelter and have been looking for toys for the bigger dogs to play with but not eat and destroy....this was it..... they love them.....:) heavy duty and now have active happy pups...

by from 01/29/2013

My dog loves to eat food out of his KONG, but I'm constantly having to refill it. I bought this because it looked like it would hold a lot of food - which it indeed does - at least five times what his KONG holds. In that aspect, I love it.

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5" Treatball vs 3" Chewball by mzee from Michigan/Mississippi02/04/2014

Please see my review under Starmark Chewball. I ordered both this product and Chewball. My mistake to order the 5"; should have gone with the 3"-wish description would have been better. It is a "molecule" shaped toy-which is difficult to get jaws around if its a bit too big-the 3" sounded too small, but i think it would have been just right for our pals, a 6yo male Brittany and 3 yo small female English Setter. Its pretty hard rubber-and the hole is a bit big for regular sized kibble-but because it doesn't roll easily, it doesn't unload all at once. I'll be back in a few weeks and let you know how it survives. But for now, the pups both prefer the Chewball-i think due to size and tactile feel in mouth. It doesn't get stuck under furniture as easily-unless its pushed, so that is a plus. Again, wish i would have gotten the 3" so they would have had a more equal set of toys!!! Its likely this one will go to the shelter for one of the 'big dogs'!

5" Atomic Ball by CFM from Twin Falls, ID04/24/2013

My dog loves this treat ball for when we are leaving her alone. She works hard at getting the kibble out. After a friend dog chewed the top off her last one, I couldn't find one locally, and was glad to find this one online at EntirelyPets.

by from 04/17/2013

Featured Reviews for Ourpet Buster Food Cube (Assorted) - 5"
Wonderful Product! by Margaret from Lockport, NY02/09/2012

The Buster Food Cube was definitely a great investment. Now when I feed my dog I just get the cube out and use a funnel to put my dog's kibble in it. He loves playing with it and being rewarded by the pieces of food that tumble out a little at a time. He loves his cube so much that he is very protective of it when it has food in it. It's a great way for him to use up some of the energy he has and be fed at the same time. We love it. I would highly recommend this product to others.

by from 01/13/2014

My corgi Lyn has been using this ever since our training recommended years two years ago.

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by Weezer05/11/2013

This surely keeps the dogs attention and extends mealtime quite a bit. It can get quite noisy as it's a hard plastic. My Dogs love it.

Durable & Fun by milkweed from NY Gunks01/12/2012

Great for shelter dogs and for dogs that are left home for periods of time.

by from 04/01/2013

My medium sized dog (55 lb) loves this food cube. It took her a few minutes to get the hang of how it worked, but now it's a breeze for her to roll around. We will often put one of her meals in the cube and let her "work" for it. She enjoys it.

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Love This Toy! by Courtney from San Diego, CA12/20/2011

The Buster cube is one of the best toys I have ever bought for my dog! Chase, a 1 year old German Shepherd, loves to play with this entertaining food dispenser. He makes my whole family, including my 7 month old son, giggle for hours as he chases the cube around trying to get the food. It's wonderful!

Love it!! by Jmjones07/27/2013

Our Lab loves to get his afternoon meal out of his food cube. Been using the same one for about 9 years. Still works great!

Favorite Toy by LouZoo from St. Louis, MO08/24/2013

It is our Vizsla's favorite toy. He actually cries for us to fill it, so he can play. He has pushed it all over the house. Sometimes we have trouble finding the toy so we can fill it again--it is definitely our "go to toy" when we have to leave him alone in the house. We have filled it with his kibble and sometimes we add cheerios.

Barking Good Time by Derby's Mom from West Texas05/07/2013

Derby, Chassis and Chilly LOVE their Buster Cubes! I reserve a bit of their kibble from their meals and place it in their cubes and off they go. They nudge and play until their cube is empty.

Excellent results as always by kvs11/02/2012

I hadn't bought the 5" Buster cube in a while, and was happy to find it was just as awesome as always. The giftee was a Ridgeback/Pitbull mix, about 90 lbs. Took him about 5 min to learn it. So far he's been unable to destroy it :)

Love the cube! by Kre from Chicago, IL01/12/2013

My dog and my daughter's dog love the Buster Cube. It took both of them a little bit to figure out how to get the food but they had fun doing it. You could almost see the wheels turning!

Really Great Item! by Margaret from Lockport, NY02/01/2012

My dog and I love the 5" Buster Food Cube. For my dog, he has a great time knocking the cube around and being rewarded by finding pieces of dry kibble/food coming out of it and gobbling the pieces up. I love it cause he uses up a lot of energy with this activity and I enjoy watching him have fun. Now when it's his meal time he looks forward to getting the food cube to play with. It's great for a dog that requires lots of activity.

love it by lori from butler, pa11/12/2011

great my dog loves it, she doesnt finish her food in two mins gives her something to do! a little noisy but doesnt get stuck under anything so far

Disappointed by lauraliz12/12/2011

The product seems like a great idea, but our dog is terrified of it and won't even go near it. Probably is a good product but I'll never know because my dog won't use it.

SUPER Fun way for dogs to eat slower by Play01/25/2014

This is absolutely wonderful for my 4 month old puppy, Spirit. I put 1 cup of kibble in it, and it takes her about 10 minutes to get it all out. She LOVES this cube. I've already recommended it to a friend, who has also ordered one for her puppy.

nice toy that should survive with a hearty chewer by Jay from Miami, FL12/14/2012

Really like the Buster Cube. Finally a toy my Weim can not easily destroy. The treat dispenser is an added bonus. Getting the treat access to open and close for refilling requires looking at the notch patterns closely because it will only twist down in one pattern. Not a problem just have to pay attention. Corners are rounded make it difficult for doggie to find a weak spot to damage. Would have preferred the option to pick the color. Received the yellow. Would have liked the red or blue.

Great product by pnutwnut from Sand Lake, MI01/26/2012

My dogs love the Buster cube. Makes them work for their dinner.

Fantastic product! by Sue Wind from Madison, WI10/02/2013

I have 2 beagle/Jack Russell dogs who are extremely energetic and who always wolf their food. We've had the cubes for about a month now, and they are wonderful. The dogs have the best time rolling them all over to get their kibbles out. The cubes are a great combination of toy, puzzle, and food bowl. And the best part is that they are indestructible - the very first thing they have not been able to destroy. We are all very happy with the Buster Cubes and highly recommend them.

by from 04/01/2013

I have always like the buster cubes to keep my pets busy. I have had many dogs over the years and many at one time that work like a pack.

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Very disappointed by Rescue Mom from Queen Creek, Arizona10/31/2014

Had this cube stayed in tact-it would have been a great toy. My pup is very destructive so finding things that hold up to his chewing is a challenge. The cylinder insert that allows you to adjust the level of difficulty was hard to screw in and my pup somehow managed to get it out and chewed it to smithereens so now the toy is in the garbage! Better luck next time I guess!!!

Buster Food Cube Entertains by Rick from Vancouver, Washington01/14/2013

I have used the cube in the past for young Lab pups to entertain and challenge them in the past. I lent my red cube to a friend and then moved and did not get it back. I ordered a new one (blue) and haven't gotten the same good results. I think the red one is more challenging than the blue but I may have a smarter Lab this time around. Overall, it is a way for pups to entertain themselves depending on how smart they are.

Fun Challenge by it's.a.southern.thing from Virginia04/22/2012

This is a fun challenge for my 10 month old weimaraner. She's very toy motivated, and I think enjoys it more for the challenge and less for the treats that come out. In the beginning, I had to watch her closely with it because she tends to scoot it into corners and then gets frustrated that she can't get it away from the wall. Overall, she is definitely enjoying it, and it's a fun game to play. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new, challenging food toy. Also if your dog isn't very toy motivated, they might not be that interested in the cube.

by from 03/04/2013

All kidding aside, i think this is a great toy in theory, except for a few problems:

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Okay, I guess. by Jen O from Portland, OR01/29/2013

I was looking for a higher capacity toy for my dog to eat his food from. He loves to eat his food from his KONG, but I am constantly having to refill it. He doesn't seem to be very interested in this one. It won't fit in his mouth, so he can't pick it up and drop it like his KONG. And the square shape makes it hard for him to even knock it around with his paws. It's hard for the food to come out. I'll probably toss this in the trash.

Featured Reviews for Ourpet IQ Treat Ball (Assorted) - 5"
So far so good! by Rescue Mom from Queen Creek, Arizona10/31/2014

My Boxer mix can be destructive so finding toys that can keep him occupied but also that withstand his kind of play is a challenge. This toy has held up pretty well. The only issue I have with it is the hole to dispense treats is a little small so you have to watch what types of treats you buy. He loves it though so here's hoping we have this one for awhile!!! LOL

I don't like this by Linda from Kansas City02/23/2014

You might like it, but for me, there's only one pretty-small hole for the treats to come out and they have to be small treats. My dog got tired of trying to get the food out pretty quickly. I bought it because I figured it would be big enough not to get lost under the couch (which it is). But, I don't want to have to give my dog dog food kibble as a treat. Most treats are not small enough.

Food toy by Nancylynn from Houston, tx03/22/2014

Not for larger dogs.....but would be great for smaller dog. Mine uses more as a chew toy and is not made for chewing

It is ok by Ash03/08/2013

We use ours as a food ball. Didnt realize how small 5" is. The opening on the ball is really small also. I dont think her food will fit through the opening when we switch her from her puppy food. This is a good product for smaller dogs or puppys.

My dog gives up pretty quickly by LindaE from Kansas City01/31/2014

Even with treats that easily fit through the oval hole, it's hard to get the treats out. Small, round kibbles would work best. The bottom half of this ball seems to be a little heavier than the top, clear, half, so it likes to stay hole-side up. I don't think it's worth the money.

Her best toy ever! by katesmom from FL10/30/2013

Kate loves this toy and plays with it for hours. She is twelve and has tried so many other toys, but this one keeps her interest. You can adjust the amount of food that is dispensed to avoid overfeeding. Very intelligently designed.

ourpet's 5" treat ball by vvickib54 from Vashon, WA01/22/2014

I have an intelligent and active 2 year old Cocker Spaniel. He has many "treat toys" but this is his favorite. I put in half a handful of kibble and a couple of pieces of a treat and let him loose. I have to keep an eye on him because when he is tired of rolling it around he will lay down and unscrew the ball to open it up for instant gratification! (He is not allowed to have it unsupervised). It is a great toy, entertaining and durable. My only complaint is that it is hard plastic and noisy sometimes. I will still buy him a new one when this one wears out-I would definitely recommend this as a good toy for smart, easily-bored dogs.

my favorite treat dispensing dog toy by wendy*Lake Stevens, wa from lake stevens, wa.05/02/2013

if you are looking for something to keep your dog busy. ....IQ Ball is what you need. The IQ Ball is extremely user friendly: easy to fill and easy to clean. I do not leave this down for my dogs to play with whenever they want to but put it away after each use so when they do get it, it is very exciting for them. I love it so much, I even bought one for a friend! ,

Fun toy by DR from New Jersey06/18/2013

My dog trainer recommended the buster cube, a plastic cube that releases treat pellets.The reviews said it makes a lot of noise when used in the house because it's hard plastic. I decided to get IQ treat ball because you can adjust the size of the hole that dispenses the treat. It too is made of hard plastic, but since it is a sphere I think it makes less noise than a cube being pushed around the tile floor. My dog loves this toy and keeps him occupied for a while.

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