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Sogeval Gentleseb + PS Mousse (6.8 oz)
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Sogeval Gentleseb + PS Mousse (6.8 oz)

Item: FSDERPS3068
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This item has been discontinued.


This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying ChloraSeb™ Antiseptic Spray (8 fl oz)

Sogeval Gentleseb + PS Mousse is an antiseptic spray for general skin conditions.

 The Gentleseb + PS Mousse formulation is made specifically to handle sebum, scales and crust formation in seborrheic and general skin conditions. The spray utilizes sulfur and salicylic acid in order to remove scales and crusts associated with seborrhea. The spray helps regulate the production of excess sebum and the production of excess scales.

Sovergal Gentleseb + PS Mousse antiseptic spray functions to help restore skin and help manage long-term skin conditions. The spray is easy to apply to your pet and is scented with a pleasant odor. The spray will leave your pet with a clean and shiny coat. For other formulations from Sogeval, check out Ketoseb + PS Mousse and Hyliderm + PS Mousse. Order the Gentleseb + PS Mousse Spray today!

Key Features:
  • Antiseptic spray for general skin conditions
  • Great for sebum and scale conditions
  • Easy to apply
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