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Solva-Ker Gel (1 oz)

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Solva-Ker Gel (1 oz)

Solva-Ker Gel is a veterinary-strength medicine used for treating hyperkeratotic skin disorders in dogs, cats and horses. Hyperkeratotic disorders are caused when an excess of keratin collects in the hair follicles, causing raised bumps to appear on the skin. These bumps often feel itchy or irritated and can cause other types of discomfort to the animal suffering from them.

Hyperkeratotic skin disorders respond well to Solva-Ker Gel, a topical treatment rich in essential fatty acids that breaks down the keratin plugs and sooths skin.

  • Contains essential vitamins and all-natural ingredients for relieving hyperkeratotic skin disorders
  • Can be used on dogs, cats, and horses
  • Relieves itchy skin and makes animalsí coats more attractive and softer to the touch
  • Controlled release of active ingredients provides long-term relief
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    Usage Information

    Active ingredients applied normally experience an immediate, short burst in concentration followed by a rapid decline.† Solva-Kerô Gelís controlled release delivery system offers a prolonged concentration at the effective level, providing maximum product performance and sustained bene?ts.


    6.6% Salicylic Acid Gel

    Customer Reviews

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    4.50 rating based on 2 reviews
    Works Great! by tss from NC02/01/2014

    This product was very effective for dissolving the hard build up of skin on top of my dog's nose.

    Would not recommend this Product!!! by Abby from Mass11/25/2013

    I have an English Bulldog and was reading that this was a replacement for kerasolv. Kerasolv was recommended by the vet for dry nose. After about 4-6 treatments on her nose which showed no results, the skin on her nose pealed off. It has mostly recovered but It will not be the same...I rated it 1 star, just to show something but really, I wouldnt rate it any stars..

    Treating corns in Greyhounds by barkie19 from Califonia09/25/2013

    So my vet said, "Horses, humans and greyhounds get corns. Go figure." He's right. Most dogs apparently don't get these and they can really suffer and go lame. It can get bad enough to have to remove a toe. Fortunately, catching it early let's you use this stuff. Solva-Ker is a pretty basic ointment that only affects the dead skin that cause the corn. Rub it in daily and after a while (weeks sometimes) they go away. My only issue with this product is the bottom of the tube exploded. Kinda leaky now but not an issue as I keep it in a ziploc.


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