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SpecialtySpecialty collars and leash products give you and your pet that extra element of comfort and ease they need. DAP offers stress relieving pheromones while Kool collars give your pet a cool source of relief. Shop now and save!

WalkyDog Bike Leash
WalkyDog Bike Leash

($55.50)  $49.40
Kool Collars
Kool Collars

ADAPTIL D.A.P. Collar - Dog Appeasing Pheromone Small
ADAPTIL D.A.P. Collar - Dog Appeasing Pheromone Small

($32.28)  $19.99
3 Pack  ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar for Medium & Large Dogs
3 Pack ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar for Medium & Large Dogs

($90.99)  $62.99
3 Packs ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar for Puppies and Small Dogs
3 Packs ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar for Puppies and Small Dogs

($80.97)  $56.99
NatureCALM 24/7 Canine Calming Pheromone Collar (Upto 28" Neck)
NatureCALM 24/7 Canine Calming Pheromone Collar (Upto 28" Neck)

($31.99)  $23.99
Tagg - The Pet Tracker Master Kit
Tagg - The Pet Tracker Master Kit

($129.99)  $99.99
The WalkyDog Bike Leash lets you relax and enjoy the company of friends and family while taking your dog along on bike rides. No need to leave your dog at the house or fumble with a lead. The WalkyDog, "the third hand on your bike", handles your dog for you. It puts you back in charge! Your dog will very soon realize this and restrain itself, even when passing a cat, squirrel or other distraction.

Now you can have your dog share in the fun of a bike ride! Great exercise for you and your dog.

4.83 rating based on 6 reviews
Featured Reviews for WalkyDog Bike Leash
great find! by doubletrouble11/01/2011

This was recommended to me at my newly adopted dog's obedience training. We got a chance to try it out and my dog loved it. We will have to build up her stamina slowly, but an excellent way to exercise an active dog. Tried it with the low-rider attachment, as she is only a 30lb Terrier mix, so decided to buy that too. Mounting on my bike took 5 minutes, so now we're ready for the fun to begin. Have already recommended it to a neighbor with an Aussie mix.

by from 06/09/2010

I've had this since 2005. For safety, have a pro at the cycle shop install the bracket. If you buy 2, you can have 2 dogs on your bike, which is not true of the other bike-dog thing. if you do this, make sure you have space or are on a cycle path without cars.

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WalkyDog Bike Leash by cnui04/13/2012

Our dog trainer recommended we exercise our dog more. None of us can walk fast enough for her, so taking her for a bike ride is perfect. It took about 60 seconds for her to adapt to running/jogging beside the bike and really looks forward to our trips! I keep the hex key in my bike bag as it does need to be tightened often. But she is so happy and tired when we are finished! Love this product!

never hesistate by archie from leadville CO06/16/2013

to purchase from Entirely Pets. Any problem and I can talk with someone knowledgeable and truly feel the smile on their face to help me. Thank you Marjorie

Walky Dog by Marjorie from Leadville CO07/01/2013

My mix Husky learned quickly how to bike beside me attached to the Walky Dog. Great exercise for both of us.

by from 04/06/2012

The WalkyDog made riding with my exiteable dog much easier. Once she tired out, it often felt as if she wasn't even there! I found myself looking back to make sure she was still hooked on; she was, of course.

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by from 04/06/2012

Good product. We still have snow on the bike trails, so it will be a while before it is put to use.

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by from 04/23/2012

you WILL need a harness. My dog pulls very hard and he would almost choke him self from trying to run.

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Featured Reviews for ADAPTIL D.A.P. Collar - Dog Appeasing Pheromone Small
high stressed dog by ditto12 from holyoke, ma07/28/2013

i had to go see a behaviorist for our rescue dog, - he had issues of barking, etc, and our hose when it being on.. and our leaving the house, he would get into all kinds of problems. We went and saw the behaviorist, and she recommended this collar which we purchased from her. It did a world of good, not just for us, for the dog! i recommend it highly and give it five stars, it has to be changed every 30 days and until the dog finally gets used to the surroundings of a new home, if they are rescue dogs...

Didn't work by Sheree from Detroit suburb, Michigan06/28/2014

Waste of money, bought this with the spray as extra support, saw no difference. He is terrified of storms and fireworks.

Helped with Separation Anxiety by Bridgit from Okinawa, Japan03/08/2014

I have a 1 year & 5 month old Golden Retriever Okinawa mix. Since he is a rescue who before had hardly any human contact, he now has separation anxiety. When I leave him home alone, he chews up the house. He is crate trained, but if I crate him when I leave, he excessively salivates and barks continuously. He would also hide from me when he knew that I would be leaving. Other reviews I read about this collar said that it worked for their dog in about 3 days. This did not work for my dog until the 10th day, when I left him home alone (out of his crate) for two hours and came home to nothing chewed up! The 11th day, I left for three hours and also came home to nothing chewed up. He also has stopped hiding from me when he knows that I am leaving. Instead, he goes straight into his crate or into the spare bedroom where he is confined - without me even telling him to! I am very happy with the results of this collar, because before wearing it, my dog would chew things up in my home in the first 10-15 minutes after I left. This collar has helped not only my dog, but me also. Separation anxiety is a very hard thing to deal with and I am so thankful to have found something that relieves his stress. I will definitely be ordering more of these!

Really works by Wyatt's mom from Seattle area12/13/2011

DAP collar really works to take the edge off anxiety in my dog. Collar lasts 2-3 months afther the first couple times, allows him to relax enought that we can work with his anxiety.

definitely worth a try by sunshine from Piqua OH06/14/2012

We use this collar on our 5 1/2 year old lhasa apso that is very frightened of storms and loud noises. He still is more withdrawn when it storms but does not shake like he used to.

Really works! by Kathy from Bay Area, California05/12/2014

I have a chi mix who gets super nervous and yappy, works great. I had previously used these collars on an elderly dog I had who had extreme anxiety, and it worked well for him also. Just takes the edge off.

DAP by LISASCHUDEL from woodstock, GA10/23/2012

This collar worked to calm my little male dog and stopped him from "marking" in the house.

Great for Travel by metrogirl from Gold Coast, Australia01/19/2012

I got the DAP collar for my dog when we relocated interstate and we travelled by car to our new home. The journey took six days to complete and as we use the DAP diffuser at home we thought what are we going to do when we are in the car for six hours a day? So the DAP collar was the answer, and it does work. My baby was calm, relaxed and happy to be travelling such great distances and the road trip went off without a hitch. It gave me peace of mind too that he was OK. I can highly recommend it. Also for Australians, purchase it from EntirelyPets as the cost is very inexpensive (even with International postage) in comparison to buying from your local Vet. I was quoted $99.50 for "one" collar....eek.

No worth by fran04/01/2012

Hard to get the collar on. No change in pet. after application. I took it off after a week

Not the results we'd hoped for by DB from Pasadena, Ca11/27/2012

Had high hopes. Followed the instructions precisely, but no change in our dog's behavior. Truly a waste of money.

Very disappointed in the Adaptil D.A.P. Collar by runninwyld from Hannibal, NY09/04/2014

I ordered this collar to try to calm my son's beagle enough to train her to simple commands. It seemed to calm her for about a day and a half. Then she was back to her wild, unruly self again. I am finally having some luck with basics without any aids of any kind. I feel this collar was a waste of money that I couldn't really afford on my SS check.

Not Effective by Yc10/12/2011

This product did not work as advertised. I would not by again.

Well worth the money............ by sunshine from Piqua, OH04/23/2012

I purchased this D.A.P. collar after it was recommended by our veternary to help ease the anxiety of storms and loud noises. I have a 5+ year old lhasa apso that normally shook when he sensed storms. After using this collar now for 3 weeks, I can honestly say he has not shook the way he used to. He actually seems more at ease over all. Thanks. Yes, I would recommend anyone having problems to give it a try!

Not efficiency for my dogs by annebgs from Drummondville, QC, Canada08/18/2014

I did not see any change with that product.

No Schnauzer Relief by Anita from Salem, Oregon02/02/2012

This is probably a great product for the average dog, but it has not calmed my mini Schnauzer one bit, not even coupled with the DAP room diffuser. Prozac is my next try!!!

by from 11/12/2012

It does not appear that the DAP collar is doing much for my shy dog. However, I would still recommend that it is worth trying. Some things work well for some dogs and not for others.

and by product from arrivedShipment


Works Better than I thought it would by newton from Hackettstown, NJ12/29/2011

My dog is older and is losing her sight. She was barking excessively because she seemed to want assurance that she was not alone. We put the collar on her and it really seemed to calm her. She still barks but not as long or as often and seems content more than before. Very pleased with purchase and will order again. The only problem is the clip that the collars is drawn through. It could be improved for ease of use. This really is a minor problem.

Didn't Work For Me by Sharon from Hartford, Ct12/13/2011

This collar was supposed to help reduce stress. I found that it did not work for my dog.

Worth your time and money to try by Sunshine from Piqua OH05/30/2012

We have a 5 1/2 year old Lhasa Apso that is frightened easily by storms, loud noises etc. Have purchased two D.A.P. collars now and it definitely helps his overall emotions. He no longer shakes so bad. He may still want to be consoled but we have really noticed a difference. The collar was recommended by our veterinary. Thanks.

by from 10/29/2012

helpful product by Lea from California10/22/2011

The D.A.P. collar seems to quiet down the excitable behavior. I definitely notice a difference when the collar is off for an extended period of time.

Good product by Irwi n07/14/2012

works well and kept my dog more calm but I preferred the original version which seemed to work better.

Awesome product by Dh07/20/2014

Adaptil collar has helped my 14yr old jack Russell so much. Wish I would have used it years ago. I have used it for 6 months now

by from 09/21/2014

I bought this collar to see if it would help a senior dog stop panting, not have accidents while we were away and at nighttime, and to help her to settle down at night. After a week, there was no difference. The vet decided to try 2 antibiotics to see if there was an undetected infection she obtained after getting her teeth cleaned (the issues started after the procedure). The panting stopped after 2 days, but not being able to settle down and accidents have been pretty much the same.

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adaptil collar by marcianono from Wilmette Il01/31/2014

Hoped that this would be a calming influence on a bit of an over sensitive high strung little dog. I found it to be ineffective after having her wear it for two weeks. Wish I could have seen even a small claming influence. Time to try to find another product that might produce any results.

by Whiskers01/22/2012

I was beautifully surprised by how well this worked for my little girl. She is a rescue and we are not sure about her past but she has suffered from anxiety for a long time (she has been with us for over 3 years). Using the DAP collar in combination with exercise and continuous socialization and training, she has relaxed significantly. This is not a "miracle product" but her anxiety has significantly improved since she began wearing it.

Not so effective by zilla04/29/2012

Our Jack Russell, Banjo has been wearing the DAP collar for 3 days. At first he seemed much calmer but it doesn't seem to be working anymore, he is as frantic as ever. When we leave the house the whole neighbourhood knows. He howls and barks and does not stop.

Irritated my dog's skin by PJ from Fairbanks, AK11/22/2013

I was really looking forward to this product helping calm my dog. Unfortunately, after wearing the collar for about a week, maybe even less, my dog started scratching his neck. When I took off the collar, his skin was red and bumpy. We had to discontinue use of the ADAPTIL Collar.

Maybe a solution to eaten furniture by joanbohnert from Frostburg, MD12/12/2011

The jury needs to still be out as we have used only one DAP collar on our furniture chewer so far, and it is time to change to a new one. We will be away for holidays this time, so the second one will be a good test. Morgan is now almost ten and was three when he strayed to us. So far the DAP collar offers the best hope of coming home to unchewed furniture. Even the DAP diffuser, which we have been using for a year or so, has not been as effective as the collar. I hope the second collar does the trick while we are away.

This product really worked by Kel from Maryville, IL04/16/2014

Our dog was really struggling after the loss of her sister and was having extreme separation anxiety when we were at work. She was chewing and scratching the trim around the door. We didn't know what to do so our vet recommended this product. We have seen great improvement since using this product. So glad we tried it.

Made such a difference!! by Mel D from Houston, Texas05/31/2013

I have to say that my Dogs anxiety was almost gone within putting the colar on!! I would recomend this to any one with a dog or cat with behavioral issues!!

Great product for stressed dogs by pcdt from Point Cook, Victoria, Australia11/23/2011

I use this product extensively with many of my behaviour cases and the improvement in most is amazing. All the owners have stated they had seen improvement in their dog and anxiety levels decrease. It is not a cure all but certainly a good step forward to a happier, less stressed dog. Thank you Point Cook Dog Training Melb. Australia

worse purchase ever by ticked off customer from martins ferry ohio11/07/2011

the collar was completely useless in calming our german shepard. it was a waste of money

Adaptil DAP Collar by Paul from Murrieta California07/21/2014

Our pet dog Buster has had the collar on for almost a month now. We've seen a mild change in his demeanor. He's a little bit calmer. We are getting ready to change out the collar. We were hoping to see a drastic change but we guess this collar/pheromone needs more time to get into his system and next week we will be putting a new one on him since the directions say we have to change it every four weeks. After the next collar has been on for a month I will come back and write another review. Sorry I cant recommend the collar right now because we aren't sure if it is actually working.

glad I tried it by mac from southern, CA06/21/2012

The collar seems to work fine. The issue I have is it is very difficult to get on and off. It would be fine if you put it on and just leave it, but my dogs swim almost every day when it's warm and the dog I'm using it on also shows. Both activities require me to remove the collar. Directions say to avoid getting the collar wet. The collar would be even better if it had a different clasp. I have broken a collar in my struggles to remove it. Not happy about that as this product isn't cheap. I'd recommend you try the collar if needed.

Didn't make any difference by Jan from North Carolina06/18/2013

I bought this about a month ago, hoping it would calm my spaniel/border mix. She's 8 but still very hyperactive. I couldn't tell one bit of difference. For the money I was certainly hoping for at least partial success.

the best by renea02/14/2008

this is great 4 storms

inexpensive easy behavioral tool by leslie from santa monica, CA04/29/2013

I am a petsitter and the trainer one of my clients is using recommended this for use with a puppy with anxiety issues - seems to help a lot! ty

by from 12/13/2011

She was having some pretty significant panic attacks. These collars fixed the problem! No more panic attacks! Plus, our vet says she can continue to wear them without any issue.

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Disappointed by LLB52 from Mississippi04/07/2014

I was very hopeful that this would help my dog, but we saw NO improvement. We have since bought a collar (no prongs) that vibrates when he barks and it has changed our lives!

Just a warning by jo03/28/2012

After moving in with my fiance my dog was experiencing extreme anxiety when being left alone. She's a rescue and has always had some anxiety but I was out of ideas on this one. My vet recommended this product. After putting on the collar there was no change in her destructive behavior and barking however she was very lethargic. I was calling the vet almost every day for about 1 week. She still ate as usual but didn't want to play catch and hardly greeted me at the door. She starting limping on her front legs too. I took the collar off and within a few hours she was back to her usual self. I still use the plug-in diffuser. Luckily her anxiety has gone done over time. I did not like the effects this collar had on my dog as she was "drugged" and not her usual self. My dog is 15 lbs and I bought the small collar. I don't know the level of phermones but I think my dog needed a lower dose.

DAP collar by confor from St. Louis, MO02/18/2012

I was very pleased with the delivery time on my order. It arrived within a couple of days. The DAP collar was just as I expected - very easy to cut to the correct size. It was a great value for the sale price. Thank you!

DAP collar - ??? by Carrie Jan12/14/2009

I purchased this collar for my adopted 7 year old whippet. He has to be crated when we are not home and goes crazy in the crate - shaking, drooling, panting. He actually destroyed and broke out of a metal crate and has bent the door on the plastic crate we have him in now. I was hoping that the DAP collar would help calm him while he was in the crate. We kept it on him the full month and noticed no difference at all.

Good product but not for tiny dogs by ralph from New Jersey07/24/2012

I'm not sure if I chose the wrong product but the first DAP collar I got was a very soft black narrow one which was good for my very small dog. This one was firmer and wider and not satisfactory for her. I haven't had time to look up other collars but will check to see if I can one like the first one I purchased.

New design does not work by cacooper from North Carolina01/09/2013

I have been using these for a couple years and the company has redesigned it. It does NOT work as well as it used to. I'm very disappointed.

Relief with 2 Male Dogs in the House by Bubba's Friend02/22/2012

We tried the DAP Collar on our young male Maltese. With an aging large male dog in house too, he was trying to "take over" and mark his territory everywhere in our new house. The claming effects of the collar appears to have helped stop this behavior, or at least greatly reduced it.

excitement peeing by jen04/18/2008

My Vet recommended we try this for our Chi mix dog who pees from excitement and fear. it's working! He's not completely cured, but there has been noticibly less pee in the house happening!

This truly works... by SueW04/22/2008

Used the collars on 2 current dogs, and on a new young adult dog when she was adopted from rescue. Everyone, especially the snippy current dog, mellowed right out and got along well from the start. The rescue dog snuggled in, bonded quickly with me, and quickly became a family member. I've later discovered that she's rather aloof around people she doesn't know, and I think the DAP collar made a very positive difference. Will use the collar again on the rescue dog, since we're involved in dog activities that seem to be making her a little anxious.

Not for all dogs by BJ07/07/2008

My review is negative.... my toy American Eskie went from being calm to driving the family nuts, darting through the house like mad, as well as really scratching hard into our legs begging us to remove it. Shortly after removing the collar, she was ok. We attempted several times to try it again, with same results. We bought it for the 4th of July, started her on it the night prior, but just wasn't able to use it as she tried very hard to remove it, even went into a corner to hide. I'm not sure just what that means with her, but I'm sure it's just one of those things...some meds work for some people and some people are allergic. Go figure. She has returned to her normal happy, playful self, but soon as the collar comes out and she smells it, she runs. We have tried to even set it out in front of her on the floor, no luck, she smells it and runs! LOL Oh well.......

Well worth trying! by K's M08/12/2008

The DAP collar made a huge difference for my dog during our move to a new home. He stopped pacing and settled down as soon as it was on, and as a bonus, he was much less anxious during thunderstorms. It may not work on all dogs, but it's certainly worth a try!

Might not be the collar by for BJ09/14/2008

To BJ, the poster with the dog that freaks out. You didnt mention if you use a collar normally and that could be the problem. My newest dog never wore a collar and we wanted to take her out for a walk and had to use one and she absolutely froze like a statue. She sat in the same position for an hour. We tried and tried to convince her it was ok, but to no avail. We gradually got her used to it though. Maybe for your dog, it is just the collar period, and not the "scented" collar. Just a thought. =)

Great Product! by For Gypsy10/12/2008

My dog's behavior favorably changes when she wears the DAP collar. She's a rescue dog, and new situations can make her very nervous. Wearing the collar now relaxes her when she is around new people and other dogs. She has become less reactive. She even enjoys visiting the vet. The difference has been dramatic.

IT REALLY WORKS by Debbie Rios03/24/2009

I own to Jack Russell's and I was having issues w/agression and one of them is afraid of thunder and fireworks, instead of medications my vet suggested the collar and diffuser they have used them for over 3 mos. and they really work LOVE IT!

Can't do without these collars by Mustang from Michigan03/18/2012

Product came quickly and with an expiration date well into the future. Both pups have behavior problems. One anxious, fearful. The other hyper & submissive urination separation anxiety. One had two knee surgeries. They are doing very well using the collars. Helped keep one calm with vet visits and after surgery. Our animal behaviour specialist recommended them & they are really helping. They are well worth the price and it makes their lives happier.

I'm a believer by pnester11/07/2009

The animal behaviorist suggested the collar for my Jack Russell because of her thunderstorm anxiety. It worked beautifully ... she is still somewhat afraid but not nearly so much as before. I noticed that her aggressive behavior calmed down too. When thunderstorm season was over, I quit putting the collars on her and she is much more agressive. I'm buying the collars again and they are going to be a lifetime habit for her. (I used to use the wall diffusers - she would lie down under them any time she was in the house - but the collar is better because it is with her wherever she goes.)

Adaptil Collar for small dogs by Pico from Vancouver, British Columbia08/24/2014

This collar works very well on my Morkie! It helps to calm him when he is anxious and excited!

Excellent Product by Jesse's Mom from Wyoming10/24/2011

I work in the veterinary and behavior field and have used these collars to help dogs overcome fear and anxiety problems. My success rate with the DAP collar for generalized anxiety has been about 90% - it either works really well or it apparently has no effect on the dog. I find that the dog has to wear it 24/7 for about 60 days to achieve maximum effect.

didn't work for my dog by SD Mama07/14/2012

The DAP collar didn't seem to really make any difference for what I wanted it for, he was still clingy and apprehensive.

It Works by TammyLee from Hagerstown, Maryland03/31/2014

Been using these for over year now, and it really works, I could not believe it, after a day or so I really seen the change.. So nice to see my Jazmine girl so happy and able to hang out with the family, she was so afraid of all kind of noises, storms etc., but now life is good !!!! LOVE...LOVE... LOVE this product.

DAP dog collar by petey from GA06/25/2012

We've had a string of family crises since I purchased the collar for Petey and he has sailed through each one with out the usual stress he exhibits.

Made a Older Guy Happy again by Maureen from Gardiner, NY11/04/2011

My 14yr old Catahoula was developing anxiety seperation for the first time in his life. I believe due to loss of hearing and some sight, my neighbors were telling me that TIGGER was barking for HOURS each day.I tried leaving toys and treats etc but nothing was keeping him happy. My vet suggested trying the collar and when I shopped online I found the best price with Entirely Pets. The results were almost immediate. No more fear of thunder,lightning or being alone. I tried another brand from a local store which cost less but it had a strong scent and didn't seem to work as well. I will always keep one on hand for my boy.

Didn't work in our case by Peggallen12/16/2013

The collar was recommended by our Vet for our dog Ozzy. He has epilepsy and is on meds but has a bit of hyperactivity. The collar does nothing for him. I think however that it might work for a dog that has anxiety. It says it's useful when you have to crate your dog too but I do not leave a collar of any kind on my dog when crating.

DAP collar by Bipcus from Canada01/27/2012

Bought this for my weim who suffers from bad separation anxiety to the point where if i take out the other dog with out him, he sounds like someone is killing him in the house. It hasnt cured it but he is much more relaxed and less prone to the flipping out. Worth a try and at least his SA is more manageable without any drugs.

Featured Reviews for 3 Pack ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar for Medium & Large Dogs
these really work by robbie from sydney Australia11/06/2012

we have an alpha cocker spaniel girl and she was bossing the other 2 ladies around something terrible the collars settled her brilliantly

ADAPTIL(dap) collar by barb a from pa.01/15/2014


I'm a believer by Rescue's Mom05/02/2012

I'm a born sceptic,but I believe in this product. My hyper rescue girl starts to get edgy on day 31 of wearing her collar. Change it and she calms down. I can see her getting wound up, look at the calendar, and realize it's been a month in the old collar. Don't know if it works for all dogs, but give it a try if having trouble with fear aggression or other behavior issues.

D.A.P. Collar by tailsfromgreece from Ontario, Canada06/22/2012

Have found this product to be effective for our rescued dogs. And received prompt and efficient service from EntirelyPets.

Consistent calming assistance by 2 Lab Mom06/04/2014

My 10 yo Lab is afraid of anything that remotely sounds like thunder or gun shots. I use a number of methods for reducing anxiety, but he has been wearing these collars for a few years now and they are the BEST for consistent calming and taking the "edge" off. He was refusing to leave the house for walks or rides due to anxiety. The collars are on him, helping at all times. They do take a few days to have a full effect, but consistent wearing definitely helps.

by from 03/15/2013

The calming collars worked like magic on my 2 dogs. There were no more fights that had happened out of thin air. These collars saved me from having to give one dog back to the spca!

Marjorie" by Magic from marjieMiracles


it works! by swanny from Mercer, PA10/31/2011

We have a mixed breed dog we found as a puppy along the roadside. He has a true Jekyll and Hyde personality but the D.A. P. collars have helped immensely. Your prices are very competitive and we received the collars in two days. Thank you!

by from 02/14/2013

Doesn't work by Shugag01/05/2012

Did nothing to calm down my female who get anxious on car rides. If anything, I would say she seemed more nervous when using this product. Also made my male dog excited. He would whine and try to hump the collar. Definitely would not buy this product again.

It worked better than we were told it would by Robbie from Sydney Australia06/06/2012

We have an alpa cocker spaniel who tends to attack our other two cockers if they invade her "space" as she decides it to be. Since we have used the collars she is much more settled & leaves the other girls alone much more

ADA[TIL collar for medium and large dogs by Liz08/10/2012

I have a nine year old standard poodle with an attitude. Have I ever been surprised at how calm this collar has helped her become. I will continue to use it.

Life changing product by dog trainer from Wyoming03/01/2011

The DAP collar has helped a great many of my dog clients to lead much happier and less fearful lives. My own very anxious dog has been able to compete in obedience after she began wearing the collar - it allowed her to learn to deal with stress and change without fear and she has become more outgoing and enjoys her life much more

DAP collar by michelle10/15/2011

Great alternative to medicine for my elderly dog with a few health issues. The collar in conjunction with the diffuser has helped calm the dog's anxieties.

Really good purchase by G-Ma from Rhode island03/12/2013

This purchase was for Murphy who is a very lovable boxer but does need help with his anxiety. This seems to work best for him.

Worth it- by bornmaven05/30/2013

I have been using these collars on my Aussie who has had obsessive licking issues. Since the collar she has stopped. And she's also a much happier dog. It took about a week for me to notice the changes, but they are awesome, and have worked for my dog.

Calm At Last by Shadow's Mom from WA06/23/2010

Our dog was so anxious we had tried everything - obedience classes, behaviorist, and medication which caused her to have seizures. My husband couldn't stand it and really wanted the dog gone. I had even contacted a rescue group. THEN my vet asked if I have heard of D.A.P. collars. She had heard about them from another vet, but had never seen them and couldn't say anything else. The other vet had said a family had great success with them. MAKE THAT TWO FAMILIES. Now our dog is calmer, doesn't bark all the time and gets along with our other pets. When she does start barking excessively,I know that it's time to change the collar. We now have that interval marked on the calendar. The collar is effective for a month. My husband now thinks she is the sweetest dog ever. D.A.P. saved the dog.

Worth every penny! by GoldenLuvr from Fairfield CT10/01/2013

My vet recommended the Adaptil products when my Lab had some real issues with a Golden puppy that we adopted. Since I have 3 dogs, it was recommended each have a collar. I can honestly say, the Lab, while still somewhat jealous, is much calmer, the Golden puppy much less upset when crated, and my older Golden with the chronic anxiety has definately become calmer. Used in combination with the spray, it has made life much easier and less stressful in our house.

sold on this product by Bailey's dad02/25/2014

without going to drugs etc our pet has less stress since we began using the ADAPTIL collar. Thanks to our vet for his recommendation

by from 01/09/2012

The D.A.P. collars have made a tremendous difference when traveling with my dog. I have tried EVERYTHING else and these are the only things that make traveling tolerable.

I by have from isThe


Great product by Clubk907/10/2013

It does work for many dogs. Worth trying. We have used many dap products at our doggy daycare and have seen great results!

by pat from mainr11/29/2012

collar(DAP) is not as effectivr as I hoped.

Great deal. by peterg06/12/2012

We're still figuring out if this collar works. I think that it has helped calm my dog a bit. Buying a 3-pack at this great deal is a bonus.

The way to a calm dog by DRVDIVA from Calabasas, CA09/17/2013

These were recommended by a dog behaviorist and are 100% worth the purchase. They turn an otherwise frequently agitated dog into a content pet.

Not so good by DogOwner07/28/2014

The clasp on the collar was cheap and broke almost immediately. I drilled a couple holes through it and tied it back together but it stretched to the point that it was no longer snug enough. I am not sure if the formula works or not, perhaps the sprays might work, I just don't know.

May work for others by penelopepitstop from Indianapolis, IN01/18/2012

We bought the collar for our Corgi/Doxie mix. We have been using the spray and it was somewhat helpful. The only problem we have with her is she gets nervous in the car. We are RVers and travel a great deal. We adopted her at 5 yrs of age and do not know her history. The collar might work if she did not have such a thick coat at her neck. It made a little difference at first. She quiets down after about 10 minutes with the spray on a soft collar.

D.A.P. Collar by CP01/19/2012

Good Purchase. Our Suzy is a Shepherd/Chow and high strung. In addition, she will not settle down when there is a storm. She has a tendency to follow us from room to room. With the D.A.P. collar, she is able to relax more-still doesn't like storms but will lie still next to someone till it is over. It doesn't make her slow or lethargic, but just helps to relieve her tension. She is still very active. I recommend the collar to relax your four legged friend.

by munismom from Reno,Nv.01/18/2012

Just started this product as recommended by our vet.

great product by pcdt11/23/2011

See my review for the same product but in the smaller size. I think this product is brilliant and should be made more readily available to all dogs with behavioural issues as well as puppies.

by Lisa03/21/2013

It really helps our dog with aggression issues.

Helps me with Fireworks by Shea from Vancouver, British Columbia11/12/2012

Very afraid of seasonal fireworks.....Has helped to relax my dog and put her at ease.

DAP Collars are the best by Blain's Mom from southern WI08/21/2011

When we adopted our Blain he was so fearful and full of anxiety we had to carry him into the house everytime he was out. He was afraid of shadows, noises and basically everything. He hid in the bedroom. We thought he would get better with time, he didn't. Our vet recomended the DAP collar and after a couple weeks he showed improvement. Now after a number of months he is a new dog. He runs in and out of the house on his own and is in the living room doing just that ....living. Love the DAP collar, definately worth the money.

Adaptil Works For My Dog by Kate from Central Pennsylvania05/27/2014

My collie mix has some general anxiety and is sensitive to engine noises and thunder. He has been wearing an Adaptil collar for two months and appears to be more calm. It has helped with engine noises and thunder but not totally taken away his anxiety about these two things. But I feel that the collar has lessened his general anxiety and I will continue to use it.

helps by Mac04/04/2012

I'm happy with the way this product performed. What I am not happy about is how difficult it is to get off once you put it on. The instructions say it shouldn't get wet. My dogs swim almost everyday in the summer, and like to play in the hose when the pool isn't available. The part that holds the collar to the clasp is pretty flimsy. It breaks when I applied enough force to remove the collar. I would like to recommend to the manufacturer they consider making the collar easier to take on and off. The other reason the collar needed to be removed is my dog is involved in agility. Collars must be removed to run. Besides for the difficulty with the off/on part, I liked how it worked.

Extremely Helpful by BandD from Houston, TX11/12/2013

Recommended by our Vet to help calm our pet follow heart worm treatment.

by from 04/23/2013

How can I be expected to rate a product which I never received?

never by processed." from DisgustedThe


Didn't notice any difference by Donna06/22/2012

I used the collar on a "broken" dog. I did not notice any difference in his level of anxiety. Might work on a less broken dog though.

DAP Schmap by Betswick from Alexandrian, VA02/15/2012

My dog has not calmed down at all. He's had the collar on for 10 - 14 days. He is an anxiety eater and has cost us thousands in vet bills and operations. In fact he ate a tissue this morning that he stole from a trash can as I was getting ready to leave for work. Back to the Hannibal Lechter mask..............

by from 06/05/2012

The new DAP collar is simply not as effective as the original. My dog's behavior is spotty. She is calm one moment and stressed out the next.

find by the from original,If


Brings peace back to the household! by LuvCockers from Sugar Land, TX11/05/2012

Initially skeptical about the effectiveness of these collars, I decided to try them. With 7 dogs at the house, feeding time can get a little 'ramped up'! One dog in particular, Lucky, is especially fond of his food and impatient while we prepare all the different bowls. Oftentimes he would charge the other dogs while waiting, be very vocal, and create 'drama' twice daily at this time. We purchased the collars, and within a few days, noticed a 'calmness' about him, and about the household in general. We can definitely tell when he's nearing the end of the month, and choose to replace the collar at the 3 week mark. Since we've done this, for the past 6 months, 'scuffles' have been kept to a minimum and the household is much more calm and manageable overall. THANK YOU for making a difference for all 7 of my beloved dogs (through ONE of them wearing the collar), and for keeping the energy of the house at an acceptable level!

Work well ? by onewomanink from Crockett,CA11/08/2013

The collars seem to work well, but my Smooth-Coated Collie, who is my Service Dog of 7.5 years and who is now 9 yrs. old, has only recently become afraid of the noises in our apartment building, and I don't see too much improvement. He has always been the most chill dog, but even with the collar, he jumps up each time someone opens their mailbox, or a door opens and closes. It upsets me because he is so unhappy now. But I might try the wall unit spray in conjunction with the collars.

Did not work at all by Re Re from Stevenson Ranch, California06/18/2013

Although I tried the collar on my dog, Maggie May, for two weeks, I saw absolutely no improvement in her behavior. For that reason I mailed the collars back today. Oh well, it was worth a try!

Dap Collars by Diane11/13/2008

These collars have allowed me to keep both of my dogs. They became aggressive to each other and the collars have calmed them down and they are now friends again. I will never allow them to go without them.

Amazing results! by Viki12/04/2008

I had been having trouble with my new dog for over a year and a half with night time urination in the house. I tried several different methodologies to stop this, but to no avail. My vet suggested the DAP collar and the results were immediate! His anxiety at not finding me at night were calmed and I've had no problems since!

Extremely Happy by Fuzzy Bear from Melbourne Australia02/28/2013

I found the adaptil collar made a dramatic difference to my dogs anxiety. She is a lot calmer and settled and now only barks to alert us to people passing by instead of any little noise.

by from 07/18/2009

We got a new dog, Tigger, who turns out to be highly excitable. When he plays with our other dog Bodie, he becomes hyper-excited, & starts yipping at her & dive-bombing her, & if we didn't intervene, he wouldn't let her stop playing. The DAP collar makes it so he plays nicely with her. I can really tell the difference when the collar wears out & it's time for a new one!

hyper-excitable by on from walks.He


have by an from excitableAnyway,


I was skeptical, but . . . by Pat09/09/2009

There was a marked and positive change in our dog's behavior within minutes of putting on the collar. She seems happier, more confident, more playful. She is noticeably less aggressive in the situations where aggression had been her standard (inappropriate) response.

Calming Effect by Dana10/28/2009

I first purchased this collar just before July 4th for both of my dogs. Kona stressed out in the car, and Sammy suffers from anxiety from hard rain, thunder, lightning & fireworks. The collar did not help Kona, but OMGosh what a blessing for Sammy. This collar helps Sammy cope with all the loud noises that used to make him crazy. He's now calm and laid back. This collar definitely works for Sammy.

very good product by laura01/21/2012

my vet recommended d.a.p. collar for my dog's noise sensitivity and, while this isn't a miracle cure, it definitely makes a difference. it started working gradually but when it stopped working after 4 or 5 weeks (as it is supposed to), i noticed the difference immediately, so i got her a new one. now i keep a constant supply. i'm combining this with counter-conditioning and desensitization, so i hope she'll get to a point at which she won't need it anymore. in the meantime, though, this is definitely worth the money and i absolutely recommend it!

Amazing by Magic12/01/2009

My lab mix has been getting progressively more anxious with thunderstorms and now the certain noises (the oven, the A/C turning on). I've tried natural remedies, and clomipramine, with only very moderate success. She continued to chew through doors, door handles, chairs etc. With the collar there's been a marked improvement in her behavior. Now she's more relaxed and less stressed - even less aggressive to other dogs. After the first collar, I didn't renew it because thunderstorm season had passed, and now I'm buying more because she's back to her stressed ways. I think it really works.

great price by Emma's mom11/15/2011

Emma sees a canine behavior specialist, who recommended this product. THIS IS THE BEST PRICE and the product really works!!!

Great for Stresshead dogs by christine57 from Melbourne Australia03/20/2013

I use adaptil on my poodle who suffers from separation anxiety. I believe it definately works

Wonderful product by SandyO from Livonia, MI03/27/2012

The DAP collar has been a life saver for our dog --literally! She has many social anxiety issues and was just not a happy dog--dogs should be happy!!--and the DAP collar has helped her be more calm and relaxed. Great price--MUCH cheaper than buying from the vet --especially in multi pack.

Featured Reviews for 3 Packs ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar for Puppies and Small Dogs
Helps Ease Severe Separation Anxiety by PuppyMama08/07/2010

I'm the lucky mama of a 6 month old beagle mix with severe separation anxiety. She starts scratching at the door, crying, barking, and howling within minutes of us leaving the house. We tried kong toys, lots of exercise, low key leaving/greetings, and none of it was making much difference. I bought the DAP collar after reading positive reviews. I wasn't sure how much of an impact the collar was having until I took it off one day when we went to the dog beach to avoid getting it wet. She had gotten to the point where she could stay 10-20 minutes alone without crying or yelping. Well, the day we took the collar off her, she started crying the moment the door shut. I was surprised by her strong reaction and then realized that her collar was off. I put it back on and she was back to her "normal" self. I noticed the same pattern about 4 weeks after we bought it when it needed to be replaced. She showed much more frantic behavior when we would leave, so I replaced the collar and now she is back to herself. While the collar is far from a cure for her, it has taken the "edge off" her anxiety enough that I think with time and patience we will be able to train her to stay alone. I would recommend it to others facing similar problems.

Didn't work! by Wild Bill from San Jose, CA07/25/2014

In use for over a month before the 4th, used in conjunction with pheromone defuser,

Solved a huge problem for us! by beachmusic from Tampa, FL10/22/2012

These DAP collars are amazing. Our dog had a severe storm/fireworks phobia and we hadn't found anything to solve this trauma. Our vet tech recommended the DAP collars and they have worked wonders. We leave them on all the time and replace the collar every month. Plan to use these for many, many years to come.

dap collars by cam from australia12/25/2012

I love this product but am awaiting your reply regarding your sending the wrong product. Your prompt reply would be appreciated.

great product by bc from valley city OH06/25/2014

Our dog was always nervous with people outside and these collars have calmed her down. Also works well with thunderstorms.

Reformulated Product Concern by Murpher from Indiana03/27/2012

Original D.A.P. collar immediately calmed my Golden Retriever of noises, storms, other dogs and was totally awesome! In the second box of the 3- pk. (month 2) as Entirely Pets informed me, was a newly reformulated D.A.P. collar. It had no effect for a few days, we removed it for a bath, and he has since been lethargic, edgy and appears to be depressed. I'm afraid to put it back on, or leave it off! Loved old formulation, fear new one.

Company doesn't stand behind product by Lexi's mom06/18/2013

I purchased this for my Cocker Spaniel and after 2 days it broke. Called the company and they would not replace it, so we super glued it back together and it seems to be holding. Seems to work okay, but I am not sure I would recommend the product because the company does not stand behind the product. Cheap construction!

great by rgh from Bremerton WA05/30/2012

the collar works very well for my dog's anixity

Great non-drug option! by Schnoodle Mom from Ohio10/27/2011

I adopted a dog and she was really upset/fearful at first. These collars really work great. After putting it on she calmed down a lot. Really would recommend this product to anyone with a dog with anxiety problems.

DAP by JERSEY07/25/2012

This is a great product for dogs to use on a daily basis. It usually keeps them calm during stressful situations, like storms and when your family moves. I will say that when I first received the product from DAP, it was solid black and worked a lot better. It now comes in grey and says ADAPTIL on it. I don't think it works as well. But overall, I think it is a great product. We even use the diffusers that plug in the outlets.

works wonders by resqchick from Vacaville, CA07/31/2013

My dog has been suffering from anxiety for years. We have tried everything including numerous drugs which I hate using and only knock my dog out. She has a tremendous fear of noises fireworks, thunder and even birds outside. She has severe anxiety attacks and has not had a single one since she has been wearing the DAP collar. I realize not everything works the same on every dog but this is definately worth trying. For a complete review and video go to my FaceBook page at WagZone Pet Care.

by from 11/13/2011

When our (then) puppy's behaviorist recommended these to us we were frankly quite skeptical. I am happy to say we were wrong! He has severe separation anxiety disorder, and these collars have made a huge difference in his overall anxiety level. It's obvious from his behavior when it is wearing off, but what we find really amazing is that when we get the new package out he is all over us! We can barely open it and cut it to size because he's climbing all over me, licking my hands and face - we're afraid we're going to accidentally snip his snout in the process.

asked by us from toHis


also by on from medicationWhile


the by 3-pk, from sinceI


by from 11/08/2011

These are the best for assisting a neurotic dog calm. I first used them to help a recently rescued Sheltie settle into his new home. He had been constantly shaking and experiencing GI issues due to his new stress. The DAP collar and plug in kept near his crate helped tremendously. Now my second Sheltie is using these collars in addition to Prozac to help with his fear and anxiety issues he has recently acquired. The medication and the DAP collar work well together and the fears are subsiding. I recommend these collars to others when asked while at the neighborhood dog park. Two others are now using them also with improvement in their dogs' fears also.

that by it from takesThe


by from 04/02/2013

Wouldn't be without them by Taz02/04/2014

One dog has submissive urination and is super hyper and nervous. This collar calms her down and the submissive urination is much better. Also I put it on her when she goes to the groomer and I spray some of the spray on a blanket and put it in the car when we go to calm her down there. The behavior specialist we went to with both of our dogs recommended the collars. The other dog is a little testy sometimes and it seems to mellow her out. If they calm down it is easier for them to learn and build confidence and the confidence clears up a lot of behavior problems. Don't give up on dogs/cats with behavior problems, it takes a little work but it is worth it.

DAP Collar Calmed Her Down by Rosie's Mom11/12/2011

We are in the process of re-training our 8 year old toy poodle who is extremely attached to her Mom. This collar was recommended by her pet trainer and it works. Rosie is much calmer when she has the collar on and it will be much appreciated when we fly with her across the country in December.

Love these collars! by Divergirltina04/06/2013

My dog loves these collars & i highly recommend them!

Effective by Sam from Richmond, Va.04/09/2013

Seems to be very effective in releaving anxiety associated with agility trials.

Super fast delivery, great product by Point Cook Dog Training from Point Cook, Australia01/10/2012

This product is fabulous and works so well on many stressed dogs. Delivery this time round was super fast.

by Carolyn07/16/2012

Have used the product for over a year now with much success..

adaptil (DAP) collar by anne from Urbana Il01/28/2014

I found it a helpful product for my dogs issues. I can tell when the 30 days is up by the increase of her issues. I have recommended this to others.


This product is excellent. We use it all the time. The dogs don't seem to mind the collar either!

Wonderful product!! by cacooper from North Carolina07/11/2013

I have a greyhound with Separation Anxiety and shyness. The DAP collars work for her. I can tell when it is starting to "wear" out, too. They do only last about 4 weeks.

Works great by Rory & Quin from Vancouver, British Columbia11/12/2012

Purchased to help my dogs with the Halloween fireworks in the area. Collars and defuser together work very well.

Great for calming! by lilachaze from Upstate NY10/23/2012

This was originally prescribed through an animal behaviorist to calm our dog; it does work, but you have to be sure to change them when recommended. And, much more reasonably priced here than via a vet!

Great Product! by beth from Murfreesboro, TN06/23/2014

Our Vet recommended we get the Adaptil collar for our dog Max who is anxious much of the time. The collar has worked to keep him calmer. I had thought that maybe it wasn't working until I took the collar off to bath him and forgot to put it back on. Then I realized just how good the collar really worked and got it back on him. I would recommend this product to anyone!

awesome service by Chiara at PCDT from Point Cook, Australia02/14/2013

great as usual, fast order, fast delivery, super reliable

Adaptil Collar by Pat from Hemet, CA09/27/2013

This collar worked real well for us with the dog we got from the local shelter. He is a corgi mix and is terrified of thunder, gun shots or other loud noises. Once we put the collar on him, it made a big difference in keeping him calm during these happening. He still gets nervous, but at least he no longer hyper-ventilates and tries to bury himself inside you. I recommended to a friend and unfortunetly, it didn't have the same results. So each person has to try it themselves to see if it works.

sanity by puppymom07/31/2012

This little collar has been a terrific help in calming our anxious three year old puppy. She is small so we liked the old style, thinner, black collar rather than the new bulky grey collar. But sure have suggested it to many we see. Great idea.

Great! by CricksMum from MSP09/22/2013

With an end of life dog who has accidents in the house I recommend the collars. Our pups noticeably more calm and having fewer accidents inside.

disappointed by ron from greenville sc09/16/2013

didn't work for my 15lb mixed terrier-7 yrs old

Adaptil collar for small dogs by Peanut from Alberta, Canada04/14/2014

We thought the collar was helping a little, she did seem a bit better. But even weariing it, she went into full blown panic attacks last week. It was not enough. We don't really know what has set her off. We have added the Adaptil Diffuser and have been playing classical music which has made more of a difference. However, she still does start to wind up and we also have meds from the Vet and a Thundershirt. So far, we feel the Thundershirt has the best effect.

Calms pet by Ash from Charlotte, NC04/28/2013

Works great. She's instantly calm when I put one on her.

Amazing ! by Potsie from Minnesota06/01/2013

I put this collar on my super hyper rat terrier and she immediately calmed down and slept for 2 days after being beside herself hyper for 2 years. Her barking has decreased, she can now lie calmly next to me. It starts wearing off around 3 weeks on her. I purchase 3 at a time. I will never be without these for her again.


I purchased the DAP collar for my dog on the recommendation of the vet I took her to in a new town where we had recently moved. My dog was having some anxiety about the move and the new place. I tried the collar on her and she was much calmer. Her behavior was much different (better) and I would highly recommend this product.

Great for Anxious Dog by Martha from St. Louis, MO11/07/2012

Our vet behaviorist told us to get this for our anxious/agressive dog and it's been amazing. I would recommend this to anyone.

Awesome Product by LB from Kansas City12/06/2011

I foster dogs and most are VERY stressed when they come to me. I see such a calming change come over them within a day or two after putting on the DAP collar. I like the collars better then the plugins because they are great for stressful travelers. My last foster dog was being sedated by her owners during thunder storms. I did not have to give her any sedation she just a DAP collar.

In the arsenal for my anxious dog by Laura from Crested Butte, CO11/08/2011

I've been using these on my sweet but very nervous and neurotic, fear aggressive rescue dog for about a year, now. I really believe they keep her calmer. After about a month, I can tell her stress is rising and she needs a new collar. For my dog, the DAP collars have not been miraculous by any means (I wish they were) but in combination with amitriptyline and various behavioral modifications, her anxiety is less extreme and easier to handle. Definitely worth a try.

by from 05/27/2014

Great product:

- by 11 from monthWe


Fight Saver by Maryh from St. Louis, MO02/05/2013

Calming collars have helped reduce stress and fighting between 2 young female dogs. Use in combination with the atomizer. I have not had a fight-related vet visit since I started using the collars regularly. The effectiveness seems to last about 30 days sometimes less. I would definitely give them a try if your pet has stress/anxiety issues.

Better Than Drugs by Yo12/25/2013

My 3 dogs get into fights over resources. We ordered the DAP collars to complement behavior modification programs. They seem to improve their ability to deal with stressors and heighten the reactivity threshold. They also work fine regarding thunderstorm anxiety.

Less Tension in the House by alby from Sacramento, CA11/08/2013

The D.A.P. collars have been effective in keeping several of my American Cocker Spaniels calmer. Of the 5 I have, 3 wear the collars always. I believe it makes them feel calmer and it seems to make them respond more quickly when I ask something of them. They are only effective for about 3 weeks for me and I can tell when the period is ending because a couple of the dogs get edgier. I'm so glad I found these. I also use an Adaptil diffuser in my living room where all but one of the dogs spend most of their time.

Calming Miracle by relieved owner08/24/2014

This collar has been saving grace for our rescue dog. We got him two months ago after he was taken from an abusive home where he spent his first year of life. He is a nervous character prone to aggression in uncertain circumstances. The vet tech recommended the product to us.The collar transforms him. I am not kidding. As we neared the end of the 30 days, at days 25 and 26, suddenly he was lurching again and trying to strike. I decided to replace collar and within hours that behavior stopped. In our case, we will replace every 21-24 days rather than 30.

Featured Reviews for NatureCALM 24/7 Canine Calming Pheromone Collar (Upto 28" Neck)
seems to take the edge off by sue from sue07/31/2012

Original collar seemed faulty, but manufacturer did send out a free replacement. Only on day 2, but I think it does make a difference as far as making him easier to calm down with his reactive barking, etc. Time will tell, but so far it does seem to help some.

Not So Good! by Calming Collar from VA11/06/2012

Did not notice any difference in our Lab with, or without, the collar.

it works, it simply works by jane from oshkosh,wi03/31/2012

Our dog Grissom is a rescue, so we aren't certain what causes some of his responses. But wearing this collar really did make a difference. It calms him, even if there is a reaction it is not as strong as it has been in the past. The product is so easy to use, so convenient, and yet subtle. We are ordering more of them today so we can keep this good thing going! It is not a miracle, but it works!

by Sarah from OH02/16/2012

Definitely takes the edge off of my anxiety-ridden pup. Has a faint odor and some powder when first opened but quickly dissipates. My only serious issue is that it now only lasts 30 days although the package in the picture says 60.

So far so good! by Sleepless in St Louis06/22/2011

I couldnt take another sleepless night of thunderstorms. I brought my yorkie to my vet who recommended this collar. Although we havent had any storms since (2 days later), I can see a big difference in her general behavior. She ismuch more relaxed. I wont lie, I do have drugs to give her during the next thunderstorm, but I have a good feeling that this collar was a great place to start. Amazing.

Rescued Border Collie by BS Mom05/13/2011

This didn't do a think for my Border Collie rescue.

Ineffective by nnbo from toronto, on01/26/2014

I put this collar on my Yorkie as a supplement to his Anxitane pills with little or no effect.

Product was old by Hanna09/15/2013

Having used a NatureCALM collar on my dog in the past, I know that they work very well for separation anxiety. Like a typical flea collar, the NatureCALM collar comes out the packaging with a powder like substance that wears off onto the dog over time. Upon receiving this collar and taking it out of its packaging all of the powder like substance (what I'm assuming is the calming pheromone) fell off of the collar in hard clumps. I decided to use the collar anyway, but it obviously did not work since the calming agent was no longer on the collar. Great product but I would suggest purchasing from another source.

Takes the edge off by Anne from Atlanta, GA11/01/2011

Our dog has suffered from anxiety for many years now. We have tried many things. This collar definitely is good at "taking the edge" off. I think this one works better than others we tried and it lasts 2x as long. No collar will completely get rid of all of their anxiety but it definitely helps manage a great deal.

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