Spot Cat Laser Toys

Spot Cat Laser ToysSpotBrites Lasers is the best interactive toy for you and your pet. You won't believe your petís reaction of this super powerful laser beam. It provides hours of entertainment plus great exercise for your pet.Veterinarian approved and recommended. Great exercise for cats, dogs, fish, birds and lizards as they chase the laser beam.

Spot Pet Laser Cat Toy
Spot Pet Laser Cat Toy

($9.99)  $3.99
SpotBrites 2 in 1 Laser/LED Pet Toy Exerciser & Flashlight
SpotBrites 2 in 1 Laser/LED Pet Toy Exerciser & Flashlight

($5.99)  $3.99
SpotBrites 5 Hologram Laser Pet Toy
SpotBrites 5 Hologram Laser Pet Toy

($5.99)  $4.19

Spot Pet Laser Toy is a fun, interactive laser toy for pets.

 Guide the laser pointer in fun patterns and watch your pet chase the dot. Great for all types of animals who love the chase. The laser emitter is approximately 3" tall, and features a convenient key ring and clip.

  • Pet Laser Toy
  • Requires 3 LR44 button batteries (included)
  • To Insert Batteries:
    Unscrew end cap of laser pointer. Place 3 (three) LR44 button batteries inside with negative pole facing in.

    To operate laser:
    Press on/off button to operate laser.

    Laser light. Avoid direct eye exposure. Keep out of reach of small children.

    Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.
    5.00 rating based on 1 review
    Featured Reviews for Spot Pet Laser Cat Toy
    Fun for pet and owner by loves cats09/26/2013

    The toy was cheap enough that IF your cat doesn't like it it's no big deal. Three of my 4 could care less but my new boy just LOVES it - and he needs the exercise. Lots of fun for both cat and me

    Featured Reviews for SpotBrites 2 in 1 Laser/LED Pet Toy Exerciser & Flashlight
    Great toy! by betty890 from St Louis, MO03/31/2014

    Both of my cats enjoy thisI! I recently purchased this item. It was so easy to use. My old laser toy took a lot of pressure to hold the button and get the light to come on. I purchased a 2nd laser toy so both of my cats can play at the same time!

    Good value by cat lady11/30/2013

    Excellent toy. My cat loves it. It gives her good exercise.

    SpotBrites 2 in 1 Laser/LED Pet Toy Exerciser by PrairieBlue01/06/2012

    This is an awesome toy for Sighthounds who hunt by Sight as well as scent...Really gets them going..both my adults and puppies love it not to mentioned the laugh factor for us watching them chase it..great exercise toy!!

    Best cat toy! by Lisa, MI.07/06/2009

    My cats ages range from 2 yrs old to 6 yrs, and they all (4 cats) love this toy SO much! It's their favorite. They jump up walls, chase the laser light all over, even chatter like squirrels if they can't reach it. It's HYSTERICAL to watch them. If they even hear the keychain on it rattle they come running to play. Get one & you'll see-cats love it!

    Excellent product by Jane the cat lady from Bronx, NY11/15/2013

    This is a great exerciser. My cat loves it and it gives her the running and jumping that keeps her in good shape.

    money well spent by Catmandoo from Gastonia ,nc ,usa ,earth , sol, milky way gal.12/05/2012

    hands down, the most cat-enjoyed toy you will ever buy,,, period

    Featured Reviews for SpotBrites 5 Hologram Laser Pet Toy
    better purchase by viper02/09/2013

    these spotbrites laser toys were much better than the petsport lasers I bought, they haven't fallen apart yet, the petsports fell apart the same day I received them.

    I Can't Rate a Product That Never Arrived by KJ01/17/2015

    I would be glad to rate this product, along with the Cat DJ I ordered December 4, 2014, except that neither product has arrived. I haven't been contacted with an ETA on these products, either. I can safely say that I would not recommend ordering products from Entirely Pets, because their service is very poor.

    Awesome! by Cheryl from TX10/28/2010

    My cat seemed to be bored with the traditional single red laser dot. But she went crazy for the hologram shapes this laser toy offers! The butterfly one is her favorite. I'm buying more for other family members with cats. One thing to note: the further away you point the laser, the larger the hologram becomes, of course meaning the closer the hologram is pointed to a surface the smaller the hologram.

    Great exercise by Abby's mom from Kentucky05/16/2014

    Abby loves this toy. It is the second one we have purchased and she really likes to jump and play with it. My husband can spend hours using this and her other favorite toy Da Bird playing with her every night. Great for giving your indoor kitty exercise!

    Happy Cats! by Peggy08/08/2014

    My cats were losing interest in the regular laser light. When I turned on this light using the star shape they went crazy, running after it, jumping up on the walls chasing it like they did when they were kittens. They love it.

    Best Interactive Toy by pawsquad from Santa Cruz Mtns.01/02/2013

    This is the best interactive toy for both your pet and youself. My cats love to chase the laser image all over--the floor, walls, even on themselves. And I must admit, I enjoy watching their antics just as much as they enjoy catching and releasing the images. What is also great is that this product comes with 5 different hologram patterns; so, you can change up what your pet is chasing so they do not get bored as quickly with the same image. My cats' favorite is the butterfly. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone not only for the "fun factor"; but, for the price as well. If you are looking for an inexpensive, easy to store, hours of enjoyment pet toy, this is it!

    great for boredom by mawmawt from Orange,Texas07/27/2012

    Sophie loves this light. She knows when I pick it up she jumps to floor looking for the red dots and she off for the chase. Great for those days when they get bored.

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