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    Works Great With Simply Wild Pet Food Squirrel Dude is the latest addition to the Busy Buddy line. High durability and funky bounce plus the patent pending Treat Meter will provide hours of fun. The cool look of Squirrel Dude makes this a must have for any dog.

    Squirel Dude is a squirrel-shaped dog toy is made of thick and durable rubber. Opening with soft rubber prongs at the bottom of the toy lets you insert kibble to provide your pet with some interactive fun. Twist N' Treat works well when filled with Simply Wild Pet Food.

    Dishwasher safe. Top rack.

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    Squirrel Dude by natalie112 from Blaine, MN02/28/2012

    Super cute and fun to play with. This is a perfect food/treat dispenser for the dog who gobbles up his food. Great for even strong chewers.

    GREAT PRODUCT by srh909502/18/2011

    my dog loves this i would recommend it to anybody who has a dog that chews things up!

    Very Fun!!! by Cheryl02/14/2008

    It just arrived and already I know I have to order another! This is so much better than Kongs, which I loved when they were babies. They just mostly lay down and lick treats out. This one is so much harder to get the treats out that it is more entertaining, for me even. (Also, I can't get the broken cookie parts out of it either!) They work and work at it, then try to ignore it, then bark at it and toss it. It is hilarious, especially, as one of my dogs does not like to play and usually lacks persistence. It's been three hours now and he's back at it, growling at it, even. Now, I need a bigger one for the large dog and wish it were time for gifts, as I'm ready to buy everyone I know one!!!

    It LASTS! :^) by Squirrellymom01/15/2008

    We try so many doggie toys at our house - most of them lose big time. We have managed to keep the kong toys (black or red ones) but I use the kongs every day for treats & they get tiresome, also I have to really pack the kong and put nut butters or freeze them to make the fun last - Squirrel Dude holds our p. newman treats, bits of kibble & other goodies and it is difficult to get them out so they last a long time. My dogs (2) toss them about and mess with them for hours trying to get the last of the goodies to fall out. We have 75 lb Goldendoodles who are master chewers. Squirrel Dude gets an A+ at our house.

    Puppy LOVED This by dpoudrier from Austin, TX04/05/2013

    This was a great little toy to put food in for a rescue pup I had for a week. I work during the day and wanted to give the pup some extra food, but couldn't. Right before I left the house, I could put some food in this and keep the pupper busy for a little while.

    by from 05/29/2012

    We feed our dog twice a day with a Squirrel Dude so she has access to it for about 20 minutes a day and it lasts about two months before the poor Dude loses his head. That may not sound like much but it is about four times longer than the Kong Wobbler lasted and the Dude costs less.

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    Luv squirrel dudes! by Sheltiessavage02/03/2012

    These make Excellent food dishes for dogs! We recommend them to all of our clients :)

    by from 02/03/2012

    The Squirl Dude chew toy is the only toy of the type that will last more than a week or two. The "Gorrila Kong" chew toy is the short lived toy I am talking about. The big black toy gets the top round bitten off in about 4 days.

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    squirrel dude by MIsnowflake05/18/2010

    This is a G-R-E-A-T toy!! The prongs on the bottom opening keep the little treats from falling out. Keeps my pet busy trying to get treats out!! Other brands have huge openings on bottom (and no prongs) and treats easily fall out! Pet doesnt have to 'work' to get anything out of other brands!! Just tip them over and treats spill out. Only bad thing about Squirrel Dude is I can't find it in stores!!

    thank you for a great toy! by shep from Upstate, NY04/15/2013

    I have eight dogs and now have a squirrel dude for each one for their vests when i go to work. My dogs are extent chewers and these hold up! The dogs are very happy with them!

    Great for puppies! by Lorlyn from East Haddam, CT04/30/2012

    This is a great product for my puppies. They can not rip it apart, it is a very solid rubber toy. I would definitely buy this again.

    by from 01/20/2015

    Tough by Eek from MN09/23/2013

    Just as tough as the Kong toys...got it for variety as my labs get one stuffed with frozen peanut butter every day while they are crated.....in front of their 52 inch TV :)

    keeps her busy.. by sammy10/21/2013

    my dog loves this...put treats in side and it is soft enough to give a bit so she continues to try to chew but at the same time tough enough it does not fall apart.... still going strong...

    Very durable by Ruppr from Rockford, IL04/26/2013

    I have a German Shorthaired Pointer pup. She tore the top off a large Kong toy. She has yet to destroy this one. Keeps her busy trying to get the treats. Great for large breeds.

    Great purchase by Dog owner from Michigan04/29/2014

    I bought two of these for our standard Aussie puppy and our mini Aussie. I have tried various treats in them, but I'm still trying to figure out what works best. I fill the hole with peanut butter and freeze them, and they're good for peace and quiet on an early weekend morning. They don't usually get what's inside out. I've only been able to get it out by bouncing them on the floor or soaking them. I have cut the pieces that hold the treats in a little, but it hasn't made a difference. I don't leave these out. After they've worked on them for a while, I put them up for another day. I think I may order a small for the mini to see if he has better luck getting treats out of it. Either way, it occupies them for a while.

    Dixie's favourite toy! by Owned by Dixie from New York, NY03/13/2013

    We all love these squirrels! When Dixie needs some extra playtime, I stick some treats in squirrel and she will literally bounce it around the house for about an hour!! If you put soft treats in, they come out but don't make crumbs all over your floors like biscuit treats can. She's a hard chewer but hasn't got into one of these yet, she prefers to just bounce them. I did get her a small one once and she did bite the head, so get the right size for your doggie.

    by Lori01/02/2012

    My dogs really like the "squirrel dude"....I put cat food in it for them and it takes them awhile to get it out!

    Squirrel dude broke first use by Dayk9s from Raleigh NC11/16/2011

    My dog usually uses the black kongs. However, the squirrel dude was recommended to me as one of the top four rubber chew toys for dogs (along with the regular kong). My dog was able to tear it (break the rubber near the larger hole) the first time he used it. This toy is not very durable.

    by Watson's mom12/08/2012

    Similar to a Kong. Cuter. We always end up with stuff stuck in these types of things. Good for chewing.

    Squirrel Dude is a huge hit by scout729 from Los Alamos, NM01/21/2010

    Squirrel Dude is a huge hit - with my cat! It didn't take him long to figure out how it works and it gives him hours of entertainment.

    Love this! by Teachingmom01/14/2013

    This is a great toy. My 85 pound chocolate lab absolutuly loves it and cannot destroy it. :)

    My dogs favorite toy! by Aries from Massachusetts10/10/2011

    My black lab loves this toy! It's tough enough to handle his chewing.

    Not so good by Dale Hollow Dave from Dale Hollow Lake TN01/16/2013

    I wish they would tell you the product is made in China in the description. My girl would rather play with her kong. This product has a strong rubber smell that still hasen't gone away after a month.

    Excellent Product by Eduardo Navarro11/02/2008

    I bought 2 squirrel dude, one for my mallinois who is a strong bitter, and it worked excellent better than a kong.

    finally by mamanay from Dallas, Texas05/08/2013

    Best buy of the bunch. Tough and the girls love them.

    Awesome Toy by Greg W.07/17/2009

    Bought this at Pabby's Pet Pantry a few months back...it has been awesome! We have a Golden Retriever and he loves to chew, chew, chew. We give this to him after placing a few smaller treats in the inside...he rolls on his side and back holding the toy to get treats out of it. He will pick it up and bring it to us. It's very simliar to a "Kong" toy, but the big (or should I say little) difference is that at the bottom of the toy, there are a few "teeth" that hold the treats inside the toy. The treats won't just drop out of the bottom...the dog has to earn it. I'm thrilled with this toy and it has endured the scrutiny of my Golden. Excellent product, I would buy it again.

    The Best by RaeDawg from Oaktown, CA07/17/2014

    Our GSD who is a big chewer goes through one of these every two or three months, but that is much longer than any of the alternatives. For a big chewer we have not found anything better.

    Puppy Loves by Salvo's Mother from Virginia06/11/2013

    My lab puppy of 10 weeks loves this toy. When you lightly toss the Squirrel Dude it bounces every which way just like a puppy does. He gets really excited when I use it at play time.

    Great Treat Ball by orion1038001/04/2012

    Have used a lot of different treat balls and this by far is the best. I like the 4 prongs which make it more difficult but can cut if you need to make it easier. My dogs were able to chew up other treat balls very easily but have never chewed these up. I do have to replace them every 3-6 months though because the prongs do eventually fall out. My dogs usually use them twice a day so I figured replacing them every so often is not that bad. We have used them for several years now and will continue to use them.


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