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Pet Patio Opening & Rise Panel Set - SMALL Door
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Pet Patio Opening & Rise Panel Set - SMALL Door

Item: 2001-WH-SM
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This item is currently on MANUFACTURE BACKORDER. Please Call 1 (800) 889-8967 For Availability

Pet 1 Patio Doors is the perfect solution for allowing your pets to venture in and out of your home on their own.

Standard Pet 1 Patio Door fits nearly 90% of all patio doors manufactured. Unlike any other patio pet door in the market, ours requires NO TOOLS and NO CUSTOMIZATION. Our innovative features, which are all patent-pending, make the Pet 1 Patio Door the closest thing to a “one-size-fits-all.

The Standard will fit any patio door between 76”-84” tall. With an extended range of over 8 inches, there’s no more guess work and you never have to wait for a door to be custom fabricated for you ever again.

Crafted and constructed with high-grade aluminum and dual-pane tempered safety glass, our patio pet door is a DIY project anyone will love. If you care about quality and how your home looks, we urge you to compare our product side-by-side with any other patio pet door available, including those that are custom-fabricated.

Measuring Chart
Prior to purchasing your patio pet door, you must determine the height of your sliding door track. Measure from the highest point on the lower track to the lowest point of the upper track as seen in this diagram.

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