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Sticky PawsSticky Paws' products provide the most cost effective solutions to cat scratching behavior and inappropriate elimination problems. Opposed to declawing, the developers of Sticky Paws® strips are committed to animal welfare and proudly donate a portion of all proceeds to a variety of humane causes.

Sticky Paws Furniture Strips
Sticky Paws Furniture Strips

($14.95)  $9.99
Sticky Paws XL Sheets
Sticky Paws XL Sheets

($19.99)  $13.99
Sticky Paws Furniture Strips are 2” X 12” transparent adhesive strips that apply directly to fabric to stop cats from destroying home furnishings. Formulated with Fe-Lines own proprietary odor-free medical-grade adhesive, Sticky Paws Furniture Strips won’t harm cats or fabrics, won’t leave a sticky residue.

  • 24 strips per package
  • Stop cats from destroying furniture
  • Deters inappropriate elimination
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Use on countertops, stereos speakers drapes, carpets, anywhere you don't want your kitty to be.
  • 4.33 rating based on 3 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Sticky Paws Furniture Strips
    Sticky Paws ?????? by Stealthwalker12/09/2012

    This product worked once. after the first time the cats now know where the tape is and walk around it. The product also gives off a scent that the cats are picking up, which makes them stay away. We were trying to use this product to keep our young cat from scratching the carpet. This product, at least for us, does not work.

    by pepperkitty from NH10/11/2011

    I am trying to use it on carpeted steps that the kitty likes to scratch on. I've used packing tape and other tape and they all catch on shoes and socks. If I remove the backing to show the sticky side, then it sticks to everything. It lasts a little longer than tape if i leave the paper on, but this still isn't enough for my purposes. Any other suggestions? I suppose though that this would be great on furniture that people don't bump into.

    Better than the roll by Desert Lover from Scottsdale, AZ09/03/2013

    I like the sticky strips better than the roll, they are very easy to apply and there is no danger of accidentally damaging your furniture with the teeth of the roll cutter (yes, I have done that, got too close). And the price is better because of the absence of the cutter.

    by Montclair Grandma11/11/2012

    These strips of sticky paws tape really do prevent the cats from clawing furniture. The transparent tape applies easily and stays put. It is not too visible on the furniture and I recommend this to anyone with household cats. It will save your furniture.

    Featured Reviews for Sticky Paws XL Sheets
    Life Saver by lasloo from Minneapolis, MN01/30/2012

    My cat is too old to declaw and he was ruining my new couch so this is fantastic

    sticky paws by funluvin from florida05/24/2013

    great product..pretty much sloved the problem with kitty scratching on couch..

    These work for more than carpet! by Bethie T from Ontario, Canada07/25/2014

    Our undeclawed cats had a habit of jumping up onto a long room divider and into the living room, where they wreaked havoc with the furniture. Instead of putting Sticky Paws on the furniture, we cut them in half and placed them all along the room divider. That's the last we have seen of kitties in the living room! My only reservation is the cost and the short period of time recommended for replacement. I'm hoping that the aversion therapy will be permanent, and I won't need to buy more!

    Love this product. by LP04/12/2013

    The larger sheets are really helpful in covering larger areas on couches and chairs. They do not leave any residue on fabric and can easily be removed and replaced as needed. My cats do not scratch anywhere I have these!

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