• Stoplik Lick Deterrent Aid Orange Wide 12v (3

    Stoplik Lick Deterrent Aid Orange Wide 12v (3"x12")

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    StopLik Deterrent Aid is a unique, immediate, simple, effective and safe means of discouraging a pet from the licking that causes lick granuloma or aggravates a wound, delaying healing. StopLik stops the habitual licking that can cause open sores. It also discourages pets from removing bandages during healing, allowing the open sores to be more successfully treated.

    StopLik wraps around a bandaged leg or torso to protect the bandage and wound, and delivers a mild electric stimulus to the tongue when the pet licks it.



    Usage Information

    StopLik is designed to be applied over the top of a bandage. A cohesive flex wrap type bandage or breathable veterinary tape is recommended.

    At application, be sure the StopLik strip completely covers the bandage to prevent the pet from loosening or removing it. Do not apply StopLik directly to animal or wound site.

    To activate StopLik: Remove brown paper backing from the front of the strip on the battery end.
    Fold end over, so the B symbol is placed onto the top of the battery. The target holes should line up to each other. Press material firmly onto and around the battery to ensure activation.

    For leg applications:
    Remove the white paper backing material from the StopLik.
    Apply StopLik over the bandage starting with the battery end, wrapping around the bandage and back over itself, just past the battery, allowing a 1-inch overlap. Trim off excess material with scissors so the breathe holes are not sealed off.

    For other applications:
    For other than leg applications, fold battery end back onto the adhesive on the backside of StopLik. Now StopLik is ready to be applied to the bandage area.
    StopLik can be trimmed to length from the opposite end of the batteries.

    StopLik can be applied to discourage pets from removing IVs, urinary catheters, Seton drains or pulling at bandaged abdominal surgical sites.

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    by Unhappy01/05/2012

    The stop lick bandage works but the battery life is only 3 days. I tried it three times - never got more than 3 days use. Too expensive to be practical at that price for 3 days.

    by from 11/21/2011

    I wish this product would have worked for the lick granuloma. My dog started to have labored breathing, then eventually began to lick his other paw.

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    Stoplik strips by Kris from Maine11/10/2013

    At first worked great..but apparently my 110lb. Weimeraner (looks more like a great dane),,became immune to shock factor. First strip 4 days.2nd 3days..and then 4th & 5th time not even 24hrs..:(. So frustrated.. Nothing seems to help his likgranuloma..any ideas or information would help a lot. Might work on dogs with less hyper activity..thank you. So optimistic and worked well for the short term.

    by from 06/23/2012

    After catheters were removed in December, a wound developed that Bruce wouldn't stop licking. He lived in a cone for months (very inconvenient for all of us) and pulled off a number of different wraps/bandages. Every time the wound healed I would trust him and he would get at it again!

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    Dog shredded them after two days by Roxy from Ontario, Canada05/02/2014

    Won't buy again.. they do work but only for about two days... bought four of them and they are quite expensive for that kind of time frame. Trying to prevent paw licking.

    StopLik Wraps by Dukie from Western Colorado10/28/2011

    They are the best. No more cone of shame for our dog. If you have a licker and can't get him to stop you have to try one of these. We have been fighting this problem for years now and with just 2 wraps Duke has decided licking is not the best thing to do. I can't say enough good things. Thank you for helping us break the habit.

    Lifesaver by Barney from Newport, TN04/27/2014

    Our dog Barney had surgery on his paw and had to wear the Elizabethan collar for months but since we ordered the Stoplik, he has been cone free!!! This has been a lifesaver and peace of my mind that our dog doesn't have to suffer the cone when he wears the Stoplik. Wish we had ordered sooner!!!


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    Stoplik Lick Deterrent Aid Purple Narrow 12v (1.62"x12")Stoplik Lick Deterrent Aid Purple Narrow 12v (1.62"x12")
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