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The Pet Days Of Summer

Every summer we are reminded to take care of ourselves as well as our pets. Itís a time for both you and your pet to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors, but along with the fun, the season also offers situations that can endanger your pet. Start thinking now about ways to help your pets stay calm and safe during the summer months.

Summertime isnít always a vacation for some pets. In fact, many traditional summer activities can stress pets, such as:

  • Fierce weather, including thunderstorms and hailstorms
  • Loud holiday activities, particularly fireworks
  • Family travel, which may involve long car trips and big family get-togethers, or perhaps kenneling or boarding for the pet
  • School vacations, which means more activity in the house every day and most likely a change in your petís daily routine.
  • Household moves, which peak during the summer months

In addition, companion animals can be stressed by a variety of normally routine events, such as vet visits, shows and grooming; or by unique events such as adding a pet to the household, the birth of a baby in their human family, or giving birth themselves. And of course, some pets suffer daily from separation anxiety or are simply easily agitated.

No matter what the source of the trouble, make sure you have plenty of anxiety-relief products on hand to help your pets stay calm and safe this summer.

Traveling Tips:

  • Make sure your pet has plenty of water.
  • Keep your pets in shaded, well-ventilated areas away from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid walking your pet on hot pavement or blacktop surfaces.
  • First Aid Kit
  • Have identification on your pet at all times with a phone number and area code in case your pet decides to take a vacation of its own.

Summer Product List:


HomeoPet AnxietyAnxiety (Original) - Homeopet

Promotes a sense of calm in pets exhibiting fear, fretting, anxious or unwanted behavior caused by veterinarian/grooming visits, separation from familiar surroundings, boarding, kenneling, relocation. Also helpful for feather plucking in birds. Will not change a personality or stop puppies form chewing or cure aggressive behavior. This remedy has been used successfully by behaviorists to calm pets before working with them.


HomeoPet TFLN AnxietyAnxiety TFLN - Homeopet

Promotes a sense of calm in pets exhibiting fear, fretting, anxious or unwanted behavior caused by thunderstorms, fireworks, loud noises, windstorms, sirens and gun shots.


Modipher EQ MISTModipher EQ MIST - VPL

Modipher mimics the natural calming pheromone mares secrete that soothes and reassures their nursing foals with E.A.P.ô (Equine Appeasing Pheromone). It is inhaled as a mist and has been proven to reduce fear-based anxiety in a variety of situations such as tailoring, training, new environments, shoeing, clipping and separation anxiety.


Composure LiquidComposure Liquid - Vetri-Science

Composure is a calming support supplement, recommended for cats and dogs that are exposed to increased environmental stressors. Designed to normalize nervousness, hyperactivity, anxiety and environmentally induced stresses without affecting the animalís emotional balance and personality. Itís an advanced formula that contains a combination of factors, not found in other calming formulas, which help to reduce behavioral problems associated with stressful situations. It can be used daily or just when extra help to relax is needed.


D.A.P. Dog Appeasing Pheromone Electric DiffuserD.A.P. Dog Appeasing Pheromone Diffuser and Spray - VPL

The appeasing pheromone in dogs enhances attachment and provides reassurance and comfort. The D.A.P. Diffuser and D.A.P. Spray provide an effective way to control and manage unwanted canine behavior associated with fear and stress. Helps dogs cope with phobias (fireworks, thunderstorms), separation anxiety, visitors, strangers, veterinarian visits, and unusual or unpredictable situations. Helps establish a puppy in a new environment.


Feliway (75mL) SprayFeliway Pheromone Diffuser and Spray - VPL

Feliway is a synthetic analogue of the feline facial pheromone that reproduces the familiarization properties normally produced by a cat when it deposits its own facial pheromones in the environment. The diffuser is ideal for use with behavioral problems such as marking, scratching, loss of appetite and avoidance of social contact. It aids in calming cats during travel or hospitalization, when moving to a new home, or when introducing a new cat into a multi-cat household. Pheromone Spray calms cats in stressful situations such as transport, hospitalization and during adjustment to new environments, new pets and new people.


HomeoPet Travel AnxietyTravel Anxiety - Homeopet

Remedy to assist in reducing the following symptoms caused by travel: Fear, panting, hyperactivity in car or other mode of transport, vomiting, bowl movements, drooling or any unwanted behavior associated with a trip.


ProQuietProQuiet - Animal Health Options

ProQuiet is a safe and gentle L-Tryptophan formula that is helpful for maintaining a healthy nervous system and mental attitude. It has been tested and is a safe and effective for a use as directed. ProQuiet is safe enough to use daily or can be used as needed in stressful situations.


Premier Gentle Leader Calming CapPremier Gentle Leader Calming Cap - Premier

The Gentle Leaderģ Calming CapTM is a new behavior management aid that is designed to lessen a dog's anxiety or aggression in high-stress situations. The Cap was developed originally to ease hyperactivity in a dog that became agitated while traveling in a car. Since then, pet owners and professionals across the pet industry have used the Cap to quiet and calm anxious or excitable dogs.


Quiet MomentsQuiet Moments - NaturVet

Quiet Moments offers support to your pet during periods of anxiety, nervousness, tension or stress such as traveling, grooming, thunderstorms, 4th of July, or trips to the veterinarian. Contains all natural active ingredients.


DogGone Songs Soothe the Animal Spirit CDDogGone Songs Soothe the Animal Spirit CD - DogGone Songs

Music featuring the Schoenberger Effect - Award-winning Piano Melodies, composed especially for you and your loving pet. Introducing 37 Original Piano pieces/tracks. Each soft, pleasant melody contains special musical elements that will captivate and calm the animal spirit. Reducing the anxieties your pet experiences while traveling in a car. Lessening the stress of being away from the familiar comforts of home. Calming your pet during times of frightening, loud and unusual noises. Stimulating your dog's brain and senses through audio enrichment.

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