Beat The Heat

Protect your pet from the summer sun and heat. Your pet may not dissipate heat as well as humans. Dogs and cats are susceptible to sunburn, especially recently shaved dogs or cats, or pets with thin hair. Doggles Goggles protect your dogs eyes from foreign objects, wind and UV light. Doggles Pet Sunscreen is also available for your dog.

When you are on the road this summer, the car can be a dangerous place for a dog or cat, even if it is out of the direct sun. Bamboo White Hot Safety Shade alert reveals the word 'HOT' when your car interior is too hot for your pet. The vinyl shade also blocks the sun glare and harmful UV rays. In addition to beating the heat, exercise should be avoided, and plenty of fresh cold water should be available for your pet at all times.

Outdoor Threats

When your pet is outside this summer, be sure to keep your pet safe with a leash. Using a leash may avoid an unfortunate confrontation with another animal that may harm your pet. Flexi Retractable Leashes gives your dog the feeling of freedom and movement it needs outside, and the Flexi one-hand braking system helps you restrain your dog. It also prevents you from losing your pet.

In addition to a leash, collars and ID tags will aid in the prevention of a lost pet. High Quality Nylon Adjustable Collars For Dogs lasts for years, while Nylon Breakaway Cat Collars feature plastic quick-release buckles that keep cats safe if the collar becomes snagged.


Insects pose another threat to your pet during the summertime. Ticks and Fleas are out in full force. Visit the Flea & Tick Center for a variety of effective and safe flea and tick medications.

Not only are fleas and ticks a nuisance, flies and mosquitoes are more numerous during warm weather months. If your pet has any sort of abrasion, a fly may try to lay its eggs there, which may lead to a maggot infestation. To avoid biting flies, VIP Fly Repellent Ointment will repel flies and mosquitoes for dogs and cats, and kill ticks on ears and between toes. Mosquito Halt For Dogs is also available to repel and kill a wide variety of insects, and also provide aloe, lanolin, and PABA sunscreen.

Digestive Upsets

Table scraps and garbage that remain after summer parties are a huge invitation to your pet to chow down. Unfortunately, your pet may ingest mold from compost that may cause severe damage to the nervous system. In addition, offering your table scraps may do more harm than good to your pet. Food poisoning and Upset stomachs may arise and lead to vomiting or diarrhea. Dogs lack the enzyme to digest most dairy products, while meat like hamburgers or fried chicken may inflame the pancreas, leading to anorexia, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Your pet may also accidently digest the charcoal from your barbecue or lighter fluid which will irritate your pet's stomachs. To relieve vomiting or diarrhea, HomeoPet Digestive Upset will get the job done.

To eliminate the temptation of eating the wrong foods, there are a wide variety of toys and treats to distract your pet. Check out our Toys & Treats section.


If you decide to keep your pet around during your parties, or take your pet with you on that annual road-trip, your pet may exhibit some behavioral problems. In addition, leaving your pet alone at home while you go on vacation may produce anxiety problems in your pet. To calm your pet during a stressful situation, Tranquil-Tabs , or HomeoPet Anxiety will keep your pet calm and content.

While out on the road, treats will also keep your pet happy. Joint Treats come in a travel-friendly container and provide the prevention on arthritis in dogs, while posing as a delicious treat.

For more summer pet products, visit our Cooling Pet Guide.