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Know These 5 Summer Pet Care Tips

Who else is ready for a summer of fun? We know we are! Learn how to keep your pet happy and healthy during the hot weather with these 5 tips. Whether you are out at the beach or relaxing in the backyard, there are always precautions we must take as pet parents to keep pets safe during summer.

1. Keep Your Pet Cool And Hydrated
Are you and your pet prepared to take on the heat? Summer may be a season of fun, but it is also known for being hot hot hot! Keeping your pet cool and hydrated during the summer months is essential to keeping your pet both healthy and happy!

What are the best things you can do to keep your pet comfortable when the weather gets warm? To start, make sure your pet always has access to lots of water. This means in the yard, house, and out on any trips or travel. Portable water bottles are great for this! Cooling bandanas and beds are another excellent option to make sure your pet is comfortable. Many dogs love having their own pool too! Kid-safe pools offer a fun way for your pet to cool off. If fido is sporting a long shaggy coat, consider getting him a snazzy new short cut so staying cool is easier!

2. Control Fleas and Ticks
Flea and tick season is in full swing! As your pet romps around outside on your summer adventures, make sure he is protected against pests! There are numerous flea and tick prevention products that will keep your pet flea free. From chewables to collars there is an option for you and your pet. Check out our excellent selection of flea and tick products to find the perfect match. Looking for ways to get fleas off of your dog? Check out this guide for removing Fleas and Ticks From Your Pet.

3. Be Careful With Your Dog In Water
Does your dog love to splash around in the water during summer? We know ours do! No matter what type of dog you have, be sure that your pet is always supervised and safe in the water. If you have a pool, know the Pet Safety Pool Tips. If you take your pet to the ocean or a river, be sure to stay close by in case of a current or wave. The last thing you want on your summer picnic is to watch fido be washed out to sea. Small dogs may benefit from a pet life vest too!

4. Know The Dangers Of Leaving Pets In Hot Cars
Hundreds of pet owners leave their pets in hot cars during summer and hundreds of pets lose their lives from overheating. Keep your pet safe in summer by not leaving them in the car, ever. When a dog is left in a hot car the temperature rises unbelievably fast, leaving your pet defenseless against the heat. If you know your pet cannot come into the store, he is safer at home.

5. Have Fun But Be Prepared To Beat The Heat!
And finally, have fun! Summer is a great time to get outside and get active with your pet. Whether you decide to go on a hike with your dog, lounge around in the hammock with your cat, or hit the trail with your horse - summer is the time to get out and have some fun! Always keep in mind that hot weather should mean more water breaks for both you and your pet! Have a happy summer!

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