• Tape Worm Tabs for Cats (3 tablets)

Tape Worm Tabs for Cats (3 tablets)

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This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying Tapeworm Dewormer for Dogs (5 Tablets)

Tapeworm Tablets - Praziquantel for Cats

Tape Worm Tabs® (praziquantel) from Pro Labs is a powerful tapeworm killer for cats. These tablets are effective against common tapeworms, including Taenia taeniaeformis and Dipylidium caninum.

Tapeworms are one of the most common parasites seen in cats and kittens, and Tape Worm Tabs helps to eliminate them quickly. Tapeworms can come from any number of sources, from flea (who often carry tapeworm eggs) to cats eating rodents that are infected with tapeworm larvae. Fortunately, no matter what the source, Tape Worm Tabs works to quickly erradicate them.

Tape Worm Tabs contains praziquantel, a powerful anthelmintic that is effective against tapeworms and flatworms. Tape Worm Tabs is the only FDA approved praziquantel for over the counter use, with no prescription required!

Tape Worm Tabs are easy to use, just feed the tablets to your cat orally as directed based on the size of your cat or kitten. Once the tablets take effect, any tapeworms in your cat's digestive system will be dislodged and be released with your cat's feces, typically on the surface of the stool.

Provide your cat with quick tapeworm relief today with Tape Worm Tabs®!

Tape worm cycle

Tape Worm Tabs® (praziquantel) is FDA approved product.


Usage Info

Tape Worm Tabs® (praziquantel) tapeworm tablets is 100% safe and effective in removing the common tapeworms, Dipylidium caninum and Taenia taeniaeformis from cats and kittens.

Simple to Use

Tablets sized for easy oral administration. May be given directly in the mouth, or crumbled and mixed with a small amount of the animal’s usual food portion. All of the tablet(s) must be eaten to remove all tapeworms.

Dosage and Administration
Administer to cats and kittens only as follows:
Body Weight Dose
4 pounds and under 1/2 Tablet
5-11 pounds 1 Tablet
Over 11 pounds 1 1/2 Tablet

NOTE: Not intended for use in kittens less than 6 weeks of age.
*Not for human consumption.




Praziquantel is used to treat infestations of schistosoma (a type of worm that lives in the bloodstream) and liver fluke (a type of worm that lives in or near the liver). Praziquantel is in a class of medications called anthelmintics. It works by killing the worms.


Praziquantel works by damaging the parasite's skin internally so the parasite disintegrates and is removed by the pet's immune system.

Main Purpose

Remove the common tapeworms, Dipylidium caninum and Taenia taeniaeformis, from cats and kittens.

Active Ingredients Amount
Praziquantel 23 mg

To prevent harm to you and your pet, read the entire label and enclosed directions before each use. Follow all directions and precautionary statements carefully. Avoid contact with eyes, and wash your hands thoroughly after each use.


It’s important to remove all fleas on your pet because your pet can get tapeworms from swallowing tapeworm egg carrying fleas. Steps should be taken to control fleas on the premises in order to prevent reinfection. Otherwise, retreatment will be necessary. This is especially true in cases of tapeworms transmitted by fleas (Dipylidium caninum) where reinfection is almost certain to occur if fleas are not removed from the animal and its environment.

Tape Worm Tabs for Cats 3-PACK (9 tablets)Tape Worm Tabs for Cats 3-PACK (9 tablets)Reg price: $83.99
Sale price: $63.99
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Customer Reviews

DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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Tape Worm Treatment by Linzador from Leesburg, FL11/07/2011

This site had the best price for the medication. The local pet stores wanted over $20 for the exact same bottle -- only three tablets. Glad I ordered it from here b/c we ended up wasting two of them. By our cat's reaction, these things must taste terrible. I broke the first tablet up into quarters, put one piece in his mouth and tried to hold his muzzle closed until he swallowed. Well that didn't work. He started salivating heavily, gurgling and writhing around like he was dying. The next one I broke up into tiny pieces again and tried to hide it in a can of wet food. He refused to touch it. Wish I had thought of this the first time. On the final tablet, I crushed it up and folded it into peanut butter and mixed the peanut butter up into his dry food. Took a few days, but he finally ate the majority of it. Haven't seen any signs of tapeworms since, so I'm assuming it did the trick.

tape worm tabs for cats by femaleingeorgia05/23/2013

Works great! Had tape worms in all my cats from one exposure to fleas from outside dogs. Wormed one time and have seen no more problems.

by from 03/15/2013

I have to say, I love your site, not only that it is affordable but very quick delivery. I am on disability and I have feral cats outside. People just dump them off and then kittens after kittens. I got the worm meds because when I bring them in and gain their trust I want them healthy. I have spend many hours and time gaining trust of these cats and not an easy task but I refuse to give up because they deserve a chance at a good life and loving home. It is nice to be able to get things for pets and afford them. This is one of the many cats I have gained their trust and found a forever home for her. It is very challenging and not cheap. As I am on disability but for me they come first. They didn't ask for this life. I want to try and do good for them, no one else is going too. Sure I could send them to a shelter but the chances of them getting adopted aren't well if they are friendly. So I spend the time and effort. Give them what they need and find them a forever home. Thank you for giving us an affordable site so I am able to continue helping these babies.

Best Purchase and cost efficient by Kristine64 from Nashville, TnSincerely,


Worth the Wait by Saturday Child10/20/2011

Tape Worm Tabs for Cats solved my cats tapeworm issue with on tablet.

Not big enough dose for larger cat by thurt from St. Clair Shores MI01/08/2013

I have a 23 pound cat and the dose was not sufficient to effectively deworm him.

Worked great by Wapito11/24/2012

We had to treat our cat and this product was an effective over treatment

Best Choice by Jules02/28/2013

This is my most favorite site for all my pet needs, not only is it the least expensive but I do not get tons of email just because I use thier site. The medication works great and the cats are health and happy.

Still Havent Received Product by mouser10/07/2013

I received confirmation for my order on 9/9/13 and still have not received the product.

Worms come from Fleas by lightworld04/30/2013

did you know that? my cat had never had worms but suddenly, there they were. I used this product once and worms were all gone. I bought another one just in case it ever happens again. We crushed the pills and injected them into poor kitty's mouth but if your cat eats people food you could probably do it that way....

Easy and Effective by Thumpersma from Long Branch, NJ01/16/2015

I used this on the cats in the feral colony I care for. The cats ate it with no problem when I cut the pill into quarters and mixed it with their food. The worms disappeared in one dose.

by mermaid from FL.05/09/2013

This product did the job. No worms any more.

Excellent by Sassy07/27/2012

The tape worm tapes were excellent, My 15 year old cat ate it right up in a little tuna, the other cat was a little harder, only got a half, but that took the worms away in a day. And if needed will regive in 2 weeks. But so far so good!! Shipment was very fast. Virgo and tinkerbell were very happy with the results as we all thank you.I would highly recommend it. Thanks again :)

Great Stuff! by 4 Cat Owner from Montreal, QC, Canada10/23/2012

Worked first treatment on a pretty bad case of tape worms in 4 cats. Gave each one and a half pills so 2 bottles was enough. Some reviews say that it is hard to administer - not really so if you've ever had to give a cat pills before. About the size of a large aspirin and the texture of one too. No ill effects on the cat except for some soft stool (no diarrhea or drool or anything else the label warns about). Highly recommended and a GREAT price on this website. Fast shipping too (even to Canada).

terrible directions by wkgonit from Maryland12/01/2011

Considering this is a medication, the directions are atrocious. It sorta kinda maybe suggests repeating another worming in a month, but it's so unclear I'm not sure if I really read it or if it's implied.

best price by chipat01/13/2012

I've used these before and they work, but this is the best price I've seen.

Great Product, Poor Directions by Dee02/26/2013

My cat reacted very well with this medication, and it seems that it has done the job. I used the feline greenies pill pockets to dose her but she refused to eat them so I had to pop them in her mouth a half tab at a time. She swallowed the tabs easily. I gave her one whole tab. I read the directions 20 times trying to find if a repeat dose would be needed and when, how much exactly she should have, ect. I didn't see any overdose warnings either. The directions were basic and rather unclear. Either way it was effective and I will purchase again!

Great Stuff!!? by Katherine "Kathy" Wales from San Diego, CA07/29/2012

I brought this. This is a great stuff, my 8 cats had tape worms i buy Tape Worms Tab For Cats. I broke the pills for my 4 kittens and 4 kittens had the whole pills. They ate it from food and no problems but my Bombay AND Ragamuffin didn't like it soo I Shove it down their throat. After 2-3 Days All cats are normal again! Were no side effects and tapeworms- free!?

by from 05/29/2013

by from 04/23/2013

I shopped around for this product online, and this was the best price I found anywhere.

product, by which from IIn


Best price online by ChezPoulet from Willamette Valley, OregonThank


by from 07/14/2009

I read all the other reviews before ordering the tabs. I thought it was too good to be true that everyone else gave them 5 stars. But within 8 hours after administering the tab to my cat, there were no more fresh pieces of worm near his favorite sleeping spots or around his haunches, tail and anus.

my by kitty from is24


It Worked!!! by Tracye04/24/2009

I noticed the worm pieces in the fur on Allie's rear and ordered this product hoping for the best. It arrived promptly and I gave the pill to Allie the next morning. She had several of the worm pieces by that time. By evening all of the worm pieces were gone and I've not seen one since. Allie feels fine and has had no noticeable side effects. The product worked great and I will purchase it again as needed.

Works like a charm! by tn from Oakland CA07/02/2013

It was "eewwww" when I discovered sesame-like seeds in my cat's bedding (tapeworm segments). She had also been losing hair on parts of her legs and scratched herself frequently. I had left her with my mother for 6 months, and it went unnoticed. Once I got her back, I thought, "parasites." One pill of this medication got rid of the tapeworms! and now months later, her fur has returned to normal. I keep a couple tablets around in case of a recurrence.

works fine! by Hannah B01/19/2009

Our cat is getting up in years and was lookin sluggish and sort of sick. We noticed about 3 days after he had been looking like this that his poo was filled with tapeworms. We immediately started looking at dewormers and found this! We were very sattisfied with it and I'm pretty sure "Puffball" was too...he was back to his normal lazy self in about 36-42 hours!

works great by marc04/26/2012

The tape worm tabs worked great even though he wouldn't eat his food with the medicine in it.I just waited until he was sleeping,woke him up and when he yawned, I popped the pill in the back of his mouth and he swallowed it.....genious............

WOW! Great stuff! by Shannon W.11/29/2008

We ordered this stuff when we discovered our new kitten was leaving those little rice-looking worm remnants behind where ever she slept at. She was loaded with them. So we immediately ordered this even though we were skeptical. You hear bad things about OTC products, but this is FAR superior to any I've tried before. We crushed the tablet 1/2 into powder and mixed in a spoonful of canned food. Our kitten ate most of it, not even all of it and within 24 hours the worms disappeared. I will keep these on hand since I have 5 cats total and always use them when needed. I also was happy they did not make her sick or lethargic like some meds do.

Healthy Cats On A Budget by Tag from Saint Petersburg. Florida05/05/2012

We were trying to save two litters of feral cats and ended up with with eight we could not get adopted. Three wild feral outside (mothers and boyfriend) and five (of the original 12 kittens) indoor cats, all boys. As you imagine eight cats are costly to maintain. And they do get tape worms. The answer is "Tape Worm Tabs for Cats" I can treat them at home as our great vet is still over $100.00 visit. EntirelyPets save us a fortune as the tape worm pills are still half price we pay in our local pet store. With 8 cats we need all the help we can get.

Very satisfied by Mary07/05/2008

This product really works. Our cat was very skinny and we noticed a tape worm by his bum area. So we treated him with this pill and he was back to normal weight within a week!!!

Recommended by librababe from Sanford, Fl07/15/2014

The product is great however the company is even better. I've ordered from many online companies and this is by far the best. Shipping is fast, the prices are great and product is what you expect.

excellent by joshua05/13/2008

my cat was back to his normal self in 1 day

Tapeworms No More! by Ladynightmare from Tarpon Springs, Fl.11/02/2011

If you have ever been plagued with tapeworms...or I should say, your pet..Not you, then I recommended using Tape Worm Tabs. It works immediately to kill the existing Tape worm. Repeat dosages are also recommended because of hatching larvae. That being said, I wish I knew how soon to give a repeat dosage, because the directions are less than comprehensive.

sick cat restored by Linda Smithh02/17/2008

Good price, fast results gave us our happy cat back!

shipping by wp11/09/2012

While the product was a great product , i only know cause i purchased it elsewhere, the shipping i paid for was 2-3 days yet i didn't receive it for 6 so i returned the pills.

Excellent Product by Happy Cat Owner 20410/23/2012

I have multiple cats. I noticed one had worms, and decided to treat them all. Why pay outrageous vet bills, and help send the vet's kids through college? The money I saved using Tape Worm Tabs can be spent on a new cat condo for my feline friends! I saved over $70 treating them myself from home. That's not even including the price of an exam! Also, the cats didn't have to endure an unnecessary trip to the vet. The cats look and feel better. I highly recommend this product.

Tapeworm tabs by Izzys1mom from Springville NY11/27/2012

I am so happy that these are now OTC. We have a feral cat that we have tamed. He is allowed in our house if he wants to come in. The poor boy had tapeworms and since he comes and goes, it is very hard to make an appt. for him to see the vet. I broke one tablet in half and hid both parts in mushy food. He ate the whole tablet and the tapeworms were gone within 24 hours! I highly recommend this product if your cat will eat tablets.

always use this by lindylou09/25/2013

Rather than use the flea killing products consistently on my cats, I try to keep the fleas at bay naturally. Unfortunately, that is not 100%. But I think it is less stress on their livers, if they do get the tapeworms to give them the tapeworm medicine. I read an article that says the flea treatments are much harder on their livers. I had a veterinarian tell me, I could go either route. Use the flea treatments or the tapeworm pills.

YAY!!! by Steffo from Miami Beach06/15/2013

Tape Worm Tabs worked within 1 day. I had to give my 17-pound Angelo 1 1/2 tablets (which was quite a feat), and the tapeworms ARE GONE! Great product, and both Angelo & I are happy to not have to wrestle him into the cat carrier for a vet visit.

Tape Worm Tablets for Cats by Palmtree04/17/2012

I have SEVERAL kitties and live in an area where fleas never die - this is a necessity for my kitty family. This produce does not upset their stomach and works fast.

Excellent product. by LZ01/08/2013

I had been using an organic product that required 3 drops 3 times a day for 14 days. By the time this product arrived, it was day 12 with no noticable change. I gave my cats 1 pill and within 24 hours the worms were gone. Awesome product!

Works great! by Ol cat04/01/2013

I am very happy I didn't need to have Vet bill nor medicine costs.

Works great by deb from parkersburg, wv04/02/2013

These pills work great! Will use again!! And again!

Very effective by Brent from Collinsville, IL03/23/2012

Gave the recommended dose to my cat that had tape worm...within 24 hours all signs of tapeworm were gone. Cat had no adverse reaction. Great stuff

Slow by wendy10/25/2012

I paid for 2-3 day shipping so by the time it came 7 days later i didnt need it as i had went and bought it elsewhere, the product is good the shipping was bad, i returned it and am still 2 1/2 weeks later waiting for my refund.

by C Pet Lover11/01/2012

Works great and is easy to give. Best way is to crush and mix with a bit of Turkey baby food!

Tape Worm Tabs by JBOly from Washington Sate12/11/2012

Always buy from EP and save loads of $$ from the local pet stores! !

quick delivery time by iagdo12/17/2012

I had total satisfaction with your customer service dept. They were helpful in placing my order. I was surprised at how quick my order arrived. I am more than happy with Entirely Pets.

by from 03/19/2013

Worked With No Mess by Sam from Oregon10/16/2011

This wormer seems to have done the job, and there was no need to sequester my cat to contain any mess, as was the case in years past. She didn't particularly like taking it, but crushed and mixed with some food, I was able to get it in her. Easy on the cat, easy on me.

No Directions! by SheilaMM03/24/2012

I received the medicine but there was no directions on when and how often to give it?

by from 05/07/2013

Great Purchase by kittycatmom17 from Camden, SC05/01/2013

Great product. Been using it for years. Cheapest price.

Tapewrom Tablets for Cats by Judi from St Petersburg, FL07/09/2013

Wonderful product works very well. We have two stray cats outside, which adopted us! They were very thin, I knew they had tapeworms, the tablets worked very well, and now the cats are putting weight back on.

hard to tell if product worked yet by bigstimpycat11/11/2011

gave the cat 2 pills & she threw them up - not b/c of the pills but b/c of hairball. gave single remaining pill but b/c she is fat, it's hard to know if a single pill will be sufficient. i may have to order more. only time will tell.

Returning customer! by Sue07/02/2013

Not so much the product...but the company here and the service. Occasionally, the cats need this...sometimes they will eat a mouse or something that has the flea eggs/larvae/whatever. Anyway, everyone else was sold out of this product due to the manufacturer and I had a really hard time finding it anywhere! Lo and behold!!! I came here and not only did Entirely Pets have it, it was cheaper than the other pet stores I normally shop at. I will definitely be a returning customer!

Happy shopper by Jess04/23/2012

Quick delivery and good pricing. Highly recommend online ordering from this company.

tape worm tabs for cats by anne from Mineville, n.y.01/26/2013

have 4 cats, so needed 2 bottles, price compared to other places for same brand were outragious! so this was one thing that lured me. also, my cats did not have ant symptoms afterwords and that was impressive. haven't noticed any more, so keeping fingers crossed! thank you for making it easier to get my pet meds more affordable! will be using you in the future, and will tell all my friends!

It worked by tyrikahowell from saint louis, mo03/31/2010

I picked up this product from the pet store and it really worked I saw a hange in my cat within hours and its 2 days later and no worms. I'm so happy

Worm pills by Jayne01/02/2012

These pills work extremely well and within 24 hours all signs of tapeworm have disappeared.

Worked great! by Alison08/12/2012

This product completely cleared up my cat's tapeworms.. I had tried "homeopet wrm clr" drops to no avail but after the first pill of this she was all better! I did a pill a day twice in a row, then waited a few days and gave her the third.

excellent price by Mel04/25/2012

This product works great and the price including shipping is less than in my local stores!

tapeworms Gone by deedee from Sylvania GA01/03/2013

My sweet Pinky Louise had the worst case of tapeworms I have ever seen. Her vet said he was not able to get tapeworm tabs and I had to bring her in for a shot. This would have been very costly with an office visit, and no telling what the shot would cost. I went on line, found your site, and ordered the tabs. The tabs were so reasonably priced that I wondered if they would work. They arrived in just a couple of days,and I gave one to Pinky, and I haven't seen a tapeworm since. I am very pleased.

by from 06/17/2013

Same quality as store, but cheaper by Terin11/05/2012

Keeping my two indoor/outdoor cats worm-free year round had become expensive, having to dose them each several times a year at least. These are the same praziquantel tablets that I have been buying locally for close to $20 per 3 pill bottle, so finding them on sale here for closer to $10 a bottle, plus a coupon code which took care of most of the shipping cost, was a great find! I bought two bottles at once to have backup and save on shipping, and was pleased to find that when they arrived the packages were well sealed and had an expiration date 4 years out, so they'll last!

Great buy! by Buffy from Ft Lauderdale, Fl07/31/2013

With all the fleas around my cat has been getting tape worms and this product kills them instantly. Much cheaper on this site than in local pet stores. Great buy, great product.

affordable and effective by rhonda20605/11/2013

i have 7 cats and this was definetly cheaper than meds from the vet!

best price ever!!! by abi40302/03/2011

i've bought this exact product at Petsmart before and it cost me $25.00. the price that entirely pets offers (only $10) is AMAZING!! from now on, when i need pet meds, i will be shopping at entirely pets. i volunteer with an animal rescue group and have already recommended this website to them for all their pet med needs. thank you entirely pets, you've made a customer for life!

It Works! by snowwoman from Charlotte, NC01/09/2012

I have used this product a couple times. I just stick it in a small bit of canned cat food and the cat gobbles it up. No more tape worms -- yippee!

Easy to give by santaklutz from Michigan10/28/2011

This is easy to do and a great product. Fantastic price for preventing Heath problems.We Recommend.

tape worm tabs by dmg82504/27/2012

I had trouble giving these to my cat She could smell the crushed up tablet in whatever I put it in. Maybe they should try a liquid.

Don't Know by farmerrich from Bethel, OH03/01/2013

I don't know if the tabs worked or not. My cats live outdoors and are not friendly enough to pick up and force a pill down their throats. I crushed the pills and mixed into some moist canned chicken. They did not eat all of the meat so I don't Know how much medication each got.

good and bad by ray04/03/2012

good product as I have used it before however this time I took the products advise and mixed it with the cats food both my cats just walked away and stayed away from the food. just wasted my money.

Still waiting by Callie12/30/2012

The tapeworm medication I ordered worked great. The shipping time was very satisfactory and the pricing was good. I did have a concern when I received the product. The Bottle was supposed to contain 3 (three) tablets, but the bottle only had 2 (two) tablets in it. I did call EntirelyPets.com via your 800 # and was told they would be sending another one right out. Now, I do not know if EntirelyPets.com would be sending one tablet to complete my order, or sending another bottle of 3 tablets. However, I have not received anything since I made the call on 12-11-12. Thank you for your interest with my account. Callie. cmmuray@aol.com

by sassy from Savannah. Ga.08/15/2012

I have bought this tablets in the past and they have worked well for my cats. I have recommended this to my family and friends.

Tape Worm Tabs for Cats by Debbie from Missouri09/12/2013

The tablets worked awesome and the cats were worm free very quickly. Entirely Pets had the best prices on the tape worm tablets as well.

Works Great by psurack from Port Richey, FL04/28/2012

This medication really worked. Recommendation of vet said to use it twice because my cat is so large (over 25lbs.). I wish it were easier to administer but if I mixed it up with a generous portion of moist cat food, I was able to get him to eat it. Entirely Pets had the best price around. At the local pet stores, even the big ones, it was around $22-$25. I would buy this again if I needed it and from Entirely Pets!

this product worked wonders by shane from laurel de04/12/2012

We just knew our cat had a tape worm, she was losing weight and being visually impaired we didn't have enough money at the time to take her to a vet. I came across this tape worm product, and took a chance with it. with in days after the third pill she began eating and putting on pounds, she is looking better and better each day. entirely pets made it easy and affordable. thank you so much for helping us help our baby.

Great product by papa J03/15/2012

The product TAPE Worm tabs worked great It's been three weeks and no sign of them!What my wife and I where not happy with was we paid for priority mail and they shipped it first class and it took weeks and three to four phone calls to get the money back which they did not want to give back to us with out telling them we where going to call the better buisness Bureau.So are opinion is great product Great prices but watch your shipping

Great product, unreliable producer by penali from Louisville, KY10/10/2013

I have used this product in the past and it worked miracles and saved me unsightly veterinarian fees. I loved it . However, after being unable to find it around town, I went online and ordered it from entirelypets.com. I have been considerably disappointed as it has been months and I have not received this product due to a "warehousing issue" with the product maker. While their product is amazing, the company itself has proven to be incredibly unreliable.

by Red from weeki wachee, florida05/29/2013

Works great! I keep it in stock. Great to have around.

Cat wormer by mary from Santa Monica, CA03/17/2012

got rid of worms quickly in stray cat who has adopted us.

Entirely Pets is the BOMB!! by Miriam from Lilburn, GA03/18/2013

The prices are fantastic, speedy delivery and the products are great! The Tape Worm Tabs cleared up my cat's problem immediately and at a fraction of the cost from the vet! Thank you so much Entirely Pets!

Works so far by Maryland06/01/2013

It is about two months since administering this med. So far have seen no traceof worms. Prior to this we were seeing tape worm segments on a regular basis.

Works well. by mtchills from Montana10/22/2012

One tablet worked for my18# 16 year old male cat. He is a inside/outside cat that lives in the country. It was the first time I ever had to worm him. I rescued 5 young cats and I believe he somehow got it from them.

by from 05/26/2013

Great product, great price!! Contains "one" of the same ingredient's as Drontal for tapeworms.

you by cannot from affordFabulous


Tape Worm tabs for cats by Judi from St Petersburg, Fl07/30/2012

Product seems to be working, I gave it to an outside kitty who adopted us. He was getting so thin, but now he seems to be getting his weight back.. A neighbor moved out & left the poor little thing behind.

Fantastic!! by Chrissy01/24/2013

This product was fantastic. My furbaby is so much better now. Thank you so much!

Works fast. by Animals are my BFF from Columbus, Ohio02/09/2013

This product really delivers. It started working the first day. I would highly recommend it.

by from 04/24/2012

I gave only one tablet to my tomcat Diesel, and there have been no recurrences of tapeworms. On his black fur you can notice something white! He is doing fine now, and I recommend the product, and especially at that low price! Thank you!

any by other from needsIf


Will try again if need be by tackettteri from Kentucky05/06/2014

I cant say if this works or not My cat is still having troubles so will have to take him to the vet, But have two other cats we gave it to just in case they also had the worms.

Thank You Entirely Pets by Shell K from Vanderbilt,PA10/06/2010

Thank you Entirely Pets from me and my babies!I have used this on 2 adult cats and 3 kittens.No sign of worms since.Highly recommend!

Best Price and Best Results by Lucinda from Texas10/31/2011

I never needed to worm my kitty in 14 years. My dog died suddenly and I guess some random fleas went over to kitty. It was pretty bad. I used the flea med, but then I saw the little worm pieces shedding from her backside. I was horrified. Then I read up on the problem, priced the worming med and ordered it from entirelypets.com. No problem since!

always works by crazycatwoman from florida04/11/2013

i have 7 cats so I give them tape worm tabs when I put the monthly spot on treatment. this product has never let me down, i have been using it for years (from entirelypets).

by TLM from Tampa, FL04/18/2013

Very satisfied with my purchase from Entirely Pets. I was very pleased with the speed that I received my order.

fast, easy, great product by aejk11/21/2011

This product shipped very fast, I received it in about 3 days. Gave the medicine to my cat which she did not give me a hard time about. It cleared up the problem within 24hrs. Great price, great buy!

raymond by ray from Little egg harbor , NJ01/17/2012

I found that my cats had tape worms, so I looked around and found that your prices were the best. its been about two weeks now since I gave the pills to my cats and I don"t see any signs of the tapeworms. good product !!

Works Exactly as Advertised by catlover0808/19/2012

This product works beautifully for elimination of tapeworms, and is far cheaper than many other prescription-only products out there like Profender. If your cat has tapeworms, save yourself some money and and a trip to the vet for an expensive prescription, and just give the cat this one-dose oral tablet. (But remember: this product only works on tapeworms. If your cat has another sort of worm, like roundworm, hookworm, lungworm, etc., this won't work. So be sure you are certain about what type of worm you are dealing with before medicating your cat.)

Did The Job! by Trish from Lancaster, OH02/05/2014

This is my first time to use these Tape Worm Tabs ... they're working as I "see" no residue on kitties bottoms that reference symptoms of tapeworms. Very pleased!

Excellent! by TammyD7412/22/2012

These are inexpensive and very effective. I have bought these 2 times now and have given them to two strays that I have taken in over the years. I would continue to buy these if the need ever arises again.

It works by JohnnyB02/13/2012

Highly recommended product and offered by many retailers. Treated four cats one time each with excellent results.

Great dewormer!The best! by screwupfairy771 from ct03/18/2013

My cat had a flea infestation and ended up with worms.This product worked as well as the prescription dewormer for less money.

Worms Instantly Gone by strosnlc_2005 from Texas01/28/2013

Here today...gone tomorrow. All with no vet bill! :)

seems to have worked by Elle01/27/2013

I haven't seen any worms since dosing my kitty. Product was much less here than in store. Store tried to tell me that this must be "grey market" product to be so much cheaper, but I'm kind of doubting that as I don't see any evidence of such on the product label.

Good service by Steve10/06/2011

I can't comment on the quality of the product because the cat is a stray and lives outdoors. I treated her for "Tapes" because she lost weight. I will observe her and see if it helps. However, the delivery and online order processing service was satisfactory. The product arrived within three days using Standard freight. The price was excellent after shopping other online retailers, including Walmart. It pays to shop!

End of worms by catzilla owner07/05/2013

Trying to dose a cat is an experience in itself. Something like sticking your finger in a blender while it's going. So, only having to give one pill is the only way to go. This is one advantage to this product. The other is that it work's.

Looking Good by smcjmc from Oregon02/11/2012

We see no signs of the little rascals, so trust that all is well. Entirely Pets makes taking care of business easy peasy...

This product worked great! by Alex from Oregon10/23/2012

The tape worms my cat had were making him sick. He was losing a lot of weight, but after just one tablet he started showing signs of improvement right away and is now his happy bouncy self again!

by from 03/02/2013

Feral cat with Tapeworm by Osee01/21/2013

We have a feral cat with a bad front leg from an old injury that we began feeding due to his very thin condition. He was sleeping on a cushion on our deck and I found tape worm segments. I cleaned the cushion and ordered tapeworm medicine from Entirely Pets. They came right away and I ground one up and put a little powder in each of four round meat balls and when the cat came upon our deck I put them out for him to eat, which he did as soon as I went inside. This was a couple of weeks ago and yesterday I saw one tapeworm segment on the cushion. I will wait a couple of weeks and give him another dose and continue to watch. I remember traping this cat about four years ago and getting him neutered. He is a good looking cat and we are somewhat attatched to him.

Best price any where!!! by Kristina from Massachusetts01/07/2013

When comparing prices for feline tape de-wormer, this website was the best price. I found the same exact product at pet supply stores that claim to have discount prices and Entirely Pets beat them by $30, and that included S&H! And this product works in about two days. My cats no longer have worms and have gained back their weight and are healthy again. Thank you EP! I will be back every time I need something for my animals!

A very good product by DD from Houston, TX05/12/2013

When my cat showed symptoms of tape worms, I visited Entirely Pets for a solution. I found your site to be very easy to use and the medicine worked well

impressed with the speed of delivery by dj from Sunnyvale, CA01/16/2013

The tabs were the standard for the use, and were quickly delivered. The cats were dosed, and all is well.

tape worm tabs by MamaSWA from Co, OH04/13/2014

Not sure if they work, because I can't see inside of the cats, lol; but they are easy to administer and for a good price with quick shipping.

Very effective by Cat Friend from Orwigsburg, PA01/23/2012

This product was great; after one dose, the tape worms seemed to be gone from my cat (will keep an eye out for re-infection). 3 tablets are basically 3 doses (for a med/large cat) so it's very economical, rather than going to the veterinarian. Glad it's available OTC.

by from 03/11/2012

this tapeworm pill was recommended by my vet by wiley from Portland,Or.09/02/2013

I was seeing eggs from tapeworm on my cats tail. They looked like white pieces of rice, I called my vet and they said I could get these tapeworm pills now without a prescription and I found them at entirely pets more reasonable than I could get them at the local pet store. I have not seen any more eggs so far.

Tape worm tabs by Angie12/19/2012

Fast shipping time. Decent price. Works as advertised.

did not work for my kitties by warriorkz from panama city beach, fl11/14/2011

I have two 3 months (human months) old kittens. gave them one pill each. Did not see any worms falling off more than normal. They still have worms:( Guess, I'm going to the vet tomorrow

Great Product by animalcracker3511/20/2011

This medicine fixed the tapeworm problem in my cats fast and painlessly. I crushed the tabs and put them in their food (just a tiny bit of food at first to make sure they ate all of it). They got the nasty worm from the fleas I am also fighting. I am so glad this only requires one pill and its done. Still on the lookout for signs of another worm just in case they eat another infected flea but so far so good. Happy mom and kitties!

Great Product by Angela08/05/2012

This was easy to give to the cats. I liked that it was a one time pill. The worms are gone and I haven't seen them return.

works with one pill by tuffy from florida05/10/2013

Everytime I get tape worms my mom give me one of the tape worm tabs and they go away. luv, Tuffy.

Tape worm Tabs by goldieha from Pineville La03/10/2014

WOW i have 4 cats this stuff is amazing within 1 day the tape worms were gone nd u cant find a better price!!

by from 03/26/2012

cust svce-did not know how much to give cat?? by lynnathans from Long Pond, PA03/05/2012

NO Instruct.,cust svce clueless on useage

Tape Worm Tabs for Cats by catowner from Oregon02/07/2013

Good price, shipping was super fast. The product got rid of the worms, and there was enough for two treatments for our cats weight. Only complaint was that the directions were not very good. Had to go online to find the correct dosage for our cat's weight.

Very good product by kpinkw from california01/20/2013

These pills work wonderfully, easy to administer and one dose and the worms are gone. I usually get them once a year.

Got the job done! by catnapparadise01/28/2012

Gave it to my kitty and it worked. No more tapeworms. Only drawback was the pill was a little bigger than I thought it would be. Nevertheless, it worked and my kitty is worm-free.

wonderful product and service by cocamoowner12/01/2011

The tablets cured the problem and was easy to give to my cat. I was very impressed with the fast delivery of the tablets too. Certainly a very satisfied customer who will use this place again if supplies or medicine is needed

Tape Worm Tabs for Cats by Teel10/23/2012

I was very pleased with the tabs I bought for my cat. I had just finished getting rid of all the darn fleas he had and I was a little disgusted when he had worms. However, he had an appointment to go to the vet about a week after taking his tabs and they did a test and he had no worms. The price was reasonable, they arrived in excellent shape and did the trick!

This stuff works! by DIY Girl from Norfolk, VA05/01/2012

I recommend this product if your cat has tapeworms. It got rid of the worms with no noticeable side effects.


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