• Triple Crown Everlasting Treat Ball - LARGE (5

    Triple Crown Everlasting Treat Ball - LARGE (5" diameter)

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    Triple Crown's pet products division brings you the benefit of their vast experience working with thousands of dogs and their owners. Triple Crown creates innovative toys and training products that reflect the way dogs learn and have fun.

    Everlasting Treat ball provides hours of chewing fun for your dog with the interactive Triple Crown Everlasting Treat Ball. Made of a soft, yet durable puncture resistant material, it will hold up to even the toughest chewers, and the unique design allows for it to wobble and roll around on its own. It's great to use for preventing destructive boredom behaviors or to keep your dog happily occupied. Hide it around your house or yard for a game of doggie hide & seek with a tasty reward when your dog finds it, feed your dog his regular meal portions out of it, or insert a Triple Crown Everlasting Treat. The options are endless, the fun is everlasting.

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    great option by dr dog02/22/2013

    great option for medium chewers or big chewers in a little body. The medium and small and mini are not appropriate for my 20# power chewer, the lab can get this discs out, but usually likes/plays with it for a long time, so go large for the littel power chewers

    Love it! by Jan Marie from Washington DC03/01/2011

    My uber-active Labradoodle and his sidekick Maltichon LOVE this toy! It's the perfect "babysitting" tool to keep on the shelf and give to them when we have dinner guests. It keeps them busy, well behaved and engaged while allowing them to stay in the same room and not bother people.

    BEST TOY FOR LAB! by FINN04/09/2013

    Hi, My lab just turned one and as a pup, he destroyed every toy I got for him. I got this and it keeps him entertained for hours. I've gotten them as gifts since he loves them so much. A bit tricky getting the replacement 'balls' in and out but worth it!

    The only toy my dog has never shredded by Featherluv02/09/2012

    I have a Lab. She eats EVERY THING! i don't mean just chew things up, i mean ingests EVERYTHING! She was a rescue dog, & has had 2 overcome a lot of emotional aftermath. We have given her every toy imaginable... including the indestructible Kong toys... they were all shredded in just a few moments. She has even shredded & demolished 2 couches. When i saw this ball, i thought it was pricey but i was willing 2 give it a shot. i have 2 say it was COMPLETELY worth it. she has carried it around every where she goes, & its still in 1 piece! She hasn't gone 4 any of our socks or my daughters toys since! that's a plus 4 her digestive health, yay!

    Triple Crown Everlasting Treat Ball (Large) by JD TAYLOR from Central Texas01/01/2013

    This was our second ball to buy. The first one lasted close to ten years. This is one toy our dog has been unable to destroy. She's a 13 year old Lab mix.

    Not too thrilled by Sal06/12/2013

    I bought a new treat ball, so it came with a treat on one side. However inserting the second treat WAS NOT as easy as the guy on the video made it seem. After several attempts we just gave up. My dog wasn't too thrilled with the item either.

    not so everlasting treat ball by petey12/07/2011

    This ball is made very sturdy - so I gave it one star. The two reasons I debated for months getting this were: 1. It is extremely expensive and 2. the "treat" is made primarily of corn and other poor quality ingredients. I decided to give it a try since I found a wheat and corn free option and my dog really needed something to chew for longer than an hour or so (a good cheap bone at the grocery store lasts about that long). I was extremely disappointed. First of all the treat only lasts about 10 min. (with two in there!) Second the ingredients are very sweet - not good for the dogs teeth at all. Not to mention the "treat" is actually somewhat soft - not something I would imagine would survive very long being chewed. And I don't have a super chew-er - just a standard poodle mix.

    best toy ever by sharon hamm03/26/2011

    My daughter showed me this toy when I was there for a visit and I decided to get my dogs one. This was the best buy I have made in years. They loved it and it kept them busy for hours. Try it. You WILL be happy you did.

    everlasting treat ball by butch08/14/2011

    Very disappointed with the everlasting treat ball.This item was suppose to give hours of entertainment to my pet.It took him aprox. 15 minutes to remove the treat and he was done with it.This was not a inexpensive dog toy and the refillable treats that last 15 minutes are quite costly also.So needless to say I am not impressed with this item and would not recommend this.

    Everlasting Treat Ball - Large by beardog157911/07/2013

    I bought this for my 6 mo old Bulldog Puppy and he hasn't put it down since! This keeps him occupied so much that we now portion out his time with it. The only problems I can see with this is when it gets to the end, he once managed to pull out the "ring" with the inside consumed and almost choked on it. Also, the Blue outer gets completely "slobbered" and can be nasty on your floor, but hey, it's a bulldog! We now remove the ring once the inner area has been consumed. This keeps him occupied with trying to figure out how to get the treat out and also rolls around and gives him plenty of exercise chasing it. AWESOME TREAT !!!

    by from 03/11/2014

    The lab puppy we are raising for a guide dog organization was able to easily remove the everlasting treat. So that portion of ball doesn't work.

    somewhat by useful. from WeThe


    Great product, holds up well by Julie from Minneapolis, MN01/02/2010

    Even though this is the second treat ball I have purchased, I have to say it is a fantastic product. I have a 120lb Greater Swiss Mountain Dog who considers chewing his job, and he strives to be the best. He LOVES this ball, the treats last him for more than an hour (however I have friends whose dogs can take days to get thru one), and you can put treats in the middle of the ball to make it a game. I can split his meals and put half in his bowl and half in his ball so he has to work for his meals. After a year of hard use we finally need another one, but it is well worth it. The price is great here too- I have seen them on other sites for up to $30!

    GREAT TOY !!! by jo03/18/2014

    Having bought numerous toys for my bulldog pup over the past 11 months - this is the ONLY toy that is still up and kicking! This is INDESTRUCTIBLE - and the ability to add additional chews to it is an even bigger plus! He is an extremely heavy chewer - goes thru Nylabones like they're Milkbones, so this toy has been GREAT !!! The only thing that could be better is if they could make the inserts more long-lasting.

    best buy ball by Ax from greenwood, in01/27/2012

    Ax (Alex) is a 140 pound mastif whose jaws can tear up anything, except the 5" ball we bought from you folks. We're gradually removing the ten or so tennis balls she tears up on a weekly basis in favor of the big ball. At the price of tennis balls the "big ball" was a great investment.


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