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Tetra Algae Control

Tetra Algae ControlTetra Algae Control™ liquid is highly effective against green water (algae blooms) as well as algae types that grow on the glass and decor. And it’s safe for planted aquariums. A precision dropper top helps you administer the proper dose to your aquarium.

Tetra Algae Control (3.38 oz)
Tetra Algae Control (3.38 oz)

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Algae Control (3.38 oz)
Tetra AlgaeControl liquid not only combats aquarium algae, it also works to keep it from returning. AlgaeControl liquid is highly effective against green water (algal blooms), blue-green algae, diatoms or “brown algae,” hair algae or blanketweed that grow on the glass and décor. Unlike some other products on the market, Tetra AlgaeControl™ liquid can be safely used in planted aquariums. Tetra’s precision dropper tops help consumers administer the proper dose to their aquarium.
3.00 rating based on 2 reviews
Featured Reviews for Tetra Algae Control (3.38 oz)
Worked for me by the chef5507/02/2014

I've used it twice and got great results both times. My 75gl looks great.

Worst Product ever by Jeri from Myrtle Beach06/28/2014

I used this product and all 6 of my fish died... I would not recommend this product and hope no one buys it I am heart broken

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