Tetra Fish Crisps

Tetra Fish Crisps

TetraColor Tropical Crisps (2.75 oz)
TetraColor Tropical Crisps (2.75 oz)

($11.99)  $5.49
TetraColor Tropical Crisps (7.41 oz)
TetraColor Tropical Crisps (7.41 oz)

($15.36)  $13.19
TetraFin Goldfish Crisps (7.76 oz)
TetraFin Goldfish Crisps (7.76 oz)

($13.78)  $10.29
TetraMin Tropical Crisps (6.53 oz)
TetraMin Tropical Crisps (6.53 oz)

($13.99)  $11.59
TetraColor Tropical Crisps (2.75 oz)
Crisps with a concentrated color-enhancing center. Promotes the fish’s naturally intense colors. Perfect as a supplement to TetraMin® Tropical Crisps.
5.00 rating based on 1 review
Featured Reviews for TetraColor Tropical Crisps (2.75 oz)
great product by tlewis04/19/2013

our fish love this food and we got it on entirely pets for less than half the pet store price. love it!

Featured Reviews for TetraColor Tropical Crisps (7.41 oz)
Great Fish Food by mam from Colorado03/16/2010

These little crisps are great - the fish eat the entire amount (no little specks of leftover food floating around) and it does not cloud the water.

by from 07/22/2012

Colorful....always by DOK07/05/2012

Been using these for some time and they do help to keep the tank clean while giving the fish a healthy bright appearance continually.

Tetra Crisps by JCFord04/22/2014

My fish love this food. The crisps maintain their shape and there is much less waste. Flakes tend to turn into dust, which crud-up the tank and render the last bit of the can unusable. The crisps are good to the last drop. I can tell by the behavior of the fish that they love it. My fish are 14 years old now and this is what they eat. By the way... can anyone identify this type of fish. I've had them so long and they were tiny when I got them. They are now 11" long

Featured Reviews for TetraFin Goldfish Crisps (7.76 oz)
Good quality food, less mess, easy to use by topher13 from Bozeman, MT07/31/2012

I have switched my goldfish tank to all crisps. They are cheaper by the ounce, have less mess and are easy to portion out. I highly recommend them.

Goldfish love them!!! by Rcatmom from Arizona02/05/2013

My 4-5 inch goldfish scarf up the crisps! The crisis don't dirty up the water like the flake food. I think more of the crisps get eaten than the flakes. Less waste!

Great stuff! by ChuckL from Victoria, TX07/09/2013

We use the Crisps exclusively for our many goldfish. Even our few Koi seem to like the Crisps.They like it better than the flakes, and the Crisps don't rot on the bottom when uneaten.

Fish Love This by nance07/31/2012

This food stays intact longer than flake. If I run out my fish will snub anything else if I can't find the Crisps!

entirely pets is great! by zytel from ca12/19/2012

i ordered snugglesafe microvave pet bed heater, through amazon. was happy to see entirely pets on amazon. i was amazed, it came the next day! less than 24 hrs. i like the automatic shipment ( with 10% off).on things i order regularly like fish and turtle food.

fish food by zytal01/02/2013

tetra fin keeps my fish healthy and happy. entirely pets supplies me with what i need. they even have RX'S for pets.

Featured Reviews for TetraMin Tropical Crisps (6.53 oz)
Great crisps by SunFishJester from Ohio10/09/2011

Best fish food I've ever gotten, all the fish love it and doesn't cloud the water if fed properly.

Good Stuff Too ! by Paulie from Middletown, DE02/21/2014

I feed Tropical Crisps exclusively to my Discus Fish. I have tried several other foods with varying degrees of success. TetraMin is by far the best. The fish always eagerly gobble it up. The water never becomes cloudy as can with some other foods.MY fish are vibrant and healthy looking and continue to grow out fast. A superb product for Tropical Fish enthusiast.

Excelent!!! by Lyudmila from Brooklyn, NY02/15/2012

Big and not as expensive as it is in our local store. Fish is satisfied. :))) Thank you!

Good product at a good price by topher13 from Bozeman, MT07/31/2012

This purchase was about 1/2 what it would be at Walmart or Petsmart. Great size, easy to use, good quality food.

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