Tetra Aquarium Heaters

Tetra Aquarium HeatersMaintain a steady, safe water temperature for your fish with Tetra’s line of aquarium heaters. Tetra heaters are easy to use with the electronic thermostat that automatically adjusts heat output to keep the water at a consistent temperature.

Tetra HT30 Submersible Heater 100 Watt (10-30 Gal)
Tetra HT30 Submersible Heater 100 Watt (10-30 Gal)

($19.86)  $12.29
Tetra HT10 Submersible Heater 50 Watt (2-10 Gal)
Tetra HT10 Submersible Heater 50 Watt (2-10 Gal)

($16.11)  $10.09
HT Submersible Heater (100 Watt)
The new Tetra HT30 submersible heaters for aquariums ranging from 2 to 30 gallons are easy to use. The electronic thermostat automatically adjusts heat output to keep the water at a constant 78°F. All you have to do is place in the aquarium and plug it in
5.00 rating based on 3 reviews
Featured Reviews for Tetra HT30 Submersible Heater 100 Watt (10-30 Gal)
Good quality at a great price! by Sunshine_86 from Buckner MO01/27/2012

We researched a lot of heaters and found this to be the best value. Bought for my daughters 15 gallon tanks. Keeps the temperature exactly where it needs to be at a great price.

Awesome by JimmyBoy from NJ12/12/2013

Despite the negative stuff written in the past, this heater is fantastic! I have a 25 gal tank and the temp is now a firm 78 degrees at all times. My fish are so much more lively, being we keep the heat in the house at 66 degrees, they at 78! We might be having babies soon...

best purchase ever by vietnguyen008803/14/2012

this product working is very good. my fish is kind of happy to had a heat on it.

Nuked my Nanocube by hllywd from Ohio12/09/2013

Title says it all. this heater stuck on and nuked a nice pair of Black Photon percs I've had for about 4 years. I guess that's what you get relying on a $15.00 heater as life support for a $150 pair of fish. I may have been OK with 2x of the 50W version, my bad for trusting the job to a single low-end heater with no failsafe.

best product ever purchase by koifish from Moreno Valley, California04/04/2013

the heater hold temperature very good. I don't have to adjust or check the temperature any more. My angel fish happy with this.

double check temp. with this heater by koifish from Moreno Valley, CA10/01/2013

I bought couple this heaters ( the one for 10-30gal.) for my angel fish tanks. Some of them work perfectly and some of them don't. One morning, I saw one pair of my parents fish laid death at the bottom of the tank. I took those death fish out and I felt water hot. I check the temp. of the tank and I got 98F. The heater should keeps the temp. of water around 78F only. From that incident, I check temp. of all my fish tanks all the time. If their temp. rise up more than 82F. I turn off the heaters.

Featured Reviews for Tetra HT10 Submersible Heater 50 Watt (2-10 Gal)
great little heater without the worry by Ralphie's mom04/16/2013

Bought this for my parents' tank. Was able to easily install it, forget about it, and they have an active happy fish tank that I don't have to worry about adjusting the temp!

Awesome heater in small size by Sunshine_86 from Buckner MO11/12/2011

This heater works great, gets to the correct temp and stays there. Does not overheat. Very happy fish!

Warm & Cozy by Greeneyes from Kentucky02/05/2013

My little Dragon no longer has to suffer temperature drops in his watery home. He is so much more active now. The heater goes right to work whenever the water temperature does begin to drop.

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