Tetra LifeGuard

Tetra LifeGuardTetra has a variety of products to treat clinical signs of disease at their earliest stages. Use these products to treat fungus, ick, red streaks, milky or shedding slime, flukes, bacterial gill disease, mouth and fin rot, and many others.

Tetra LifeGuard (32 tabs)
Tetra LifeGuard (32 tabs)

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Tetra LifeGuard (32 tabs)
Tetra Lifeguard Fresh Water Treatment: - Tetra Lifeguard Fresh Water Treatment is a convenient, all-in-one treatment for tropical freshwater aquarium fish. The Lifeguard Fresh Water Treatment is an effective therapeutic treatment for a wide variety aquarium fish diseases, remeasured tablets are extremely effective against fungus and ich disease all-in-one tablet. - Aquarium Water Clarifiers tetra, tetra aquarium products, tetra whisper, whisper air pump, whisper power filter, tetra aquatics, tetra fish supplies, tetra supplies, tetra store, tetra heater
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Tetra LifeGuard (32 tabs) by Emily Texas from Dallas, TX09/15/2013

I used this product before to treat my gold fish's infection, then the fish survived. but later he lays on side at the bottom of the tank, won't swim up; this fish is still alive (already 2 years!). But he won't swim up, and only lays on one side; since he can swim around the bottom so he still can get his food. I thought the medicine worked for the infection at least. Recently, I got another gold fish having bacterial infection, then I treated this fish with the same medicine (Tetra LifeGuard), same thing happened! the fish also did lay on one side at the tank bottom. This fish later died as he could not get food as he could not swim around. I am thinking the medicine may have side effect to damage the gold fish's balancing system! I will not use it anymore to my gold fish in future.

by from 03/13/2014

Ok so i read a lot of negatives about this

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