Merrick Body Parts

Merrick Body Parts

Hungry Dog Natural Treats Super Value Pack (2 lb)
Hungry Dog Natural Treats Super Value Pack (2 lb)

($13.99)  $10.99
Merrick Texas Hold Ems - Beef (8 oz)
Merrick Texas Hold Ems - Beef (8 oz)

($14.99)  $10.99
Merrick Texas Hold Ems - Lamb (12 oz)
Merrick Texas Hold Ems - Lamb (12 oz)

($22.99)  $16.99
Merrick Texas Hold Ems - Lamb (8 oz)
Merrick Texas Hold Ems - Lamb (8 oz)

($14.99)  $10.99
Merrick's Moozles Beef Chew for Dogs
Merrick's Moozles Beef Chew for Dogs

($6.99)  $5.99
Merrick's Moozles Beef Chew for Dogs (24 ct)
Merrick's Moozles Beef Chew for Dogs (24 ct)

($129.99)  $107.99
Merrick's Natural Beef Chews Cow Ears
Merrick's Natural Beef Chews Cow Ears

($2.99)  $2.39

Merrick Texas Toothpicks aren't your average dog treat.

 Merrick Texas Toothpicks aren't real toothpicks, but they do help maintain your dog's teeth and gums. Made from all-natural beef tail, Texas Toothpicks are a chewy snack that provide a large amount of naturally occuring protein. The Toothpicks are a crunchy treat appropriate for dogs of all ages. The treats are made by the family-owned Merrick right here in the USA.

Key Features:
  • No artifical coloring or flavoring
  • Made in the USA
  • Helps maintain healthy gums and teeth
  • For the safety of your pets, observation is recommended when giving your pets bones or chews. Keep fresh water available at all times.
    Beef Tail.
    4.50 rating based on 10 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Hungry Dog Natural Treats Super Value Pack (2 lb)
    odd cow bits by BeckyinBoerne from TX01/02/2012

    Not too sure what some of these puffed/crunched/supercooked cow parts are, but the dogs don't care. They love 'em all. A couple of knuckle-ish bones add weight to the bag, but most things are pretty small. A good value for the price, AND made in Texas, not Red China! Yee Hah!

    Wonderful Mix by loutown from Denver, CO01/26/2014

    There are many good treats in this mixed bag. Both dogs were extremely happy with the variety. We typically give them rawhide treats to chew on, but were looking for something else that got their "chewing" energy out with a little more flavor. In the past we've bought pig ears, but those always made them stink or have upset stomachs. Although their are some pig snouts and hoofs, they seem to be better quality than most and they have done fine. The treats last for a long time and I feel it was well worth the money for the quality and compared to what you can buy in the store.

    Healthy chews by Bj from Ny ny05/28/2013

    This is healthy for my dogs I don!t have to worry about them choking On it. And it's make in the usa.

    Dangerous product by Virginia04/13/2012

    These are very large, extremely hard chew treats that both my dogs chewed into pieces, some of which they swallowed. They are not digestible - at least not for my dogs - fortunately my male was able to vomit up the small pieces or we would have making a trip to the vet. I don't give my dogs bones for this very reason - and these 'treats' had the same effect.

    Best Dog Treat Ever by skmky from Michigan02/26/2013

    I found this treat at a local holistic pet store but they haven't had it in stock for over 6 months, in spite of me showing up looking for it. My dog loves these treats and he keeps looking at the empty bag I kept so that I would remember the product. I don't mind the smell, after all he's a dog and I can wash his blankets. I was able to use these treats for training because he really wanted them.

    Hungry Dog Natural Treats Super Value Pack (2 LB) by Doll Lee's Mom from Barrington, NJ06/18/2013

    Great variety. My dog loves every treat. I will definitely purchase again and would recommend it for those dogs that get bored easily with the same type of treat all of the time, like my does.

    Hungry Dog Super Pack by petsmom401/14/2012

    With two large dogs who love to chew this product is an absolute must have at my house. I trust Merrick to have high quality products and the prices at Entirely Pets are fantastic. I'm a frequent visitor to the site and will continue to come back for more excellent products and bargains galore.

    smells like a barn by cheyennes mom from new york11/30/2011

    lots of treats for the money, great value! only problem is that some of the items smell like cow flop. I mean it!! My house smelled like a barn, had to wash the dog bed she ate the treat on, and oh man....her breath! of course she devoured it, but it smelled horrible. So aside from the occasional stink when chewed, it gets an average rating since the great value is cancelled by the smell of some of the cow products. I reciommened you feed the cow body parts OUTSIDE!

    Dogs love them by baby fast from Oklahoma City, OK08/03/2013

    I was a little surprised as to the mix but I have a variety of dog sizes and this did well to please all of them. I was able to find a size that worked for all of them. It really is a good price for the items and sizes you get.

    Great Deal on Quality Dog Treats by Debbie from Vancouver, WA04/24/2013

    This had a great mix of both beef and pork treats for my dog - all made in the USA.

    too big for my dogs by ljdiamond from Dallas, TX05/12/2013

    didn't realize how large these natural treats are! recommend for large breeds

    Featured Reviews for Merrick Texas Hold Ems - Lamb (12 oz)
    Best treat ever! by Barbara from New York, ny07/22/2014

    My dog loves these treats and I have introduce them to 2 other dogs, which r truly crazy for this treats too!

    Delicious! by loutown from Denver, CO01/26/2014

    We found out about this product through our vets office. My dog was having laser treatment therapy and treadmill therapy and would not sit still or settle down. These treats did the trick. We tried other treats, but these were so tempting we got her to sit for 1/2 hour at a time. The nice thing is that there are big chunks to give, but you can also break them apart in little pieces to give little bits at a time. They are naturally healthy like chicken jerky and now our other dog loves them too! I would highly recommend and a great price for the quality product.

    Great Dog Treats by Nancy from Fort Lauderdale FL08/03/2014

    Although more expensive than most dog treats, my dogs love them.

    Top-Shelf Treat by Regina01/08/2014

    This is our 7-year-old Newfoundland's favorite treat (and she has a fair collection of items from which to choose). Nothing else comes close.

    Yummy Treats by Big Dog from Punta Gorda, FL05/24/2014

    My Westie loves these treats. He was recently diagnosed with Diabetes and this is one of the few treats he can have that are made in the USA and not loaded with sugar. They are great for training too.

    Texas Hold Ems Lamb Lung by Bobby from Olympia,Wa12/29/2013

    These are my dogs favorite treat he loves them. Since he was a puppy he picked these as his favorite and has been eating them for over 3 years now. They are healthy for him too, so please never get rid of his Crunchies as we call them.

    Great treats by envirotrainer01/16/2015

    Pure and simple dog treats, pretty lean in comparison to other brands. What I mostly like is that I can break them up into treat-sized bits for my smaller dog and not feel greasy when I'm done.

    Featured Reviews for Merrick's Moozles Beef Chew for Dogs
    by Florida dogs11/24/2012

    My shih tzus love these. It takes them a week or two to chew up a larger one.

    Great Chew! by Buttercup672 from Austin, Texas11/19/2012

    My dogs favorite chew! He just loves them! All Merrick products are good. All natural, and made in the USA.

    Wonderful Chew by Chambone03/28/2013

    This chew is great for pups that have sensitive tummies, no loose stool, no stink, not greasy. Plus, they look funny when your pup carries them around in their mouth!

    by Buttercup67208/08/2012

    My dog loves these! He thinks they are the very best thing in his world!

    Great Product! by Pam from West Virginia12/27/2012

    Great item! Our dog loves these! Good quality and all natural. Entirely Pets are great to work with, Great service.

    One of the best chews by Vincinny12/09/2011

    My bulldog boys love these Moozles. It keeps them interested and chewing for quite a long time. They don't stain your carpet, although you might have tiny bits left over that need to be vaccuumed up. Other than that, they are great. We will definitely be ordering these again.

    Dog loves it by Trish from Redding, CA01/28/2012

    My 7 month old lap dog loves these moozles. She is only 6lbs, so it takes her awhile to eat it, but it sure satisfies her need to chew!!

    My dog loves these! by Mrs. M.07/11/2014

    They are a bit expensive, but my dog loves them! I only purchased two at first to check it out and I will be ordering more soon.

    great treat, inconsistent sizing by mayaboerboel from richmond, va09/24/2013

    I bought 2 from a pet store to try to see if my dogs liked them before I ordered from here. They were a hit, so I ordered 4. 2 of them were large sized like the ones I saw in a store, but the other 2 were literally half the size! I have mastiffs so a large size is a must. They love them, but it is disappointing knowing sometimes you get large ones and sometimes they are small...for the same price. They should have 2 different prices for 2 different sizes.

    Giving Back by Pat from Warrenton, Oregon02/10/2012

    My dog loves these and I had such a hard time finding them. I tried every feed and pet store in the area. I like to give my dog a treat once in a while as he brings so much loving into my life. Since he gives me so much I was glad I was able to give him something he enjoys so much. Ordering was easy and it didn't take forever to get them. Thank you

    Featured Reviews for Merrick's Moozles Beef Chew for Dogs (24 ct)
    Moozles great for small dogs! by Bailey's Pack from Severna Park, MD10/31/2012

    Our Boston Terrier loves Moozles. She eats the soft side off and then takes a couple days to chew the remainder of the Moozles. Pricey treat but healthy and lasts for a long time for dogs with a small mouth. No risks like with rawhide treats.

    Moozles by DonnaK from Sherwood, AR08/25/2014

    My dogs just love these. They actually go to the treat closet and get them themselves when they want one. They bring it to me to open for them.

    Moozles by Pam Bishop10/09/2013

    The four lab's have to have a moozle shortly after breakfast for about three minutes.

    Great treats by Florida dogs06/25/2014

    My dogs love these. I cut them up smaller for my 2 shih tzus.

    Moozles by Cecilia's mom from Denver, CO11/15/2011

    I asked my puppy Cecilia if she would help me rate the Merrick's Moozle since she is the one eating/chewing them. She did not answer since she carries one or is chewing on one constantly. So, as a mom to a 4 1/2 month old teething charcoal lab, I am grateful for this delicious product. No odor or yucky mess. It keeps her happy and busy. I have already given a few away to some of Cecilia's friends and they loved them too. You and your best friend will love these!

    Merrick's Moozles by katiemom12/31/2012

    These seem to be large in one order and smaller in another, but always well-received by Katie who is a German Shepherd Dog. Your prices are invariably the best and considering the price of these, this is a big plus. It would be difficult to wean Katie from these; so I hope Merrick does not decide to discontinue these as they have some other of Katie's favorites.

    Long lasting chew treat for 20 pound dogs! by Bailey from Maryland07/11/2012

    These all natural Moozles are a great treat for our Boston Terrier. She chews the soft puffed part in one evening and then the front part lasts 2-3 more evenings when the chewing softens the front of the Moozle. Very little smell with these natural treats.



    Excellent Product by Cin from Pittsburgh, PA04/01/2013

    My Old English Mastiff, Cativo; which means bad in Italian, loves this product. And the mozzles are made in USA. This is the only rawhide he really cares for.

    Featured Reviews for Merrick's Natural Beef Chews Cow Ears
    Cow Ears by tanisha364 from Salt Lake City, UT11/19/2011

    These are a great product for the price. They aren't my dogs favorite treat, but a treat none the less.

    Need lots more than two ears! by Dox Mom from CT06/12/2012

    My six rescued/adopted dachshunds love these natural beef ears! They tear off pieces, then rip and chew the ears until they're devoured. Since there is no unpleasant odor or greasy mess, I love making them happy with these treats. Even one of my Seniors who has no teeth, waits for another to soften up an ear and then he gums it enjoyably - so cute! Great product!

    cow ear by CECE from Missouri08/28/2013

    My Lab Izzy loves these she is excited when the box comes to the house

    very clean treat, but thin by Kat11/22/2011

    I like the cleanliness of these ears, but they are thin and the puppy breaks them up and dosen't eat them like she does regular pig's ears or rawhide-looks like potato chips lying around when she's done-but-gives her some fun and so easy to sweep up

    Great product for active dogs by RLo1901/27/2012

    I have a 2 year old black Lab and sometimes her energy level can be draining. Merrick's Natural Beef Chews Cow Ears to the rescue! I can give her one of these and get a few minutes to myself!

    by BlueAussie from Bradenton, FL10/30/2012

    After a bit, a hit! Lasted 2 days with monitoring. Too much for one sitting, in my opinion.

    by from 09/08/2014

    These cow ears are healthy and do an excellent job of keeping my dogs teeth clean and she just loves them.

    wonderful by job from onMerrick's


    Best Value by DG from Palm Coast, FL02/18/2013

    I order these beef cow ears because they are more digestible for my dog because there is less fat than fhe pig ears. He gets one every night, so I order them in bulk. Entirely pets had the best price and great customer service.

    Healthier than a pig ear by Andrew12/12/2011

    Expensive for an everyday snack, but can't find cheaper anywhere else. Will not last as long as a rawhide, so don't expect it to occupy a chewer.

    Small by Guerin from New York03/06/2012

    I was looking for larger ears and some of these are maybe 5".

    My labs love these! by 3labs11/15/2011

    My 3 labs absolutely love these chews.. and they keep them occupied a while.. I will definitely re-order!

    vet's choice by tricia from Florissant, Missouri12/13/2010

    my vet said this was the only chew that he recommended. The pig's ears are too greasy and easily upset the dogs stomach. My dog loves these and this provides good chewing. I wish you would go back to selling them in bulk.

    Natural? by Mrs. M.07/11/2014

    I don't know if these are "natural" or not. When I received mine, it seemed a lot like rawhide which I do not give my dog normally. I specifically look for natural products because my dog is allergic to a lot of things. While she didn't have a reaction to this product, I don't think I will purchase these again for her and will opt for the moozles and cow hooves instead. It's not a bad product, I'm just very cautious with my dog.

    great chew by terrij. from houston, tx09/03/2014

    Cow ears are easily digestible, unlike rawhide bones. I like these because they are not messy, they are an all natural product with no smell. I have three little chihuahuas and they love them. It is cute to see them carry around the big ears . They get one ear each and they last about a week and a half.

    These are the Best! by Doxie Mom from Lancaster, PA08/03/2011

    These are the best treats, my dogs love them and they last longer than rawhide. My 2 doxies are aggressive chewers, they can eat a rawhide bone in less than an hour, these seem to be more of a challenge for them. Each ear is naturally a different shape so they are challenged with a new plan of attack every time they get one of these treats. No smell, No grease, no hidden ingredients, individually wrapped, made in the USA, and affordable doesn't get any better in the world of dog treats!

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