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Thomas Labs Fel-O-Taurine Powder (16 oz)

Item Number: 110-5030.P03
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A water soluble natural amino acid important in maintaining normal vision, blood platelet, and heart function. An essential amino acid for cats.


INGREDIENTS: Taurine, Maltodextrin. 1,000mg of Taurine per 5gm

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Makes me purr! The bengals too! by GroveCanada from Ontario, Canada07/09/2013

I confess...My doctor father taught me to always try the food or medicine or whatever I was giving to an animal, first, myself... It's the only way I really know what is in pet food... I found out my bengal cats' Taurine powder was the same as the human stuff...Since I have low blood pressure, I have been sneaking it for myself...It strengthens my heart, speeds up digestion(ok, lets' just say it relieves constipation), & gives me energy... It makes our bengal cats purr audibly, makes their eyes stronger & thus their vision, & gives their hearts more energy to pump...It also can prevent HCM...(My opinion on the subject of hypertrophiccardiomyopathy)...Though clam juice is a great source of Taurine, it is harder to find & too salty usually...This product is perfect! Lasts a very very very long time & doesn't spoil...Every household should have some, both for humans & for pets! (smile)... As a note: In times of concussion, potassium levels rise & taurine levels drop...So that is when you need to add taurine to anyone's diet...Low blood pressure (potassium excess) can stop your heart...So taurine is a lifesaver... My medical arts theory, Grove Body Part Chart, speaks to this...I only mention this because I have looked into the subject... Again fabulous product, fabulous seller...Must have for any first aid kit...An injured or sick cat or person or dog or horse can use the extra taurine to recover...This is something you can do when you don't know what to do...


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