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    The Original TICKED OFF is the world's simplest tick remover. It's ideal for pet lovers, groomers, campers, sportsmen, hunters, fishermen, hikers, etc. TICKED OFF is the only single-motion tick remover designed to help you remove ticks in a timely and effective manner, with your safety in mind. The simple tool is easy to hold and use and has been proven in removing disease carrying ticks from animals and people.

    Usage Information

    Directions: May be used in any direction, front, back or side, to remove ticks. Once the tick has been isolated, is clearly visible and free from obstruction, place the wide part of the notch on the skin near the tick (hold skin taut if necessary). Applying slight pressure downward on the skin, slide the remover forward so the small part of the notch is framing the tick. Continuous forward sliding motion of the remover detacthes the tick. The tick is now entirely removed. Dispose to the tick or save for testing. Treat the wound as needed. Clean the tick remover with alcohol or similiar disinfectant. For adult and adult-supervised use; not at toy.

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    by from 07/11/2013

    We have a lot of ticks in our area this year, and have found multiple ticks on our long-haired border collie. Removing the ticks was difficult, even for someone used to taking wood ticks off herself/animals. We were getting the whole tick, but sometimes the tick took chunks of skin from him at the same time.

    this by several from timesWe


    It didn't work for me by Jo02/17/2012

    I like the idea of the product, but the ticks where I live are normally to small for this product to work. It works if the tick is fully engorged, but not if they have just attached to the dog. I did find one product that works well: Pro-tick Remedy.

    Removes ticks effortlessly by Mrs. Robinson from Southern New England07/09/2013

    This is a fantastic product at an amazingly low price. I bought one of these years ago and misplaced it (I think I loaned it to a friend who went for a hike and forgot to return it); so, when I found it here, I replaced it to keep on hand just-in-case. I once used it on a young child (of a colleague) who ended up with a tick stuck to the back of his neck. He told us there was a spot that itched and bothered him, so, when we took a look -- we saw a tick had attached itself. This little spoon with a tiny "v" cut-out lifted the tick in its entirely with one fell swoop. It was painless and quick. We have a LOT of ticks here in Southern New England and this is a definite must-have to keep on hand. We use flea-tick preventative spot-on treatments for our cats and dogs, so, we have little worries about finding ticks on them. However, there have been a few occasions when one of our dogs has stuck her/his head into a bush or shrub (while going on a walk) and when s/he pulled it out -- there were ticks (yes, multiple) on the face and head. I was able to flick them off quickly but if I missed one -- I would be ready for fast, efficient removal. If you have ticks in your area and don't have one of these -- get one!! It's much better, cleaner, and safer than resorting to the use of your fingernails (ugh, gross).

    Works great by ReBoot from Bowling Green, OH07/19/2013

    I keep giving these away. I have had to use them several times and everyone wants one.

    Works great by ginny07/06/2013

    Have used this product for several years for pets and humans - there's an audible click when the tick pulls off and is secured in the tool for safe disposal.

    Ticked Off easy to handle and see the tick by shuggie from Northern New England06/05/2012

    I bought this tick remover for an elderly relative to use on her little dog. I selected it because the longer handle was easier for her to hold onto, and the white color makes it easier for her to see whether she has the scoop bowl actually under the tiny deer ticks we have here. It meets both of those needs. The thickness of the bowl makes it a little challenging to get it under a tiny tick which has fastened on tightly. For that you may need tick tweezers. This product works great on 95% of the ticks, which in New England is a lot of ticks.

    Tick remover by Jo from California01/19/2010

    Great concept. I have one and it works for large ticks, but the small ones it's to big for and it slides right over the tick. If they made a small one for the 1/8 inch ticks that would be great and yes I have written them about it.

    Best tick remover by Michelle04/26/2008

    The easiest tick remover for pets and people, I have ever used! I have seen this selling for $8 at places.


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