• Tomlyn Pill-Masker (4 oz)

    Tomlyn Pill-Masker (4 oz)

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    Never Have Trouble Giving Your Pets Pills Again

    Pet owners constantly struggle to get their pets to take pills. With the Tomlyn Pill-Masker (4 oz), this problem is no longer an issue.

    The 4 oz tub is filled with a flavorful paste that can be shaped around any size of pill. It is easy to shape needed supplements into a delicious snack for your pets. They will bite right into it and love the taste. Even better, they will have no idea they also consumed a needed supplement. In fact, many cats and dogs actually assume they are getting a treat instead of a pill. Itís a win-win for pet owners, and it is actually very easy to use. It does not take long to hide your pets needed medicine in this shapeable paste.

  • Tastes just like a snack!
  • Can be shaped and formed around any pill
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    Ingredients: Brewers dried yeast, glycerin, lecithin, vegetable oil, salt,spray dried liver powder, cheese powder, natural flavors, arabic gum, sorbicacid (to preserve freshness), calcium propionate (to preserve freshness),sodium acid pyrophosphate and Rosemary extract.

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    great pill masker by luvdogs from Dublin, CA06/07/2014

    It worked really well..very pliable and my dog loved it.

    It's the best I've found by Sandy05/16/2014

    My dogs love it and it takes the hassle out of administering pills to them.

    Works well by LJB from MA03/01/2014

    This can be molded around the pill and covers it easily without flaking off, You do not have to use a lot and my puppy loves it. Very convenient!

    pill masker by great stuff from hickory nc04/04/2014

    this was sent to me as a trial offer, and one of my dogs has to have 2 pills a day at the same time, this made it easier for her to take and for me to be sure she swallowed the pills. I am using this everyday now and it is great

    Wow cats love this! by Elaine from Illinois05/21/2014

    Thank you so much for stocking this product. I have reordered since my first trial of this supplement. My five cats will do anything just so they could have a taste. Used with or without pills. Works as a treat when needing to cut nails or clean ears.Thank you for this product made in the USA from Ft. Worth Texas. I am very choosy what my pets eat or use. They love the smell, when I open up the container, it gets their attention quick!! Thank you so much!

    Tomlin Pill-Masker by kmccabe60 from Bay Area, California06/23/2014

    My dogs absolutely love this stuff. I have no problems giving them meds with this product ! Great product.

    A Pill-Masker that works by BBinFLA from SW Florida04/04/2014

    My dog loved it I could roll the pill into a ball and give it to her as a treat. However recenty she developed major allegories so can no longer use it.

    Pill masker review by Gizmo05/02/2014

    would like to see product sold in a larger size. Current cost is too high for such a small size. works very well to administer medicine.

    Best Answer For Giving Pills! by Debbie from East Coast, USA05/16/2014

    I have a GSD that tucks her head and runs when she smells the heartworm pills that are chewable! I have tried ALL the suggestions for masking but you have to cover that smell for her! Cream cheese is just so messy and not always a sure fix - it is the only one that came close. With the Pill Masker, all I have to do is pinch a little, make a flat circle, and dump the pill right from the package onto it! No smell on me! Carefully pinch up all edges and smooth around (I want to be sure - I get bit when prying open mouths to push pills!) EVERY TIME she takes the "package" joyfully and swallows in one gulp! I am amazed and very grateful! Just added a small dog to the family - the "package" looked so big but she did the same thing! One bite and gulp - all gone and they want more!

    Very Economical by Martha06/25/2014

    I no longer to struggle to give my dogs pills. This product works on any size pill, covers more pills than a bag of the competitors product, and my dogs love the taste.

    A great MASK! by MaryJo from Nanaimo, BC, Canada07/20/2014

    We no longer have to fool around with cheese, cold cuts or peanut butter to ensure our pets swallow their medication! One gulp and they are ready for the next one! Best product we've ever tried.

    Tasty and easy to wrap around pills by Thisby03/23/2014

    My cat loves the taste of this pill masker and often takes her pills with it. However, after a few weeks, she no longer consumes her meds in it consistently. My vet warned me about this, because this is what she found with her cats. I don't know if my cat now associates it with the taste of the medicine that I put inside or if she just got bored with the taste of the masker. I think that if I put it away and only use it on occasion, she'll continue to accept her meds with it. In the meantime, I need alternatives. It would be great if Tomlyn would make other flavors.

    Did not work! by Pam07/14/2014

    Cat would not eat it with or without medication.

    Great for giving pills by debbie from kane, pa09/17/2014

    My dog loves it, the pill she takes daily is a hard capsule and had a hard time giving it to until I tried this.......GREAT!!!

    my dog loves this by great dane lady from AZ03/03/2014

    My great dane loves to take his pills with this masker. We use to have to use cheese which was messy and a pain. This is easy to use and he never spits out the pill now. He thinks he is getting a treat!!

    Fantastic Product by Mya from Missouri01/14/2014

    Love this paste my English bulldog loves the smell and taste!!!! Works great will def buy again!!!!

    Good for medium to big dogs by Gitanjali from India08/02/2014

    When the pill is wrapped up in this, it is reasonably big so a small dog will nibble away at it and find the pill. Big dogs just chomp it up. Has been really handy for de-worming my great dane.

    works with some by lj in nc from NC06/11/2014

    This product is great for most of my dogs (3). It's easy to use, not messy, & 2 of my dogs love it. My ancient Chi-chi, however, is highly suspicious & very difficult to give meds to. I usually have to crush, mix with baby food & sugar, give via syringe, etc. Huge hassle! She can smell/sense a pill even through this product, which seems impossible but she does & will not take it. But "2 out of 3 ain't bad" so I recommend it. The container holds a good bit & lasts a good while so I think it's a decent value.

    Excellent Product by Millsman from South Daytona, Florida05/24/2014

    This product has been an amazing tool for my wife and I to use to get our dogs to take their pills, without the hassle of trying to hide it in their food, which worked only on occasion.

    by from 03/01/2014

    My dog has to pills every day and giving her the pill with Pill Masker is so easy. Don't have to give her the pill with lunchmeat or hot dog.

    pill by masker, from IShe


    by Kathy from Simi Valley, CA05/27/2014

    Best invention ever! So easy to mold around difficult capsules, etc. Plus it doesn't take much unlike the pill pockets.


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