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Top Summer Blockbusters

It's the most exciting time of the year for moviegoers – Summer Blockbusters! We're at the halfway mark for big named movies hitting the box office. Wolverine and Star Trek came out in full swing but the best has yet to come as Tranformers and Harry Potter are approaching quickly.

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Comic books seem to be the best way to make movies nowadays. Wolverine is no exception as the lead character from the popular X-Men franchise spins off into his own film.

The movie is a prequel of the X-men series where Wolverine’s troubled past is explained. If you’re a fan of Marvel Comics, you’ll be delighted to see a host of cameos throughout the film.
Release Date: Now In Theaters

Boldly going where no one has gone before – Star Trek makes an introduction through a wholly different adaptation of the popular TV series. Star Trek begins on a battle front of two bitter rivals, James Kirk, a delinquent farm-boy, and Spock, born from a logic-based society that rejects all emotion.

This is definitely not your father or mother’s version of Star Trek.
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Arnold didn’t come back for this one – he was probably too busy with the California budget crisis.

The future that John Connor must battle for is here as he leads the human resistance against Skynet and their army of Terminators.

Who would have thought that the end of mankind would be so very entertaining?


Release Date: Now in Theaters

Pixar Studios always comes up with the best ingredients to make commercially successful animated films – add Up to that long list.

78 year old Carl Fredricksen spent his whole life dreaming of exploring the world and living life to the fullest. Until now, Carl has failed to meet his wishes until meeting Russell, a Junior Wilderness Explorer who gives him a new lease on life.

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Release Date: June 24, 2009

Tranformers just might be the biggest movie of the summer – the cast will be no exception either.

If you love gigantic robots battling for control of the Earth, Tranformers is your one-way ticket to explosive entertainment.

Behind the scenes filmmakers Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg team up with lead stars Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox to bring yet another eye-popping film that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.
Release Date: July 1, 2009

Third time's a charm for the Ice Age crew. As the icicles begin to melt into the next era, Manny and Ellie are expecting a bouncing baby mammoth while Diego suffers from a feline identity crisis.

Things become more complicated as the group realizes that underneath layers of snow and ice lies a world populated by dinosaurs.

Fear not as everyone’s favorite acorn obsessed rodent, Scrat returns with a new obsession.
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Release Date: August 7, 2009 Specially trained military operatives, Duke and Ripcord join G.I. Joe, an elite international team.

G.I. Joe works under the radar, uses the latest in ultra high-tech equipment, and answers to no one. Their current assignment will be to go head-to-head with arms dealer, Destro and learn about a new organization called Cobra.

Based on the 80’s comic book, G.I. Joe was designed to be entertaining for newcomers and hardcore fans alike.


Release Date: July 15, 2009

In the 6th installment of the Harry Potter franchise, Harry once again goes up against the evil Voldemort.

As daunting as that may be, teenage romance is the other great challenge for the youngsters at the Hogwarts school of wizardry.

This Harry Potter film has been highly anticipated since the Fall of 2008 when the film was originally scheduled to be released in theaters.
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