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Greenies Mini Treat-Pak™ - Large (6 oz)

Item: B21185
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This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying Greenies - LARGE 8 BONES

Try Bonies Dental FormulaGreenies Mini Treat Pak contains delicious, chewy treats for your dog that promote tooth care. These treat are shaped to clean your dog’s teeth, having been designed while considering how dogs chew food. Greenies also feature a chewy texture that will fight plaque, tartar buildup and contains ingredients to freshen offensive doggie breath.

Greenies are safe and easy to digest, having been formulated with soy and wheat protein isolates to be completely digestible. Maintaining your dog’s healthy teeth and gums is easy with a treat that features a flavor your dog will love!

Choose the right size GREENIES dental chew for your dog:
Dogs 5-15 lbs/2-7 kgDogs 15-25 lbs/7-11 kgDogs 25-50 lbs/11-22 kgDogs 50-100 lbs/22-45 kgDogs over 100 lbs/45 kg

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