Merrick Patties and Wafers

Merrick Patties and WafersMerrick’s Patties and Wafers are the perfect afternoon and midnight snack for your dog. They’ve been cooked just right so that they keep their natural flavor. The steak patties and wafers are larger than others which means your pet can fully enjoy all that these dog treats have to offer. Merrick’s Patties and Wafers are so good your dog will eat these treats like candy. Patties and Wafers will have your dog beggin’ for more!! Show your dog how much you love him by buying a treat that’s made with tender, loving, care.

Merrick Chicken Steak Patties (5 pack)
Merrick Chicken Steak Patties (5 pack)

($6.99)  $4.49
Merrick Tripe & Liver Patties (5 pack)
Merrick Tripe & Liver Patties (5 pack)

($5.99)  $4.49
Merrick Pork Steak Patties (5 pack)
Merrick Pork Steak Patties (5 pack)

($6.99)  $4.49
Merrick Turkey Patties (5 pack)
Merrick Turkey Patties (5 pack)

($6.99)  $3.59
Merrick Turkey Steak Patties measures 3" in diameter. They are great for the dog who loves an afternoon snack. These treats are so good your dog will gobble them up like candy. Show how much you love your dog by buying him a dog treat that ís made with love. Ingredients: Turkey Steak Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (Min.) 46.00% Crude Fat (Min.) 27.00% Crude Fiber (Max.) 1.00% Moisture (Max.) 6.00%
3.00 rating based on 2 reviews
Featured Reviews for Merrick Chicken Steak Patties (5 pack)
Nom...Nom...Nom... by Lily&Casper from baytown, tx04/23/2012

My little pups abosolutely adore this treat. I give it to them on lazy evenings when the whole family is together and I need them to wind down. I wish it was slightly lower in price but otherwise, Merrick is a great brand that uses the best quality ingredients in their products.

No good! by Harry from Missouriu06/05/2014

Dogs would not touch it. Had to throw it all out.

Featured Reviews for Merrick Tripe & Liver Patties (5 pack)
tasty treat by helpsdogs07/21/2013

hard wafer pattie, another treat the dog likes. she is very hard to please as she probably wasn't given snacks in her previous life.



Healthy Treat by Dot from Savannah, GA09/03/2013

My grand dog eats only the best food products. My grand dog loves Merrick Tripe & Liver Patties. Merrick patties are a very healthy treat and they also help to keep his teeth white and clean.

Featured Reviews for Merrick Pork Steak Patties (5 pack)
My dog loves it! by Westies Mom from Richmond, VA01/12/2013

My westie is allergic to most everything except beef, duck and rabbit. This product is one of very few that my dog can eat without any reaction. He absolutely loves it and looks forward to this treat daily. It is worth the money!

Featured Reviews for Merrick Turkey Patties (5 pack)
Still untouched by Alfie07/23/2012

My dog isn't a huge fan...he loves other Merrick products, but these just sit on the floor for days and never get a second sniff. Probably good for less picky dogs, my guy tends to like milkbone type treats and stinkier Merrick products like flossies and bully sticks.

Size Reduced, Price Same by Jim from Arlington, WA03/28/2013

Been buying these for quite a while. Putting up with them arriving broken but the last time noticed the size was dramatically reduced.

by Kats from Esmond, IL06/30/2012

These are ok if you buy them on sale. My dogs do love them. They are easy to break up, for small dogs.

This is a "special" treat by Bonnie from Granite Falls11/07/2012

I break up pieces of this disc and give to my dog for a treat and sometimes add to her dog food for a treat. They are very healthy and have a taste that dogs love.

Merrill Turkey Patties by CJ from Maricopa, AZ03/04/2014

My "sweet "angel" has several allergies so finding your website and your products has saved me from both the Vet and from my Kitchen ( I usually have to make them!) Both Brûlée and I say......THANK-YOU! <3

My dogs wolfed these down! by RP2 from Burbank, CA01/16/2013

I have very 'picky' dogs when it comes to treats (OK, they're spoiled!) and they both LOVED these. I just wish they came in bulk packaging!

Convenient and dog loves them! by gsdluvr07/21/2012

These are thin hard crackers made with turkey. They are very convenient to carry and most important, my dog loves them!

Not Sure About... by MiaMama12/23/2010

One of my dogs really liked these, the other just carried it around and didn't seem inclined to chew on it. My concern is that I ordered two "5 packs", assuming they were packaged by Merrick. I received 10 loose patties in an unsealed, unmarked plastic bubble wrap bag. There's no manufacturer label, no ingredient list, and no date by which to judge freshness. This makes me very nervous. I realized too late that I have no assurance that I received what I paid for. They are most likely high quality turkey that came from Merrick just as described, but for all I know it could be a totally different protein source that was packaged in China! I won't purchase again unless the packaging is sealed and labeled.

great purchase by hither from massachusetts12/08/2012

my dogs love these. even my savannah cats like them! my shepherd is very picky and if she likes them then all dogs should. good price compared to other places too!

Merrick Turkey patties by poodlesare us from New Mexico08/17/2013

these were a hit with my little Poodles, as I can break them into small pieces - I will order these again.

My dogs love the patties! by Jacksony from Seattle, WA09/05/2012

I ordered the Merrick Turkey Patties on sale for $2.99 which is a great price. High quality and my dogs love them. Probably a bit too expensive at full price, but the sale price rocks.

Merrick down sizing by brutus03/17/2013

What is up with Merrick down sizing these? They went from a 3.75" disk to a 2.5" disk and they are charging the same price? I will have to reconsider buying any Merrick items until they go back to the size & quality they claim to be!

Tasty! by SherMus from New York, NY03/27/2012

I haven't met a dog yet who didn't like these treats. Give them to your dog whole as a special treat or break them up into small training bits.

2 paws up for patties! by treatlady05/04/2012

My lab/cattle dog mix Gracie loves these patties. They aren't too hard to chew and don't upset her stomach like some treats do.

Dogs love them but pricey by Conchie from Cincinnati OH03/20/2013

Cost way too much but seems like a very healthy treat and they love them

Yummy treat by Kris from Virginia02/21/2013

Because I have a large breed, this was like a cracker sized treat to him! But he loved it nonetheless!

Merrick Turkey Patties by Faithful from Maryland12/20/2012

Our dog still loves Merrick Turkey Patties, but they have gotten more expensive and smaller since she first discovered them. The taste has stayed the same, just more expensive and bite size. To satisfy her she now needs two of the same product that only required one in the past.

Very Tasty by Lori07/31/2012

My dogs (and cat) loved them. I bought 2 packs and put them on the counter with the other dog treats. One of my cats was the first to have some after knocking one of the packages on the floor and tearing through the plastic. She has never bothered any of the other treats on the counter. In true form, once the treats were on the floor, within reach, the dogs devoured them. They were on sale when I bought them, but are worth the regular price. They break up nicely into smaller pieces for cats or small dogs.

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