Valkyrie (3/8/10)

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Pet of the Week winner
Name: Valkyrie
Breed: German Shepherd
Submitted by: Lorrie H.
Location: North Carolina

Valkyrie is a one year old female German Shepherd. We live on a farm in North Carolina, and she is a busy dog. Her jobs include outfielder for the grandchildren's baseball team, herding the horses, greeting and leading all visitors to the door, bringing in the morning paper, warning us when invaders approach (mainly birds, deer and possums), and being everything a great dog is supposed to be!

Her favorite trick is catching Cheez-its. Even the youngest grandchild has learned to pitch perfectly into her waiting jaws. My favorite trick that she does is coming when called...every single time. She can be chasing her buddy, our 11 year old cat, but when I whistle she stops on a dime, wheels around and runs straight to me.

Her favorite treats are chicken, beef wieners, and cheese. She will learn any new trick easily if you reward with these treats.

Her favorite things are being sprayed with the water hose in the summer, lying in front of the fire in the winter, and being with the family. The only thing she hesitates doing is riding in the car (gets carsick), but she jumps right in and behaves politely.

I was hesitant getting a large dog since we have so many young grandchildren, but she was so easily trained and is very obedient around the little ones. She runs along in front of them and honestly, I think she would try to break their fall if they tripped. She is a great companion to them. If they are digging in the sand pile, she is right there digging with them, running alongside when they ride their toys, and lying next to them when they sit resting, listening attentively to every word they say. And the most wonderful thing is that she does exactly the same thing with everyone in the family no matter what age they are. We all think we are extremely lucky having her in the family.

Cheese Please Treats Dogswell Treats Skinneez Toys
Cheese Please Treats Dogswell Treats Skinneez Toys


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