• Vet's Best Hairball Relief Digestive Aid For Cats (60 chewable tablets)

    Vet's Best Hairball Relief Digestive Aid For Cats (60 chewable tablets)

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    Vet's Best Hairball Relief Digestive Aid For Cats (60 chewable tablets)

    Absolutely no petroleum-based ingredients! Our hairball and digestive aid helps support a cat's healthy digestive tract. This wonderful formula helps prevent and eliminate hairballs using herbs that lubricate naturally.

    Directions: for Use for Cats: To release ingredients and to activate the natural flavorings your cat will love, break chewable tablets into smaller pieces. Give one or two tablets twice daily.

    Active Ingredients per Chewable Tablet
    Psyllium Seed.....................................................50mg
    Marshmallow (Althea Officinalis).........................25mg
    Slippery Elm Bark (Ulmas Fulva).........................25mg
    Allzyme (Lactobacillus Acidophillus, Aspergillus Oryzae, Baccillus Subtiles, Papain, Amylase, Protease).............................................................2mg
    Papaya Extract (Papain)........................................2mg

    Inactive ingredients: Apple Powder, Brewer's Yeast, Calcium Carbonate, Chicken (Dried), Liver (Defatted Pork), Magnesium Stearate, Natural Flavorings, Yeast (Torula)


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    It seems to help. by RJ from Arizona05/11/2013

    Not all our cats will eat these, and we break them into quarters for the ones who will. It seems to help reduce the number of hairball issues, although during shedding season, we also use the hairball remedy in a tube. No one likes that, but it seems to help where these pills don't. The tablets are a little pricey, but if it keeps the cats from spitting up quite so many hairballs, I'm willing to keep ordering them.

    by Maryland05/19/2013

    We tried this product after our cat refused to take the gel in a tube type. Velvet was having frequent recurrences of hairball spitup prior to taking this product. She willingly takes it sprinkled on her food and it has greatly reduced these occurences to almost none.

    "Miracle Cure" by Susan08/13/2012

    This was recommended to me by a friend when my 15 year old cat began constantly vomiting trying to dislodge hairballs. Half a tablet mixed in with his food twice a day, and no more "barfing." It's truly a miracle.

    Great Product by Peanut from Miami, FL01/09/2013

    This is a wonderful product that prevents hairballs and constipation in cats. Plus they eat it willingly. It is not available in many stores. Please do not stop carrying it!

    Vomit Reduction by Mimi from St. Paul, Minnesota06/06/2013

    My 5 cats were vomiting quite often even though they were brushed regularly. I tried the traditional tube for hairballs without much success. It also was a struggle to administer. All of my cats scramble to get Vets Best for Hairballs. They think it is a treat. I can hardly get the food in the bowl before they consume Pets Best. And best of all - next to no vomiting. I bought a bottle for our store cats. They too love it & it has reduced the vomiting. Love this product. It really works.

    by from 07/29/2012

    fabulous product excellent for hairball treatment and stopped my senior cat from what had become almost daily vomiting. Life saver product and he loves the taste of the tablets.

    - by very from goodProduct


    The boys love them by Petal from Pgh Pa12/11/2012

    I have two kitties and they love to groom themselves and each other, which of course can lead to hairballs. I've found that one of these a day keeps them regular, no more hairballs! They love the taste of them and when they hear me shake the jar in the morning they come running to get their "treat"!

    these work by cyberchic03/27/2011

    I have been using htese on my 3 cats for a couple of years now and they work. All 3 of my cats were vomiting frequently and hacking up fur balls despite being brushed weekly. They hate the gel fur ball stuff. I crush one of these per day up and add it to a small amount of wet food and they eat it up. No more vomiting or fur balls.

    by from 08/21/2014

    Works great! by Scout's mama03/12/2014

    This product works fantastic! My picky cat will actually eat the tablets & they really do keep her hair balls to a minimum. Now if this company could just bring back their old formulation for their UTI prevention tablets so my cat would eat them again, I would be happy, and so would my cat!

    by from 11/27/2011

    works great by petsitter05/30/2013

    My "big boy" loves them and they seem to be working good. Unfortunately, his little sister would not eat them, but she is very picky.

    Best product for hairball / vomit issues with cat by ps11/18/2012

    Cat no longer vomits daily since taking this product. Worked immediately since began using in Feb 2011. Wonderful product.

    vets best ever by susie03/27/2013

    have not met a cat that does not like this and it works!

    My Kitties say, *Yum Yum* To this product by MsHollygolly from King City Ontario Canada05/07/2013

    Maybe it is too soon to say, but so far my Kitty-Kats say *Yum Yum * to this product. I find giving them the tube kitty malt, does not go over all that easliy. They really took to these tablets and as fast as i broke the tablets up , each one of my 3 cats were eager to get their fair share. As mentioned maybe it is too soon to tell, but i believe i am on to something here. Finally a kitty hairball remedy they like !!!

    Best hair ball remedy ever! by Ali06/20/2012

    My fussy cats both love this and eat it without a fussy every morning. Absolutely helped their hair ball problem.

    They changed the tablets/it no longer works well. by Moo from SF12/05/2014

    This used to be awesome. But my last order of 10 bottles showed the tablets are now different. Before they were larger in diameter and flatter and easily snapped into two pieces. Now the tablets are thicker and smaller in diameter. I wouldn't mind except that this new tablet no longer works. After 3 days on it, my cat started throwing up again (as she would without the digestive aid) each time i gave her any food. Even if I gave her an extra 1/2 or full tablet, it didn't help with her digestion, and she still threw up. I had to give her some petromalt. And I have to continue to give her petromalt once a day if i continue to give my cat the changed Vets Best Digestive Aid. I won't be buying it anymore.

    seem to do the trick by JC from Cleveland, OH03/09/2013

    I have three cats. Spring is right around the corner, and they seem to be popping up with hairballs more frequently now. When I give them these tablets, they think they're getting a special treat. They all love them, and they seem to work!

    It really works by Lynnie08/20/2012

    I have a long haired cat who used to have foot long hairballs regularly. Now he has them irregularly and they are only a couple inches long. I give them to him on a plate with other cat treats and I hide it in back of a favorite chair. He thinks it's a game and eats them right up. If he gets bored with it I change the location. Also his stools are firmer, the fiber really helps what were partially loose stools.

    A daily treat for my cat by Katzen309/17/2013

    My long hair cat loves these and will not let me forget to give him one every morning. My other two cats are not interested in them at all, what can I say, cats are finicky. I'm just happy my long haired cat likes these. I feel better giving him this to help with fur balls than the petroleum products the vets suggest. They really do help control his fur balls. I would suggest trying this product with your cat.

    by Beth06/26/2012

    Our cat was throwing up lots of hairballs, and it has almost completely stopped since starting her on these tablets. I'm quite amazed. I could never get her lick the gooey petroleum stuff.


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