• Vetoquinol Viralys (L-Lysine) Powder (600 grams)

Vetoquinol Viralys (L-Lysine for Cats) Powder (600 grams)

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Nobody wants their cat to suffer from a virus, but unfortunately some cats develop feline herpes and feel the effects, regardless. This virus has no effect on humans, dogs or other pets, but it can be a serious breathing problem for cats, and it can also cause conjunctivitis in feline ocular systems.

Vetoquinol Viralys (L-Lysine) Powder (600 grams) meets the needs of a Lysine supplement which is a known help in cat herpes virus treatment, both for respiratory and eye symptoms. As an antibiotic, the powder can be ingested by a cat for systemic treatment and protection, and help control the effects of the virus in the affected feline patient.

Packaged in 600 gram containers for multiple doses with one order, Entirelypets.com sells Vetoquinol Viralys Powder in tasty flavors, convincing cat patients to take their medicine without a fuss. This is a good thing since, as any cat owner knows, when a cat doesn’t want to do something their fish-hook claws and teeth emphasize the point clearly in case there was any confusion on the matter.

While reducing your cat’s stress and anxiety in its home environment will keep the virus symptoms to a minimum, having Vetoquinol Viralys Powder on hand will also contribute to a healthier, furry friend and a longer feline life.

Usage Information

Administration: One rounded scoop contains approximately 500mg of L-lysine Hydrochloride in a palatabe base. The suggested amount for cats over 6 months of age is one rounded scoop given orally twice daily. The suggested amount for kittens under 6 months of age is 1/2 scoop given orally twice daily. Adjust amount based on veterinary recommendations.

Use: For use in cats & kittens as a nutritional supplement for conditions responsive to Lysine.

Feline Herpes Virus

What is feline herpes virus?
Feline herpes virus is an upper respiratory virus of cats. It is also known as rhinotracheitis virus. It is very common among cats, especially in environments where there are multiple cats or new cats are constantly interacting. The virus is spread through the air and replicates in the upper respiratory tract (nasal area, tonsils). The conjunctiva of the eye is also affected during the primary infection which results inconjunctivitis. Clinical signs of infection include sneezing and ocular and nasal discharge. In most cases the primary infection resolves with no residual ocular lesions. However, depending on the age when the cat is affected, the serotype of the virus (infectivity or strength of infection), and other factors, there may be various ocular signs. In very young cats, adhesions of the eyelids to each other or to the cornea may occur. Adult cats may experience recurrent conjunctivitis or corneal ulcers. The virus remains latent in the nerves that serve the eyes. When a cat is stressed or exposed to new serotypes (different strains) of herpes virus, the ocular disease can recur. There is some evidence that eosinophilic keratitis, plasmacytic-lymphocytic keratitis, corneal sequestrum, and some cases of anterior uveitis may be associated with feline herpes virus infection.

How do cats get feline herpes virus?

Most cats are affected as kittens, contracting the infection from their mothers. Stray cats, multi-cat households, and cats from households where new cats are constantly introduced are more likely to suffer infection. Feline herpes virus is not contagious to dogs or to humans but only affects cats.

How is feline herpes virus diagnosed?

History and clinical signs can diagnose ocular diseases caused by feline herpes virus. Aside from history and clinical signs, diagnostic tests for feline herpes virus include virus isolation, immunofluorescent antibody testing, polymerase chain reaction testing, serology, and cytology. Testing can be expensive and is generally reserved for specific cases. Tests that may not specifically detect the presence of herpes may be used to detect ocular disease caused by herpes. These tests include a Schirmer tear test (measuring tear production), corneal staining, and conjunctival biopsy.

How is feline herpes virus treated?

Treatment for feline herpes virus infections is nonspecific and generally directed at controlling secondary bacterial infection. A topical antibiotic such as tetracycline or erythromycin may be prescribed for use in the eye. Systemic antibiotics may also be prescribed. Oral L-Lysine is recommended by many veterinary ophthalmologists at a dose of 250-500 mg twice daily. Lysine competes with another amino acid, arginine, that herpes virus must have in order to reproduce. Lysine has been demonstrated to decrease the severity of ocular symptoms associated with herpes virus infection (1) and reduce viral shedding during periods of disease recurrence (2). Depending on symptoms, other medications such as topical antiviral drugs, topical polysulfated glycosaminoglycans, topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or topical interferon may be used. In some cases the ocular diseases resulting from feline herpes virus may require surgical intervention. The key to managing the clinical signs associated with feline herpes virus is controlling the cat's environment. Cats exposed to multiple cats (indoor-outdoor cats), cats in multiple cat households, or cats that are frequently introduced to new cats are difficult to keep disease free. Reducing stress by maintaining a stable routine is helpful in preventing recurrences of disease. Keep in mind that it is the nature of the virus to see recurrences of the disease and periodic treatment is often necessary.


WARNINGS: For animals use only. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately. Store in a cool, dry place.

CAUTIONS: Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. If animal's condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian.


Active Ingredients Pet Scoop: L-Lysine Hydrochloride ...... 500mg

Inactive Ingredients: Brewer's Dried Yeast, Hydrolyzed Fis (enzymatic), Hydrolyzed Poultry Liver (enzymatic), Mixed Tocopherols (a preservative), Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate, Sodium Sulfate.

Customer Reviews

DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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by RKP from Tucson11/21/2012

Vet recommended to us and it is much cheaper at Entirely Pets. Thanks

Ok by Lisalisa07/23/2012

This lysine helps the kitties, but they do not like it any better than the plain granules I used before and the tuna smell is overwhelming.

Effective product for cats with chronic herpes by FitChik from Morrisville, NC03/11/2013

As always, the product is effective for my cat who has a chronic herpes virus with upper respiratory symptoms. This powder is odorless & tasteless (even to cats!). I sprinkle it on dry food, after using a spritz of olive oil, and on wet food too. It keeps symptoms at bay. The only drawback is that the tub isn't sealed, so it feels a bit creepy to just twist the top off and start using it. I would really appreciate the manufacturer sealing the tub for purity and safety.

by from 08/29/2014

Vetoquinol Viralys Lysine Powder for Cats is the best working supplement for cats. It boost their immune system.

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Great Price/Delivery Time by unclebull from Granite City, IL08/14/2013

This product was recommended by our vet several years ago. Entirely Pets offers the best prices and the delivery time is fantastic.

by andy02/12/2013

cats do not even notice it on their food. Must not have any taste.

good product by jd from arizona03/21/2014

really seems to help chronic upper respiratory. Easy to use - just sprinkle on wet or dry food. Cats seem not to mind the flavour

lysine powder - felines by BAP03/16/2012

This is great stuff - have used it for years. But this time when I ordered two large bottles, the bottle lid on one of them was loose. So when I went to put things away in the kitchen, the bottle was on the counter and one of our cats moved it to the edge and it fell to the floor. A considerable amount of powder fell out - but I was able to sweep most of it up - but now I must put the bottle away in the cupboard because of the loose lid.

by from 10/31/2011

Highly recommended! Especially for multi-cat households.

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Made all the difference in the world. by momcat from Gladeville, Tn.12/19/2013

When I brought Forrest the cat home from the shelter I also unknowingly brought feline herpes home with him. It didn't take him long to infect the other two cats who were really sick. The shelter folks said he had been treated for an upper respiratory infection but didn't say which one. My vet treated them and recommended Viralys. That was 3 years ago and they haven't had a single flare up since. They each get a scoop twice daily mixed with their wet food. They scarf it up. The 600 gram jar is a real bargain compared to the $37.00 the vet charged for 100 grams.

great product, poorly shipped by cat-herder04/16/2013

The cat doctors I take my cats to recommend Viralys to prevent feline herpes, so I use it every outdoor season. However, when I opened the USPS bag which showed up in my mailbox, the lid was off the jar and the bag was full of the powder! I poured the powder back into the jar and considered discarding it, but one of my tabbies jumped onto the counter and licked up the powder, indicating it had her approval.

great product by Judy the Cat Lady from Florida10/22/2012

I'm for anything that helps improve the immune system of my baby kitties. I just sprinkle it on their food every day and kittens and my adult cats eat it right up.

Excellent virus suppressant by Grimmy's Mom11/14/2013

I add this to my kitties' food at every meal. They like it and have had virtually no flare-ups from feline herpes since I began using it 7 years ago. :)

staple in our house by Alyssa11/14/2012

With multiple FRV cats in my home we have been using this product with good success for years.

Great value by myoldhen from Northern Lower Michigan07/18/2014

This product is very easy to use. Accurate measurement of the appropriate amount of product is simple. Mixed in a small amount of cat food, it is well tolerated by both of our cats. Prefer this to gel.

Great product by oct2497 from NJ11/30/2012

This helps keep my cat's feline herpes in her left eye contained to where it's at least only half of the eye covered, but usually less. I do give her 2 Lysine chewies in the a.m. too, so between using both, they reall help.

Consistently resolves symptoms by TM from Arizona01/25/2013

This relatively economical means of dispensing lysine consistently reduces or eliminates symptoms associated with feline herpes in our cats.

Viralys Works! by Nancy07/10/2009

Viralys powder is a great product! When I first had a cat with eye herpes, I used Viralys gel, which was very good and helped to clear up her eye. Then I rescued a cat who also had it, so I cut and crushed regular Lysine pills, but the cats didn't like it in their food. I then found out about Viralys powder, the first "palatable" product that really is palatable to them. It's cleared up the opaque spot on the eye and the dark center is getting smaller. Try this product---it's great and will help your cats!!

Great Find by Morse from Toms River, NJ07/27/2014

Our cats get the Viralys powder every morning with their breakfest. I just mix it in their wet food and they gobble it up. It keeps them healthy and happy.

Stops runny eyes in cats with herpes virus by Jean from NJ05/22/2014

L-lysine does work for my cat Lenny, who gets a runny left eye at times and sometimes gets inflammation of his eye lids due to having had the herpes virus as a kitten. When the inflammation happened I'd have to give him antibiotic eye drops. The Viralys does seem to prevent flare-ups of his runny eye so I give it to him in his canned food. Lenny is the cat on the left. Willie, on the right, also gets it in his food for a squinty left eye from eosinophilic keratitis, also caused by the herpes virus as a kitten. Willie also has to get neopolydex eye ointment once daily in his left eye.

Beats down kitty herpes by lauriemike10/23/2012

Our cat came to us with the dreaded feline herpes. I had had a cat before with it, before there were products available, and he had lost an eye to it. Our new cat loves this medicine and actually asks for it when he's feeling poorly. We've tried it in a number of ways and he likes the paste the best.

good stuff to keep my cats immune system up by motormag913 from detroit, mi12/18/2012

I sprinkle this in their canned food. It is flavorless. I'm a believer in this product. Although some don't think it is good for anything.

Great Product! by Rod from Florida02/21/2014

The Viralys is a great product and has greatly reduced the symptoms of our farm cats. They are healthier and happier since I started using this product.

Awesome for cats with feline herpes by Amy K.01/09/2010

I have two himmalyans and one persian. They all have re-occuring feline herpes. When one gets stressed out (from going to the vet, getting a hair cut, etc.) they all get it. Sneezing, coughing, boogery eyes! This definately helps minimize the symptoms and is recommended by my vet. They seem like they get over it almost immediately. I give them this twice a day. I am so thankful for this product.

great for feline herpes by kcmule06/18/2012

since i started using this supplement daily, my cat has had few if any feline herpes symptoms. great product for keeping my cat healthy.

Love the size! by Kitty Momma12/07/2012

We have several herpes kittens/cats in our home so it was very good to find and order this large container of L-Lysine. It lasts much longer than the smaller container (obviously :) ) and it's nice to not have to worry about ordering it so often.

Viralys by BB from Rome, GA03/06/2012

Helps keep the sneezing with the herpes virus under control.

prescribed by vet for feline herpes--easy to use by EP from New York, NY01/01/2013

I have been using this product intermittently for my cats over the past 7 years. I have 3 cats now, all from shelters/rescues. One came into our home with feline herpes, and I suppose all my cats have it now. This supplement is easy to use. Its use prevents the drippy eyes that my sweet kitty gets because he has a blocked tear duct.

Viralys by Lauralee from Ottawa, Ontario09/08/2014

Excellent seller. Fast delivery and thank you for taping the tops of the containers.

by from 03/30/2014

Love this product! by tequila 5501/09/2013

Started using about three years ago when my cat was sick. Use it every day and he is doing well. Helps when he is stressed and no more problems!!

Exceptional Product Results by Mark11/09/2013

We have used this product for 7 years now and have found it to be of outstanding quality and value. Our cat, Tonto, enjoys his dose mixed with his food and has remained symptom free from his eye condition ever since.

Great Product by Teresa from Pinehurst, NC04/11/2014

I have three cats that have eye and skin problems. This product is easy to administer, and it seems to work well.

Excellent Product by Ragdoll77 from NC05/25/2014

Viralys L-Lysine Powder is a great way to help the immune system on your cat or kittens plus it helps against Herpes. The powder is less expensive and can be sprinkled on dry food or put in can food.

Excellent Product & Price by Chloes Momma from NJ03/20/2012

Works great as a supplement to combat feline herpes... I've been using it for years with my two cats. You can really see what a difference it makes when you run out and don't have it.. this size is a great value and makes running out next to impossible. Much cheaper than the vet's lysine paste products!

Great Value and Quick Processing by Misa400 from Waltham, MA01/18/2012

Received the product very quickly and purchased 6 times as much as we were getting from our veterinarian for a fraction of the price.

Best for cats who have Herpes symptoms by cat lover 1959 from Ohio10/24/2012

On the advice of my vet, I give this Lysine supplement , mixed with a small amt of water,per syringe, to each of my cats who have the sneezing & runny eyes of a Herpes infection.One scoop is a therapeutic dose & 2 scoops can be used first, to start the daily dosage cycle. Usually the cats stop showing symptoms within a day or two. I continue for 2 more days & then stop.Saves a ton of money in vet bills!!



by Annie from Westminster, Colorado08/05/2014

When used consistently, This product effectively controls my beautiful ragdoll cat's watery sometimes bloody eyes due to the virus he has.

Packaging for Viralys powder by Connie04/11/2013

The product is great but packaging is terrible This is the second time since I have been ordering from you that the container is open and the powder spilled out into the shipping envelope. Makes me think I should buy from another vendor because now I have to go to the trouble of sending the damaged product back This is very inconvenient for me

by from 11/26/2012

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well....a dose or two a day of L-lysine keeps the virus at bay!

Hounddowgy by from Good

Great product

Vetoquinol Viralys (L-lysine) Powder by andplus3 from Sacramento, CA03/16/2014

This product is great. I am so glad I could find it at Entirely Pets for such a low price and for such a large amount. I received it in a timely manner and will do business again with Entirely Pets.

Recommended by my vet by Kitty Kat Lady from Berlin,CT12/02/2013

My husband and I rescue cats and lately have a problem with Upper Respiratory Infections, This product had slowed the progression and actually stopped most of it. Being diligent about giving this to all my kitties and cats has helped and saved a few visits to the Vet.

Important product for my cat and reasonably priced by joppacat from asheville, nc12/17/2011

My cat, adopted as a kitten, has herpes virus, I guess for life. She sneezes frequently - blowing mucus on furniture at times. I've taken her to the vets several times and one recommended Viralsys. I sprinkle a small scoop (included with the product) onto her wet food. It totally cures her of the symptoms. I bought the small size about 4 months ago and this time I bought the large size - both very inexpensive. I don't use any supplements but this really does work!

Easy to use, great product by Bowgirl10/25/2013

Very easy to use. Container size perfect for someone like myself who has a lot of cats.

Powdered Reassurance by Grimmy's Mom from Columbia, SC07/02/2012

This powder is easy to administer to all the kitties in my family, and we haven't had any feline herpes flare-ups in a very long time. :)

Good value by Spike04/05/2012

We have used Viralys for a couple years. Although the mechanism is unknown, it is reported to prevent the re-emergence of herpes virus in cats. So far, our cat has not had another bout with herpes, but that doesn’t prove efficacy because we don't know what would have happened had we not used the Viralys. Anyway, all of our previous purchases have been from our vet. I wish I had known sooner that Viralys is available from EntirelyPets; the price here is about $6/100 gm less. Thus, my rating is based principally on the price.

Best Product & Deal by Tequila55 from Berkley, MI01/19/2012

I love Viralys. One of my cats became ill about a year ago.I started using this product at the request of my Vet. He and my other cats have not had any respiratory problems since I started using it daily. I started with the gel form but found the powder is easy to mix into the wet food. Plus it lasts longer. Also doesn't change the taste of the food. Better price and size than I can buy locally.

The Best by CRElayne from Cedar Rapids, IA02/06/2013

My cats love this product. I mix it with their soft food but they will eat it straight out of the jar if I let them. I have several cats with Herpes Complex and they no longer show symptoms since I starting using L-Lysine.

My cats seem to not like it by CatPerson09/19/2014

My cats seem to be off eating their wet food since I started adding Vetoquinol Viralys. I tried reducing the amount I add to much less than the directions recommend, but this has not helped. I tried tasting it myself and found it tastes repulsive. But it is the only L-Lysine powder I have found on the market that is made for pets. Human grade L-Lysine is less terrible tasting, but I am told it is not suitable for pets because they can't metabolize it. This is something to do with the carrier/bonding agent used in human grade L-Lysine is different than pet grade.

Helps prevent previously recurring eye-infections by sspeed from Belleville, ON08/12/2014

A great product to mix in with wet food; cats don't even notice it. Administering the paste lysine was a struggle. Have two cats that are virus carriers. No URIs or eye-infections since starting the lysine supplement. Saves on suffering & vet bills in the long run. Only gave it four stars because it didn't come with a scoop. Luckily we have one from the last jar,but if this was the first container we wouldn't know how much to give.

This product really works! by Lucky02/26/2014

We live in a multi multi cat household in a rural area where feral cats are frequent and frequently sick. I'd been giving our kitties Vetoquinol Viralys powder twice a day, everyday for a very long time as a preventative measure. Recently I ran out of the L-Lysine and did not reorder in time to continue everyday dosing and within a few days we had cats with swollen eyes and crusty noses. After a very expensive trip to the vet for antibiotics and eye ointment we are back to our everyday dosing and all the kitties are well. This product really works and the kitties have no problems eating it when it's sprinkled on their food. Thank you.

Best Product for Our Kitties by Joey from Los Angeles,CA05/29/2013

Started using this product when one of our kitties became ill with an upper respiratory infection. Decided to included it in all of our kitties food and keep the "team"healthy. Also used it for my youngest baby when he became sick, had to stay at the veterinary hospital and ended up with a terrible URI. he has been cured of his URI and is back to being himself.

Vet Approved by Woodstock10/26/2011

I've been using this product since my 3 cats were kittens based on my vets recommendation. I'm so glad I can purchase this at a reduced price from Entirely Pets because it does work.

Very good results for outdoor cats imune systems by redmarie10/06/2011

I use this product for outdoor feral cats. They seem to respond to it.

by crazycatlady05/21/2013

I've been getting this l-lysine for many years, my vet recommended it. I have a few cats with herpes and it really has helped with their symptoms. I give it to them everyday with their canned food.


I purchased a 600 gram container of Viralys, which is supposed to contain a measuring scoop. The scoop was missing and since the quantity to be administered is not a regular amount, such as 1/4 teaspoon, the scoop is necessary in order to be giving the correct dosage. I sent 3 emails requesting a scoop and still haven't received one, almost a month after I ordered the product. I am now forced to write to the manufacturer myself to obtain the scoop.

Great for Cats with Feline Herpes by miyochan from Kailua, HI03/05/2013

We adopted 2 cats from a shelter and they both have feline herpes. This is given with each meal (3 times a day). This helps keep their herpes under control. They still have symptoms (weeping eye in one cat), and (sneezing and upper respitory in the other cat). Great product!!!

Love Lysine by Kitty12/10/2012

A stray cat was a carrier of Herpes Virus when I adopted him and it spread to my other cats. Gooey eyes, sneezing, etc. Now, they get lysine and vitamins (a must for lysine to work best) two times a day in their canned food and there's been no outbreak for years.

by Abby & Linus12/11/2012

Great value, great price. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

Viralys L-Lysine for cats Highly Recommended by Nancy from Fort Lauderdale FL08/03/2014

My sister recommended this product first and told me to purchase thru Entirely Pets (great prices), so I began using it. Found that it seemed to keep my cats, (17 at the time) from getting the herpes virus that causes runny eyes and noses. They get Lysine in their wet food twice daily. The first visit to my new Vet (the other retired) he asked if I had ever used it and said he recommended to all cat patients. Then I was sure I was doing the right thing. I always order thru Entirely pets. Good service and great prices.

by hebrewheller from Eastern Washington10/24/2012

I have three cats and feed twice daily. Since starting them on Viralys Powder. The benefits are remarkable. One cat has a cronic eye herpies infection and it has almost come under control. Another cat has cronic nasel infections which are treated with antibiotics but since starting the Viralys Powder this cat which used to have antibiotics every 4 weeks now goes up to three months between treatment with antibiotics. I love the powder and so do the cats.

Product great...but unsealed by Grace03/06/2014

The product is great ..used it before (purchased at vet) ....but I just received my order which was placed thru a third party but shipped directly from this company and the jar was not sealed...since other people have similar issues I am recommending to complain and not let this go. I contacted the company and trust they will replace the item with a properly sealed one.

Have used this product for years by Em from Wisconsin04/18/2013

I am very happy with this product. Have used it for a long time on the advice of my vet. Used to get it from the vet but it is much less expensive to buy it through Entirely Pets. What I am not happy with, is the way it was mailed to me. The Viralys was sent with 3 bottles of liquid Feliway in a soft envelope. The cover had come off the Viralys and was all over in the Feliway cartons. I wrote to Entirely Pets to tell them about it and they never responded.

Effective by TLMyers03/14/2012

I've found Viralys L-Lysine powder effectively controls the weepy eyes and runny nose associated with feline herpes in several of our rescued cats. I add this product to the cats' food on a daily basis. The cats readily consume the product. The powder seems to be much more economical than other forms of the L-Lysine.

Excellent product by kittyrescuer02/07/2012

This is great just for kitty's health in general and particularly good for upper respiratory recovery, help to prevent URI, herpes virus, to name a few things.

Vetoquinol Viralys (L-Lysine) Powder (600 grams) by Ronnie from NJ07/20/2014

Excellent product; excellent price! Healthy Kitty's!

Best Lysine I've Used! by Nurse Kelley from Pikes Peak11/25/2013

My cats have to be dosed with l-lysine every day. I tried this powder form of Viralys when my supply of gel got low, and discovered it has a fishy scent and taste. (Yah, I know, I taste all their meds before the first dose.) It's like mixing caviar in with the wet food - they love it!

Best results we have found for Feline herpesvirus by brick from Indiana10/23/2013

We started with the gel, but have found the best results with Vetoquinol Viralys (L-Lysine) Powder. We have 3 cats so outbreaks would pass from cat to cat quickly. By using the Vetoquinol Viralys (L-Lysine) Powder in their food twice a day our cats no longer have issues with their eyes. We no longer have huge Vet bills because of eyes that are irritated and draining. We have family that visits once a year and they commented on how much better our cats eyes looked. We believe in this product because we seen the results. We have even given samples to friends who own cats having the same symptoms our cats had.

Best Defense by Blonce from Eagle River,WI11/22/2011

This is the best defense for upper respiratory problems in your cat. I have several cats and some suffer with this problem. During a visit to the vet, he recommened this product. It comes in gel form and powder. For myself, the powder is more economic as each cat gets Viralys twice daily. Since this is in powder form, I mix it with alittle moist food to ensure they eat it all before they walk away from their food. Since I have used Viralys, I haven't had to take them back to the vets for respiratory problems. If your vet says your cat has respiratory problems, I highly recommend this product.

Viralys (L-Lysine) Powder by Jamaica Rose from Riverside, CA06/13/2013

This powder has been very useful in keeping healthy my cat who is susceptible to upper-respiratory infection. Our vet recommended it. It was delivered promptly, in just a couple days. A handy measuring scoop is included. I like the large economical size - I have to order it less often, and it saves money.

Easy way to give Lysine to multiple cats by MeowBabee from NJ10/22/2012

We have six cats, and Vetoquinol Viralys (L-Lysine) Powder (600 grams) is easy way to make sure all our guys get their lysine suppliment. Priced right, and easy to add to food.

by from 07/28/2012

EntirelyPets.com had the best price, and this was a great size. When I received it, the lid was not screwed on, and at least half of the product had spilled into, and out of, the box it was packed it. The post office had to put the whole box in a plastic bag to contain it. And the toys were caked in the powder.

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Lysine by forkats101/26/2013

I have ordered this product before. It always comes quickly and is what I ordered.

L-lysine for cats by Catman7206/06/2014

They love the taste of it or they would not eat it! I give them a spoon each on their two plates and they eat up the canned food in gravy. Their eyes clear up and the sneezing stops almost immediately.I recommend it for daily maintenance.

Essential for ongoing health by FNR cat rescue from Northern VA03/26/2012

We use this product in our multiple cat foster homes to help their immune systems from weakening. Having multiple cats in a foster home/shelter exposes cats to many viruses and we try to cut down the possibility of their immune systems taking on an opportunistic viral infection. We simply sprinkle it on their portion of wet food and if they like the wet food to begin with, they will eat it with the Lysine added. I actually volunteered at our local shelter and they do the same. It is ongoing with us.

great customer service by cat house04/13/2013

We used this in the smaller size with good results so we ordered the 600 size but it came damaged with the lid off. A quick call to the customer service resulted in a reship . It happened the second time with a reship. They took care of the postage for the return of the damaged goods. Both calls to them were courteous and professional. Good people to buy from.

†hanks for the Help! by Denise R. from Minnesota11/18/2013

I'm very grateful this product was available to me for my foster cats who have compromised immune systems. Every penny saved helps another animal get healthier!

Viralys by Cheri09/21/2013

This product is wonderful. It is also the best priced that I have found. I take care of several outdoor cats and year after year they have come down with upper respiratory problems. It is extremely difficult to give oral medicine to semi feral cats, let alone trying to catch them and take them to a vet. The first time I used Viralys, I purchased this product from my vets office. However the cost from my vet office was very expensive, I went on line and found Entirely Pets web site. I was so happy to find Viralys at an affordable price. I have given my cats 2 doses of Viralys daily on their dried food going on 3 years. My cats have not had any issues with colds/upper respiratory problems since using this product. Thank you for having such a good price on Viralys. I would definitely recommend this product to cat owners, it works wonders!

best immune support product by katlady from Fairless Hills,Pa10/28/2011

If you are a care giver for feral cat colonies add this product to their food according to label directions. This is fantastic for helping control herpes eye infections, Our colonies have been TNR'd and have been asymptomatic since using this amino acid.

Product fine, packaging was not by LB01/27/2014

I've bought lysine before from Entirely Pets and been completely satisfied with both the product, the shipping speed, and the packaging. This time, however, when I opened the box, it was clear that the container of Lysine powder had been opened: the top wasn't screwed on correctly and clear packing tape was holding the top of the container to the bottom. So, this was not something that happened during shipping. About a teaspoon of the lysine powder had spilled into the shipping box. I don't know why I kept the bottle and didn't complain, but I did. It seemed such a hassle to go through a return and I was out of lysine. So, that's completely on me. Still, it just seems odd to pack up and send a customer a jug like that. I'm still shaking my head about it and wondering. I'm not sure I'll purchase from Entirely Pets again....Honestly, I'll probably try again and see what happens.

great product by CRElayne from Cedar Rapids, IA10/22/2012

My cats love this product so much that I must replace the lid immediately or they will start eating it straight from the container. I mix it with their soft food. I appreciate the large size since I'm giving this to over 20 cats daily. It has done wonders to help my cats with herpes complex. Will continue to buy.

by from 08/15/2012

This product is extremely convenient to use. I used to crush up my own Lysine tablets purchased from the pharmacy, so having it already in a powdered form is great. My cat seems to like the smell and taste of it verses just plain Lysine. I put Viralys in both his wet and dry food. No outbreaks to date, so that's a pretty good recommendation in of itself.

CA by from Thanks!"


Use it daily by rockysmom from Myrtle Beach, SC07/16/2013

My vet recommended this for mild upper-respiratory infections my kittens had. She also said that it wouldn't hurt if we gave each of them a scoop a day in their food. So I have continued and they are healthy adults after two years. I just find that the larger size works for me. I also feed two feral cats and they get their dose daily, also.

L-Lysine Powder by Emma from Hampton, VA06/16/2012

We use L-Lysine at our cat shelter twice a day. Shelters can be stressful on cats and this product helps reduce eye infections by binding with the herpes virus before the cat gets sick.

good stuff by Frau CatLady from new jersey01/23/2013

this powder appears be keeping my ferals healthy and the sniffles and sneezing away. Got the large size and sprinkle it over their communal food bowls and away the go...

Easy to use by cat woman from Northglenn, Co06/19/2012

This product is new to me, but appreciated the reviews. Lysine is an important supplement for cats and will be so easy to add to my homemade raw diet! Have only used the product a short time but I'm confident it will do it's job!

Vetoquinol Viralys (L-Lysine) Powder (600 grams) by gracie from Boise ID09/11/2013

My kitty (Gracie) was diagnosed with feline herpes a couple of years ago. This product (twice a day) has made a huge difference. This is by far the best price for the product and their service was very efficient.

Great product by Di12/09/2011

I use this to supplement my multiple cats' food to cut down/reduce the number of herpes-related infections they get... from what had been frequent eye infections, I'm now only seeing the infections rarely, and they seem to clear on their own quickly...

Excellent Product by sonicboom04/15/2014

This is a great supplement to the diet for cats who have had herpes infections in the past.


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