Veteran's do a great service to our country but can often suffer from psychological and physical distress. Learn how you can help at EntirelyPets.

Veterans of the US Armed Forces have faced tribulations that are hard for most civilians to imagine. Men, women and even dogs face hostile situations and combat to keep American's safe. For Veteran's Day this year, we here at EntirelyPets hope to promote two outstanding movements to care for our nations veterans: "Pets for Vets" and "Military Working Dog Adoptions".

Pets For Vets

In 2011, Congress passed the "Veterans Dog Training Therapy Act" to conduct a program in which veterans who were suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) would receive a therapy dog to be trained by the veterans suffering from PTSD to become service dogs. Once the dogs are completely trained, they will be given to veterans who are physically disabled to help them perform everyday tasks.

Having therapy dogs can help provide companionship and produce a calming effect to veterans; and, the duty of training the dog to help other veterans can create a sense of responsibility that helps combat depression. Many veterans contemplate suicide or face serious consequences of these disorders, showing that this program has true potential to benefit both veterans with mental and physical distress.

Military Working Dog Adoptions

US Military Dogs provide a great service to this country and serve alongside US Soldiers to detect bombs and threats or locate enemy combatants. Dogs have been instrumental in US operations abroad and they serve as well trained combat companions. These dogs work hard but can be left homeless after their duties have been fulfilled.

To give retired dogs the home they deserve, Military Working Dog Adoptions and Vets Adopt Pets are working to ensure that these pets find loving owners. Both organizations celebrate the history of service from K9 military units and honor their heroic deeds with the reward of a caring home.

Celebrate and Help Out

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to find out how you can help the Pets For Vets program, visit their website.

To find out how you can adopt a veteran military dog, visit Military Working Dog Adoptions or Vets Adopt Pets for more information. You can also ask your local pet shelter this month to see if they support "Pets for Vets" programs or visit to see if any of their chapters are supporting this program near your area. We hope you have a great Veteran's Day and remember to honor our nation's veterans this and every day.