Vetasyl Fiber Supplement (100 capsules)

    Vetasyl Fiber Supplement (100 capsules)

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    Contains 100% natural fiber source, which includes Psyllium & Barley. Encourages natural elimination without the aid of chemicals, while providing a gentle, effective relief from constipation. Convenient, easy-to-administer.

    Directions: Open capsule & Sprinkle over food. Use one capsule per 20 lbs. For dogs and cats.

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    Keeps my littlest cat from too many vet visits! by Collette49 from Gurnee, IL06/27/2014

    The Vetasyl capsules are easy to open and mix into my littlest cat's food--she has a problem with chronic constipation and has needed vet intervention on accasion. Since starting Vetasyl as part of her evening meal only, she uses the litter box regularly and has needed no further help from the vet--saving her pain and suffering, and saving me hundreds of dollars for sometimes week-long vet visits. I would recommend this product for keeping your pet "regular"!

    fiber by rockdog02/22/2012

    Our dog has to be on fiber everyday since being hit by a car and having a broken pelvis. This product is always dependable and at a great price on Entirely Pets.

    Great Product by annie annie from Wilmington, DE12/12/2011

    My cat has a problem which he needs fiber in his diet. I feed him Prescription Diet WD which is good for his problem. However, he needs more fiber then most food contains.

    Vetasyl Fiber Supplement by kittyluvr07/15/2012

    This has been a daily ritual for my 11 year old feline. Was worried when I adopted her 4 years ago she wasn't doing a daily bm and now twice a day is normal for her. Works Great!!!!!

    seems to work by dick b06/05/2012

    our dog has had a digestive problem and vetasyl seems to work better then anything we have tried before.we mix it with a joint supplement and she eats it daily killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

    this works! by Carol07/09/2009

    Our Simon was on Vetasyl for two years and did great. The vet suggested we try canned pumpkin and it did ok most of the time but I'm going back to Vetasyl which works great for him every time.

    Vetasyl gets it done! by Wendy05/08/2008

    Our 16 year old cat needs some help "moving things along" - we mix one capsule into his soft with a little extra water - and it works well!

    perfect by barneysmom from kcmo01/04/2013

    we have a cat with IBS. he needs fiber. one capsule a day has really helped with his problem.

    years of satisfaction with this product by B.B.F. from Winston-Salem, NC10/18/2011

    Our vet recommended this product several years ago for our ragdoll cat that had trouble with constipation. For a couple of years, only one capsule a day was enough for "regularity"...with time, our cat now has two capsules per day. They are so easy to administer, being in capsule form and they have elimated our "constipation worries" for our cat.Entirely pets is wonderful to do business with and we always order Vetasyl from them.

    A total success for my cat by missvicki from Oakland, CA11/02/2011

    My 14 year old male cat had been choking on his breakfast every morning for many months until he started vomiting everything he atel Vet said there seemed to be an obstruction in his Intestines by seeing x-rays, etc. Recommended Vetasyl once a day and like magic he has had no episodes since then which was 8 months ago.

    Good Product by annie from Delaware03/08/2014

    This product is very good to add more fiber to our pets diet. It was recommended by my Vet.

    by B.B.F. from Winston-Salem, NC05/29/2012

    I have been ordering this product for several years for my cat that has constipation problems. This product has been most successful in eliminating that problem. Entirely Pets has a good price and they are prompt and easy to do business with. High recommend the product and this businss to deal wilth!

    My vet recommended this product for my cat that su by Babs from NC01/21/2015

    My vet recommended this product, Vetasyl, several years ago. My cat suffered constipation problems at that time. I have given my cat this product daily since that time....most successful results! Also, I have ordered this product from Entirely Pets, on line, once I learned of it. They are prompt, efficient, and reliable.

    REALLY HELPS CATS!!!! by Luis from Henderson, NV06/17/2012


    Embarassing by Murphy from Michigan01/16/2015

    What can I say? I have a young golden retriever who passes gas. I read fiber helps gas problem and the Vetasyl seems to help. It isn't a 100% cure but it has cut down on his problem drastically. I have not found any other product that has worked as well as this does so I'll continue using it.

    Been using this product for years by MJ from Chicago, IL02/01/2013

    Product is great, helps with hairball elimination too.

    Great Product by Jake from Western Pennsylvania06/06/2013

    My cat has suffered from constipation for most of his life. He is very fussy about having anything added to his food. Vetasyl Fiber Supplement has been a big help and he doesn't notice it in his food.

    Couldn't be easier by Roz from michigan10/23/2012

    If your pet is having trouble with constipation, consider this fiber product. Two of my cats have had chronic constipation problems and now the problem is ameliorated by the vetasyl. Just open the capsule and mix it into the animal's canned food. The cats don't hesitate eating their food so I'm assuming they don't detect anything is "contaminating" their food. There is no more reason to dread dealing with your pet's constipation with such a simple to use product.

    Best Fiber Supplement by Bill S from Henderson, Nevada12/12/2012

    We use Vetasyl once a day for our dog and it works well to keep his system constant without any constipation or diarrhea. In addition, Entirely Pets has the best price and the fastest shipping.

    by from 01/26/2012

    Our vet recommended this for our elderly cat who has gastrointestinal issues and can't eat much. It seems to help him eat more. I use one capsule per small can

    Pets by saves from meBuying


    Super fast delivery by patty02/22/2011

    I ordered Vetasyl on Saturday 2-19-11 and received it today, Tuesday 2-22-11! I cannot believe how efficient the process was for me. I will definitely be recommending you to all of my friends! Thank you so much

    Vetasyl Capsules by Deb from Marathon. FL12/12/2011

    This product is excellent for hairball control.

    Seems to have helped by katz from new orleans, la06/19/2013

    My cat has a constipation issue and I got this to help. It seems to help a bit, but I'm not sure if it is better than regualr metamucil.

    Keeps my cat healthy by JenFromNJ from New Jersey07/04/2010

    This product, in combination with Lactulose syrup prescribed by my vet and a prescription high-fiber diet, has kept my cat healthy for several years now. My cat has megacolon and would frequently be in terrible pain, trying to pass large,hard stools. I mix this in with her morning wet food and give her 2 mL of Lactulose morning and night, along with the high fiber dry food at night. She has not had an "attack" in over 2 years, although her stools are still large. The combination of Vetasyl, Lactulose and high-fiber food things keeps them softer and moving along. The side benefit is that she lost some weight. That probably helped with her elimination, too. Sorry for the graphic description, but if this helps another cat with megacolon, it's worth it.

    good product would recommend by connie from rock hall, maryland02/26/2014

    excellent service good product. I use it for my pet everyday thanks

    For Cats by Druid 5 from Gainesville, FL02/08/2013

    We used to have a huge problem with our two cats throwing up hairballs. About a year ago, we started mixing the contents of one Vetasyl capsule into their daily can of catfood. Since then, one of them will occasionally throw up, but it is a pretty rare event. Incidentally, one of the people working at our veterinary was the one who originally recommended Vetasyl to us.

    Saved on a vet trip by susavolina from Puyallup, WA10/06/2011

    So happy to have found these online. I saved on a vet trip and our cats have the fiber they need.


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