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Vet-Kem Siphotrol

Vet-Kem SiphotrolVet-Kem is one of the first insect control providers to understand that treating a pet is only part of the battle. That's why more veterinarians look to Vet-Kem's comprehensive combination of on-animal and home treatment products than any other.

Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus Spray (24 oz)
Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus Spray (24 oz)

($18.50)  $14.99
Siphotrol Yard Spray (32 oz)
Siphotrol Yard Spray (32 oz)

($29.99)  $20.00
Siphotrol Plus II Premise Spray (16 oz)
Siphotrol Plus II Premise Spray (16 oz)

($21.99)  $17.99
Siphotrol Plus Fogger (3x3 oz)
Siphotrol Plus Fogger (3x3 oz)

($21.99)  $16.19
Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus Spray (24 fl oz) kills adult fleas, ticks, cockroaches, silverfish, earwigs and ants on contact. Precor IGR stops flea eggs and flea larvae from developing into adult fleas for up to seven months (30 weeks)

  • Water-based formula won't leave a residue
  • Perfect for carpet, rugs, upholstered furniture and pet bedding.
  • 24-ounce pump spray treats 300 square feet

    Active Ingredients


    0.01 %


    0.28 %

    Other Ingredients*

    99.71 %



  • 5.00 rating based on 8 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus Spray (24 oz)
    Best Flea Product for your rooms, carpet by paisleygirl from Houston, TX10/07/2014

    I use this to spray the rooms, carpets, sofa, bedding etc. for flea control. It's best to remove the pets for an hour if you can. I also use the Advantage on my pets but normally have to spray a few times a year in our very humid area. Allow the product to dry before allowing your pet back in; for their safety. I've used this product for 20 years along with the Vet Kem Siphotrol Yard Spray!

    Great product by NW from Pennsylvania03/19/2013

    I got this to treat the basement of my house. I didn't want to set off foggers down there because of the pilot lights. I used this product along with the foggers upstairs, and Frontline Plus on the animals.

    works and its a safe product by malini from Novato, CA 9494912/27/2011

    I have used Vet kem products, especially premise and carpet srprays for over 15 years. I have 2 box turtles who are cold blooded like the insects so I need to be very careful with what I choose to use around the house or they would be dead. What i like the most is that I can spray one room at a time. I let it dry and then the turtles can walk on the carpet. the residual matter that is left is safe for them to walk on once dry. I have had my turtles for 27 years and never had a problem. My cats are indoor only but with attics above we sometimes get mites and if a freind comes over with a diog usually I will spray to prevent nay flea infestation to ooccur. I also have had pet mice, a hamster and still have pet rats and none have had any problems with the residual once it is dry .

    Excellent Product! by C. Wallace Hume from Miami Beach08/21/2013

    My yorkie had ticks and they got all over my house. I was vacuuming daily and washing everything and I thought I would never get rid of them. After washing her with the Virbac Ecto-Soothe 3X shampoo, I washed all of the linens, her beds, etc. I vacuumed and then sprayed everything in my house with the Siphotrol. I sprayed all along the baseboards, under all of the furniture in addition to on top, pillows, cushions, everything. The next day I saw 2 ticks. The next day I saw one dead tick. I have not seen any since. This product works very well and will not ruin your furniture or carpet. There is no smell afterwards. I had previously bombed the house and that was a nightmare to prepare for and the chemical smell was very strong. So strong I got sick. This is much safer and easier to do. Would definately use this product again if I see any more ticks.

    by mellieme from new jersey09/24/2014

    Its a great product for use in home. Kills initial fleas and then a second application is needed for eggs.

    Great product by Melkevs11/14/2011

    I have used this product for 15yrs. I love it and would highly recommend it.

    Fleas? What fleas? by GenDiva from NYC, NY02/14/2013

    Well, whatever was in my apartment before I got this, its GONE... I feel like the ghost whisperer, "THIS HOUSE IS CLEAN!"

    Its da bomb! by GenDiva from NYC, NY01/17/2013

    I used this when I took a 4 day trip and Max was at the sitters, and just one application has seemed to do the trick. Even better is that there was no lingering odor!

    Only thing that works by Momma08/15/2013

    I have tried everything under the sun to get rid of fleas and this is the only thing has worked. I purchase this from my vet. It's a wonderful product!!

    by from 12/17/2012

    As far as I'm concerned, Siphotrol premise spray (not fogger nor aerosol) is the best treatment for fleas in the home. It is the only product I recommend to my clients and what I use when need arises. In order to eradicate fleas in the home, it is essential an insect growth regulator (IGR) is used. Siphotrol is effective, because it kills not only the adult fleas, but also the egg and larval stages... and it continues working well beyond the initial spray. As a bonus, it will also get other pesky crawlers in the home, such as ants and other insects.

    home by for from fleas,When


    ALWAYS DEPENDABLE by MAL05/07/2013


    Featured Reviews for Siphotrol Yard Spray (32 oz)
    Yard Spray Siphotrol by Pat from Gainesville FL07/27/2013

    Great product helped with back yard where our dogs roam. Delivery was fast.

    Siphotrol by el from Alabama07/06/2014

    Worked very well . rid of the fleas inside and out!

    by annie from Maryland08/31/2013

    was disapointed . fleas are still here . not sure what to do now .

    Did not work at all! by Mike from Kentucky09/15/2014

    I purchases $172 worth of Vetkem products in hope of ridding my house, yard and two dogs of dog ticks. Bottom line, after fogging the house spraying the yard and placing the collars on the dogs, I still have ticks! I've even found them under the collars. This product may work for fleas, but only seems to anger ticks!

    Vet Kem Yard Spray is THE BEST by Chloes_Mom07/05/2011

    We lived in a home that was up on blocks. The sand fleas were HORRIBLE! Plus, we had two dogs (primarily outside dogs). We just brought home our new born 3rd baby...and I REFUSED to fight the fleas ANYMORE! So, we went to our vet and she reccomended this product. We used it and have had WONDERFUL success with it! I reccomend it to ANY & EVERYONE I can!

    Excellent Product for the Yard! by paisleygirl from Houston, TX10/07/2014

    I've used the Vet kem Siphotrol spray for the last 20 years. It's an excellent product; make sure to move any pets, bird baths etc. all out of the way when you spray then let it dry before allowing pets on the lawn. This stuff works excellent with mosquitos which are so pesky to us here in the very humid Houston, Tx. area. Well worth the cost.

    Did not work at all by CookieBuns06/04/2014

    Followed directions to the T and used the whole thing. Still have a huge flea infestation in the yard and garage. Very dissapointed. My search will continue

    Siphotrol Yard Spray by postalwoman111/26/2011

    Instructions are very hard to understand.... Seems like it works great for the first couple of days, then works good for a couple of weeks, so it has to be re-applied often if you have problems in your area... Be careful not to water too much before using product as that reduces effectiveness.

    Received empty container by Sunny from millbrook ny10/23/2012

    The yard spray arrived empty, must have all leaked out during shipping. Very badly wrapped and packed

    Siphotrol by Donette from Dacula, Georgia06/06/2013

    We have used this product on our yards for over 20 years. It works so well. I highly recommend it. If you want to have no issues with fleas, ticks, help get rid of mosquito's and flys. This is the stuff for your yard. They also make a version of this for the home and Ovitrol for your pets. Much cheaper and easier to use than Frontline.

    Featured Reviews for Siphotrol Plus II Premise Spray (16 oz)
    Quick Knock Out by Slconfidential from Collinsville IL10/22/2012

    I purchased this product and Capstar, because I was doing repeated applications with Frontline and the fleas would never go away. Once I Capstared everyone, I went to my basement and first floor and covered the area with Siphotrol. I had previously purchased, twice, a spray flea control from the local store and it did not work. Siphotrol did the trick. I have not found any fleas lurking in my home or on the cats and it has been over a month. I have had cats for over a decade and this year, flea season was a nightmare, due to the mild winter. Now I found a product that I trust to solve the problem.

    Happy pets, happier humans by fleafree from York, PA10/23/2012

    Used this product previously a number of years ago. Serious solution applied only in dire emergencies with persistently growing infestation. Expensive but absolutely effective. Great service from EntirelyPets. We'll be back.

    best flea control ever by chris from portland or09/03/2013

    I have used and recommended this spray over the last 10 years it is still the best solution to controlling fleas in your home.

    Really effective product by kenl from So Calif06/05/2012

    Really effective in this mostly carpeted 3 indoor cat household. Fast knockdown 1st time used it 2 years ago. Now easy maintenance fleas don't have a chance to overwhelm us even in hot humid weather.

    Really works by Melly from PA11/06/2012

    This product is best flea killer for your home. I live in a wooded area with many animals passing through carrying fleas. I have two cats and a dog. I spray the house with this product and it works well.

    Best Flea Product by 3 Cats & a Dog from East Central Georgia05/26/2012

    I've used Siphotrol products for years and I've not found anything that works better for area treatment. It's easy to apply and works thoroughly and quickly. It's once and done! Have tried Zodiac spray treatment when I couldn't find Siphotrol locally - there's no comparison. Spray with Siphotrol and be done with fleas!

    great product! by Kim from Seattle,WA08/05/2012

    I really liked this product, it did a fantastic job.

    by Crum10/13/2011

    Great product. The odor does not linger and it kills fleas.

    Siphotrol premise spray by el from Alabama07/06/2014

    Used one time and the fleas were gone! I only have 1 dog. My son used inside and fleas were gone! He has 15 dogs and the fleas were gone.

    Siphotrol PlusII - Premise Spray by Karen from Central Indiana07/13/2013

    Last year we set off Flea bombs in the house on 5 different occasions to no avail. Vet recommended the Siphotrol Plus II Premise Spray and it worked great. Fleas were gone. Used it again this year and so far the house is Flea-free. Had such good success with this product that I also purchased the Siphotrol Yard Spray to help control the fleas outside.

    Vet-Kem Siphotrol II Premise Spray by postalwoman1 from Sacramento, CA11/26/2011

    Excellent product! I have been using it for over 10 years and am so happy to have found a product that finally, really works! Instructions on can are not too clear, so I called the company. You need to leave the room for one hour but this is one amazing product. Works great for rooms that are not too cluttered.

    Great Product poor service! by Jazzbone from Brooklyn, New York08/19/2013

    It took almost 1 month to get product. My check was sent to the address on the website which was in another part of country and took 3 weeks to finally get forwarded to California. I did not like the policy of waiting so long and the distrust displayed by Entirely Pets towards me. My check will not bounce--yet I was treated with mistrust after enclosing a personal purchase order on my letterhead signed by me. "They had to wait 2 weeks for my check to clear, before they would send me the product and lied when they told me they would send it out immediately after 3 phone calls! I would seek a more reliable and friendly source and not use them again. The flea season in 1/2 over and I needed product then not so late!

    fleas dont like it by Luv2dogs from southern California10/22/2012

    very helpful in tackling fleas in house.

    excellent product by Cam from California10/28/2011

    We've used this as needed for years, and it's very effective against fleas.

    Unbelievable by Melissa07/09/2008

    Tried this 11 yrs ago it killed fleas, spiders, rollie pollies, etc. I could tell where it had been sprayed on the carpet. Recommended by my Vet. I now buy online and use it only in the spider/flea season. Highly recommend.

    THE BEST by Connie09/24/2008

    This stuff is the BEST flea controller I have ever found. I NEVER have a problem when I use this. Been buying it for years!!

    This actually works! by kittykatkess from California09/27/2013

    I found this flea spray to be the most effective I've ever used - just as you have to reapply flea meds, you have to re-spray your home to assure you get all phases of the flea's evolution. We had an infestation before realizing how bad it was and this spray is a huge help in keeping the little buggers under control.

    Great stuff! by Roge08/17/2012

    Over a period of about 10 days, I had been professionally sprayed by a well-known company, used approximately a half gallon of spray from a farm store and was seeing only minor improvement. ONE spraying of this product and I haven't seen a flea in two weeks!

    It does the job by flamingo from Houston,TX10/30/2011

    I like the product very much. There are so many products out there in all kind of price ranges. This is a product to use. Thanks

    AMAZING PRODUCT! by LORI06/16/2010

    First noticed my dog scratching..Then I noticed tiny,tiny fleas on my carpet.I wanted to jump out of my skin. My dog is an indoor dog goes outside on a 30 feet lead...Well i live in the country and he got fleas .. Maybe a woodchuck, rabbit, deer.. Well anyway I sprayed this product on my carpet. And within minutes, and I mean MINUTES..The fleas were gone. No more jumping.I am ordering 2 more cans to keep on hand.You won't be disappointed w/ this product..Sells at my local vet for $20.00

    Siphotrol Spray really works by Janis from Savannah, GA05/31/2012

    My grandson's room was covered in fleas. We had used everything we could think of. I ordered Siphotrol Spray, sprayed the room and within 20 mins. No fleas. I retreated 2 days later just to make sure they were gone. I am getting ready to order another can to have on hand just in case we need it. Great product.

    Best Purchase Ever by Cat Lady from Hopewell, VA10/23/2012

    My Vet recommended this product which I bought at a much higher price. It works great and this is an excellant price.

    by mellieme from new jersey09/24/2014

    Great area spray...follow directions if you have fish. Better choice than a flea bomb

    by GW from NC08/26/2013

    BEST I have used to prevent house from getting infested in the summer months

    Best purchase by SuzinMcQ from Chesterfield, Virginia03/26/2013

    I have never seen or heard of Siphotrol Plus II Premise Spray until visiting Entirely Pets. I ordered it and used it along with K9 Advantix II. I never had such excellent flea control in all the time I had dogs. I now have 1 dog. My dachshund was 19 years old and passed away a few days ago:( But he as well as all my past dachshunds were always protected against fleas & ticks with K9 Advantix II, along with Mac, who my husband got at a shelter 7 years ago. I will continue to purchase that AND Siphotrol Plus II Premise Spray when needed from Entirely Pets. Thanks so much!

    dispointed by fandpp09/24/2012

    Paid extra to get it shipped in 2-3 days. Ordered on monday ,it was delivered on saturday

    so far best stuff we have found!!!!! by no nickname11/02/2011

    Quite a few years ago we found this product and had really good results with it, I found it on this site and ordered many cans to have on hand also i would and have told everyone i know if they need something this is the product to use!!!!!! wonderful stuff.

    Trusted Product by Kay10/20/2011

    I have used this product on and off as needed for over 20 years. At one point in the past 20 years, I housed 5 cats and 2 dogs. It never failed to live up to its claims. Along with regular topical treatments or collars, I highly recommend it for flea control.

    by from 12/13/2011

    Used this product to proactively treat areas frequented by our inside dog after finding some fleas on him.

    an by extremely from strongThis


    Only flea effective product I'd use on my home by Mary from Cement City Mi08/20/2012

    Siphotrol is the best flea spray for your home that I've found. Kills all stages. It has been a horrible year for fleas, nothing else worked. Getting ready to order more.

    by from 12/04/2011

    Nothing works better than this, plain and simple.

    my by boyfriend from JasonPS:


    Absolute Best by Jasper09/25/2012

    I tried everything before I found this product but nothing really worked. They killed the fleas but not the eggs. When I used this product twenty years ago and it did such an excellent job, I haven't had any flea infestations until this year. When the fleas bloomed this time, the only product I wanted was Vet-Kem Siphotrol.

    better than a flea bomb by jenny from Midcoast Maine04/14/2014

    Thank goodness for this product. Despite using Frontline and other flea preventatives, I do find fleas in the house, esp. in the summer. I use this product where ever my cats have slept or walked (rugs mostly), closing off the rooms where I have sprayed for at least an hour (recommended by product). I know the fleas are killed (proof for me: after discovering I had been bitten by flea(s) while lying on the coach, I sprayed the sofa, and I have not been bitten since.) I am obsessed with keeping my home flea-free and this product definitely helps!

    Great stuff by Katrina925 from San Fransico, CA10/02/2013

    I was having issues with fleas in my house after I sprayed the backyard, washed the dogs and sprayed the carpet with this I have not had any other issues. I did spray again about a week and a half later.

    Siphotrol Plus II Premise Spray (16oz) by schnauzer lover from lowell, MA10/23/2012

    this product is great if its a begging flea problem, you dont have to do the entire mambo dance with bombs and all. entirely pets had the best price, my vet had it at 100% markup, and shopping around Entirely pets had the best price. I am pleased with the purchase.

    Awesome! by dwildwoman11/08/2012

    This was an easy quick solution to getting rid of fleas on my cats. It was also inexpensive and worked great!

    by Sheila11/07/2012

    This spray always works and i've never had to treat more than once. You have to treat entire house. Even under beds and behind furniture. very good product for the money. I used to pay 35$ a can from the vet so this is a good price,too.

    Amazing by Debbiee11/15/2009

    Oh my gosh!!!! This stuff is amazing! My vet recommended it and it has been a blessing. I spray the rooms and leave for a couple of hours and when i return the floor and furniture is dry .

    Featured Reviews for Siphotrol Plus Fogger (3x3 oz)
    disappointing by laura11/06/2012

    used one on every floor.followed directions, there was less fleas seen , but still had a noticable amount!!!

    not worth it by sun01/05/2014

    best to call in a professional since these products just are not strong enough when you have an infested house and you will waste more money. professional treatments are guaranteed and will work with you til the issue is resolved.





    gets rid of fleas by S Murcko09/05/2009

    Siphotrol is the only flea fogger that I have tried that really works. If your infestation is very bad, you may need to repeat, but this product will get rid of the problem.

    by from 12/13/2011

    My indoor dog got some fleas and I used this product to proactively treat areas where the dog frequents even though I saw no evidence of fleas other than on the dog which were treated topically.

    a by strong from chemicalThis


    by from 11/06/2012

    Greatest & Easiest by postalwoman1 from Sacramento, CA12/16/2011

    This product should be on every shelf where pet products are sold! Unfortunately, they have to have a Licensed Vet on Payroll to sell it... Ask your Vet, he/she will tell you it is great! You can even use it in a cluttered room! Works the 1st time and good directions on label.

    i got my money back!!! by reilly08/23/2013

    that is all that needs to be said about this product. fortunately, Entirely Pets stands behind their products and have issued me a credit.

    good stuff by jarb07/18/2012

    clean up was a lot easier than other foggers I have used.

    Recommended! by WA-fleas from eastern washington01/10/2013

    Worked like a charm! bought this and the Knockout Spray + a flea bath and now there are no more fleas on any of our 5 adult cats or 4 kittens. Am much happier with these products then I was with the Frontline Flea protection since they all got infested while on it.

    Very disappointed by Cat Lady from Maryland11/06/2012

    I have used this product before and always had good results, but not this time. I still have fleas! I even used the premise spray as a back up. Not sure what happened or why but I'll be wary to try again...

    like to try it by flea bitten from Kentucky03/04/2013

    Placed order Feb. 11th. Still have not received on March 4th.

    Killed the fleas by Littlebit55 from Maryland10/23/2012

    Hi, I have a multi pet family . I have mine plus I inherited my parents after they passed away. This year was the worse for fleas in a years. I sprayed, I bathed, etc. etc. Finally I though I am going to have use bombs. I picked this based on other users ratings. My flea problem was eliminated. Use the appropriate amount for the space you need to cover.Make sure you remove all pets from the area, and take all other precautions. After using the bombs, I made sure I bathed all my animals before putting back in the treated areas, and placed a topical , or sprayed my pets . No more fleas. I will definately use these again for fleas if I need a bomb. These also did not have an overpowering odor like others I have used.

    Best Flea Product by paisleygirl57 from Houston, Tx.01/08/2014

    I love these foggers. When everything fails to work this stuff does. I just wish it were available in stores. I purchase it from here because it's an excellent product and Entirely Pets has good prices where at the vet's office there is way too much mark up on their price. I use the foggers and also the premise spray -they work good together. I use Advantage on my pets then the vet kem for the house. Excellent products!

    Danger by Dunker81703/11/2013

    This product was recommended by my vet but after reading the warning labels I decided to not use it. It's highly flammable (my home is natural gas with pilot lights) and the fumes are toxic. There are much easier ways to rid your home of fleas. The risk of fire and poisoning was too great and too many precautions needed.

    Poor Service by Moi10/23/2012

    We ordered this fogger as well as other products. The siphotrol was on back order. After 2 weeks I emailed to cancel the order, and then miraculously it was in stock 10 minutes later. I would recommend ordering from a company that is more organized.

    Siphotrol Plus Fogger by gringo45 from Tucson, AZ10/29/2013

    Have found this product to be very effective. Didn't have a severe infestation but was finding a few ticks on the dogs. Treated my dogs, treated the yard and then, treated the house with the Siphotrol. No more ticks have been found.

    by from 11/15/2012

    My bull terrier, Billie, managed to have a flea take a ride on her into my home, Did everything I possibly could, OTC foggers, carpet powders, sprays on her and in the house, washed everything, bathed her time and time again, "frontlined" her....vacumned every day, etc...

    did by the from job!This


    BEST FOGGER EVER by MAL05/07/2013


    Awesome Stuff! by LLCoolJoy from Portland, OR09/11/2013

    This product works better than any flea fogger I've ever bought! I haven't seen a flea since bombing, and the whole family is much happier.

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