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Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews & Brush Kits

Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews & Brush KitsVet Solutions


Oral Care Chews & Brush Kits by Vetoquinol
are the effective choice for your pets' dental care. Their products helps to remove plaque and keep your pets teeth healthy. Enzadent Oral Care Chews combine enzymes found naturally in your pet's saliva with the natural abrading action of beefhide to help remove food debris before it becomes a problem. Enzadent Finger Brush Kits contain a soft finger brush designed for cats and dogs along with poultry flavored enzymatic toothpaste.

Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews for Cats Fish Flavor (24 count)
Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews for Cats Fish Flavor (24 count)

($19.99)  $14.99
Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews for Dogs (PETITE)
Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews for Dogs (PETITE)

($9.99)  $6.99
Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews for Dogs (SMALL)
Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews for Dogs (SMALL)

($12.99)  $9.99
Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews for Dogs (MEDIUM)
Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews for Dogs (MEDIUM)

($16.99)  $12.99
Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews for Dogs (LARGE)
Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews for Dogs (LARGE)

($20.99)  $15.99
Vet Solutions Enzadent Finger Brush Kit - POULTRY FLAVOR (0.75 oz)
Vet Solutions Enzadent Finger Brush Kit - POULTRY FLAVOR (0.75 oz)

($6.99)  $5.09
Enzadent Poultry Flavor Toothbrush Kit
Enzadent Poultry Flavor Toothbrush Kit

($12.99)  $9.99
Enzadent Dual Ended Toothbrush for Dogs and Cats
Enzadent Dual Ended Toothbrush for Dogs and Cats

($3.99)  $2.99
Vetoquinol Dentahex Oral Care Chews with Chlorhexidine for Dogs - Medium (18 oz)
Vetoquinol Dentahex Oral Care Chews with Chlorhexidine for Dogs - Medium (18 oz)

($18.99)  $13.99
Vetoquinol Dentahex Oral Care Chews with Chlorhexidine for Dogs - Large (18 oz)
Vetoquinol Dentahex Oral Care Chews with Chlorhexidine for Dogs - Large (18 oz)

($24.99)  $18.99
Dentahex Oral Rinse by Vet Solutions (8 oz)
Dentahex Oral Rinse by Vet Solutions (8 oz)

($12.99)  $9.59
This item is Currently Out of Stock and Should be Shipped 4-6 Weeks.

Try Bonies Dental FormulaEnzadent Oral Care Chews combines enzymes found naturally in your cat's saliva with the natural abrading action of freeze-dried fish to help remove food debris before it becomes a problem.

Remember: your cat depends on you and your veterinarian for all its health care. Ask your veterinarian about the many different home oral care options available to you.

Ingredients: Beefhide, Water, Flavor, Salt, Maltodextrose, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Primary Dried Yeast, Lysozyme, Lactoferrin, Glucose Oxidase, Dried Whey Protein.
4.90 rating based on 10 reviews
Featured Reviews for Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews for Cats Fish Flavor (24 count)
Worst Purchase Ever by Di from Palm Springs, CA10/30/2012

When I opened the bag the horrible smell was the first thing that hit me! I gave one of the chews to my cat who normally likes to try anything....she sniffed it, batted it around, tasted it and refused to eat it. I didn't blame her.

What a saving! by Natalie from Halifax, NS07/18/2012

Since these are the only treats my 2 finicky felines will eat, I was extremely pleased to order them at such a discount - even including the shipping, it was much cheaper than buying them from my vet. I always buy a larger quantity (6+ boxes) because they are not always available at my vet and it was great to have them shipped to the door.

Best Treat by Schmoop from Calgary, Alberta Canada10/23/2012

Enzadent Oral Care Chews for cats are LOVED by my two boys. It is a daily routine and they come running for their chew. I have given a few boxes to my sister-in-law for her two cats to try and one loves them, the other thinks about it for a bit, plays with it and then chews down.....

Great service by Maggie0211/02/2012

ordering the cat chews for my cat Maggie online, was very easy, and the delivery was within 3-4 days. Thank you

by from 12/17/2012

by from 01/30/2013

Great Treats For Your Felines by Coonielovers from Vancouver, BC10/22/2012

I have purchased these before at our vet but they are more costly. I am glad I found them here at 1/2 the price. My felines love them and it helps their teeth.

great product by Fran03/12/2012

Our vet recommended this product/ Our cats love it and it does a great job of keeping their teeth clean - they are both 12 years old and still have all their teeth. I use this as a lunch time treat.

Easier than brushing their teeth by Skater Queen10/12/2011

For years my vet has been telling me to brush my cats' teeth... and it is just not going to happen. I tried these instead, and they seem to help keep down the tartar (cutting out dry cat food also helps, as that tends to build up at the gum line). My three cats adore their "bedtime treats" - they would eat more of them if I allowed it. It sure beats trying to get a toothbrush into the mouth of a cat that doesn't want it.

The only treats my cats will eat! by Natalie from Dartmouth, NS05/27/2013

It must be a great product if my finicky cats will eat them. My Kitties love them!

by from 12/29/2012

Featured Reviews for Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews for Dogs (PETITE)
Helps with Dog Breath & Oral Care at Home by MustLoveDogs03/28/2012

We've been using these enzyme chews for the past 7 years after searching for various solutions for our dog's breath - he has regular teeth cleanings at the vet under sedation & we try to keep up his oral care at home. We give our dog a petite enzadent chew after daily meals & he enjoys chomping away. Our vet approves as well :) When we don't use these chews for a few days, we notice a distinct change in our dog's breath. We like these enzyme chews so much, we bring them along on vacations & when he is boarded.

Two cats love these by Mrsleepy12/29/2012

My two cats, to be fair they aren't finicky, love these.

Terrific dental treat by LAL from Salinas, CA01/20/2013

My Scottish Terriers love these as treats and I love them because they help to clean their teeth between meals. Scotties tend to scarf their treats and these petite sized chews reduce the danger of them being eaten whole and choking my dogs because they are made with chopped rawhide. It takes my dogs longer to eat them than most dental treats so the dental enzymes have longer to work with their saliva to clean their teeth.

Good Product by Tom08/15/2008

This product worked great for my pit bull's bad breath!

Dogs won't eat them by Nance from Texas10/22/2012

My little Yorkie will eat almost anything, but he won't eat these

great product by coco from atlantic city, nj05/30/2012

I was recommended these chews by my vet; my dog loves them, and I found them here for less money.

Enzadent Dog Chews Petite by doglover12/18/2012

my dog loves these treats and looks forward to having a "chew" after dinner each night. Hopefully, the chews will not allow tarter to grow on his teeth.

Great Product! by MGlory01/29/2012

I have used this product for over 2 years with my Cocker Spaniel and my Pomeranian. I use the 'petite' for both dogs. 1 a day for the Cocker and 1/2 a day for the Pomeranian. Very happy with the product!

Great Chew Treat by CathyK from Clearwater, FL11/10/2012

My three Maltese are "addicted" to this Chew Treat. They receive one at the same time every day and seem to know when it's time. They run to the closet where they are kept and wait until I give them one. The chews are easy to eat and I don't worry about stomach upset like some of the rawhide chews.

Featured Reviews for Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews for Dogs (SMALL)
Gr8 by Chewies04/19/2013

We purchase our 'chewies' from Entirely Pets twice a year. They are always prompt in getting them to us and the product is always Gr8.

Great! by Lily from Japan06/18/2012

This is a great product! My 8-year Lab enjoys this. Now he has flesh breath! :-)

Best product for dogs' teeth by conniet01/01/2012

Enzadent is a bit pricey when you have nine dogs, but it is absolutely the best product for keeping the dogs' teeth free of tartar. And the dogs love them! Inexpensive in the long run as it saves expensive teeth cleaning at the vet.

Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews for Dogs by dcart from Killeen, TX06/17/2012

Great for Dogs that are big chewers because they last longer than other brands, I have not seen it work on the teeth clean as of yet.

Featured Reviews for Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews for Dogs (MEDIUM)
by trainman from Southern Illinois10/23/2012

Our dog loves these rawhide treats; the last two batches seem to be more varied with really thin and really thick cut pieces in the same package. Of course she likes the thin ones and not the really thick ones.

by Los10/22/2012

My dog loves these treats and they keep his teeth clean which is a great payoff. My only complaint is that I wish they lasted longer.

Oral Chews by JesToots from Far North East, IL06/21/2012

My Dogs Vet has been rated the #1 Vet in the Chicagoland area! He is a Holistic Vet and he recommends any of the products made from Vet Solutions.

by from 12/03/2012

Shipping fast & very reasonable!!

lanie by from Thank

my dog loves this product

My best friend's best treat by Dinger03/06/2012

My coonhound mix 9 year old dog really enjoys these dental chews. She begs for them after we eat our evening meal. And when she really gets excited she can't wait to tear into her favorite chews.

by Jingles10/26/2011

Darbie's vet recommended these chews; she really loves them and the sale price made both of us happy with our purchase.

Featured Reviews for Vet Solutions Enzadent Oral Care Chews for Dogs (LARGE)
Great product. best price! by Gary12/06/2012

An excellent product, really works on getting my German Shepards teeth clean and they stay clean. Best price for sure and you have the excellent service of Entirely Pets too!

Oral Chews by JesToots from FarNorthEast, IL06/21/2012

My Vet has been rated the #1 Vet in the Chicagoland area. He is a Holistic Vet and he recommends any of the products made from Vet Solutions.

Biscuit by walkingfool from florida11/06/2012

The highlight of his day is when he is given his enzadent oral chew. He runs around the room, flipping it in the air & then settles down on his sheet to devour it. We have tried many different chewy's but this one is his favorite.

Good value by micky from Carleton Place, ON12/30/2012

Our 3 dogs really enjoy these and they are very good for their teeth.

by Hudsonho07/15/2012

Great product....my dog loves them while all the while....they are great for keeping his teeth clean!!!

by from 10/28/2012

clean teeth by Lola12/17/2012

these chews do help clean my lab's teeth fairly well if they get them on a regular basis.

VET enzadent Chews for dogs by PJ from Columbia, KY01/09/2013

Thia is my third review of this product. I use it on a consistant basis, because it does have good teeth cleaning properties. Biggest complaint is the lack of quality control on the size and shape of the chews. I buy and pay extra for the "LARGE" because I have two large dogs and a few of the chews are indeed large and thick. Unfortunately, the balance of every bag I have purchased over the past year is made up of much smaller and thinner chews. Some are so small that they are almost a choking hazard to my larger dogs. These chews are a good product and they are cheaper online than buying from a vet, but I would really like to receive a bag full of large - as ordered.

Great Dental Chews by Kate12/13/2011

I have tried many brands of dental chews for my 70 pound dog, and this is by far my favorite. In general, a good percentage of the bag contains thick chews that take her some time to get through. The longer she spends chewing, the more she is working to clean her teeth. My little girl gets one of these chews every day after getting her teeth brushed. They are a great reward!

Enzadent Oral Care Chews are AWESOME! by Bev02/24/2012

Usually my Golden Retriever doesn't like chews that are 'good' for her, but she LOVES these and they clean her teeth too! I'll be back for more! :o)

Dogs love them! by Bernard from Canada01/08/2013

The dogs chew them like crazy. Can't seem to get enough. And no farting!

Great Chews! by Money Miser01/23/2012

Both dogs have been using these for a couple of years. Last two vet trips... the Doctor said teeth look great , so I'll keep using them. A bit more expensive than brushing their teeth, but a heck of a lot easier. Plus, they both love them.

Good price for a bulk purchase by Jo08/08/2012

We have two big dogs, a Lab and a Dalmatian, who love these chews. And it's great that they can chew while keeping their teeth clean. I buy bags of these treats in bulk and usually get the best price with shipping from this site.

My Lab loves these chews by jenk10/25/2012

I first bought these from my holistic vet and he has nothing but good products at his place. My dog loves them.

Vet Recommended by moneymiser05/27/2013

Trying to avoid another costly cleaning, these are what the Vet said to avoid tartar. Both dogs love them!

Best Service by Sadie's Friend04/16/2013

Really appreciated the prompt delivery and low shipping cost of the product purchased.

Overall A Good Product by PJ06/05/2012

The Enzadent Chews have helped keep my larger dogs' teeth fairly clean and free of built up tarter. My small dog cannot seem to digest even the petite size, so I started giving him another product. My biggest complaint is that there doesn't seem to be much in the way of quality control. I buy the large and some chews are thick and long, the way they should be; yet in the same bag(s) other chews are so thin and small, they are almost transparent. They all do a good job on their teeth/gums, but I pay extra for the large and would appreciate it if there was more consistent quality on the size.

Great price & he loves them by Rifkin's mom02/29/2012

We previously got these from the vet at twice the price. They were recommended for dental health & my dog absolutely loves them. We tried a different brand & he didn't really like them. He whines & begs for his chew treat daily. They are a bit messy (not quite as bad as rawhide) & we do sometimes need to wash his face off afterward to keep his chin fur from getting crunchy. BUT HE LOVES THEM! We prefer the large ones even though he isn't a larger dog because they keep him occupied a lot longer.

Featured Reviews for Vet Solutions Enzadent Finger Brush Kit - POULTRY FLAVOR (0.75 oz)
tooth paste by mark06/15/2008

my dogs love this tooth paste. they will ask to have their teeth brushed

by from 01/19/2013

Of all the dogs I have had in my life, this one is the first that loves, absolutely loves having her teeth brushed...so it must taste pretty good!

admit by I from haveI


Comfort by Brizza from California03/07/2013

After trying another brush for small breed dogs (that had very hard & stiff bristles that were painful), I tried this one. It is soft and pliable. It does not hurt my finger and my elder tea cup Maltese doesn't mind me getting in her mouth massaging & brushing her delicate little teeth. Also I think she like the flavor too!

Featured Reviews for Enzadent Poultry Flavor Toothbrush Kit
chicken toothpaste by lizzie02/18/2013

My two Shih Tzu's will only brush their teeth with this toothpaste, seriously! I've tried numerous different types of poultry toothpastes & they refuse to brush, a quick sniff & they know if it's the one!!!!!! Teethbrushing each night is something we all look forward to, they give me the whatfor if I turn out lights before we brush!!!!!!!!!!

The Whitest Teeth Ever.. by ethanmom from Mansfield, CT09/17/2011

my vet says my dog has the whitest, cleanest teeth he has seen in a long time! and no bad breath!

Featured Reviews for Enzadent Dual Ended Toothbrush for Dogs and Cats
Ok brush by Littlecat03/03/2013

Trying to get my cat used to brushing- this brush is for cats and dogs- bigger side too big for a cats mouth. The brush does the job but would like to find a brush specially made for cats.

Toothpaste by me from Columbus, Ohio05/29/2013

My Dogs just love it. Every morning they look forward to having their teeth brushed. And--they will not let me forget as they stand there staring at me until I get the message!

Cheaper than at the vet by Elizabeth from VA01/26/2013

It's the same tooth brush as the vet carries but cheaper

Great price by Kylie12/07/2011

Good product for keeping your pets teeth sparkling.

Enzadent toothbrush for dogs by mermaid11/06/2012

Our Italian Greyhound has a very small mouth so the small end of this toothbrush works great on him. The larger end would probably work well for larger dogs.

Do Not Buy by Lauren from Norman, OK10/26/2010

I bought this toothbrush for my cat. I liked the double ended design and thought the small end would work great. When I received the brush I felt the bristles and was shocked. The bristles are not soft as described. They are hard and sharp like the bristles on a dish scrubber. I brushed them once across my own teeth and it left my gums hurting and red. I would never use this on any of my pets. It would be extremely uncomfortable and make teeth brushing a horrible experience for them. You are better off using a children's toothbrush.

Featured Reviews for Vetoquinol Dentahex Oral Care Chews with Chlorhexidine for Dogs - Medium (18 oz)
Puppy loves these! by Sunshine girl from Ohio11/06/2012

My puppy is quite the chewer and her vet recommended the Vet Solutions Dentahex because they clean the teeth and are gentle on the stomach. They are similar to a rawhide strip but better for the dog. My puppy loves these and they are so much less expensive at EntirelyPets than at the vet's office.

Perfect Chewie! by Leana Belle05/31/2012

Jake is around 3 years old and about 25 pounds. I get him the medium size chewies. He absolutely LOVES them! And, they are good for his teeth. Much more expensive at the Vet's office. Thank you for making this product available at a good price!

Quality Problem with the Mediums by PJR11/04/2011

When I first started buying the dentahex mediums online from EP, I was very pleased with the pricing and the quality. The past few orders have been terrible. After waiting weeks and weeks for backorders, when they arrived, I was shocked at the quality. There was still traces of dark fur and some were so thick, that my dogs got constipated when trying to pass it through their system. I had to give them mineral oil! I mention that some were thick, others pieces could have been used as toothpicks, they were so thin. All in one bag. This did not happen once (I order a lot of bags at a time), but it has happened 2-3 times over the course of several months. This is a good product in and of itself, but there needs to be a quality control factor built in, considering that these are being produced in Mexico.

Featured Reviews for Dentahex Oral Rinse by Vet Solutions (8 oz)
Solved breath problem by Suzie05/30/2012

This product is great. My dog hates it but no longer has bad breath. His breath was unbearable even after faithfully brushing his teeth. Now I only use this maybe once a week.

Good Product by forbes02/19/2012

As a professional groomer, i find this product easy to use, does the job and is inexpensive.

by Tux06/26/2013

I think there's a benefit from using this product regarding dental cleaning and decay/tartar prevention.

dentahex for dog breath by sam from slc utah06/04/2013

item is ok - at least its safe for dogs! dog doesn't like taste - but it does "temperarily" freshen breath. doesn't do much to solve long term problem though

Works, but would prefer flavorless formula by zeusie from Indianapolis, IN01/01/2013

My cat has very severe kidney failure and the condition has made his breath really bad. Apparently the condition affects his saliva. I want to prevent dental issues caused by this condition and bought the Vet Dentahex oral rinse to help. His breath is definitely better after applying the rinse, so I have to assume it's working. I suspect he really hates the mint taste; I would prefer it be a tasteless formula to eliminate this aspect since it's hard enough to hold him still to squirt the stuff in his mouth. I'm holding off on giving it more stars until his next dental check-up to see how well the product works between visits.

Fresher breath, hopefully better checkup reviews by Tina from Orange County, CA11/06/2012

My vet recommended this, and thus far it's been a good product. My dogs have fresher breath, and I hope to get a better review about tartar at our next dental appointment. If that report is positive, I'll change the rating to 5 stars.

This stuff is fabulous! by LisaLisa from Alabama10/22/2012

I put it on a cotton flat meshy piece that I bought a bunch of from my vet. It's not as absorbant as a cotton ball and I rub it along their teeth and gums once a day. It smells refreshing and helps keep their teeth in good shape and is easier and as effective as brushing.

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