• Viralys Oral Gel  1.25mL/250mg - 5 oz

    Viralys (L-Lysine for Cats) Oral Gel 1.25mL/250mg - 5 oz

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    Viralys Oral Gel with L-Lysine is an oral cream that can help treat the symptoms of feline herpes virus. Viralys provides quick relief for common herpes symptoms such as sneezing, excess mucus, eye seepage, tongue ulcers, and loss of appetite.

    Viralys Oral Gel is easy and convenient to administer, requiring just a quarter of a teaspoon given to your cat by mouth twice a day. The gel is completely safe, and has been approved by the EPA and FDA for use on pets.

    Feline herpes can cause a lot of discomfort for your pet, and Viralys Oral Gel with L-Lysine will provide them with a quick recovery to keep chronic issues under control.

    Usage Information

    Administration Each 1.25 mL (1/4 teaspoon) contains approximately 250 mg of L-Lysine in a palatable base. The suggested does for cats over 6 months of age is 1.25 mL given orally twice daily. The suggested dose for kittens under 6 months of age is 0.65 mL (1/8 teaspoon) given orally twice daily. Adjust dosage as recommended by your veterinarian.


    Ingredients Purified water, L-Lysine HCI, sodium carboxymethlcellulose, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, artificial sweetner, maple flavor, citric acid and riboflavin 5' - phosphate sodium.

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    Lysine stops feline herpes symptoms by bfitzinAR01/24/2014

    Most cats have been exposed to feline herpes which presents the was a cold does in humans - watery eyes, runny nose, and misery. Lysine is an amino acid that prevents those symptoms for a happier, healthier cat. The Viralys gel form of Lysine is the one I've found easiest to get my cats to take. It definitely makes a positive difference in my cats' lives - and mine.

    good product by catfan from Milford,IL07/20/2014

    my two cats really like this product. I wish it came in a bigger size container.since I give this to both of my cats,this product does not last very long.

    Great product by Rushatheart from NC04/30/2013

    Very easy to give to our cat - he actually comes right over and licks it off the spoon without any prompting so we don't have to fight him to get it into his mouth.

    Great Product by ChaCha10/15/2013

    This product really helps with the symptoms my cat has due to feline herpes, and he loves the taste.

    Most reasonable price for product by catlover50306/03/2012

    This is a produce I had prescribed by my vet for a persistent virus that several of my cats could not get rid of. It is a great product and by buying it on this site I paid about half the price.

    Great price by Melissa from Canton, OH04/22/2013

    Great price, fast shipping on a product that was recommended by my vet.

    Great product by Lisa from Piscataway, NJ03/30/2013

    I have used this product for quite some time now to treat the symptoms of feline herpes. As always, it is very effective and my cat is happy and more comfortable.

    Excellent Shopping Experience by sdnweiss03/18/2014

    I order this product on a regular basis. Entirely Pets' prices are great, and I am amazed at how fast the order arrives.

    hate the taste by romeo from pittsburgh04/25/2013

    this product did not appeal to my cat at all. not directly into the mouth (spit out all over) not put into the food (wouldnt eat food). we switched to chewables and all is well.

    helps FELV cats by Rik08/28/2014

    I use this supplement mixed in with their canned food and a little water. They both like it best this way and chow it down. FELV cats often have the herpes virus that causes irritation to their eyes. This soothes the irritation tremendously. Entirely Pets has the best prices I've found for a fantastic supplement.

    by from 02/23/2013

    My cat has feline herpes and this is the only thing that keeps his symptons in check.

    sick by if from IHe


    maybe a life saver by martin's mom09/04/2013

    My beautiful ragdoll kitten was diagnosed with FIP and given under a year to live. The vet recommended this product daily. With lots of love and care and this product he will be eight years old this spring. Also the price at Entirely pets is considerably less than the vet's price & since he will be taking it the rest of his life, this is a great help to me.. I think it's a life saver..

    Great customer service by MADD from CT10/12/2013

    I have a himlayan cat and this product was recommended by my Veternarian. I have been buying it from entirely pets for two years. Last time I received it the product had leaked. Call customer service and they shipped me a new one immediately. Great price too.

    She doesn't like it but needs it. by lulu from Florida03/05/2014

    It works. She sneezes less. She has the herpes virus.

    by Anita03/16/2013

    This is excellent for runny eyes and for herpes in the eyes....We have one little one who is several years old who won't eat the treats but she will let me put this in her mouth off my finger...

    works great by deb from Manassas, VA05/27/2014

    My cats have mouth sores. The vet has been treating them for over a year without much improvement. I found out about Viralys on line and decided to try it. It helped reduce the mouth soars with in a few days. It worked so well, I ordered enough for a year. Really Great Stuff.

    by Anne02/07/2013

    I was very happy with the service as it arrived only a few days after ordering. I use it continually with one of my cats per Vet recommendation and was glad to find it at a better price with speedy service.

    Really good product by catowner211/20/2011

    This product helps to keep my cat's frequent upper respiratory infections under control. It also doesn't upset his stomach like other medications can.

    viralys by life saver05/30/2012

    this is the only product that gives your kid (cat) a chance of not chathing infections from other kids

    Best Purchase by Cat04/05/2012

    I adopted a cat from the rescue center. She has an upper respitatory disease and has to take the Viralys Oral Gel twice a day. I always order this product from Entirely Pets because I can get it cheaper through them, and faster than I can from the Vet I use. The Vet does not keep it on hand, so they have to order it, then the price is marked up. I would definitely recommend using Entirely Pets for any pet products you need for your pets.

    Great product! by kimberfly from Tracy, CA08/18/2013

    Cats and kittens love this stuff. First time I was told that several foster kittens needed Lysine, I was worried how I could administer to make sure each ate it. No worries! Gobbled down quickly.So easy to administer and this is the same stuff the vet prescribed at a much better price. Ground delivery was quick too!

    my cats not losing her fur anymore by catlady from west virginia11/18/2010

    my baby was so tired all the time,was shedding and she didn't keep clean. She was sneezing horribly Thought she had allergies. I never heard of Cat Herpes before this. Vet said bad tooth and ear infection was problem Paid a fortune to clean her teeth. They were not bad just dirty. They gave her antibiotics they didn't tell us she had herpes. Gave me this stuff told me to give to her. I did along with the antibiotics and she got better. However I Didn't do it regularly and she relapsed. Finally after third visit said she had Herpes and I needed to give to her even when she was well. I have been now for 1 month and she is better than ever. will give to her daily for the rest of her life. She acts and looks 100 percent better than before we started going to the Vet. This stuff is really good. She is eating 3 cans of food a day and She is not sneezing and she is wanting to play again.

    by from 03/02/2013

    What the doctor ordered... by Sam from Ohio06/24/2013

    Meow: I don't like to talk about this much, but I used to live a pretty wild life style, before I hit "rock bottom" five or six years ago. When my owner found me, I was living on whatever I could catch and my eye was swollen up from a bad fight (still not sure who started it, but I sure lost.) Anyways, according to the doc, I got a little case of Herpes in that bad eye, and this Viralys stuff controls the symptoms. It doesn't taste too bad, and as long as it keeps my eye clear, I don't mind it much. If you got Herpes, you need this stuff.

    Great Product for Finicky Cats by Deborah01/18/2011

    I have a cat that will not eat any treats so this works great in a syringe. My cat has not been ill since I started giving him this product. Wonderful, wish I would have found it sooner.

    Recommended by our Vet by dani09/24/2013

    This product was recommended by our Vet as well as the Opthomologist who treated our cat. We've been using it twice daily for the past year and will continue to use it during our cat's life. He has not had any herpes outbreaks (something that was passed along to him before his eyes opened) and I'm owing that to the Viralys gel. It's very easy to mix in with his food and I'm grateful for this product. Thank you!

    It is a miracle by Lisa from Houston,Tx03/20/2013

    I read online about this supplement for my cat that has herpes with asthma like breathing. My cat was breathing so labored, I thought I was going to come unglued watching him suffer. My vet told me to try this before having to give him steroids. It's a miracle! I give him the gel on treats & his breathing became better in a week. I give him the recommended dose. Try this and I hope it works as well for your cats. I am very grateful.

    VIRALYS Oral Gel by Susan G from Alviso, CA10/23/2013

    My kitty loves the taste and it helps her SO MUCH. The gel is much easier to feed than the powder and she thinks she's getting candy. It must taste really good. Thank you Vetoquinol, for this fine product.

    by kobano from Moscow, Russia12/31/2013

    very good product for cats , cats like it very much! use twicw a day 1 month. thank you.

    by from 11/07/2012




    GO DADDY by from GO


    A Must Have for a Healthy Happy Kitty by Kitty Mom from Charlotte, NC02/23/2012

    I got my kitties at a cat rescue and within a couple of weeks my three month old female was in the hospital fighting for her life. I had never heard of feline ocular herpes and it had turned into pneumonia. After a couple months of Vet visits, hospital stays, and lots of nasty meds, I heard about L-Lysine and started her on it. NC does not have this product available in stores so I have to order it, but it has made a world of difference and I will never skip a day giving this to both of my cats. If I hear as much as a tiny sneeze from either one, I immediately up their daily dose. Abby has been doing great for more than two years now. I simply mix it into their daily ration of wet food, as neither one will eat it directly. I guess the only bummer is the so called "great taste" doesn't appeal to either cat.

    Best Purchase by Olivia from Punta Gorda, FL04/14/2013

    My cat has to have this supplement twice a day. It cost more to get it from the Animal Hospital where she gets her shots and treatment if needed for any other issues. I have been using Entirely Pets for a while now, and I like the way they respond to my orders. I have never had a problem with this product and I will continue to purchase it through Entirely Pets

    She Likes the Taste by Sharon Emery07/28/2014

    Too soon to tell if it's working yet, but my cat really likes the taste. It's maple syrup flavored! If it works I'd give it a 5 star, but it's too soon to tell. I hope it does, because she's finicky!

    Poor packaging and defective tubes by jan09/27/2013

    The product, Viralys, is wonderful for my cats with eye Herpes; however, the several tubes that I ordered came with holes in the tubes and product all over the inside of the package. One hole was actually a slice. The product needs to be quality control checked before shipping and then should definitely be shipped in a protective box, not a soft envelope.

    mrs by magic04/18/2013

    my little guy suffer my runny eyes and a stuffy nose i give him this 2x a day he loves it it really helps him alot

    Pleasantly Surprised by kittymom from Ohio10/23/2012

    I had not purchased this product in a couple years and was happy that the consistancy is a thicker gel. My cat won't lick it from the end of the tube and now it doesn't run off my finger before I get it in his mouth. My cat seems to enjoy the taste, which he didn't like before.

    Viralys Gel by df1657 from OK04/01/2013

    My cat, Sadi, has the Herpes Virus, so has been on Viralys for several years to deal with the immunity issues she faces. In the past, I've purchased this through my Vet's office. This product, through Entirely Pets, is less expensive and is delivered right to my door!

    Benefits of Viralys by Katlover from Cleveland, TN04/03/2013

    Three years ago I rescued a Maine Coon kitten, Denali, from the local shelter. She soon developed an eye infection. My vet diagnosed herpes of the eyes which she said was common for shelter animals. An antibiotic cream cleared up the immediate problem but my vet said the herpes was incurable and to give her Viralys twice daily to help boost her immune system to prevent future flareups. And it has worked with amazing success and she loves it! She licks it off a spoon as if it's a treat.

    The way to go... by Lou Lorenzi-Prince05/06/2009

    This gel works well and is the most cost effective dosing method. It can be somewhat messy to use but it wipes up easily enough. I was considering the pre-measured syringes but they cost four times as much to use - so they're out of the question.

    This is a great product by lilmcmac from orlando, FL09/18/2013

    If your cat is not a picky eater this is perfect! I like that it's so easy for them to just lick it from their paw or your finger.

    Works Wonders in Cats! by Spunkygal from Cullman, AL02/01/2013

    I have 18 rescued cats so colds can get passed on easily. If I hear too many sneezes the cat gets 1-2 cc of Viralys twice a day. Most times two days later they are well! Also I have a FIP cat & one with possible Herpes - they both get Viralys & Interferon - I believe it helps them a lot and prevents a lot of other problems. All my cats tolerate the gel pretty well - I have found it works best to use a syringe - remove plunger from a 3cc syringe (no needle of course) squeeze desired amount into the top - slowly reinsert plunger and then you can easily squirt into their mouth. That way you know they got exact amount. WAsh syringe, spray with 10% bleach solution, and reuse. Some people put the gel on their finger, but for my cats a syringe works better. One tube lasts quite a while despite using it every day on multiple cats. Cuts down on Vet bills! It won't cure a bacterial infection but it sure helps them fight off a cold virus. Would love it to be cheaper - that's why only 4 stars - but it is a valuable asset for your cats and I highly recommend it.

    Miracle gel by Kat04/08/2008

    My little kitty, Micah, has had trouble with sneezing and panting when he plays since we brought him home from the shelter at 8 weeks of age. A friend suggested we try this, since it's likely that he has a herpes virus, and the symptoms cleared up right away. Now, he's a healthy and happy kitten that can play to his heart's content.

    Viralys by barbydoll8 from FL09/09/2014

    Easy to give to both my cats for their immune system. This product is recommended by my vet yet available her for more than half off what my vet charges.

    Entirely Pets is Great by jsutme from California04/27/2014

    This company is awesome . Their shipping is VERY fast. Their followup is great. Will be doing more business with them in the future.. As for the Viralys oral Gel.. The product has such a maple syrup sent, one of my kitties..(a 14 year old siamese) that caught the Herpes from my new kitten that unknowing had the virus and has not yet recovered..going on three months. Anyway the kitten never can breath..so he could care less what the sent is. The 14 year will not eat his food, and I just want ot go make pancakes.

    Great Product by flasunshine06/13/2014

    Shortly after getting our cat Cooper from the shelter, he was diagnosed with a respiratory condition. The vet said it will be necessary for him to take Viralys twice a day forever. Thank goodness he apparently likes the maple flavor and puts up no fuss! We have had Cooper for almost 3 years now and everyday I'm thankful for this product and our happy healthy cat.

    Good Product by rjt from Wisconsin12/30/2012

    Product works well for my cat with periodic sneezing due to upper respiratory infections surfacing now & then. 1/4 teas. twice daily for 2 ro 7 days, stops the sneezing. Do remember if your cat is doing more than sneezing, i.e., runny nose, sounding conjested, hard time breathing, etc. it will still have to go to the vet for possible antibiotics.

    Viralys Oral Gel by foxfyreutk from Tennessee10/20/2013

    One of my cats has feline herpes and the vet recommended Viralys Oral Gel as a food supplement twice a day to control the mucus build up. Cats are notorious for fighting medication. Mine is no exception, but this is very easy. She likes it so much, she will lick it off my finger.

    Good product by Rox05/29/2012

    Easier to administer with a syringe; seemed to help conjunctivitis in rescued cats. The cats would not accept lysine in chew/treat, or crystals (sprinkled in food), forms.

    cat saving gel by popie from brookville,pa10/30/2012

    I have many cats and when we took in a mother cat and her babies,we unknowingly got the herpes virus along with them.This gel has been key to keeping that virus under control.It controls the sneezing and upper respiratory congestion which is so contagious to other cats.I give it by way of syringe ,into the mouth,twice daily.If this is yuor problem,try this gel,it works well.

    Excellent Product by NC Cat Mama from Winston-Salem, NC02/14/2012

    When I adoped my"Alfie" from the Humane Society I was not made aware that he suffered from FHV-1. After bringing him home I noticed his suffering and immediately took him to my Vet who gave the diagnosis. I use 1/2 tsp. (500mg) Viralys daily in his wet food to boost his immune system. It works wonderfully to keep symptoms away, and he is kept healthy, happy and playful. Don't hesitate to order this to help your pet.

    Great Stuff by Madelyn from San Antonio, Tx03/11/2012

    Our 12 yr. old cat had an infection over the Christmas Holidays. He wasn't eating which was totally out of character. The Viralys was instrumental in helping to get him well again. We are still using it. He likes it and has more energy than he has had for years.

    Good for chronic illness in kitties by sunryse1 from Oregon01/24/2013

    I use this for my rescue kitties with URI. Works good.

    Keeps the Doctor Away! by moxie07/27/2012

    This seems to be an excellent source to fight off the Herpes Virus. Both of my cats take this with their canned food for breakfast. Neither cat turns their nose up to it! Very kitty friendly and it's affordable.

    Is it the same? by Baxter's owner from south Georgia06/22/2013

    I have been using Viralys for many months as part of the treatment for my cat who has one eye that is affected by feline herpesvirus. Previous tubes of the material were very jell like and had a strong odor. My cat immediately ate it along with his food. This shipment, however, is much thinner and with less odor. The cat tried to avoid eating the part of his food that has the material on it. I wonder if there has been a change in the formula or if we received an out of date supply. I threw away the first tube and am waiting to see if he will get used to the next one which appears to be more jell like yet with less odor,,,, not sure I will reorder.

    Viralys Oral Gel for Cats by DeeDee from Pennsylvania08/13/2014

    In all the year I have had cats this is the first cat with chronic feline herpes. I got her at a shelter, and had no idea how bad she was. At the time I brought her home she seemed fine. In a very short time I had her to the vets, and found out what her problem was. She has been on this oral gel for 5 years now, and she has not been on antibiotics for a very long time.She takes the gel with no problem. If you would see her now you would never think this cat was constantly sick in the beginning. Giving her this gel is cheaper than large vet bills, and we make sure she never misses a dose even when we are away.

    works great by Redseawitch from Salem NY11/09/2012

    My vet recomended it for one of my cats. She has a form of herpes and it has helped her.

    Excellent product by LAJ06/24/2013

    Nice to find the gel - most cats are not real big on "treats". This is a much better way to administer. Opening in tube fits into the back end of a 3cc syringe so desired amount can be given.

    Have to have it! by Kat01/21/2013

    One of my two cats, who were rescued from a shelter as kittens, has always had chronic upper respiratory infections and a permanent wheeze. It's a condition that vets have never been able to cure, they've only been able to treat the individual occurances which have been many. There were times when he had so much trouble breathing, I was afraid he wouldn't make it. The last time he came down with an infection, a new doctor prescribed Viralys. I began mixing it into his food twice a day. It's been a few years now and since then, I have not had to take him to the doctor for any infections and I no longer can hear him coming because the wheeze is gone! Have to have it!

    Viralys by Barbi from Cary, NC04/06/2014

    This product is great! Our cat's eyes are in much better shape-less weepy-since using this product. Highly recommended. This website is the most efficient.

    Fluf refuses it by frog09/19/2013

    Out of the three products I have administered to my Selkirk Rex who has Feline Herpes, this is the only one she simply refuses to ingest. I can force it down her throat, but for me that is not an option. There are others she just loves. I would like to return this item for a refund but have not been able to find out how or if refunds are accepted.

    Viralys Oral Gel by Jean04/08/2014

    My kitten (11 months old) has had a chronic respiratory issue since she was very young and very sick. She LOVES this L-Lysine produce and licks it directly off the spoon. It seems to help a lot.

    Viralys Supplement by MWMWMW from Columbus, Ohio03/20/2012

    My vet recommended this product for my cat and I really love it. My cat loves the taste and he seems to be more energized and bright eyed than usual. Love it! Love it! Love it!

    Best price by Marilyn from Santa Ana, CA03/17/2013

    I have several cats that take Viralys Oral Gel twice a day and I have not found a company that has a lower price as this one.

    Viralys It works by Cindy from Salem, NY01/18/2012

    My cat, Gremlin, has been on Viralys for about a year. I can see about a 75 % improval. I was getting it from my vet but it is easier to order it on line. It works and I will keep on giving it to her.

    My kitty can't live without it by sasspot02/22/2012

    It really helps my little kitty with her herpes of the eye. When she is not on this the problem is 10X worse. Thank you!

    works! by dartyone from Idaho Falls, ID07/01/2013

    My cat has had feline herpes since birth and she gets an eye infection. Without this they would happen every 6 weeks or so. Just one squirt a night with her treat and she never has them anymore! Oh...and the vet charges $39 for a tube so I recommend getting it here :)

    works wonders by tinytribble1 from Branson, MO06/22/2013

    I have 2 inside cats and 5 outside kittens that were left by their mommas. All have some sort of upper respiratory issue. 1-2 doses a day, and they are symptom free for hours. Our vet recommended this for any cat with or without symptoms. It really helps boost their immune system.

    Excellent service and pricing by gizzy from Las Vegas11/16/2012

    My first supply was purchased from my vet when both my cats had respiratory problems as a prescription drug. I was surprised to learn that I could purchase it on line which was much less even including shipping. I am very pleased with this company. Your order is filled immediately.

    by from 09/20/2013

    My cats (kittens and adults) won't touch this; it's as if the smell really puts them off. The kitten who needs Lysine the most actually turned and ran when I held the tube out for her and let her smell it. Even the kitten who eats kitty litter has a strong negative reaction to this product's smell.

    review by below from mightI


    Works by KR from Boston, MA07/28/2011

    I have a 1 year old persian with the herpes virus. He has had chronic eye infections I think his whole life. I used this when I first got him as a kitten, stopped when his eyes got better but soon realized they need it even they don't show signs of an infection. So he'll be on it every day the rest of his life. He HATES the taste/smell so I use a syringe and squirt it in his mouth and he likes it that way.

    Two different locations manufacture this product by bittlebug from Pendleton, KY07/24/2013

    Unfortunately, I have found that there are two different manufacturing sites for Viralys gel for cats. The one that lists the expiration date on the tube as year/month is palatable and my pet enjoys it. The manufacturing site that lists the expiration date in the month/year format (My vet suspects it is an American producer) smells different, is a darker color and is more liquid than gel. Your lot number 3639 that you sent to me was from the poorer production manufacturing quality site.My cat won't touch it. (I have purchased other tubes from my vet with the month/year expiration date format with the same problem) Although your price was lower than 1800PetMeds, I have reordered from them because thus far, they have delivered the more palatable product from the manufactuing site with the expiration date year/month format. Sorry for the poor product review but your service was good. And yes, I have notified Vetoquinol's Dr. Jim Lowe twice. I don't really know if they are seriously addressing this issue or not. I hope that you will.

    An effective supplement to treat herpes virus by Angel Cat Pet Adoptions from Westminster CA12/06/2013

    Our rescue has a few cats with feline herpes virus and the viralys helps keep the chronic eye issues under control. The cats like the taste and we like your prices!

    Best product for cats by Blu Kitty from Greenville, SC01/10/2015

    My kitty does not like the taste but with a small syringe he takes it right down. Within 12 hours his eyes are perfectly back to normal and he is back to his old self. This product is wonderful. I highly recommend it,

    Fantastic by Kitnkprs from Bluff City, TN03/03/2013

    Gave this to a foster cat with suspected Herpes and runny eyes. She eats it right off a paper plate and since she has started taking it, has not had any flare-ups with her eyes.

    This Stuff Works by Buttercup from Texas05/04/2014

    My baby girl won't just eat this out of my hand but if I need to give her a big dose of l-lysine, I just use a small rubber syringe. This stuff works great for her sniffles and sneezing. Vet thinks she may have feline herpes and says this is good for their immune systems so now I give it to her every day either with a syringe or in powder form sprinkled on her food. She actually seems to like the powder form. Scarfs down her food like it's either not there or she really likes it. Hard to say since she can't talk yet, but we're working on that..... ;~)

    this is a good purchase, Love Love the price by tackettteri from Ashland, KY01/25/2012

    this is what the vet put my cats on, they seem to like the taste

    Cheapest way to go... by Portlandcatguy02/11/2012

    We treat our cats who have a feline herpes related virus that they caught at the animal shelter 4 years ago. This is the only treatment that disrupts the virus's replication. Keeps them felling better; but can't make them totally well. I get 3cc syringes at the drug store and load them with this product - directly from the tube. You remove the cap, slowly pull out the plunger on the syringe, put the barrel of the syringe over the tube opening on top - and slowly squeeze the tube until the syringe is almost full. Slowly re-insert plunger on syringe and recap product. Do this twice per day. This is the most effective treatment - this product is great.

    by from 03/07/2012

    This item is the same product I get from my vet and it's half the price.

    purchase by in from theI


    Viralys oral gel by Jennifer10/15/2011

    My kitten doesn't notice this Gel mixed in her wet food and after just 2wks use her eyes are less runny & red. (It is suspected she may have a herpes infection.)

    Very Pleased with product by Birman Lover from Chicago, IL05/06/2013

    Product is well priced compared to buying from the vet...works well, and is liked by my cat.

    by Irescuecats02/19/2013

    My Vet recommened this product for my cat. She has chronic sneezing with a runny nose. It has helped to minimize the flare ups during the winter months eliminating the need for antibiotics. I also recommend this product because its easy to administer. My cat will lick it off my finger but can be added to food, too.

    Great Price, works well by Chris from St Clair Shores MI02/03/2013

    I purchased this when my cats were diagnosed with Chlamydia, and the associated herpes virus that goes along with it. Results take up to a month, but I feel the gel is much more enjoyable than the paste for my cats. All in all good product, fast shipping time

    price can't be beat by lag1055 from pittsburgh10/07/2011

    have to give Lysine to my 2 cats each day for life to treat eye herpes. Price is half of what my vet charges. Great deal and now with what I save I can treat my babies to all the treats they want !

    Fabulous Value! by Loweern from Homestead, Florida12/06/2011

    This is a product my cat will have to use for life and the price and service from EntirelyPets was superb!

    Good results by Barb from Blaine WA01/24/2015

    Viralys is easy to apply to Cleo's paw and she licks it off completely. She will even lick it off of my finger. Great stuff!!

    A Must Have! by Kertra from Dixfield, Maine02/07/2012

    Long story short I found what I thought was a kitten a few months ago and the vet said she was a cat not a kitten and severely malnurished from birth. He prescribed Viralys to help boost my cats ammune system. after receiving a couple shots. Within a week the cats repitory system seemed to be improving and when the antibiotics ran out I stopped the Virayls as well. After a return visit to the vet it was decided that Viralys would become a way of life for my cat. As long as she has it each day she acts and looks like a normal cat. One healthy kitty equals one happy customer. Will order again.

    Good Value! by Beaniesmom from Chicago, IL01/26/2012

    My cat Frank needs to be on this medicine daily. I get it for half the price I was paying at his vet.

    by from 06/05/2014

    Vitamin paste for my babies by muscovy01/11/2014

    I volunteer for a rescue organization and foster kittens of all ages. Viralys Oral Gel keeps their immune system working during a very stressful time.

    Excellent Service by gizzy from NV03/14/2012

    This product is the same as I had purchased from my vet during the office visit. I did not save a lot of money buying on line (what with shipping) but at least I didn't have to go back into the vet for a new supply. Overall, I rated this as excellent for ease of ordering and prompt shipping.

    a 'best find' thanks to my previous vet by DawnB from Los Angeles10/10/2013

    My vet until a year ago (retired) recommended this product, saying it is the "best" he has ever prescribed, getting wonderful results. My cats take a special mix of the gel, water and a few splashes of milk, shake up and served at room temperature. Really helps deter running noses, runny eyes, sneezes and characteristics of flu-like symptoms. I highly recommend. Highly!

    feline allergies by berni01/15/2013

    My poor Cinnamon has severe food allergies. Although he was on the special hypoallergenic diet, the allergies were getting worse. Viralys was recommended by the vet. It made the difference for Cinnamon. Now, he can eat a more normal diet without having ear and eye infections. It's not expensive and is definitely worth the small amount it costs.

    Viralys by kendracw12/05/2011

    This stuff is so awesome!! My cat eats it off a spoon like a treat. It seems to work for feline herpes too!

    by Thai02/24/2012

    Purchased for a friend who swears by Viralys Oral Gel and needed more. Was received much faster than anticipated.

    Essential for our Peanut by Peanutsmom from Fort Worth, TX11/29/2011

    Our little Peanut has feline herpes and Viralys is the only thing that keeps it under control. I put it on her canned food and if she decides to be fussy about what she eats, she'll start to show brown "guck" under one or both eyes. As soon as the drops kick in, the guck goes away. She'll be on it for the rest of her life, so I hope the price does not go up any more.

    Mr. Cat Loves this gel by Mr. Cat's Owner from Pittsburgh, PA10/08/2013

    First, I would recommend anyone to purchase their pet products from Entirely Pets. Extremely fast delivery every time. Good prices. Zero issues so far and I've been purchasing here for years for a 14-yr-old dog who passed away in 2010. I had been using the Enisyl-F Oral Paste for Cats - 100 mL, but it just became too expensive, so I switched to this gel hoping for the best, much more affordable and a tube lasts long. It took me a few minutes to figure out I could use the numerous medicine syringes I have around from medications from the vet, the opening of the Viralys tube fits these syringes perfectly, I just draw out approximately 1.25ml, and put the tip of the syringe near my cats mouth, start to squirt a little bit out, and he just licks and licks it and I keep slowly pressing on the plunger on the syringe handle until it is gone. Mr. Cat knows what times he gets this, twice a day, and he leads me into the kitchen precisely at those times looking for this stuff! Mr. Cat is a stray I took in about 1.5 years ago, I found where he came from and was told he had feline herpes, using this and before the paste, used daily, have kept his issues totally at bay! I highly recommend this product.

    Makes my life so much easier! by 13Persians from New Hope, PA03/05/2013

    I bought this instead of having to syringe powdered lysine and water to my cats twice/day. They seem to choke when I have to do that. They have feline herpes (upper respiratory problems). This is so easy, I just put some on my finger and wipe it on the roof of their mouth. They don't seem to mind it at all and it makes my life easier and theirs too, since it stresses them out less.

    Great Product, Great Price! by Sarah N12/31/2012

    When my youngest cat was diagnosed with Feline Herpesvirus, our vet recommended Viralys Oral Gel For Cats. He wasn't fond of it at first, but now he comes running to it every time he hears the cap pop! Since taking Viralys twice daily for a year, he has not had another FHV flare-up. I used to need just one tube every few months and bought it from our vet's office -- but at a fairly high price. So when my other two cats were also diagnosed with FHV, I knew that I would need a more cost-friendly way to provide for their long-term preventative care. I went searching online for the very best deal on Viralys Oral Gel For Cats and found it at EntirelyPets.com!

    My Kitties Like Viralys by Fiona's Mom07/17/2012

    I have two cats that need to take Viralys because of the Herpes virus. My cat's eat it in their food each night and Viralys does the job.

    solution for a cat by Martha09/05/2014

    if your cat won't eat powdered lysine or the treats, this is a great alternative. I put it on my cat's paw and she licks it right off.

    It Works! by tgl11 from midwest07/25/2012

    We took in a tiny abandoned kitten with severe upper respiratory problems last summer. Viralys gel seems essential in maintaining his well-being and Homeo Pet Nose Relief adds an extra boost. He gets two doses of Viralys daily. His quality of life is much improved, probably saved, by these products.

    Great Results! by Buzz11/01/2011

    I have been using Viralys every since I got my cat who I later discovered has Feline Herpes. Feline Herpes is incurable but the Viralys keeps it in check. I use it with all of my cats to prevent the Herpes from spreading. They all love it and come running when it is time for their daily dose. The tube lasts a long time and I have three cats. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a cat prone to viral infections. Plus, I am getting it at a savings by ordering it from EntirelyPets.

    by from 05/14/2014

    I did not get an email that order was received. After a week of waiting I re ordered. and waited the next thing I new was I had a box at the door with both orders in it. I really did not need all of it but kept it.

    the by product from 35


    Feline "cold" symptoms by Tootie from Lucerne, CA03/01/2013

    This product relieves or decreases cold signs and symptoms: sneezing, runny nose, and decreased appetite.

    Best results by LB from Queens, NY10/06/2014

    This is the best product I've found for treating feline herpes - it's easy to give because the cats like it, and it visibly clears up eye and nose issues, along with the range of other symptoms. The kittens and cats just seem healthier all around. I order this for a friend who rescues feral kittens and cats (who often have this problem), and it's worked really well.

    Seems to work well by Jackie from Michigan10/23/2013

    I have been using this product for two years, based upon the recommendation of our vet. Although they do still have some eye discharge, it is much improved over what is was like before I started using the Lysine. I mix it thoroughly into their canned food twice a day and they don't seem to mind. The trick with our girls is to make sure it is very well blended into the food.

    by tinytribble101/30/2012

    Works great for my cats that have upper respiratory issues. I only wish it came in a larger tube!

    Best price and service by Animal fancier11/21/2012

    Exact product as purchased at the clinic, but at half the price. Excellent and prompt service.

    Helped with my cat's herpes and asthma by Fluffy2 from Houston,Tx05/03/2013

    My cat i rescued has herpes and asthma. Since. I have given him this on his treats, twice daily, he has improved. The cost here is exactly 1/2 from my vet and it arrived quickly. I was very happy. Thank you

    Maple flavor is very unpopular in my house by MyFelineOverlords from Philadelphia, PA03/05/2014

    This is what the vet sold me in 2007 for my sickly cat. He's a very cooperative cat, but he fought this hard. It discouraged me from trying lysine again for years.

    Best L-Lysine for Cats Great Price by SMcc04/03/2013

    I rescue and these cats have hidden exposure to the calici virus which causes Herpes and upper respitory. I've been able to give this twice a day (as they shed it every 12 hours through urination) and I see results. depending on the severity, i see at least improvement throught the process. You can go to Revival Animal on line and get 10mm feeding syringes really inexpensively and they fit in the end, if your cats won't take it. Most can eat it mixed in food and it's gone. GREAT PRICE.

    keeps my cat from sneezing by marcie61101/09/2012

    My cat had colds as a kitten and I have been using this daily.It has kept her well.

    by Alison from Riverside, CA06/02/2014

    My cat loves the flavor of this product.

    Great product by MZ03/14/2014

    I have a cat who used to get herpes ulcers in his mouth. He started getting them as a kitten and the older he got, the more frequently he got them. He was prescribed different kinds of meds at the vet, but nothing helped. I researched and found this product and since starting him on it a few months ago, he has not had one ulcer. This is a great product and very easy to give to my cat. I highly recommend this product.

    worth a try by wendy03/20/2013

    it is all whether or not the CAT will eat it. one will, the one who needs it - won't.

    Save my kitty! by Manny from Cheviot, OH10/25/2012

    This is the only product I know of for treating Herpes viral and saving my cats eye sight, Since he has been on Viralys' his eyes have really come into showing their beautiful gold color and he has had no flare ups in over a year. I am thankful for this.

    Happy Cat by Kare02/25/2014

    We always thought our cat had a runny eye due to alergies. A new vet looked at her and said that she thought it was herpes because it was only in one eye. She suggested that we try L-lysene. We have been alternating between Viralys Oral Gel and Vetru-Lysine Plus. She does not like the taste of either. We have been putting it in her moist food for about a month. Her eye has improved very much. The biggest change has been her activity! She has been running around and playing like a kitten. Also, so much more affectionate! Guess she feels better! I would definitely recomend using this product!

    Good Price by gloworm from Alabama01/20/2013

    One of my cats will lick this from my finger but the other one has to have it stirred into his food. Good price!

    Cats love by Samigirl from St Petersburg09/11/2013

    I have 3 cats ages 7, 3 and 11months. They all love this product and actually cannot wait to get it. Viralys was recommended by my vet and this formula is easy to administer orally through a medication dropper. Must taste great because they love it.

    Great product! by Trielle from DFW Texas03/24/2014

    My cat has chronic Feline Herpes. This product keeps him virtually symptom free. We always get our order delivered very quickly.

    Viralys Oral Gel 5 oz by Ed V from Springfield, IL07/25/2014

    We recently adopted 2 cats from the local Animal Protective League. We took them to our vet and one, a very large cat, had a discharge coming from his eye. It was diagnosed as Feline Herpes Virus which is an upper respiratory virus of cats. Administering it as directed (heaping 1/4 tsp twice a day) has almost eliminated the discharge. When I order from EntirelyPets the product is shipped promptly and accurately.

    Convenience by Tootie from Lucerne, CA01/18/2013

    Have used this product before and its great. It is very convent to be able to order online. I'LL BE BACK.

    Love the flavor! by Cat Mom for 2 from Southwest FL12/01/2013

    My 2 "fussies" will lick this off my finger eagerly. Also use the Viralys powder to put in food but they are more discriminating about it. Most likely next time will choose the oral gel only.



    Bad batch by Fluffy207/06/2013

    I ordered 2 of these for my 3 cats w/ herpes. I put the gel on their treats and they loved it and would lick my hand dry. It helped with their herpes. My re order came and all 3 of my cats smelled it and walked away. I opened the 2 nd tube and the exact same thing happened.I didn't want to take any chances that this product was spoiled. The expiration date was not until 2014. I was so disappointed and this company did not do anything.


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