• Victor Ultimate Flea Trap

    Victor Ultimate Flea Trap

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    Victor Ultimate Flea Trap allows you to rid your house of fleas without having to use harmful sprays.

    You now no longer have to douse your pet with chemicals, which they’ll love. You also don’t have to worry about giving your pets flea baths or getting bit by fleas yourself.

    Control Flea Infestations

    Victor Ultimate Flea Trap is effective because of the heat, color and light that comes from the trap itself. Fleas are attracted to the sweet smell that the trap gives off and are caught in the sticky glue disc. The flea trap can actually sense indoor fleas and can attract fleas that are up to 30 feet away.


  • Odorless and non-poisonous
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • Attracts fleas from various directions
  • Uses super glue to trap fleas
  • Re-useable
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    by from 11/10/2013

    We have rescue cats and this is the first year we have had an issue with fleas. We have a three floor home and the fleas were out of control, after a couple of weeks of setting the Flea Traps we have not seen any further fleas.

    to by keep from themWe


    jlt by Ontario,Canada from Excellent


    Great Product by momofstellakitty from Virginia09/14/2013

    I have had a terrible flea problem this summer and the flea trap is an excellent addition to the spray/vacuum treatment! I have already recommended it to many of my cat-loving friends! I am going to order another on tonight!

    Victor Flea Trap by Cat Nana08/14/2013

    When I purchased this product I was skeptical of it's performance. Wow!!!! Was I wrong. This product is the best non toxic flea control on the market. Within hours there were too many dead fleas to count. It acts as a magnet to them and keeps them from leaving. I like the fact that replacement pads are available for flea prevention. FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!!!

    Excellent Detector by LWD09/29/2013

    of what you can't see! Even after treating the pets and my home, this trapped helped eliminate those fleas I did not know still existed. I just assumed the other treatments worked, but this trap exposed the truth! I used it as my way to determine when we really conquered the problem. It also caught other pests, I have birds and an occasional outbreak of seed moths...not a problem anymore! Toxin free as well. I felt very comfortable leaving it on all day/night. Caught most of the pests at night.


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