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Vitality Vet

VitalityVet System products are of high quality pharmaceuticals for small and large animals. The strict quality control practices of the pharmaceutical industry govern the manufacturing processes to guarantee quality and potency.

Chondro Flex (90 tablets) CHEWABLES
Chondro Flex (90 tablets) CHEWABLES

($26.99)  $19.99
Chondro Flex CAPSULES (120 CAPS)
Chondro Flex CAPSULES (120 CAPS)

($61.99)  $22.79
Chondro Flex (180 tablets) CHEWABLES
Chondro Flex (180 tablets) CHEWABLES

($44.99)  $36.89
6 PACK Chondro Flex (1080 tablets) CHEWABLES
6 PACK Chondro Flex (1080 tablets) CHEWABLES

($293.88)  $210.29
Chondro Flex II (120 tablets) CHEWABLES
Chondro Flex II (120 tablets) CHEWABLES

($62.99)  $47.99
Chondro Flex II (250 tablets) CHEWABLES
Chondro Flex II (250 tablets) CHEWABLES

($145.99)  $41.09
6 PACK Chondro Flex II (1500 tablets) CHEWABLES
6 PACK Chondro Flex II (1500 tablets) CHEWABLES

($575.86)  $245.99
Chondro Flex  Powder (750 gm)
Chondro Flex Powder (750 gm)

($55.75)  $44.89
Synovial-Flex Soft Chews (60 COUNT)
Synovial-Flex Soft Chews (60 COUNT)

($21.54)  $18.99
Synovial-Flex Soft Chews (120 COUNT)
Synovial-Flex Soft Chews (120 COUNT)

($39.45)  $35.99
Synovial-Flex Soft Chews (240 COUNT)
Synovial-Flex Soft Chews (240 COUNT)

($72.52)  $62.99
S Adenosyl 100 (SAMe) for Small Dogs and Cats - 100 mg (30 tabs)
S Adenosyl 100 (SAMe) for Small Dogs and Cats - 100 mg (30 tabs)

($24.99)  $19.59
S Adenosyl 100 (SAMe) for Small Dogs and Cats  - 100 mg (60 tabs)
S Adenosyl 100 (SAMe) for Small Dogs and Cats - 100 mg (60 tabs)

($49.99)  $34.99
S Adenosyl 225 (SAMe) for MEDIUM / LARGE DOGS - 225 mg (30 tabs)
S Adenosyl 225 (SAMe) for MEDIUM / LARGE DOGS - 225 mg (30 tabs)

($40.99)  $26.49
S Adenosyl 225 (SAMe) for MEDIUM / LARGE DOGS - 225 mg (60 tabs)
S Adenosyl 225 (SAMe) for MEDIUM / LARGE DOGS - 225 mg (60 tabs)

($76.99)  $49.89
Chondro Flex DS (120 Chews)
Chondro Flex DS (120 Chews)

($47.99)  $39.89
Chondro Flex DS (240 Chews)
Chondro Flex DS (240 Chews)

($105.99)  $68.89
Oti-Soothe II Ear Cleansing Solution with Aloe Vera (4 fl oz)
Oti-Soothe II Ear Cleansing Solution with Aloe Vera (4 fl oz)

($6.99)  $3.49
Vitality Medicated Shampoo for Dogs & Cats (16 oz)
Vitality Medicated Shampoo for Dogs & Cats (16 oz)

($11.99)  $8.99
Try Bonies Dental Bones - Hip & joint FormulaChondro Flex is a powerful joint care formula that provides maximum nutritional support for dogs and cats with a predisposition to degenerative joint disorders. Chondro Flex contains the highest quality Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Ester-CŪ, and chelated minerals to effectively reduce inflammation and support the maintenance and repair process of connective tissue, including synovial fluid, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.

Directions for Use:

Initial Administration (8 weeks)
Cats administer 1/2 tablet twice daily.
Dogs under 30 lbs. 2 tablets daily.
Dogs 31-60 lbs. 3 tablets daily.
Dogs 61-100 lbs. 4 tablets daily.
Dogs over 100 lbs. 5 tablets daily.


Cats administer 1/2 tablet daily.
Dogs under 30 lbs. 1 tablet daily.
Dogs 31-60 lbs. 2 tablets daily.
Dogs 61-100 lbs. 3 tablets daily.
Dogs over 100 lbs. 4 tablets daily.

Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. Consult with your veterinarian before using this product in animals with clotting disorders; being treated with anticoagulant medications; diabetes or any metabolic disorder causing hyperglycemia; history of urinary tract stones; known allergy to shellfish. If lameness worsens, discontinue use and contact your veterinarian. Administer during or after the animal has eaten to reduce incidence of gastrointestinal upset. Federal law prohibits the off-label use of this product in ruminants. An examination from a veterinarian is recommended prior to using this product.

For Use in Dogs and Cats Only.

Recommended to support healthy joint function in dogs and cats. May help alleviate the discomfort associated with normal daily exercise and activity.

For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children and other animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

Store at controlled room temperature.
Active Ingredients:

Glucosamine HCl (marine source) 300 mg
MSM (Methylsulfonyl methane) 250 mg
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate (bovine source) 200 mg
Vitamin C not less than 37.5 mg
Yucca Root Powder 25 mg
DL-Methionine 12.5 mg
Manganese Proteinate 10 mg
Zinc Proteinate 4 mg
Copper Proteinate 1.5 mg

Inactive Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Desiccated Pork Liver.
4.00 rating based on 8 reviews
Featured Reviews for Chondro Flex (90 tablets) CHEWABLES
Worth your time by Ozzie from Florida12/28/2012

The product is identical to the vets office and is competitively priced a bit less than the vet, thus justifying ordering from Entirelypets! Every dollar saved is appreciated especially when the products are recent productions and not almost out of date like some other suppliers +/or vets offices.

Good Results by Antifluff11/06/2012

I have noticed a definite reduction in the inflammation of my dog's hip joints. These supplements are money well spent.

Life saver for our dog! by Pennyh from Kalamazoo, MI05/30/2012

Chondroflex has given our dog her life back! She has had two knee replacements and now has stiff joints from all the compensating she has down. Chondroflex instantly makes her feel better. It's a great product!!

ChondroFlex by Bandit from Golden, CO10/22/2012

For some reason, this makes my dog Bandit throw up after eating, even though it's the exact same thing my vet provided ( at higher cost but no side effects )

Good Joint Supplement by Rae from Wausau, WI07/31/2012

I purchased this product for my senior Westie, Lily. Lily will be 8 years old this December and I wanted to get her started on a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement before she started having issues with arthritis. The product is very palatable and Lily looks forward to her twice daily tablet. I have not seen any distinct changes in her behavior or activity level but she was not lame or stiff before starting it. Overall I think this is a good product and will continue to use it.

Just as good as the more expensive brand by Midniteinmke from Milwaukeee, Wisconsin11/27/2012

Less expensive and just as effective. Saves me money and allows me to give my dog what he needs. I was happy to find Entirelypets.com and ChondroFlex.

Not chewable, in my opinion by JRW05/09/2013

I bought this for my ragdoll cat, who has joint issues, thinking it was going to be a very soft sponge-like chewable type of treat, but it is more like a chalk type of pill that she refused to eat. The only way I could get her to even consider it was to manually crush it to a fine powder and put it in some tuna juice...not something I have time or want to do daily! Would not recommend and would certainly not buy again. Very unhappy with the product!

good stuff! by dlhwith2cats03/14/2012

I have 2 elderly cats (12 and 14), both of whom have arthritis getting progressively worse. Snoopy gets so sore sometimes he won't even put weight on one of his hind legs. I use Cosequin daily, but I saw these and thought I would try them. I honestly thought by guys would be too picky to touch them and it would be a waste of money. My guys love them!! They consider them a treat and come running when I rattle the bottle. If you have picky cats who could use a joint supplement, I do recommend these.

Featured Reviews for Chondro Flex CAPSULES (120 CAPS)
Worth every dime !! by Joanie from Reading, Pennsylvania06/01/2012

I have a Chihuahua mix (Chili) that has a congenital knee problem. My vet recomended this product. It has done WONDERS for my dog. She runs, jumps, and plays as if nothing were wrong with her hind legs. Great product !!!!! Would recomend it to anyone that has an animal with joint problems (young or old).

Fountain of Youth! by CTacc08/28/2008

My 13-year-old beagle was "prescribed" Chondro-Flex to help with arthritis in her back and since she's been taking it, she's like a puppy again, so full of energy and spunk.

Featured Reviews for Chondro Flex (180 tablets) CHEWABLES
chondro flex by sheri c.01/30/2013

I have an 11yr.old lab who was limping on her rt. frt. leg when getting up. since she has been on C.F. she is doing great! It took a couple of weeks to have full effect,but like most supplements, that is normal. I am a dog groomer and tell my clients who have older dogs or dogs with joint issues about C.F.

by from 06/04/2012

by Bella11/29/2011

I'm a yellow lab. In the fall of 2010, I was walking on three legs. One of my back legs was too sore to walk on. My master moved back in my house that fall and started giving me Chondroflex. Within six months I was walking fine again. He now gives me a maintenance dose daily and I've been fine ever since. I'm 9 1/2 now but I feel like I'm 5 again.

Good product by mt2228f10/23/2012

Great price on the product. Very fast shipping. Our dog is more able to move around and exhibits less pain when he plays with other animals.

Excellent product by Terry01/08/2013

I have been buying glucosamine tablets for my dog for years. She is a senior golden retriever who has hip problems, but since she has been taking them she acts most times like a puppy. I have recommended these pills to friends over the years & they were very pleased as to how their pets responded. Keep selling wonderful products.

It works very well by JKaz10/22/2012

My dog has stopped limping for the most part. He takes it 2 times a day. I took about 6 weeks to work but it does work.

Chondro Flex (180 tablets) CHEWABLES by Don from Lincoln, NE07/20/2012

Same product that we purchased from our vet. we paid less for 2 bottles (180 tab per bottle) than 1 bottle of 180 tab at vet's office. We will definitely be return customers.

by from 03/16/2012

I have used this for over 10 years for my dogs. The last 2 bottles I have gotten, the size of the pills has changed. They are the same round size, but not as thick as they have been. Price hasn't gone down.

they by are from stillI


Bear, DE by from Susan"


This product works by DD2201/01/2012

Chondroflex was recommended by my vet for my 10 yr old min pin that could hardly walk and in pain in her back legs. After several weeks we started to see a difference. By giving her Chondroflex, I know I am doing as much as I can to help her.

wonderful medicine by Denise11/25/2008

Lexie is 5 years old now. When she was a yr. old we had to have both knees surgically repaired and she has severe hip problems. She runs and plays with our 2 yr. old boxer. This supplement is so helpful. I would never let her go without it!

suttisfied whith all products We used untill now by Ina from Postojna06/08/2012

So far we have mostly used the Chondroflex tbl, because the dog running the agility has 9 years and osteoarthritis disks. Tablet helpes extraordinary ease of movement and for the moment the disease has stagnated.

chondro flex by Lisa07/09/2008

This has been a wonder drug. Cuddles is a 6 year old, 25 pound mutt with a deformed knee socket. Has been on Chondro Flex for 2 years now and you would never know anything was wrong with her

Youth Tablets! by Shannon07/03/2009

My 14-year-old Chesapeake Bay was really showing her age until I started giving her this. Six months later - she's acting like a puppy again. She likes to play-wrestle and can out-sprint me. It's great!

amazing change by Jane05/12/2009

I really noticed a big difference in my golden retriever after 3 months of regularly taking this product. He was not limping anymore and seems much stronger.

good product by albundyz01/29/2012

good product....however, it seems there has been a significant change in delivery. i always got this product in 1-2 days.. this time? took six days

by Watercrest Labradors01/06/2012

I have been giving Chondroflex tablets to my dogs for about 7yrs. My older dogs are doing great with the supplement and I recommend this to anyone wanting to use a joint care supplement.

Wonderful by Donna04/26/2012

My dog tore her acl and vet told me it would cost in the thousand to fix it. They told me that she would be ok walking on three legs, but would never walk on that leg. I started giving her the Chondroflex and today you could never tell she even tore her acl. I am a firm believer in this and have seen same results in dogs with hip problems. It is simply Wonderful!!!!!

Arthritis supplement that my dogs loves by elnajah from mechanicsville, md12/10/2011

My 14 1/2 year old Lab mix has arthritis in her front legs and hip dysplasia. I have had a problem finding an arthritis supplement that works and one she would take as a treat. She loves these. I would definitely recommend Chondro Flex Chewables.

Saves our dog's joints by Joepen11/12/2011

The doctor recommends this product for our dogs due to both back legs being operated on. She gets really stiff if she does not have her Chondroflex. It keeps her moving and feeling young. We are thankful for this product! Please if you have a dog or cat with stiff joints try this product. It's amazing!! The Chewables are the way to go. Much easier for Katie to swallow than the capsules.

Great product by shepgirl0602/08/2012

My Vet prescribed Chondro Flex for our 5 year old German shepherd after she started limping again. It works great and our dog hasn't been limping for almost a year now! She also takes Yucca Intensive and the two seem to work excellent together!

Service by Schnauzer from Phoenix, AZ01/09/2012

Good product, but questionable service. After double ordering I returned a bottle of Chondro-Flex ONLY to have Entirely Pets say they never received my return. So I am out the $39 for the product and the $7.90 return postage. One unhappy customer!

Excellent Purchase by Terry01/22/2012

I have been getting these for a few years now and these pills are wonderful. I get them for my niece's dog who is a senior dog and has arthritis in her hips and she was having difficulty going up stairs, but when I started her on these pills she is like her old self running up the stairs to greet you now. I was getting them for my senior dog till she passed away unexpectedly in August these pills helped her out tremendously and now my niece's dog benefits from them.

Chondro Flex II by nansea from Florida02/13/2013

My dog has had arthritis in her front leg since she was a puppy. Dr. Green suggested this product and she's been on it ever since. She will be 11 years old this year and gives our new puppy some competition playing tug!

by Jan10/29/2012

Good price, arrived quickly. My wheaten will eat one with a meal like it is a treat.

Long term user by Emmy11/08/2011

We have a long-legged labradoodle that has been taking this product since he was 1 year old. He is now 10 and shows some joint discomfort, but I can't help but think he would be worse without it.

helps like a charm by alicialee from Port Orange FL12/26/2012

product was recommended to be by a chance meeting of an ortho vet I literally ran into at a park. My baby was limping, that was 9 years ago. She has since been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis but new vet said to keep her on the chondro flex, Tried changing to a different make, she hated it but eats her chondro flex like a favorite bite of chicken

Joint relef by Rick from Gasport ,N.Y.04/08/2012

sadie had tendon rebuild surgery in both rear knees which caused stiffness getting up and down . Chondoflex which she gets 3 times aday has helped extremly well in her mobility from joint stiffness due to surgery and her age. This is a great product for stiffness and joint maintenence.

My Lab loves these! by Steamboat Outdoor Girl from Steamboat Springs, CO04/02/2012

When you need to use these Condro Flex tablets, these are great. My lab thinks they are a treat and she is picky, turns down treats.

Excellent Product @ a great price. by jfinnman07/16/2012

I bought a bottle from my vet before I found out I could buy exactly the same product from Entirely Pets for half the price!

Joint Meds. by Rick O from Gasport NY04/17/2013

Sadie has been on chondoflex ever since she had double knee surgery. The vet perscribed this brand and Sadie has been on them 3 a day for 8 years now at 12 years she is still pretty mobile and gets around great

It really helps our Sadie by Rick from Gasport NY08/05/2012

Sadie is a medium size collie/shepard mix and at 10 yrs old. She had both knees replaced at around 5years old and has been on chondoflex 3 times a day ever since. we go for our walk every morning and she is just doing fine with the suppliment. Thanks Chondoflex

Product generally arrives in good shape by Jim from Ann Arbor10/22/2012

I have been purchasing Chondroflex from Entirely Pets for years. Very happy with product but occassionally shipment arrives with many broken pills. Last shipment had one bottle with the vast majority of pills broken apart, to the extent they had turned to powder. I did not bother contacting Entirely Pets so I can not say what their response would be.

Great results by Julia10/28/2011

A few years ago my Lab, who is now 10 years old, had terrible arthritis in her elbows and could barely walk. I started giving her these supplements, in combination with Omega-Caps ES, and she is doing great. She can run and chase the ball for a long time without being in pain. This product really helps!

Beware of the damage in shipping this in pill form by Multi-dog owner from NY06/20/2012

My vet prescribes this stuff, but I thought I'd get a better deal buying online. Because it is in pill form, it doesn't ship well. This is the second time I've ordered it, and it arrived mostly in tiny pieces, breaking up due to the bashing around of the parcel, and by the time you're at the bottom of the container, it's 1/4 inch of pure dust.

Featured Reviews for 6 PACK Chondro Flex (1080 tablets) CHEWABLES
Best Price Chondroflex by Sophie05/16/2013

My Bassett has been on ch ondro flex since a puppy & diagnosed with hip displacia. I decided to search to compare prices to my vet. I found Entirely Pets to be almost half the cost when purchased in volume.

Important for joints and ligaments. by rich06/04/2013

After our first dog had terrible arthritis and hip dysplasia, we were glad to find this product for our second dog. She is 12 and doing very well with these pills.

Featured Reviews for Chondro Flex II (120 tablets) CHEWABLES
by pep11/04/2012

I like the ease of giving your product to my dog and My dog really likes the taste of the chewables, but what I would like to see is an expiration date of the product when ordering so I do not order to many and they expire before they are gone.

MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE by GS & her boys01/05/2012

My 12 year old spaniel mix was having a lot of joint pain that actually caused him to yelp when he jumped down from a chair. He was also limping frequently and was very stiff. This product has made him much more comfortable. He still has his stiffness, but does not limp as often and does not yelp with pain. It is not an instant cure, but over several months I can see a definite difference.

Good stuff! by Tilly's Mom10/23/2012

I've had my 11 yr old Dogs on this product since they were 2 yrs old ( just for precautionary measure ) and they both still run and jump like they are pups! So glad I started my girls on this product early in life! ;-)

REALLY WORKS! by janny04/28/2012

I began giving this to my 11 year old Bichon who was beginning to limp. She no longer has trouble with this! Loves them too.

A MIRACLE PRODUCT!!! by MAMMAOF5 from Tampa, Florida08/09/2011

When my Rottie was about 6 yrs. old, I noticed that he didn't have the pep in his step that he use to when he would get off the couch (He was very spoiled). I asked my vet what I could do to help him feel better. I started him right away on Chondro-Flex II & within 30 days I could see the difference. From then on he got the dose recommended on the package & was great from then on to his last day of 12 yrs old. I did a lot of research before I started using this product & found the best price with Entirely Pets. THIS IS A REMARKABLE PRODUCT & I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU GIVE IT A TRY. It took a while to recover from my great loss but now I have a Yorkie!

Chondro Flex II by Bill from St. Pete, FL12/11/2012

This product has worked great for our 11 year old docshund. She is more active and has more interests than before use .....

Good, but not Great by K&B Md08/15/2012

I decided to try these for my dog because it said they were chewable and he would not chew the other chewable joint supplements I bought him. I would have to put them in some food or in a treat even though they are allegedly chewable. When I got these the first thing I noticed is that they are virtually impossible to break in half even thought they are perforated. My dog still will not chew them, so they have to go in some food again. He takes double strength joint supplements 2x a day and triple strength if he needs a little extra help on certain days. I think these are doing a good job and they are a great price, but wish he would chew them and most importantly, I wish they were easier to break!

best product for older dogs by dog lady02/27/2013

using this product for years keeps older pets moving

Best price with speedy delivery by Buisse from Racine, Wisconsin12/04/2012

Will never go anywhere else for the products I purchase for my wonderful dog Max. Purchasing this product here, I was able to order 2 bottles for less then the price I paid for one bottle at my Vets office.

Wish I knew they were expired before I purchased by Rogers311/24/2012

I should have know something was up when the price was so much lower than normal so I shouldn't have been surprised that the product was expired when received. Be careful what you order.

It Works! by Nanette12/02/2009

My 10 year old border collie mix had knee surgery two years ago & still had what appeared to be pain & stiffness. After a year on Chondro Flex II, she shows no signs of pain. She's active & acts like her younger self again. Standing up from a laying position is no problem now.

Great Product by cathy02/15/2012

Chondro Flex II works great for my older cats as their joints were stiffening up and I can see the difference in their mobility. They even tear through the house occasionally like they used to when they were younger (and they will be 15 yrs. old this year).

Condro tabs by Ken from Batavia, Il02/08/2012

Been using these for a couple of years. Ordering online is quick and easy

Flex II by Ladyshihtzu from FLorida04/09/2012

I've used this product for about a year and love it. I have two performance dogs that do agility and it helps them. I also have an older dog (12 yo) and she is still very active.

exellent products by Ina from Postojna06/08/2012

So far we have mostly used the hondroflex tbl, because the dog running the agility has 9 years and osteoarthritis disks. Tablet are extraordinary help and ease of movement and for once the disease has stagnated

Torn ACL Healed! by Steve Hawkins10/21/2009

Our dog Maltby has a torn ACL at the age of 12. She also has an enlarged heart, so surgery is out of the question. After 4 months of administering ChondroFlex II, our dog is leaping up on the couch and back onto the bed. She has no signs of being injured. WOW...a miracle for sure! Recommended highly !!!

chondro flex 11 by laycee from Buffalo New York07/26/2012

My vet recomend chondro for my pet i was getting the med though her untill i found this web site with her med i can afford it and my pet is very happy . I would hate to cute her med down because i could not afford it. Same with my other pet with the paste thank you very much.

Looking for box to return it by Nike from Minneapolis, MN04/17/2013

We purchased two bottles of Chondroflex. The one we've opened is half dust and half eroded tablets. We've used this product for years and never had them arrive in this condition so we must wonder if these were left over expired tabs. We'll never buy them from you again.

Chondro Flex II by Colleen02/27/2008

My dog loves these chewable tablets. He acts like he is getting a treat when we give them to him. They have really seemed to help with his hip displaysia he can really move around without alot of pain. Our vet had recommended the Chondro Flex instead of Cosequin because it was cheaper and said it was the same thing. I think it is a fantastic product.

Best joint care product on the market by k9friend10/20/2011

We have used this product since 2006 on the recommendation of our vet. I have attempted other products during this time, but have always come back to Chondro-Flex II, it's the only product that also contains MSM for pain. My lab has never complained about the taste.

Best product ever by Brenda B.08/09/2012

I have purchased a product similar to this that my dog would take but she absolutely loves these. She eats these before she eats her dog food.

Great Product by Shell from Arizona01/25/2012

Purchase this for my "elderly" puppy. She still thinks she is a puppy, but her legs think otherwise. You can really tell a difference when she misses a dose or two. Thank you

Excellent by JB06/09/2013

All the chewable tablets in this size bottle remained whole, all the way to the bottom of the bottle, unlike the larger bottle. Although it costs a little more in the long run to buy in smaller quantities, you are less likely to find the bottom tablets broken into tiny bits or turned into powder.

Great; Have Been Using for 3 Years by Bill from St. Pete, FL04/15/2013

This is what the vets prescribe only with a different name ... No fillers ........

Featured Reviews for Chondro Flex II (250 tablets) CHEWABLES
Good Price by Ellen from Buffalo, NY03/10/2013

I recently had to put my dog on this due to arthritis. I originally bought a smaller bottle from my vet. I bought the larger bottle here and it cost just a little more than what the vet charged for the smaller bottle.

works great by pet lover from Los Angeles, CA08/19/2012

We've been ordering this product for years. We have a large dog with hip dysplasia and it seems to help him.

Chondro Flex II by sand12/18/2012

My Vet in the Rio Grande Valley recommended Chondro Flex II in 2003 and have been giving them to my two dogs ever since. I have tried others, but returned them when both dogs turned their nose up at them. There may be others that are more potent but it doesn't do much good if the dogs aren't going to eat them.

Great price! Great deal! by Allie12/04/2012

My vet highly recommended my black lab start taking these at age 5. She's very active, but they can be prone to hip injuries. The vet had been charging $150/bottle for these. And since we go through them every couple months, I am so glad I found something more affordable! I believe in the product! Princess is 7 and can sprint up and down every trail we hike as if she were still 2 years old. Never seen any hints of hip issues in her. Thank goddness!!

Not what I expected by Lab Mom06/18/2012

When it was time to order more ChondroFlex II I was thrilled because it was on sale, greatly reduced. Upon receipt of the order I noticed the label and company name (but not the address) were different. I called the number on the bottle and was told the company changed ownership more than 3 years so I received old product. They assured me it should still be good but there should have been some kind of disclosure up front when I placed the order. The tablets are hard as a rock and a different formulation. Needless to say I won't be ordering it again.

Great product; great price by cunningham89 from Riverside, CA08/03/2012

This was prescribed by my dog's vet and I bought the first bottle at the vet's office and it was very expensive. As we were running low, I searched online and found this website. The price was excellent and the package came very, very quickly and was exactly what was ordered. I will order this product from this merchant from now on. As for the product, my dog is not limping anymore--it has worked very well for him.

by BOOMER02/27/2012

Have been using Chondro Flex II for several years with great success!

Chondro Flex II - Cheaper on-line! by brod from Nashville, TN07/01/2012

I cant speak as to the full benefits and effectivemess of this product, but it was reccommended by my vet for my aging dog (who is developing joint problems), however, since taking this product, my dog does not seem to be limping as much as she used to (only does it occasionally after lots of walking or play time etc). I bought our first bottle of Chondro Flex II at my vet's office and thought it was expensive for just an "over the counter" joint supplement, I later went home and found it here for less than a third of the price I had paid at the vets. I ordered a large bottle on-line and it showed up very quickly. Thanks for the great price!

Competive Pricing!!!! by Rescue Mom! from SW New Mexico01/28/2012

After paying almost the same amount at my Vet 's office for 120 tablets and having to give to 4 dogs and 1 cat I knew I wouldn't be able to afford it until I found you on Amazon. Hope you keep your price low as I will probably be buying lots. Since I started my German Shepard on the Chondro-Flex II he is now starting to use his right rear leg again. He seems to be getting up and down better with less grunts and groans. I hope to see more improvement in him and to stave off the aches and pains of my other senior amimals. My younger pets will be started on Chrono-Flx II to try to avoid furture joint problems.

Great product at great price!! by Lena1988 from Owatonna, MN04/17/2012

I purchased the Chondro Flex II and it has really helped my dog with stiffness in her joints, we definately see a difference if we happen to miss giving it to her for a day!! The prices here are awesome as well, I saved a bunch by getting it through Entirely Pets as apposed to getting it through my vets office. I would highly recommed anyone doing a price comparison with other sites and their vets office. Entirely Pets has great products and fast service!!

by from 03/10/2012

Been using for several years for large Rotte, much older spaniel and a little furball with pulled knees

mobility, by easy from toGive


Chondra Flex really helps by bshawcos04/26/2012

Our 8 year old dog was really having trouble with stairs until the vet suggested this. Now he seems as limber as a puppy. I don't like the way the price keeps getting increased on this product as it becomes more popular.

Awesome!!!! by Dana from Jenison, MI08/14/2012

My dog appreciates this! @ my vet these are twice the price! Thank you

excellent product by caseyboy from wichita ks10/23/2012

My german shepard is now 12 years old and very energetic. He has been on this product for many years. His lab shows him as a 4 year old. Would highly recommend. It has kept him limber and more flexible than he would have been without it.

Really Improved My Dog's Mobility Fast! by Michelle07/17/2012

My 8 yr. old dog was suddenly limping a lot, was slow to get up, having great difficulty getting up steps, and, at times, wasn't using one rear leg at all. The vet took x-rays and we discovered that she has arthritis in one knee & mild hip dysplasia. The vet also thought she may need to see an orthopedic specialist to see if she had any tears requiring surgery. She has just started on Rimadyl & the vet suggested this joint supplement to try too. Within a week, she was moving SO much better! I'm so glad my fur baby is feeling better & no surgery is needed now! She doesn't like the flavor of the tablets, so I cut it into quarters & put them on a small piece of bread with a bit of peanut butter rolled up, gulped down- no problem.

Product-A+, Entirely Pets-F by Karen10/22/2012

I ordered this product when it was on a super sale. Entirely pets ran out of the product but still allowed ordering. After weeks of waiting for delivery I called and was told that the manufacturer had changed and they would give me a 20% discount off one bottle as compensation. All I wanted was the product I ordered for the price I paid. Most companies are happy to appropriately compensate a customer that they have wronged, NOT ENTIRELY PETS!

Best Purchase by kmz58 from grand rapids, mi08/04/2012

I bought this product from another supplier and it was very old. When I purchased the same product through entirely pets, the price was fabulous, it arrived quickly and the product was not old. Recommend this site for your pet needs.

good price, for same product from Vets. by carley from New Hampshire04/24/2013

Not sure if it has been proven to work from the medical experts, but I will continue to use it just in case. My dog has not gotten any worse, since on the product, so I believe it might be working. It is about half the price through your company, as it is from my local Vet.

by Kam from NY01/24/2013

This product works well for our one year old mixed breed who has recovered from FHO surgery for hip dysplasia. He has not been stiff and his jumping and running have improved since starting these pills which contain the amount of ingredients recommended by the vet. They must taste good too, because he takes them without a problem. We will continue to use them.

It is like a treat! by mnr08/11/2012

Loved the product and got it for a GREAT cost considering the expiration date is close, but for $10 was a great deal! It is very easy to give it to my dog, and she loves it, i used them as treat when i have to feed it to her.

Chondro Flex II Chewables by twojrts from Delaware08/14/2012

Scooby was on this 9 yrs and it helped keep him limber. Skeeter has been on it for 2 yrs. Both have acted like puppies. But then too, Jack Russells are active even in later years and this keeps them going. This was Vet recommended. I highly recommend it for all pets. Entirely Pets is much cheaper than the Vet and you have your order in a matter of a few days. Great service!

AWSOME by MARY ELLEN02/03/2009

My yellow lab had to have surgery on her leg twice for a torn ligiment. The first surgery did not take. It was awful the vet told me to put her on Chondro 11 and its been a year. She has no pain or arthritis what so ever in that leg. Before this product she limped really bad. I told my husband maybe we should start using it. She has not needed pain meds since she was on it 2 months even in our hard Buffalo winters.

AMAZING by LAURA03/17/2009

Our 9-year-old Golden Retriever was having trouble on our long walks. He would be limping by the time we got home. After putting him on Chondro Flex, he's like a new dog.

Right price and prompt delivery by photofan from Southern New Jersey12/28/2012

I always Google before making a purchase, especially for my beagle. Entirely Pets definitely had the best price. But even more appreciated is the VERY prompt delivery.

Improperly packed by JB06/09/2013

The bottom quarter of the bottle was powder. I believe the manufacturer could prevent this by packing the tablets more effectively.

by from 04/09/2013

Wow, 15 yrs ago my Vet put my male JR on Chondro Flex due to a severe back injury. (He was abused before I got him.) He remained active like a puppy until I lost him 3 yrs ago. I have my female JR on Chondro Flex II and she was just 12 this past December. She too is agile and as active as when she was a puppy.

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Ephrata, PA by from Twojrts"


Great Product, Great Price by Becky from Georgia07/20/2012

I believe this was on sale when I purchased it, but it's a great product that helps my 13-year-old lab get around a little more easily. The large bottle will last some time. The product was fresh and my dog loves it; what's not to like?

Great glucosamine product by nansea12/21/2012

I've been getting this for my dogs for 10 years now and truly believe it has lengthened their quality of life.

by Rein10/23/2012

The best price on products and fast delivery

Was not satisfied with my purchase. by lgrif08/05/2012

Needed some chondro-flex, and your company was selling it so cheap. I thought is there something wrong with it. So I called and asked. I was told there wasn't anything wrong with it, we just have good sales like that at times. So I ordered it. I received it sometime in July and when I looked at the bottom to see expiration date it expired 08/12. I was just appauled, it was a 250 count bottle. I called them back and was told I would get a refund check in the mail. Well it's been 2 weeks now and haven't heard from them yet.

Best for my dog's joints by janet10/12/2011

My dog, Bailey, has hip displasia and this supplement helps him to get around much easier, it was recommended by my vet.

Great product with great savings by Steve from Dallas, Texas10/23/2012

I purchased Chondro Flex II (250 tablets) CHEWABLES a month ago from Entirely Pets and am extremely pleased. It is the exact same product that I was buying from our Vet but the cost is 60% lower. The delivery time was faster than advertised which only made the experience better. I endorse Entirely Pets products 100%. You can't get a better deal on brand name products for your pets.

Will purchase again by LP from Minneapolis, MN03/09/2013

My 9 year old Golden Retriever was diagnosed with the beginning of arthritis. This product was recommended by her Vet. Since giving her Chondro Flex ll she is peppier & running up & down the stairs with ease. She loves the taste.

Not as "creaky"... by Lemon from East Coast07/14/2012

So far I have been giving the tablets to my 10 year old lab. She is still quite active for her age and has retained that puppy look! Though she has some grey hairs..sigh... I have noticed in the past 2 weeks, she doesn't sound as 'creaky' when she gets up from lying on the ground for extended periods of time. She also seems to have a bit more pep in her step. She does not suffer from hip or joint problems, her creakiness is from the normal aging process. I will continue with the Chondro Flew II and would recommend this product.

by Disappointed from Wisconsin03/24/2013

My dog has been on this for years. When he was 4 the vet said he would eventually need knee surgery. He was noticably more comfortable after starting this supplement. Unfortunately, at the age of 12 he died of cancer. I had purchased this shortly before his death and was unable to use it. I called the company to ask for the refund reference # and mailed it back approx 3 weeks ago. I have still not heard from them...So I am out the $70 for the supplement and nearly $10 to mail it back.

Vet Recomended by Pat Sw,NM from Las Cruces, NM11/20/2012

My Vet recomended this for my dogs. I have 2 older small breed (10 years) and 1 younger large breed.(4 years) They all run around like puppies. The price is affordable from Entirely Pets and service is excellent!

by EVELATTE06/20/2012

Works well, my do is over 14 yrs old, just have to give it time to see results.

Code Date Alert by Lucky's Dad from Northern Illinois06/07/2012

Great product, but Entirely Pets sold me a major order with all product expiring in less than three months; bad form. I won't be ordering from them again as I feel like they dumped expiring product on me.

Chondro Flex II by Lulu from Atlanta03/05/2013

This is the cheapest price through Entirely Pets who shipped them on time as stated. The manufacture on this product is the best there is, the other brands my dog won't eat. This helps my 14 yr old golden to move about more freely.....

Chondro Flex II by Ben from Nashville, TN12/17/2012

Our vet recommended we give Chondro Flex II to our dog. We bought our first bottle from the vet and I thought it was grossly over-priced so when the bottle was nearing empty I shopped around about bought the same product on Entirelypets.com for much less. Our dog appears to be moving easier (less joint stiffness etc) so I think it is working. I not sure of the difference between Chondro Flex II and the generic Glucosamine type supplements, but our vet recommended this one.


I could hardly believe the price of the Chondro-flex II. I saved a ton of money. There's no doubt that I will be back.

Featured Reviews for Chondro Flex Powder (750 gm)
Very Satisfied... by shopper from Ohio...12/26/2012

I like this so much better than the pills. I had to open each one and put the powder on the food and now I just have a measurer and sprinkle it on. Good choice.

Great price, horrible taste by Zena3546 from texas07/13/2012

I put a smidgen of what it calls for in my dogs canned food and they would not touch it. i have 5 dogs and they all walked away from it. now i have a full container sitting there and nothing to use it for.

Very Good And Effective by Will from Valricorida,Florida02/06/2012

Thank you very much for having this product and your prices can not be beat.Delivery is very fast Thank you again,you will always be my favorate. GOD BLESS YOU ALL . You all are very kind.

Like the powder formula by vanna from Waterford, Mi.11/07/2011

The powder formula is great for cats. Just mix in their food. They seem to like it too.

Featured Reviews for Synovial-Flex Soft Chews (120 COUNT)
Wisest purchase ever! by Linda from Granada Hills, CA07/18/2012

I have had my 10 year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgis on Synovi-Flex soft chews all of their lives. Obviously breeds like Corgis can experience excessive wear and tear on their knees. My male Corgi was diagnosed several years ago with patellar luxation and a candidate for surgical repair if his occasional lameness worsened. I attribute the lack of need for surgical intervention directly to his synovi-flex supplements. The soft chews are extremely easy to administer and my pets think they're are getting a treat every morning. They're happy, and so am I. My profession allows me access to many veterinary products. This is, by far, one of the best supplements I have found.

Synovial-Flex Chews by Jim from Gardnerville, NV06/13/2013

Our Boxer has been taking this product for years. We like the price that we are now getting through "Entirely Pets" than the price we were paying at our local vet, for the same product. We are also happy with the on time shipping. Thank you.

Synovial-Flex Soft Chews (120 Count) by CeCe from Houston, TX11/03/2011

The first time I ordered this product it was great. The chews were soft and moist. The second time I ordered them they were dried out and crumbly and one of my dogs wouldn't even eat them!

Great product! by zappa from Texas02/13/2013

This stuff really work! My dogs can lead a normal healthy life with the addition of this product to their diet.

Great Price and Product by mere222 from Brentwood, CA07/27/2010

My vet sells these same things for almost $70! I have a Great Dane mix who has been on them for all his six years and he LOVES his "vitamins". He has had no joint problems at all. He gets them at night before bed and actually barks in our bedroom if we're taking too long to come to bed because he wants his vitamins!

new formulationof Synovial flex is terrible by BBmaulberg11/07/2012

A practitioner recommended. My dog loved it. Now new formulation. Terrible. Dog will not eat it. Practitioner says no dogs like the new formulation. Also, Entirely Pets will not take it back. Do you stand behind your products? I will not purchase from you i the future.

Thank you!! by Tuffy from Alberta, Canada10/23/2012

Synovial-Flex Soft Chews were prescribed for my 9 year old dog by his vet. This is a quality product at a great price. We received 120 count from Entirely Pets and would have only gotten 60 count for the same price from our vet.

It makes the difference by Gracie's Mom07/20/2012

Synovial-Flex makes the difference for Gracie, whether her day will be filled with fun or pain. SF allows her to forget she's a senior citizen so she can run and play as much as she likes.

Synovial-Flex Soft Chews by Ed11/14/2012

These chews have given our 13 year old Manchester Terrier a new lease on life!

great alternative to synovi G3 by Lola02/01/2010

I never write reviews but hopefully this will help some pet owners that used synovi G3. This product is exactly the same, i couldnt believe it. Everything from the ingredients to the texture and smell. Even the look is the same shape. This product is a great alternative to synovi G3. I use it on my 1yr old bulldog. She recently had knee surgery and has bad hips. I was using synovi G3 for a little over a year. When i needed more i couldnt find it anywhere. I did some research and found this product. Its great. I hope this review helped you and your doggie :)

excellent product by donna03/24/2013

our dog has been on thuis for several years now and it has helped keep her joints in check.she is 11 years old and has had arthritus since she was 3, this product helps immensely.

Great Buy by Jan from Las Vegas, NV01/25/2012

I am extremely happy with this product. I switched from the product I was getting from my vet, because of the price. The quality and ingredients are exactly the same. I will continue to purchase it from EntirelyPets.com!

Synovi flex rocks! by miker163 from Holland, Mi05/25/2010

Have an 8 yr old Keeshound that has had 2 knee operations. You would not know it by watching her romp in the yard and run to see people! She get one in the morning as a AM treat and same at night--she LOVES THEM! We were really worried on 1 operation - but she rebounded to normal in just 6 weeks. The second operation took only 4 for her to be running in the yard. I truly believe in these little things....they are quite aromatic--- (we call them 'stinky pills') but they work!

Good Price by Gym Junkie from USA08/09/2012

Good deal. My dog had these at the vet and loved them. Much cheaper to buy on here.

Amazing! by kaki from Boerne, TX04/30/2013

My 12 year old corgi has taken Synovial-Flex for a couple years now. A few weeks ago I ran out and it took several days to receive the new supply. I was shocked to see the difference in her ability to get around. She was stumbling just walking down the hall and having lots of trouble negotiating the three steps from the yard to the porch. I hate to think of her life without this amazing supplement.

Great joint supplement, yummy by Miss Bobbie from Pollock Pines, CA04/09/2012

Your price rocks! So much cheaper than at the vet. Love the large tub, since I need these every day for my large dog. I'm lucky to have found Entirely Pets. I can rely on quick delivery, so I don't need to buy a lot in advance.

Save by buying online by nana11/08/2012

Almost 1/2 the price that the vet charges for the same item and count.

S3 Soft Chews - Better than Vet Prices by Barb'sDog from Miami, Florida07/28/2012

We need these for my 11 year old Lab's hips and joints. She LOVES these "Brownies" - even learned a new word. Considers them treats and will go ANY thing for one. I think these help her walk and get up so it is a best ever needed item. Also the price here at EntirelyPets with the free samples and discount shipping, made these much better then the Vet price ( I shopped around before choosing this site ).

Featured Reviews for Synovial-Flex Soft Chews (240 COUNT)
Great for my Pets !!! by Pet Lover from MD02/21/2012

As I put in the title box this is a great help for two of my pets and is worth getting this product !!!

by Poppyblu from Ft Lauderdale, FL02/10/2013

Great product! would definitely recommend for extra large breeds


Yes, the makers of Synovial Flex Soft Chews have very recently cut the concentration of each ingredient in half in the soft chews (I would imagine they've done this with their other products as well) so by their NEW dosage recommendation my dog will now need TWO chews a day instead of one. Do the math on this -THEY HAVE IN EFFECT DOUBLED THE PRICE. 240 chews will now only last 120 days. In order to administer the same amount to my dog as before, as said, I will need to give him two chews. This is sneaky and unethical and if I hadn't had my last container on hand and compared the ingredient information, I wouldn't have discovered this change. There are other manufacturers out there making similar products, I'm going to switch over and I recommend everyone do the same.

Wonderful Price by Stacy12/01/2008

We have found that Synovial-flex has done wonders for our 10 year old lab. We also found that this is the best place to get it for the best price.

Great product & value by Lablover11/06/2012

My labs love these chews! They smell wonderful and look yummy!

by Mvbb10/29/2011

The quality is very inconsistent with this product. Sometimes they are moist and dark brown while other times they are dry and lighter brown. This batch was they latter. I also use these to hide a pill for my dog so when they are dry, they tend to crumble. I wonder if they rotate their inventory properly. The expiration date is 6/2014 so it really shouldn't matter.

Great Product my dog love it by sun7101 from Blaine, WA04/25/2012

I give this product to my dog who loves it as a treat. Its got glucosamine so helps with the joint. I have a doberman who is going in for cruciate ligament surgery. Meanwhile its helping with the pain as well as serving as a treat.

12 year Old Golden Feeling Fit by Oliver's Mom from Santa Rosa, CA03/16/2013

Oliver, our 12 year old Golden has arthritis in his hips and was moving slowly. He's been on the "brownies" for about 6 months and moving better.

Great product, Great price by Ed03/10/2012

I've been treating my 12 year old black Lab (Boo) with this product for the past three years. I can't believe the difference it's made in his health. The change in his movement was really dramatic. Very good product. Ed

Buyer Beware!! by sun7101 from Blaine, WA07/28/2012

I purchased this product for the past year without having any problems. The last time I saw the product was darker and my dog just smelt it and walked away. I brought it across to the "entirely pets" who said this company products cannot be returned once opened, even though they were defective. called the parent company but they did not return my call. My suggestion is to check which companies will honor the returns before purchase. Very disappointed.

Relief by luvshoes99 from Saskatoon, SK11/06/2012

SInce my dog has been eating these treats, he has shown a marked improvement in his elbow pain. He has 3 per day and he seems to be pain free.

Not for picky dogs by slayer1987 from Dodge City, KS12/30/2012

I thought my dog would like these, but I was wrong. I couldn't get her to eat these. I think they smell like molasses which is good. I have found a way 2 trick her into eating these. I put canned dog food in her bowl and the I use my microplane and grind the chews on top her food and then mix a little that way she can't pick it out. She gives me a look that is pretty hysterical, "LIKE REALLY, you're so sneaky". Cracks me up.

Dogs love em by nefy2 from Ortonville MI06/19/2012

The product has changed, not sure if the same. the size is a tad smaller, and more moist and compact. Before they would crumble some. I have a picky dog, and at first was not so happy to eat like the old ones, but after a few days, goobles them up like before. Good product

WOW by Rusty12/09/2012

After giving my Border Collie Synovial-Flex for two weeks, she is back to playing like a puppy again.

Synovial-Flex Soft Chews by VVD from Syracuse, NY01/06/2012

I'll be back for more! These are just like those that my veterinarian sells....but at almost half the cost. Zelda loves them too.

So far so good by Red from Michigan10/20/2011

My dog has been using the Synovial-Flex Soft chews for about a month now and its a little too soon to tell but he does seem to be getting around a little better and not acting quite as stiff when he gets up after laying down.

Great Purchase by Sunny D from East Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada11/27/2012

I checked out several sites before I decided to order from EntirelyPets. They were familiar with purchases from Canada. The price was excellent. I mentioned it to a couple of girls at work and before you know it there were three of us! We are very happy with the product. Our dogs are over the moon with it too! The Synovial-Flex Soft Chews were recommended by my "girls" vet. My dog has severe arthritis in her knees and for the first time in years she sat like a dog!! She usually has to sit with her legs out to the side. It has only been a few weeks since she has been on it and I have opted to give it to my other dogs due to their ages. I would have no hesitation recommending this product!

by from 06/04/2012

My owner asked me to review the Synovial-Flex Soft Chews he feeds me for my sore joints. Yea, good stuff. It started working within one week. Amazing. Since he started to give me the chews I feel much better and can get around much easier now. He spoils me. And he saves money by buying from EntirelyPets.com

budgie by from Sandy

Synovial-Flex Soft Chews mmmmmm good!

by from 11/26/2011

Both of my dogs take these like treats.!

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Jack by Dillon, CO from thanks,

Synovial-Felx Soft Chews

great product by Norma10/23/2012

My dog was unable to get up/down stairs due to spine problems and with Synovial flex she is able to do it, even run and is happy again.

by Patti03/25/2013

Good product and seems to make a difference in our 13 year old lab. Although she is in very good shape, exercised reguarly and has always been on a strict health diet. Still, at her age she needs a little help. She thinks these are her treats!

fog ducker by fog ducker12/20/2011

Very good product. My dog limped and was in obvious pain from arthritis until I started her on Synovial-Flex Soft Chews. About 1 week after she started eating 2 treats a day, she no longer limps at all and seems to be a lot happier. Good stuff for stiff joints and joint pain.

Soft Chews by clm from Oregon09/07/2011

This is an excellent product. Our 14 year old female chow mix is obviously happier and bounces out the door when it's time for her walk. Took about a week to start seeing the difference.

by from 10/06/2011

I've been giving this product to both of my dogs for almost a year. One is a 9 year old cattle dog mix that has had spinal cord surgery. The other is a 6 year old akita/boxer mix and has had ACL surgery. After just one month, we couldn't believe the improvement in mobility.

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Great Product, Great Price by Nic.Nick from Southern NJ02/09/2012

Our vet recommended these chews to help with our lab's arthritis (he is almost 8) and we've been really pleased. Our pup LOVES them and the price through entirely pets is really great! This is our third time ordering (at least) and we will certainly continue. Thank you!

Verry good product !!! by louviona from Quebec, Canada04/08/2013

Verry good product for animal who have some articulation problem, like grand dane !

Definate improvement by sunny01/13/2012

Noticeable improvement in my dog's movement since starting her on this a year ago.

REALLY OFFERS ARTHRITIS RELIEF!! by Toby from Costa Mesa, CA05/03/2012

After a few days of taking the highest dose of this, my sister's dog really felt a whole lot better! He is 13.5 years old and is over 100 pounds, so he needed some relief. You should definitely get this if you have a dog suffering from arthritis. I started giving it to my 2 younger dogs (ages 2 and 6 years) in hopes that they won't have old age arthritis pain when they are older.

Best purchase by daubin from Quebec city, Quebec06/03/2013

This product are very effective for an active dog.

by from 11/29/2010

We have several english bulldogs. The eldest is 10 yrs. and walks 1/2 mile a day. Out vet found hip-displacia and recommended synovial. The use of this product has increased her over all strength and we are walking about 3/4 mile most days.

syn-flex by is from addingI


Great Price by Sue Mc01/16/2013

My vet recommends these chews for our dogs. Entirely Pets has the best price and ships quickly.

Recommended by my vet. by LK01/18/2012

I have 2 dogs and they love the flavor of these. They think they're getting a treat!

Great stuff by Gracie's Mom10/24/2012

Synovial Flex is the difference between Gracie limping along or galloping like a 2-year-old.

Featured Reviews for S Adenosyl 100 (SAMe) for Small Dogs and Cats - 100 mg (30 tabs)
Same Product@ Better Price by fetchman from Montgomery County, PA02/24/2013

This is the same product as the one prescribed by my vet. Paid a lot more at the vet - saved with EP, even with the shipping cost. Entirely Pets is now one of my preferred pet sits!

by from 06/22/2013

My 16 year old kitty has the beginning of liver disease so the doctor recommended Adenosyl. Two months later her liver disease is gone and her liver is fine. I continue to give her half a pill every other day.

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other by too!!" from cured liver diseaseHope


Great Product, Poor Customer Service by Elle from Oklahoma01/26/2013

The product I ordered was fine. However, when the product was shipped someone at your place of business did not seal the envelope. It arrived with no product, unsealed. I called customer service and after I talked to a rude girl she transferred me to a manager. He was rude as well and said I would have to prove what I was saying by sending pictures. I told him I didn't know how to send pictures by my phone and that it would cost me money and my time to get some developed. He told me this is 2013 and I was old and needed to get with the times. I am sure you have millions of customers that are old. If you want to keep them my advice would be to get rid of that manager and teach the new one how to properly address a customer.

Vet advised SAMe by Bennys mom from Southeastern Massachusetts02/21/2013

It's not easy to find SAMe in the 90-100mg dosage appropriate for our Yorkie. The vet was right--it corrected his elevated liver enzymes! Only problem is the tablets are rather large, too big to hide in a bit of canned food, so we had to buy Pill Pockets to get Benny to take his pill.

S-Andenosyl 100 mg by Doc 50 from Cleveland,Ohio12/22/2010

This is the same product given out by Banfiel Pet Hospital. It works the same to lower liver enzymes. This product works good.

Excellent pills for liver and stomach problems by vic4archie from Charlotte, NC11/26/2012

My kitty Archie, ten years old, may be developing some future liver problems. Our vet recommended pills like this with the milk thistle. I started with every day last summer, now we are down to 3 a week. He feels perkier, eat better, and has less throw-up. These are less cost then the more expensive pills from the vet. Thanks so much.

Expiration dates and freshness by JosephG03/18/2013

Expiration dates on product was within 30 days and pills were doughy in texture, meaning they had been frozen or in a damp place for a period of time. Would not recommend dealing with this company without confirming expiration dates.

Poor choice for Cats by Tina w. from Los Angeles01/28/2013

Tablets are too large for cats and the Product instructions tell you not to cut or crumble the pill. Also, the smell is very strong so unlikely to get down unless can hide it whole in a 'treat'

Glad I found you! by J.J. from Tyler Texas03/16/2013

I am very happy with your product and service. The product I ordered is the same as I get from my vet. His prices keep getting higher and higher, so when I found you I started saving money right away. I got my order within a couple of day's, I was a little worried I wouldn't get it before I ran out, but there wasn't any problem. I still saved money paying shipping, and I wish you had a lower ceiling on free shipping, maybe fifty dollars. Over all I'll be back to order what ever else I may need. Very Happy with your company! J.J.

by from 10/28/2011

This may be a monthly event. Any price break?

Peoria, AZ by from Joe"


NOT HAPPY by Mel05/30/2012


Featured Reviews for S Adenosyl 100 (SAMe) for Small Dogs and Cats - 100 mg (60 tabs)
Great Product by flysunshine from PA02/05/2013

Being that I have used Denosyl for my cats liver problems I believe that this will help her out as well or more so. Just had a problem of keeping the pill down. I make sure she hasn't eaten her breakfast before I give it to her along with a syringe full of water after giving the pill but I also give her just 2 or 3 treats after and that along with not feeding her for 1 hour seems to be working.

Pills missing by Mopsy05/29/2012

15 pills missing from bottle. Took over a week to get

Great product - Great website by Anna01/15/2013

Our dog has gone from liver enzyme levels of almost 600 to about 200 on this product alone (no other concurrent treatment). The price on EntirelyPets was better than at the vet - and it arrived quickly. All in all, I'm very happy with the product and the website (transaction).

Good Product by Melissa04/06/2013

Our 17 year old JR terrier mix was diagnosed with liver enzyme issues. We have been giving her the SAMe for about 8 months and have seen positive results. We credit this product with prolonging the quality of our old girl's life.

Helpfull Product by nanny from Pottsville, Pa11/23/2012

Our doxie suffers from Cushings disease. We use this product along with her medication to maintain her liver functions.

Good for maintaining health by Cine01/01/2013

Have used for years for a 19 year old dog! Very effective, but hard to give to her, unless you can hide in a pill pocket. Pill too big, and tastes awful.

For use in dogs with compromised liver function by paminal10/14/2011

a good daily detox supplement to help clear the toxins that can't clear through the normal filtering process due to compromised liver function.

Keeps Dog Healthy by Lin from Southern California04/24/2013

My 7 lb. toy poodle became very ill due to a liver problem. The vet recommended putting her on SAMe and metronidazole after she recouperated nearly four years ago, and she has been healthy every since.

Great Product by Deb from Henderson, NV10/23/2012

My Sweet Pug, 11 yrs young, has been on SAMe 100 for almost 4 years. She takes one in the morning before breakfast and one before dinner ~ she looks forward to her SAMe treat! I also like the fact that it is helping her liver condition and enables her to feel better.



S Adenosyl by jaybird from Leawood, KS06/03/2013

Must have for puppy. Taken with finger full of peanut butter.

by Patty D11/26/2011

Have not recieved order of Adenosyl which was due to be delivered 2-4 days ago so I am anxiously waiting! Previously was very pleased with this product.

Love this product by Jan from Wylie, Texas02/26/2013

My dog was diagnosed with Cushing's disease, and this product has worked beautifully for her. Her lab values are much improved and she just acts much healthier. Thanks, Jan

Good Buy by Poppi from Issaquah WA06/25/2013

This is an alternative to Denamarin. It is not possible to find SAM-E in 100 mg form in human products. Like Denosyl and Denamarin, this does come in 100mg. Unlike Denamarin, this product has 20 mg of Milk Thistle, while Denamarin only contains 10mg. In addition, a B-Complex has been added which can also help with liver health. SAM-E + Milk Thistle has helped my dog's liver health.

SAMe tablets by macmamma12/15/2011

medicine was received in very timely manner. Thank you for your prompt attention!

by sams mom02/13/2012

my dogs liver counts are down. his vet is very happy.

Fasted Shipping around! by PeanutParfait from Salem, OR11/12/2012

My products always get to me faster than expected and they are always correct!

Great med by Cyn from Lexington, Ky12/16/2012

This product has really made a difference in my dogs life. She acts like a puppy and feels so much better than before she started it.

Tes by Tes from MI03/11/2012

My 14 1/2 year old Shitzu is thriving with this product. It has really made a difference in his ability to walk, handle steps; up and down, and he seems to have more energy. His liver function tests have improved significantly per our Vet.

This definitely works !! by Sheri in FL04/25/2008

If your pet has both liver and kidney issues, you need this. It has made a tremendous difference w/my senior cat.

It works! by Theresa10/31/2011

Max's liver levels were around 500 points above normal and does not have cushings. I started Max on S-Adenosyl-100 (SAMe) the end of August 2011 and his last blood test on 10-29-11, his levels had dropped to just 40 points above normal. I also feed him a diet of cooked calves liver, cooked salmon with raw chopped carrots, snow peas and kale. He takes one S-Adenosyl each day with dehydrated stew meat (treat). This medicien along with his diet has defently extended his life.

by from 10/29/2011

Love this product recommended by my veterinarian for my little dog with significant liver and heart disease. He's been taking this for the last six weeks without any side effects. Since taking the S-Adenosyl 100 mg supplement my dog is more energetic and playful. He is currently running around the house like he did when he was a puppy much to the dismay of my two older kitty cats. Maybe they should take it too!

at by EntirelyPets- from wasAlso


Amazing Product / Best Price Ever by Happy Doggie Mom from Warwick, RIWhat


Miracle Kitty with diabetes by Vicki in NY04/06/2009

My diabetic cat came back from death's door about a year and a half ago. Her liver function was almost non-existent so the vet recommended using this product with the insulin shots. She is now known as miracle kitty because she is still going strong! Everyone at the vet's marvels at her! This product combined with her insulin is what makes the difference for her. She absolutely would not be with us if we were not giving her this product.

Wonderful Product! by Cindee from Everett, Washington11/07/2012

My 6 pound, ten year old Chihuahua, Mindy, was diagnosed with liver disease and given a 50/50 chance of making it through the week. The veterinarian suggested trying Milk Thistle and Sam-e to help heal her liver. I searched the internet, came across this wonderful site and found exactly what I was looking for in the S-Adenosyl 100. I received it quickly by mail and started her on it immediately. Within a week, along with other treatments, she was getting better! After three weeks, she was back to normal! I am forever grateful and Mindy will be taking this product for the remainder of her years.

S Adenosly 100 (SAMe) by CynLION from Cortland, OH10/23/2012

It is good price which save my money almost half price than vet price cost. I will continue to buy this in case my dog needed what no matter how long.

better price than Rx by KPhx from Phoenix06/15/2013

Vet office lead me to believe these were only by Rx...found out after some research that I could buy them OTC at less than half price the Vet Office. Great deal---1 month follow up visit and blood test showed that the liver 'count' was back into perfectly normal range after taking 1 daily.

SAMe by frances from South Carolina10/11/2011

I love this product and Entirely Pets has the best price around. I need this product for my little Yorkie, Scarlett, who suffered from a liver shunt and requires this medicine to boost her liver function. Entirely Pets ships immediately and I just love dealing with them.

Melted in my mailbox by JollyTom04/15/2010

Be sure that when you order things that they pack it to avoid extremes in temperature. This bottle sat in my mailbox all day long and by the time I got home, all the tablets were stuck together. I would like to know if they test it after it has been frozen or cooked all day long.

Featured Reviews for S Adenosyl 225 (SAMe) for MEDIUM / LARGE DOGS - 225 mg (30 tabs)
Fantastic prodduct by shark06/21/2012

Our pet loves this product, it is keeping her alive. Thank you...

Great purchase by Leslie12/26/2012

My dog has a liver issue and by taking adenosyl, she keeps her enzyme level in check. Thanks,



by from 01/28/2012

Entirely Pets always has the Sam-E product that I need for my dog, Emmit, at a reasonable price. The turn around time from when I order, to when the product is received is unbelieveable.

have by recommended from EntirelyI


Great Value! by JaimeD827 from Sacramento, CA01/15/2013

My dog was prescribed this for Cushing's Disease and my vet was charging a LOT more for the exact same product. I found it here at Entirely Pets for a fraction of the cost. I have just placed my second order thru you...you have a lifelong customer. Thanks!

S Adenosyl 225 (SAMe) by kevin02/02/2013

I have been using this product for several years. I feel it has helped my pet as a liver spplement. I recommend it to other pets

Dog Meds arrived Fast by naturegirl10/22/2012

I appreciated the fast delivery of meds. Unfortunately my old girl has left us and will no longer be needing this medication. Im sure it helped her as long as I was giving it to her. Thank you, Nan

This product works! by Desert Dweller from Las Vegas, NV03/09/2013

My vet prescribed Denosyl after one of my dogs had elevated liver enzymes. WIthin a week the second test showed that the elevated enzyme levels had plunged dramatically! I now have him on Denosyl maintenance and home-cooked meals (chicken, sweet potato, and rice). He just turned 13, so I am hoping for some excellent additional future senior years.

very good product by linda01/27/2012

My dog has been on the s-adenosyl-225 for several years now and with good results.

sam-e 225mg medium dogs by beagle lady from Odessa, Florida12/05/2012

on the advice of my Vet, I put my 10 year old female beagle on sam-e 225mg. I give it to her at least one hour before her dinner as directed on the label. She thinks it's a treat and I have no problem with her accepting it. So far, she is doing very well and tolerates it without problems. She will continue taking it long term, she has already been on it for 6 months. Excellent product and very reasonably priced from EntirelyPets.com

International postage VERY slow by clyde from Australia01/03/2013

Very happy with product and price and information from entirely pets. Unfortunately, once the product left USA, it took a few weeks to arrive in AUSTRALIA.....we were unable to track any further details after it left USA. I realise this is not the fault of entirely pets, but in future, I will allow ONE month when I need to re-order. Great product, well packaged. Thanks

Great price by quiltmama from Clermont FL03/01/2012

I've looked all over the internet for a cost-effective choice for this supplement. Great price! Exactly what my vet wanted at a good price.

by from 04/24/2013

Switched to this because I have a dog with Microvascular Displaysia (acquired liver shunts). She weighs about 80 lbs and Denamarin has gone THROUGH the ROOF in price! This has about the same ingredients and my vet said it was a great substitute. I have noticed she's doing as well as she did on the Denamarin for LESS than 1/2 the cost of Denamarin.

they by had from theI


Quality Poduct by John Kinnel from Yuma, Az.06/10/2013

Great product, my dog's liver health is improving with the use of this product.

Thanks for saving me money by lizbeth05/17/2013

I have been using this product for a couple months. My dog had a failing liver and this has helped so much. I feel like it has bought me more time with her. I was getting this from her vet but this site saves me money every month and the auto ship keeps me from forgetting.

Substitute by Bluorbit from Wisconsin06/19/2012

My dog had gotten in to one of my other dog's medication. After a 2 night hospital stay she was prescribed a liver health supplement where the main ingredient was SAMe. The supplement the vet provided was a bit hard to locate so I saw this, that has most of the same ingredients, and also for a better price, so I thought I would try it. I will know for sure if it's working as well at her next liver function test. I can just drop it in her food and she eats it easily enough. If for some reason I find it isn't working as well as the other supplement I will switch back but for now, it seems to do the trick.

by from 04/29/2013

Product was prescribed by vet, found it here for 1/2 price! It truly has saved my little fellow's life. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

exactly by as from vetFAST


Why pay more by Satisfied repeat customer from Tampa Bay, Florida04/03/2013

The same product for a lot less money. Fast delivery.

Seems to be working by Remus2 from Michigan10/22/2012

I have been using the SAMe for close to a year, along with Cushex homeopathic drops and our 12 year old girl is doing very well. We caught it early on and her symptoms have remained mild. Am very happy with the product. But we also give an extra 100 mg milk thistle daily on the advice of our Vet.

S-Adenosyl-225 by Leslie01/29/2012

This product keeps the liver issue under control with my dog. Very happy with it.

Great Price for Same Product by SH11/17/2012

I have two dogs who have currently been prescribed this product. Initially one was given Denamarin which is more expensive and had stocking problems at vet. When second dog required it and vet was out of Denamarin, I was told that this was generic. Decided to see what could get online. This site had it at a substantial savings and I could get as much as I needed and it was delivered quickly. Best of all worlds.

by from 10/23/2012

This product is VERY expensive, and although my 12 year old dog's liver function is still ok, SAMe has done nothing to reduce her liver enzymes, even after 2 years or so of using this.

how by the from priceIt


Sam-e for dogs by Emmits mom from Greenfield, WI11/26/2012

Emmit has been on this for several years and is doing great. Entirely Pets has the best prices for this great product.

life saver!! by tinker from missouri02/03/2013

If your vet cannot figure out why your dog is thin, no worms etc. He may give you a special dog food to help. It did not help mine. The stool was light colored and still was with this mew feed. I found a vet that had some S Adenosyl. It was like a miracle! She started to gain weight and was feeling great, jumping around like a pup. Definately worth a try.

goes with gluta dmg by great dane keeper from MICHIGAN02/16/2012

good product and price use the reorder option. It works great !!

S-Adenosyl 225 by Gray12/15/2012

S-Adenosyl was reccommended to us for our dog that has been on phenobarbital for 6 years for seizures, when his liver enzymes got high. The product has not only help his enzymes, but he is a calmer and happier dog! I will keep him on this forever, it has made a nervous and anxious dog a much happier dog.

Dog Meds arrived Fast by naturegirl06/06/2012

I really needed my S Adenosyl 225 pills and they were here in 2 days after ordering. They also have been a life saver for my old dog who tore her acl ligaments and couldnt have surgey. Being told she wont walk again. I proved them wrong as this med helped her and now she can really get where she wants. Not fast but she walks everywhere. she feels good too .: Thanks!

I appreciate by Desert Dweller from Nevada12/23/2012

both the quality of the product, and the speed at which it was shipped. This producte helped decrease my Lab's elevated liver enzymes.

Featured Reviews for S Adenosyl 225 (SAMe) for MEDIUM / LARGE DOGS - 225 mg (60 tabs)
Noticeable improvement for arthritis pain by Fester02/12/2013

I give these to my 15 year old corgi. We ran out, and after a few days I could definitely tell he did not feel as good and moved more stiffly. After re-ordering, he is back to feeling great, so I know this product definitely works.

Not delivered by Becky from Colorado06/24/2013

I placed this order about two weeks after my last order and it was mistakenly delivered to my old addresses. When I called.Entirely Pets, a company I have been a loyal customer of for quite a few years, I was told "too bad, so sad" Needless to say they lost my order and my patronage.

Great Service by GrammyK03/29/2012

I was very pleased with how quickly the product was delivered. Two days from start to finish!!!

Maggie's Protector by Vic from Centennial, CO11/02/2011

We must give our Aussie Shepherd mix many medications for her heart (Mitral Regurgitation). The SAMe helps keep her healthy and happy. Thank you Entirely Pets for making this product so readily available.

Good Purchase by Weimdogs03/19/2013

I purchased this product after finding out that my 7yr old adopted weim had elevated liver enzymes. He's been on this product for over a month along with a Hills Science Liver diet and some of his enzymes have decreased. I will continue to give this product in hopes of restored liver function!

Really Works by T. Hunt from San Diego, CA01/28/2012

I have 2 elderly dogs whose ALT counts had risen above normal. This brought both their counts back to normal. They will both be on it for the rest of their lives. There is no side effects. If there was, my one dog would have experienced them. My only suggestion would be to make a bottle with more than 60 tablets. I need to purchase at least one bottle month. It would help with multi-pet families if there was a bottle with 120 tablets in it.

by PJ10/31/2011

My vet recommended that my dog "Shadow" needed to take this for a liver enzyme problem. I had not found it any where they advised and the vet was currently out. So yes, very happy with this product. Shadow is a little friskier even though she is 13. I will be ordering this product again.

S Adenosyl 225/ liver disease by Angie from Arkansas03/02/2012

I am very pleased with this product and I received it in just a few days. This is the same meds that my vet tried to sell me at at about 1/2 the cost. My dog Murphy (14yrs) has to take one pill everyday to help the function of her liver.

price increase by Ted10/29/2011

I was a loyal customer until May of 2011. Thats when you increased the price of s-adenosyl 225 (60 tabs) for med. to large dogs, from $33.24 on 3-29-11 to 49.95 in May. That's such a jump in price that I figure that you must be overcharging on everything else you sell which is OK with me but I won't be buying it.

Good product by Butch04/10/2013

Seems to be doing some good. Plus the price is fair.

Cheaper than Human Sam-e by Apryl08/04/2008

I like this product because it is cheaper than sam-e you get in pharmacies and it works just as well. My pet has chronic high liver values due to chronic use of N-SAIDS (anti-inflammatories) for arthritis and she has cushings disease which also increases liver values and using s-adenosyl have brought her liver values down and has really helped protect her liver!

Featured Reviews for Chondro Flex DS (120 Chews)
Great Value!! Excellent product, by Lil04/24/2013

We have been giving our dog these chews for a few years and had been purchasing them from the vet at 3 times the price!! Very pleased with my purchase!!

by scoobydoo01/23/2012

Fast shipping and great product. Will buy from again.

using chondro flex for 6 years by max/sonny from dade city fl10/17/2011

belive it helps my boys ,max has improved a lotfrom stiffness and a bad hip. he once required a rimadyl tablet once a day,now only when his brother bumps him.

Saved my dog's quality of life! by wandpa12/12/2011

After trying other arthritis and joint supplements for my eight year old dog who could barely walk a block with a vet-diagnosed hip displasia problem, a friend recommended these daily supplements. Within six weeks, my dog was climbing stairs; within two months she was walking a mile, and playing again. At nearly 11 now, she's playing frisbee, jumping and running a mile. It's like she's a pup again. Thanks for a great product!

Prompt delivery by PattyB from Arizona12/25/2012

This product is every bit as high quality as what I got from my Veterinarian, yet it cost nearly $23 less! What's more, even though I opted for standard delivery, it arrived with incredible speed! Will definitely use EntirelyPets again for my animals' needs.

a great help by JB from Dubois, WY12/10/2012

this stuff allows my old Lab run again,,,,,not like the wind but maybe a gentle breeze.

Great product by JMan from Wisconsin03/14/2012

Our 10 yr old Weimaraner has been on Chondo-flex for just under a year. His front shoulder was bothering him so we decided to try the chews, he loves them and his shoulder doesn't bother him anymore. A great alternative to Rimadyl.

Jumpin' for joy by pantero200002/05/2013

My Vet gave me some of these for my 13 year old Siberian Husky's arthritis and she actually bounds out the door to go for her daily walk. Very happy!

The best joint supplement!!! by Sheeba-Hera from Dallas, Texas05/29/2012

My dog is 12 years old and is in great shape because I have been adding this as a supplement over the years... she loves it and it doubles up as a treat!

Great for Mobility of Overweight Dog by Roy11/22/2012

Our Bassett is on a diet, and has to lose 20 lbs, we have seen a marked difference in his mobility. He has lost 6 lbs; so far and his movement is getting better thanks to this product. Introduced to the Chondro Flex DS by our Vet.

Chondro Flex DS by Bill07/12/2012

This is an excellent, my vet told me about this product a few years ago when one of my dogs started getting lazy and not running around the back yard as much. At the time she was 7 years old so I decided to give the product a try and it was unbelievable, after 4 to 6 weeks she was racing around the back yard like she did when she was 2 years old. I now give these treats to both dogs who are both 11 years old and when they're outside, there is no slowing them down.

perfect! by karebear from California04/27/2012

This it's exactly what my vets office sold to me for my aging dog. Before taking this product, there were some mornings she wouldn't get out of bed. Now she has spring in her step, and this exact same product cost $25.00 less, even with shipping!!!! I will order this product again and again. :)

Featured Reviews for Chondro Flex DS (240 Chews)
Best product by angieg05/09/2013

I have a 3 year boxer and a 14 year old pug. my pug has horrible arthritis. My boxer was favoring her right paw and my vet gave them Dasuqin. however my boxer got very sick from the Avocado oil in the dsauquin. That is when my vet recommended Chondro Flex. My dogs have been on this for about a year now and are doing great. they no longer limp.

poor quality by Aloof02/13/2013

Received my product the other day (Chondro Flex DS (240 Chews)) and I opened the bucket full of chews, however, they were dry, hard, and covered in crystals (looked like sugar crystals). I have purchased this product before and they never looked like this, i'm not going to feed it to my dogs, It looks old and stale. Not impressed with this bucket's quality,

by housewife11/10/2011

my dog has been on this for a year now and it has been working real good.

Dogs Love It by Gloria from Florida09/02/2012

My Greyhound, Schnauzer, and Chihuahua love these. When you compare ingredients, be aware that some manufacturers will give you nutritional value of TWO chews.

by from 04/01/2013

Has excellent mix of components at high concentrations. Dog loves to eat these and thinks that they are treats. Originally recommended by my vet.

best by deal from IThis


Chondro Flex DS by Floodiva from Palm Harbor, FL10/14/2011

This is a great product. It greatly assisted our 16 year old Dalmation during her last year of life and now with our rescue Boxer that was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia, the results are remarkable. He is no longer on any pain meds, only the Chondro Flex. By far Entirely Pets has the best price around!

excellent product by Brenda01/20/2013

Chondro Flex chews were recomended by my vet. they work great but due to the cost I had to find another place to get them from. Entirely pets had a great price along with a promo code that covered my shipping charges. I will continue to buy from them due to that.

by from 06/19/2012

Both our dogs needed joint support. Our pit bull mix had double ACL replacement + has bad arthritis in front legs. Other is a German shepherd mix and shepherds can have joint/hip problems.

vet by about from thisI


using these for years by teeks10/23/2012

I've been using chondroflex for multiple dogs for years. Love it!

by scoobydoo01/23/2012

Awesome purchase. Fast shipping. I will buy from again.

Helps keep our dogs young by xsanchez10/08/2011

Rosey, our pit bull/boston terrier mix, had double ACL replacement at age 4. At age 7, she developed painful bone spurs in her elbows and some arthritis in all 4 joints. Our vet recommended starting her on glucosamine, chondroitin & MSM supplements. She is now 12 years old and her arthritis has not worsened. Her 11-yo brother, Jasper, a shepherd/greyhound mix, has been taking Chondro Flex also and looks as young as ever.

Does the job! by sisobrien06/04/2012

My 10 year old Lab chases the ball like she is being paid. We had to cut back to just walks as she was limping after even a easy run. Now she is able to do what she loves best again!

by Donny10/25/2012

I have been very pleased with these liver treats for my dogs. I have a blue healer that is 15 yrs old. They have done wonders for his eye sight and arthritis. He loves them too. A friend told me about these and I have told others. Great product for an older dog to help with arthritis or other aging issues.

Best Value Chondroitin by Gloria from Florida10/23/2012

Each of my 3 rescues - Greyhound Mystic, Schnauzer Sadie, and Chihuahua Trinket - have been using this for 4-5 years.

Not Only Great for Joint Health ... by Sleeps WIth Dogs from Stamford, CT11/24/2011

My Rosie had to take pills as she recovered from pneumonia. Not only could I keep her joint health addressed ....but she actually ate these with her medicine hidden in the middle. I highly recommend this product not only for good joint health but as an excellent pill delivery system !!!

chrondro flex by michael pettengill from dade city fl03/05/2012

i have been using this product for 8 years for my giant schnauzer.he has weak hind quaters and limps if to much running.we belive chrondro flex has helped a great deal as he rairly favors his rear leg.we have a weim too,he is 4 and has been on chrondro flex since he was 3 months old.

Very Effective by Renee from Vernon, Canada01/29/2011

My 2 year old Lab cross had a persistant limp with her front right leg. After many xrays and finding nothing wrong they assumed bursitis or early arthritis. The vet gave us these to see if it would help, in just 2 weeks even with extended periods of exercise she does not limp at all. We are very happy with this product!

Chondro Flex DS is Great for Great Danes by CowboyChris from Orlando, FL11/02/2011

We've been using this product for a few years now with our Great Danes (all adopted out of rescue), and it seems to help them, especially in their older years.

Featured Reviews for Oti-Soothe II Ear Cleansing Solution with Aloe Vera (4 fl oz)
GREAT product! by Jed's mom from Largo, FL11/21/2011

We use this in our GSP's ears once a week, before his bath. He swims in our pool daily and it's kept his ears nice and healthy. AND smelling good! :-)

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