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Vitamins for Cats

Cat vitamins

help cat owners keep their beloved furry friends fit through carefully controlled vitamin boosts. Many different delivery methods, including using medications that dissolve in water or mix easily with food, are available to suit the most fickle of felines. Vitamins for cats can help enhance the animals' coats, help with digestion issues and boost immune systems. Aging cats have different nutritional needs, and these may not always be met with food alone. Help your cat stay healthy and fit with cat vitamins and nutritional supplements designed by veterinarians and formulated exclusively for your furry friends.

NaturVet Brewer's Dried Yeast Formula with Garlic (5,000 Tabs)
NaturVet Brewer's Dried Yeast Formula with Garlic (5,000 Tabs)

($50.80)  $39.99
NaturVet Brewer's Yeast & Garlic (1,000 Tabs)
NaturVet Brewer's Yeast & Garlic (1,000 Tabs)

($13.11)  $8.99
NaturVet Brewer's Yeast & Garlic (4 lb. Powder)
NaturVet Brewer's Yeast & Garlic (4 lb. Powder)

($23.99)  $19.99
NaturVet Kelp Help
NaturVet Kelp Help

Pet Naturals Daily Best Chews for Cats (45 count)
Pet Naturals Daily Best Chews for Cats (45 count)

($7.99)  $5.99
Hi-Vite Drops (1 oz.)
Hi-Vite Drops (1 oz.)

($14.99)  $10.89
Nu-Cat Liquid by Vetri-Science (50 teaspoons)
Nu-Cat Liquid by Vetri-Science (50 teaspoons)

($31.99)  $17.39
Vetri-Science Nu-Cat Soft Chews (60 SOFT CHEWS)
Vetri-Science Nu-Cat Soft Chews (60 SOFT CHEWS)

($13.99)  $6.99
NutriVed B Complex Plus Iron Liquid (4 oz.)
NutriVed B Complex Plus Iron Liquid (4 oz.)

($12.99)  $9.99
Cholodin Feline (50 tablets)
Cholodin Feline (50 tablets)

($14.99)  $11.99
Osteo-Form SA Powder (350 grams)
Osteo-Form SA Powder (350 grams)

($12.99)  $9.78
Pets Prefer Adult Maintenance - Cats (90 count)
Pets Prefer Adult Maintenance - Cats (90 count)

($11.99)  $8.99
Dechra EicosaCaps (Omega 3 & 6 C Capsules ) Up To 40lbs - 60 Caps
Dechra EicosaCaps (Omega 3 & 6 C Capsules ) Up To 40lbs - 60 Caps

($14.99)  $10.99
Dechra EicosaCaps (Omega 3 & 6 Caps L) 41 to 70 lbs - 60 Caps
Dechra EicosaCaps (Omega 3 & 6 Caps L) 41 to 70 lbs - 60 Caps

($22.99)  $16.99
BiologicVet BioVites
BiologicVet BioVites

PetGuard Yeast and Garlic Wafers (320 ct)
PetGuard Yeast and Garlic Wafers (320 ct)

($24.50)  $16.99
Felo-Form (50 tablets)
Felo-Form (50 tablets)

($5.99)  $4.50
Favor Tablets for Cats by Pfizer (60 tablets)
Favor Tablets for Cats by Pfizer (60 tablets)

($19.99)  $14.99
Resvantage Feline (30 Capsules)
Resvantage Feline (30 Capsules)

($33.99)  $25.99
3-PACK Enisyl-F Amino Acids For Felines (12x15ml Tubes)
3-PACK Enisyl-F Amino Acids For Felines (12x15ml Tubes)

($85.50)  $50.99
Brewer's Dried Yeast and Garlic Tablets.
  • Contains top quality debittered yeast that your dogs and cats love
  • Contains 5% garlic and fortified with B-1, B-2, Niacin and Vitamin C

  • Vitamin Enriched Tablets & Powder: Contains top quality debittered yeast that your dogs and cats love to eat. Contains 5% garlic and fortified with B-1, B-2 and Niacin. Also includes Vitamin C, and important antioxidant.

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Analysis per 500 mg tablet:
    Thiamine (B-1) - 0.100 mg
    Riboflavin (B-2) - 0.150 mg
    Niacin (B-3) - 0.500 mg
    Ascorbic Acid - 0.100 mg
    Directions for Daily Use:
    2 tablets daily for each 10 lbs. of body weight.

    NOTE: During stress, convalescing, pregnancy or in summer months, double daily amount.
    Ingredients: Brewers Dried Yeast, Montmorillonite Clay, Dicalcium Phosphate, Garlic, Natural Flavoring, Stearic Acid, Silica Aerogel, Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil, Magnesium Stearate, Dreid Whey, Vegetable Oil, Niacin Supplement, Riboflavin, Ascorbic Acid (source of Vitamin C), Thiamine Mononitrate.
    4.73 rating based on 15 reviews
    Featured Reviews for NaturVet Brewer's Dried Yeast Formula with Garlic (5,000 Tabs)
    Peace of Mind by joy from Blue Ridge Mountains12/22/2013

    I purchased this item in a much smaller size to see if my three dogs liked it and if it worked. Worked meaning keeping fleas and ticks away. They all like them, and I've not had one flea or tick all Spring/Summer/Autumn.

    Great product by Gdog from Eastern, KY07/03/2013

    Our dogs love the tablets. It has improved the texture or their coat and reduced sheading.

    Featured Reviews for NaturVet Brewer's Yeast & Garlic (1,000 Tabs)
    NaturVet Brewer's Yeast & Garlic by Deb from Tn08/10/2012

    I was very pleased with this product. It helped out with the flea and tick problem. I saw our animals looking healthier too! I would recomend this over chemicals. The shipping time was awesome also.

    Really works by Gdog from Eastern, KY07/13/2013

    After 3 weeks giving this product to our dogs, we could see a marked improvement in the texture and feel of their coat.

    doggie breath by trekbyamo from dallas texas07/20/2013

    quick delivery & seemingly good product; absolute proof will be in the history...am having to be innovative in methods to get dog to eat/take the tabs..

    We should put this on an automatic refill by Casper the friendly dog from Rhode Island11/07/2012

    What can I say, Casper and Gizzy gobble them up, and Gizzy is a very picky eater. I can even get away with using these as a 'treat' after grooming, when I'm out of other treats. Gizzy doesn't yell at me about trimming her claws if she knows this is waiting for her when we're done.

    Great Value by great value from Harrisburg, PA10/22/2012

    fast delivery, good price and fair shipping cost.

    not enough info by phyllis03/31/2012

    When i ordered this product the dose was not noted in the info. I have large dogs and had i know it was 1 pill per 5 lbs., I would've probably not bought it for that reason. I will have to see how the dogs and cat do on them since i have only been giving them to them for a week or so. Its too bad the pills aren't offered in different sizes for different weight dogs.

    flea fighter by nancyp01/01/2013

    I've had a problem with fleas since I moved into my new house in October. I've been very discouraged since I thought I did everything possible to combat the problem...exterminator, washing of the bedding 2x per week, and Frontlining the dogs. I tried the brewers yeast tabs and the situation is almost gone. It's also winter here so I know that helps. I'll continue to give the dogs the tabs and am ready to fight this thing head-on come springtime!!

    a must have by Ricki10/28/2011

    we have used these tablets on all of our dogs for years. Not only is it great for their coats, it will help deter fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. Although no a substitute for flea & tick medications - these tablets are a great supplement!

    My pets think these are treats! by Pet mom10/13/2013

    I give these to my pets as "treats" -- They all go crazy for them! And I am happy knowing I am giving them something nutritious [instead of most pet treats which are full of sugar, salt and other things not good for pets]. Bonus - they help keep bugs and fleas off pets. This is one product I will keep purchasing, thanks.

    nice product by mina from upstate ny01/01/2013

    using pills on cat and dog, seems to be helping their flea problems.

    Good Garlic Tabs by paisleygirl57 from Houston, Tx.10/26/2012

    I was so pleased to have my dog love these tabs. I was unable to find the Pet Guard ones (backordered) so I read up on so many of these. My neices's dog loves these & doesn't hesitate to eat them up. It's helped with her skin/coat is so shiny, no fleas or mosquitos bother her anymore. Especially if you live in humid area like Texas it's good to give these to your dogs (horses etc.) year round.

    Beagles love the taste. by BeagleMom from Texas09/16/2013

    I give this product every day to my beagles. They love the taste and think they are getting a treat. I use this to help with their itchy skin.

    Featured Reviews for NaturVet Brewer's Yeast & Garlic (4 lb. Powder)
    Brewer's Yeast & Garlic by NaturVet by betylu11/06/2012

    I understood this could be a natural flea repellant. I like to use natural products when possible. My dog is allergic to most spot on treatments. This is easy to put in Molly's food daily and I know it is good for her with the B Vitamins. Not only that, she likes it!!

    brewers yeast with garlic by mike p. from pasco county fl11/26/2012

    have been using this product for 5-6 years,we belive it has health benifits as well as eliminating fleas. we of course give our dog`s flea medicne as well as yeast with garlic.we live in florida on 2.3 acres of sand.

    Goes a long way! by Pet mom10/13/2013

    I feed my dogs and cats diatomaceous earth [food grade] as a natural dewormer and supplement daily. I add water to make it into a sort of "gravy" [you do not want to breathe in the dust of diatomaceous earth; other than that it has only good side effects] - I add this nutritional powder to make it taste good! My furry kids love it! Bonus - it helps keep bugs and fleas off pets. And a jar of this stuff lasts forever.

    NaturVet Brewers Yeast & Garlic Powder by LoriO from West Hills, CA11/06/2011

    Dogs seem to love this. The last order I recieved last month, was destroyed by the curiously destructive dog I have. I never even opened the box. She found it to be more fun to detroy the box and 4lb plastic container. Shredded cardboard box and garlic powder all over the place. I guess she just couldn't wait a couple of weeks to try the new bottle.

    NaturVet Brewer's Yeast & Garlic by Nancy from Maryland07/23/2013

    Great product arrived in 4 days! Very happy with speedy delivery and the free samples included in the wonderfully assembled package!

    Great for Fleas n Tics! by THE DOG LADY from Hillman, Michigan08/03/2012

    We use your product to treat fleas and tics internally! We have a new strain of fleas from Arizona and Georgia Florida area. They are a brown flea with a hard shell. Nothing seems to work other then garlic and brewers yeast. I own and operate a full grooming and self served of wash. My life is always DOGS DOGS DOGS! We are always looking for Great products for our clients. The greatest thing about this product is both ingredient are in one. It takes the guess work out of the mixing. Thank You for making life a tad simply. Wags n Licks from DOGS R US PET SPA

    by EL CHOQUE04/22/2012


    Excellent Product by Grey Mystique03/07/2013

    Quick delivery, great price, my dogs are loving it.

    Best Flea Prevention by Triumph Lady from SW Ohio03/13/2013

    We've used this product, and no other flea prevention/treatment, for 13 years with 3 different dogs. In 13 years we've only had 2 flea problems that required anything more than the Yeast/Garlic. The last time, 2 years ago, our neighbor's dog had pups that were kept in a pen outside, close to our yard. At the same time we were fostering a friend's dog who depends on the monthly traditional expensive chemicals. The foster dog probably missed his treatment that month. EXTRA BENEFIT: Our dogs RARELY have gas. If they do, we know they have a problem.

    Featured Reviews for Pet Naturals Daily Best Chews for Cats (45 count)
    cat vitamins by none from Texas11/30/2012

    My senior cat loves these. However, your price is twice what I found on other sites for exactly the same item.

    Awesome Product by remlind from Falls City, NE04/21/2013

    My cat's coat has never been softer or shinier since I started using this product. He likes the taste and readily eats them.

    by Lett from NC12/05/2013

    Both of my cats love this product and I will be reordering!!!

    Daily Best Vitamins by baump from Laurel, MD11/15/2013

    This product may be great but not for my cat. My cat would throw-up after eating these vitamins.

    best purchase ever by WANDA from bronx new york02/20/2013

    my cat loves the vitamins and they are making him eat more.thanks

    cat vitamins by none from Texas04/09/2013

    My cat loves these, whatever flavor it is.

    Great Product! by 2 Knitcatz from Maryland07/20/2013

    The only vitamins that my cat will eat. She thinks they are treats.

    My Picky Cat loves Them by Sanibelle from Sanibel, FL04/24/2014

    My picky cat loves these vitamin "treats". When she stopped eating her old ones, I looked for something that might appeal to her and she just loves these. She waits patiently for her "treat" when the dog gets his morning biscuits.

    Great supplement for my cats by Beth from Ct03/15/2013

    This had everything I was looking for In a supplement. Price was great to. My cats are finicky. I give them as a treat,they love them. Now I know thy are getting all the vit. They need.

    by Paul10/22/2012

    I ordered the 'Pet Naturals Daily Best Chews for Cats' (even the email asking me to review the products says thats what I ordered). First off, it was a good 3-4 weeks before I got my package. Second, they sent me the 'Pet Naturals Daily Best Chews for DOGS'. So, I'm sure the product is great, but I don't have a dog. Awesome. Thanks guys.

    Excellent Daily Vitamin!!! by J.M.J01/09/2013

    My 2 cats enjoy 1 of these vitamins daily. I notice that they are more energetic and that their coats are more full and shiney since we have begun this regimen. They enjoy the flavor also!!! :o)

    Great Product by oct2497 from NJ10/29/2012

    My cat loves these vitamins. I add them in with her food and she gobbles them up. I know she's getting everything she needs and they're easy to administer. I highly recommend!

    Good vitamins by guitar107 from Tampa, FL04/24/2014

    My cats are very finicky. They have turned down many vitamins in the past. They like Pet Natural Daily Best!

    They LOVE this one - Stock Up! by Barbie from San Diego, CA05/23/2012

    We have two cats - Yin and Yang. They immediately come running when they hear us take the plastic bag from the cupboard. We have never gotten this kind of response from other vitamin/treats. It has been less than a month, and they seem to have move pep, and their coats are fuller and softer. They love taking their vitamins!

    Great Product by MamaKat58 from New York06/02/2013

    An easy way to give my cats their needed vitamins, they look forward to getting them . All I have to do is open the bag and they come for all directions of my house.... I have 5 cats ages 5 to 14.... any extra help with their health needs are a welcoming source to me as their Kat MOM...

    Featured Reviews for Hi-Vite Drops (1 oz.)
    by Kitty Karegiver12/07/2012

    Easy to add to canned cat food,good supplement for older cats

    Awesome Medicine for Dogs with Liver ailment by Perrito#1 from Northern Virginia11/10/2011

    Our Min Pin Max has had chronic pancreatitis for several years - a condition that is potentially fatal and often very difficult to treat. However, our vet has prescribed an amazing cocktail of vitamins, supplements and medication that has not only helped him to live longer, it has made him strong and healthy and at age 16 Max has the energy level of a much younger dog. Hi-Vite is one of the supplements that he takes twice a day and it is essential to protect the liver and pancreas and support their functioning in dogs whose organs are not working properly. these medicines, combined with a low-fat diet and exercise have helped to give Max a new lease on life. We LOVE Hi-Vite!

    Hi-Vite Drops (1 oz.) Dr. recommended by Yorkie Mama from Alabama07/20/2012

    Good product, recommended by Vet. Cheaper than at Vet's office

    HI - VITE Drops by Deb from Henderson, NV10/23/2012

    My Sweet Pug loves HI-VITE Drops - she happily enjoys it straight from the Dropper or as a topping mixed in with her morning meal! She is such a joy!!

    by Judy04/06/2012

    Very palatable. Just put it on canned food. They love it. I add a little water to thin it out.

    by from 10/25/2011

    Hi-Vite Drops was recommended by my vet years ago when my dog was having skin problems.

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    by anne04/18/2013

    my dogs actually don't turn their nose up at this vitamin supplement

    easy administration by Dan06/24/2013

    My 18 yr old cat requires a liver vitamin supplement and she takes this in her food daily with no problem.

    Good vitamin by Jabie07/06/2013

    Great for skin and hair coat! Also a good vitamin for an ill cat/kitten or one who isn't eating well. Always check with your vet first!

    by southaustinative from Austin, TX03/18/2013

    Excellent product. I was recently told that my senior cat is anemic, and this vitamin, high iron supplement has made him feel much better.

    BHA? by Doggie Friend04/08/2014

    Unfortunately, there's BHA in this product. No matter how much I want to like the product, I will not allow BHA in my pets' diet.

    Hi Vite Drops by lw09/10/2013

    This product is helping my cat with leukemia have better quality of life.

    Excellent vitamins by tam10/28/2012

    Hi-Vite Drops were recommended by my vet. I was able to find them cheaper online. I just mix them with my furkids' food. The only problem that I had with my order is that one of the bottles arrived completely shattered and the drops, which are very sticky, leaked over everything in my order creating a mess. Entirely Pets appologized for the problem and agreed to send a new bottle.

    Hi-Vite Drops - worth the money by Lynn from Ventura, CA03/05/2013

    Definitely improved the skin, coat, eyes, and joint mobility of my Dachshund and Maltese. The dosing is easy with the liquid dropper. Just don't put it in the refrigerator, it makes the viscosity too thick. I mix it with the dog's food and they never even noticed it was added. I will keep using Hi-Vite drops, they made a noticeable improvement in my dogs' health.

    Love these vitamins by Dog Lover from Lakeland, TN03/22/2012

    My yorki poo has been sick for awhile with what the doctor think is Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Haven't gotten the tests results back to know for sure. She became very lethargic and wouldn't eat. I started giving her these vitamins and she started perking up with more energy and eating good again. She is a picky eater but they must taste good because when she sees me with them, she runs to me and always want more. Would definitely recommend these.

    by from 01/08/2013

    Really happy I found this! I'm an avid vitamin and probiotic supplement taker and believe in the power of them very much. When I saw 2 of my kittie's fur looking, "bleh", I thought to myself, "Why of course! Kitties and doggies need vitamins, too! Why didn't I think of that sooner for them?"

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    Good product, fair price by Dave the cat from Virginia, USA, Earth, Milky Way07/17/2013

    My vet recommended Hi-Vite for one of my cats. I bought my first bottle from the vet, but Entirely Pets has a much lower price. One caution: the bottle is pretty full (which is good), so you need to dispense some before there's room to insert the dropper completely; otherwise, it'll spill over. That extra is a day's dosage or more.

    Maximize Your Pets Health by Annette from Amesbury, MA02/11/2013

    This is an amazing vitamin. Our 15 year old cat lost half her body weight before it was discovered she had a thyroid problem. The thyroid meds stabilized her but she still needed to put on weight. Finding the right soft food she liked helped but the Hi-Vite drops are what truly made the difference. Thank you, Hi-Vite!

    Keeps my Maggie May healthy by Margaret from Georgia08/04/2014

    My Basset hound Maggie May had a reaction to her seizure meds and so my vet put her on this product to help boost her blood and help her anemia. it did a great job and so i have continued to keep her on it. she is a happy strong girl.

    by from 06/15/2011

    We live in the country and we have a stray cat that started coming around and he looked so scrawny and frail. I started feeding him good food and then I also found this Hi-Vite Drops on your website and decided to give them a try. You should see the difference they have made in the looks of this stray cat. We call him Rags because he did look rather ragged when we first started feeding him, but he looks wonderful now! His hair is shiny and he has put on weight. I will continue to give him this as long as he keeps coming around. Thanks,

    Country Girl by from Country

    Really makes a difference!

    Vet Recommended by Richard9705/24/2014

    Effective, readily accepted on food. Good price and service at EntirelyPets.

    simple is the word to describe by cat lady from Amarillo, Texas12/31/2013

    My two cats are very individual with one eating a vitamin tablet and the other one acting like it was poison. The liquid Hi-Vite was perfect for the picky cat. She takes it without a major production! Both cats are FIP positive so maintaining their health is imperative. Keeping the "good health" scales balanced is VIP. They may be corona virus positive but are currently healthy, happy cats with no signs of virus conversion or other outward signs of illness.

    Hi vite by Smoky03/15/2014

    This stuff is much cheaper then the vet, my puppy love this stuff. For now on I will be purchasing my pet items from here.

    cat didn't like it by cat lady from manchester, ct04/25/2014

    I have a very picky kitty so it's hard to go by my review, she doesn't seem to like the taste at all as she freaks out when I put the drops into her mouth. however, with my boyfriend's help we both hold her and we manage to get it into her mouth. so as far as my cat liking it, not so much, but I felt i really needed to write a review for the not so picky kitty owners because it really is making a big difference with her health. her coat is nicer and she has more energy. I'm seeing a huge improvement, however, I will not be repurchasing this only because I have to find an easier way to giving her vitamins but it's good stuff it does help with their well being!

    Great vitamins by Jim from Raleigh, NC01/26/2013

    The cat loves them. Just a drop on her evening meal.

    Hi-Vite Drops (1 oz.) by DoubleDoxie from Philadelphia09/22/2014

    Just like humans, animals need vitamins too. Using Hi-Vite Drops will help my pets to live a longer healthier life with vitamin supplements such as A, D, and E, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Iron. My dogs are happy and have beautiful coats.

    Sgt. Fancy Pants gives 2 paws up! by Chichina13410/11/2013

    I give my cat 1/2 dropper full twice a day with her food. She loves it! Her coat is very shiny and very soft. She looks extremely healthy and I believe the hi-vite drops play a big role in that. Not only that, but this website sells it 3 times less than my vet does! I buy three bottles for the price of one! It's a win win!

    Iron deficient cats by Lee Colby03/31/2008

    Our sedentary cat was at least 15 years old when a routine examination revealed that she was iron deficient. The vet prescribed Hi-Vite drops and we could get them everywhere. No local pet store stocked them so we bought several bottles from EntirelyPets.com, their service was prompt and we are on the third shipment. Now the cat 'plays' with our Miniature Schnauzer and races through the house.

    use by alfred papillon01/27/2009

    excellent product even though my dog does not like the taste.

    HI VITE DROPS by Norma05/04/2013

    my dogs just love them-and i can tell the difference in them when i run out.

    Excellent Product by barbd01/10/2011

    My 18 year old cat, Daisy, was diagnosed with liver cancer last month. I took her home from the hospital so she can live her last days comfortably with me. My vet gave me Hi-Vite drops and they are making a HUGE difference. I skipped giving them to her for two days, and during those two days her health seemed to decline. I started giving the vitamins to her again and she is back to eating a lot, running around, etc. It seems crazy that a vitamin could do this, but it's working. Maybe it's the iron. All I know is it's helping and I would highly recommend!!

    Wow It Works ! by Cindy03/31/2009

    My Cat was not eating his food. He would just lick the juice from his food and walk away. We tried every name brand and flavor they made. The Vet told me to give him vitamins. I gave him this vitamin and he is eating a lot better. He likes the taste. I'm back to order another bottle.

    Great buy! by yn17071 from Shelbyville, TN11/29/2011

    I tried these on a suggestion from my sister. I've been giving them to my 13 year old Great Pyrenees. She acts like a puppy again!! Not sure what's in these, but I'll keep giving them to her because I can definitely tell a big difference in the way she feels!

    by from 04/25/2009

    My 7 year old kitty was not eating much and now she eats well. She loves the taste of these vitamins drops and the Barley Cat herbal greens. So do my other 2 kitties age 8 months and 10 months - Star, Gabby and Maggy respectively.

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    by from 05/12/2009

    Missie, our dog, acts like Hi-Vite drops our the best thing ever. She sits patiently and then runs and jumps for them.

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    Hi-Vite drops work by Julien08/10/2009

    Peta, our beloved cat has contracted feline Leukemia from the shots. She very quickly went from healthy happy 10 pounder to a weight of 2 pounds. The Vet said take her home to die nothing more they can do. We could not give up on her. We found Hi-Vite drops as a possible help. It is now two years later and she weights 12 pounds and is full of energy and life. We also have a diet containing lots of liver and beef. I believe Hi- Vite drops and God saved her life. Thank you to both!

    by from 01/25/2012

    As the President of an animal rescue that specializes in special needs, senior and injured animals we use a lot of this product.

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    Hi-Vita helps vitamin deficient 18 yr cat by Lee Colby08/30/2009

    Our cat Sophie was low on iron three years ago and we started her on Hi-Vie Drops. She responded al,most instantly and has continued to be a loving member of our family.

    Not so sure about this stuff - smells bad by Valia from Chicagoland area05/01/2013

    Only 2 out our 5 cats will eat their wet if this stuff is in it. It does smell bad. A shame. I will continue to grind up vitamin pills that they don't mind.

    Terrific vitamins! by AggieB from Burlington, NC11/19/2012

    My vet recommended Hi-Vite Vitamins for my cat who was diagnosed with Leukemia along with a regimen of meds. He has more than outlived our expectations - he has thrived. His energy level has improved measurably and his coat and eyes are wonderfully healthy-looking. He loves the flavor of Hi-Vite and I've started giving Hi-Vite to all my cats. Their energy and appearance have improved, too. Thanks for this terrific product!

    My dog leaps for this by Marizee from GA04/17/2013

    My neighbor was taking care of my dog for a few days. I told her to be prepared for her to jump for her vitamins. When I arrived home my neighbor said you mean, "She literally flies for it"

    Vitamin Bargain by Skew06/18/2012

    We've been buying this vitamin supplement from our local vet for two years. When I saw the same thing on your website, I purchased it. I will saving a considerable amount of money for the same product using your website from now on. Thank you!

    Great Stuff! by Beth from Clements, Maryland05/30/2012

    My dogs love this gravy-flavored vitamin mix. I give the drops to my geriatric dog Daisy and it really seems to make a difference in how she feels. She was a rescue dog and is estimated to be between 12 and 15 years old.I've bought Hi-Vite for years now, and plan to keep using it.

    Easy Great Vitamin Supplement by Dog's Best Friend06/07/2012

    I use these every day half strength on top of my dogs food. SHe loves the taste and her coat, which is thick and black, is even shinier and deeper black than ever. This is easy product to use and at an excellent price.

    Better than other I used. by Marie from North Las Vegas, Nevada12/15/2010

    I did not think they had liquid vitamins for pets until I inquired at Entirely Pets. I used to give my Sheltie vitamin tablets he would not chew them with Hi Vite Drops he is eager to take his vitamins. Thank You Entirely Pets..

    Dog loves her "memacine" by Smitty from Granger, Indiana01/14/2014

    She can be any place in the house or even outside. All I have to say is COME GET YOUR MEMACINE and she comes to the kitchen to get it.

    Vitamins by AMAZING GRACE from North Las Vegas, Nv11/17/2012

    I had ordered the vitamins from you before with my first SHELTIE, he passed and now I have two more and they are on the same vitamins. I have no problem with any products from you that is why I have come back after retaining my two new SHELTIE'S..

    Featured Reviews for Nu-Cat Liquid by Vetri-Science (50 teaspoons)
    CAT SLURPS IT UP LIKE CANDY!!!! by Luis M. from Las Vegas, NV01/13/2012


    my cat loves it! by kathy from Broken Arrow, OK06/25/2013

    My cat is elderly and getting more frail. Since giving her these Italians her coat has improved and she has put on some weight! Plus she loves how they taste!

    Nu-Cat Liquid Vitamins by Wendy J. from Chicago03/15/2013

    I have 3 Feline Herpes kitties, any stress can kick it off so they get Lysine and a Multi-vitamin to keep it under control. With this vitamin we have been under control for years now!!! I would buy this if you have kitties with Feline Herpes!!!

    Great Product by FE10/25/2011

    I bought this product to see if it would help my cats excessive dander probem and it did.

    by from 05/22/2012

    My brother-in-law gave us a bottle for our 13 year old cat. Up to then he had been very stiff and reluctant to walk around. Now he is like a new cat. He is back to jumping up on the bed, something that has not been possible for more than a year. He actually is moving better than he has in a couple of years.

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    Nu-Cat by Liquid from toWe


    Nu-Cat by Crystal's mom from Oregon12/11/2012

    I have searched for a medium into which I must put a liquid medicine. It had to be something my cat liked. After trying countless different things I have found Nu-Cat. While she doesn't realize she likes it until I can get a taste in her mouth, once that is accomplished she gobbles it down, even chewing on the dropper I use to administer it. Some people just don't know what they like.

    Well accepted by cat! by kathy from Broken Arrow, OK07/10/2012

    too early to tell results! I have an elderly cat who has become finicky about eating and I feel this product will provide her the nutrition shes missing out on.

    Nu cat liquid by Jennifer09/22/2014

    Hi we have our 5 pound Chihuahua on this formula. We have had her on for over 2 years and she was doing fabulous on it. They changed the formula and she will not eat it, no matter what I do. I emailed them and they claimed all the ingredients are the same. I say there is no way. I would hope that they change it back, they are going to make a lot of people unhappy who depend on this for the health of their pets. Sorry I cannot recommend this now.

    Great Supplement Product by Alicia from Bolingbrook, IL12/28/2013

    I am fostering a 3 yrs old sweet orange tabby who was diagnosed with feline leukemia. He was weak, loosing patches of hair, among much other issues and you could see in his eyes the pain and would not eat. I started mixing this with gerber baby meat, DMG and lysine; I call it his power shake. 2 years later he still has feline leukemia, but he is behaving like a normal cat who does not show to be in any discomfort.This provides him with the vitamins that his body is not absorbing correctly and his appetite is great. This is a great supplement for cats.

    Ready to rumble by cindi04/30/2013

    I feel good knowing my cats are getting their necessary vitamins and minerals

    liquid cat vitamins by argo rigolo from Los Angeles, Ca.06/12/2013

    Nu-Cat Liquid by Vetri-Science (50 teaspoons) I have 10-cats and feed them twice-a day; however, I wonder if they are getting enough vitamins? A supplement like this one contains a larger multivitamin feline spectrum without the complicated process of trying to get my cats to swallow pills. I mix it into the wet food and they don't notice, or add water and pour it into their dry food. Either way, I try to keep them healthy.

    Excellent Product by Fem-Feline01/18/2013

    All 3 cats loved it right out the bottle. Within a week I saw a difference in their coats and energy level.

    It's my cat's favorite part of the day! by Bev.02/11/2009

    When I get home from a long day at work, my 16 year old cat, Elliot is always happy to see me. He gets a hug and kiss and then it's "shape it up, Baby" !! I shake up the bottle and he thinks he's getting a martini! :o) I pour out a half cap full and he laps it up ! It's his cocktail hour!

    Excellent! by Dawn01/21/2009

    My diabetic cats HATES tablets or pills, and actually will eat this on his food. Great vitamin supplement-the results were fast and visible.

    My cats Love it!!! They think it is a treat! by barbee from Delaware,Ohio05/09/2010

    Make sure you really shake it up! My cats would take the whole bottle if I would let them.

    The virtual fountain of youth ! by elliot from NJ06/15/2010

    Ellliot will be 18 years old this June 18th! He has been loving his "Vit-e-ums" for the passed two or three years now. When I get home from work, I shake up the bottle and pour a cap-ful and for him, it's his "Happy Hour" ! He laps it up, enjoys his dinner and then reclines to satisfied mode. I often wonder is his wonder health genetic or from this incredible tonic? In any case, all I know is that Ellliot is more wonderful each day and he loves his "Vit-e-ums" ! ;o)

    Totally Satisfied by Mama Cat from New Jersey11/06/2012

    Two lithargic 17 year old cats are jumping, running playing like they're 6 months old. Great to see them happy again. This product works and it's a great feeling to know that it's good for them too.

    Best Vitamin purchase for cats!!! by Maddy from Upstate,N06/03/2012

    My cat looks forward to liquid Nu Cat like he is getting treats!!! no fuss no muss!!! And my cat GREATLY BENEFITS!!

    Revitalized at 18 years by Cat me if you can from New Jersey01/21/2014

    What a difference in my cats coat and energy. I wish I thought of this sooner.

    Nu Cat Liquid by Donna03/21/2014

    My cat, Dolly, was doing well on the original version of Nu Cat Liquid until Vetri-Science changed the formula. Then, every time I gave it to her regardless of how small the amount, she would vomit. She did fine on the first two bottles, but not the new formula. I cannot recommend it now until Vetri Science goes back to the prior formula.

    Featured Reviews for Vetri-Science Nu-Cat Soft Chews (60 SOFT CHEWS)
    Excellent product by Lauren10/21/2011

    These vitamins are awesome. High quality and have a soft texture that my cats' love!! Have tried my different vitamins and they never liked any of them - but they LOVE the Vetri Science Nu-Cat Soft Chews.

    Just what one would want by Arthur08/05/2013

    My cats both love these chewable vitamins. It's the only thing they have in common, and vitamin time is the only time they get along during the day. They are getting older, one being nine and the other 16, and both have shown marked improvements in energy and coat since starting on these

    The shape of Nu-Cat Soft Chews by Barbara from Philadelphia, PA04/25/2010

    My first purchase of Nu-Cat Soft Chews was from my Veterinarian's office. The chews had a bite-sized barrel shape. I made a routine of breaking the chew in two so my cat had "two treats" one right after the other. My cat loves the treats so much that she thinks of nothing else. When I take my own medication, she sits and watches my hands in case she is going to get something, too. I then ordered three bags. The chews came in a fish shape. I think the smell differs from the other shape. My cat likes them just as much. I don't. Many of the fish in the package are broken already and they seem smaller to me. If I had a choice I would choose the barrel shape. I would give the barrel 5 stars instead of the 3 I gave to the fish shaped chews.

    Nu-Cat Soft Chews by Susan12/04/2012

    The price was lower than that same item at my veterinary office. Plus my cat really likes the taste so there is no problem getting him to eat them.

    I plan to purchase them again and again by Donna S. from West Des Moines, IA11/18/2011

    I have two cats, one a real "fuss-butt". I add one chew in their dry food daily and there is no problem in getting them to eat it. In fact, they love it and look at me for more, but I only give them one per day. They think of it as a treat.

    Great Product! by Cat Mom11/13/2012

    Our kitties fur was dull and course. After being on these vitamins for a couple of months her coat was shiny and soft. It has also grown in a bit thicker. I highly recommend them!

    by from 06/06/2011

    I previously wrote about these chews and cannot go back to correct an error.

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    Vet recommended vitamins by Laurie from Mt. Airy, MD09/12/2013

    These are the best vitamins out there. My vet recommended them for my cats. They are soft fish shape and you can break them into smaller pieces. My cats think they are a treat and love them! Anything from Vetri-Science is great!

    no interest by toys from TN10/31/2012

    Neither of my cats consider this to be a treat. They may have eaten one or two accidentally, but generally they ignore it. I will not buy it again.

    Outstanding purchase! by Mags11/06/2011

    Great treats! My cats love them. My vet highly recommended these to me and they are a hit at this house. Entirely Pets offers top quality products at prices that cannot be beat!

    Vetri-Science Nu-Cat Soft Chews by YakPat from NE Washington state10/26/2011

    My three 15 year old cats loved them but something changed about a year ago. Only 1 cat will eat them now so I no longer buy these. Sure wish I could get the original fish shaped soft-chews instead of the new barrel shaped soft-chews. That's the ones they all would eat.

    Used to love them by catlady from Denver-area05/20/2010

    I'm in the same camp as the previous reviewer who was first introduced to the product in barrel shape form. My 3 cats were prescribed this product by my vet and all loved it!! And, I knew they were getting the correct amount. Now, with the the fish shape, at least half of the bag contains broken chips, most less than a quarter of a fish, some just crumbs. Not only is approximating a "fish-worth" of crumbs difficult, but the cats won't eat the small crumbs!! Please go back to a more shipping-stable shape- or switch to a more shipping-damage resistant package!!!

    Cats wouldn't touch them by tpw2150207/12/2014

    I have 8 cats in the house and not one would even try one. If they won't eat them they won't help them

    Good way to keep your cat healthy by Kathy07/02/2012

    My cats are 6 yrs old and both seem to enjoy the flavor. I find that they are a little too chewy at the size they are so I break them into 2-3 pieces and then the cats eat them quite well. Occasionally they aren't as interested but I generally give them a couple of cat treats afterward and they don't get the cat treats until they eat the vitamins. They've been taking them for about a month and seem more energetic.

    by from 09/26/2013

    Fish-shaped chews and highly palatable taste make for treats for my cat when she gets them twice daily, though she doesn't know they're really high-level supplements. She loves her Nu-Cat chews!

    ordered by Nu-Cat from chewsMy


    A supplement to my own cooking by RKauf from NY10/25/2011

    My cat has had 3 brands of his favorite cat food successively removed from the market. Not able to find a brand of food that this shellfish loving cat will eat, I now cook for him. To make sure that he gets the nutrients he would have gotten from wet cat food, I supplement his diet with these soft chews which he gobbles up eagerly.

    good cat soft chews by cocopod from honolulu, hawaii07/10/2012

    These chews must be tasty.5 out of 7 of my cats eat it.They look healthier when taking them. i feel goood knowing that their health is a bit better. and they really like it. As far as the other2 cats, they dont like pills,chews or jerky.

    Nu Cat by binky from Seattle11/15/2013

    My cat LOVES the Nutri Science Nu Cat vitamins. I think it helps her general well being and her coat is gorgeous. She reccomends them.

    Disappointed This Time by Cindy01/25/2012

    Normally when I order these kitty vitamins, they arrive quickly and are fresh. The most recent order did arrive quickly but the vitamins are almost hard, an indication that they might not be as fresh. They are still within the expiration date on the package but my cats don't seem as enthusiastic about eating them as they have in the past.

    great vitamins by MuntzandVioletMom from MD04/13/2012

    These are the best vitamins. My holistic vet recommended them. My picky kitties LOVE them! Great product.

    Terrific Purchase by Lindylou from Anaheim, CA.05/23/2014

    My cat loves these. They are the only "treat" she likes! They have kept her from getting her recurring eye infection for years now. I buy 3 bags at a time.

    SUPER Supplement by Retired Teacher08/27/2013

    The little "fishies" must taste good because my little kitty is pretty picky and she eats two of them each day with her meals. She is over 18-years-old and her body has gotten rather boney, but she still jumps on boxes, the bed and windowsill every day. She accompanies me when I walk down to feed the horse and hunts "creatures" at night that I can't see, but ones that she can hear. I am so grateful that this supplement, which my vet recommended, is keeping her joints healthy and keeping her a happy kitty!

    Easy to Use by oct2497 from NJ09/23/2013

    My cat loves these. I put them in with her soft food and she eats them up right away. I highly recommend them.


    Frida, Fridita and Bolita are my 3 senior cats out of a population of 25. At the shelter, we do all for them and give them the best food possible and supplements. Ever since these three angels are taking this vitamins, their fur, behavior and over all life has improve tremendously. Bolita gets hiper just to hear the package being open. She like the "fish shape" and always expects to get more than one piece. I love her....we love them all!

    still don't like the fish shape by Barbara A from Philadelphia09/27/2011

    The last reviewer mentions that the breakage is meerly a half split. My complaint is that the product ends up in crumbs. I squeeze the crumbs together to make a new "chew". I think it is a waste of product to have it disintegrate into crumbs. If my cat did not like them so much and my Vet hadn't recommended I would search for a different product. Can't you please go back to the barrel shape? It is much more shelf stable.

    Miracle appetite stimulant by MS from Baltimore, MD07/14/2012

    I buy these not so much as a supplement as for crumbling on top of food when any of my senior cats won't eat. Just a tiny bit crumbled on top makes any meal palatable. It has never failed! Plus I like that they don't have a lot of unnecessary artificial ingredients.

    Keep them Hidden by Dash09/04/2014

    One of my cats went so insane over these that he stole them from a shelf in the night, ripped the bag open and ate about 15 of them. We kept a close eye on him and he was fine, but now he won't go near them so I can only imagine he didn't feel too well for a couple of days having OD on the vitamins. I would recommend keeping them in a locked cabinet. My other guys still get a daily dose and love them.

    Good and yummy by Sophia11/30/2011

    My picky cat really likes them. Apparently they taste good and are good for her. Only problem--they tend to crumble and fall apart.

    Great Product by Sadies mom from Anaheim, Ca.01/15/2014

    This product boosts my cat's immune system. She is quite particular and prefers these over any cat treat!

    Kitties love them! by Bazinga from Oahu, Hawaii05/02/2014

    I have a few kitties with medical problems and found that these vitamins help them look and feel better. They love the taste. I do have to break them in pieces for some kitties. They hear the bag and come running when it's time to take their vitamin!

    Cats love it! by Lizzi03/25/2008

    My three cats love the taste of these chews! It's a great way to get a cat to take a supplement without trying to hide in their food. When I open the drawer where I keep the Nu-Cat chews, my two kittens come running in. They think it's a treat! One of my kittens is very picky and he doesn't even like most cat treats but he just loves the Nu-Cat chews.

    picky eater loves them by Jen09/06/2008

    My picky eater kitty loves these chews. She dislikes most treats and supplements and we have had a hard time finding foods she will eat enough of. This is a cat that will dip under weight if we don't watch her carefully. This is an easy way for me to make sure she is getting the vitamins and nutrients she needs. My other two cats, not picky eaters, also love them.

    Better bag please by Whispurr11/22/2011

    Out of five cats only two will eat them. There needs to be improvement on the quality of the bag. The self-closing strip always separates from the rest of the bag. This has happened with all four bags that I've used. They always must be stored in a plastic container because of poor packaging.

    Genius! by Jane Lemay01/13/2009

    My cat, Muriel is a kidney patient - and far from an only cat. It's always a problem getting all of the extra vitamins she needs into her: she's a picky eater and the other cats often snarfle up her left overs. But, she LOVES the soft chews. THey are a treat she looks for twice a day. No more problems getting her vitamins her instead of the others!

    Senior cats like them by Whispurr07/03/2012

    Gave these to my two rescue senior cats. They love them. These are not hard nor too soft.

    Vetri-Science Nu-Cat Soft Chews by Skippy from Oregon10/23/2012

    My vet recommend these vitamins and sells them at twicr the price. My cats love them.

    Cats love these, but... by KC11/06/2012

    Entirely Pets sucks at shipping. This is twice now that I've ordered enough packages of these...a whole year's supply...to qualify for their "free shipping". Problem is, even after spending over $85 with them, they can't manage to get the product to me in less than 10 days. That's right TEN DAYS! By comparison, I spend $80/year for Amazon Prime, and get free AND lightning fast shpg on everything I buy from Amazon. Get with the program, EP.com....your customers deserve better.

    by from 06/06/2011

    My 3 cats coming running for these when I say "vitamins!". Nuff said.

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    great! by sharky04/16/2013

    my cat is 19 so i thought she could benefit from a vitamin. she seems to be doing well with these, her coat is softer and looks better. i also give her naturvet hip & joint supplement.

    Great vitamins by Beaucoupcat from Williamsville, NY06/05/2012

    My cat just loves this product she runs to her bowl when she hears me opening the bag!

    by from 07/07/2013

    My older Grandkitty did not have hair on her tummy. I ordered her the Nu-Cat Soft Chews and she loves them and she now has a hairy tummy! She began feeling better and she has one or two everyday!

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    Cat Vitamins by Sharon05/28/2013

    I haven't had enough time to evaluate this product. But the 4 year and 6 year boys cats eat them right down. So the flavor is great. They seem to be okay as vitamins.

    Good stuff! by Spanky from Tucson, Arizona10/22/2012

    My Sammy would eat the whole bag if I let him! He loves his Vetri-Science Nu-Cat soft chews; thinks they are "treats." Great product to promote healthy felines.

    Featured Reviews for NutriVed B Complex Plus Iron Liquid (4 oz.)
    by from 10/20/2011

    I have a disabled Persian cat who is slightly anemic. The vet prescribed another vitamin supplement, but I found it did little good.

    and by after from callingFollowing


    necessity, by but from thereVets


    Good, but.... by jed406/26/2012

    My cat likes this supplement, which is a good start, an he's been pretty healthy since he's been on it, also a major plus for an elderly pet. However, the bottle is a pain and you MUST REFRIGERATE it if you don't want it to go moldy. There is something about the design of the bottle, that makes the liquid wick up and out along the threads so that, no matter how careful you are, there's always some liquid aroung the external rim - where it very quickly gets moldy. In addition, the measuring dropper is a not the easiest to use. This would be much better sold in a glass bottle with a propper dropper!

    Waste of money by Marleea from Brooklyn, New York02/01/2012

    This was a waste of money. My dog's food is a high quality food and my vet said that I didn't need to purchase this product since he's getting it from his food.

    Kitty doesn't mind taste by Angel Wolf11/30/2012

    She's anemic with renal failure, and being able to provide her with necessary iron stores has perked her up in a matter of a couple of weeks. She doesn't mind the taste as long as I mix with wet food. Thank goodness for this product helping my kitty feel better!

    Instant energy boost by gulliver from san diego, ca10/09/2011

    My vet recommended this vitamin complex for my 11 yr old dog. The vitamins had an effect on my dog within 24-48 hours. He was playful again and alert. His eyes seem brighter. He was very lethargic. It took him forever to get up. You don't realized how vitamin deprived your pet is until you put them on a vitamin formula. I would recommend this product. I'd like to find some for myself!

    products and service by jack from california06/03/2013

    Excellent product and service performance, and yes, I have recommended to acquaintances.

    NutriVed B Complex by Barb from Arizona11/08/2012

    Excellent product. Easy to give - jut mix into dog food and it's palatable too.

    NutriVed b Complex With Iron Liquid by Debi B02/12/2014

    My dog is in renal failure & anemic. She eats this product daily and is feeling better .Waiting for labs to support this!

    good product by Animal Lover from Calgary, Alberta, Canada01/30/2014

    My cat is anemic and she refuses to take any medicine. This product has saved us a lot of stress. Cat takes it with soft food as it tastes almost like blood...

    by from 07/20/2012

    My cat has chronic renal failure, a dangerous side effect of which is anaemia. I put drops of this product on his renal catfood to prevent the indigestion which iron supplements can cause.

    a by beefy, from bovril,The


    Featured Reviews for Cholodin Feline (50 tablets)
    Cholodin/Entirely Pets by Abitabb from Louisiana05/07/2013

    It is a fabulous under-rated and under-used product. The research shows it helps the nerve synapsis start communicating again thus helping with dog/cat old age symptoms such as bladder control, mental, etc. It also helps the mychodrial sheaf (the covering of the nerves) heal. I have used it with 4 elderly pets now and some not so elderly because one of the benefits is control of epilepsy which worked fantastic for my retriever mix. The choline in it protects the liver of pets from the bad effects of anti-inflammatories and nsaids for arthritis. Entirely Pets has the best price, but they have issues with their receiving order/payment department unless you use a credit card. They do not accept paypal (big minus) and unlike anything else I send via mail all over the US and even internationally it takes up to 4 weeks for them to credit a mail order. I am a forensic accountant - there is a problem in their accounting department, not US mail - this is peculiar to them. Nothing - not even to my friends in Australia - takes 4 weeks to arrive. It is a consistent problem there at Entirely Pets. Other than that, great service once you're credited with what you mailed a month prior. Great prices especially on this product - just plan to order ahead at least 2 months to cover for their lack of timely accounting.

    Featured Reviews for Osteo-Form SA Powder (350 grams)
    Always Pleased with Entirely Pets by Karleene from Oregon10/23/2012

    Thanks for the Osteo-Form at the always low price I find at Entirely Pets. I have been happy with every purchase I've made over the past years though I've never posted a review before. This is a place that I prefer to shop and highly recommend it to other pet owners. My six Poms are always happy when packages arrive as they might contain bones or toys. :o)

    Featured Reviews for Dechra EicosaCaps (Omega 3 & 6 C Capsules ) Up To 40lbs - 60 Caps
    The fur is back. by Bill06/21/2012

    My puppy was losing his fur. He was constantly scratching. Then my vet recommended Eicosa Caps. After a few weeks, his fur was starting to grow back and he stopped scratching. Great product.

    Eicosa Caps by kat3910/22/2011

    My vet sent me home with this because the edges of my dachshunds ears are showing dryness. The vet charged me $18.00! Much better value from Entirely Pets! I have to put the capsule in a pill pocket and then my dog takes it just fine. It does give her slightly looser stools.

    Easy and inexpensive by CJ12/06/2013

    I was very glad to find this site, where I can purchase supplements for my pet at a less expensive price and quicker than I can get them from my vet!

    Good product by Island girl08/08/2014

    My vet recommended this for my Doxie's dry skin and itching. It has helped, giving her a shinier coat.

    Best for my Lovely Pet by Krit Pong02/18/2014

    Reduce itching skin. Make hair soft and shiny.

    Excellent choice! by Pili from San Juan, PR10/27/2013

    Best for you money and best for skin and fur!

    Excellent product by Westie mom from Montgomery AL07/02/2014

    I have two Westie's and originally got these from my Vet. Then they changed to something else that did not help their dry skin at all. Was so glad to find the caps at Entirely Pets and the price is very good.

    Good results by Gail from New Orleans LA06/15/2013

    My vet recommended EicosaCaps after my little dog Patches began to show signs of possible joint pain. She has been taking EicosaCaps for several months and they seem to be helping her, she has become much more active. Ordering from EntirelyPets was fast, easy and very economical.

    Featured Reviews for Dechra EicosaCaps (Omega 3 & 6 Caps L) 41 to 70 lbs - 60 Caps
    by Noel from Lincoln NE08/05/2013

    Yes, we can see a big difference in our goldens skin already! She's had dry skin since just a puppy, so we'll keep using this!

    by Murphy's "Mom" from Wichita, Kansas09/13/2013

    It works fine. It's doing what it's supposed to do.

    by Billie from Northern California05/01/2014

    Your thought of sending "Breeze" the Tumble Ball was very sweet of you.....BUT... it broke IMMEDIATELY!!!!! :(((((((

    by from 05/26/2013

    This product is great for our dog, Lucky and we highly recommend it for all dogs. Lucky is a Service Dog for Deaf/Hard of Hearing. He is a Yellow Lab and he is very happy!

    & by Robert from Wolfe"Thank


    Featured Reviews for Felo-Form (50 tablets)
    feloform vitamins by cocopod from Ewa Beach, Hawaii07/25/2012

    I put these in with their dry food and some supplementss like healthy cat and tuna flakes. My male cat loves it that way. He wont eat it in wet food at all.. These vitamins are very easy to break into small pieces. It makes all the differtence to me that he is getting some good nutrition.

    Great Product by Marguerite03/11/2008

    I have had my cat on this vitamin for a few years now and she is doing great. She is an older cat and is on the cusp of lots of health issues; the vitamin has helped her maintain.

    by from 01/21/2013

    Felo-Form by Bello and Mocha01/18/2012

    Definitely an effective product. Delivery and customer service very good, too.

    felo form vitamin by cocopod from EWA BEACH ,HAWAII11/10/2012


    Featured Reviews for Favor Tablets for Cats by Pfizer (60 tablets)
    our cat loves these by Don from Indiana, PA02/25/2014

    Our 16yo cat had been getting one of these per day for years at the recomdation of our Vet. Every morning she is waiting in the kitchen for her treat!

    This I received melted. by Barbara from New Jersey01/03/2013

    This Item has a thick plastic container. The sides were all melty looking and sunken in. Do not buy from this site. My vet said I must return all shampoos from here and not to use on my pet.

    CJ's cat favors FaVor by CJ08/26/2013

    I have been giving these pills for a few years to my 18-year-old cat who continues to thrive. She is old and frail and very small so I cut the tablets into quarters and give her two quarter-pills each day wrapped in a soft treat. I found that I could not always get them from my vet without a long wait or a couple of requests. ENTIRELY PETS IS PROMPT AND DEPENDABLE. MY CAT GIVES ENTIRELY PETS FIVE PURRS!!!

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