Watson's MyPaws All-terrain Dog Shoes

    Watson's MyPaws All-terrain Dog Shoes


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    Watson's MyPaws All-terrain Dog Shoes are innovative dog booties especially for active and aging pets. Designed to protect your dog paws and provide superior traction and stability. Neoprene uppers and non-marking rubber soles make them perfect for any weather and all-day adventures in any environment. Provides improved footing for disabled dogs on slick floors. MyPaws dog boots are good for winter conditions as well.
  • Solid rubber sole protects dog's paws from sharp objects and from the heat and cold.
  • Non-marking, rubber sole provides superior traction on smooth slippery surfaces.
  • Protects delicate floors from scratches and from nail marks.
  • Ideal for older and active pets that require superior traction and stability.
  • Lightweight, breathable, porous design keeps dog's paws cool.
  • Easy to put on and to take off. Two velcro straps wrap firmly around leg to keep shoe firmly in place.
  • Two points of adjustability allow for a comfortable, customized, snug fit.
  • Upper is made of lightweight, water repellant, quick-drying Neoprene making it perfect for water and all-day adventures.
  • Rugged, Ballistic Nylon toe-plate resists damage caused by a dog's nails. Toe-plate also provides additional durability and protection if dog drags a paw due to injury or disability.
  • 3M Scotchlight reflective velcro straps provide superior safety and visibility at night.
  • Will not retain odors. Sold as a set of four.
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    Usage Information

    Alternative Sizing Instrutions (No Sizing Chart):
    You may accurately determine the proper shoe size by following the instructions below even if you do not have a sizing chart printed out.
  • Stand your dog on a blank piece of paper and trace the outline of their front paw, including their toenails.
  • Be sure your dog is placing their normal amount of weight on the paw that is being measured and traced.
  • Measure the length of the paw outline from the heel to the end of the toenails.
  • Choose the shoe size that fits the entire paw including toenails and excluding the fur.
  • A snug fit is best - boots that are too large may slip off during rigorous activity.
  • Refer to the dimensions listed below in order to choose the proper dog shoe size.

    Pet Boot Size Paw Length
    (in inches)
    Paw Width (boot will stretch)
    X-Small 2 1/8" 2 1/4"
    Small 2 3/4" 3"
    Medium 3 1/4" 3 1/4"
    Large 3 3/4" 3 1/4"
    X-Large 4 1/4" 3 1/2"
    XX-Large 4 3/4" 3 1/2"
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    Watson's MyPaws All-terrain Dog Shoes by Nora from Butler, PA07/05/2012

    i was very pleased with the purchase of these shoes for my cairn terrier that is allergic to grass so now with these shoes he can go for walks..

    Poor dog had no Shoes by Mrs Airedale12/09/2011

    If we had them I'd tell you, MFG backorder, and the ice is here now

    Not that great for older dog by Susan from Blacksburg, VA07/23/2010

    I got these to help an older dog that was slipping on a hardwood floor. The rubber soles did help somewhat with traction but she absolutely hated these boots! I found that they were more rounded than the boots needed to be, which caused here to interfere with here left and right sides more often. And although there are two velcro straps, I still had a heck of a time keeping them on the dog's foot. I don't know if they were just not meant to work with my Aussie, or vice versa, but it was bad. The one trick I have learned with dog boots is to put them on right before, and I do mean just seconds before, you go out on a walk so they don't have time to think about the boots. I ended up buying a set of Mutt Lukks (sp?) and she did much better with those. They're more expensive but they seemed to fit better, they stayed on, and she was much happier!

    No traction Dog shoes by Bea Leary from Denver, CO12/17/2012

    I bought these boots because my dog had a torn ACL surgery. He had trouble standing up on my wooden floor, and my tiled floors--his leg just slipped. I thought the shoes had traction that would help him stand up. Nope--the shoes just slid too. I'll have to get some "shoe goo" or something like that to try.

    Best dog boots for senior pets by Nancy from Lincoln, Nebraska05/31/2012

    The Watson's MyPaw All Terrain dog shoes are the best boot/shoe and I have tried at least six other brands. None are as superior as this shoe, the construction and durability of this shoe is fantastic. My senior dog doesn't slip when he wears his boots and can get around better then any of the other dog boots that I have tried. This shoe is by far the superior of a shoe made by Watson's which I bought through Entirely Pets.

    Not what my dog needs by bea leary from Denver, CO08/03/2012

    If you just want to cover your dog's paws--these are ok. I needed something to help him grip the tile and wood floors so that he can get his legs under him, instead of slipping. These do not grip the floors--they do not assist in getting him to a standing position. Maybe I will put some "shoe goo" on the bottoms of these shoes. ..

    Best dog boot I have found. by Cautious Shopper07/13/2010

    We live in North Dakota where extreme heat is experienced as well as cold. We own a Doberman Pinscher with minor tolerances for the extremes. A ~couple of years ago~ I bought these boots thinking I would send them back when they arrived... Currently our dog has an injured foot and the "cone" alone was not enough to keep him from chewing his bandages. This boot with the "cone" has prevented him from tearing his bandages off. They will help keep out a light amount of moisture but not much. They have a partially reinforced bottom near where the claws are. They are washable. Best of all they have two straps to keep them on and they do pretty well. For extended periods of use I will readjust them. They are not tall and snow will catch in the top. They run bigger than other brands, for example: a medium with these is a large or bigger with Avery's HiTop Dog Boot.

    by from 01/05/2013

    These boots lack sufficient flexibility. My 30lb poodle cross clearly finds them uncomfortable. My guess would be that they may work for large dogs whose weight and more substantial paws could overcome the inherent stiffness better.

    small by to from mediumMy



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