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Weight Loss Supplements for Cats

Lean Treats - Nutritional Rewards for CATS (3.5 OZ)
Lean Treats - Nutritional Rewards for CATS (3.5 OZ)

($3.95)  $1.99
Lean Treats for CATS 6-PACK (1.3 lbs)
Lean Treats for CATS 6-PACK (1.3 lbs)

($17.95)  $10.99
Lean Treats for CATS 10-PACK (2.1 lbs)
Lean Treats for CATS 10-PACK (2.1 lbs)

($25.99)  $19.59
Virbac Rebound Liquid Diet for Dogs & Cats (8 oz)
Virbac Rebound Liquid Diet for Dogs & Cats (8 oz)

($7.99)  $5.99
"If you're going to Treat'em, Treat'em right!" These low fat treats complement the nutrition of your cat's regular complete and balanced food. Regular grooming, a premium quality food, fresh water, exercise, regular veterinarian visits and daily doses of love and attention are all necessary parts of keeping your cat happy and healthy.

Keep your cat healthy:
  • Made with real skinless chicken
  • Taurine, Fortified for heart function and good vision

  • Feeding Instructions:
    Feed as a treat.

    Chicken Liver, Skinless Chicken, Corn, Chicken By-Product Meal, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Wheat Flour, Glycerin, Phosphoric Acid, Citric Acid and Potassium Sorbate and Calcium Propionate and BHA (Preservatives), Taurine.
    4.57 rating based on 7 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Lean Treats - Nutritional Rewards for CATS (3.5 OZ)
    Cat goes crazy for these by Mary03/28/2008

    I've tried various treats with varying responses, but this treat really makes my cats go nuts. They came as a sample (package says only sold thru veterinarians) in my last order here. I'll be getting more.

    Not my pet's preferred treat. by tigerlil from Broomall, PA06/07/2012

    My guys prefer a more crunchy treat and these are a soft chew.

    Love it by Kelly from Texas01/20/2013

    Our Cat likes it a lot... He comes running no matter where he is at, when I call him and jingle the bag in front of him.

    Wouldn;t eat this by cat lover 1959 from Ohio05/28/2013

    Although I feel the ingredients are good, I won't be buying this again because the cats won't eat it!

    Lean Treats for cats by san from Ocala, Florida11/02/2012

    I ordered these treats for my cat( she's a little overweight). The order came faster than I expected which is great! My cat loves these treats and they are so moist and fresh (she knows just where I keep them and sits there until I give her a treat). I would recommend Entirely Pets to anyone to order for their pets. I have always received my orders early and whatever food I ordered came nice and fresh.

    My cats love it by Cebbie from Chicago, IL03/28/2013

    I have a chubby kitty and have been feeding him these treats and he loves them.

    Another yummy choice by pm from North Jersey12/17/2012

    I recently bought a selection of cat treats. We are working our way through them, rating as we go. These lean treats are "Thumbs up!!" Before I opened the bag, both catties were nosing my hands, trying to hurry me up. I'll be buying these again.

    Featured Reviews for Lean Treats for CATS 6-PACK (1.3 lbs)
    by from 12/26/2012

    I think they stink but my cat loves them...

    better by !!! from HisHe


    Great snack good price by Jameson04/27/2012

    My cat likes these treats better than any other cat treats offered to him so far, for example when the cat is in the basement and i want him to come upstairs i will shake and show him the bag of snacks he gets so reved he leaps half way up the staircase making his way to the top of the steps in a flash.

    my cat loves them! by Keta06/27/2009

    I have a very finicky cat with a sensitive stomach and she loves these.

    My Cat Loves These by greg10/23/2012

    And they are low cal! Recommended by our vet, at a lower cost from EP.

    Hero's favorite by Gretchen05/16/2009

    We first tried these from our vet's office. Since my cat has cried for these treats every night since, I'm glad they come in multi-packs here!

    Cat Treats by Carole from Arizona11/06/2012

    My cat LOVES these treats... and I receive my order in a very timely manner, shipped perfectly safe. Here is Riley, about to play the piano to get a treat.

    Good treats for plump kitties by moonlady from Vancouver WA04/19/2012

    I originally got a sample bag from a vet tech seminar. I have 2 kitties that like lots of treats but were needing to watch their weight. They really like these. They are large enough moist treats that you can break in half too. Much less expensive here than buying at the vet office.

    by Boo's Mom04/02/2013

    Great, soft treats. Used them to wrap a pill to administer to my cat - she loves them and I like the fact they are low in fat.

    Chubby Cat Treats by two cats for me from Wisconsin04/21/2013

    My cats love their treats and the totally love Lean Treats. I toss one or two up the stairs (more exercise, you know) and they race up the stairs to retrieve their "munchies"!

    by from 07/19/2012

    by from 03/06/2013

    Cats love'em by Mycen from Houston, TX02/18/2013

    My vet for my 2 calico kitties gave me one of these in a 'care package' for them with other interesting things...(like a animal toothbrush and chicken flavored toothpaste...), but ya. I've bought treats for my cats before and they are extremely picky. They don't care for hard treats, that's for sure, I've bought bags of other treats and end up having to hide it in their regular food just to get rid of them... In any case, these treats are soft and my cats love'em...so I bought more.

    Featured Reviews for Lean Treats for CATS 10-PACK (2.1 lbs)
    So-so by lisacb01/22/2013

    I have five cats and only two really like these. One even covers them up like crazy. On the other hand, my son has two cats and these are the only snack they will eat. I ordered these for Christmas as a gift for my son (yes he asked for these as a gift), ordered them in time for the shipping time they advertised, and rather than getting them a few days before Christmas I got them late Christmas Eve. I had gotten an e-mail that told me it would be after Christmas before I received them, so I'm glad they came. However, if it says five days at the latest for delivery, it should come within that time.

    Yummy by SP from Upstate, NY03/10/2012

    Our cat, Roger, loves these treats. They are lower in calories than other brands but are still satisfying.

    Cats and kittens love them by Auntoie05/03/2013

    My cats go nuts when they hear me opening the cupboard and know their favorite treat is coming. One of my cats will even sit by the cupboard and cry for them. I also foster kittens for the local shelter and the kittens go crazy for these treats as well.

    Enjoyable Treats by LakeGirl from Upstate New York01/30/2013

    My cat, Roger, just loves these lean treats. They are also very satisfying.

    by Esmerelda from Farmington, NH01/11/2013

    My cat is an overweight diabetic so treats are a no no. Her vet states that using these particular treats sparingly is much better than giving her the usual treats you see on store shelves. This way my cat CAN have a treat once in a while and I don't feel I'm adding a product with a high caloric content to her diet.

    Great service by John from Tennessee12/23/2012

    Great service once again! Fast delivery.

    Happy cats by pm from North Jersey01/17/2013

    Theses treats must really taste great; both cats have a dramatic, enthusiastic response to them. Before I even open the bag we have purring, meowing and "happy feet."

    Featured Reviews for Virbac Rebound Liquid Diet for Dogs & Cats (8 oz)
    Best Liquid Diet for dogs with health issues by Oscarin from Virginia, USA05/20/2013

    We have used Rebound with four of our senior dogs who have all had different chronic health issues, from pancreatitis to renal failure, to chronic heart failure and cancer. Rebound is without a doubt the absolute gold standard of versatile, effective and tasty liquid diet that will induce a sick dog to drink! In each case, we saw the results within a couple of hours- the dogs would perk up and have more energy - and they would get their shine back in their eyes. This is a great food for dogs who have lost their appetites, it can be given by syringe, just slowly squirting it into the cheek and allowing the dog to swallow... it can be fed in a bowl, or it can be fed via a feeding tube inserted by a vet. We have done all and in each case the results with our dogs were amazing.

    She Loved It by Sunny from Westlake Village, CA06/20/2012

    Great product for dog who is having a little trouble eating. I was able to use a syringe when needed and it was tasty enough that i could leave it out in a bowl and she would drink it.

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