• Welactin with Natural Omega-3 Supplement ECONOMY SIZE (473 mL)

    Welactin with Natural Omega-3 Supplement ECONOMY SIZE (473 mL)

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    Welactin Canine is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids derived from salmon and other cold water fish. Welactin Canine provides high levels of omega-3 fatty acids to help support skin/coat health and overall wellness of your dog.

    Omega-3 fatty acids have beneficial effects by helping in the following areas:
  • Skin/Coat Health: support healthy skin/coat
  • Heart Health: support normal heart rhythm
  • Kidney Health: support renal function
  • Brain/Vision: support the nervous system and trainability
  • Musculoskeletal: support joint function
  • Immune System Health: support immune function In a palatability study, Dogs preferred their regular food with Welactin.

  • Many of Welactin's important functions are at work inside your dog's body. While using Welactin, look for an improvement in your dog's activity level, attitude, alertness, and general appearance.

    Usage Information

    Add to your dog's food once a day according to the chard below or as directed by your veterinarian.^

    Body Weight (pounds) Number of Scoops
    5-9 ½ EOD*
    10-19 ½
    20-44 1
    45-79 1 ½
    80-114 2
    Over 115 2 ½

    ^Your veterinarian may recommend to increase this administration amount for maximum joint health benefits. *Every other day.

    Instruction for Use:
  • Prior to first use, unscrew cap, remove seal, and screw cap back on tightly.
  • Open flip top and invert accompanying scoop to measure appropriate colume of WELACTIN Canine and pour over your dog's food.
  • Store at room temperature away from extreme heat or excessive light.
  • Top


    Fish oil and mixed tocopherols.

    Customer Reviews

    DISCLAIMER: The results described on the testimonials on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased and used the products. These testimonials are not intended to make any claims that the products can be used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
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    Welactin Omega 3 Supplement by Linnie from Dix Hills, NY09/11/2013

    One of my Siberian Huskies, Serge (age 8), was having problems with dry, flaky, itchy skin. My veterinarian recommended Omega 3 supplementation, specifically Welactin. I started giving Serge 1 scoopful (the recommended dosage), mixing it with his dinner, 3 times/week. Within 2 weeks Serge's skin had markedly improved. In fact, he no longer had any skin issue's at all. I have since then supplemented my other Siberian's with Welactin. Their coats are beautiful!!!

    by Steph from Thornton, Co10/30/2013

    This product has really helped my dog with his joints.

    Good product by Johnny from Wilmington, DE01/10/2013

    The product was suggested by out vet. Our dog's coat (Australian Shepard) went from very coarse to noticeably softer in the first week. We give daily at the dose recommended on the package. We have to combine the dose with a favorite treat to administer. He is too picky about his food! Will reorder this product from this site again. Best price we could find anywhere.

    a good choice by jillliana from southeast11/01/2011

    Good stuff. Easy to use. After measuring it out a few times you can lose the spoon and just eyeball the amount and squirt it on the food.

    Why take away a great.... by dawgresQr01/09/2009

    ...product.Our dogs responded so greatly to this product . Then BLAM gone . We are using the Chilean Salmon Welactin, something is missing . We see the difference in our older dawgs. Please find trhe magic and put it back in .

    problem with shipping by libby from toms river nj12/09/2013

    the product is great however, it arrived with a cracked top which became quite difficult to deal with since the bottle got slippery and I dropped it losing half the contents. I'll never order via the mail again!

    Great Digestion Aid by Deb from Hatfield, PA10/27/2013

    Before giving Moka, our Olde English Bulldog, 1 1/2 scoops of Welactin with her food each morning, she would have bouts of vomiting 1-2 times per week. She is now much healthier, her coat is smooth and silky and she rarely vomits.

    Recommended by a friend. by flutterpan from Maryland03/20/2013

    This product was recomended to me by a friend. She said that her dogs absolutely loved it. (Wellactin) When I received the bottle in the mail, the cap was broken. I immediately called the number that was given to me and told them my problem. A young man told me that there would be no problem and that he would send me a new cap. To date, I have never received a new cap. I have to keep the oil in an old water bottle. and to add insult to injury, my yorkie doesn't even like the oil. sorry, I thought I was doing the right thing for him.

    Easy to use - my pet likes it! by Kate04/02/2014

    Welactin has been a help in keeping my dog's arthritis in check. It also helps keep her coat in good condition. It is easy to use and she likes it.

    by from 11/06/2012

    Great product. My dog loves it straight from the spoon. Helps with arthritis and skin rashes.

    Entirely by Pets from isOrdering


    by butchie's mom from rehoboth beach de10/13/2011

    recommanded by vet works good like flavor easy to give also i use glyco flex 3 but what is good for pain with lyme diesease ?

    welactin by stooges714 from wappingers falls ny01/02/2014

    We have a older yellow lab with arthritis, We have been using this product with dasuquin and she has been doing very good,

    by from 07/07/2014

    best price and best productů

    it." by Welactin from KyzmetMy


    Great product by Becky from Denver, CO07/14/2014

    I've been using Omega 3s on my dogs for years. I fine Welactin to be one of the best and easy to use. Comes with a spoon so you can measure and pour so you aren't dealing with cutting into fish capsules. My dogs coat is night and day from using it and I live in a dry climate.

    Great product! by Sammy10/02/2012

    Welactin has shown great results in of my golden retrievers. Both were adopted after being rescued -- having been found in dreadful physical condition. Their coats were dry and thin. Both goldens turned into the most beautiful dogs in the area. Their coats became very healthy -- soft, silky and full. We always get raves when we walk and attend doggie events.

    Works great!! by Karen P. from Shipman,VA04/23/2013

    Welactin was recommend by my vet because both my dogs had dry, flaky skin regardless of the fact we were giving them alot of krill oil. No more flaky, itchy skin since using Welactin. The little measuring spoon is to messy so I just squirt alot of it on my dogs food and they love it.

    Great stuff for our Aussie by LuluBelle from Lake Tahoe, CA01/19/2014

    This must be our third or fourth bottle of Wellactin, recommended to us by a friend.Our dog has a skin allergy, and she scratches like crazy if we don't give her a monthly shot of allergy medicine that costs $200 and lasts about 8-9 months. I tried the oil and her scratching not only decreased, but to the point where she did not need as many shots! When I ran out and didn't give her the oil for a month or two, the scratching came back. We will use this oil for the rest of her life!

    Quick and Great Quality by Steph02/10/2012

    I have used this product in the past and always been pleased with the results! Great product and arrived quickly! Will order again!

    Welactin for dogs by Lor from WA07/25/2014

    So far my dog likes it on his food, however, it's yet to make a difference in his hair filling in, I'm still waiting. It was recommended for his black skin disease for this pomeranian that has lost some hair on his hinds legs and lower body and neck.

    Good Product by FF/Birdman from Mansfield, Texas08/22/2013

    Our vet told us about Welactin and prescribed it for our dog. It helps keep our miniature dachshund's dandruff under control and keeps his coat looking healthier and shinny. I am glad I found an online source. Give it a try.


    I had started on another brand to relieve my dogs skin from itching . My Vet recommended that I go to the Welactin to see if that product would do a better job. My dog loves it and his condition has improved more than 50% better. I recommend this for your dog too.

    by Mike D. from Fawn Grove, PA10/09/2013

    Happy with the result. xxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xx xx x

    Great Product by Shirley from Michigan02/28/2013

    This product was recommended by my dog's vet and it really helps him - he is a 6-year old Bernese Mountain Dog who has hip and elbow problems. Great product!

    A Must for your dog by dobielover08/06/2012

    Product is fabulous for skin, coat, immune system, heart everything. Was recommended by my vet & over 2 1/2x the price there. Have used for years for my dobies & will never be without it. Entirely Pets has the best price, quick delivery. Please keep in stock!

    what product? by waiting06/02/2012

    I haven't received my order yet - it's been on backorder for 3 weeks

    Welactin by kirasmom from Pennsylvania08/15/2012

    I was very pleased with the deliverty time(less than a week) and the price was good. I have only been using it for a week so I can't comment on how it works, but my sister used it for her dog and it alleviated her dry skin and itch and her coat was shiny and smooth. I hope this works as well for my dog.(Also, it must taste good because she licks her dish clean!)

    by from 05/08/2013

    Our vet recommended we put our Samoyed on this after he was losing his undercoat. We've been using it for 3+ months and haven't noticed any regrowth. However, the hair he has is shiny and he doesn't fuss when it's on his food.

    buying by through from theBetter


    by BobB from Winchester, VA01/16/2013

    Good product that helps our senior dog; great pricing and service!

    by from 10/23/2012

    My vet prescribed this for my doxi's, but in a smaller containe for the same price. It is a good product, and I hope you comtinue to keep the price low. I only wish you had free shipping.

    foxymare by from Thank

    great price and good product

    Great service by Bill from Omaha, me12/12/2012

    Fastest shipping then any one else. Great price. I order all my products from Your company

    by nance12/04/2011

    works very well for my dog/ very happy with the quick delivery service

    Love product by zandismom from New Jersey06/13/2011

    Both my dog, Zandi and I love this product. Her coat is shiney and it is so easy to use for me. Zandi just loves it - runs right over to eat her dinner and not because she hasn't had other food/treats during the day.

    Outstanding Product by Pam11/06/2012

    Welactin is the best product, I originally started using it prescribed by my Vet to help dryness/alergies in my dogs ears (Rottweiller) Morgan no longer has itching/dryness in her ears. Oh and also a beautiful Black Shiny Coat. Morgan is very Happy!

    Good Choice by Junebug384 from Boston, MA11/07/2011

    This product was recommended to me by a friend as an excellent supplement to include in my dog's homemade diet. In just the week or so that I have used it, I have noticed that my 4-year-old's coat is softer and she no longer hesitates to gooble down her food. So, in turn I would recommend this product as a daily supplement and an incentive for picky eaters.

    Love this product!! by Missy from Lafayette In06/05/2013

    I have been using this product for 4 years. It was recommended by my vet. 4 years ago my vet told me that my w 4 year old wolf/german shepherd, Maxx, had THE worst hips she had ever seen. We have done everything short of hip replacement for him. Welactin oil on his food everyday and glycoflex chews are a BIG part of why he is still around today!!

    great product by irish3 from Pittsburgh PA12/04/2012

    I give the wellatin to 4 of my dogs. I am very pleased with the results on my senior dogs. They no longer have dry flaky skin and their movement seems easier.

    Great product by Dianne from New Hampshire11/15/2013

    Seems to work well on dog's coats and itching. Taste seems to be acceptable. It's very sticky stuff if any runs down the side of the bottle - just put a dish under it. My daughter's dog got a beautiful and shiny coat using this product.

    Great product by Mrs. Apple09/14/2013

    This fish oil gives my dogs everything they need to support brain health and coat conditioning.

    Worth every cent! by Joyce from Maryland02/16/2013

    My dog has had very dry skin for several months and there were no apparent health problems causing it. The vet suggested trying Welactin and it has done the trick. Her coat became shiny within a few days and the dry skin has gradually disappeared.

    by girlfriend06/19/2013

    Needed for a Rott that was developing very dry skin. Works great and she likes it too.

    Excellent by Rodjann01/14/2014

    Excellent for dogs with hip and joint problems.

    Great purchase by Sandy from Napa, Callifornia11/06/2012

    One summer my Boxer Shannon was itching and scratching like crazy, she was miserable. Someone said to put a little olive oil in her food. So I did. But, she gained way too much weight. Mentioned to the vet in a rural area of Northern California and they suggested Welactin with Omega3. She is a much happier dog today which makes me happy.

    by Evelyn10/23/2012

    Good product, will not use anything else

    Tastes great, seems to work by Frances from St Louis MO11/22/2012

    My dogs love the taste of Wellactin. The product seems to be helping my dog with dry skin and fur. But it is a little too rich in oil for the smaller dog with the delicate tummy.

    Thrilled to find your site! by Max & Kipper's Mom from VA Beach, VA12/08/2012

    Our vet recommended adding omega 3 fish oil, specifically "Welactin", to our dog's food. I searched the web and found your site had the best price and varieties, of the supplement, as well as many other "Keep my buddies, healthy" products. The service is fantastic and prompt shipping is a real plus, especially when I've waited until the last minute to order. Thanks so much and keep up the good work. I look forward to a long relationship in a reliable source for the dogs needs. Thanks again!

    Couldn't Be Happier by Eddie from Avalon, Catalina, California06/14/2013

    Ordering simple. Price great. Delivery fast. I couldn't be happier.

    Great Supplement For Skin & Coat by Steph from Charlotte, NC10/05/2011

    I have been using Welactin on my three dogs and their coats have never looked so good. Also helps with allergies, joints and more. I will always keep this product on hand.

    Great Purchase! by Dog's Best Friend from Long Island, NY05/29/2014

    This product was originally recommended by my Vet for my dog's dry skin. I bought it there and then found that it was much less expensive at EntirelyPets.com. Luckily it is an over-the-counter item. This is also good for my dog's heart, kidneys, brain, joints, and immune system, so even better! She does not mind me putting it on her breakfast kibble, and it does help make her coat nice and shiny too! Her skin is still dry at times, but this definitely helps! Thank you EntirelyPets for carrying it and at such a reasonable price as well!

    great product. great price. by poodles rule04/29/2014

    Our vet recommended Welactin as a source of high dose Omega3. Our standard poodle has elevated ALT values which sometimes can be reduced with antinflammatory supplements such as Omega 3. His ALT values have gone down, although still not within normal limits. We will continue giving him the Welactin and hope for ongoing improvement :-)

    Great service by kim from VA Beach, VA07/29/2012

    My vet recommended adding Welactin to my dogs food to improve thier coat and overall health. I searched nextag for the best deal on the product. Of course, Entirely Pets came out first on lowest price, so I ordered the first bottle from them. What I didn't realize is the marvelous service that would accompany the great price. Fast, friendly and accurate Entirely Pets is my go to site for my dog's needs!

    by Rocky's Mom from Salem NH11/06/2012

    My vet recommended, controls itching skin, coat very soft.

    Recommended by vet and all the dogs love it by ML10/01/2013

    When my Lab was diagnosed with lymphoma two years ago, my alternative medicine vet told me to start giving him Welactin in addition to Power Mushrooms, FortiFlora probiotics, and apple cider vinegar. He is still with us and enjoying life--and his Welactin. All four of my dogs enjoy it every day.

    Welactin by lorid60210/02/2013

    Great Product! I have been using this for my schnoodle for about 3 years now. Her coat is beautiful and her blood work is now normal. Thanks to this product. I will continue to use it everyday! thank You.

    by Rocky's mom from Fredericksburg, VA10/24/2012

    The best price I found on the internet! Saved 100% from my vets' price. Excellent service and shipping. I will buy again.

    by from 11/27/2013

    About two years ago during my service dog's annual exam and receipt of necessary vaccines, my veterinarian recommended giving him Welactin With Omega 3 along with Cosequin DS to help with his joints. It helped him have less stiffness as we were not really sure if injured himself running around in the snow and lost his footing.

    continue by using from WelactinI


    welactin by newton from st paul, mn12/30/2013

    great product. This is 2nd order and we will purchase again. Quick delivery, excellent service and both dogs responded rapidly.

    Great product! So glad it is in liquid. by drrbaro02/05/2013

    My dog has to take this every day for his nails.

    We love this product by Barb dog lover from Berlin md01/31/2013

    This is such an easy and tasty way to get fish oil into my dogs each day, I was buying it from my vet but it is so much cheaper here. Thank you entirely pets for offering this great product to us for our children-dogs

    by from 03/07/2013

    Hi! My name is Cheryl de la Cruz and I am a new customer to Entirely Pets. I have recently made the following orders:

    3 by Oil from Supplement:-


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    la by Cruz" from Bad packaging!Sincerely,


    by Dick from North Vernon, In03/25/2013

    I like Welactin because it has helped alot with my 11 year old airedale dry skin problem.

    Great Product by Doberman Lover from Nevada11/17/2011

    Love this product & Entirely Pets for the great price & quick shipping

    We love it by zandismom10/23/2012

    My best friend, Zandi and I both love this product. It is very easy to use and is not really fishy. Zandi loves it on her kibble. Her coat is very soft and shiny.

    Great Stuff by new1 from St petersburg, FL10/22/2012

    I adopted a 7 month old Weimrauner rescue dog. Her skin was a mess, large patches of hair gone, dry and scaly. I started putting Welactin on her food once a day. Within weeks her hair started growing back and now she has the most beautiful healthy shiny coat of fur. Great product

    A very good source of fish oils for your dog. by Biscuit from NYC, NY05/26/2013

    Not all fish oils are the same. Firstly, Welactin is well tolerated by your dog. Secondly the fish oil is mixed with tocopherols. The dog is getting Omega 3 Fatty Acids of 1450mg; Eisosapentaenoic Acid(EPA) of 750 mg which is good. Also it included Docosahexaenoic Acid(DHA) of 500mg. If you compare fish oils, you may not see these amounts. Dogs also like the taste.

    Won't be without it! by dogs in my heart from frederick, MD08/02/2014

    I have an 11 year old lab with hip dysplasia and knee injury. this has made a huge difference in his comfort and pain. I was told by my vet to double the dose and split it between his 2 meals each day We are on bottle number 9 now and noticed a difference after 2 weeks.

    What a mess by JillB10/23/2012

    I have no doubt that the product (omega 3) is good, it is just the way it has to be dispensed. The oil drips on the bottle and the little cap that you are supposed to use must be cleaned every single time you use it or it gets oil on everything else. They just need a better way for us to give this omega 3 to our pets. I really liked the softgels much, much better.

    Very Convenient! by Doodle Mom from Orlando, FL01/21/2013

    For years I struggled with getting one dog's skin allergies improved--including paying a bundle to a vet with a specialty in skin allergies and giving daily shots! Nothing worked until Omega-3, but I hated choking down the capsules for him. This product is great because you just squirt it on the food at dinner time! No choice but to indulge--and finally the beautiful coat back.

    Super product by gus & orfie's mommy from Wyoming, MN11/06/2012

    I was first introduced to Welactin with Natural Omega-3 through my Vet. My Great Dane and my English Mastiff were in for their yearly checked up. I had asked my Vet if their was a better product out there that would help my large puppies with their overall health plus help with the shedding. I purchased a bottle...the results were almost immediate! Shredding greatly decreased, their coats are glossy and so soft. The dandur problem on the Great Dane is gone...all this, plus all the good things that are going on on the inside! No need to worry about adding any other supplements!!! Super product!!!!

    great omega-3 supplement by grumblebeast05/01/2013

    I have 3 dogs - they all love this product. I can't get their food bowls down fast enough! Noticeable improvement in both their coats and their skin. It also doesn't have that really strong (almost foul) smell that many other omega-3 supplements have. Very pleased with the product.

    by bone head12/12/2013

    good product and fast service. We have been happy with the service.

    Welactin for Skin Issues by Steve from NJ10/23/2012

    My Vet recommended this product to remedy skin irritations on my mini-schnauzer. He was getting patches of dry skin, dry pimples and some itching. I just added the recommended amount to his food and within about 7-10 days, his skin was fine. Just use a maintenance dose to keep the issues under control. The dog likes the taste so no issues there.

    Wellactin by Pam from Roscoe, IL05/30/2012

    I have purchased this product for a long time for my two dogs. I have a King Charles Cavaliar and a Mastadore. It really helps their coat and their health. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has pets.

    I wish it came in a bigger size by KeesCarey from Palm Bay, Florida05/03/2013

    My dogs are doing great on it, but I wish it came in a bigger size as it doesn't last long with 4 Keeshonden to get it every day. The cost is hefty.

    great product by Cricket from IL12/13/2011

    My border collie used to have dry itchy skin and coat. Since I started using Welactin he has a shiny beautiful coat. I get a lot of compliments and people always ask what I give him. I started giving my Aussie welactin in her food too and she has an awesome coat for a 12 year old dog.

    Wellactin excellent and shipping very speedy! by Jan from Huntington Beach, CA11/03/2012

    I received my order of Wellactin, recommended by our vet, in record time! I think I got in no more than 3 days from the time I ordered it and I just had the normal, least expensive shipping! I like the bottle flip top. I can pour out the oil easily. I also like that the oil doesn't need to be refrigerated. Very good company...I will order from Entirely Pets again!

    Excellent Purchase by Debby from Long Island, NY10/31/2011

    Welactin is great for keeping my labrador retriever's coat silky and shiny! She gets dry skin, especially in the warmer weather, and tends to itch because of it. The Welactin Omega 3 Fatty Acids definitely help keep her skin moist, and this helps to keep her coat looking and feeling like it should!

    1/ 2 Price by C2 from Melbourne, Fl05/03/2013

    I 've been buying this product for over a year now through my Vet (who initially prescribed this product). Buying Wellactin at my Vet was the same pricIe BUT it was for exactly half the quantity. I VERY STRONGLY RECOMMEND BUYING THIS PRODUCT THROUGH Entirely Pets.

    beautiful coat by Winston's dad from So Cal08/30/2014

    This "vet recommended" product Welactin has been going into his food for about two years. I know it does other things beyond a beautiful coat..which is what he has. I am glad this is part of Winston's wellness program. ((( / )))

    Great addition to my dog's diet by Mommacatt from Indiana09/11/2013

    I have noticed that my dog's coat has gotten thicker and shinier. I am hoping that it is doing just as much good on the inside. She doesn't mind the flavor. Con: dispenser top drips instead of flowing, so it makes a mess of the bottle. I am administering 1/2 scoop once/day for a 22# dog.

    Welactin natural omega-3 supplement by Terry from Maine07/22/2014

    I buy this omega-3 for my yellow lab and she loves it. I just put a little in her dry food and it seems to help with her shedding and also helps with her constipation. I would highly recommend welactin omega-3.

    Will do again. by 19er from So Cal04/09/2013

    This is a great product. Got a good price and delivery was prompt.

    Vet recommended by Bobby from Olympia, WA09/08/2013

    We use this on breakfast and dinner it keeps my Chows coat in great shape.

    Welactin by Morgan108/08/2012

    Oh my goodness. This was the best product! My Rottweiller had continual issues with ear infections due to allergies. It was an ongoing issue for years. She is now 9 and I have been using Welactin 2 years only 1 ear issue. This product not only makes her coat just beautiful it keeps her ears from having itching issues. Recommended by my Veterinarian who we trust with life of our Dog Morgan. She is a happy camper, especially when she is out camping romping around and enjoying her new 5th wheel trailer. Off to June Lake, See you Thank you again for your assistance when choosing products.

    A great product! by DeeDeeP from Indiana02/07/2013

    We have given Welactin to three of our dogs and seen great results in all of them. It's a staple at our house!

    by bettecat10/22/2012

    great product Have been using for several months and like it.

    Great Product by Scooby from Seattle Washington07/31/2012

    My vet recomended this product to help my dog from cracking his nails down to the quick. It really has helped my dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He carries this product but I often buy it here for it is cheaper. Great product.

    unsatisfied by becky1146004/11/2013

    sorry but I was expecting a lot better quality product. I ordered two bottles of welactin for my dogs and the product arrived leaking around the cap and and it was very thin, not like the thick oil I was expecting, almost it had been watered down! I had gotten this product from my vet's office before and it it seemed like a much superior product. I have been using it, but actually reluctantly, cant afford to just throw it out.... sincerely Becky

    Great product by RJ from Denver, Colorado03/28/2012

    I use and order this product (Welactin Omega 3) frenquently through EntirelyPets. It's a great product and keeps my dogs coats shining and healthy looking. It takes care of any dry skin they may have. I will continue to order through EntirelyPets. they are responsible, quick and arrives in excellent shape.

    Welactin by Karen from Ventura, CA02/24/2014

    Very disappointed. Opened the bottle, and the product was rancid. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me with this company, so unfortunately, I won't be ordering from them again. What a shame....they have such good prices, but I'm tired of literally throwing money in the trash!

    good product by lab & rott10/25/2013

    was told to use this company from our holistic vet. also the oil does not cause a stomach ache

    Excellent Product / Excellent Price by Las Vegas Dave from Las Vegas, NV11/24/2011

    At my veterinarians request, I sprinkle the Omega 3 over my dachshunds dry food. Their coats look beautiful. Best of all, Entirely Pets sells the Welactin for 1/2 the price of my veterinarian. HALF THE PRICE!

    Great product by Katie02/28/2013

    Our dog gets Welactin with Natural Omega-3 Supplement in her food each day. Her coat is so shiny. Everyone wants to know what we do to have her coat so pretty and we tell them about Welactin.

    Please try Welachin with natural omea-3 supplement by Bob from Wind Gap, PA.07/28/2013

    If you give your dog anything please give them this proiduct the rest of their life, you will not regret it . Our Leonberger is going on 7 in August. We gave it to him since he was 2 years old and he is doing great. Noi health problems so far .Please give this product a try You owe it to them. They give you their uncondial love. you can not beat the price. Please give this product a try.

    Fantastic Product by char from WV12/25/2012

    Have 2 German Shepherds, and 1 had real dry flakey skin( like dandruff on humans). The vet reccommended this product; I paid much more for it at the vet's office. This worked, his skin is not flaking now and they both don't shed as much.

    Good for coats by clumberpaw01/23/2014

    I've used this for many years, all our dogs have liked it and I'm hoping it does all the good things fish oil is supposed to do. We now have two spaniels that we bath every other a week and they do have beautiful coats.

    Essential for health by Cowboy'smom from Bryn Mawr, PA07/25/2012

    Have used this product for years at vet's suggestion for our greyhounds. Product promotes great skin and fur/hair condition, and provides essential omega oils. I believe it is part of why our dogs are in very good health at ages 12 1/2 and 13 1/2.

    Always order thru Entirely Pets by Becky from Denver, CO10/25/2011

    I always use Entirely Pets when ordering for my dogs and I've never been disappointed yet. Everything comes in a timely fashion and in good condition.

    Very happy by cobblestone from Pittsburgh PA03/14/2012

    I purchased the welactin oil economy size. I give it to my 3 older dogs. They are all walking with ease and their flaky dry skin is gone. A bottle lasts months for these 3 large dogs. I am quite pleased with the results.

    Wellness by Scooby02/07/2012

    I started using this product on my dog whose nails kept splitting to the quick even. My vet recommended this to us. This product has strengthened the nails a lot!!!!!!!!! I prefer to order it from Entirely Pets for they are more reasonably priced.

    good product by Quinn from SF bay area, CA01/16/2015

    I use this to help with my Lab's arthritis. His vet suggested the dosage based on weight. I think it helps him, plus his coat is shinny.

    Works Great by dmica from Monroeville, NJ01/21/2013

    We have been giving this product along with Cosequin DS tablets to our yellow lab for everal years. She is 9 years old now and still is very active, we contribute this to the We-Actin Omega 3 supplement. When we first administerd the the products It took about a month before we seen results but our girl is still running around, swimming, hunting and playing frisbee like a young pup!

    my dogs love it by bill from Glendale,Arizona06/23/2013

    almost finished with our first bottle of WELACTIN and my two corghis love it.It has already made a differance in my 5 yr. old that had ACL surgery last Nov.It is now a permanent part of their daily diet.

    Excellent product by Mag ii from Hawaii01/11/2014

    Lily has a beautiful,shiny coat since having Welactin added to her food.

    by from 01/21/2012

    Omega Oil by coach12/12/2011

    All my dogs coats are beautiful and no sign of dry skin even with the very dry conditions we are having. I Put over their food year around and they eat with gusto.

    happy dog by mac05/17/2013

    WelactinO3 combined with glycoflex was recommended by our vets. They said the combination of the two, fish oil and glucosimine was the effective combination for joint issues. Our dog was limping badly but not from any leg problem, probably a back strain. Being large and 8 years old, before doing x-rays and other tests, this combination was suggested. In three weeks there was a noticeable improvement. Happy, lively again and now a great coat. Although the design of the top is very messy, ( I would prefer a pump dispenser) the product is good and our dog loves it.

    The only fish oil I'll use by Littlej from Lobelville, TN02/25/2014

    This product was recommended to me by a veterinary eye specialist when one of my dogs was suffering from a degenerative retinal disease. Although it couldn't stop the progression of the disease, we do believe it slowed it. I've been giving this to all my subsequent dogs and have received numerous compliments on the condition of their coats and just their overall condition.

    Great value by Rusty03/25/2012

    Product was hightly recommended by my vet for healthy skin and coats. With 3 dogs that can become costly. Saw similar products on other sites but wanted the original Welactin with Omega-3. I received my order promptly and will be a repeat customer.

    Great skin and coat care by Kimberlee3 from Philadelphia, Pa10/15/2011

    Our Golden Retriever has skin problems, On his belly he gets dry patches and flakey skin patches. Our Vet recommended this product. We squirt some on his dry food and he loves it. After 6 weeks of use we have seen an improvement the cost of the product is cheaper than a vet bill to heal an infected skin patch from him scratching. One problem is it smells really fishy. Don't get any on your hands. I pick it up with and store it in a large ziploc bag.

    good purchase by Pam from Roscoe, IL02/27/2013

    I l ike the Wellactin but with the experience I had on the pill pockets I will not order from the company again. I wil find the wellactin somewhere else.


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