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Wholistic Pet Organics

Wholistic Pet OrganicsThe Wholistic Pet® and Wholistic Organics® is your complete source for healthy, all-natural, holistic and certified organic dog, cat, bird and equine pet food and supplements. Wholistic Pet Organics® manufactures only the highest quality of human-grade, holistic nutritional products for all companion animals. Designed solely with your pet's health in mind. Utilized by top winning show dogs over the past decade, we want to ensure good health and a long life for all pets!

Wholistic Canine Complete Joint Mobility (16 oz)
Wholistic Canine Complete Joint Mobility (16 oz)

($37.99)  $28.99
Wholistic Canine Complete (2 lbs Tub)
Wholistic Canine Complete (2 lbs Tub)

($64.99)  $47.99
Wholistic Canine Complete Joint Mobility (2 lbs Tub)
Wholistic Canine Complete Joint Mobility (2 lbs Tub)

($77.99)  $59.99
Wholistic Sea Blend (1 lb)
Wholistic Sea Blend (1 lb)

($28.99)  $21.99
Wholistic Sea Kelp (2 lb)
Wholistic Sea Kelp (2 lb)

($51.99)  $39.99
Wholistic Canine Complete (4 lbs Tub)
Wholistic Canine Complete (4 lbs Tub)

($107.99)  $79.99
Wholistic Canine Complete Joint Mobility (4 lbs Tub)
Wholistic Canine Complete Joint Mobility (4 lbs Tub)

($208.99)  $104.99
Wholistic Canine Complete Joint Mobility is an all-in-one product containing USP-standardized glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and Ester-C that helps support and maintain normal joint function. In addition, Wholistic Joint Mobility containing certified organic whole, raw ingredients, provides a concentrated blend of other supportive components including digestive enzymes and concentrated probiotics that provide your pet with a vast array of beneficial ingredients for optimal health.
Daily Dosage:
1 tsp/10 lbs (1 tbsp/30 lbs)
2 tbsp for dogs 60 lbs and over
Can be given during or after mealtime. Administer daily. Divide amount equally if administered more than once per day.

Product Facts
Active Ingredients per scoop*:
Glucosamine sulfate (shell fish).......................... 800 mg
Chondroitin sulfate (shark cartilage)................... 800 mg
MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)........................... 750 mg
Calcium Ascorbate (as Ester C®,
Chelated calcium ascorbate).............................. 360 mg
Digest-All Plus™ Enzyme Complex (Amylase, Bifidobacterium longum, Bromelain, Cellulase, Lactase, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lipase, Maltase, Peptizyme SP®, Protease, Protease II, Protease III, Sucrase) ............................................512655 FCC units of activity 10 billion cfu’s/gm
*(Scoop included; 1 scoop = 1 tbsp)

Inactive Ingredients:
Organic Ascophylum nodosum (kelp), Organic Bee Pollen, Hydrolyzed White Fish, Organic Canadian Stabilized Flax Seed, Organic Garlic, Lecithin, Organic Spirulina.

Wholistic Canine Complete Joint Mobility™ is free of all bovine material, yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, corn, soy or wheat, sugar, starch, salt, artificial preservatives, artificial color, flavors, fragrance, or any other type of filler.
4.83 rating based on 6 reviews
Featured Reviews for Wholistic Canine Complete (2 lbs Tub)
Perfect for optimium pet skin health by Mike from Fallbrook, California11/06/2012

Used on cocker spaniel with skin problems, smell and blacken skin. Appears to rectify yeast problems in the stomach. All problems are gone, product has been recommended to daughter with 2 labradors with itching concerns.

My 'Fur" kids are super healthy by Taylor from Hudson Valley, New York08/29/2014

I feed my two rescues a raw food diet and one must supplement with a quality supplement product. This product contains what most dogs would require without all the fillers that are contained in traditional dog food. I have been supplementing them for 7 years without allergies or issues. My only issue is the price. I only wish it was a little less expensive as is the shipping as well. But that is a result of gas prices. If anyone finds anything better for a better price please let us know otherwise I will stay with tried and true.

excellent product by Prairiefire from Racine WI12/10/2012

I have English Cockers I run in AKC agility and this products keeps them on top. Both are going to Orlando to the AKC Invitational.

Great addition to my dog's regimen by BB from Washington, DC01/13/2011

After 2 bouts of mast cell skin cancer last yr, I was looking for natural ways to boost my dog's immune system...and this product + IcelandPur sardine/anchovy oil (also sold here) were recommended. My dog LOVES this product...food is gone in a flash! So far, so good. Won't hurt. Great skin, coat and energy and people can't believe she's 8 yrs old! Great teeth too :-)

Very Effective by ElisMom from Buffalo, NY07/14/2014

Adopted a rescue Cavalier with horrible breath and a tendency to vomit without provocation. Had tons of dental work done, breath still horrible. Changed him to a sensitive stomach food and this probiotic, and the improvement has been phenomenal. He has normal breath, even pleasant. He doesn't vomit any more. He has more energy, coat and eyes are shiny, he is very happy. Now all three of my dogs get this with every meal and they are showing improvements as well, the Golden Retriever has stopped itching and chewing on herself. I would definitely recommend this for any dog.

Really Great Product by A and B from Washington, DC01/10/2012

This was recommended by our local holistic pet store as a vitamin supplement to help as part of a general nutrition program in prevention of further mast cell cancers when she was diagnosed 2 yrs ago. Who knows if it was this product, but it improved her skin and coat, her energy levels have been great, and no one believes she's 9! And she was in remission for 1 yr before another skin tumor returned. Our dog loves the taste of this product and I like that it is all natural and easy to give.

Featured Reviews for Wholistic Sea Blend (1 lb)
Sea Blend Kelp by debbie from Moncks Corner , SC07/15/2013

I bought this product to improve the skin on my Scottie. After 2 weeks I see no change in the Scottie's skin. My Westie's feet are no longer brown , however. Interesting product. My dogs do like the flavor sprinkled on their food.

Featured Reviews for Wholistic Sea Kelp (2 lb)
Improvements all round by RosemaryM from Clovis, NM07/21/2014

I chose this kelp as even though it seemed more expensive than other brands offered on Entirely Pets the dosage is less, so it worked out to be the same or less than the others. I was looking to help my 18 year old dog with her arthritis, but decided to feed it to all of my dogs for skin and coat health. The kelp has definitely eased my old girls arthritis pain a little and all of my dogs coats and skin have improved dramatically. We live in a dry desert environment and this product is a great help to keeping my dogs in good condition. My dogs were a little wary of the smell to begin with but I mixed the kelp in with some tasty meat to get them used to the taste. Now they love it and get excited when I open the container. This is a great, high quality product.

Featured Reviews for Wholistic Canine Complete (4 lbs Tub)
Wholistic Canine Complete Joint Mobility by nubi's mom08/28/2013

Have used this product for several years. EntirelyPets always has the best price and low or no shipping costs. Love their 15% off days, too. Speedy delivery and good people.

Great product at a great price by MalteseMom from Washington, D.C.05/09/2014

We use this daily for our 2 maltese, they like the taste and it keeps them healthy and active. Our holistic vet thinks it's a great product. Would definitely recommend this for other dogs.

Best Price for the product by Happy Customer06/17/2013

When I checked several places Entirely Pets had the best price. Would buy from again. All 3 of my dogs get the Wholistic Canine Complete soI always shop around for the best pricing.

Featured Reviews for Wholistic Canine Complete Joint Mobility (4 lbs Tub)
"Miraculous" Product by SmokyMtPete03/19/2014

We adoped our Black Lab 1 1/2 yrs ago. Amoung other issues he had severe hip Dysplacia and it was obvious he was very uncomfortable....unable to run at much of a pace...sit upright... climb up and down stairs easily nor able to jump into the car and he would always lie on a pillow...Well we just came in from a run and he is able to sucessfully run up the stairs and has no appearance of discomfort. He is 13yo and has been on "Canine Complete" close to 2yrs...and that is a factual testimony...yet our Vet refuses to acknowledge the results...However Cowboy is Happy...N we are too! Thanx WHOLISTIC

Great ingredients by Sue10/30/2012

I really like the healthy ingredients in this supplement and am hoping the joint support ingredients give my senior dogs what they need for ease of movement.

Joint Supplement for Senior Golden Reteiver by Phil1336 from Key West, FL03/27/2013

Our Pet Sitter highly recommended this product and we have been giving our Senior Goldens a Tablespoon with their meals for the past couple of years. Sort of confusing Product as there is a cheaper similar version packaged by the same Manufacturer that is (not) as potent. Can`t say for sure if it really helps since we also give both Dogs Glyco-Flex lll Chews or Dasuquin Chews with MSM as well (plus) one is on Meds for Arthritis and Joint Pain too.

Excellent Supplement by Lisa from Massachusetts07/17/2012

I have been giving Canine Complete Joint Mobility to my German Shepherds for 10 years. This company has a great line of holistic and natural products for your pets!

incredible product by cindi from Las Vegas, NV04/06/2013

I have an Aussie with congenitally severe bilateral hip dyslplasia. At six months, they refunded our purchase price for her and warned us that she would need hip replacements. She is now 5 years old and runs the fields with our other Aussie every day! We believe that this product is what has allowed that to happen. We now give it to both dogs...would not be without it! And thank you for getting it to us so quickly!!

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