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Whisper EX70 Aquarium Filter (45-75 Gal)

Item Number: 26313
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Whisper EX 70 Filter
Designed for use on aquariums up to 70 gallons Uses two Large Carbon Filters

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3.00 rating based on 2 reviews
How to fix your power filter problems by Stephenmddg from Dover, Florida07/08/2014

I guess people don't know how to maintain there power filters. Tetra products made by Marineland Corp. I have been using marineland products for 52 years. I have never had any problems except for Emperear 400 as the housing cracked. I contacted the vender I purchased it from and they sent me a replacement. In the mean time I took Gorilla glue and applied to crack on both sides. I let it sit for 12 hours and put it back in service. To this day it hasn't leaked. If your have voice I suggest you replace impeller as it might be bad as gravel might have been sucked up. People talking about filters not producing enough, well if you clean all parts with brushes well that will restore power filter proformance. I even put power filter in dish washer and that includes canister power filter like hot magmum 250 and magmum 350 made by marineland. It's not the product its the person that doesn't know anything about what they buy. I'm going to give you people a tip. The media can be washed and you can reuse it. just add carbon or what ever you use and put the cartridges back in service. The main problem is you people over feed your fish. I don't change my cartridges until 40 days, then I wash them in washer and I turn off power filters for 8 hours when feeding. I only feed once a day at night when I go to bed. My fish are trained to go oppisite of bubble disk all fish knows when it's feeding time when power filters are turned on. So take it from an expert that has been setting up aquiriums for 52 years. I have a custom made 120 gallon aquarium and so I use power filters that puts double the filtration Aquarium requires. So try it you might enjoy a fish tank a whole lot better. Have fun

Worst Service Ever by Unsatisfied Customer02/01/2013

While I'm sure these filters are excellent filters as most Tetra products are, I never received mine. In fact my whole order was cancelled due to the fact that Entirely Pets sold more of them than they had in stock. I will not be ordering any more items from this website and have been monitoring my bank account as I am not entirely sure that this whole experience was not just an attempt to gain access to my account.

think twice by katshouse from florida06/05/2011

I will think twice on another whisper filter not real quiet it seems to keep the water clear . but it will quit working at the most inconvient times. it does not like sand, I have a salt water tank I have noticed the price has come down when you purchase this equipment you expect it to last longer than 6 to 8 months


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